Sunday, July 26, 2009

Issue #1


This is my first issue of what I intend to be a weekly publication, free, and offered each Wednesday. All that I write will be my views as a very concerned American. Perhaps you too are very frustrated and worried about our country and our future.

I am not of the democratic party. They have been taken over by the far left extremists that don't like America very much. The republican party once believed in small government and capitalism, much as our founding fathers did. They have, more and more, joined the democrats in unbelievable, reckless spending. Both parties seem bent on bringing this country (our country) to its knees. I, for one, won't stand for this! I feel I must do whatever I can to make a difference, however small it may be. So, I guess that makes me a member of the "TEA" party, because those other two have lost their way; or sold all of us out.

I attended the 1st national "Tea Party" on April 15th locally at the Gray Rock in Grayling Michigan. I liked what I saw and heard. It seemed like an awakening of the "silent majority", which has been silent for far too long; and I want to be a part of that voice. It is time for us to storm the Capitol and take our Country back.

I saw a short news clip on T.V. a few days ago showing farmers in Florida plowing under fields of ripe tomatoes because they needed $10 per box to break even, and could only get $6 dollars per box. So destroying their crops to plant something else or giving up farming, were their only choices, they said. How sad. My knee-jerk reaction was, "This is stupid! It makes no sense." The price of tomatoes has not dropped much, if any, so what is happening? Times are tough. Americans are out of work all over, food prices are high and we are plowing tomatoes under in Florida. My wife brought home some hydroponic grown tomatoes from Canada that same day from the local market.

Now, I know that a field grown tomato from the South, West or Southwest, tastes better and is more nutritious. I would even pay more to have it picked by a jobless American. If the country north of us can grow tomatoes in any way, surely someone (out of work) can grow them here! I can see that. I'm sure you can see that. But no one in a position to do something to correct this obvious absurdity can supposedly see it! Or is it more sinister? They just don't give a damn! Or worse yet, they are in on it; paid to look the other way!

Knowing the versatility of the tomato for canned juices, sauces, soups and such, how is it possible there is no market for crops at the absolute lowest prices to be found? Something is rotten here, and it aint tomatoes! And why was there only one mere mention, and video in the news of this obscenity? On only one station amongst ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, CNBC, MSNBC and whatever others? Where is the outrage?

I am ranting about tomatoes, but what is really eating away at me is; what in the world is wrong with this country? Who put the idiots in Washington in charge? How did the nut cases take over the major newspapers and T.V. news? ABC and CBS should be absolutely ashamed of their news reporting, and anything with NBC in it (CNBC, MSNBC) is an abomination to any free thinking American with part of a brain! (That might be a bit harsh). Yet, here they are, constantly spewing garbage, with their personal agendas, rather than reporting the facts (all the facts) and letting US decide what it means TO US! They have absolute power in what we will read about. These networks can run some dull and boring stories until your ears bleed (24/7/) IF it is news THEY deem newsworthy, and want to hammer to death.

FOX News, Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, and Lou Dobbs (alone) on CNN are the only news worth watching if you want your news without heavy bias, or omission of any parts they don't like, or want you to know about. This blatant bias must be stomped out before this deliberate brainwashing plot goes any farther. This is what we see in Third World Countries' news and press, and we openly call them ignorant and misinformed. Folks, think, open your eyes and ears. It is happening right here in America. It scares me! It should scare you. On Fox News a few days ago, they reported about a Traverse City, Michigan high school youth (one hour from here) that was chastised and openly ridiculed for 10 minutes in class, by his teacher for viewing Fox News online, while his whole class was doing a project using computers, about newscasts. His teacher singled out Fox News as some kind of crackpot and propaganda station.

Far left extremists run most of the newspapers, news magazines, television news stations, and even have heavy influence on T.V. shows and movies being made. The vast majority of movie stars are outspoken, far left and heavily into politics. They funnel huge sums of money into political advertising, for candidates that mirror their beliefs. Two obvious examples are, one; President Obama had far, far more money to advertise in all the media (that also heavily favored him and his party) than Senator McCain had available to him. That is so, not right. And yes, I voted; not for McCain, but against Obama. He was the scarier of the two. It has nothing to do with qualifications, or lack of. To not have a level playing field in a Democracy or Republic (our country) in the voting process is downright evil to my mind. Help stamp it out. Be ticked off, and speak or shout to any and all - especially our politicians - federal, state and local. We are not alone. Maybe you and your friends should attend the next "Tea Party" this coming 4th of July. Oh yes, the second example of buying a political office is the (fittingly) comedian Al Franken. He is the new democrat Senator for Minnesota by 200 votes; after getting huge sums (from Hollywood) to outspend his opponent. One office at a time, we will lose America.

No nation can defeat America. America can only be defeated from within. Apathy of the good majority, standing by, is allowing even our universities and schools to be overtaken by socialist minded teachers. They shape our vulnerable young minds to question the Constitution that made our Country unique and great. They teach them to feel guilty and responsible for all the ills of the world; not of being proud to be American, and of all the GOOD she does! Is this brainwashing? Well, how much bombardment can young developing minds take, if all their teachings as they grow, all their news and media and even their entertainment has a leaning, or outright bias, with one constant theme?

I apologize for sometimes rambling, but I am new at this and so many thoughts come to mind as I write. I can only re-write so many times without getting bored with the tedium. Besides, it's free. There just seems so much to say. Where do I start? So I kind of started with tomatoes. Everything seems to point out something else that needs to be addressed. Every week there is new "news" material for comment, so I hope you will read "One American's View" next week.
I feel better for venting. Thanks for listening, Phil Faustman

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