Sunday, July 26, 2009

Issue #6

I greatly fear that America is growing its own terrorists, within our borders and especially in our prisons! That is a dreadful scenario, with DEADLY consequences! No longer is it IF we're attacked, BUT WHEN, and how often. You, no doubt have heard of Abdul Hakim Muhommad (Carlos Bledsoe) who recently gunned down Private William Long. Here is some background on Muhommad. His lawyer said he went to Yemen to teach English to Afgan war refugees, but was detained because of problems with his visa. In the prison, hardened terrorists "abused, tortured and radicalized" him. That's what he and his lawyer says. A sad story, but sounds fishy to me. Consider he is now only 24 years old. Five years ago (age 19?) Feb '04, he was arrested in Knoxville after a traffic stop. In his possession was the SKS rifle (Chinese version of AK-47 assault) he used to murder Pvt. Long. There was one round in the chamber and five in the clip. He also had a sawed-off shotgun, another shotgun and two shotgun shells on his person, and a switchblade knife, and an ounce of marijuana.

Muhommad's loaded weapon and drug charges were dismissed to a single misdemeanor charge. Then dismissed ALTOGETHER 4 months later! What would have happened to you or me? WE would be punished MORE for 2 or 3 BEERS! But this got me thinking about "the big picture," not him. He, and his story of Yeman, visa, and our stupid court system are pathetic. What must be addressed is that OUR PRISONS ARE FULL OF PROVEN BAD PEOPLE, already full of HATE and resentful of the perceived "system," and pretty much blaming society for their plight. They don't need much more than a nudge to strike back, once they get out. With nothing but time on their hands (and attitude) they are the perfect "audience" for criminal Muslims to "convert" to radical Islam. Home grown terrorists, LOOKING and SOUNDING like us, with U.S. citizenship, and ABLE TO MOVE FREELY about the country!! WOW! I say, don't even THINK about bringing Gitmo prisoners onto American soil. And I say, don’t take any more prisoners at all. Leave them at the scene. I guess that's maybe a bit harsh, and out of line. "The jurors are instructed to disregard the last statements."

It is a fact that a STEADILY GROWING number of Muslim CONVERTS are being released from our prisons regularly. Whether they act as individuals or group together, it spells great danger to us all. The FBI should meet every one of them at the gate and track them, more closely than sex offenders. And it begs the question, are prison guards trained to recognized aberrant behavior and to report it? I fear that our loose government and ACLU (No Profiling) will protect THEIR "rights" before ours! We absolutely have to have far greater awareness than we have. Also in the news were the men who openly purchased Explosives to bomb Synagogues, and a Surface to Air Missile to take out a military plane. Or, why not a big slow airliner? Luckily, they purchased fakes from undercover people THIS time. I understand these missiles can be gotten. I know truckloads of explosives can be parked easily near ANY school. I know there are far too many warped minds (out there) waiting for the right "teacher" to come along. The greater the numbers trying, THE "LUCKIER" WE'LL HAVE TO BE! Awareness? Last Sunday the abortion doctor was gunned down in church. It was FRONT PAGE in the New York Times. The next day, Private Long was gunned down by our home-grown terrorist. New York Times - PAGE 16. A pretty disgusting display of what has priority in our Media, don't you think?

Some fun facts. The total taxpayer obligation today (per household) to cover Gov't spending is $546,500, and that only brings us up through 2008. Can't wait until we factor 2009 in. In the last 6 months the U.S. has borrowed more money than the previous 30 YEARS! That includes Bush's Afgan War, Iraq War and asinine Prescription Drug Bill. In 2009 we're talkin' about "real money." Truth be told though, it's becoming "Monopoly" money very rapidly. SIX MONTHS vs 30 YEARS! Doesn't that defy imagination? What am I leaving for my six grandchildren to clean up?

When I first planned my paper, and what I would write about, I didn't want to get too party specific, "going after" democrats or republicans. I still don't, and vow I never will. I truly HAVE NO USE for either one. Politics (on both sides) has always had a bit of sleaziness, or fighting dirty, associated with the "business," for a good 200 years. However, today's tactics, if you can actually see at all through the bombardment of outright lies, smear campaigns and deliberate deception, are like brainwashing and psychological warfare, 24/7. TWENTY FOUR HOURS a day, SEVEN DAYS a week, you now have cable news blaring out at you. Before cable, there were just three networks, and you saw ONE HOUR of news at 7:00 pm. You picked one, ABC, CBS, or NBC. Today, it is overwhelming and suffocating. Worse yet, it can be a useful tool in the hands of BAD people, with BAD intentions. That is what offends me most! I believe you can untangle or expose for scrutiny, most anything, by taking the FACTS that you know, things YOU actually see (keeping it simple) and connect the dots. Block out the chatter and noise, and then trust your instincts.

I am always leery of troublesome connections, relationships or possible partnerships between the highest office in the land, and any other entities. Any of such could cast a dark cloud on America, and what I grew up believing in. I have alluded to some concerns, such as President Obama's political career originating in the Chicago and Illinois arenas, commonly known as the most corrupt political, snake-infested swamp (that needs to be drained) in the country. They do more than play "hardball" there. He was an Illinois State Senator, a Community Organizer (ACORN) and as a lawyer, represented ACORN. He also had some (however casual you may believe) relationships with some unsavory terrorist or extremist types, like Bill Ayers and Louis Farrakhan. Obama listened to his pastor, Jeremiah Wright (a dear friend who baptized his children) FOR 20 YEARS in church, but "NEVER HEARD"any of the incendiary outbursts that nearly EVERY American saw on T.V. I know all of this is seen by a great many, as purely circumstantial, and he is a great person and president. To this I say, I see a cloud on America's horizon.

But that was then, and this is now. The fact that Obama still has ties with ACORN (and rewards them) is troubling to me. Now, his very close ties to General Electric's CEO, Jeffery Immelt, I find VERY disturbing. Immelt has proven to be a terrible, inept CEO, but he is cunning. He did business with Iran while they were killing our soldiers! He knows, "It's not what you know, but who you know." And if you don't know whom it's best to bribe (lobby), bribe them all. Why take a chance, when millions "invested" may get you Billions in return. Lobbyists! Another national disgrace I will get too soon.

The VERY same day Obama secured the presidency last November, GE (Capital) was AWARDED the same status for bailout funds that the banks had. ONE week later, GE Capital was GIVEN 139 Billion in loan guarantees from the FDIC! More coincidence? (The FDIC saw a "Changing of the Guard" in process.) And WHY was Immelt chosen for Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board last February? He ran GE into the ground. Virtually EVERYTHING Obama has outlined for future heavy spending is right up GE's alley, in one division or another. And GE is investing HEAVILY in the few areas where they don't already have a strong position. Inside information? Quite possibly, if you're at all the president's meetings (and giving advice too), it just could be advantageous. Some coming contracts might be just gratitude, for a heavy ROLE in getting someone elected.

News stations used to fight for ratings (they say they still do). Good ratings meant many were watching, which attracted advertisers. That secured profitability, the good ole capitalistic American way. If you didn't please, you didn't profit; as it should be. Today, a Huge Conglomerate with tons of money (and no scruples) can have its very-own PROPAGANDA machine. It can accept the loss as a necessary business expense, for the overall "good" of the company's interests. Terrible ratings will still have millions of viewers that believe sadly, if they SEE IT on television, it MUST be true. If you do it like the supermarket tabloids, make it outrageous, SMEAR people and dig up lots of DIRT - you WILL HAVE a following. Throw in some colorful personalities and, while they are soaking up all the good "dirt," you can interject your true agenda on the naive and unsuspecting.

The 6th largest corporation in America (huge conglomerate) is General Electric. The BOSS of GE and all its many divisions is Jeffery Immelt. Immelt is the BOSS of Jeff Zucker, who is the BOSS of NBC, who is the parent company of CNBC and MSNBC. The purely propaganda news station (in my opinion) is MSNBC. In America, I'm still (so far) entitled to my opinion. There are 3 hours, Mon - Fri, from 6 - 9:00 am (Morning Joe) with Joe Scarborough and others, that have decent objectivity. I will give them that. That still leaves about 20 hours of bad, to very bad stuff.

The shameful one-sided MSNBC promotion of Barack Obama throughout the whole presidential campaign was revolting and a DISGRACE to news broadcasting. And, they attacked or smeared anyone who questioned their stance, or their man. Keith Olbermann is the absolute worst of the lot. After Obama's election, only CNBC, in the "family" had the audacity to question (in the form of Rick Santelli) a couple of Obama's economic tactics. Immelt told Zucker to TELL ALL 'NBC STATIONS TO "STOP criticizing Obama's economic policies." Santelli even said he was sent to "re-education camp." His job must be shaky, at best. JUST BEFORE Immelt's declaration, Immelt was "selected" by Obama, for his "Economic Recovery Advisory Board," with all its possible BENEFITS. Do you think Obama TOLD Immelt to TELL Zucker to TELL Santelli to SHUT UP? Nah. Not in America!

Does Obama have HIS OWN PRIVATE PRESS, broadcasting 24 hours a day, gushing and fawning over his every word? I swear, sometimes it looks like a teen-age crush, on the man. Could HUGE government contracts (and profits) be headed GE's way from an APPRECIATIVE president? If so, I'll bet the pot, that the trickle-down effect nets Keith Olbermann of MSNBC a raise.

But, humor and conjecture aside, it is really bothersome to me, that something VERY SINISTER could be unveiling before us. ANY collusion between the President and any MEDIA is ominous indeed, and a threat to our 1st Amendment. And I just CANNOT SEE (the way this is evolving) how this can be perceived as anything but, a back-door PAYOFF for "services rendered" - and probable government CORRUPTION! Anyway, it's MY opinion, from my observations. Yours may differ. IF however, General Electric, in the next 2-3 years, gets BILLIONS in Government Contracts - I'll rest my case (and mourn for my Country)! I sorely wish it wasn't so, but it's One American's View. Thanks for listening, Phil Faustman

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