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38th Issue 05/01/10

Friends, much of this issue is complex and hard to follow but of critical importance. Save it, read it over & over, make copies for family and friends if you believe in what I say. Remember the entities, people's names, how they flow and are tied together. You are being forewarned. If you have read my papers this past year it will be much clearer, as I've previously exposed much of this. It is now shaping and picking up speed. Those past issues are all on my site - (Google) - or available (free) at Northern Litho on Peninsular St.

Van Jones is a racist communist, tied to APOLLO, who designed the Stimulus Bill (for Obama, Pelosi and Reid) from which much of the funding comes, to drive the forces that will implement Cap & Trade, to line the pockets of the many evil-doers. The other funding comes from the "Joyce Foundation," which also funded "The Enterprise," a diverse group comprised of the deposed Raines and Jones, SEIU, ACORN, AFL-CIO, social justice activists, and JOEL ROBERTS (another college prof teaching our kids) who started APOLLO, who wrote the Stimulus Bill. These people have heavy ties to Obama and are trying to destroy Glenn Beck with boycotts and such. The tangle of all these nefarious groups and people is deliberate, to hide them and the money trails. Do you think the many Billions distributed from the Stimulus farce (WRITTEN by these people) is NOT finding its way back to these people and their entities?! And where is the MEDIA? No stories here? Or is it too complex to understand? Or are they just EVIL, like the others - even worse?

I want to give you some idea of the massive debt this nation has. Our politicians (both parties) have amassed a colossal financial mess for our children and grandchildren to bear. We baby boomers now have our greatest working productivity behind us, as we prepare to climb onto the gravy trains of Social Security and Medicare - now quite defunct. We paid our dues we feel, and now it is our turn to ride, and we represent quite a chunk of voters no politician wants to deny entitlements to. But the world's largest Ponzi scheme (S.S.) has robbed us of all those funds we set aside for age 65 "security." As time marched on, withholding should have been increased since we now live at least 10 years longer than originally planned for. No changes made was stupid, but was money probably saved from further embezzlement. Seniors don't feel secure. Now, Obama will ration care and cut short our lives. They just called it (on TV) "providing quality and efficiency over quantity" - not the rationing and denial of care it is. Obama and company blasted Bush for reckless spending, then spent more in one year than Bush spent in four. They HAD to have hundreds of billions to correct the falling economy saying, "Deficits don't matter." And, we have to "spend our way out of debt." Obama, Pelosi and Reid scattered many billions literally like party favors, in election payoffs, bribes for Bills and causes, and earmarks for everyone. And they spent hundreds of billions bailing out banks and industries (that needed to fail) just so they could control them. If businesses are clueless or inefficient, capitalism neither helps nor grieves - it is self'-cleansing. They are routinely replaced by business people with more savvy or stricter standards. Now, they tell us this spending spree is unsustainable, the day of reckoning is here - like WE have been screaming all along. The interest alone on this insane debt will soon cost a Trillion a year! NOW they have a revelation. Duh! But it's not real, just rhetoric preparing you for the taxes coming (that they swore would never happen) but caused because Bush screwed it up even worse than they thought. They're still just cleaning up his mess!

If this president we are stuck with, and all his sinister associations don't scare the hell out of you, you had better get with it fast. He has surrounded himself with the most anti-American people imaginable. He has an unbelievably cooperative mainstream media pumping out propaganda, lies and distortions to aid him in every way they can. His ties with just about everyone bad and bad organizations, BEFORE becoming president is astounding when the truth is finally dug up. That's why our press/media is so evil. They literally PUT him in office by using our naive trust against us. They propped Obama up and viciously attacked anyone who dared question him, his bad background or planned sinister agenda. Damn the media, and their part in this! Disagree with anything and you're a racist. So much as question, they will destroy you. Obama disguises it with witty sarcasm and a smile, but with venom within and a vow to settle any score. He will stop at nothing - seemingly nothing can stop him, and he gets more arrogant as he sees each step in his ultimate plan succeed. With the media in his pocket - we are SO easy. I write a paper. I could easily write a book on what keeps surfacing about this man. The evidence is easily found on the Internet. He and the media look you in the eye and say something is not true, lies, but his name shows up entwined with bad people, or as a board member. Who groomed this man for power? Where DID the money come from for his fine education and lifestyle in his youth? WHY is there no access to his college years and credits? So young, so fast - no other ever came out of nowhere and progressed so rapidly to the highest office in the land. And all along the way he had unusual closeness to so many of the rich and powerful, AND so many extremists - marxists, racists, (underground terrorists?) - everything that makes us cringe.

Obama said, one last time before the health care Bill passed, despite the screaming protests of the people, "If you like your coverage you can keep your coverage. If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor." Then he makes it a penalty to business people of $6,000 per person if they DON'T insure their people, knowing that insuring them costs at least $8,000-$12,000 each. Since they're not stupid and have to compete, they'll drop coverage and let taxpayers pay twice as much as the "penalty." NOW a reputable report is released that says medical costs will rise "substantially" - just the OPPOSITE of what Obama, Pelosi and Reid proclaimed (lied) to get their power from control of the people's needs and 17% of our economy. Just like loudly and repeatedly stating NO illegals would get our health benefits - knowing he would soon make them LEGAL. I must keep reminding the people of these deliberate lies (though it gets tedious) because media will support everything he lies to us about - knowing when the truth comes out it will always be too late, so he always wins or gets his way.

If you are with me so far in my letters, if I've made my points clear amidst all the daily media lies and deception, you know it is rigged against our finding the truth in print or TV - excepting FOX News. You must peer through their fog of deliberate misleading if America is ever going to get back on track - back to what our founders envisioned. When and how did the vision become so unclear - foggy? Our founders created our Constitution and unique greatness based on rights given by God - NOT Gov't - no misunderstanding, nothing to interpret or twist by declaring it a living, breathing document. It is perfect as it is! YOU change! Live by it - and God's principles. America will then return to its roots and "pursuit of happiness" - not ill-gotten gains. A nation's FREE press is a mighty power, feared by despots, and the first thing crushed by conquerors. What has become of ours? Have we become conquered from within? Or just dangerously close? Today's media sides totally with progressive and socialist ideals, if not outright Marxism - worse than the days of Woodrow Wilson. He ruled with thugs and an iron hand. Does this sound like what is coming together today - SEIU and you know who - with his tough Chicago cohorts and czars? These are the other enemies of our Constitution and our rights to earn and to have that our founding fathers fought for. They laid their lives and their fortunes on the line and took a vow together, knowing (famously) "We must hang together or surely we will hang separately." They nearly did, as battle after battle was lost. They fought for what is called "capitalism." It is not a dirty word. Dirty crooks can get involved (see Gov't, Corporate and Wall St shysters). Put them in jail! THEY betrayed our trust and stole from us! Don't let politicians and media falsely make capitalism the culprit. "Too big to fail is too big to exist!" Period. Let's clean our house of vermin and make it fit to live in again. Banks must become banks again, lending within the community and holding home mortgages that require 20% down, as they used to. Brokerage houses were partnerships with integrity, like family. If you screwed up dealing in high risk your partners had to write a check or lose their homes - the way it should be. Heavily dealing Wall St Corporations today (especially huge ones) stick it to their shareholders or the taxpayers when they lose and hog the profits if they win! Who changed Banking and Wall St procedures? It's proven as stupid and irresponsible. Change it back!

Progressives believe everything is cured or improved by more taxation and regulation. Bigger more controlling Gov't is always better. Forcibly take from the hard-working and enterprising, and give it to those that will never work at all if they don't need to. That is not equality. It is insanity and any Gov't mandating, "It will be so!" is evil and must be thrown out of America. Let the ignorant Europeans have progressivism. You can see how well it is working for them. And those who would choose it for here - go to hell there! Begone, be happy. We will work, earn and keep what we earn. You have the same right to earn and keep what your labor rewards. Our belief in God, family and charity will see to it that the truly needy are cared for, as we always have, before Gov't interference. Gov'ts, (like children) "should be seen and not heard." And civil servants OF the people will not dictate TO the people, seize their money and pay themselves MORE than those they "serve." AND we will pray and pledge allegiance to our flag in school if we want - or we will privately or home school our children all about our Constitution, Rights, Founding Fathers, Legislative process and greatness of America! Sooner or later we will get back to there. Like it or lump it - or check out the chaos in the country of your choice!

It has been said that Obama cares more about Israeli construction in its capitol city than Iran's construction of Nuclear weapons. When Biden left Israel in a snit, and then Obama insulted and walked out on the leader of Israel in the White House much media attention was given. Obama is pro-Palestine, which makes no effort to break from terror. At the same time Biden stomped out of Israel a Palestinian town on the West Bank was dedicating a Public Square to honor a 19 yr old female terrorist, Mughrabe, who helped kill 38 people, including one American in 1978 - Not news! If you think (like Obama) that Iran getting nuclear weapons is no big deal and mostly Israel's annihilation problem, then I suggest you acquaint yourself with their "72 virgins" in their afterlife. These madmen desire to die in glory - even as a nation. Not the citizens, but the religious zealots with their finger on the trigger. They hate us almost as much as the Jews and will share their nuclear toys with Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Taliban friends to bring across our porous SW border - just for laughs. It is estimated that they will have a rocket (probably North Korea) capable of reaching the U. S. in about 5 years. So they lob one and we vaporize them and they all die in glory - for "Allah." Does that seem like a victory to you? Or regretable, spineless leadership at a time we COULD have done something to prevent it?

In spite of our getting to Haiti first and giving far more aid than anyone else after the quake, Obama allows no American Flag to fly above our military compound there. All the other countries fly theirs. Kind of goes hand in hand with his NOT wearing a flag lapel pin or saluting our flag.

Many Mexicans demonstrating on our side of the border, plot and plan on staying - reclaiming all bordering states as "always" having been Mexico. Stay, bring others, have large families, then elect officials that will run your schools and Gov't your way! Just like Muslim communities are doing in the north! Arizona has 460,000 illegals and Phoenix is the 2nd worst city in the world for kidnappings. Violence is prevalent and Mexican drug dealers are getting bolder all the time, on our side. It is a slaughterhouse on the other side. Obama will do nothing to offend his future voters so Arizona must fend for itself. They passed a law that allows the police to ask for legal identification IF they commit an offense first. They cannot just demand ID on suspicion. For that they warrant swastikas? Comparisons to Nazis rounding up Jews? Demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at the police and the media says, "They're mostly peaceful." Of course, the police are racists. Al Sharpton, ACLU lawyers and Union organizers are on their way to raise hell, and grandmothers at those Tea Parties waving little flags were "violent." 70% of Arizona's legal residents are FOR that Bill. What a refreshing change. No wonder Obama can't relate. San Francisco forbids city employees to go to AZ. Good riddance, Arizona has guts - they can't relate!

The EPA (EnvironProtectAct) not only dictates to Congress regarding Cap & Trade, they indoctrinate our kids in school (as Al Gore admits, off camera). Out of their $10 billion budget they school our kids on "The Need to Regulate." They somehow tie guilt of neglecting the poor, racism and social injustice to anyone not FOR cleaning up the environment. Huge expense when we're bankrupt? No problem. The EPA awards $2500 to students for the best dissertations on the NEED for Gov't "Regulations" to force people to abide by EPA laws. The head of the EPA says, "The young people get it." Then they go home and tell their parents what needs to be done. This is about the lowest, most underhanded form of Gov't propaganda and brainwashing ever. If you can get away with "teaching" (intimidating or scaring) the kids - the adults (parents) become irrelevent over time, even if they don't accept their kid's new views. These kids will now teach their kids what they've "learned." Mission accomplished. This is evil and calculating. Another "Obama-change" of America. More and more Obama chants and sing-a-longs surface in our schools. Those too young to "absorb" love to sing - like training wheels.

The SEC (SecurityExchangeComm) announced, with dramatic timing, just before Obama's scheduled Wall St redressing, that Goldman Sachs had behaved badly in the housing crisis - and profited. The role of Gov't and Fannie & Freddie was FAR worse, but not mentioned (oddly) - if one wants to be truthful. This is the Goldman that gave Obama almost a million campaign dollars. So why does Obama turn on them? This is a smokescreen, folks. A little heat now for huge rewards coming. Obama, Goldman and others are closely tied together. Way back in my 12th issue, 7/23/09 I exposed a lot about Goldman, their ex-CEOs all over in Gov't, deals and corruption. I'm sure you've never heard of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) or don't know much about it. It will play a HUGE role in the wheeling & dealing of fortunes in the Cap & Trade dirty scam, about to unfold. It was conjured up and funded by the "Joyce Foundation" which is a large shadowy, secretive organization that donates freely to "The Tides Foundation" (of evil George Soros fame) and even to terrorist Bill Ayers' brother, John. Remember, The Tides has close sinister ties to ACORN and SEIU and other subversive groups. These foundations receive great sums of money from wealthy liberals, who then take the tax deduction and direct to whom the money goes - without their names ever revealed - think like mafia and money laundering. Obama was on Joyce's Board from 1994-2002 and saw to it that funds from Joyce got to CCX. Richard Sandor, founder and 20% owner of CCX knows Obama well, and says CCX will become a $10 Trillion/year market! Compare that to the U.S. & Foreign Exch Mkts totaling $15 trillion. Here is $10 Trillion (not industries) basically selling smoke! A British entity, "Generation" is the 5th largest co-owner of CCX. Generation was co-funded by AL GORE. and 3 others who work for Goldman Sachs. Goldman itself owns 10% of CCX and even 18% of CCX's parent, Climate Exch (London-CLE) and Goldman is part of the European Climate Exch (ECX) which has been running since 2005, with 12,000 European installations (mandatorily) already trading CO2 and other emissions. Goldman, Gore and friends will be cashing in enormously. Bush had his sinister side too. His Wyly family friends in Texas contributed heavily to his campaigns. The Wylys used 58 offshore trusts to hide $700 Million from taxation. They too will make out on Cap & Trade, which Bush also supported. This global warming lie and baloney was sold to the Whole World for gargantuan profiting, by unscrupulous liars and thieves led by Al Gore's image, melodramatic BS movie and the ever-present left-wing media! And the left is still crying about his being cheated out of the presidency. He would have lost hundreds of millions, while being a lousy president! His character flaws smell worse than a manure spreader - which he is, of course.

Franklin Raines commited massive frauds to make huge bonuses. He got $90 million in 5 yrs while running Fannie Mae as CEO. Raines had too many big friends to go to jail. But Fannie (with Raines) in 2006 bought the patent for designing carbon credits. Why does a Gov't Mortgage Comp mandated to make public housing more affordable (and causing the crisis) have a financial interest in Cap & Trade? Is this to disguise or misdirect? This is wierd even for D.C.. Anyway, the purchased patent was approved on Nov 7th, 2006 - the day AFTER the democrats took control of Congress. Another "coincidence" in far too many coincidences to be clean.

When Obama was a Senator advocating Cap & Trade to curb emissions he estimated industry cost at $366 Billion by 2015. Then, as President he stated it would be $646 Billion over 8 yrs. Gee, a much bigger number. The Washington Times reports that it will cost nearly $2 Trillion - 3 times more than $646 Bill and it hasn't even passed yet. How many industrial jobs will that push to Mexico, India and China who laugh at pollution and standards?

The "Campaigner-in-Chief" jets all over on taxpayer time and money to urge all blacks and latinos to rally and support all democrats in 2010 - and himself in 2012. If Bush or any republican today called out for white voters to come out in force, the media would go nuts!

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my site. Phil Faustman

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

37th Issue 4/15/10

In this issue, you will notice I am declaring war on mainstream media. They are possibly a worse threat to America than Obama and his cronies, whose roughshod tactics and outright continuous lies would not remotely be possible without a hugely corrupt media! Now, with that disclosure, my letter. I am convinced Americans are going to soon be hearing a lot about the European-style VAT (Value Added Tax). It is like a national sales tax but built into the price of goods and services - sneaky like - like this administration. If you were regularly charged an extra 20% at the cash register you would be even more angry, more often than if it was hidden within your purchase price - that is VAT. It's a psychological ploy. Businesses will, in effect, become tax collectors for the Fed Gov't. That extra cost of record keeping will also be passed on to the consumer. England's VAT is 20% and several countries over there are at 25%! Plus they pay income taxes like we do. This VAT will anger even those that have "chosen" to be "poor" and happily accept Obama's handouts. Everything on McDonalds' menu may soon jump 20% or more. Oh, they wont START taking 20%. They will start lower to acclimate you or "ease" you into it - but we will catch up to Europe fast. That Tooth Fairy has teeth (the one financing all these "goodies for votes") and is about to bite, especially that 50% that pay nothing to ride. They're about to join the club. "Pay more at the store" IS taxes - paid to Obama's coffer to re-distribute as he deems fit, to whom he deems worthy. Of course, history shows VAT always triggers more Gov't spending and even more taxes. But this time it will be different - right? Oh yeah, it has also proven to slow economies and kill jobs - sounds tailor-made for Obama's subversive plan to me. As the Pros and Cons are argued (the B.S. game is played) in the months ahead remember this. Many studies have been done. It has proven to be terrible, but politicians will spin it, the media will deny you the facts and truth (like health care) and help Obama (in the end) enjoy another victory parade! Sit back and watch the show, knowing ahead that the media (other than FOX) will distort and lie to see it through. Ironically, we are now in so deep it is about the only way to fund all these "entitlements" created by a stupid regime that will NOT cut irresponsible spending. And the very nature of more easy revenue in an idiot's hand promotes even MORE idiotic spending!

I've never seen a president more bent on insulting our allies, befriending our enemies, and apologizing to everyone that will listen - all while decreasing our nuclear weaponry, defenses and retaliatory options. It is no wonder that we are perceived as weak and command no respect from even 3rd-rate countries. Barack (who even changed his own name from Barry) seems extremely comfortable and sympathetic in the presence of Muslims and Islamic believers. Ever since he went to Cairo (made his flowery speach) and promised a "new beginning" in the relationship between the U.S. and the Muslim world I've seen an ever-softening in his foreign policy and rhetoric toward everything Muslim - especially terrorism. He does his famous (or infamous) name or term changing to soften an image we all know and use (accurate and familiar) once again, now saying don't call it "Islamic extremism" - it offends good Islams! I will acknowledge the obvious. Bush was not always the most tactful in diplomacy and sometimes used ill-advised terminology, but I always knew he was FOR America and he meant what he said. The rest of the world knew it too, and we were all safer for it. I get really disturbed by obvious things and happenings I can see with my own eyes. I don't believe anything the lying mainstream media tells us anymore. I know they have a dirty agenda and are in lock-step with our sympathizing president. But when I see tens of thousands of Muslims congregating in one specific area (like Dearborn, Mi) and systematically taking over the local Gov'ts and schools (by increasing population growth and control) I don't have to be hit over the head to get the picture. In my opinion far too many of these people didn't immigrate here to assimilate and become Americans. They came to become little Muslim countries inside America and under the protection of our Constitution. They (except for their schooled youth) have little interest in even speaking English other than to become more adept in proclaiming their new rights, as technically new "Americans." Rights never afforded them from whence they came, but to whom they still hold allegiance. Quick facts: 80% of Oslo, Norway's shelters are muslim women fleeing abuse. Danish muslims are 5% of the population but 40% of the welfare. Switzerland is 20% muslim now - Amsterdam has a muslim majority. 70% of French prisoners are muslims. The 4 London muslim bombers that killed 56 in 7/05 had received $1 million in welfare. Also note that their Islamic faith tells them it is OK to rape, beat and kill ANY non-muslims. Let's all welcome the "Religion of Peace." On 4/10/06 Libya's Moammar Gadhafi said, "We have 50 million muslims in Europe. They will turn it into a muslim continent within a few decades." I believe that totally and fear for us here. And remember, that "Mohammad" they worship, was a war-lord that told them to kill non-muslims (not exactly Saint-like). I am told he was a pedophile who married a 6 year old girl but (they say) didn't have sex with her until she was 9. We had better have eyes and ears in every mosque and muslim school in America.

I invite you to read the garbage written by Senator Carl Levin in our local "Avalanche" regarding our new Health Care Reform. He takes his bows alongside Obama, Pelosi and Reid, telling how great it is. Don't just read his drivel and propaganda crap, clip it out and save the evidence. In 10 years (like the others) he will deny saying it at all, but we will still be long-suffering as a nation for his (and his friends) idiotic near-criminal misdeeds. Nobody is this stupid at these political levels. They do it knowing it is wrong and in defiance of the People's protests, our Constitution and ethical procedure. I am sick of, "It's politics - everyone does it." I say clean up this crap NOW or we, The People go back to hot tar and feathers and wooden stockades to publicly humiliate all arrogant a--es misusing power AFTER purposely lying to GET elected. No respect given - no respect due.

Several thousand demonstrators, March 20th, protested across the street from the White House. They burned and stomped on our American Flag among other things but mainstream media (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, NY Times, LA Times) all reported nothing. Why? The Washington Post didn't report on it in their own back yard, but is all over any perceived impropriety at any Tea Party anywhere in the country. It was staged by A.N.S.W.E.R., a far-left group that says "Capitalism is organized crime!" and demands "Legalization Now!" of all illegal aliens. They demand the jailing of all "racist vigilante Minutemen" along the border. ANSWER has strong ties to the Marxist (WWP) Workers World Party. Reminds me of SEIU's Andy Stern's, "Workers of the World, unite!" declaration. But it is right across the street from Andy and the W.H. and seems what Obama and the media supports, so why not give them lots of the free press they crave? Or is this just a bit too open and honest at this time? WWP is a revolutionary Communist political party (with roots in Stalin's Soviet Union) now based in the U.S. and founded in 1959 by Sam Marcy. He split from the Socialist Workers Party to support the "Progressive Party" (sound familiar?) and the positive view they held of the Chinese Revolution led by Mao Tse-Tung. Remember that photo of that commie-red decorative Christmas ball with Mao's face on it on Obama's W.H. Christmas tree? I'm not certain it's not now a W.H. "Holiday" tree, are you? Anyway, does it seem there is a jumble of key words here, like Marxist, Revolutionary, Socialist, Mao and Progressive? The WWP was a strong advocate of the militant Black Panther racists and Weather Underground bombers, Bill Ayers and his fellow founder. Obama knows both of them well. Is all this crud taking place just outside the W.H. (and unreported by the media) just brothers reaching out to brothers inside the W.H. and looking for a little "love?" But maybe rushing the schedule a little? And yet another branch or tentacle of ANSWER & WWP is the Party of Socialism and Liberation (PSL). They are strongly tied to Arab and Muslim Islamist groups and totally anti-Israel, a lot like the "vibes" our president is giving off. FIST (Fight Imperialism Stand Together) is a youth-chapter spin-off that worships Che, the Cuban Revolutionary. They DEMAND their rights to everything for just having to be born in an "oppressive" America! But all this is not "newsworthy." Get those reporters and writers after those rowdy grandmothers at those Tea Parties! Those are angry dangerous mobs - that even leave no litter behind. By the way, did you hear about the bullet shot through the window of a republican congressman's office building? Probably not. And check out the website ( which targets the Tea Party movement and members. The site calls all to "dismantle - demolish, come join in on the fun" just like instructed in the Saul Alinsky book, "Rules for Radicals" - so favored by Obama's gang.

President Obama is so upset that he can't control Glenn Beck of FOX News (the only TV station that will question what he says and does) he has 3 of his closest advisors actively pressuring, to boycott all advertising for that network, trying to destroy him! He is so intolerant of ANY criticism of him, so insecure, so obsessed with ONE disobedient station - having SIX servile compliant stations cannot soothe him. I think he has become psychotic. How unscrupulously and scummy low can a president sink, to send out his junk-yard dogs to silence that one and only dissenting voice. Talk about telling US where we can stick our Constitution and First Amendment! It does not matter that he (so far) fails - it matters that he tries - and he will ever keep trying. That is sinister! I think he is a vicious, vindictive, tyrant-in-the-making, if you are even half-looking at his actions. Forget his damned words and smile. SEE what he DOES, time after time, and be afraid. I cannot contain my contempt for this slime we call "the press" or media. They allow this persecution of Beck (one of their own - and there will be others) in order to kneel at His alter. They could stop this unsavory character and his ego-antics in a heartbeat, if they had a heart, or a spine or one bit of integrity. Just say, "Stop it. We want to support you, but you're going too far, too fast." But HE (like terrorists) just gets bolder when he senses weakness or capitulation. His Chicago toughness is just a facade. HE can't take one particle of the criticism and PRESS abuse Bush had to endure every day for 8 years! Obama mercilessly attacks even a single critic (remember Joe the plumber?) like a tyrant might do, abusing power from the highest office in the world AND using the media like a puppeteer. Is that a fair fight, Barack Hussein? Or more like cowardly Saddam Hussein? Folks, I am telling you, he intends to shut down FOX TV, Radio talk shows (conservative & Christian), and control the Internet - all under his coming "Fairness Doctrine," AND take our GUNS!

Another Supreme Court Justice is about to be appointed. We all, better know well how this one stands on Gun Control or our Right to Bear Arms - loud and clear. But I fear we wont. No one really asked the last one. I know Obama, Pelosi, Reid and Sotomayor (his first selection) believe it is NOT our right. They want a world-wide ban like the U.N. - beware! Too many Supremely important decisions affecting us all are now passed by a mere 5-4 vote - little more than a coin-flip! If gun ownership (which I smell coming) is denied us... THAT could be one riotous ruling! More virulent than Pearl Harbor - in underestimating the outcome or consequences!

Obama became president because WHITE Americans voted him in. That's a fact, so knock off the RACISM B.S.! They talk and talk about epithets and spitting without one iota of proof - video or audio. These good Americans at Tea Parties protest because he's a lousy president, defying The People's wishes, and they're damned sorry they voted for him! But the lying B.S. never quits. That is a technique right from the dirty Marxist Alinsky handbook that Obama follows religiously while using mainstream media lap-dogs as his bullhorn. Say it loudly, say it over and over, and most people will think - it must be true. Think is a bad choice of words.

Under Obama the Gov't is gobbling up and controlling private industry. The $787 Billion Stimulus Bill was to stimulate the economy for job growth and (Obama said) to prevent an unemployed rate of 8%. Now it is spun as a "jobless recovery" to explain 9.7% and we should "learn" to accept a "new normal" of 8-10%. Sell that to those seriously seeking work. So was that $787 Bill meant to be welfare funds to buy votes and long-term dominance - also control over private industry? Obama has direct ownership or control (so far) of about half of our total economy, which a few years ago was 100% private! 18% was just delivered as his Health Care Bill. Plus total control now of Student Loan financing. Before this, through acquisition of Fannie & Freddie over 50% of all mortgages in America are held by the Gov't. And don't forget the Banks, AIG (largest insurer in the U.S.), G.M. and Chrysler. If he gets Cap & Trade passed with carbon emissions and environmental control he will dictate to virtually all our industries - therefore to us - our new Dictator!

About that Student Loan interest rate monopoly Obama just got. He will rape the students with an already declared 4% profit mark-up. He will give the money freely, get them deeply in debt with interest charges (with which he will finance other programs) and later maybe offer them a way out IF they work for him, in Gov't. Always underhanded and calculating, is he.

Superintendent Michelle Rhee of awful Wash D.C. area schools has fought for years to improve the student's plight. In 2008 she offered a $10,000 bonus and a 20% raise to teachers OR a $10,000 bonus and a 45% raise with bonus possibilities up to $131,000 in earnings tied to student performance. In exchange teachers would have to forfeit their "tenure" protection. Rhee said, "I thought this is brilliant... I'm going to pay teachers twice as much. Who could not be in favor of that? But people went ballistic." Getting incentive pay required giving up near-absolute job security. "That, is when the crap hit the fan!" That same teacher's union lobbied to kill the $7,500 voucher program, so very successful and loved by parents and students (mostly low-income blacks and hispanics). SHAME everywhere! And in bankrupt California teachers get pensions of 60, 70, $80,000 per year. Over 3000 get over $100,000. They can Retire & Rehire at the same job after age 54 and get another pension. City and State employees retire early and make more money (for life) NOT working than those working and paying their benefits! Insane! And happening in other States, too.

Tax Credits have grown so much that a family of four (two childred under 17) earning $50,000 will pay NO Fed income tax. There is a standard deduction of $11,400 and 4 exempt X $3,600 each, leaving taxable income of $24,000 ($2,769 tax) - minus 2 X $1,000 child tax credits and an $800 "Making Work Pay" credit (married filing jointly) = $31 tax Refund!

That Qatari diplomat that smoked in the airplane lavatory and confronted by Air Marshalls joked he was trying to light his shoe. He was here to visit an imprisoned Qatar terrorist. Fighter planes were summoned. He had "diplomatic immunity" so couldn't even be arrested. I say every unamused person on that plane should have had the right to at least punch him in the face when leaving the aircraft. And all those pompous jerks living at the U.N. building in N.Y. City with immunity and tearing up hundreds of parking tickets, laughing and mocking the U.S. - I say blow up that U.N. building and tell them to conduct business in Europe!

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