Monday, July 27, 2009

Issue #9


Folks, I finally have my own web site started. I've stumbled and fumbled, pretty much like my first letters. All my previous issues have been re-typed there, with maybe more typing errors than my originals. I'm trying to get those cleaned up. I am sitting in my recliner, with pen in hand, trying to determine what the meat of this newsletter should be about. The scenario is not unusual for me, but I'm in extra turmoil this time. It's after three in the morning. (Saturday) and I am trying to elaborate more on the huge Healthcare issue before this Nation. This is being SHAMEFULLY RUSHED THROUGH by an incompetent Congress that is too damned busy (or lazy) to READ anything before voting on it. Despite the fact that their rushed, stupid vote WILL AFFECT ALL OF US, and our American WAY OF LIFE for many YEARS TO COME. I can't concentrate because I'm so angry I could scream, awaiting the outcome of the latest "crisis" before us, by way of the idiots in D.C. (cap and tax). Another 1500 pages of congressional B.S. is finalized the day before the vote is to be cast. It's like hurry up, vote on it before the people wake up, wise up, or catch their breath. Get that speed reader back here that read that other 900 pages before the last vote (that was good for a few laughs). Then, technically, the people can't say we didn't even know what we voted for, as we commit another 2 or 3 trillion dollars. Does this insanity stop short of this Country (that I don't even recognize anymore) having riots in the streets? I am beginning to wonder if throwing them all out of office is enough. They are treating us like we are morons, we are just in their way, asking some bothersome questions about things of which we know nothing. Folks, if you are buying into this global warming, gloom and doom, that is O.K. I too, believe we can do better pollution wise, but NOT IMMEDIATELY. Not when we are financially destitute. And not without the world's worst offenders (like China) working at it just as hard. Morally, yes we need to clean up the burning of coal the best we can, but we have an abundance of coal, and it lessens our need for foreign oil. It should be generating electricity all over the country for electric cars, or whatever. Coal mining creates JOBS! Here, and RIGHT NOW! Don't tax it or drive the cost up in any way, to the poor consumer, and small businesses. Over the last 8 years, records show the Earth is cooling, Mr. Gore! An inconvenient truth that didn't get any press because it contradicts the "sales job."

This congress should be called, "The crisis of the month club!" As I've said before, I can't write fast enough to keep up with these lunatics. They're too fast, and too slippery - actually, slimy is more accurate. As I've said, they're professional liars and do this for a living, whereas, we must work for a living and try to fight them, part-time. We are already tired, trying to support them in the manner to which they have become accustomed. So, my ranting and raving will cause the postponing of my global warming analysis to next week. Congress feels we are at "critical mass” right now. Like we must pass this immediately, or the world is doomed. The vote was designed for late Friday to let folks cool off over the weekend, then (news wise) they got lucky. The demise of Michael Jackson dominated the press and talk shows for 3 days. Timing is everything, when you're trying to slip something smelly by the people.

Did you notice when the Iranians first began demonstrating en masse in the streets, our President said nothing supporting the dissidents, for whatever his reasons were. The media rationalized and speculated on such nonsense, such as, siding with them might endanger them (if you're not prepared militarily to go in and rescue them) should the Ayatollah turn the guns on the crowds. Then there was, well, Obama probably doesn't want to jeopardize proposed "talks" with the leaders of Iran by ticking them off, in siding with the demonstrators. The media said it was Obama's terrific speech in Cairo, Egypt that probably inspired the demonstrators. Let's see, Obama gets credit for inspiring the noble cause, then credit for not saying too much and endangering, then after Germany and France denounce the Iranian government he finally speaks out (10 days later) against Iran - and he gets credit for that complete reversal too. I'm telling you, the man can do no wrong - in the eyes of the adoring media. MY president would have IMMEDIATELY DECLARED SUPPORT for anyone, anywhere, demonstrating for their rights and freedom. There would be no question where America stands. Does standing up sometimes get people killed? Of course, look at all the blood lost, and lives lost, just so we Americans can celebrate the 4th of July! Look at all the Americans that have died for freedom all over the world. We readily die for other peoples' freedom. Tell me who else but America , and our closest Allies do that? Obama showed NO leadership again. Let us not call it wisdom and caution, when it's clearly uncertainty and timidness. Obama wants to first, WAIT AND SEE what popular opinion is, on the WORLD STAGE. He CRAVES ADORATION. To him, WHAT'S IMPORTANT IS NOT how the world feels ABOUT AMERICA, it's about how the WORLD FEELS ABOUT HIM! Two quick side notes. Many of those signs held up were written in English FOR US to witness, don't you think? Yes, they were peaceful. Iranian citizens can't own guns. DON'T let our leaders take ours! Obama's Supreme Court Justice Nominee, Sotomayor leans heavily that way.

Wade Rathke, the founder of corrupt ACORN was finally fired (about 8 years after his cover-up of his brother's embezzlement of over $900,000). Neither went to jail. Wade has new employment oversea for ACORN International, while his wife and two adult children are getting ACORN paychecks here. ACORN sure is a close, loyal family group. No wonder Obama likes them.

If you have not seen Bob Basso's video of our founding father, Thomas Paine (author of "Common Sense") I urge you to do so. Just log on to Google, type in (Thomas Paine video) and there are several. Start-with "The Second American Revolution" made in July of '08. If you have kids in the house sit them down for 7 minutes. Please. He also writes a letter to the president dated June 16, 2009. Scroll to find it.

Takotna, Alaska has a population of 46 people, and has an existing airfield. Why are they getting 21 million in federal funds (taxpayer dollars) to build another one? They say the current one, built by the state is substandard. Can't we (or the state) improve what exists, for a hundred thousand or so? 46 residents! That's almost a HALF MILLION DOLLARS PER PERSON! When times are tough! How is that for taxation without representation? I lived in Alaska. I flew in to moose hunt with bush pilots. They take off and land on dried-up riverbeds and stony beaches. Trust me, they can cope! But maybe it's not as stupid and irresponsible as the 3.5 million to build a "turtle tunnel" in Florida, or the 10 million to renovate "an abandoned train station that hasn't been used in 30 years. Hey, we want to create jobs, right? We can give 46 people (the population of Takotna) baskets, to walk the shoulders of the roads in Florida, scooping up turtles and escorting them safely across the road. 46 people making $25,000/year for 3 years = 3.5 million!
By then maybe we'll be out of this mess.

Inspectors General are supposed to be WATCHDOGS FOR US (the taxpayers) against waste, fraud and abuse within federal agencies, NOT LAP DOGS of the administration. I said that when I.G. Walpin was abruptly fired 2 weeks ago by Obama, for "messing with his (guilty) friend," Kevin Johnson. Walpin was given 45 minutes to quit or be fired. A couple of weeks ago, about that same time, two other Inspectors General, were being "relieved of their command." I.G. Judith Gwynn, for the International Trade Commission was notified she was done. She said, "documents were removed forcibly from her possession" by a commission staffer.

I.G., Fred Wiederhold Jr., investigating AMTRAK, "retired" without notice or explanation June 18th. It seems his "difficulties" centered around AMTRAK Vice-President, General Counsel and paid lobbyist Eleanor Acheson (Hillary Clinton's roommate at Wellesley College). Acheson joined AMTRAK in January 2006 and brought in (as her deputy) Jonathon Meyer, who spent 6 years as a top senate aide to JOE BIDEN. Biden proclaims himself as AMTRAK's #1 advocate in Washington. I.G. Wiederhold retired, rather than continue with all the interference, he wasn't supposed to get. Joe Biden, in March, announced that the heavily subsidized rail service (which has NEVER made profit) would receive 1.3 BILLION in "Stimulus." And Joe's SON Hunter Biden, by the way, IS ON the AMTRAK Board of Directors.

Neil Barofsky is "SIGTARP" (Special Inspector General for Troubled Assets Relief Program). TARP is of course, the 3 TRILLION FINANCIAL BAILOUT rushed through congress last October. Treasury Secretary Geithner WON'T GIVE SIGTARP AUDITORS certain treasury documents, claiming "attorney/client privilege." SMELL anything? Remember those extra funds thrown in for A.I.G. huge corporate bonuses? There is a lot more going on, people, than will ever be EXPOSED by all the media bedded down with the president. This administration is determined to CONTROL EVERY FACET OF OUR LIVES. You must look deeply into the facade of health care and of global warming nonsense. Those are smoke screens. It's all about POWER and CONTROL. Don't watch the hand that's moving. It's the other one that is ripping our LIBERTIES from us, and will ultimately destroy America. Well, now I've said it. I'm sure I have now officially attained "crackpot" status, to many. But I have no problem with that, if I have caused some to possibly "re-think" their positions, get mad as hell, and get active with me and others in reclaiming America!

Do you want health care to "be there for everybody?" Sure sounds beautiful (Utopian) at first glance. But something costing TRILLIONS (supposing we even had the money) demands a whole lot closer look. The rosy picture depicted by the administration is so ridiculous, with so much misleading B.S., it is tough for me to know where to start, but I'll try. One BIG misconception is that most Americans are unhappy with their health care. Not true. OVER 80% of Americans ARE HAPPY with their health coverage. THAT'S A CRISES? Now factor in all those young, working (healthy) adults that commonly feel they are indestructible, and DON'T WANT TO PAY for it, and the 12-20 million (depending on who you believe) illegal aliens, who just walk into any emergency room and get care, right now, for FREE. I think those numbers, and needs are greatly distorted.

If you BELIEVE there are 45 million in dire need, then consider the ramifications of them suddenly thrust upon the existing hospital space, and present shortage of doctors and nurses. You don't just pull those types off of the unemployment rolls, or put cots in the hallways. Oops. I believe they do in Europe and Canada . They WAIT FOR MONTHS for that cot in the hall. Don't listen to the government or media (fast becoming the same dis-information). ASK a British or Canadian FRIEND WHO HAS THE COVERAGE we are BEING RUSHED to get. Better yet, ask some American that traveled there and had to experience even one of their emergency rooms. They tend to say, "NEVER AGAIN." Well, never is just around the corner for us, I fear. We are going to rush headlong into this disaster without anyone ever saying, "How can we just radically CUT COSTS in our existing program?"

"How do we BREAK the strangle-hold of huge drug companies, making it FAIR for their RESEARCH, and FAIR for the PATIENTS?" And let's immediately REPEAL that stupid wasteful prescription DRUG BILL that Bush ushered in. The faces change, but.... Now look at all the Doctors in America from the Mid-East and India. India FORMULATES drugs, too. COMPETITION! We should be able to choose from ANY Health Insurance Company in America (across state lines). We should have walk-in clinics for preventive and first-aid type care ACROSS THE STREET from all emergency rooms, manned by relatively cheap, easily trained personnel (lots of jobs! If anyone cares.) I was a "MEDIC" in the Army. I had 3 months of training. Ask a soldier on the battlefield how he feels about "The Doc." Certified Public Accountant Firms have rooms filled with "Bookkeepers" at half the wage, and for tax season they hire "Preparers" for less than that. C.P.A.'s "oversee", and sign the paperwork, and charge C.P.A. rates! But who does 90% of the work? Do it in Medicine, but pay (fairly) the 90% doing the necessary menial work. LOTS OF JOBS! Think over the changes I've just proposed and try to visualize how much better, and MORE AFFORDABLE our present system would be. And ABOLISH those excessive malpractice suits, NOW! "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" The present system may be "badly bent". But IT AINT BROKE! It's TOO SIMPLE for even Congress to not see, and too important and expensive TO NOT TRY, before committing TRILLIONS of dollars WE DON'T HAVE; unless there is something sinister going down. That is what worries me.
It's One American's View Thanks for listening, Phil Faustman

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