Monday, March 29, 2010

36th Issue 4/1/10

As we look for jobs and struggle to make ends meet consider the absurdity of what I'm about to reveal, collusion and corruption between corporate big shots and big shots in Gov't. Huge bonuses for record profits by raping the taxpayers! First, we bailed out big investment Banks like Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. They're paying us back and doing great. Here's how the scam works - it's so simple a cave man could do it: Unbelievably, the Federal Reserve GIVES the banks all the money they want (no limit - no charge) - 0% interest. With all that free money the banks just loan it back to the Gov't by buying Gov't Securities (like the Treasury Notes China buys) at some Gov't guaranteed interest rate (anything above zero is a profitable return) on their "investment." Borrow $100 Million @ 0%, give it back at 5% = $5 Million profit (friends helping friends to taxpayer's money)! I'll bet even WE dummies could make money milking this HIGH finance scam. What are they HIGH on - booze or drugs? Bought with our money. Aren't prison terms in order?

Well, we now have Gov't controlled health care - against the loud protests of the majority. Yet some are happy about the new status because mainstream media has falsely painted a picture of grandeur to support Obama and this progressive takeover. Our subversive media that ignores the inevitable, catastrophic consequences does the public no service - they serve Obama only. It is evident by all the chearing at his staged perpetual pep-rallies and happy headlines in the major newspapers - further proof of their unabashed bias. The gleeful ones misunderstand the big picture because they were deliberately lied to and misled, and cannot comprehend evil of this magnitude. Time will reveal just how devestating all this will become. Some folks talk of repeal. That will never take place legislatively. To override a veto by a 2/3 majority just wont happen. The only possibility is the Supreme Court declaring the Fed Gov't cannot mandate the purchase of insurance (or be punished) to its citizens. That happening is very unlikely too. Obama appointed Sotomayor and will soon add another Justice of his liking. This is another part of the total takeover I have been warning you about. A triumphant Obama mocks us and dares us to try to repeal. There is NOTHING presidential about this man! Obama uses his media for photo-ops and sales jobs, making up many facts and figures, (often with bloopers) and is never questioned - THEY have his back. When those Union thugs beat up demonstrators (on camera) last summer they feared no one (and haven't even been charged) because they knew Obama and his media had THEIR backs. If 50,000 disrespected angry demonstrators peacefully assemble (as they just did) and just one idiot throws a brick, all the "news" will be (incessantly) about an angry mob that is throwing bricks and endangering lives on 6 TV news stations - run for your lives. Democrat Bart Stupak received death threats by liberals for voting against their health care. That wasn't "news." Obama gave Stupak's District grant money on friday (no Bart - no Bill). Two days later he and his 10 friends vote FOR it - barely passing this obcenity. It turns out he got a whole lot more (right after), to sell out but the point is, he now gets threats from betrayed pro-life advocates. THESE threats are BIG news. If you can't see this hideous double-standard and shameful bias, then shame on you. Pay attention. Tens of millions are blind and being led like sheep - are ewe? I couldn't resist it, and without occassional humor I'd go mad.

Have you ever seen a happier, more jubilant Obama than right now - after finally nailing down his health care Bill and control of 1/6 th of our economy? He can't stop smiling and smirking. Watch him. It's like he can hardly believe what he, Pelosi and Reid just pulled off on us - this band of unscrupulous thieves just hit the mother lode. First, the Presidency (happy days!) then bits and pieces - takeover of banks, housing, insurance companies and auto industry in the first months - but now, the BIG one! He even got that (not so little) last minute rider attached and through so he can control the education of our youth - Gov't now being the ONLY lender of funds to those needing college financing. HE will decide WHO gets money or IF you "qualify." The interest rate paid is non-negotiable but IF he likes you he might just "cut you a deal" and forgive your debt to the taxpayers, IF you come work for him in Gov't. More plush pay at taxpayer expense - Obama style - alternately punish or reward. That's Power and Control folks, the likes not seen since King George! Think this is silly? Can't happen? This is not just fear-mongering by sore losers or crackpots that see Marxists behind every bush (no pun intended). If people knew (if media had allowed them to know) about Obama's heavy marxist background and sordid connections he NEVER would have been elected. That's a fact! Most voters would have been too afraid of the possibilities. Now he's in, surrounding himself with revolutionary types (everywhere) and befriending all unfortunates with marxist-style Gov't handouts (jobs and welfare) while he creates more layed-off unfortunates to "help." There are no real jobs created (private sector) just lip-service. Lots of lavish Gov't Union jobs are coming to oversee the masses "in need" and to "police" our new health care and education just rammed through - 16,000 already in the IRS. If these were real private jobs it would be headlines. I'm not talking hypothetically here. This is real and happening, right now, before your eyes, and you had better become scared soon - and active! Now that health care is in the bag, next on Obama's checklist is (no -not jobs) AMNESTY for 12 Million illegal aliens. As I've said, that is why he stated there would be NO health care for illegals - he knew he would make them LEGAL. These will add to our taxpayer woes also in education and welfare and encourage a new wave to come across the border - and they tend to have large families. These are millions of instantly (grateful) new democrat voters added to the census and steadily growing every day. Obama will also change the law to allow convicts to vote - another 5-6 million grateful new voters he plans on keeping him and democrats in power.

Call me a visionary or call me delusional, I don't care, I'm going to tell you what I sense is coming down the road. These power-mad people think big - and they think ahead. Even before the influx of all these new voters get here remember, more than half of our population is beholden to the Gov't (Federal, State and local) for all or part of their income. Good Constitution-loving Americans are already outnumbered, out-funded, and less organized than Obama's army. If we don't clean house this fall and in 2012 at the polls we will probably never get another chance. Our Constitution had no term limits for the presidency. Franklyn D. Roosevelt by (ironically) ramming through "progressive" plans and crippling the economy scared the people by remaining in for almost 16 years. They had free-thinking people in those days - proud people. They just wanted a JOB - not to go on the Gov't dole, certainly not firmly entrenched as they are today - and raising their children to do the same. But they saw the danger of too much power by any one individual and stacking his own Supreme Court to support him - just like today. I believe it is Obama's marxist plan to recind the 22nd Amendment that restricts him to 2 terms. He will shamelessly cite to us the exclusion of limits in the Constitution (for which he has no use but would use against us) to make his case. He is young, and could "rule" for 20-40 years - voted in repeatedly by his appreciative flock. We would be a third-rate country but he would reign. Don't put anything beneath this man's methods or manic ambition. He sees himself as WORLD leader - not just the U.S.. Look hard at what we voted in. Hope and pray it's not too late to vote him OUT! He is rapidly building an army of dependent democrat voters that he will mesmorize and organize - using our money! And the Supreme Court he is forming (like FDR) will support him. Scared yet?

Obama is not only argumentative, he is combative, and he loves it. He freely antagonizes his own countrymen. He "justifies" his provocative rhetoric by repeatedly announcing (with that defiant jutted-out chin pose) that HE won - like, the people gave him the OK to "change" whatever he wants. What happened to the changes THE PEOPLE wanted (like transparency -not secrecy) and he profoundly PROMISED - in order to get elected? All deliberate LIES to the gullible - now fools in his eyes, for being so naive in a rough game - like they play in Chicago!

A number of Corporations spoke openly in the news of revealed consequences of this health Bill fiasco just passed - the one Pelosi was so excited about (for us - when we would finally get to know what was in it). They were not excited. They spoke of how many millions it would cost them. Businessmen do that. One company said it would cost them 7-8 million and their profit last year was 9 million. That sure got gobbled up in a hurry, didn't it? Do you think this might drive more jobs overseas? Their CEOs were scolded by Congress for being so negative in public - perhaps raining on their parade? The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) just acknowledged that they erred greatly on the total cost of the "Stimulus" Bill . Gee, I hope they got it right on this much more complicated massive Health Care Bill just sold to us. I hope it doesn't cost a lot more than they figure - liars figure, you know. Yes, the Nation's Debt will be $20 TRILLION in 2020! The CBO says it will cost $1.2 Trillion more than they guessed. Oops! Check back in 10 years. I'll bet its even a whole bunch higher than the new 20 trill thrill.

I talk of trial lawyers driving up costs (suing everybody for anything) and getting a huge cut of the profits. They lobby heavily with their gains and (buy) contribute to politicians campaigns. The law says they can give a maximum of $2,400, But the spouse can too, and so can each of the kids, and mom and pop. The firm's receptionist and the rest of the staff making $25,000 or so can "give" that $2,400 too (wink-wink) to keep the easy money flowing. Have you noticed the tons of ads on TV soliciting folks to make claims (sue) for all kinds of stuff? Constant ads cost lots of money so it must pay handsomely. Lots of it is, "If you took this drug and you had this reaction you may be eligible for an award." Many reactions may just be side-effects on that long sheet of paper we now get from anything the pharmacist hands you, but what the heck, presented right in front of the right jury - maybe we all get lucky! These are good times.

The head of British "Viacom" is a huge Obama fan and supporter. Viacom owns MTV which has a big following amongst our young music-video lovers. The Music world (like Hollywood) is quite "left" or far-left in politics, and outspoken whenever a microphone is in their hands, like awards shows with big audiences. MTV owns Nickelodean which "baby-sits" a lot of our kids at home. Nick is most definitely "left" and at least somewhat anti-American (in its present form) and here we are letting "Sponge-Bob" and the like, tell our kids every day about the world and values (as the left sees it) while you're in the other room doing the dishes or laundry - see how subtly young minds are shaped right under our noses?

While Congress is away on recess Obama will appoint Craig Becker to the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board). Becker is extremely Pro-Union, and SEIU president, Andy Stern's right-hand man. Stern is Obama's buddy and HIS right-hand man - ALL 3 want "card-check" (allowing intimidation of those voting against unionizing) - more bullying. If you can't get it done through a Congress you totally control, you can just go around them anyway. Nobody stops "The Man" and his plan. As Obama loudly exhorted (on video) at that rally for purple-shirt thugs, "I've worked with SEIU all of my adult life." and "Let's paint the Nation purple!"

I feel you should read this open letter to Obama, sent to the NY Times but, of course, not accepted. I concur with the writer 100%! It is written by Lou Pritchett, author, speaker and once vice-pres of Procter & Gamble. Each sentence begins with "You scare me because." For brevity and space, I omit these: "Dear President Obama, You are the 13th President under whom I have lived and unlike any of the others, you truly scare me. You scare me because after months of exposure, I know nothing about you. I do not know how you paid for your expensive Ivy League education and your upscale lifestyle and housing with no visible signs of support. You did not spend the formative years of youth growing up in America and culturally you are not an American. You have never run a company or met a payroll. You have never had military experience, thus you don't understand it at its core. You lack humility and 'class,' always blaming others. For over half your life you have aligned yourself with radical extremists who hate America and you refuse to publicly denounce these radicals who wish to see America fail. You are a cheerleader for the 'blame America' crowd and deliver the message abroad. You want to change America into a European style country where the Gov't sector dominates instead of the private sector. You want to replace our health care system with a Gov't controlled one. You prefer "windmills' to responsibly capitalizing on our own vast oil, coal and shale reserves. You want to kill the American capitalist goose that lays the golden egg which provides the highest standard of living in the world. You have begun to use 'extortion' tactics against certain banks and corporations. Your own political party shrinks from challenging you on your wild and irresponsible spending proposals. You will not openly listen to or even consider opposing points of view from intelligent people. You falsely believe that you are both omnipotent and omniscient. The media gives you a free pass on everything you do. You demonize and want to silence the Limbaughs, Hannitys, O'Reillys and Becks who offer opposing, conservative points of view. You prefer controlling over governing. Finally, you scare me because if you serve a second term I will probably not feel safe in writing a similar letter in 8 years. Lou Pritchet" Amen Brother, amen.

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others of my site. Phil Faustman

Saturday, March 13, 2010

35th Issue 3/15/10

Beyond the threats, bribes and corruption, the lies and deceit, from all facets of this administration you must also be wary of their slyness, what they pass - like sneaks in the night. All to attain more power and control over The People and the States. Crush the economy and the destitute will succumb to feed their families. Suppress private-sector jobs - create more Gov't jobs in their stead, and spend, spend, spend. Look, it is evident everywhere, just not exposed by the media. Pork and earmarks by the thousands, wasting billions, by both parties and having nothing to do with jobs or stimulus. Even a child understands or accepts, when a parent says, "Look, we just don't have the money now for toys and candy" - not Congress! A secret memo has surfaced. The Fed Gov't is actively pursuing (seizing) over 13.5 million acres (so far) in land grabs from western states. They can then stop job creations in forestry, ranching, mining and energy development under the guise of environmental protection of endangered species, or the like. Remember, just recently the upstart EPA told Congress (our elected body) to pass the Cap & Trade OR they would ORDER it done, for the "overall good." Get used to that attitude and terminology. You will hear it a lot as they clamp down on us in health care too - like banning salt in restaurants? Stay tuned. Didn't the reluctant Savior say he HAD to take over the banks, insurance and auto industries? Obama will grab the land to appease his environmentalist Left, much as when protecting the Delta Smelt in job-poor indigent California. 80,000 were put out of work in the "Breadbasket of America" when they shut off the water supply, and we created a greater dependency on imported fruits and vegetables. And when we have those freezes in the South, wiping out crops there are no reserves coming from the West anymore. The 21 page Secret document lists 14 large areas that can be closed to development by just declaring them "Monuments." It says all kinds of animals would be better off by doing it! The Vermillion Basin in Colorado is about to become one because it is (quote) "currently under the THREAT of oil and gas development." The threat! That is how Obama, Pelosi and the nutty Left sees it. Not as $7 a gallon gasoline and bowing to the Arabs. No one cared much about the wild horses out west a while back, until someone noticed that there were huge oil shale reserves UNDER their wild range. It was quickly grabbed - for the good of the horses. Anyway, a vote to block this was just defeated in the Senate, 58-38. Did you even know about it? How about that good old media?

Now, more about all this psychotic Gov't spending - phase 2 of economic destruction. No one with half a brain spends so frivolously in so many areas while on the brink of fiscal collapse. The FCC is now asking for $25 Billion to provide "high-speed" internet access for the last 4% of the country that doesn't have broadband. They must use slow old dial-up. That injustice can be rectified with a paltry $25 Billion. What recession? And as we prepare for 1/6 th of our economy to be forcefully taken over by our Gov't against our will, consider their track record. The Dept of Energy was formed 33 yrs ago to rid us from foreign oil dependency. It now has 16,000 lavishly paid Gov't employees, spends $24 Bill per year, and we import more oil than ever! The US Postal Svc is broke. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac so disastrously broke they were the chief cause of our collapse. Medicare, Medicaid, even AMTRAK - broke. Social Security is broke because all the money taxed, to set aside and fund it, the dumb a--es spent on other crap. Yes, give these idiots what little we have left. Oops, I forgot. They are just going to take it from us!

I hate to belabor the health care issue but it's always in the news. When Pelosi talks about "faith and trust" - have none! But sometimes she can be a hoot. She says, "It's going to be very exiting.... Congress has to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it, away from the fog of the controversy." Obama and Pelosi have all but stated outright, let's get it passed - promise whatever - we'll add public option and Gov't funded abortions later. We have an abject failure that they want to emulate right in Massachusetts, known as Romney Care, that neither party wants to talk about. The democrats because it is so awful and way in the red in just 4 short years (yet what they're advocating for us) and the republicans because Romney is pretty much their man in 2012 and it's his fiasco - with stigma attached.

Local schools no longer accept my newsletters for their break rooms. So much for open-mindedness in the teachers of our children. Would they read it if my name was Saul Alinsky? Our education system is a disgrace! We have the worst graduation rates and dummied-down expectations of any industrialized nation. Yet we spend far more than any other. The National Education Assoc. (NEA) is a powerful Union that pays lobbyists heavily to prevent vouchers or anything competing with their stranglehold. For every 25 students there is one teacher, and 4 well-paid Union administrators draining funds, meaning about one dollar in five actually goes for "teaching." Our drop-out rate is horrendous and 93% of our "graduates" are so lacking, they are turned away by foreign universities. Increased spending (always our answer) just fattens Union pay and pensions -our kids get nothing! Another example of inept Gov't control.
Unemployment compensation paid for 99 weeks (4x the normal assistance) becomes welfare. It costs $10 Billion per month, of money we don't have. Many prefer the handout to lesser or minimum wage jobs and won't do them. And who can blame them, witnessing the asinine give-away spending by Congress? But all of it is stupid, unsustainable - ignoring facts - the band plays on as the Titanic sinks! Just when a person gets wondering, with all this wrong-doing and reckless spending everywhere - where is the press? Up they jump, all indignant and outraged. Senator Jim Bunning felt media wrath when he demanded Pelosi and the House "honor" her commitment to pay-as-you-go financing - just uttered from her flapping lips. Simply said, you can't spend on anything new without pulling the funding from something old - eliminating something not necessary or reducing waste within it. Noble - but only if adhered to. Bunning said NO to routinely issuing $10 Billion for Unemployment Compensation checks this month, without an open declaration of where the money was coming from. For that you would have thought he was inhuman, he was so relentlessly and viciously castigated by the media. Bunning and everyone else knew the people would get their money, maybe a week late, but all of it. He tried to make a stand for principle and commitment - to Pelosi's word for once. He is not running for re-election (could not be threatened) so he spoke his mind with seldom heard truth, and paid the price. Where were his republican friends in support? Truth, and honor of commitment aren't well-received in D.C. Bunning regrets his twinge of conscience on his way out, I'm sure. The People have budget constraints - NOT Congress. ABC news had 6 times as much coverage on Bunning's good intentions (with outrage) as Rep Charles Rangel, stepping down (with dirt all over him) as Chairman of the Ways & Means Committee. He has been under investigation for nearly 2 years for a bunch of ethical infractions. He is another tax cheat and liar and on the take, but having been around for 40 years he knows where all the skeletons are buried, and how to play the game. Pelosi knew about his latest (Corporate paid trips to the Islands) since October but there is "honor" among thieves, in spite of her vow "to drain the swamp" and rid the House of snakes. And the media says, Get that guy with integrety - smear him. Ignore that writer of tax laws that "forgets" millions to declare (for years) on his own taxes and is obviously, actively on the take. Think he will ever pay interest and penalties - like common folk? He belongs behind bars but that's not news to the media. That's business as usual in Washington. Besides, he's a good and useful friend of the President and Speaker - therefore, OUR friend. We all LIE in the same big bed.

67% of High School seniors, when asked where the statement, "From each according to his ability, to each according to his need." came from said - the US Constitution. How sad. But it describes our pathetic schools and progressive taxation and re-distribution system perfectly, doesn't it? It was Karl Marx, self-avowed enemy of Capitalism, who said it, the founder of Communism. Saul Alinsky worshipped at the Marxist alter and wrote "Rules for Radicals" which is like a handbook no one in Obama's circle of friends is without. They read it religiously, follow the doctrine closely, and doggedly apply its tactics on us. This is their bible. Alinsky mentored Hillary Clinton and most everyone Obama grew up around and chose to be with. She wrote extensively and admiringly of Alinsky in college. Obama was a bit young then, but absolutely fixated. Give him time and "Rules for Radicals," Alinsky and Marxism will be taught in schools in place of our Constitution! Today, he is just shepherding our juniors and seniors in high school for his purposes. Yes, like sheep. They sign papers and volunteer for extra-curricular "teaching" for 9 weeks. As Alinsky's very impressed son said (quote) "Obama learned his lessons well."

The purpose of hundreds of Billions of dollars borrowed from China was to create lots of jobs we were told. The very best jobs of all for America are those sacrosanct "Green" jobs we are told - like wind power and solar power. If WHAT we are told (once again) is NOT B.S. explain why 70% of all our wind and solar components are manufactured in Communist China - from whom we borrowed the money? NOW we are concerned with rewarding the lowest bidder? From anywhere? Of course, union-wage labor can't compete with child slave labor. Following Obama's reasoning, the kids of China should be shipped here or illegal Mexicans should be assembling and installing the finished products here. Doesn't this lying deceitful crap continually fed to us and unreported by the media get you riled up? Remember it well come November. And progressive spokesman, Harry Reid saying it was, "a really good day in America" because ONLY 36,000 American families lost their jobs in February.

It is grim irony and a parallel reminder that we pay exorbitantly for Arab & Mid-East (Muslim) oil. They too, laugh at us and use OUR money to finance war and terrorism against ourselves. We are financially destitute with an apologetic, so-called leader bent on keeping things going just as they are. Why? Give any "good" reason in his defense. Any. Especially after I reveal the lies to you about oil. A huge majority of the American People are totally against borrowing and jobs for China AND oil dependency because it defies any common sense, just as totally overhauling our superior health care with no attempt first to "fix" just the parts that everyone knows need fixing. In these terrible financial times, explain this unceasing open defiance of what "The People" want. Why no immediate war against abuse and fraud in Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security? We all know it is rampant. Why the wait? And the health care changes they say we are in dire need of, why an immediate taxation for 4 years BEFORE the changes will benefit anyone? I'll tell you why. Because voters, especially Seniors, will be FURIOUS with their LACK of benefits and long lines, and Obama would stand NO chance for re-election in 2012! And why are Billions of stimulus dollars blown on earmarks - so many it boggles the mind, everywhere, with many obvious payoffs and pay raises for Union employees coast to coast? Congress now wants overpaid Gov't union employees that are bi-lingual (Spanish of course) to get an additional pay boost of 5%. Why not just say, "no English - no benefits," and try to save us a few bucks! All Obama, Pelosi and Reid regurgitate are lying words and empty promises. Their every action is, in your face, go to hell to The People. We will do what we want - when we want. Obama radiates exasperation from having to explain things so many times to (in his mind) dimwitted taxpayers. Everyone needs to know about the oil shortage lie that has been perpetuated for at least 40 years - a lot like global warming. Yes, it eventually will be gone, and the Sun will burn out too - don't panic. But, for the foreseeable future AND with simple conversion of trucks, busses and autos to cleaner plentiful Natural Gas (we have more Gas reserves and Coal than any one else in the world) any forecast U.S. shortages in the next 500 years or more is pure hogwash! The real question is why the lies? Is it really a sinister conspiracy? Who gains? The USGS (US Geological Survey) in April of 2008 updated their report of 1995 on recoverable oil in North Dakota/Montana's Bakken Formation to 25 times their original estimate. There are 3-4.3 Billion barrels of sweet crude (best for gasoline). In 1999 Geochemist, Leigh Price estimated a possible 413 Billion barrels were pooled below. A later review toned that finding down to 200 Billion barrels, nevertheless a whole lot of independency potential and jobs galore if anybody is truly interested. It would cost us about $16 a barrel (and no shipping) expense. There is absolutely no reason given anywhere why no one but T Boone Pickens is touting Natural Gas solutions. Brazil has lots of oil. They run their cars on Natural Gas!

With all the sleazy "deals" made to get votes for Obama's health care do you really think it was a coincidence that House democrat Jim Matheson of Utah (who voted against it previously) had his brother Scott nominated to the US Court of Appeals? This was just hours after Obama said, "No more deals." Sometimes it just gets comical. It has just come to light that last fall retired Admiral Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania - where opinion of Obama is sinking fast, was apparently bribed to not run against shifty Senator Arlen Specter. The insipid Specter even switched parties to better his chances of getting re-elected. Sestak said he was offered a high position (suspected to be Sec'y of the Navy) in Gov't if he withdrew his candidacy against Specter. Sestak is an honorable man with no real motive to lie, and a duty to reveal improprieties if emanating from the White House. The W.H. is furious! Because it's a lie? Or that he made it public? My bet is on the latter. The rabble at Obama's side never lets up - good old dirty Chicago-style - bully, bribe and B.S.. He, and they, are haughty, disdainful of any and all not in their "family." That definitely includes voters, who are only a necessary manipulated means to an end - Power!

To exemplify how quickly and easily our Constitutional Rights can be ripped away I cite an example extracted from the noble-sounding Patriot Act. A "violation" of that Act that took place in Bridgeport Connecticut went like this: The FBI presented an 86 year old Librarian with a self-written Search Warrant. She looked at it and rightly said, "Who the hell are you and what the hell is this?" She then showed it to her 76 year old assistant. THAT is a violation of the Patriot Act which says that, if served, you cannot tell anyone - ever - about the fact any of this even took place. Not your spouse in the next room, your clergy or even your lawyer! Think of how unbelievable a violation of our rights that is! The 2 elderly ladies were arrested for that - to be tried and sentenced to 5 years in prison. When the jury was selected the FBI withdrew the charges because they knew this particular Judge (that would preside) would throw the case out AND declare this part of the Patriot Act as un-Constitutional. It seems an active court case is the only time they can do it. But our FBI wasn't concerned about 2 old ladies going to prison or trampling all over our God-given rights, or Nazi Gestapo-like secrecy, or violating their own vows to uphold and defend our Constitution. THAT IS SCARY! The FBI has self-written (routinely) over 120,000 search warrants since late 2001, effectively circumventing the inconvenience of bench warrants by judges and ignoring our judicial due process rights. Precious rights - gone in an instant - without a murmur of protest that I know of. Did you know? Add to this the IRS informant program rewarding neighbors that turn in neighbors for tax evasion and you're flirting with a police-state scenario - in America. Considering few in Gov't seem to bother paying their taxes it is especially vexing that the "special ones" would have us turn in each other. Against it, when Bush was in power, Obama now wants the Patriot Act continued on his watch -no surprise there. I say, WHO THE HELL ARE THEY - HIJACKING OUR RIGHTS - AND WHERE ARE THE TRUE PATRIOTS, NEEDED SO DESPERATELY ? !

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my site. Phil Faustman