Friday, December 18, 2009

Issue 29


What is a trillion dollars? That brand new number we’re throwing around so freely now and most calculators can’t even relate to? Take a one hundred dollar bill. They come in packets of 100 (almost 1/2 inch thick) $10,000. One million dollars would be a stack 4 feet high. One hundred million dollars would measure a cubic yard (3 ft high X 3 ft wide X 3ft deep). That’s a lot of money. One billion dollars = 10 such pallets or 10 cubic yards. A TRILLION is a million million, or 10,000 pallets! That would cover a football field, 3 ft high, with tightly together stacked $100 bills. Actually, that is 1/2 a trillion. Double stack it 6 ft high!! You can’t even see over it! (if one dollar bills - 100 football fields, 6 ft high!)

With this new perspective, consider the fact that this year's federal deficit (more money spent than taxes and revenue brought in) jumped up from a whopping $482 Billion in 2008 to $1.4 Trillion in 2009! Think of that football field stacked over 8 feet high! For just one year! And now Congress wants to boost it to $1.8 Trillion! Bush did much of this, but Obama’s profligate spending plus planned spending takes a terrible deficit to an unbelievable level. He just again said we must “SPEND our way out of this recession!” That must truly inspire our lenders. It took 191 years (1791-1982) to get our National Debt up to $1 Trillion. The 2nd and 3rd Trillion took 4 years each. Bush rang up $4.9 Trillion in 8 years. Obama will beat that easily in 4 years. 1969 was the last year the Federal Gov’t spent less than it brought in - 40 years ago. In 2009 we (Fed Gov’t) spent $383 BILLION just paying INTEREST to the holders of our National Debt! That football field almost 2-1/2 ft high! Those holders are rightfully upset when we just print more money and pay them with those diluted “cheaper” dollars. It’s like watered-down whiskey for the same price. You could get shot for that in the old west. Their investments are worth less. They aren’t likely to loan again. What will we do then? Print more money?

Some tidbits: The U.S. NIH (National Institutes of Health) paid $2.6 Million to train Chinese prostitutes to drink responsibly on the job. The Gov’t Accountability Office (GAO) said nearly HALF of all purchases on Gov’t credit cards are improper, fraudulent or embezzled, including gambling, mortgage payments, internet dating, vacations etc. The (in the red) Postal Service spent $13,500 on one dinner for 81 guests ($167 of food & drink apiece). Federal agencies are delinquent on 20% of employee charge cards costing taxpayers hundreds of millions in penalties annually. The SEC spent $3.9 Mill rearranging desks and offices in D.C.. A South Carolina parts supplier bilked the Pentagon for over $20.5 Mill (over 6 years) in fraudulent shipping costs like $998,798 to send two 19 cent washers to an Army base in Texas! They also paid $455,009 to ship 3 screws at $1.31 each to Marines in Iraq and $293,451 to ship an 89 cent washer to Patrick AFB in Florida! Twin sisters in business found a “flaw in the system.” It doesn’t matter what. 6 years? $68,000 in merchandise - over $20 Mill in shipping! What overseeing! Think there might be others? Over half of all antiquated farm subsidies go to commercial farms averaging over $200,000 income! A GAO audit shows 95 Pentagon weapons systems had a combined $295 Billion in overruns! The refusal of many Gov’t employees to fly “coach” costs us about $146 Mill /year in upgrades! That’s enough asinine tidbits for now (more later) but there were 10,169 earmarks last year PLUS the fraud and abuse. Make those maimed soldiers with missing limbs pay for their own injuries, Obama, to HELP with the Nation’s deficit, those “whining selfish” ingrates. They “volunteered” to go. “Nobody made them” (Obama’s pathetic words). What did YOU do about deficits and Gov't squandering of our money?

Our Gov’t is spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. No thought of tomorrow or the consequences. But we all will surely pay with the worst hangover ever experienced and find ourselves not just broke, but in deep debt for many years - maybe irreparably. There is a point you know, where you can’t even pay the interest charges with cash on hand. And we can’t just go to court, file bankruptcy and start over. If that doesn’t scare you with all the upcoming spending on the horizon, you’re in La-La Land and beyond help. Did we have enough fun to justify all this, or just spend stupidly, all we have and all we could borrow? It took over 200 years to bring this Nation’s debt up to $9 Trillion. That is simple accumulation of irresponsible, inexcusable spending (by Congress) of more money than they earned (taxing the people). If Congress had demanded payment from us (the people) on delivery of those “goodies” we would have refused delivery! We are as culpable as they. NOW we (the clear majority and ones PAYING the taxes) want to stop it, but they won’t. The tail is wagging the dog. Congress is maxing out credit cards and applying for more - they are addicted - don’t care what WE want!

Gov’t programs started it off, like Social Security, then Medicare and Medicaid. They got more and more loose and sloppily run, full of fraud and abuse. When you have to pay cash, you are a lot slower to your wallet. When you can “charge it” - well, here we are. If YOU are paying the doctor or hospital yourself, you will demand an accounting for every charge. If someone else (Gov’t - Insurer) is paying - who cares? That is human nature, easy to understand, common sense. If the Gov’t was to give you, or allow you tax free money (whatever sum necessary) for your family’s health care for YOU to deal directly with doctor and hospital, you'll keep them honest. They can’t cheat and neither can crooked patients. Whatever you save or don’t spend from that pool (no foolish running to the doctor for sniffles) can be added to your retirement account. That is incentive, and using human nature for good. Insurance could be purchased from hundreds of companies competing for catastrophic coverage (cancer, etc). This is where Gov’t could possibly help - subsidizing large premiums for those in need. YOU pay extra for obvious liability (smoking, obesity etc) creating incentive to improve your health status. Solutions are not that difficult and don’t take 2000 pages unless you’re purposely hiding something. The Gov’t is there only to give incentives, educate, and subsidize (pay a percentage of) catastrophic or pre-existing conditions for those in financial need - and perhaps oversee a selected panel that decides (fair to all) malpractice awards.

As we get nearer the passage of this sorry health care Bill that will cost us (in recession) a fortune, and give Obama vast control of our personal lives, I remind you of how he bribes influential groups. He gave huge pharmaceuticals his word that they could continue to gouge us (even Gov’t care) on high-priced drugs and he would clamp down on our ability to get them cheaper from Canada. The big drug companies merely had to commit millions to advertising, promoting Gov’t control of health care. Obama got AARP’s support (selling out their own seniors) by assuring them that he would eliminate the popular (meaning cheaper) “Medicare Advantage” plan, forcing seniors to buy AARP’s (and others) more expensive medigap plans. Yeah, he and Pelosi really care about us and health costs! They will then mandate all kinds of things (taking away our rights) in the name of “for the overall good” or “betterment of the Nation’s health” or “to control cost to the taxpayers” that’s denial of care and tests - rationing). 80% of the People and 80% of the Doctors against it? Too bad! We're doing it anyway!

In 1970 the media warned us of the coming “ice age.” The Polar Bear population numbered 500 (until the hunting ban was enacted). And the hypocrite, Al Gore was learning about girls. The same ignorant Gore that says the earth’s core is “millions of degrees,” and the polar ice will be gone in 5 -7 years, among other nonsensical things. His manufactured fear (for profit) went from “Global Warming” to “Climate Change” when facts said we cooled 8 years in a row. The poor Polar Bear numbers are now 2500 and rising (except that one emaciated bear we keep seeing re-run on TV). There is a constant ebb and flow in Nature, but the constant nature of Man is to scam for profit, at least some men! Even to cover up e-mails between scientists revealing the hoax, if they are “inconvenient” truths. Scientists that don’t go along with the agenda don’t get grants or funding - or get fired. The left-leaning, left-owned Media exaggerates or stifles, as necessary to keep the ruse going The scary images they want to leave you with (with guilt of course) is a screaming little girl hanging on for dear life, a sad looking polar bear, or raining polar bears. Lies, with pictures, told and shown over and over somehow become “truth” in time. It is called indoctrination! Obama and his kind are experts. Now, we are being told CO2 (the breath we exhale) is a pollutant - bad for the earth! Will you believe it in time? I thought trees and plants liked and needed it. Copenhagen, where 140 jet planes and 1200 limousines were used said we need to commit $10 TRILLION to green energy. You do know who most of “WE” is, don’t you? Do we start the presses, or maybe tithe 10% of our unemployment compensation to the World Church of Obama? We choose to learn nothing from those that go before us. Spain did a study and learned, for every green job they created, 2.2 jobs were lost -but it will be great for us! California spends like the Fed - they're bankrupt! Massachusetts has a state-run health care plan like the Fed. wants - disaster in 4 years!

If Iran gets nuclear capability it is not only Israel in danger. Suitcase bombs capable of killing 100,000 Americans will come across that open Mexican border to our home-grown terrorists. To think otherwise is naive. Iran hates us, second only to the Jews, and would happily give them to our enemies to use against us. Those people are nuts, treat us like idiots, and still we TALK!

When we talk about Social Security not being there for us when we retire it is because it is being played like a Ponzi Scheme by our politicians. All S.S. payments (taxes) go into an originally designed Trust Fund for later payments, except you can't trust politicians. They "borrow" those funds from the Trust, leaving I.O.U.s (California style) and spend it just as the General Fund. Although, even now, more is coming in than is payed out, it has never been allowed to accumulate as designed. There will never be more in there than their immediate obligations. The rest is paper debt to be rounded up only when needed, from some other imaginative source (print more)? The last ones IN on this Ponzi will have to sue the Gov't - good luck!

Tidbits of a putrid form: Barney Frank wants a couple billion of the returned bank bailout funds to give to the unemployed for their mortgages. The latest wind farm in Texas (green energy - green jobs?) had all its turbines built in China. Prison inmates making 50 cents an hour displaced 80 employees to build solar panels - just like the Communist, Van Jones said would happen. And we’re giving (while destitute) over $5 Billion in treaty reparations to the Indians, like he said. Does he have a secret room in the White House? Michelle Obama has a STAFF of 22 to assist and attend to her every whim. No first lady in history had more than 3 - it explains a lot. If you criticize our president or his policies you are RACIST and bashed by the Media - we have never had that problem before. Harry Reid said those opposed to this health care plan and say, slow down, stop, let’s not go so fast - that was the same things they said when they resisted setting the slaves free. Jessie Jackson said, you can’t be a black man and be against this health care plan. Nancy Pelosi was almost in tears (scared) when she described the “angry” tea party masses (hundreds of thousands) marching in D.C.. No incidents, not even any litter left behind. The Republicans in the Senate have billions of pork in their version of health care too - damn them all! 83% of the stimulus funds sent to Ohio went to democrat districts - 17% to republican. the watchdog/transparency site, listed jobs created in districts that didn’t even exist. Three of the Navy Seals who captured the animal that shot 4 Americans, then burned dragged and hung them on display, go on trial in NY City for punching him! The top dogs in this administration (including Obama) follow precisely the “Rules for Radicals” precepts of Saul Alinsky AND the outlined program for takeover in a book “Stand up Straight: How Progressives can win” by Robert Creamer (an admitted disciple of Alinsky) - written while in prison. He was at the latest W.H. dinner. David Axelrod, Obama’s top advisor and personal friend says this book is “a blueprint for future victories.” It is a “how to” book on intimidating and scaring people to do what you want. Also explains why it is endorsed by Unions and Andy Stern? Obama said he and the SEIU would “paint the Nation purple” - any doubts? Creamer was tied to ACORN through “Citizen Action Illinois” (there’s that ACORN and Illinois politics again). He was their leader. The FBI was investigating him for bank fraud and tax evasion. He stepped down. In 2006 he was convicted and spent 1 1/2 years in prison where he wrote his book. Note that his wife, US Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois said on video, “A Public Option will put the private insurance industry out of business and lead to Single-Payer.” (applause) “My single-payer friends, he was right!” Obama said on video HE was for Single-payer insurance, "but it might take awhile to get there." Then, while campaigning, he denied ever saying that. It’s on tape, liar! Now they say in the Health Bill that IF the program doesn’t work (but only if) there IS a provision (the “trigger” I warned you about) that it will revert to Public Option - then we’re on their homeward path to Single-payer. All they have to do now is make it NOT work. That’s so easy for Gov’t! But to wind this up, Creamer outlined a 10 point plan to force universal health care on the people (while in prison) that the White House is following to the letter! I can’t give you all the details here, but all the filthy connections between dirty, conniving liars, tax cheats and even criminals emanating from that political cesspool of Illinois are real. Throw in stinking rotten, sleazy ACORN and the SEIU being tight to Obama - and a Media okay with it all and it becomes almost too much to bear in our America. This is disgraceful and disgusting beyond words!

The “Audacity of Power” or RULE by "Bureaucratic Dictatorship" is being hinted at - Strongly! The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has declared carbon dioxide (CO2) dangerous. 6 billion people in the world must be damaging it by breathing. Hold your breath as much as possible? Obama is prodding Congress to act on controlling greenhouse gasses (Cap & Trade). He would prefer he says that they do it legislatively, but if they resist, he will use his rule-making power (the EPA) and MAKE IT LAW - will of the People (and Congress) be damned! But you FORCE him to do it. He doesn’t want to. Just like he didn’t want to take over the Banks and Auto Industry. You just won’t play along. Get used to this rationale. You’ll see it in Health Care too! This is how he will regulate every aspect of our lives - reluctantly, but absolutely. A senior official of the White House told Congress, and I quote, “If you don’t pass this legislation, then... the EPA is going to have to regulate in this area... in a command control way.”

One American’s View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my website. Phil Faustman

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Issue 28


Larry Summers is Obama’s Chief Economic Advisor. That might explain a lot about our Country’s horrendous (and rapidly getting worse) economic picture. Obama recently announced that we are probably going to experience a double-dip recession (like a W). That was to prepare you for another downfall, belying the rising stock market. That is also ill-founded optimism. He knows what he is doing isn’t working, but if he can forecast the gloomy future, he appears knowledgeable - and he can still (or IS still) laying all the blame on Bush for the mess he was handed. No doubt, Bush’s spending created serious problems, but Obama’s continuation (and extreme acceleration) of asinine spending has exacerbated the problem to irretrievable levels. Folks, we are going down. There is no doubt. There is no change in his or Pelosi’s spending attitude so we have no chance. Just print more money. Raise taxes. Jack up utility rates to bring on green energy. Punish mining of coal for energy. Stifle oil and gas production. Just wait like an idiot that learned nothing, for the next crippling explosion of prices in oil and gasoline. All the while waiting on the inevitable crushing surge in interest rates and inflation that are certain and yet to come. Larry Summers was in charge of Harvard University’s endowment fund. He invested it heavily in the stock market speculating in hedge funds and such. He was told by many not to, but having the final say he did it HIS way and lost $1.8 Billion in Harvard’s Fund. That is a serious blow to a university. Don’t expect HIM to lead us out of this quagmire. I strongly suggest that you stock up on canned goods, and filling food staples like brown rice and whole grain pastas. Seriously! That is the best place of all to invest your rapidly declining U.S. dollars. Have you noticed the doubling or more of canned vegetable prices in just a short time? Buy canned tuna or meats, extra whenever on sale. You won’t regret it. If I’m wrong, at worst you eat it later, but I’m not, and you will not get a better return on your money!

On this vein I want to point out that private industry or business (that dreaded capitalism) and entrepreneurism is what will eventually pull this nation out of the depths of despair- nothing else. But only after Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their “advisors”have trashed our economy totally. Every president for over the past 100 years has appointed at least 30% of their Cabinet advisors from private industry. Those with the lower percentages incidentally, also had lackluster economies in their tenure. Obama has less than 10% from the private sector in HIS cabinet! That does not bode well for our chances! Obama himself has never run any business at all. Now he runs auto industries and huge banks with no knowledge and no knowledgeable advisors. One adult in 8, and one child in 4 are now receiving food stamps in America, over 36 million in all so far. 10.2% of the population is acknowledged as unemployed and we all know it is worse than that, and those numbers are steadily growing. Many are into their second year of Gov’t unemployment benefits. Tens of millions of Americans are under-employed with part-time jobs or reduced hours. No one but Gov’t jobs or Gov’t favored Union jobs are getting raises. These worsening numbers (by the day) are in spite of lavishly spending over $400 Billion In “Stimulus” money! It is obvious to an imbecile that our leaders have no clue. Or, as I maintain, it is a deliberate plan to make everyone dependent upon the Gov’t (by job or handout) for their very existence, all the while blaming others and extolling how hard they’re trying.

Didn’t I tell you ACORN would get re-funded by Obama’s generous federal funds? And I said that they would likely change their name (probably all 230 of them). This was divulged by notes extricated from their trash, since no one will openly investigate them - Media or Gov’t. Disreputable people or businesses do use an alias or disguise themselves after notoriety, and to again hide the money trail. This is a slimy, sleazy direct connection to the White House and Obama, no explanation apparently necessary. But the Media wants complete explanations and details from Tiger Woods and the White House party crashers. That’s about all the news that was covered for the better part of a week. The world’s economy is going to hell. Iran is going nuclear and telling US to go to hell. Israel is on the brink of bombing Iran (to just exist) which will send oil and gasoline prices through the roof and cause economic collapse, and the 2 wars are going very badly. We have criminal tax cheats and crooks throughout Congress and in the highest offices and positions, corruption all through our Gov’t. Lobbyists throwing money everywhere it will stick, Corporations cooking the books and raping their stockholders through astronomical bonuses, and even more corruption with collusion between the Gov’t and corporate CEOs. There is concern of the people about 2 thug-type organizations (SEIU and ACORN) being exceptionally close to the president, along with all those radical Marxist/ Socialist appointees and Czars that surround him. There is runaway spending, of hundreds of billions, in so many directions, and now the need to bail out California (as I said we would). Yet our news is Tabloid-type for a week - about a celebrity party in the White House, and a young billionaire golfer’s domestic problems. God help us - and our Media’s sense of importance and responsibility!

The world is at a very fragile stage right now. Almost anything could set off a catastrophic chain of events that will affect you and your family’s lives for a long time. The near collapse of Dubai is a major signal. This middle-east supposedly wealthy metropolis in the desert has indoor snow skiing with the cheapest motel room at $1600 a night, to give you some perspective. Dubai is where the United States went when our banks were in trouble not long ago. Now their excessiveness and extravagances have caught up to them. Middle-east oil money will bail them out this time - our money given to the Arabs for oil, ironically. But the stock market plunged at the very hint of trouble in Dubai. California is just about as extravagant ($130 Billion in debt - writing I.O.U.s) and 24 times as big. It is the 8th largest economy in the world (larger than a great many countries) and on the verge of collapse. They have changed their spending ways hardly a lick but you know the ingrates still remaining there expect to be bailed out (without sacrificing) just because “they are too big to fail.” We, as a nation don’t dare let them start the domino effect in our total collapse. So Californians will get the next $130 Billion as we attempt to stave off the inevitable just a little longer. Of Course New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Michigan will get in line for theirs, until the final nail is in the coffin. Maybe Israel bombs Iran and skyrocketing oil prices do us in first. We’re going to tax the people for 3 years before the new health care plan pays out benefits. That will be the foundation to fund it we are told. With the country near economic collapse (and politicians having money set aside for anything) do you really think that funding will still be there? Get real. You don’t know politicians. And, about that health care about to pass and politicians. It is fun to watch Obama buying out those last few votes and being played. That “Louisiana Purchase” of Senator Mary Landrieu’s 60th necessary democrat vote was an offer of an extra $100 Million for her State from Obama. She held out until he upped it to $300 Million - doing right, and the will of the people, be damned! The majority of the people are dead against the Bill anyway, but it’s not about the People or doing the right thing, it’s about THEM and power. There is money to be had now and this will bring much more greed to the surface before this is over - by those who feel they caved to pressure too easily the first time around.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid say their proposed Health Care Bill will cost a trillion dollars. I find that admitted cost extremely offensive for a bankrupt economy such as ours. More offensive is that old, "figures don't lie, but liars figure" I like. The respected CATO Institute said that $1 Trillion is taxes upfront and undeniable, but $3.5 Trillion more will be "mandated" (buy insurance or go to jail) to be paid directly by the People to the "insurers" so that particular extra $3.5 Trillion is technically not a tax. CATO says the total cost will be all of $6 Trillion to the People - call it what you will! It is insanity! And, where in hell does the Federal Gov't get off mandating ANYTHING over the States or the People without a vote OF the People?! This total disregard and trampling of our Constitution is an act of WAR against the People - plain and simple. And I don't give a damn if the addle-minded Supreme Court consurs 5-4 with the President and Congress. It is time The People take back their beloved (once proud) Country. These arrogant asses "in charge" are outnumbered 10,000 to 1, and so far, we still have our guns. What else can you do when no one anywhere will listen? Well, I'm exasperated and by the time we can throw all these bums out I fear it will be too late. Too much damage will have already been done.

And our justice system stinks too. Maurice Clemmons had a violent out of control personality even as a teenager with numerous felonies getting him sentenced to 60 years in 1990 at age 18. He served only 11 years. Right after his release on parole, he was accused of aggravated robbery and theft. He left Arkansas for Washington state where he amassed at least 8 felony charges and was constantly released from custody. The last was posting $15,000 bail for raping a 12 year old. While out this time he shot and killed 4 police officers. Now their families suffer. Luckily, he was shot and killed going for his gun at a chance traffic violation pullover. Thank God he didn’t get back into our miserable justice system. This wasn’t “slipping, through the cracks.” This was a pathetic disgrace! Especially in this DNA and computerized age! State offices, get together!

A friend and fellow watchdog informed me recently about an outrageous plan and an even more outrageous retaliatory comment made by Obama about our courageous military - especially all those hideously maimed by war. It happened last March 15th (a month before I started my newsletters) but it is so typical of the two-faced president I have come to know. At a meeting with the American Legion Commander, Obama, in an effort to save the Gov’t $540 million wanted injured soldiers to pay for their treatments with their own private insurance! Think about that! It was met with so much disgust and incredulous outrage that he quickly dropped the whole idea. But Obama can’t stand any questioning of his “brilliance” so he had to fire a parting shot that I will quote verbatim because it tells you clearly who this man REALLY is. Obama said, “Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they WHINE about bearing the costs of their choice? It doesn’t compute. I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their Country. I wasn’t asking for blood, just money. With the Country facing the worst financial crisis in its history, I’d have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to help the Nation’s deficit. I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans.” Is this as despicable a piece of verbal garbage to you - as it is to me? This miserable timid pipsqueak calls our battle-injured soldiers selfish, and questions their patriotism? This, from the mouth of their Commander in Chief and our stinking President! I’ll want to throw, up every time he addresses the military and gets any cheers or applause. HE expects maimed soldiers to help reduce the Nation’s deficit while he, Pelosi and Congress spend out of their minds on all kinds of personal extravagance, earmarks or pork-barrel projects while ignoring unbelievable rampant fraud and abuse of Billions everywhere. Obama has the insolence of a rude spoiled child, but unfortunately it’s coupled with position and power. He gives us glimpses and flashes of his temper and vindictiveness regularly. A little sneer, a knowing smile (like he knows who’ll get the last laugh and if you cross him, you’ll pay) bet on it. The Chicago thugs he appoints everywhere, plus heavy-handed ACORN and SEIU bullies, and especially union head, Andy Stern (24 visits to the White House) are always taking notes. As Andy exhorts loudly. “We took names. We know how they voted. We know where they live!” Yeah, now take away their secret ballot, card check. Another cute one of his is, “We’re gonna use the Power of Persuasion. and if it doesn’t work we’ll use the Persuasion of Power!” That’s what they used when they kicked, beat and hospitalized that black man, Gladney (on film) who was handing out little flags at that “tea party” 3 1/2 months ago. Amazingly, Obama’s SEIU thug friends haven’t even been charged for that filmed assault, and his Media buddies don’t care in the least. You would think the ACLU lawyers would want to defend a publicly beaten, small diabetic black man by 3 bullies twice his size. They even shouted racial epithets at him and spit on him. That makes it a hate crime and a felony - on film for all to see - no outrage! They would be there immediately to sue the Boy Scouts or some Christmas Carolers. But, back to the SEIU and Andy Stern who says, “Workers of the world unite (globally). It’s not just a slogan anymore.” This “slogan” was that of the Soviet Revolution - “Workers of the world unite!” Ominous? Stern says that America needs to share the wealth, rebalance the power - and the Unions and the Gov’t know best how to do it! Obama told The Plumber, “I think when you spread the wealth around - it’s good for everybody.” George Soros (evil billionaire and regular visitor to the White House says, “The system we now have is broken down, only we haven’t quite recognized it. And so you need to create a new one and this is the time to do it.” Add now, all the Marxist/Socialist Czars and advisors Obama has surrounded himself with and tell me that we don’t have “The Perfect Storm” for the hijacking or takeover of America, or as Obama says, “Fundamentally transforming America!” Obama proclaims (with an exuberance not often seen), “I’ve spent my entire adult life working with SEIU! I’m not a newcomer to this. I didn’t just suddenly discover SEIU. Before debating health care I talked to Andy Stern and SEIU members.” SEIU has 2.2 million members and gave over $60 Million to Obama’s campaign fund to rent a room at the White House. Obama vows, “to build more and more power for SEIU at an SEIU rally saying, “We’re going to paint the Nation purple. Let’s together change the Country!” That’s why they can hospitalize a man without fear of reprisal. What kind of president says and allows all this? Even Jesse Jackson said, “You can’t he a black man and vote against health care!” That’s Bullcrap! More racial B.S.!

Four Navy Seals (some of the bravest and finest fighting men we have) captured the terrorist, Ahmed Hashim Abed in Fallujah in 2004. Abed was the mastermind in the murder and mutilization of 4 Blackwater USA security guards. The guards were shot, then burned and dragged through the city to cheering crowds, on film, then hanged from a bridge for the world press to photograph. That animal, Abed said he was punched by his captors and had the bloody lip to prove it (so did I when I was a kid after school). Now, 3 of those Seals have to go on trial in New York City and on the world stage. Picture yourself in a war-time setting. Consider the bestiality you have seen or know about (like the 4 guards, or beheadings). You catch a bad one that maybe even "smarted off " and punch him. How can any comparison be made? And they deny the Seals a military trial. There must be a World Show to boost recruitment of more terrorists, and further worldwide ridicule of America, with this bunch. Do you think the translation of the trials back to Muslim countries will be at all accurate or favorable to the U.S.? Do you think they will be impressed with our sense of "fair play" or judicial system? They think we are weak and are fools - and we are - now. 95% of them deny that Hitler slaughtered 6 million Jews just because Iran's Ahmadinejad said it didn't happen! This, along with the N.Y. City trials of the Gitmo prisoners shame us - again. Thank you Obama, Pelosi and Attorney General Holder. You all stink! You don't care about America, or its image, whatsoever!

One American’s View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my website. Phil Faustman

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Issue 27


I talked to you recently about buying offices in Gov't, and its gross unfairness, for one candidate to be able to outspend the other by huge amounts, for ads or propaganda, or to smear the other just because of outlandish contributions from evil billionaires or entities. That is so unfair, and un-American. Speaking of evil billionaires, George Soros (it has been revealed) has visited the White House 4 times so far - that coziness is scary, but not surprising. And look at Bloomberg (worth over $17 Billion) in New York, who threw in $22 million of his own money to buy an office paying a paltry one or two hundred thousand as Governor - above the table, of course. His sense of civic duty is remarkable, but this system still must be abolished. And I've talked about corruption, lots of it (especially ACORN for Democrats) and most especially in very close races, like Senator Al Franken of Minnesota. Franken got tons of money from Hollywood Stars that couldn't find Minnesota on the map, and help from the ACORN crooked army and only "won" by 200 votes. NOW he helps Obama! Disgusting, and you know it's smelly and wrong. One by one we pay the consequences as they vote on National Health Care, or later on, Cap and Trade. The House just passed a sorry Healthcare Bill by just a few votes and sent it on to the Senate. Every vote for a candidate is important. A few candidates just barely get elected (unfair and crooked) then they just barely get terrible Bills passed! New Jersey, second only to Illinois in corrupt reputation and dirty politics, has a loosely run and overseen absentee ballot procedure. More and more people are supposedly voting this way, and I told you of all the pending lawsuits on ACORN shenanigans in voting fraud. They disclosed recently that over 3,000 (that were known) absentee voters signatures did not match their respective registered signatures, and many registered voters were told that they had already voted! Corruption supreme, but no (Democrat-supporting, Obama-loving) media outrage, just FOX News making it known. We protest the corrupt procedures in Afghanistan's election (and Iran's) but are we so different? We used to be - without question! People are rightly disgusted. Take the Republican woman in the news, running for U.S. Representative in the 23rd district in New York or Jersey. She was farther "left" than her Democrat opponent, so far left that ACORN supported both of them - that is really sad. So an angry frustrated accountant with no experience and no money (and at the last moment) decided to run as a Conservative Independent against BOTH of them. The Republican gal pulled out at the last minute (seeing his surge) but still got 5% of the vote, and our accountant just barely lost to the Democrat that Obama personally campaigned for (at taxpayer time and expense), and he had tons of money and a big head start, and ACORN conniving for him. What if it had been a fair and level playing field? But the Democrat was just barely able to buy his seat in Pelosi's Arena. He was quickly put to work voting FOR the Health Bill the House sent to the Senate (which barely had enough votes to pass). The Accountant would have voted AGAINST it! The other part of this political game of Obama's I now bring to light. Many of you may already know, the reason this special election was needed was because Obama appointed the sitting Republican U.S. Rep of the 23rd to a "higher" office. It was with media fan-fare, and called a show of Obama's willingness to reach out to Republicans and show bi-partisan leadership in that appointment! Obama likes a good show, especially a media show. It just so happens that he gets RID of a Republican opponent, replacing him with a Democrat supporter - just when Obama needs all that support in Congress. A crafty Obama, a bit of luck, and a stupid Local Republican Party screwed the peoples' wishes again! Also, that Republican gal apologized to that Local Party for withdrawing. The very next day she publicly announced her support for, and urged all those that would have voted for her to NOW vote for the Democrat opponent! Was this "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?" Or was she offered some juicy job or cash award, to help secure a Democrat success? Only Obama knows - and his media won't tell. Sorry, but I grow more cynical by the week - as I keep on waiting for "Right" to triumph over "Wrong."

Did you hear about this website for Obama's health care plan that had a means for you to tell what you liked best about it through various selections. There was no provision for dissenting views - kind of like 3rd world nations, where you can vote (or not) but there is only one candidate. It also asked for a lot of personal information and how to contact you. Not good! They've taken it down now, like other sites, as soon as publicly contested. But they keep trying!

And did you know that, in all this talk about the big bad insurance companies, Medicare turns down twice as many procedures as private insurance? And the privates operate on a 2.5% profit margin? That is low by most industry standards. The simplest answer to bring down insurance costs (after getting trial lawyers and lawsuits under control) is to allow ALL insurance companies to compete in ALL States - competition or capitalism! Don't wait. Do it NOW!

Insurance companies are like Reno Casinos figuring the odds. In Life insurance it's you betting on living - them betting on dying (smokers pay more)! Some will take on a little more risk to get you to play. But if you get silly in taking on too much risk you go out of business - and everybody loses. That is if all the Casinos or Insurance companies go "belly up." But that open competition brings prices down in a logical understandable way. On the other hand, if Gov't forces all Insurance companies to take on high-risk (clients) patients for the same dollar (mandating how much they can charge) against their will (and good business sense) you create a monster! The insurer will drive unwanted high-riskers away (to their competition), by deliberately providing lousy care. It gains them an edge on competors, or keeps them in business. The competitors will do the same (in reaction) of course, creating competition for lousy care and very unhappy clients. Why can't the D.C. "brains" see the obvious? Ironically, Obama is going to force those wage earners 18-24 yrs old to buy insurance or pay a stiff fine. Those are the young voters that turned out in record numbers to vote for "Obama Change"- change to Socialism and Gov't control! Did you know also that this Bill now before the Senate has provisions to throw you in jail if you DON'T buy health insurance? Welcome to the new America and "Obama Change."

Jeremiah Wright, Obama's preacher for 20 plus years, but with whom he had a falling out when his campaign was in jeopardy, has resurfaced and in the news again. Wright is an anti-America, racist and everyone but the Obama family knows it. We are to believe that none of that has rubbed off on our president. Now Wright openly embraces SOCIALISM in a prepared speech for the "Monthly Review", Sept 17th. I thought I should mention it since Obama and all his Marxist appointees seem hell-bent on making America a Socialist State. Wright has visited the White House 4 times, so I guess they kissed and made up. The Obamas have had no preacher since.

How about that $8,000 first-time Home Buyer's Credit to stimulate that aspect of our economy? It was just extended to next spring, it is working out so well. Over 500 people under the age of 18 have taken advantage of it so far - some are 4 and 5 year olds. Obviously they aren't buying homes. Is it possible to "rape" the system that easily? Of those a mite older, it seems 50 turned out to be I.R.S. agents - probably jealous of how well their Congress people made out on the "Cash for Clunkers" deal. People are getting quicker on "not missing out", maybe thinking these "offerings" may soon end. Those video interviews of people in long lines in Detroit, awaiting rumored new stimulus checks were certainly revealing. They chattered away on camera (FOX News only, of course) about how they loved Obama, but didn't know where the money came from ("maybe his stash, ha-ha") and how wonderful it was that he was taking care of them, and why they voted for him. Why are these perceptions of EASY money running free?

Oregon proudly reported that they spent one billion dollars of stimulus, creating or saving 4,000 jobs. Closer scrutiny disclosed that 3,000 of those were Gov't jobs and 1,000 were retaining teachers. Not one private job was "stimulated" or created. Gov't jobs are temporary and gone when the money runs out! One Billion divided by 4,000 = $250,000 per (whatever you call it). You can GIVE 4,000 people $30,000 a year for 8 years for LESS than a billion - IDIOTS - or 16,000 people $30,000 for 2 years to spend in the economy right now!

Obama insulted another of our European Allies, the German Chancellor. She invited him to the Anniversary celebration of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall - a truly momentous occasion, special to Germans, Berliners, and American presidents, thanks to President Reagan. He actually turned her down - saying he was too busy. Busy campaigning with fund-raising dinners coast to coast, off to Copenhagen for Chicago Olympics, golfing and basketball. He is a constant embarrassment to us all, as he is now off to Asia. Tens of thousands more Iranians demonstrate in the streets, being beaten, killed and imprisoned, ignored by our administration and media. Obama says he doesn't want to "interfere with Iran's internal affairs." That would include their Atomic weaponry too, I would surmise. What if Major Hasan had nuclear capability? Would he have used it on his fellow Americans in a suitcase bomb? Wait until Iran gets it and delivers it across our porous Mexican border to those we allow to teach/preach hate in schools/Mosques!

Major Hasan is a homegrown terrorist like I told you we were growing and would soon emerge. In lieu of explosives strapped to his body he used rapid-fire handguns to commit his suicide, while murdering all he could. Unfortunately, the S.O.B. didn't die and will now cost us tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in his healthcare, treatments, defense attorneys, trial/appeal, incarceration and lawsuits from victims, plus funded studies to determine if HE was a victim of society or WHY he did what he did, and was he sane? He did it because he is a damned Muslim Terrorist! And there are lots more here being taught in their Mosques and schools that we will hear from. 85% of the media coverage does not even call it "terrorism" or him a "terrorist" or even mention the fact that he is Muslim. That is how asininely far we carry this political correctness crap. He guns down 40, murders 13 and still we don't want to offend any Muslims. It's another poppycock "man-made" disaster! When Obama was supposed to say some solemn words about Hasan's victims and families he used the podium first for a wave and shout-out to some, and did an oratory on the plight of the American Indians - okay, but not now! He can't do the simplest appropriate things right. Everything is a photo-op and opportunity to advance an agenda. But some quotables and notables about Major Hasan: The Gov't knew for some time that he had contacted a radical Imam and frequently spoke out about many queer and suspicious things. He was on an F.B.I, "watch list" but was able to purchase an automatic pistol legally and openly last August, while little old ladies have to take off their shoes to board a plane. Why? How safe do you feel with that loose of a system? Hasan had business cards with "SoA" on them - code for "Soldier of Allah." He said he was, Muslim first - American second. He spoke of "beheadings, and pouring hot oil down their throats." He said, "We love death more than you love life!" Sounds like your everyday damned Muslim Jihad terrorist to me - not a U.S. Army Major that was given a college degree in psychiatry! He was definitely not American!

Now the farce and circus of a U.S. trial for 5 of the Gitmo terrorists gets started in New York. The mastermind of the 9-11 attacks who laughed and mocked the murdered victims and their sobbing families can now mock our judicial system at our expense, using our lawyers to find some twisted way or technicality to set them free. Our slick lawyers will say all evidence or testimony after "torture water-boarding" is inadmissible. Our military intelligence techniques will now be exposed to our enemies for future use, and IF convicted they will be imprisoned in the U.S. to teach Jihad to bitter prisoners already with an attitude for the "system," before their release and brandishing their new Muslim names.

ACORN is a nefarious bully, rich and corrupt with its specialty in organizing, bussing and rallying Democrat voters for ulterior purposes. You saw their eagerness to illegally bilk and milk the system that heavily funds them videotaped by the 2 twenty year old investigative reporters posing as pimp and prostitute. The Attorney General of California was caught on audio tape assuring ACORN officials that there would be "No Problem" for their concerns on an upcoming investigation by him. Everything will turn out fine. Does that sound clean and honest, or outrageous as hell? Oh yes, the Atty Gen plans to run for Governor to replace Arnie. Do you think a "grateful" (for shoveling the dirt under the carpet) ACORN might be helpful in his campaign?! Makes me want to bathe - after I vomit. Will he prosecute the courageous duo?

The House of Representatives just sent that Healthcare Bill (barely passed - needing 60 votes) to the Senate. It only passed because it excluded Gov't funded abortions and contained NO public option provisions. That is the only way even Bluedog Democrats would vote for it. Pelosi knows that is the only possible way also that it will be accepted by the senate and returned. That devious and lying Pelosi also knows (but few U.S. citizens do) that the House can still alter the Bill afterwards (putting that Gov't Option and abortion back in, and this time needing only 50 votes for final approval - quite a little quirk in our system. There aren't enough conservative Bluedog Democrats to stop it this second time. Will she do it and commit political suicide? I believe it - the same as I believe Obama will settle for his one term if he can destroy America's economy and turn it Socialist - he would rather become a Martyr for a cause he seriously believes in and go down in World history! Anyway, that's the way I feel from what I've see!

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my website. Phil Faustman

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Issue 26


About 30 years ago (as I matured) I became disturbed at a pattern in the election process. It seemed I was always voting for the lesser of two evils - not FOR someone but AGAINST the other poorer choice. That’s not right, when it is seemingly every time. When Obama ran for president my first reaction was “great” because I intended to vote republican anyway. But I was truly happy to see how far this Country had progressed from the disgraceful days I saw in the late `50s and `60s of racial discrimination in America. I was proud of how well he was received - until I looked deeper and saw his poisonous past. I was tired and weary of eight years of Bush and his wild (democratic-like) spending. And with eight years of Clinton before him I didn’t want Hillary and her “progressive views” in there for another eight. McCain was bland and I really didn’t like his views on illegal aliens and the border and buying into Global Warming to the degree that he was reluctant to drill here, drill now and get us off that damned dependence on Arab and Mid-East oil! Then along came an electric Sarah Palin - anxious to drill, and I saw immediate vitality and energy, and a genuinely proud American candidate - not seen (by me) since John F. Kennedy! I saw a real person unsoiled by dirty politics and tactics, with passion and a vision for a resurgence of America. I didn’t give a damn if she didn’t have experience. The experience Obama, Hillary and even McCain had were negatives to my thinking. I’ve grown to despise that kind of experience - how to play the “game” in politics and Washington. Ronald Reagan didn’t know “squat” about being president, but HE KNEW that. He surrounded himself with a cabinet of very wise and experienced people to advise him, and he was wise enough to follow their advice - hence, he BECAME an excellent president, and (like Palin) no one questioned his passion for America! Today, you BUY your way into office with enormous sums of money from evil billionaires and Hollywood and corporate lobbyists - money used to publicly smear and disgrace your opponent. There is no real debating of issues anymore. You align yourself with masters of deceit and clever liars to teach you. They are “hired guns,” professional diggers of dirt and slinging mud. It can be selected individuals or (if you’re democrat) an ACORN-SEIU army of bullies, corruption and crooks that will deliberately cheat and even break laws to get their candidate IN! Once you’re in, all those scummy people will have their hands out, to be rewarded for a job well done. To actually vote FOR someone vibrant, alive, with passion for our Constitution and love of Country, my God, wouldn’t that be something? If someone stood up and said, “We can’t spend what we don’t have. America will be dependent upon no one, if I am elected!” Wouldn’t that be special? Do you think it will happen in our lifetime?

When Medicare was first conceived they said it would cost $9 Billion - it became more than 10 times that. They said Medicaid would cost $1 Billion - look at it now, and our bloated Social Security! All Gov’t run and near bankrupt! NOW they want control of THE REST of health care. Why? They say to cover the 47 million uninsured -their plight is terrible. For a little over a Trillion dollars (1.2 Trillion) we can get it done. This they said a couple of months ago. Part of their financing plan is to force the younger taxpayers, who are well and feeling indestructible, to buy insurance or pay a $1,000 fine (tax). They now admit that about 20million “unfortunates” will STILL not be covered after this horrendous expense, so it’ll only get about HALF done. What about the half NOT done? They aren't even talking now about them! Doctors are vociferously against having the Gov’t getting between them and their patients AND taking a big cut in pay through dictated pricing, while still nothing’s being done to curtail their huge expense for trial lawyers, or malpractice insurance. Taxpayers are screaming about the enormous total expense. Seniors are hollering about the rationing of care about to come their way through proposed cuts of $500 Billion in Medicare financing. Now comes the “figures don’t lie, but liars figure” part. Seniors will get $250 checks in the mail to help placate them. Pelosi has “cut” the projected expense down to only $900 Billion. Remember, Gov’t projections of cost are about 10% of reality. But how did Pelosi whittle it down to under a Trillion? She (or they) created another Bill considered to be “the doctor fix.” That Bill pulls $247 Billion OUT of the original Bill. Over a trillion is too offensive, under a trillion sounds better but changes nothing in their shell game! Her shuffle of funds sounds like a cut only if you have mush for brains, which she thinks we have. It is just a separate pile of money to show and assure Doctors they won’t have to take a cut in pay - at least to start. Their cuts in pay will come later when the cash pile (or bait pile) runs out, but Pelosi’s Bill will already be in place - for Gov’t control. No one has pointed out that many hospitals that will take a dictated hit on what they can charge will also go bankrupt. They barely get by now. Doctors will get out when that “pile” is gone and no new ones will study to get in, but hospitals are stuck. Anyway it’s just Pelosi playing with numbers - “skinning the cat another way,” to get that Gov’t foot in the door, like her wanting to change the term of Gov’t option or Public Option to “Consumer Option” - people don’t like those other terms. She thinks we are simpleminded. Terms, “Opt-out” and “Trigger” you'll also hear. ALL = foot in door!

Lord Christopher Monckton is a climate change expert, and has great objection with many “facts” and figures of Al Gore’s global con job and huge personal money-maker. Monckton says he has read the Global Warming Treaty that Obama is going to Copenhagen Denmark to eagerly sign in December. It is 200 pages centered around “Climate Debt.” The United States and other western developed countries are considered "responsible" (not India’s or China’s smokestacks) for global warming, even though we’ve documented that the planet has been cooling for the last 8 years straight. But the Treaty’s first purpose is to create a New World Government - a Communist Gov’t. (We seem to have a few czars or advisors warm to Marxism and Communism don’t we?) The second purpose is a transfer of wealth from western countries to poor third-world nations (that transfer or redistribution sounds familiar too, doesn’t it)? Monckton said nowhere in those 200 pages were the terms: election, democracy, vote or ballot. All the 3rd world countries will sign the treaty because they think they will get a bunch of money in reparations. The western left-wing regimes will rubber-stamp it. Russia and China will sign it just to laugh and watch us squirm. The third purpose of the Treaty is enforcement. The U.S.A. will be the biggest payer and will not be allowed out, once signed in. Obama will sign. He was just awarded a ridiculous Nobel Peace Prize out of Copenhagen. Now you know why, and doesn’t it all tie in neatly? He will sign away our sovereignty with a big smile, our freedom, democracy, and prosperity - forever - in the blink of an eye! IF anyone over here is inclined to stop him, there probably isn’t even time. You don’t hear much about this in the news, do you? And I know it sounds too ridiculous to be true!

There are between 8 and 9 million people in New York State. Only 44,000 people pay HALF the taxes generated! 1.1 million of the richest people have left the state.. What do these things tell you? And how long before those 44,000 are gone? Then what?

Who was that gal on the news (supposedly knowledgeable) and speaking for the Gov’t that said, “The stimulus package has done all it can do?” 24% is all that has been spent. Just thought that simple statement was newsworthy, like Speaker Pelosi’s, “It’s not a tax increase. It’s elimination of a tax decrease.” ???

Alan Grayson (Florida Democrat) said the Republicans’ health care program is, “Get Sick and Die!” He also said Bernanke’s Aide was, “a K-street whore” and FOX News was, “The Enemy.” After these recent quips, Obama said Grayson was a “great” representative.

In some schools in the Northeast they are serving “Meatless Monday” meals to “teach” responsible eating to preserve the planet. The raising of beef causes greenhouse gasses, they say. I say they are indoctrinating our kids. I hunt and eat deer. They are nearly fat-free and don’t contain herbicides or pesticides. They are ruminants, too. Do we eliminate all wild animals along with the cows? Will Obama’s nutty czars declare a National Emergency and make us all vegetarians? He has people in place that have said some crazy things. I now take him seriously! Even the crackpots.

The famous New York Times newspaper has been “in the tank” for Obama (starting with his campaign) almost as shamefully as MSNBC. The Times has even covered up unfavorable revelations to get him elected. The Times is nearly bankrupt. Tom Freidman, one of their most notable reporters GOLFS with Obama. Trust me, Obama WILL bail them out - and they will be ever grateful - and useful perhaps, don’t you think?

ACORN is vile and corrupt. ACORN will do anything to get Democrats elected. Obama, the Senate and the House are all Democrat controlled. Notice the silence in D.C. now, on de-funding ACORN? It ain’t gonna happen, folks. It’s just, “ease off `till this blows over,” and then it’s, “corrupt business as usual” - shovel money to them to continue heavyhanded, crooked support. 40% of ACORN’s funds come from Gov’t to support just Democrats!

$638,000 per year Stimulus funds keep a National Park maintained that is not even accessible by road. $700,000 was spent to put beepers on busses when they make a turn. Waste plus noise pollution. Millions are spent to buy up all the empty seats on planes that only have 1 or 2 passengers daily (sometimes none). All over, City and State and Union employees (already working) are getting RAISES with Stimulus funds. For some, times aren’t so bad! News just out says “Cash for Clunkers” actually cost taxpayers $24,000 per car sold! We were told buyers would get $4,000 as incentive to buy. Many of the (rich?) Congressmen that passed the Bill bought cars using that “free Gov’t cash!” Does any of this make sense? Gov’t run anything will be raped and pillaged! Just some tidbits for thought.

I started writing my weekly newsletters 6 months ago. I saw something very wrong in this Obama administration that moved me to do all I could to warn people of the danger. The more I looked, the more I found and it became even more sinister than I could have imagined. So I dedicated myself to 4 or more days a week to thoroughly research for accuracy and write my paper, do my patriotic bit in my own small way for my Country and its people. You can’t do something like this without getting emotionally involved, and in time it takes its toll. You can go quite a while on adrenaline and passion for your cause. The passion will never run out but the adrenaline is running low, folks. I love to fish and hunt and have reached that stage in life where I can (if I want) do it 7 days a week. I saw the summer go by with practically NO fishing getting done. Well, as much as I like fishing, I am a real hunting nut, especially deer hunting in the fall. I MUST go hunting and tune in to my other passion. I will begin now to write my newsletter twice monthly (the 1st and 15th) instead of weekly. That will also help me contain the personal expense of it. I had hopes that my web site would be “discovered” by someone “out there” nationally. My web site is better quality and has more information than my paper letter. When you have a Wednesday deadline and a typist and “hurry up” proofreading toward the end, “stuff’ happens, or must be left out. I invite you all to visit my site, which also has related links for your perusal. Those without computers can use the Library’s. They also have my printed newsletters beside the fireplace. The Frederic Library also has my letters.

I reasoned that if a few hundred people in a town of a few thousand really found my viewpoints interesting why wouldn’t hundreds of thousands of similarly sized towns across America read my paper? The same amount of time and energy goes into the project whether 300 or 300,000 or 30 million pairs of eyes see it. They just don’t know that I, or my “letter” exists. So, the Internet is great for “potential” and what “could be,” but exasperating when after 6 months, STILL virtually no one knows you’re alive. I don’t know what it takes to be discovered on the Net, and I don’t know anyone else that does either. I write. I am told people like my writing. Some thank me for taking the effort and believe as I do - we are afraid for our America. If “One American’s View” was growing across the nation (even a little) I would happily put it out weekly (even forsake my hunting). Lord knows what is going wrong in this world and needs to be addressed, can easily fill a paper every week. But, for now I’ll have to try to cram in the highlights twice monthly. Maybe some day FOX News or some individual with clout will “zap” out to the populace (e-mail, twitter, I don’t even know what most of this stuff is), “Hey, you ought to check out Phil’s Site.” I know in my mind that is all it would take. When I someday see a hundred thousand hits I know, from there, word of mouth will take it the rest of the way, and it will hit my “refresh” key! If I was reaching lots of people I could and would, go non-stop. Thanks for your following, folks and your patience in my lengthy explanation.

One American’s View, Thanks for listening, and please tell others about my website.
Phil Faustman

Friday, October 23, 2009

Issue 25


Government control or power comes in many forms. It is not always insidious and dark. Sometimes it is just stupid and ineffectual. Take the “no-tolerance” of knives and other weapons on many school properties. Any law that is enforced without common sense, compassion and some understanding, yet has possible criminal interpretations, and can besmirch a perfectly good person’s reputation or a good citizen’s “record” is stupid, AND injurious. Did you see the 6 year-old excited new Cub Scout on TV? He took a camp-out eating utensil to school to eat lunch with - a knife, fork and spoon “all in one” contraption. He was kicked out of school and became national news, where everyone saw what a non-violent sweet little boy he was. How was that not snuffed out right there at the school as too ridiculous to enforce? Then there was the 17 year-old Eagle Scout, the highest achievement that a scout can attain, in a wonderful organization, expelled for one week. The Boy (and Girl) Scouts exemplify goodness and the finest qualities in our young people - sorely needed and in scarce supply today. It takes a lot of dedication to become an Eagle Scout and this young man wanted also, to go to West Point Military Academy. Concerned about hurting his chances, he appealed and got 2 more weeks of punishment added on! His crime? Having a 2-inch knife locked up in the trunk of his car! Not even a 2 inch blade, it had a blade of less than 1 inch in length with a little handle, again, a scout utensil about as threatening as a nail file. This is obviously a decent young man, with morons judging him, in a system too stupid for words. It is “one size fits all” justice and shows the potential abuse in the wrong hands, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely!”

Now, consider the “fat tax” they are enacting. Diabetes is a bad disease and getting more prevalent. It is directly related to obesity, which is related to fats and sugars. Here comes the Gov’t to the rescue. Tax “Big Macs” and soda pop! Tax people into thinness - brilliant. Taxing alcohol and tobacco sure worked wonders in eradicating those scourges, didn’t it? Of course, if what the Government is really trying to do is get their hands on lots of available money (ripe for the picking) under the guise of “helping” and wiping out obesity, then it is “mission accomplished.” That is our Gov’t and a politician’s nature, certainly with easy money involved. What they SAY they are doing, and WHAT they are doing are two different things, especially in Obama World. I see it as a TAX (like “sky-rocketing” utilities) on the poorer half that Obama swears he’s for. Rich people on an evening out are served, (in restaurants) well-marbled steaks, butter-sauteed mushrooms and fine liquor or wine (made with heavy sugars) to get their fat and sugar fix. Less moneyed people eating-out, are more in line with their budget eating burgers, fries and soft drinks. Who does a “fat tax” hurt the most? Both income levels are obese.

Our Defense budget was hit for $6.8 Billion by Senators for earmarks and pet projects. The Pentagon’s Operations & Maintenance is largely for training and supplying troops fighting in the field. THEY will do with less, even cut back on training in time of war, because Senators want to maintain their image to back-home voters. They insist on building things the military does NOT want OR need, plus build an Institute to pay tribute to the late Sen. Edward Kennedy from those funds - like a $1.7 Billion Destroyer the Navy doesn’t want and 10 Boeing C-17 cargo planes, at $2.5 Billion the military says it doesn’t need! Kind of reeks of lobbyists again, doesn’t it? Or someone is going to work for Boeing after their “Civic Duty” to their Country is complet. All while Air Force and Navy combat pilots training to deploy, are getting about half the flying hours they need, due to budget constraints! Horrible, even IF we had the money!

Obama blasted Bush about failing the people of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and rightly so. FEMA did a miserable job and there are thousands of empty mobile homes that just went to rot, plus much other waste testified to the Fed’s failure. But it was a terrible failure of Louisiana’s Governor and New Orleans’ Mayor too, and it was THEIR people. But Obama made much political hay on his campaign trail blaming Bush. When Obama was recently asked why, 4 years later the City still did not have a full service hospital he said, "I wish I could just write you a check.” When asked, `Why not?’ He said, “Well there’s this thing” called the Constitution and Congress.” HE is never responsible or at fault, you must know that by now. He openly disregards our Constitution and has a democrat Congress in his pocket, and THEY love to spend money wherever they can take a bow or gain a vote. Obama writes checks to everyone, if only for paybacks or bribes for his programs. Obama, just pretend you need their votes, or it’s Goldman Sachs or J.P. Morgan. Anyway, it was just a quick stopover for a few hours on his $34,000 per couple dinner engagement in San Francisco, people he really relates to, in a limelight he relishes - fellow entertainers in a pep-rally atmosphere where he can whip them into a frenzy.

Pelosi said this Congress would be the hardest working Congress ever, honest and transparent, since she became “Speaker" and both House and Senate now held a democrat majority. I have pointed out “tons” of graft, earmarks and self-indulgent extravagance the House votes in for themselves and “Her Highness.” She said they would work 4-5 days, 6 if necessary per week to get all the things done that were so necessary, and here-to-for, neglected. Congress flies in to D.C. on Mondays (part-day worked) votes on Tuesdays and flies back to their respective homes by Wednesday night. That is 2-1/2 days a week! Thursdays and Fridays, D.C. must resemble a ghost town. The only voting done on a Friday this year is when they voted in their raises.

I know times are hard for many, but take heart in knowing that Goldman Sachs, that huge investment bank we gave Billions in aid to and helped get through harrowing times just a year ago, is snapping back in fine fashion. They just earned $3.19 Billion in this 3rd quarter - a new record in their 140-year history. Now they have to figure out how to “divvy up” the $5.35 Billion earmarked for their annual bonus pool. I’ll bet they have great Christmas Parties and New Year’s celebrations at Goldman. Be sure to drink a toast to their success in these hard times, wherever you are these holidays. J.P. Morgan Chase (another investment bank we bailed out) reported even more, $3.6 Billion in their 3rd quarter. I have already told you about the rampant corruption and collusion throughout our Gov’t with Goldman, and high positions everywhere in Gov’t, held by ex-CEO’s of Goldman Sachs. It has gone on since Clinton’s reign. It is so scandalous and “inside” dirty it is hard to believe, but it is real! And the scandalous Gov’t dealings with AIG, Bank of America, our FDIC and Merrill Lynch I told you about in previous issues. It is still there and it is still happening, as I chase down other Gov’t scandals and sleazy relationships (like czars and advisors), but it’s news again - like they’re rubbing our noses in it.

We taxpayers bailed out AIG, the huge worldwide insurance conglomerate with 173 Billion dollars in just the last 6 months. That is serious money! They are now awarding their big shots with millions in bonuses. The bonuses are needed AIG says, to retain the brainy ones that lead them into near bankruptcy. I found that a laughable statement when it was revealed that bonuses trickled down to even stock clerks and cook’s assistants, getting about $7,500 each. I don’t know what they get paid, and I don’t begrudge them their agreed upon paycheck, but $7,500 bonuses? When was the last time you got that large a bonus, and from a bankrupt company - but for the grace of U. S. taxpayers? AIG is pretty loose, spending OUR money. They say if they don’t, those cooks, clerks and CEOs will skip out and work for someone else. Darn! Can’t let that happen.

The Gov’t has limits on how much “pain and suffering” you can be compensated for in Workman’s Compensation for an on-the-job injury - no juries- no outlandish payments to be made by the Gov’t. If you are injured by a hospital or doctor earnestly trying to HELP your “pain and suffering” you can make their lives a living hell, and become a millionaire, with the help of already wealthy trial lawyers that pay Congress to look the other way. Everyone knows that trial lawyers are raping the system and driving the cost of medical care unnecessarily higher, way higher. Everyone knows, and yet Congress totally ignores this as they exhort to us how WE MUST control medical costs! These twofaced lying crooks (taking in trial lawyers’ money) have more lawyers write up a health care Bill of over 1,300 pages that (deliberately) only other lawyers can read and understand. And IN that complex Bill there is deliberately again, NOT ONE WORD about tort reform (limiting malpractice awards). In the few States that have realistic malpractice limits, which means doctors don’t have to pay exorbitant insurance premiums, and pass that cost on to patients, the medical care costs drop 40% immediately - to everybody. Why is this evidence NOT big news? It screams that IT is the biggest single asinine expense (and quickest easiest fix) - and there for ALL to see. It PROVES that capping or limiting malpractice amounts works, and hurts no one but trial lawyers, who take a mere cut in pay. But still with this so obvious we all pay (tens of millions of us) excessive medical costs because a few hundred slimy crooked politicians get a few lousy bucks from trial lawyers. For that, Pelosi, Reid and Obama say we can all go to hell, and they will happily pave the road for our departure. Don’t forget that they in Congress pay just $42 a month ($500 per year) for THEIR health care! They have the finest physicians and clinics taking care of their every whim, around the clock, as they dictate to us, what WE will have and settle for! They will throw everything we now have and understand at least, into the garbage can and start us all over, in their grand experiment. No one knows or can even calculate how much it will cost, but it STARTS at an acknowledged (so far) 3 Trillion dollars! This is lunacy, catastrophic blundering, and will drive us into certain National Bankruptcy. We cannot change our minds once this is set into motion folks, and the Bill is passed. You DO know that, don’t you? There is no “do over.” It cannot be corrected or reversed even if we throw all the bums out in the next elections - and we will. But it will be too late, and we will be well down that road to Socialism. It is also weird and ironic that as this administration is in hot pursuit of socialized medical care, they are trying to change from their proven failed socialized systems in a number of European countries to privatization (or what we have now). What in hell is going on in America? Yeah, Obama, (and the 14 or so czars and advisors you picked that are against our having guns), come take MY guns! That just might take you the better part of the afternoon! You crooks are making a laughingstock of our legislative process and our Constitution, but beware of all those true grass roots people that (as you say) “cling to their Guns and Bibles.” I know that’s funny to you, your Hollywood friends and all those anti-America organizations that moved into the White House with you. But, you have our attention now, and we don’t find you, and yours, and what you’re doing, one damned bit amusing. And I despise all the “alphabet” media doing your bidding like lap dogs, and covering up all the dirty things you’re doing to us - America. You USE them ironically, as you line up your troops to rid yourself of any and all criticism from FOX News, talk radio and that pesky internet, all while you would ravage OUR right to free speech, and whom we choose to listen to.

We are about to experience perhaps the most dastardly threat to this Nation EVER in its history. I know I seem to hit you with this kind of talk on a regular basis with this administration, but I don’t know what else I can do, except keep you informed to the best of my abilities. Obama is about to surrender our Country to the dictates of the rest of the world, the sleazy dictators of 3rd world countries, the less than useless (dangerous) United Nations, and every other country that has had it in for us all these years. It will come under the guise of cleaning up all the worldwide pollution at America’s expense. It is considered JUST and necessary, because Obama and a great many Countries (that will heap great financial rewards in retribution) are in agreement that WE caused it all. Obama is begging the world’s forgiveness, and will throw our Nation onto the mercy of the world court (scummy United Nations) pledging all the money we have and all we can borrow, to try to undo all the contamination to the environment America has caused. I will try to explain more fully next week how unbelievably devastating this will be to each and every one of us. Obama will soon return to Copenhagen - this time to drive the final nail in our economy’s coffin, and destroy America as we know it. That has been his intention from the start.

One American’s View, thanks for listening. Please tell others about my website, Phil Faustman

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Issue #24


What can you say about the absurdity of Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? What a farce! Can any prize they hand out ever be taken seriously again? The Committee members have made absolute fools of themselves. Obama has done NOTHING at all. Nothing! I wish they would disclose all those passed over, to give it to a do-nothing, so THEY could voice their displeasure. He was nominated in only two weeks of his presidency, and was barely a U.S. Senator, and won out over 170 others! What a “prize” to cherish. A 1.4 Million dollar prize based on “potential.” Geez. Just what his ego needed to get him all puffed up again on that World Stage. And just what WE needed, to soften up even more, a wimpy indecisive U.S. President in the eyes of our enemies. He loves adoration and will now try all the harder to live up to being the WORLD’S leader and “Savior.” America’s image and its people will suffer all the more, and the snickering will build to laughter amongst those that know, and want to see America taken down. Obama will revel in self-adulation and play into their hands. Iran, Russia and China will stroke his ego while they maneuver into positions of global power, taking advantage of his ignorance and naivety - and huge ego.

Last week I read about more fraud and abuse of Food Stamps (this time) in Detroit. It was Jefferson’s Liquor Palace in this particular scenario. They ripped us off for over $130,000 to buy booze, porn and Viagra - the staples of life, and our tax dollars at work. It is just one infraction of countless examples of runaway abuse nationwide. I find it deeply disturbing that there is so much obvious fraud in our giveaway programs and so little policing. If nothing else, the policing necessary, would create lots of jobs, but no one in Congress cares. Why is that? We can disagree on whether or not we should even be helping, when we see generation after generation on the same programs, but NO ONE should tolerate ABUSE of those programs. There is no excuse whatever in not strictly overseeing those funds now being squandered - and jailing abusers. You’re paying for their existence either way. And that is why I have said those jailed or on welfare can pick the fruit, or do whatever jobs illegal immigrants are being paid to do. We are already paying them. Pay them more if necessary. And why is there no taxpayer money spent in studies of why families on welfare raise their kids to be welfare recipients? Why do we give them enough to get by, with no work or service required whatsoever. There is no reason once they get past the pride issue to get a job. No pride - no problem. When I was a child there were none of these programs, I am happy to say. Everyone had a job or lived a very meager lifestyle, or freeloaded off relatives and were then pressured and treated with scorn. What was wrong with that? So wrong that we (who exactly?) decided that we (taxpayers) would support strangers (not family obligations) to the point that (if they have no pride) they can have unlimited children and never work a day in their lives, if THEY so choose?! WE (that work and have pride) are growing smaller in numbers (with less incentive to do right) and those freeloading are growing larger in numbers. Trust me, it will correct itself in time, when there is no more money, or people willing to be so used - that silent majority getting “uppity” again. But what an idiotic stance we are supporting, apparently to the end - to bankruptcy! As children, we in my time, walked past the “Poor Farm or Poor House” with trepidation, not knowing what it was like on the inside, but knowing full well it was not a place we ever wanted to be. Family took in family in those days so that it could never be said that “one of ours” had to be taken care of by the government. Pity us today for losing touch with true humanity and family. WE (today) are the losers. I hope what we had then, is not lost forever. Families that took in family back then saw to it that those taken in, pulled their own weight while there and it was made clear, it was only until they could get a job or get back on their feet. OR they silently took in their shame and kept it IN the family. The rest of the family had pride, even if one didn’t. But the freeloading stopped right there, it didn’t expand and expand like our useless and degrading system of today. We do those on welfare today no favors. We rob them of dignity, pride and self-respect, and at great expense to ourselves. There is NO GOOD in this endeavor, for either side. Powerful words by great men speaking truth stand the test of time. People, and basic responses (human nature) do not really change much. Ben Franklin, nearly 300 years ago observed, “I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I traveled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves and became richer." I’ve used this quote before but it is as true today as it was then. Who among us knows better?

Have you heard about the ASPIRE Act (America Saving for Personal Investment, Retirement and Education)? It would give $500 in a savings account to each child born in America. That savings and what it accrues to through high school presumably, can go toward further education, a first home, or retirement. It is one more Bill planned for by year’s end, to give you a heads up. It is another one of those “feel good” projects - like minimum wage increases that seem so right - at first glance, and tend to get politicians re-elected. Upon closer evaluation you will most always find flaws in the thinking - or true motives of devious minds. Proponents say having assets (even $500) has the potential to change the way people think and plan their lives. Recipients will feel more confident about their future and that they have more control over their lives. They may even get into civic (ACORN?) involvement. Wow! We could do all that with a paltry $500? What’s not to like? Well, isn’t it just another handout (something for nothing but being born?) based on a theorized “return on taxpayer investment” because each individual will become a more productive citizen? This is theory. It MIGHT happen (if you buy into this hooey at all). Facts are real, and REALLY happen. How does a broke, bankrupt system (congress) continually entertain foolish spending, printing or borrowing money we DON’T have, for NEW hair-brained programs we don’t NEED!? Never, to my mind, but certainly NOT when you’re in the financial hole! If you or I acted so fiscally berserk they would cart us off to jail for writing bad checks. ASPIRE would start out costing $3.25 Billion the first year. Those that would benefit most (I would guess) are those that would have the most babies. Now, whom might that be? Just thought I would comment on how our Congress JUST DOESN’T GET IT! We are BROKE! We can’t sustain or SURVIVE “Business as usual!” But onward the ignorant asses go (democrat donkeys) of course. The republicans say, “they’ve seen the error of their spending ways.”

If the President of the United States invited you to the White House, would you go? Think of the novelty of it. Even if you didn’t like his policies the attraction would be great. Just to be there and see things few have seen. So when 150 invited Doctors show up in white coats for a photo-op it shouldn’t be a surprise. White coats were supplied if you couldn’t follow simple instructions. Of course those invited, donated to and voted for Obama. That part isn’t news coverage though. Just like the hundreds of Doctors that marched on Washington (just before) to PROTEST Obama’s healthcare uninvited, on their own initiative, time and expense. Still Obama said Doctors supported his plan, citing the American Medical Association’s approval. But only one Doctor in five is even in the AMA. He used the same namedropping ploy in saying that the AARP was behind his plan, when seniors all across America are vehemently opposed to it. Seniors are the biggest group certain to vote in the country, which will bite him the next chance they get, but that may be too late. AARP’s membership took a serious blow at the mere suggestion. But these are the ways of Obama. He vilifies Doctors saying they amputate feet to make money, then asks for their support - whatever it takes in Obama-world. I said Doctors polled around the country revealed that 90% are against Obama’s healthcare plan and 45% will retire or quit if government option or single payer gets in. Those are facts, and would affect ALL of our health care immediately and extremely! Now, back to those turncoat whitecoats. Every profession has its extremists or renegades. Doctoring is no exception. On a nationwide scale, finding 150 is no real problem (out of a million) especially if THEY belong to a special club like “Doctors For America” (DFA) unveiled just this past spring. It’s almost like they were psychic and knew they might be useful later in the year. DFA branched off “Organizing For America” (Obama’s campaign group). DFA’s vice-president, Dr. Alice Chen is a staunch supporter of Obama and his OFA. It is tangled (what isn’t with Obama and ACORN?) but Doctors For America produced the whitecoats for the hungry news reporters and flashing bulbs on the White House lawn. You should know that the DFA is sponsored by the leftist “Center for American Progress” which is underwritten by far-left, underhanded and dirty-dealing billionaire, George Soros. And a good many of the “Doctors” on display are tied closely with SEIU, the Union, IN the White House and talking with Obama every week. See how it all ties together when you lift the covers and let in a little light? Everything Obama does, says, or doesn’t do or say, has a deliberate purpose. He is “calibrating,” always. But Obama always seems to untangle BACK to ACORN and sinister people in The Tides Foundation (George Soros) or SEIU, APOLLO, AmeriCorp, etc. etc.

Joe Biden, our Vice-President said the Stimulus program has worked out, “beyond his wildest dreams!” What in hell was he dreaming? Or smoking? When they rushed us in panic and ran off with about $800 Billion, they were supposed to stimulate the economy and create jobs. Bridge and road construction and repairs were “shovel ready” and waiting for the funds. There hasn’t been “Jack” in jobs created throughout all the 50 States. Those few realized were made to pay union scale wages, which amounted to about half of the out-of-work families actually benefiting that could have. But Obama’s Unions made out well. The heaviest spending and most visible benefits from that largesse will take place just before the next presidential election, for Obama’s benefit. Don’t you feel just a little bit used and abused? They are holding on to that unused money, even as they suggest the possible need for another Stimulus package! Their scorn for our intelligence knows no bounds, as they treat us like idiots.

I’ve written quite a bit about indoctrination of our kids in school. We send them there to learn basic necessary skills. Everyone is pretty much in agreement that reading, writing and spelling well is important. Simple math (add, subtract, multiply and divide - fractions and decimals) plus maybe some business type applications are necessary to everyone. Some basic physical science is useful, and everyone should have at least a rudimentary knowledge of history (American and world) and some Geography. NO ONE should be released from school, regardless of age, except in the most extreme of cases, without these basic abilities. I don’t think it’s fair to them or society, for them to be so handicapped starting out. Algebra, geometry, physics and chemistry are great, and rather necessary if you’re going on to college, but not practical for everyone if you don’t have the basics nailed down. The majority does NOT go on to college, or even a trade school. That is fact, so teach accordingly. It is better to spend twice as much time digesting and learning what you MUST know, to compete (with dignity) than to have many subjects available that you would like to know perhaps but will seldom, if ever use. Nothing should dilute or water down subjects one NEEDS to know, just to give students a touch of everything. Those could be wonderful electives AFTER you have mastered the basics. THAT, I believe is what education (High School) started out as, and basic education as I just described it, WAS an 8th grade education. Fortunate ones went ON to “High” School" - which was also College or Trade preparatory. The graduation rate of the youth in America is deplorable, and half of those so-called graduates, I venture to say, are near illiterate compared to the stringent standards of 50 - 70 years ago. What is even more shameful is the indoctrination that I have been raving about. The invasion of agendas by teachers, or political ideologies USING teachers. We don’t send our kids to school to learn political correctness or all about gays, gay marriages, transsexuals, and what a lousy country America has become. Some things kids are supposed to learn from their parents, their faith, or on their own, and it’s none of the government’s or teacher’s business. Our children are learning far too little about reading and writing and the "basics" because those formative first 8 or 9 years of schooling are spent "social programming." "A" and "B" grades are "too judgmental" of others. Competition is not good, because nobody is a "loser." Nobody gets a failing grade. Soon it will be like Denmark, where they have sports but nobody keeps score, because somebody might feel inferior or get their feelings hurt. Sociology class as I knew it has today become Socialism 101. We are all equal. No one is better than anyone else. Hogwash! That kind of schooling doesn't prepare you to be strong, proud and go out into the real world, maybe become a leader and leave your mark. I say, make certain no child, no matter what it takes to "teach" them, or how LONG it takes, gets released from our care and sent into the big bad world out there, without society genuinely making every effort to give them a SOLID 8th grade education, on a national standard. That is MY definition of "no child left behind." No illusions, frills, political correctness or hidden agendas - just do right by ALL of our youth (black, white, hispanic) - let them have an equal chance, minimally, regardless of background.

One American’s View. Thanks for listening, please tell others about my website. Phil Faustman