Monday, July 27, 2009

Issue #12


I’m going to throw a number of odd names at you to ensure you I’m not making this up to scare you. Check out what I am about to tell you, if you are one of those that think waterboarding is torture, or Bush and Cheney should be prosecuted, or the C.I.A should tell big-mouth Congress everything it plans to do. I started my sixth issue off, about our homegrown terrorists coming out of our prison system. There is a lot more taking place that doesn’t get media coverage. That should come as no surprise by now. Hizb Ut Tahrir is a global Sunni network quietly growing in the U.S for over 30 years. They are big and active in England, France and Spain, and yet banned in a number of Arab and Central Asian countries and Germany and Russia. Well, they have “come out of the closet” to openly recruit, July 19th at the Oak lawn Hilton in Chicago. 700 attended. Food and drinks were free and they watched the kids as adults were seated, men in front, and women in the back of the room. Why do these anti-America hate-mongers choose to surface now? Because Obama is closing Gitmo, releasing some of the prisoners to fight again (ignoring 9-11 victim’s protests) and ignoring Israel - apologizing to the world, bowing to the Arabs, and anxiously awaiting sit down talks with Iran. America has never appeared weaker or more disrespected in my lifetime. They have not yet engaged in terrorism. We would not stand for that on our soil, and they know it. They want the “protection” the U.S provides (ironically) in our right to freedom of religion. They perceive this as “weakness” much as they did when they shot at our soldiers from behind a wall of woman and children; “Stupid Americans.” No, they haven’t yet “engaged” in terrorism here, they just TEACH IT here (ages 9-18) and then suggest volunteers go abroad to further their “education”. Khalid Sheika Mohammed plotted the 9-11 attacks, and was also connected to the trade center bombing and beheading of Daniel Pearl. He was a “graduate” of Hizb ut Tahrir training school! The Iraqi Al Qaeda leader, Adu Musab Al-Zarqawi was also. That’s enough goofy names to try to spell correctly. Trust me, there is a bunch of others, and this is all very bad for America. And there is that rapidly expanding, all-Arab school of 500 in Virginia (about a 2 hour drive from D.C.). They need more space for more students to “teach.” All their text books are shipped here, and teach hatred of Jews and non-Muslims, by their Arab homeland. How do you suppose that is going to workout, long term, for (slow to learn) “Stupid Americans?” Do you think anyone in government is watching these groups and prisoners? With everything I have been writing about and revealing, for the past 3 months (counting this issue) about our government and our leaders, only a fool would believe that anyone of consequence, is giving any more than a cursory glance in their (hate groups and prisons) direction. I greatly fear we are waiting (and not for long) for another terrorist “wake-up call!” When you openly show weakness and apathy you incite boldness from your enemies. We have “losers” and religious “nutcases” wanting to die, just to kill us and make a statement! They are growing in numbers and already here! Maybe it’s not politically correct (or profiling) for the Media to inform us.

I ask you to seriously question your government and leaders (or anyone else) that wants you to, or insists you must, do something or pay something, in such a hurry that there is no time to think about it, or discuss it. If what they stress or insist upon seems illogical, or contrary to what seems or feels right, it should run up a big red flag in your mind, and you should dig in with both feet. What, in recent memory has the government done to warrant such blind loyalty? Why would you trust them to spend your money well, when all you see is government waste? If the polls show 84% of Americans are HAPPY with their health care, why do they insist it’s a crisis? If the “Powers that be” (Obama and Pelosi) aren’t happy, your Happiness (84%) means nothing. They want TOTAL CONTROL. If two ongoing government healthcare programs (Medicare and Medicaid) are disasters why would you even consider entrusting those same people to get it right THIS TIME for all the rest of us? Fix the other two first, damn it! Show us some reason to trust. Isn’t the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result? When this government says, “There is no time to read a bill costing us hundreds of billions. Just sign it”, I must question. When the Vice President says “Yes, we must spend heavily, to keep from going bankrupt”, I question (and worry). When we have a warm winter and we’re told, “it is global warming”, I say “that’s plausible.” When we then have 3 colder winters in a row and are told, “It’s global warming”, I must again question.

I retired from the U.S. Postal Service. I’ve witnessed government inability to manage anything well. I’ve experienced (like many) the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. To anyone believing that our government can manage a national health care program I have this to say: “Get yourself plugged into the REAL WORLD, and damned soon!” If this absurdity before Congress passes it will affect us all, for the rest of our lives! Medicare is national health care for the elderly. It is scandalously renown for waste, fraud, abuse and inefficiency. It is also near bankruptcy! Medicaid is national health care for the poor. It is every bit as bad and disgracefully revealing as Medicare, in government ineptness. It too, is on the brink of bankruptcy! For crying out loud! How could any rational, reasonably intelligent American expect the last segment of our society (the ones that PAY for the other two existing and failing government health programs) to embrace one more – to include themselves? That’s just plain NUTS! Only fools, like virtually ALL of the House and Senate would totally disregard these abysmal failures and expect us to believe this time they will get it right! I just heard on the news that our original video of man’s first landing on the moon has been lost, or erased. One more example of something truly important to all Americans, left in the fumbling hands of government. And these clowns will get national health care right? When pigs fly! Massachusetts (your 3rd example) has total health care coverage. Yup, TOTAL disaster! In the red. WE will deeply regret this hastily thrown together (again), thousand page UNREAD bill (again) costing hundreds of billions (again). Pray this doesn’t pass, or (with all the stupid government stuff going down) put Congress on speed dial, to bitch regularly! They’re not good listeners. IF you get one, TALK LOUDLY!

Banks are not lending much these days even though they are flush with bailout funds. They are leery of making bad loans. Small to medium businessmen and farmers don’t have cash reserves like big businesses. They borrow money for payroll, overhead, seed, parts or materials from banks, using “orders” of product as collateral for their loan. When they get “paid” on delivery of that product, they can then pay off their loan from the bank. That’s the way it’s been done for a long, long time. It is the “small business” people that drive the U.S. economy in this nation - that create the jobs. They are the life blood of America! As you know, times are tough. It matters not who’s to blame now. The damage is done. What does matter is that we fix it as quickly as possible and get people back to work. Then the economy will be humming again and people happy. With tough times, there were people that ordered product, that generated loans to produce that product. When it was delivered it was returned, unpaid for, creating default on the loan, and upset bankers. So here we are, businessmen, bankers, government and the economy. Which comes first, the old “chicken or the egg” hypothesis? Do we wait for the economy to create demand for that product sitting now in inventory (unpaid for)? Not if we’re wise. That would take a long time. The businessman wants to work, employ others and prosper, but the bank got burned - so no loans for business! Where is the damned government that guaranteed loans for huge conglomerates and made Wall Street banks filthy rich!? Guarantee those loans for small to medium businesses! Build inventory if there are no immediate orders (they will come). Those people that were just put back to work are the ones that will buy it, or they will buy something. Get it? If people are working, things will loosen up in time, as they buy things and contribute to the tax base instead of drawing unemployment. The government is the only one that can afford to wait for their money. Hell, just print more of it like you do for the big guys.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO, created 35 years ago) is made up of non-partisan professionals that crunch numbers to determine costs of proposed projects being considered by the President or Congress. The CBO said Obama's economy recovery plan would hurt the economy more over the next 10 years than if he did nothing. They were ignored of course. Now the CBO is all but saying that government healthcare would be a financial disaster. Again, the CBO is ignored. If anyone is not FOR Obama or his plans, and cannot be be outright attacked (their preferred method) because it would look bad for IMAGE - just ignore them. The Media will allow it. Sarah Palin and Joe "The Plumber" come to mind - (attacked). Now, irate taxpayers and the CBO - (ignored).
Al Gore made a movie and won a Nobel Prize (big deal, so did Jimmy Carter - they're cheap) whipping the World into a frenzy - and getting rich in the process. Global Warming! Doomsday!Let's save the world and GO BANKRUPT, and make Gore a Billionaire. This last winter was the coldest and longest I can remember in 40 years or more. This was a cold June and July. This inconvenient fact was brought to their attention by their own experts. They were told to forget it! It contradicts "the program," but it is absolute fact. The Earth has been COOLING since 2001. This is documented all over, but inconvenient to the contrived panic needed to sell "Cap and Trade." CO2 levels are still rising at a steady level, but the temperature is clearly moving against Gore's numbing revelation. He said rising CO2 levels would melt the polar ice caps and flood the earth! He doesn't know squat! But he's getting filthy rich peddling his story - I am not! Sometimes mankind exagerates his imprint and importance. I hear we should pattern our Sun's cycles of sunspots and flare-ups throughout our Planet's history. We've all been duped and the evidence is before you. Gore, General Electric, big investment bankers and many others are going to get rich off the "Cap and Trade" LIE and the little guy (lied to) will foot the bill - like always! Because Obama is going to bankrupt the Coal Industry (like he said he would) and drive our utility bills through the roof - in essence taxing the poor (and small businesses). These facts reveal the "B.S. Sales Job" by Obama and Pelosi on the public. As I said, if the CBO's (or anyone's) opinion differs from HIS, he simply DESTROYS THEM or their credability. If you can't - smile and ignore them -the Press will back you.

Goldman Sachs is an investment bank. Not like banks that most of us associate with. It is Wall Street. C.I.T Bank is main street and makes loans, 98% to small businesses. C.I.T. is on the brink of bankruptcy, spelling sure disaster for jobs and the economy. So WHY is Obama letting C.I.T. fail? Is that logical if you are FOR Jobs? It might make you feel tingly all over to know that in these most difficult times, at least someone is able to make a profit and keep their collective heads above water. Goldman Sachs had their biggest quarterly profits in their 140 year history! Good for them. They have set aside (so far) $11.4 Billion to reward their “workers” who will on average, earn about $770,000 per “worker.” That ought to create some jobs! (maybe fetching their coffee?) Goldman Sachs Executives have a history of being appointed to powerful government positions. From those positions, and with the powerful elected government officials that appointed them looking the other way, they “take care of” the mother company from which they came. I said that as succinctly as I could; but boy is this an entangled web of corporate and government corruption at the highest level. It’s a lot like trying to follow the money trail through A.C.O.R.N.’s financial maze, so bear with me as I connect the dots for you. Of course it’s always about Money and Power! Campaign contributions of huge amounts get someone elected to a job that doesn’t really pay all that much. Now elected, you’re in a position to pay back (gratefully) those who put you in a powerful office. You can reward that corporation with terrific government contracts, or appoint “one of their own” (so that they can just help themselves). They now are grateful to you. They will see to it you are secure for life, after you leave office, but, “by the way, do you happen to have family or friends that need a good job right now? We find ourselves in need of good hired help.” I’m sure you are already aware of some of the scenario just depicted.

Last fall Goldman got billions in bailout funds (taxpayer money with no strings attached), plunked it down on high-risk Commodities (gambling just like Reno) knowing if they “lost” taxpayers lose. If they “won”, Goldman wins - “Spin That Wheel - What a deal! Luckily for us, they won and paid us our bailout back in quick fashion. Now they just have to divide the “earnings” fairly amongst the “workers.” Goldman Sachs put the CRAP in "crapgame", and “THE” government (not “OUR”) helped them. And the next time gas prices shoot up – think “SPECULATORS” and Goldman! “The” government is laced with former Goldman Executives (too numerous to name them all and their lofty positions) and is commonly known as “Government Sachs” in inner circles. Robert Rubin left Goldman to work for President Clinton 17 years ago. Clinton said he was, “The greatest Treasury Secretary since Alexander Hamilton.” WOW! Well, Rubin stepped down to run Citigroup in 1999. Citigroup has been bailed out twice. I'm inclined to question the government use of funds, AND Rubin’s “Greatness”, but he is an economic advisor today to Obama…. Hey, remember, the theme of this throughout is, “You don’t let buddies, or fraternity brothers founder when you have access to endless cash.” You know they will be there for you, when you need a hand, or hand-out. One dirty hand washes the other in D.C.! It’s pretty much “a given” to those in the “game” that they are so big, and their computers so sophisticated, that they can manipulate the Futures Market. Did we just see it happen?

June 24th, the N.Y.S.E. (New York Stock Exchange) Regulation Team announced the ending of the Daily Program Trading Report (DPTR). Goldman has been accused of manipulating the stock market too by some. I don’t know. But it would come as no surprise to me, with all of the wrong doing I am certain of. And the timing is strange since the DPTR was the stated main means of gathering the evidence needed to expose them. The allowing of Lehman Brothers to go bankrupt was the producer of “panic” the Fed wanted, to make “hasty deals” like who lives, who dies. Lehman just happened to have been a big rival of Goldman. Not anymore! That’s one slick way to get ahead, kill off your competitors.

Our Treasury Secretary, Geithner was Under-Secretary for Rubin back in 1999. He became president of the N.Y. Fed (before Obama appointed him). Steve Friedman (former CEO of Goldman and board chairman of the N.Y. Fed) made $2.7 million on Goldman stock (he just bought in January). Goldman was given “bank holding company” status, just like General Electric Capital (I told you about) so those in power could throw billions in bailout their way. Friedman owned much Goldman stock, and the new status made it illegal for him to own it. The N.Y. Fed asked for a waiver on his behalf, and while it was stalled he bought over 52,000 more shares! Did he know something?They doubled in value in 6 months! “Lucky” Friedman now had to replace Geithner (who moved on to bigger things). The NEW president of the N.Y. Fed is another Goldman Exec. Anyway, the N.Y. Fed now urges the government to bail out A.I.G (who owes Goldman 8.1 Billion). A.I.G. gets $85 billion (too big to fail) pays Goldman its 8.1 billion (100% on the dollar – unlike GM and others) and Goldman gets its own personal bailout of $10 Billion! Whew. Courtesy of W.S.J. May 4th. Last fall, Hank Paulson (then Treasury Secretary and Goldman Alum), met with (Treasury Sec. to be) Geithner, and the present CEO of Goldman Sachs, Blankfein in New York to determine, essentially, who lives or dies, financially. Blankfein has Geithner’s ear today, and Larry Summers is another Goldman Alum that is Obama’s Chief Economic Advisor! Yes, “Government Sachs” is appropriate indeed. Did I mention that Goldman contributed heavily to certain campaign funds? But there is no humor here. This is the most revolting, disgusting and depressing revelation I have uncovered in my short 3 months in journalism. It makes me nauseous, and want to take a bath at the same! I’m not naive. I knew it was bad, and dirty, and has gone on a long time. But this has grown exponentially since the fall of “08 - into a sewer of government corruption. When you factor in the America-hating thugs of A.C.O.R.N. gaining importance in a government bent on turning my beloved country into a Socialist State, I say loud and clear, “Don’t try coming after my guns!” And you can stick that smile where the sun don’t shine!! One American's View - Thanks for listening. - Phil Faustman

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