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57th Issue 03/01/11

Our gov't has given Planned Parenthood (PP) $360 mil to pay for abortions with taxpayer's money. Sting operations by concerned citizens to prove they did, found that PP was as sleazy as ACORN. The sting people made their stories outrageous, saying that they were into sex-trade & had some 14 & 15 yr old girls that were pregnant. The taped conversation with a manager of PP had the manager saying, they really didn't need or want that much information. Just fill out the forms to get the gov't-paid-for abortions. This "procedure" was regularly repeated elsewhere. What kind of scummy gov't-paid people don't care about obviously abused under-age girls? This is yet another disgrace, just like ACORN's people okay with a prostitution ring of young girls (still no prosecutions). Does no one spending Fed funds care about deceit, lies, child abuse, forced sex, the taxpayers or openly breaking the law? Capture these immoral, illegal, disgusting, corrupt acts on film, & today's media goes after the good people that expose it to the public! It would go on forever if gov't policed itself. Pathetically, it says a lot! In Obama's SOT Union address he touted successful high-speed trains in other countries - wants those for us. I call that asinine speaking without thought - gambling hundreds of Billions while we're destitute. AMTRAK is a total economic failure because no one uses it besides Biden. A train can go only as fast as the slowest train in front of it. Whole new rail systems would be an enormous cost to taxpayers right now, for benefits (if any) many years down the road. And it's another waste (like AMTRAK) if the vision isn't shared by lots of enthusiastic riders. No more subsidies! No subsidy is more stupid than corn for fuel, but AMTRAK & this are close. It is our American nature (different culture than Japan or Europe) to want individual transport (cars). That won't change overnight. Did you notice that in his SOTU address he went 4,000 words before he actually said the word "debt?" Taxpayers now really hate the term "stimulus" so that was totally avoided too. He substituted "investment" for stimulus & spending, thinking we wouldn't notice the subtle changes, you & I being stupid & all. It's a ploy taught in his Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals" handbook: Change names or terms when "sheeple" begin to show signs of unrest or disfavor. And give bad things good sounding names to get them passed. The lies & deceit, hard nosed tactics ("gun to a knife fight" or "ends justify the means") he learned in politically corrupt Chicago. Why are unions allowed in the public sector at all? Ann Coulter puts it well, "Do you have a boss that wants you to work harder for less money? In the private sector, yes. In the public sector, a big fat NO." George Will notes, "(Public-sector) unions are gov't organized as an interest group to lobby itself to do what it always wants to do anyway - grow. These unions use dues extracted from members to elect their members' employers. And gov'ts, not disciplined by the need to make a profit, extract gov't employees' salaries from taxpayers. Gov't sits on both sides of the table in cozy 'negotiations' with unions." By gov't Will means "democrats," for whom (in 2010) the Amer Fed of State County & Municipal Employees exclusively gave $90 mil for campaigns. Gov't union employees select their appreciative bosses, who in turn reward their "employees" with excessive pay packages to provide more dues & incentive to do it all over again & again - both stick it to taxpayers, who don't make half as much. To this runaway absurdity Obama chirps, "Some of what I've heard coming out of Wisconsin, where you're just making it harder for public employees to collectively bargain generally, seems more of an assault on unions." Think he's biased against taxpayers? And thinks Unions (that put him in) will KEEP HIM in office in that same cozy (let's both stick it to the taxpayers way)? The irony in Wisc is that this is where it all started in 1959, when their Dem Gov first gave gov't employees "collective bargaining rights." In just 50 yrs look how catastrophic this fiasco has become to the whole country! Unions fear the "domino effect" if fiscal sanity prevails & Wisc falls. That's why they ran in thugs from all over. Rep Capuano (D-MA) said, I'm proud to be here with people who understand that it's more than just an email to get you going. Every once in a while you need to get out on the streets & get a little bloody when necessary." Just weeks ago Capuano decried heated "vitriolic rhetoric" in the Tuscon killings. Wisc Union demonstrators were shocking, abusive, violent, & vulgar, with racial epithets & physical threats so bad I won't even present them here. Yet no mention in the press, that only sees & reports as news what they want you to see, & total silence on"civility" from union-loving Obama! You can easily find videos on the net - try Michelle Malkin. Evil George Soros-funded, MediaMatters & scads of Unions are deeply in all this & calling for all 50 states to join in. Move On says, "We demand an end to the attacks on worker's rights & public services across the country. We demand investment, to create decent jobs for the millions of people who desperately want to work. And we demand that the rich & powerful pay their fair share." Lots of demands! I demand that all states declare bankruptcy/insolvency in order to end all asinine gov't employee contractual obligations. I demand states all start over & never ever again have union-represented gov't workers. By the way, who are the rich & what is their fair share? Unions & Obama will determine that no doubt! The 75 DC teachers that Chancellor Rhee fired from their awful public school system were just reinstated - with 2 yrs back pay. That is why we must gut the whole system. No one cares about the kids, especially Obama. And why is it everywhere Liberals protest they leave the grounds like a garbage dump, if not vandalized? And Tea Party Conservatives quietly clean everything up? It speaks volumes. What happened to Egypt in just a couple of generations shows how America could regress if our university youth become brainwashed or "guided" by teachers & media. Egypt's university graduation photos said it all. Photos of the 50s, 60s & 70s showed all women dressed like westerners, like TV sit-coms in the USA. They liked & copied us then. Writings may have bias (look at our media) - pictures don't lie. In the 90s (enter Mubarak) grad pics were about 50/50 western dress & burkas (veil & robe). In 2005 (15 yrs of Mubarak) it was a sea of burkas & no western dress. This proves the takeover & progression of hard-line Islam. Also Mubarak was given $2 Bil in aid annually if he banned female genital mutilation, which was dictated to 97% of all females. Since the ban it is down to 91%. We got lip service only as he fattened his bank accounts. These are trying & stressful times for all that truly care about our country & where we are headed. I know that I tire & get discouraged at times, trying to make a difference. I hope these words inspire & spur you on when frustrated. They do me. William Arthur Ward, "Courage: To laugh is to risk appearing a fool. To weep is to risk appearing sentimental. To reach out to another is to risk involvement. To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self. To place your ideas & dreams before a crowd is to risk their loss. To love is to risk not being loved in return. To live is to risk dying. To hope is to risk despair. To try is to risk failure. But risks must be taken because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing. The person who risks nothing, does nothing, has nothing, is nothing. He may avoid suffering & sorrow, but he cannot learn, feel change, grow or live. Chained by his servitude he is a slave who has forfeited all freedom. Only a person who risks is free. The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; and the realist adjusts the sails." I know I throw some "heavy stuff" at you at times. Some seems unbelievable. I don't like always being the bearer of bad news. I wish things were not so bleak, but I feel they are & I've researched a lot, not wanting to find what I now cannot ignore, & must pass on. I believe in coincidences, but not when the numbers are overwhelming. When people & scenes are on film & people speak clearly on tape of their thoughts & intentions - evidence piles up. I don't care what they later say or how media spins it. My trust is gone. I have many friends that do not share my observations, some probably think I'm a loon. But I readily risk that, & whatever should come from those true loonies out there that I expose. I'm no real threat until serious numbers find my site, begin to listen, agree & pass it on. But then I'm really making a difference & all will be worth it. Obama's multi-billionaire buddy, George Soros is launching a new investment fund that plans to profit off the "green energy" boom - currently dependent on gov't subsidies supported by the groups Soros funds, like Center for American Progress. Cathy Zoi has stepped down from Obama's job of Acting Undersec'y for Energy & Assist Sec'y for Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy. I told you about Zoi & her husband's stock ownership in Serious Windows "conflict of interest" about a year ago. That's the green energy company both Obama & Biden personally plugged on TV. She had financial interest in another one also poised to profit from gov't spending. Well, she is now going to work (an honest living in private sector) for Soros' new fund (SLKW) that invests in energy & resource sectors. Zoi has served on a bunch of boards & advisory comm of companies in the clean-tech sector. Do you think she can make Obama's friend even richer? Plus all of their insider families & friends? All off unsuspecting taxpayer subsidies. And to think, Martha Stewart went to jail. Obama gave $701 mil in stimulus to Wisconsin for shovel-ready jobs - with much fanfare & lots of hurrahs, knowing state politicians would throw it into (in the red) gov't union workers' elaborate pensions & health care, where $600 mil (86%) quickly went. Multiply that x 50 states! Not private jobs, just delaying tactics on the inevitable. Almost a trillion tax dollars used to buy & bribe (set the stage & entrench union influence & power) & reward supporters like Gen Elec. But mostly those well-organized voting union members - public & private. Don't forget that extra $26 Bil Obama also gave "teachers" unions last year. Wisc Gov Walker is likened to Adolf Hitler. Wisc teachers indoctrinate their students that the Nazis were "right-wing fascists" to liken them to undesirable tea party conservatives. This is absurdly false of course, but it's what they "teach," so it is what our kids "know." Once upon a time our kids were the priority. Now they're just there seemingly for the socialism, anti-capitalism indoctrination. Not all teachers & regions, of course - yet. But like tolerated Islam terrorist training, how many are too much? As Obama once said, "Too much information is not helpful." I think he was referring to FOX News & the internet, but youths too informed don't follow well either. Libya's oil production is halted, but it's only 3% of the world's production & the Saudis said they would probably make that up. But Wall St speculators are having a ball & we will all (again) pay at the pump for no damned energy plan. That's lunacy! But there's one bit of humor. The UK & Scottish gov'ts release of Pan-Am terrorist bomber al-Megrahi (to assure a flow of Libyan oil) is looking like a really bad PR move. Tell me how the butchering Gadhafi's Libya got a seat on the UN's Human Rights Council! One more reason to de-fund the UN & push it into the sea. Obama has been rather quiet on Gadhafi. He has ties he would rather not be known. His Pastor of 20 yrs, Jeremiah Wright has a long friendly relationship with Gadhafi, who sponsors his & Obama's other friend, Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam here in the U.S.. Wright said (in 2008 campaign), "When (Obama's) enemies find out that I went to Tripoli to visit (Gadhafi) with Farrakhan, a lot of his Jewish support will dry up quicker than a snowball in hell." But his sycophants were so caught up in "hope & change" no one paid attention. Certainly his supporting press & McCain ignored it, so unknowing voters were had. McCain stupidly refused to use the Wright relationship against Obama. I'll always hold that against him & the rotten press. I voted for him. Look at my other choice! He could have easily exposed the lies & cover-ups & the press would have imploded. Farrakan has been lying in the weeds (to not detract from Obama's thunder) biding his time. It is now, & you will hear a lot from him. He's preaching hate, revenge, chaos & 'taking it.'" He is radical Islam in America, which is rapidly getting bolder - & demanding (like Soros' & Unions). Islamist Muslims are now demonstrating even for Shariah law in front of the WH. They are teaching hatred of infidels (Christians/Jews) in U.S. schools. Not all, I'm sure, but even one is too many. We have no idea (without profiling) how extensive all this is. Extreme Islamists (to train & teach the novices) easily cross over from Mexico. The 2 most photographed & influential women representing America must be 1st lady, Michelle & Sec'y of State, Hillary. Am I the only one seeing a consistently terribly dressed (& much too tight fitting) Michelle? And Hillary often looks downright haggard, with hair disheveled & stringy. I don't like her but she looked lots better when 1st lady. Michelle has 43 (apparently useless) aides! The press thought Nancy Reagan (republican) was ostentatious with 3. Michelle is packing on pounds. Tight-fitting pantylines are not becoming. It's our image too. And the hypocricy of telling schools, us & restaurants what to eat & serve, while they both freely eat & serve everything they would deny us. Different rules for elite & fools. Well here I am, researching, writing & giving my opinion in what I feel you must know. I believe as Glenn Beck, "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst." And never underestimate your enemy. Obama says we must speak "as one voice," when he finally got around to commenting on all the demonstrations, unrest & falling gov'ts overseas. He is already showing his affinity (along with Hillary) for that "new world order." All these demonstrations are Union organized or at least heavily supported. Note that Andy Stern (SEIU) & Richard Trumka (AFL-CIO) are everywhere, stoking up the fires of protest. TV proves the connections by those red flags they are waving everywhere. Those red flags are waving in Wisconsin also. Stern, Trumka & "Code Pink" (special friends to Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, Obama & Gov Brown of Calif) are bouncing back & forth from the middle-east to Wisc to support & agitate, even with the teacher's unions. Those "missing" democrat state legislators play a part. Their stall keeps all this in the news for the Unions' worldwide show. Media are quiet in cover-up at times & loud & supportive - depending on Union needs. Trumpka even says he is talking to someone in the WH every day & goes there 3 times a week. Trumka & Stern are thugs, surely communists & going after world power. Union members (at least over here) are not. A clear majority (59%-27%) polled said they would fire their bosses if it could be done by secret ballot. The bosses (at will) just take tons of dues money to "donate" & bribe. Repub, Independ or Dem, if you're a member your dues go to the Dem party. Look at the enormous influence & support these powerful Marxist "bosses" have bought with Obama & the liberal/progressives (House & Senate). The 84% complicit media is free I think. They even partner-up with revolutionaries, radicals & terrorist groups out "to get" America. How is it possible the Unions could (in 2 short yrs) seize so much power & influence? Saul Alinsky says, "Organize the organizers." That's Unions in unison. Stern of the SEIU & writer of ObamaCare says, "Workers of the world unite!" (an old communist cry). A president who said HE would walk in demonstrations with unions may help. Plus, Obama took major Unions & their organizational skills (thugs) into the WH & told his Justice dept & media lap-dogs to look the other way, like with the "guilty-reversal" of jack-booted Black Panthers. He also has the Supreme Ct tilted his way with his 2 new admiring justices waiting to help. They will haunt us for 30 yrs or more on asinine 5-4 decisions ruling our lives. Consider Obama's dictatorial stance on ignoring any court decisions not going his way (Gulf oil ban overruled - twice) & ObamaCare as unconstitutional. He just publicly told (DOJ) Holder to not defend the Defense of Marriage Act (one man to one woman). In 1996 the House & Senate overwhelmingly passed it into law & Clinton signed it. 15 yrs later Obama decides on his own to declare it "unconstitutional" & orders his Justice Dept to ignore it! It is his sworn duty (& Holder's) to uphold & enforce laws of the land, regardless of opinion. His arrogance is absolutely astounding! And, again he lied to get elected, but that's not news to anyone half-conscious anymore. When campaigning he said his Christian beliefs (another laugh) were that "marriage" was between a man & a woman. He courted the gays in every other way but needed those independent & conservative votes. He has now come out of the closet & all but told the Constitution, legislative process, the people, courts & congress, "Blow it out your ear. I'll do what I damned-well please." Is there even one man (sorry ladies) in the House or Senate that will stand up & call this arrogant dictator a liar to his face? If I hear the political pansy term "disingenuous" one more time I'll throw up. Obama is a habitual liar! A dangerous one, & a threat to America. I stop respecting the office & giving the benefit of the doubt, when there is no doubt. I believe Obama "Dreams" of what his father wanted, America & the West brought to their knees (redistribution of wealth reparations for perceived transgressions). This burns deep inside Obama & only humiliation (economic destruction) of America will put out that fire! I believe he intends to accomplish this through worldwide hunger & unrest. His Unions fan the flames, organize & prod the people everywhere, while HE goes about creating joblessness, dependency & economic chaos here. As America goes, so goes the World. So what happens if he kills our coal & oil energy here, & those oil fields over there are ablaze or in the hands of those bent on our destruction - and the Suez canal is blocked? I hope for the best, but prepare you... One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others of my site, Phil Faustman (Google)

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56th Issue 02/07/11

How did we stray so far from our Founding Fathers? Why are those in power so bent on always grabbing more power? Thomas Paine's wisdom said, "Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state, an intolerable one." Obviously, those in office believe entirely differently, as gov't is taking over every facet of our lives. Those in office that scorn our founders' wisdom, scorn our Constitution & scorn us, The People. When do WE unite & leave no doubt, by the millions, of our scorn for them? Throw every one of them out of office! I offer here a short history lesson. Indentured servants "leased" their services out for 4-6 yrs to book passage to the New World, then became "free." Slaves were bought outright, never to be free - were considered as "property." The majority of our Founders hated slavery & freely stated so. Liberals love to sneer at our Founders, conservatives & tea-partys, lately disparaging all with the misunderstood 3/5's Rule that counted slaves as 3/5 of a person. It sounds mean, cruel, unfair, inhuman - just as liberals today want it to - spew hate (without media criticism) to gain political guilt-advantage from the unknowing - YOU perhaps. The ratification of the Constitution was at an impasse back then, & had been for years. The southern states had dense populations of slaves, but not that many "eligible" voters - slaves being considered purchased property to tend the fields & crops. The census was to determine how many representatives each state would have, to vote in the House, so southerners (for this purpose) wanted slaves counted as persons (but their owners would do all the voting). Remember, no woman could vote then either. The North said "NO." It would be an unfair advantage for power (the south had 90% of all the slaves). If the South could count their farm (plantation) slaves, someone said (somewhat sarcastically) then the North should be able to count the horses & mules in their fields. It was heated, & the compromise to finally get Constitutional agreement was to let slaves be counted as 3/5 of a person - 100,000 would be recognized as 60,000 for House Representative numbers & electoral-college voting for President. It was not sinister. It was a necessity of the times, because the South wanted to form its own country. It was a big power thing then. If you think not, consider that right after ratification, the importation of slaves shot way up. The south took heavy political control for many years from that 3/5 compromise. What the north feared was real. It would have been far more power, faster if slaves had been census-counted as "whole" people. Those loving to play today's "race card" using 200 yr old 20-20 hindsight will keep it a festering issue, with media play, for current politics. Fan those flames to your advantage. Ignore the facts of history. Better yet, media, twist & distort them - even lie for still more advantage. Anything goes, just like importing lots more slaves. Cunning takeover of power took us to Civil War back then. Is it rearing its ugly head again?

Obama has over 1,000 advisory panels with over 74,000 members, costing over $400 Mil to taxpayers. In 2000 they cost us $215 Mil & apparently were giving us better advice. Jeff Immelt (Gen Elec) CEO was just Obama-appointed to chairman of the New Jobs Council. This inept bozo ran GE right into the ground, so Obama appointed Immelt onto his Economic Advisory staff after giving his GE $26 Bil in loans. Look how that turned out. And, GE (Immelt) gets huge gov't contracts from an appreciative Obama for all of the sickening propaganda crap Immelt's NBC, CNBC & MSNBC supports him with. GE will get immense gov't Green-energy contracts as Obama's EPA shuts down coal power & mining jobs. GE will take even more of their jobs overseas (where 53% of their workers are already) when Immelt chairs that "New Jobs" post while simultaneously running GE. Neal Boortz said of Obama & Immelt, "They are so in bed together, it's amazing that Immelt is not pregnant!" Immelt gave orders to his 3 "Propaganda News" stations to not say anything negative about Obama, starting early in his campaign. You see his rewards everywhere.

Obama & Company likes to quote the CBO (Cong Budget Off) for facts & figures on how much will be saved, or how such & such can be financed with no "cost" blah blah etc etc. But it's just as the head of the CBO shrugs & says, "Garbage in - garbage out." Their opinion isn't asked, like, does it even pass the "smell" test? I say often, "Figures don't lie, but liars figure." Obama's liars never stop. They just use the CBO's credibility to "sell" their garbage. The figures & scenarios they continually give are a joke but their instructions are to just report back the numbers IF this info given to you is real. The CBO doesn't like being used, just like scientists didn't like "lying" & being used, using false "facts" & numbers to "verify" global-warming. The "smell" test on ObamaCare would tell even an idiot with a head cold that you can't pull $450 Bil from Medicare (which is on the ropes even before all the "boomers" get on board) without very serious repercussions. And yet, that's the only reason it's even remotely "affordable." It's all sheer nonsense that taxpayers know, but their idiot representatives supposedly don't. Obama also didn't bother to include $115 Bil of cost just to implement his "Care!" And, the CBO was told to include the taxation of big Union's "Cadillac" insurance plans that Obama knew he would immediately exempt from paying. It goes on & on, yet only about 16% of all media questions any of these miracle-funding lies! The only bottom-line question really needed is, "How many Trillions is it going to cost us for this pie-in-the-sky B.S. Utopia!? This is why it was fast-tracked unread, but to not be exposed for its economic destruction until after Obama's re-election! New FL represent Allen West (one man you must watch for our future) says it well, "There's a dishonesty in the liberal/progressive/socialist agenda that comes down and says, 'We're here because we care about you; we want what's best for you.' But really, what they want is the control of your life." Just last issue I reported that over 200 organizations & groups (1.5 Mill people) had waivers from compliance. Over 500 more have been added, (729 total) so far! Represent Trey Gowdy (R-SC) said, "If there are exemptions, what was the process by which they were sought and given?" They just have W.H. connections, Trey. That's all that's needed! There are many more to come. These too are violations of our Constitutional rights (individuals & small businessmen) to equal protection under the law. The big guys squeal & squawk & have the lobbying clout, or are already in the fold, so the small business (job-makers) are nailed again, as Obama continues talking "jobs priority" while he slams the door. There's one set of laws for Obama, Congress & all their friends & another set for all of us dummies! Obama studied Constitutional Law for only one purpose - to exploit every weakness & loophole. But our brilliant Founders designed a flawless document. Only the flaws & weaknesses of those in Congress & our Courts can be exploited by evil power-seekers. Only "The People," when they've truly had enough, can remove every damned one of them. I, in my heart, do believe they will - one way - or another. Bill Cosby says, "There are four boxes to be used in defense of Liberty: The soap box, the ballot box, the jury box - and the ammo box. Please use in that order."

Bill Maher (another pathetic liberal comedian with a national audience) gets to rip apart tea-party Americans, our Constitution, our Founding Fathers, belief in God & shout out how rotten & nasty America is. For this he gets paid enormously by our (his words) stinking capitalist system, & his ridicule gets lots of laughs from other lousy Americans. First, you need to know that "tea-baggers" is double entendre - one is an obscene term amongst crude individuals - natural insulting humor to Maher. He said, "Now I want you tea-baggers out there to understand one thing: While you idolize the Founding Fathers & dress up like them, & smell like them, I think it's pretty clear that the Founding Fathers would have hated your guts. And what's more, you would have hated them. They were everything you despise. They studied science, read Plato, hung out in Paris, & thought the Bible was mostly bulls--t." Maher (& Michael Moore) are so like Obama, Pelosi & Reid. They can all just openly lie like crazy & it is readily accepted as truth or humor. And they also treat you like you're so stupid you need to be led around by the nose. You can't be trusted to make the simplest decisions. That other unfunny (loud, full of lies & hate) comedienne, Janeane Garofalo blasted tea-partys (on poisonous MSNBC), "They have no idea what the Boston Tea Party was about. They don't know their history at all. This is about hating a black man in the White House. This is racism straight up. That is nothing but a bunch of tea-bagging rednecks." Maher says, "We have democrats for only one reason, to drag the ignorant hillbilly half of this country into the next century, which in their case is the 19th. They don't understand the issues, they're too stupid. They're like a dog. They can understand inflection. They can understand fear. They can understand dominance. They don't understand issues. You can't actually explain issues to a dog."

Four months ago a far-left wacko attempted to assassinate Gov Nixon of Missouri. 22 yr old, Breznik wore a bullet-proof vest & tried to slash Nixon's throat. He mistakenly cut the throat of the college Dean instead, before he was overwhelmed. The Dean is OK, but this would have been big "news" if it had been any nut on the right, that could even remotely be tied to Palin, Beck, Limbaugh or Tea Party. You know the press stampeded to the blood, full of hope - but had to say, "Dang it! Put down the cameras. He's one of us." Did you see or hear one word of this assassination attempt of a top official? Amazing! More evidence of the sleazy left media.

From the promise of, give us a near Trillion in Stimulus & we'll keep unemployment below 8% to present-day loony-tunes Pelosi saying they saved us from certain 16% unemp & crabbing that they're not getting enough credit, it boggles the mind. Only the addled could spend wildly, like a maniac, then announce (with a straight face), "Deficit reduction has been a high priority for us. It is our mantra, Pay As You Go." Just 3 months ago she said food stamps created jobs! About unemp benefits she said, "This is one of the biggest stimuluses to our economy. It creates jobs faster than almost any other initiative." You might (very loosely) think that this spending gift will help maintain the status-quo (artificially) for those still working, but in NO way can it "create" a job! You can't take money out of the private sector (taxes) & then put that taxed money (now as unemp pay & stamps) back into that same private sector as purchases & say that creates jobs! That is a shell-game explained with political double-talk, smoke & mirrors - and assuming that those listening, are idiots. How did this air-head get to the top & amass all her millions? She totally embarrasses herself. She even said that Obama created more private jobs last year than Bush did in 8! Her brain is mush. These aren't gaffes - it's blathering nonsense. If she was republican our blood-thirsty media would rip her to shreds every time she opened her mouth. Her reasoning, facts & figures are just pulled out of the air. Obama's are too, but he is a calculating, systematic liar. She just rambles. HE is dangerous. When I hear her, the system scares me. But if she, & gaffe-a-minute Harry Reid are considered among the elite - we aren't really up against much, once you see through that lying media support protecting them.

Back before the democrats (Pelosi & Reid - 2004) got the reins, the worst school district in the nation (DC) started getting student vouchers to attend private schools (courtesy of Bush & repubs). Obama attended a private school, so do his daughters. Vouchers were a resounding success. Parents were thrilled, so Obama killed it in 2009 because of teacher's Unions pressure. It made their lousy public system look bad. They even revoked 216 that had already been approved. The new Republican House is now pushing to re-enact it - giving $8,000/yr for elem students & $12,000 for HS. Not only successful, it's comparatively very cheap! No wonder it's so hated by teacher's unions. Cost per public DC student now is $28,000 (not $8-12,000)! Another obvious stupid waste of taxpayer money - more than twice as much for half as much! How could there be ANY debate? Any resistance whatsoever? Get their names. Shame them & run them out of office! We spend more than any other nation on earth - in monumental failure. We get embarrassed in any world scholarly competition anymore - we don't even enter Math! And Obama (SOT Union address) wants to "invest" (spend even more stupidly) in our public education. Stimulate those Unions some more, sir - & send your kids to private.

KSM (Mohammad) was video-taped decapitating Dan Pearl AND masterminded the 9/11 attacks killing innocent thousands. He still has not been brought to trial, nearly 10 yrs later. Att'y Gen Holder & Obama have us looking like fools in the world's eyes. 13 yrs after the 1998 bloody Embassy bombings, we finally got a US court (expensive circus) conviction of Ahmed Ghailani. He was acquitted on 284 of 285 charges. Were 284 of those just to string out & pad lawyer's pay on both sides (since we pay also for the defense)? Or are we so inept that we fabricated 284 offenses? Or was it a sign of how scary a jury can be? Obama has quietly succumbed (no media outrage) & decided to have military tribunals at Gitmo - which he still hasn't closed, after adamantly swearing he would, as a first order of business. He campaigned (milking the media) heavily, ripping into all of Bush's anti-terrorism policies (wiretaps, drone attacks, oversea prisons, military tribunals, etc. He now has adopted them all himself, but without the media outrage Bush got daily. Think he'll ever apologize to Bush?

Did you know that when China's Chairman Hu came here that the parade route had "paid" students all along it chanting, with lots of waving flags & banners in front to block out the human rights protesters? Students on Chinese scholarships were ordered to attend for int'l show. They worked in Chinese embassy organized shifts. They were also promised plum jobs when they return home, if they serve the Party well, abroad. But the crowds were told, "If interviewed, just say you came spontaneously to do the welcome & paid all your own costs." The Chinese leave nothing to chance. That Chinese pianist (at the big DC show) played a "ridiculing ditty" (Korean Conflict era) with hidden American insults (in the lyrics not sung) that the massive China TV audience back home could laugh at. They were previously informed (probably ordered) to watch, laugh & enjoy. It goes with Hu's speech that went without interruption by an interpreter right to the end. Then, a long prepared English version was read. I'll bet anything they weren't the same - just like Ahmadinejad of Iran does. Our media wouldn't say boo if they knew, since Obama applauded the speech and the ditty. And, when over there (in China) Obama exited the Imperial Palace (11/09), he went through the "Gate of Divine Prowess" as all must do. But their Communist TV coverage said Obama went through the "Gate of Obedience & Purity." Their unending subtleties denied him that "honor." When pres Nixon went there he had to extend his arm way out to shake hands, because the Premier had a bad arm they said. Their photo & media said to the populace, "See how long Nixon's arm is stretched out? That shows the U.S. is reaching out to us." China's new "Stealth" fighter was unveiled just a week before Sec'y of Defense, Gates arrived there for talks. It is almost the mirror image of our stealth - imagine that. Of course, no one has seen it do more than taxi around on the ground. That is their way. China can easily, openly up-stage & make world-wide fun of us, with this apologetic, mushy & ignorant administration.

Rham Emanuel wants to be mayor of Chicago. An appellate court said he lacked residency qualifications (like some question Obama's). But the state supreme court got him back on fast-track, ruling with lightening speed (7-0) that he does qualify. It's amazing how fast they can get to it & render a decision when motivated. Illinois Gov Daley & Obama want Rahm as mayor, along with crooked ACORN & the Unions with their hands out. Interestingly, Rham has $12 Mil to spend to get him there. His 5 opponents (all together) don't have half that much. Another strategic office bought even before the election formality. Yes, he is way out in front in the polls in just a matter of hours. And yes, another Illinois' Daley (family history of corruption) shoots off to DC to side with Obama - taking Rham's old job (WH Chief of Staff). Why doesn't all this bother half of this country?

We are the only industrialized country (unbelievably) that does not have an energy program, what our needs are - & will be 10, 20, 30, 50 yrs from now. How will we achieve those needs? If we drill for oil all over for our own oil, they say it will take 10 yrs before we see real benefits. Well, why didn't we start drilling 10 yrs ago? Or 20 or 30, when the Arabs jerked us around with long lines at the pumps for expensive gasoline? How many times do you have to get your nose rubbed in it? We are energy "pigs" by world standards. If you're going to be "pigs," at least recognize the obvious & plan ahead, otherwise you become just stupid pigs. Why do we not ask, where electricity comes from to plug in all those electric cars, as Obama shuts down coal-fired power plants & jobs all over? Don't say wind & solar without smiling. Highly polluting China is now building TWO coal-fired plants every week, doubling their previous efforts as Obama shuts ours down! When will all those power plug outlets or battery-exchange stations be installed nationwide? After you pay heavily to charge it up it will quickly become weak & listless north of the Mason-Dixon line half the year, nigh useless in a Michigan winter, climbing a hill. Cold kills batteries! Ever think of that? What a buy for $40,000 plus. What visionaries.

Note that the anti-gov't protests in Egypt (tens of thousands) against Pres Mubarak are clamoring for democracy ("hope & change"). VP Biden says Mubarak is "not a dictator," but he shut down all communications - telephone & internet! Is this a close parallel to (Obama's & Cass Sunstein's) intentions for an Internet "kill-switch" here? Be very concerned with what is going on over there. Not only Egypt, but with terrorist Hamas having taken over Lebanon & Palestine. Tunisia's open rebellion & successful demonstrations inspired Egypt's people taking to the streets. Jordan's situation is precarious & Yemen is about to fall. These Muslim countries were not ideal, or democracies to our American way of thinking of freedom & such, but they live in a vastly different world than we & we can't select who heads up their country. We can only negotiate & deal with who's there, or they selected - no matter how distasteful that often becomes. Otherwise, Iran, Hamas & radical Islam take over everywhere over there and march West. They are doing so now, but it's rapidly picking up speed. Beware & learn all you can about the "Muslim Brotherhood." They are evil to America in every way imaginable - yet Obama rather likes them. The "Hood" is prodding & provoking, organizing & instructing (handing out how-to pamphlets) at these demonstrations of unrest to escalate it to rioting, looting & killing. It is far more radical than here, but like the internet shut-down, the sly organizational efforts & prodding of big Unions & ACORN for unrest here is eerily similar. In the vacuum chaos causes, Iran, Hamas, & radical Islam will seize control - in the guise of helping, protecting & taking care of the people. They will promise "Hope & Change"- then Hope is dashed as Change is for the worse. Is that happening here? Sound familiar? Do you see more violence, unrest & distrust in America today? Like in the last 2 years, especially? Obama constantly insults & rebuffs America's long-standing allies, while apologizing repeatedly to all those that would do us in, or certainly enjoy seeing us, "done in." No other president in history has acted in such a puzzling, arbitrary, incredulous way - like, he's not one of us, & he wants the Muslim world (& anyone else not liking us) to know that. If Egypt falls to Hamas, who has vowed there will be peace only when Israel is wiped off the map & every Jewish man, woman & child is exterminated, Israel will undoubtably retaliate invasion from all sides with nuclear arms. What will we do? We may soon be looking at all the ingredients for World War III! Radical Islam & Muslims world-wide are thumbing their noses at America & the West. Go ahead, bow, extend your hand, reach out in peace, Obama. Maybe they'll let you keep a piece of your hand.

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my site. Phil Faustman