Thursday, July 30, 2009

Issue #13


If you’ve been reading my newsletters for very long you know that I attack our government’s policies, and huge spending, and thousand page bills, voted on and passed that nobody reads. I keep saying they are “stupid” or that is “stupid”, or how can they not see? Folks, even a stupid person (making lots of decisions) would occasionally get something right. We miss the obvious when we try to understand from a position of good caring Americans. We are thinking, “Hey, we’re all in this mess together. How can we pull ourselves out of this and get back on track?” The erroneous assumption is that Congress and the President are on our side. WRONG! The ugly truth avails itself, if you loosen up your thinking and imagine “what if”. What if, they are really trying to deceive us, and don’t care what we want or what our opinion is? What then? What are you going to do about it? Are you going to vote him or her out of office? Or are you going to get MAD as hell and knock on doors, and be active until all these worthless bums are thrown out? Pelosi, Frank, Dodd, Reid, Boxer and a dozen more (at least) have personal agendas not good for America. They have somehow gravitated to lofty positions. Probably because they’ve been around forever, and the newer others are just into the good life, that hoards of aggressive lobbyists with fists full of cash can provide. No, they’re not stupid. Those “agendas” are thumbing their noses at our Constitution, and deliberately ignoring the will (concerns) of the people. The majority of Congress views the majority of America with scorn! They know better than we, what is best for us, and how to spend our money! They have too many things going on in their personal lives to even read bills before they vote, or to debate on behalf of those they duped into electing them. Most of them are a disgrace to their office for doing nothing and allowing the bad element to take over, trash our economy, and turn a proud robust nation into a sorry Socialist state. There is only one reason for someone to make a bill so long that no one wants to read it. About 800 pages into a thousand page bill, is the stuff everyone should read and know about! And then another 300 or 400 pages gets added the day before, and everyone’s told to “Hurry up, sign it.” What kind of sorry representation did we put in office? No one’s suspicious? No one cares? Who writes those Bills? The President didn't! Congress can't even read them!

Do you want JOBS? Hire private firms to attack fraud and abuse in government run anything and award them .50 on the $1.00. I guarantee you will uncover even more than is suspected. But if you have government employees policing government (anything) you’re a fool, and part of the problem. The government system reviews less than 5% of 1.2 billion claims a year. What are you going to catch with that effort? If we presume those (government employed) seeking fraud (in government) are competent, earnest, and cannot be “bought” then we must say, they are ridiculously understaffed. It is woefully inadequate no matter how you look at it! Example of one “discovery” (after who knows how long they “prospered”) in the South Florida region: That region billed Medicare more than 2 billion each year for injectable HIV medications (22 times as high as any other region in the country). I guess this was too outrageous and too “out of line” for even the government to ignore, so they “cracked down”, and 1.75 billion less in claims resulted in the next year. Did everybody miraculously get cured? Over 2 billion pared down to 250 million, overnight, when the government got half way serious! This is one example I found. How much is really going on? Oh yes, these crooks just moved north, to ply their “trade” in other regions, spread it out more thinly, and fly under the Medicare computer radar. The criminal theft just relocates and continues unabated. They wise up. We never do!

The following written by Chris Edwards of the CATO Institute 7/15/09
Every year, criminals and cheats pilfer over $100 Billion - that’s $40 billion more than Bernie Madoff scammed off his investors - in federal benefits to which they are not legally entitled. Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, refundable tax credits, and many other programs are targets for looting. Take Medicare. The Government Accountability Office reports that the program makes about $17 billion in improper payments each year. And that doesn’t include problems in the new $60-billion-per-year prescription-drug plan, which is a juicy target for criminals. Harvard University’s Malcolm Sparrow, a specialist in health-care fraud, recently testified to Congress that official estimates are “lacking in rigor,” are “comfortingly low and quite misleading,” and exclude many kinds of fraud and abuse. He thinks that as much as 20 percent of the federal health-care budget is consumed by fraud, which would be $85 billion a year for Medicare. Medicare makes a staggering 1.2 billion electronic payments each year, making it highly vulnerable to cheating by health-care providers and organized-crime rings. Criminals need only fill out the government forms carefully and the “claims will be paid in full and on time, without a hiccup, by a computer, and with no human involvement at all,” according to Sparrow. A perfect example is the recent case of a high-school dropout in Miami who was able to single-handedly bilk Medicare out of $105 million from her laptop by submitting 140,000 separate claims for equipment and services. Medicaid is also a huge abuse target. The GAO puts Medicaid fraud at $33 billion - 11 percent of state and federal spending on the program. Again, that is likely a substantial underestimate. A former Medicaid investigator believes that up to 40 percent of New York State’s Medicaid budget is siphoned off in fraud and improper payments, but New York probably has a worse problem than elsewhere. Using Sparrow’s 20 percent estimate instead, Medicaid rip-offs top $60 billion a year nationwide. Medicare and Medicaid are the biggest fraud targets, but this problem plagues all government subsidy programs. Official loss estimates for other programs include: $12 billion for the Earned Income Tax Credit, $5 billion for Supplemental Security Income, and $14 billion for unemployment insurance. All in all, the cost to taxpayers is well over $100 billion a year, which translates into a theft of $1,000 or more from every household in America every year.

I told you (7th & 10th issues) that Inspector General, Gerald Walpin was told he had one hour to “retire” or be fired He was called back in 45 minutes and was fired. He not only exposed Obama’s close friend (Sacramento, CA Mayor) Kevin Johnson’s misuse of funds, but he was digging into much bigger stuff involving AmeriCorp, which is closely connected to (evil and corrupt) A.C.O.R.N. Michelle Obama moved her own Chief of Staff, Jackie Norris to be Senior Advisor over CNCS (Corporation for National and Community Service) the branch of AmeriCorp that I.G. Walpin was investigating. The I.G. was getting close to Obama involvement (him and her). Then, I.G. Fred Wiederhold was pressured into “retirement” as he investigated Joe Biden’s pet project AMTRAK. Special I.G., Neil Barofsky for TARP (and 3 trillion in bailout funds) is refused access to documents by Treasury Secretary Geithner. Those would link connections to him, huge corporation bailouts, bonuses and our President, (sorry for my cynicism). But, back to AmeriCorp, Mr. and Mrs. Obama and a very telling branch (one of many, much like A.C.O.R.N.). But first, I want to talk about the recent increase in minimum wage.

How do you feel about minimum wage workers getting pay raises in hard economic times? At first glance it seems like a good thing to do. That makes it an easy sale to “do-gooders” and 90% of those employed at that “minimum” wage – compassion sells and gets votes. So it’s a kind of “feel good” noble (and popular) thing for politicians to bestow upon those “less fortunate.” But what is it really? Something for nothing! The business person ordered to increase that paycheck, without any more efficiency or productivity, or any increase in sales of product must take that money out of his or her own pocket, or personally earn less. Now, you may feel they make too much and should be forced to share and that’s that. But do you really think that is the way the real world works? That hourly wage increase of, let’s say 10%, means that if 10 employees work there, one will now get laid off. How does that person feel about the 9 people who got something for nothing? That is the “real” world. Most minimum wage earners are the youth of America (probably still living at home) and unemployed today at a rate more than double that of the rest of the nation. So in effect, the employer is ordered to lay off 10% of his or her work force (when work is scarce). It makes no sense to me, how about you? Nationally, it is estimated to be about 330,000 avoidable jobs lost! Obama likes it. He especially wants the youth of America unemployed and restless. If that sounds like a terrible thing to say, I say, you don’t know your President like some of us and you had better get to know him, and soon. He and Michelle plan to ingratiate themselves with our youth, give them government jobs, and re-educate them. Sound ridiculous? Read this Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) article of 9/4/08, and get to know “Public Allies”, and the Obamas.
Election ‘08: Democrats’ reintroduction of militant Michelle Obama in Denver was supposed to show her softer side. But it only highlighted a radical part of her resume: Public Allies.

Barack Obama was a founding member of the board of Public Allies in 1992, resigning before his wife became executive director of the Chicago chapter of Public Allies in 1993. Obama plans to use the nonprofit group, which he features on his campaign Web site, as the model for a national service corps. He calls his Orwellian program, “Universal Voluntary Public Service.” Big Brother had nothing on the Obamas. They plan to herd American youth into government funded re-education camps where they’ll be brainwashed into thinking America is a racist, oppressive place in need of “social change.” The pitch Public Allies makes on its Web site doesn’t seem all that radical. It promises to place young adults (18-30) in paid one-year “community leadership” positions with nonprofit or government agencies. They’ll also be required to attend weekly training workshops and three retreats. In exchange, they’ll get a monthly stipend of up to $1,800, plus paid health and child care. They also get a post-service education award of $4,725 that can be used to pay off past student loans or fund future education. But its real mission is to radicalize American youth and use them to bring about “social change” through threats, pressure, tension and confrontation - the tactics used by the father of community organizing, Saul “The Red” Alinsky. “Our alumni are more than twice as likely as 18-34 year olds to . . . engage in protest activities,” Public Allies boasts in a document found with its tax filings. It has already deployed an army of 2,200 community organizers like Obama to agitate for “justice” and “equality” in his hometown of Chicago and other U.S. cities, including Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, New York, Phoenix, Pittsburgh and Washington. “I get to practice being an activist,” and get paid for it, gushed Cincinnati recruit Amy Vincent. Public Allies promotes “diversity and inclusion,” a program paper says. More than 70% of its recruits are “people of color.” When they’re not protesting, they’re staffing AIDS clinics, handing out condoms, bailing criminals out of jail and helping illegal aliens and the homeless obtain food stamps and other welfare. Public Allies brags that more than 80% of graduates have continued working in nonprofit or government jobs. It’s training the “next generation of nonprofit leaders” - future “social entrepreneurs.” The Obamas discourage work in the private sector. “Don’t go into corporate America,” Michelle has exhorted youth. “Work for the community. Be social workers. Shun the money culture,” Barack added. “Individual salvation depends on collective salvation.” “If you commit to serving your community,” he pledged in his Denver acceptance speech, “we will make sure you can afford a college education.” So, go through government to go to college, and then go back into government. Many of today’s youth find the pitch attractive. “I may spend the rest of my life trying to create social movement,” said Brian Coovert of the Cincinnati chapter. “There is always going to be work to do. Until we have a perfect country, I’ll have a job.” Not all the recruits appreciate the PC indoctrination. “It was too touchy-feely,” said Nelly Nieblas, 29, of the 2005 Los Angeles class. “It’s a lot of talk about race, a lot of talk about sexism, a lot of talk about homophobia, talk about - isms and phobias.” One of those -isms is “heterosexism,” which a Public Allies training seminar in Chicago describes as a negative by product of “capitalism, white supremacy, patriarchy and male-dominated privilege.” The government now funds about half of Public Allies’ expenses through Clinton’s AmeriCorps. Obama wants to fully fund it and expand it into a national program that some see costing $500 billion. “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded” as the military, he said. The gall of it: The Obamas want to create a boot camp for radicals who hate the military - and stick American taxpayers with the bill!

Well, if this is not a wake up call to you, I don’t know what it takes! This is scary stuff. I will give you more information anyway. I find it incredible that all this evidence throughout the Obamas’ backgrounds was readily available for all to see (who they “hung out” with) and yet McCain didn’t expose them, and of course, the loving media never would. Thank God, a few writers still have some integrity - and wear flag pins on their lapels.

Another of Obama’s friends joined our government as the latest Czar, “Green Jobs”. Van Jones is connected to S.T.O.R.M. (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement) “A multi-racial activist collective with Marxist influences.” He told the “East Bay Express” in 2005, “I met all these young radical people of color - I mean REALLY RADICAL: Communists and Anarchists. And it was, like, ‘This is what I need to be a part of’. I spent the next ten years of my life working with a lot of those people I met in jail, trying to be a revolutionary.” Am I crazy or is this self-proclaimed Communist, Racist, Revolutionary going to be doling out jobs in America? Without bias of course, and with the blessing of Congress and the media, apparently.

The “Canada Free Press” (9-2-08) Communist Author Saul Alinsky wrote, “Rules for Radicals” many years ago, the “Bible” of the far left. His son, L. David Alinsky said of his Father’s influence at the Democratic Convention, “The D.N.C. had all the elements of the perfectly organized event,” Saul Alinsky style. The son wrote in a letter to the “Boston Globe”, “Barack Obama’s training in Chicago by the great community organizers is showing its effectiveness,” Alinsky Jr. wrote. ”It is an extremely powerful format, and the method of my late Father always works to get the message out and get the supporters on board. Obama learned his lesson well.” I remember Michelle (Feb. 18, 08) saying, “For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of America.” And that adoring media said to critics, that’s not what she meant; she was taken out of context. You didn’t really hear what she just said emphatically. We have a President and First Lady that obviously don’t like America, and never have. They will like it better when they bring her to her knees. Where the hell is our Congress? Is there one damn leader among them? How much CRAP do you have to see? SHAME! Shame on all of you!

Obama doesn’t have a complimentary or decent thing to say about America. He is apologetic to every country in the world about his perceived sins of America – Past and Present. I still advocate my K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid) method to analyze and simplify supposed complex problems or “difficult” decision making. If you believe America is bad, (like the Obamas) and has too many faults, explain why nobody is trying to leave this country (in spite of all the public bitching) and EVERYONE is trying to get in! And why, IF our medical care is so suspect, expensive, lacking and needing government controls are people comingto the U.S. (and paying) from all over the world, to be treated by our physicians or go to the Mayo or Cleveland Clinics? Stop listening to bloviating B.S., and K.I.S.S.!! It is aBoldll lies, by professional liars, insulting your intelligence. Get Mad! Get them out of office! Obama and Pelosi want you and me to have government provided health insurance. They (and all of Congress) have the BEST PRIVATE health insurance in the land! They even have a bunch of options to choose from. I saw an interview of a New York Senator last week that I thought was revealing. The Senator was asked, “If the government provided health care (proposed) is so good, would YOU opt out of your health care program to what the people will have?” He said HE was under his wife’s insurance, which was even better! She has a New York State (nearly bankrupt) government job. When the state of N.Y. goes under then maybe he’ll opt to be like us. I believe that Brooklyn Bridge is in New York. Again, it’s not about insurance folks. It’s not about global warming (they now call it “climate change”) or the environment, or energy. It’s about CONTROL! Obama and Pelosi want to control every part of our lives through government dependency. Also to redistribute (perceived white) wealth to the poor minorities (blacks and Hispanics). Obama and Pelosi (in doing so) SEIZE POWER (and more control) through future elections and support from those grateful (tens of millions) for windfall handouts. Obama said he was against reparations for slavery. He said it wasn’t enough! This is where they are taking America, right out of the A.C.O.R.N. Handbook, and Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s pulpit! It is Obama “community organizing” on a National level. Community and organizing were two rather inoffensive words in my vocabulary, until now. Now I despise them. This is MY America! This is YOUR America! What in hell are we letting them do to us?! I don’t care if Obama truly believes he is doing the right thing and he is not bad. I don’t care to rationalize or try to understand WHY he is doing what he is doing. What he is doing is DESTROYING AMERICA! It doesn’t matter if it is by accident or design. America (as we know it and want it to be) will be finished unless all the good people get outraged enough to demand to be heard! I’ve given up on those self-serving asses in Washington. There’s not one leader with a spine. No one will read these bills that are deliberately long and cumbersome to bury hidden agendas. The aggressive few, bent on taking this country over, know Congress is asleep, lazy and self-centered. Wake Up, damn it! I quote again Justice Nominee Sotomayor’s revered, Norman Thomas, “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of “Liberalism” they will adopt every fragment of the Socialism program, until one day America will be a SOCIALIST Nation without knowing how it happened.” This was in issue 6. Also, Samuel Adams said, “It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.” D.C. is in flames! And I’ve given up on the media! It was pathetic enough that they lean left, and lost all objectivity in their love affair with this man, but to betray the whole Country, and embrace such extremism is unbelievable (unforgivable)! Obama and Pelosi couldn’t possibly do something this bizarre without your detestable assistance. WAKE UP DAMN IT! You owe the people (the majority of this country that is steaming mad at them – and YOU) for your role in helping them, and ignoring us! If you can’t see this (and Obama) is out of control, God help you. God help us!

One American’s View Thanks for listening Phil Faustman

Monday, July 27, 2009

Issue #12


I’m going to throw a number of odd names at you to ensure you I’m not making this up to scare you. Check out what I am about to tell you, if you are one of those that think waterboarding is torture, or Bush and Cheney should be prosecuted, or the C.I.A should tell big-mouth Congress everything it plans to do. I started my sixth issue off, about our homegrown terrorists coming out of our prison system. There is a lot more taking place that doesn’t get media coverage. That should come as no surprise by now. Hizb Ut Tahrir is a global Sunni network quietly growing in the U.S for over 30 years. They are big and active in England, France and Spain, and yet banned in a number of Arab and Central Asian countries and Germany and Russia. Well, they have “come out of the closet” to openly recruit, July 19th at the Oak lawn Hilton in Chicago. 700 attended. Food and drinks were free and they watched the kids as adults were seated, men in front, and women in the back of the room. Why do these anti-America hate-mongers choose to surface now? Because Obama is closing Gitmo, releasing some of the prisoners to fight again (ignoring 9-11 victim’s protests) and ignoring Israel - apologizing to the world, bowing to the Arabs, and anxiously awaiting sit down talks with Iran. America has never appeared weaker or more disrespected in my lifetime. They have not yet engaged in terrorism. We would not stand for that on our soil, and they know it. They want the “protection” the U.S provides (ironically) in our right to freedom of religion. They perceive this as “weakness” much as they did when they shot at our soldiers from behind a wall of woman and children; “Stupid Americans.” No, they haven’t yet “engaged” in terrorism here, they just TEACH IT here (ages 9-18) and then suggest volunteers go abroad to further their “education”. Khalid Sheika Mohammed plotted the 9-11 attacks, and was also connected to the trade center bombing and beheading of Daniel Pearl. He was a “graduate” of Hizb ut Tahrir training school! The Iraqi Al Qaeda leader, Adu Musab Al-Zarqawi was also. That’s enough goofy names to try to spell correctly. Trust me, there is a bunch of others, and this is all very bad for America. And there is that rapidly expanding, all-Arab school of 500 in Virginia (about a 2 hour drive from D.C.). They need more space for more students to “teach.” All their text books are shipped here, and teach hatred of Jews and non-Muslims, by their Arab homeland. How do you suppose that is going to workout, long term, for (slow to learn) “Stupid Americans?” Do you think anyone in government is watching these groups and prisoners? With everything I have been writing about and revealing, for the past 3 months (counting this issue) about our government and our leaders, only a fool would believe that anyone of consequence, is giving any more than a cursory glance in their (hate groups and prisons) direction. I greatly fear we are waiting (and not for long) for another terrorist “wake-up call!” When you openly show weakness and apathy you incite boldness from your enemies. We have “losers” and religious “nutcases” wanting to die, just to kill us and make a statement! They are growing in numbers and already here! Maybe it’s not politically correct (or profiling) for the Media to inform us.

I ask you to seriously question your government and leaders (or anyone else) that wants you to, or insists you must, do something or pay something, in such a hurry that there is no time to think about it, or discuss it. If what they stress or insist upon seems illogical, or contrary to what seems or feels right, it should run up a big red flag in your mind, and you should dig in with both feet. What, in recent memory has the government done to warrant such blind loyalty? Why would you trust them to spend your money well, when all you see is government waste? If the polls show 84% of Americans are HAPPY with their health care, why do they insist it’s a crisis? If the “Powers that be” (Obama and Pelosi) aren’t happy, your Happiness (84%) means nothing. They want TOTAL CONTROL. If two ongoing government healthcare programs (Medicare and Medicaid) are disasters why would you even consider entrusting those same people to get it right THIS TIME for all the rest of us? Fix the other two first, damn it! Show us some reason to trust. Isn’t the definition of insanity, doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result? When this government says, “There is no time to read a bill costing us hundreds of billions. Just sign it”, I must question. When the Vice President says “Yes, we must spend heavily, to keep from going bankrupt”, I question (and worry). When we have a warm winter and we’re told, “it is global warming”, I say “that’s plausible.” When we then have 3 colder winters in a row and are told, “It’s global warming”, I must again question.

I retired from the U.S. Postal Service. I’ve witnessed government inability to manage anything well. I’ve experienced (like many) the Dept. of Motor Vehicles. To anyone believing that our government can manage a national health care program I have this to say: “Get yourself plugged into the REAL WORLD, and damned soon!” If this absurdity before Congress passes it will affect us all, for the rest of our lives! Medicare is national health care for the elderly. It is scandalously renown for waste, fraud, abuse and inefficiency. It is also near bankruptcy! Medicaid is national health care for the poor. It is every bit as bad and disgracefully revealing as Medicare, in government ineptness. It too, is on the brink of bankruptcy! For crying out loud! How could any rational, reasonably intelligent American expect the last segment of our society (the ones that PAY for the other two existing and failing government health programs) to embrace one more – to include themselves? That’s just plain NUTS! Only fools, like virtually ALL of the House and Senate would totally disregard these abysmal failures and expect us to believe this time they will get it right! I just heard on the news that our original video of man’s first landing on the moon has been lost, or erased. One more example of something truly important to all Americans, left in the fumbling hands of government. And these clowns will get national health care right? When pigs fly! Massachusetts (your 3rd example) has total health care coverage. Yup, TOTAL disaster! In the red. WE will deeply regret this hastily thrown together (again), thousand page UNREAD bill (again) costing hundreds of billions (again). Pray this doesn’t pass, or (with all the stupid government stuff going down) put Congress on speed dial, to bitch regularly! They’re not good listeners. IF you get one, TALK LOUDLY!

Banks are not lending much these days even though they are flush with bailout funds. They are leery of making bad loans. Small to medium businessmen and farmers don’t have cash reserves like big businesses. They borrow money for payroll, overhead, seed, parts or materials from banks, using “orders” of product as collateral for their loan. When they get “paid” on delivery of that product, they can then pay off their loan from the bank. That’s the way it’s been done for a long, long time. It is the “small business” people that drive the U.S. economy in this nation - that create the jobs. They are the life blood of America! As you know, times are tough. It matters not who’s to blame now. The damage is done. What does matter is that we fix it as quickly as possible and get people back to work. Then the economy will be humming again and people happy. With tough times, there were people that ordered product, that generated loans to produce that product. When it was delivered it was returned, unpaid for, creating default on the loan, and upset bankers. So here we are, businessmen, bankers, government and the economy. Which comes first, the old “chicken or the egg” hypothesis? Do we wait for the economy to create demand for that product sitting now in inventory (unpaid for)? Not if we’re wise. That would take a long time. The businessman wants to work, employ others and prosper, but the bank got burned - so no loans for business! Where is the damned government that guaranteed loans for huge conglomerates and made Wall Street banks filthy rich!? Guarantee those loans for small to medium businesses! Build inventory if there are no immediate orders (they will come). Those people that were just put back to work are the ones that will buy it, or they will buy something. Get it? If people are working, things will loosen up in time, as they buy things and contribute to the tax base instead of drawing unemployment. The government is the only one that can afford to wait for their money. Hell, just print more of it like you do for the big guys.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO, created 35 years ago) is made up of non-partisan professionals that crunch numbers to determine costs of proposed projects being considered by the President or Congress. The CBO said Obama's economy recovery plan would hurt the economy more over the next 10 years than if he did nothing. They were ignored of course. Now the CBO is all but saying that government healthcare would be a financial disaster. Again, the CBO is ignored. If anyone is not FOR Obama or his plans, and cannot be be outright attacked (their preferred method) because it would look bad for IMAGE - just ignore them. The Media will allow it. Sarah Palin and Joe "The Plumber" come to mind - (attacked). Now, irate taxpayers and the CBO - (ignored).
Al Gore made a movie and won a Nobel Prize (big deal, so did Jimmy Carter - they're cheap) whipping the World into a frenzy - and getting rich in the process. Global Warming! Doomsday!Let's save the world and GO BANKRUPT, and make Gore a Billionaire. This last winter was the coldest and longest I can remember in 40 years or more. This was a cold June and July. This inconvenient fact was brought to their attention by their own experts. They were told to forget it! It contradicts "the program," but it is absolute fact. The Earth has been COOLING since 2001. This is documented all over, but inconvenient to the contrived panic needed to sell "Cap and Trade." CO2 levels are still rising at a steady level, but the temperature is clearly moving against Gore's numbing revelation. He said rising CO2 levels would melt the polar ice caps and flood the earth! He doesn't know squat! But he's getting filthy rich peddling his story - I am not! Sometimes mankind exagerates his imprint and importance. I hear we should pattern our Sun's cycles of sunspots and flare-ups throughout our Planet's history. We've all been duped and the evidence is before you. Gore, General Electric, big investment bankers and many others are going to get rich off the "Cap and Trade" LIE and the little guy (lied to) will foot the bill - like always! Because Obama is going to bankrupt the Coal Industry (like he said he would) and drive our utility bills through the roof - in essence taxing the poor (and small businesses). These facts reveal the "B.S. Sales Job" by Obama and Pelosi on the public. As I said, if the CBO's (or anyone's) opinion differs from HIS, he simply DESTROYS THEM or their credability. If you can't - smile and ignore them -the Press will back you.

Goldman Sachs is an investment bank. Not like banks that most of us associate with. It is Wall Street. C.I.T Bank is main street and makes loans, 98% to small businesses. C.I.T. is on the brink of bankruptcy, spelling sure disaster for jobs and the economy. So WHY is Obama letting C.I.T. fail? Is that logical if you are FOR Jobs? It might make you feel tingly all over to know that in these most difficult times, at least someone is able to make a profit and keep their collective heads above water. Goldman Sachs had their biggest quarterly profits in their 140 year history! Good for them. They have set aside (so far) $11.4 Billion to reward their “workers” who will on average, earn about $770,000 per “worker.” That ought to create some jobs! (maybe fetching their coffee?) Goldman Sachs Executives have a history of being appointed to powerful government positions. From those positions, and with the powerful elected government officials that appointed them looking the other way, they “take care of” the mother company from which they came. I said that as succinctly as I could; but boy is this an entangled web of corporate and government corruption at the highest level. It’s a lot like trying to follow the money trail through A.C.O.R.N.’s financial maze, so bear with me as I connect the dots for you. Of course it’s always about Money and Power! Campaign contributions of huge amounts get someone elected to a job that doesn’t really pay all that much. Now elected, you’re in a position to pay back (gratefully) those who put you in a powerful office. You can reward that corporation with terrific government contracts, or appoint “one of their own” (so that they can just help themselves). They now are grateful to you. They will see to it you are secure for life, after you leave office, but, “by the way, do you happen to have family or friends that need a good job right now? We find ourselves in need of good hired help.” I’m sure you are already aware of some of the scenario just depicted.

Last fall Goldman got billions in bailout funds (taxpayer money with no strings attached), plunked it down on high-risk Commodities (gambling just like Reno) knowing if they “lost” taxpayers lose. If they “won”, Goldman wins - “Spin That Wheel - What a deal! Luckily for us, they won and paid us our bailout back in quick fashion. Now they just have to divide the “earnings” fairly amongst the “workers.” Goldman Sachs put the CRAP in "crapgame", and “THE” government (not “OUR”) helped them. And the next time gas prices shoot up – think “SPECULATORS” and Goldman! “The” government is laced with former Goldman Executives (too numerous to name them all and their lofty positions) and is commonly known as “Government Sachs” in inner circles. Robert Rubin left Goldman to work for President Clinton 17 years ago. Clinton said he was, “The greatest Treasury Secretary since Alexander Hamilton.” WOW! Well, Rubin stepped down to run Citigroup in 1999. Citigroup has been bailed out twice. I'm inclined to question the government use of funds, AND Rubin’s “Greatness”, but he is an economic advisor today to Obama…. Hey, remember, the theme of this throughout is, “You don’t let buddies, or fraternity brothers founder when you have access to endless cash.” You know they will be there for you, when you need a hand, or hand-out. One dirty hand washes the other in D.C.! It’s pretty much “a given” to those in the “game” that they are so big, and their computers so sophisticated, that they can manipulate the Futures Market. Did we just see it happen?

June 24th, the N.Y.S.E. (New York Stock Exchange) Regulation Team announced the ending of the Daily Program Trading Report (DPTR). Goldman has been accused of manipulating the stock market too by some. I don’t know. But it would come as no surprise to me, with all of the wrong doing I am certain of. And the timing is strange since the DPTR was the stated main means of gathering the evidence needed to expose them. The allowing of Lehman Brothers to go bankrupt was the producer of “panic” the Fed wanted, to make “hasty deals” like who lives, who dies. Lehman just happened to have been a big rival of Goldman. Not anymore! That’s one slick way to get ahead, kill off your competitors.

Our Treasury Secretary, Geithner was Under-Secretary for Rubin back in 1999. He became president of the N.Y. Fed (before Obama appointed him). Steve Friedman (former CEO of Goldman and board chairman of the N.Y. Fed) made $2.7 million on Goldman stock (he just bought in January). Goldman was given “bank holding company” status, just like General Electric Capital (I told you about) so those in power could throw billions in bailout their way. Friedman owned much Goldman stock, and the new status made it illegal for him to own it. The N.Y. Fed asked for a waiver on his behalf, and while it was stalled he bought over 52,000 more shares! Did he know something?They doubled in value in 6 months! “Lucky” Friedman now had to replace Geithner (who moved on to bigger things). The NEW president of the N.Y. Fed is another Goldman Exec. Anyway, the N.Y. Fed now urges the government to bail out A.I.G (who owes Goldman 8.1 Billion). A.I.G. gets $85 billion (too big to fail) pays Goldman its 8.1 billion (100% on the dollar – unlike GM and others) and Goldman gets its own personal bailout of $10 Billion! Whew. Courtesy of W.S.J. May 4th. Last fall, Hank Paulson (then Treasury Secretary and Goldman Alum), met with (Treasury Sec. to be) Geithner, and the present CEO of Goldman Sachs, Blankfein in New York to determine, essentially, who lives or dies, financially. Blankfein has Geithner’s ear today, and Larry Summers is another Goldman Alum that is Obama’s Chief Economic Advisor! Yes, “Government Sachs” is appropriate indeed. Did I mention that Goldman contributed heavily to certain campaign funds? But there is no humor here. This is the most revolting, disgusting and depressing revelation I have uncovered in my short 3 months in journalism. It makes me nauseous, and want to take a bath at the same! I’m not naive. I knew it was bad, and dirty, and has gone on a long time. But this has grown exponentially since the fall of “08 - into a sewer of government corruption. When you factor in the America-hating thugs of A.C.O.R.N. gaining importance in a government bent on turning my beloved country into a Socialist State, I say loud and clear, “Don’t try coming after my guns!” And you can stick that smile where the sun don’t shine!! One American's View - Thanks for listening. - Phil Faustman

Issue #11


We, as a government continually fail to put the slightest dent in poverty in America because we don’t help people to help themselves. We give them handouts and make beggars out of them. Give them jobs. MAKE JOBS! All over America we can build or repair. Watch their kids while they work. Give them not one dime for nothing. Give them self respect! If they work everyday like everyone else, they will look for a better job if they want a better life. But whatever they have, they have earned with THEIR OWN two hands, and therein lies one’s SELF RESPECT. That is what America is supposed to be about. Freedom to do whatever you want. Work hard and you CAN DO, and HAVE anything! My saying it doesn’t have the impact that the next quote should:

“I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I traveled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves and became richer.” Ben Franklin 1766

America must again become the Land of OPPORTUNITY – not a Dependent WELFARE state! In this next quote I see A.C.O.R.N. and suspect government. What do you think?

“Dependence begets subservience and venality, suffocates the germ of virtue, and prepares fit tools for the designs of ambition.” Thomas Jefferson 1787

I hate stupid government spending wherever it is found, and I hate Unions that become so powerful that they ensure jobs for LAZY or incompetent good-for-nothings. That is WRONG by ANY decent person's standards. This brings us to idiotic spending of taxpayer’s money in New York State (deeply in debt, of course). The school teacher’s union came up with “tenure.” In short, it means if you do your job adequately for a while you are REWARDED with “tenure.” After tenure, practically nothing short of murder can get you fired. This is nationwide but these specifics in N.Y. show how our stupid system perpetuates debt. There are 700 school teachers, with salaries of $70,000 minimum that go to a place where they are only required to BE PRESENT 8 hours a day, as if they were teaching. They have been accused of some wrongdoing, of insubordination or worse, and AWAIT their hearing, or day in court, I guess. I think $70,000 is a VERY good “minimum wage” for 9 months of work, even IF they were working. Did you know (proud fact) that 17 of the 50 largest cities in America graduate less than half of their students? But I digress. Some of those 700 have been waiting (and paid) OVER 5 years, while costing taxpayers of N.Y. over $60 Million a year. I wonder how many other states (same union isn’t it?) have similar situations, but haven’t made the news?

Michael Jackson was a very talented singer and dancer. It was not proven he was a child molester and O.J. Simpson was not a proven murderer. But Jackson was indeed a peculiar individual with very strange ways. He admitted bedding down with children, and a little boy described his genitalia in detail, AND he spent Millions to make it go away. Al Sharpton is an opportunist. He never misses a chance to get his face on camera. And it always becomes racial with this man. For him to say Jackson was a BLACK ICON and to practically deify him, is crazy. Also crazy were those hoards of musical and Hollywood entertainers, and the RIDICULOUS amount of media coverage. I think it was a tribute to hypocrisy, in Grand Hollywood style on a World Stage. What about Michael Jackson THE MAN, disturbed, alone, a virtual skeleton, on drugs, deeply in debt, living practically in exile since his trial. WHERE WERE all those loving entertainers and supporters (that suddenly came out of the woodwork for the wake celebration) THEN? They avoided him like the plague!! And how about that huge “loving” FAMILY that did not intervene; just allowed him to waste away and die? Where were YOU (friend) Reverend Sharpton? Was there EVER a worshiped “Black Icon” that strived harder to appear white? He had bleached skin and a sliver of a nose. He mechanically selected an obscure white woman to “produce” his children, then quickly PAID her to go away. He was very talented and very weird. So was the FAKED reverence. And policing this event cost L.A. (awash in red ink) millions.

How much Press (how many entertainers) did actress Farrah Fawcett’s death get? She died of Cancer on the same day. Her sad wasting away was NOT self-inflicted. She has loved ones. AND in Afghanistan, about 2 DOZEN brave, young British and American lives met violent deaths in the same time frame spent mourning and PAYING TRIBUTE to Michael Jackson. They have loved ones that are crying their eyes out! Many more will die. Where is the press? Where is the tribute? The whole Nation (media-wise) virtually shut down for 10 days when we were supposed to be paying tribute to our soldiers (past, present, and presently dying) AND our nation’s independence. I think this is SAD testimony to our superficiality, don’t you?

The United States is sitting on enough Natural Gas reserves to last us 100 years! Any automobile can be converted to natural gas, eliminating the greatest reason for importing foreign oil, and the need to refine it into gasoline. America has MORE gas reserves than any other country in the world! Yet, America IMPORTS MORE natural gas than ANY other country in the world! Does this make ANY sense? With these facts, why is NO ONE pushing hard on new autos using natural gas and conversions of millions of existing autos, trucks and diesels, (they are done elsewhere) creating jobs. We are supposedly all for jobs, getting off foreign dependency on oil, and a cleaner environment! So then, WHO is getting RICH by maintaining the status quo? It is always about the money. Who is getting paid to do something? Or who is getting paid to do nothing? In other words, paid to be certain NOTHING gets done? Doesn’t this continuous crap make you sick to your stomach? Who in hell (in D.C.) truly cares about America and it’s people anymore?

Even environmentalists and global warming proponents should be on board. Natural gas emits 23% LESS greenhouse gas than diesel, and 30% LESS than gasoline. We could have it at about $1.50 per gallon. With drilling known reserves, pipelines and conversions, it would be JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! And we would be SECURE FOR A HUNDRED YEARS! Ain’t the silence deafening in D.C.? A dozen automakers make natural gas vehicles (even General Motors) for Europe, Argentina and Brazil. A new vehicle would cost $3,500-$7,000 more than gasoline, and converting a presently owned auto to natural would cost $3,000-$5,000. Consider though, that $1.50 /gallon vs. $3.00 at the pump, and 30 mpg equates to a break-even of $3,000 at 60,000 miles (without any government subsidies or incentives). Also consider your vehicle will last longer, at far less maintenance cost because natural gas is cleaner and much easier on your engine. And yes, far fewer emissions and the delight of “flipping the bird” to the Arabs counts for something. I would definitely pay “extra” for that!

I know you would like to know where some of your stimulus dollars (that were desperately needed to prevent Armageddon) are spent, and who gets stimulated. Let’s look at “John Murtha” airport in Johnstown, PA, named for their 19th term U.S. Representative. It has 3 flights daily and is otherwise empty. Murtha has brought in 200 million taxpayer dollars for it over the years. 8 million in an air traffic radar system sits unused since its installation in 2004. I suspect because 20 passengers a day is like NO TRAFFIC, in spite of the fact it can land the largest airplanes in the world. 3 trips a day to D.C.! I wonder, is John on it occassionally? Guam's airport (U.S. Territory) is getting 4.8 million to rehab ITS airport, bringing their stimulus total to 33.2 million so far. I don't know what the unemployment rate is in Guam, but I'm sure it will somehow stimulate the Homeland.

Nancy Pelosi will get 16.1 million to preserve the salt water mouse in HER backyard. Hawaii’s Senator, Daniel Inodye’s bank, Central Pacific (which he helped found and most of his fortune was in) was failing and didn’t meet the criteria for bailout on last fall’s application. Two weeks after Inodye inquired about that application, 135 million was sent. In fairness, a bunch of other senators did almost exactly the same thing. They are amazingly alike. And, it is interesting to note that across the country (that is uniformly in need) twice as much stimulus cash is going to those counties that voted FOR Obama. The media said, if McCain had won, it would have been the same thing. That MAY be true - maybe not.

What should we make of all these Czars? Obama has about 35 already. We know they cost a lot in salaries, X 35. We know they know virtually nothing about their respective areas of responsibility. So what is their purpose? I think they are an extension of Obama’s eyes and ears, listening in and snooping around. Perhaps to intimidate and remind all, the “Big Guy” is watching and he is everywhere. Extreme control personalities are like that. If he’s not paranoid, it must be me. Like, what's he up to now?

I told you A.C.O.R.N. is very bad, with about 270 different fronts to confuse anyone trying to follow the money. Wade Rathke (remember this name) the founder who covered up his brother’s $1 million embezzlement (neither went to jail) is now overseas, spreading A.C.O.R.N.’s mission in 10-11 countries, so far. They changed names from “A.C.O.R.N. International” to, “Community Organizers International” to disassociate in name and notoriety, and further entangle those 270 fronts for anyone on their trail from the homeland.

A.C.O.R.N. and S.E.I.U. (Service Employees International Union) share the SAME mailing address. That’s close. S.E.I.U. bragged about contributing 60.7 million dollars to Obama’s campaign. If, for no other reason, I think S.E.I.U. is “dirty,” by association with a very dirty and devious A.C.O.R.N.! But GM’s U.A.W., and now S.E.I.U., point to more AND connect to Obama!

California certainly has had its financial troubles. This spring the state tried to cut $76 million by pay reduction to home health care workers. The S.E.I.U. lobbied the Federal Government to step in. The S.E.I.U. was included (unprecedented) in an April 15th conference call between the Federal and State Government! Then Obama told California to revoke the pay cut or lose 6.8 billion in stimulus funds! 76 million vs. 6.8 billion? Guess who won? This scary revelation, courtesy of the L.A. Times. Obama once worked for A.C.O.R.N.! The S.E.I.U. and A.C.O.R.N. are close. Obama, A.C.O.R.N. and Barney Frank are close. I say, keep a very, very close eye on ALL of them! Especially the one at the top. Again, this shouldn’t be happening in America, and should have been so much bigger news. Media, where are you? Obama’s bed just gets bigger and bigger. Pretty soon they’ll have to add on a far-left wing. April 15 (tax day) is a busy day for many distracted Americans. Very interesting timing!

Supreme Court Justices have no right to publicly say, who they think would be a good replacement for any Justice stepping down. It has never been done before. It is political. It is wrong and sets a terrible precedent. So it comes as no surprise to me that it happens under Obama “change.” Justice Ruth Ginsburg, while interviewed, answered questions and endorsed nominee Sonia Sotomayor. Timely, it comes out in the Sunday New York Times, the day before Sotomayor’s confirmation hearing. The Supreme Court must adhere to some semblance of neutrality, removed from the stigma and stench of today’s politics. It is enough that our Executive Branch, and Legislative Branch are highly suspect in representing the people. Don’t take our hope away that maybe the Judicial Branch is still “FOR the people.” Sotomayor was a leader (12 years) of PRLDEF which has ties to A.C.O.R.N. (who endorses Sotomayor) who endorses gun control. Know this - if A.C.O.R.N. is for her, she's poison!

The President has the right to NOT go to church. The many Christians who elected him (regrettably perhaps) would not force their religious beliefs upon him and his family. That would be wrong, and un-American. But he, with Presidential Power we bestowed upon him, has no problem (with a wave of his almighty hand) ending a long tradition of Honoring Our Military, while the COUNTRY IS AT WAR, and taking place ON the 4th of July, and during a week or two span when 13 soldiers died in Afghanistan! He denied a simple fly-over that had taken place for 41 or 42 years in a row! Obama forced his religious belief (lack of) onto those patriots in Idaho, because their annual rally is titled “God and Country.” Too “Christian.” Since when did “Christian” become a dirty word in America? My fervent opinion is when this man took his oath of office! This insult plus things he had said and done before, shout out how he feels! Are you listening? Now, I would like to know, how EVERY member of congress feels BY NAME - in the name of “transparency,” of course. I believe “transparency” (since Obama’s usage) has become a dirty word. This stance by our Commander in Chief, on the 4th of July, while 60+ military recruits are being sworn in, at the same time our kids at war are dying at an increased rate, was a major screw-up. It was a tremendous photo-op for a man who stages town hall meetings. He should have been there. He could have thrown something over (or put a piece of plywood in front of) the offensive part of the banner that said, “God and Country.” I dad-gum guarantee you, if HE was present we would have had one whale of an air show then! But seriously, I was disgusted by this. I fear the connotation. Obama is anything but transparent. What else awaits us? This was a huge ill-timed blunder, exposing him. Let’s see how his adoring media spins it, or ignores it. It was not smart. And I hope it bites him - but it won't. There is something about “My President” that makes me feel like I have to watch him all the time. He is so smooth and charming, smiles a lot, and always talking “transparency” then has all those closed door meetings, and then some“surprising”news surfaces that makes me feel very uneasy, in its sneakiness, or how it came to light. I feel the need to have one hand always on my wallet in his presence, and he’s not even in the same room. I’ve seen a lot of presidents come and go, but never felt like this before. Well, Jimmy Carter did give me a twinge, but that was 30 years ago. Goldman Sachs has so many entwined ties with power positions in Government AND Wall Street it is unreal, unbelievable, and absolutely underhanded; Crooks and dirty dealing, going on for years - next week.
One American's View. Thanks for listening - Phil Faustman

Issue #10


The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land. What does that mean to you? With only 9 Justices deciding and ending all debate, in any dispute in America, it is tremendously important that each and every Justice be appointed with the utmost care. Monumental decisions that dictate our every day lives are regularly determined by 5 to 4 votes. Little more than 50/50. Decided forever just about as simply as a coin flip. Sound silly? Now, think hard about the importance of that 9th Justice. Think about the control of power, if you could control that coin flip! What if YOU (as President) could select not only that 9th Supreme Court Justice, but also the 7th and 8th. You wouldn't even need that coin anymore. Every American life is now affected by a non-elected panel for possibly 30 years or more. Obama will appoint 2 (maybe 3) Justices! I know I spoke of this before, but it bears repeating. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Appointee, Sotomayor (outspokenly opposed to our "right to bear arms") ruled against the New Haven Firefighters. They appealed to the Supreme Court, who just ruled in their favor, 5 to 4. How "coin flip" lucky for them that their 5-1/2 year case (affecting their lives) wasn't delayed for another 4 months, when Sotomayor will be seated on the bench. Then what do you think their "coin flip" chances would be?! This irony dramatically makes my previous point, I think. Don't you think the prospects are scary?

California has the 8th largest economy in the world. It is larger than Spain, Canada or even our nemesis Russia. California's $24 Billion in the red is causing them to issue I.O.U.’s for State Government payments. There, but for the grace of "printing money", goes our Federal Government! Obama recently applauded California's environmental protection program. There must be some dark humor intended there (that I am missing) as he prepares to send the whole country down that same financial road to ruin - in the name of protecting the environment. I humbly suggest, the endangered species we should try to save, is the "American Taxpayer."

When the Whitehouse selects specific members of the press to meet behind closed doors, it should be of great concern to everyone When the president verbally jousts with individuals, such as when Obama retorted back to Rush Limbaugh a while back, it diminishes the office. So does singling out one dissenting news network as being always critical of him. "Always" isn't even true, which makes the public accusation seem childish, when you consider it's the highest office in the land. I myself, tend to think of Fox News as the lone beacon in the night. The other stations MAY be telling you the truth, or it is PARTLY true, or it is the truth AS THEY see it, or they might just decide it's not newsworthy at all and OMIT IT. So it came as no surprise, to hear all these "Town Hall" meetings our president is continually having, are rigged. The supposition is that they are "open to everyone." Come and ask your President about whatever is bothering you. Well, the people in front of the cameras actually have been invited, permitted to get close to the "Big Guy" for heavily campaigning, or donating, or something. Whatever press is present submits questions in advance and the president calls on the person who's question HE WANTS to answer. There is more realism in watching wrestling on T.V. But if you are an obsessed narcissistic, control personality, it makes for a smooth (no surprises) press release, to sell whatever it is you're promoting at the time. Another infomercial, teleprompters probably not necessary, hugs (with cameras flashing) for a staunch supporter (that happens to have Cancer) while you're selling "Healthcare", is pure genius. Right up there with the Veg-O-Matic.

Do you remember the government-forced, purchase of Merrill Lynch by Bank of America, the first of the year? Merrill Lynch had incurred losses in the 4th quarter alone of over 15 Billion, yet got 3.2 Billion IN BONUSES for its officers, above their lofty salaries of course. Ben Bernanke, Fed Chairman, flatly denied applying any pressure at all to Bank of America to buy out Merrill Lynch with B.O.A.'s bailout funds of 45 billion. B.O.A paid about 17 Billion MORE than Merrill was worth, PLUS those bonus awards – all taxpayer money. What I found intriguing was that when Ken Lewis (head of B.O.A.) balked at the buyout, he said he was TOLD to do it, OR he and the Board would be REPLACED! So here you have, the Federal Reserve Board Chairman and the head of Bank of America each, in essence, calling the other a LIAR! Obviously, one of them MUST be a liar! Why does my gut tell me it is our very, very powerful Federal Reserve Chairman. It is insane, the power they are now bestowing on the Fed over private industry - and even a hint of abuse, or character flaw is ominous indeed.

I said recently that the only true measuring stick of our economy is JOBS. Well, the news isn't pretty no matter how they try to paint this picture. It is said that unemployment is at 9.5%. It is really over 10% if they were at all realistic and forthright. There are a lot of numbers that don't show up because they are still on severance pay, like auto workers. There are many no longer getting benefits (off the roles) and discouraged from even looking in this climate. No one is getting pay raises - just happy to be employed. Many have much reduced hours and are now short of medical benefits requiring 35 hours or so. And some are just working part-time. And don't bother with the B.S. about jobs SAVED. We're not that stupid. Incidentally, our local economy (Grayling) is far worse than the national average, and our downtown streets are torn up this summer by outside contractors. We are a 2 hour drive from Canada and I find it a bit unsettling that a goodly bunch of those workers are constantly hollering back and forth to each other in Spanish. Hey, maybe it's all legit, but I have to wonder about this on a national scale.

We have to have more Czars. I think it is hilarious that Obama is considering a "Fine Print CZAR" to police mortgage contracts and credit cards. I would like to relate somehow when he rants, "Those ridiculous contracts with pages of fine print that no one can figure out – those things will be a thing of the past. And enforcement will be the rule, not the exception." Yeah, I would like to relate, except the B.S. and hypocrisy is overwhelming. There is the I.R.S. income tax code that jumps out at me and employs tens of thousands of tax lawyers, and an absolute joke of a congress that won't even bother to "PRETEND" to read the Large Print, before voting on something of monumental importance to us all. Cut up the damne credit cards and wait till you can pay cash. And throw those bums out of Washington that continually, shamefully denigrate our legislative process - TOO LAZY TO READ OR REPRESENT!

Here is how you're going to get that "bitter pill" (National Health Insurance) rammed down your throat. Obama says if you like your present health plan, keep it. Of course, if your coverage is too good, we'll have to tax you on the "excessive" part. Much like you are taxed on an employer provided car or phone. The government is going to insure those "unfortunates" who have no insurance, and "fine" employers that provide no insurance, (so much per head) to throw into the government "pool". No one can "fault the government" for providing a little "friendly competition" in a capitalist, free-market system. And you're free to keep your present doctor and insurance anyway, for as long as you want. Of course, the government has two little advantages. One is they can (should they want to) subsidize any medical costs they choose or dictate how much they will pay. Eventually, they will show you your insurance company is charging (you and your employer) far more premium than that government program does, that you COULD have for identical coverage and treatment. The 2nd advantage is, they can print all the money they need, for as long as it takes to bring you over. Little by little everyone will drop their private carrier and change to the cheaper government provider. With all the insurance companies finally out of existence, and the government in total control (as was intended all along) now comes the dictating. Not only will there be mediocre coverage and long waiting periods for care, older people will not get knee or hip replacement surgery and doctors will work "salary jobs" determined by the same panel that decides who lives and who dies. If you are TOO OLD, or your cancer is too far along, it is not practical or cost effective to spend any more on expensive prosthetics, treatments or drugs - take these pills for pain. Life expectancy statistic comparisons of Britain, Canada and the U.S. (for an array of afflictions) dramatically point this out. Costly drugs with great promise are just too expensive for British and Canadian patients.

Now they are talking of expanding Medicaid to encircle those poorer Americans. Of this, you can be certain. They (Democratic Congress and Obama) WILL get their way (control and more future votes) by whatever means necessary, including creative financing. It matters not that Medicaid itself is on life support.

Medicare too, is on the ropes. I've mentioned all the ads by lawyers, encouraging viewers to sue anybody and everybody. I am now watching the rapidly growing numbers of ads that highly encourage everyone to grab onto all those "freebies" in Medicare, there for the taking. Listen to the tone of those ads (they are getting more aggressive) and they also offer free gifts, do all the paperwork, send you notices when it's time to re-order and pay for shipping, too. If they "pre-qualify" you (on those many) very expensive motorized wheelchair company ads, and Medicare doesn't cover you, THEY will "give you one FREE!" How many of those do you think they've paid for out of their own pocket? I thought it was a "license to steal" when I saw the very first ad a while back. It was for "Hoverround" with the catchy tune. I told my wife, "That sounds fishy to me - and a great way to get rich!" Just copy-cat that same type "scooter", have it built cheaply in China, shipped here, mark it up substantially, and "stick it" to Medicare." Look how many copy-cats there are NOW! I don't know exactly what changes were slipped by (those that are supposed to watchdog or oversee Medicare), but I know SOMEONE made a LOT of money to get it done, and the thieves and cheats are alive and thriving in D.C.! The proliferation of these "scooters” has expanded to include catheters, and diabetic and incontinence supplies, so far. All paperwork done for you, delivered to your door, free shipping, NO COST TO YOU, just raise your hand. But at WHAT COST to Medicare and the taxpayer? Even the cost of those relentless ads are added on.

Those watchdogs were just like the ones for the Security Exchange Commission that ignored up to 8 complaints on Bernie Madoff, by one person alone! He ran that scam right under the S.E.C.'s noses for around 20 YEARS, bilking people out of many BILLIONS while claiming continuous, illogical profits (in full view) of all those "great minds" on Wall Street. He was supposedly "doing great" - when NO ONE else could. Think of the egos of those people, the dog-eat-dog, take no prisoners, attitude. No one questioned, or doubted the legality of an adversary that was rubbing all their noses in it? For over 20 years? Sounds too hard to believe. But those S.E.C. overseers, why aren't they in jail? Why do they still have jobs, any jobs in Government? Is ANYBODY even watching them NOW? Don't tell ME Bernie did this ALL BY HIMSELF, all that while, without a good many others culpable. But where is the cry on Capitol Hill? Where are the criminal investigations? Where in Hell is the inquisitive press? Oh yes, Mrs. Madoff (who kept the books but knew nothing) will not be prosecuted, and will have to get by on a paltry 2.5 MILLION Dollars still left to her.

Do you know who Harold Koh is? You should ge to know. On June 25th he became the State Department's "Legal Advisor". He is a left-wing Activist and has written much, favoring International Law OVER American Law, and he (like Justice Nominee Sotomayor) wants to GET RID OF ALL GUNS!! If he has his way, the damned, corrupt, useless United Nations will supersede our Justice System, and we will have NO GUNS either! How did he get affirmed so quickly and so quietly – like in the stealth of night? How could our Senate be so unconcerned, or downright stupidly inept? In October of 2002, Koh wrote in the Hartford Courant that the United States belonged WITH Iraq and North Korea in an "Axis of Disobedience." Did they waive the OATH requirement to "Solemnly swear to SUPPORT and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States against ALL ENEMIES, foreign and DOMESTIC and to bear full faith and allegiance to same." EVERY SENATOR there VIOLATED that SAME OATH! Why not just say, "Welcome to the Club." Give 'em a "High Five" and get quickly back to whatever you were doing before the "interruption", for cripes sake.

For 41 YEARS a "God & Country" Rally has had a military fly-over at their July 4th event. Every year in Nampa , Idaho they honor the spiritual foundations of our country, just as our founding fathers did. The rally especially honors the men and women of the Armed Forces, past and present. All 5 Branches were represented and over 60 recruits were sworn in at the event. The Rally director (who's husband is an Army Colonel in Iraq) said they were denied a fly-over by the Pentagon because of the "Christian" nature of the event. The only thing DIFFERENT in 42 years, is our "Commander In Chief", OBAMA! He is NOW ATTACKING the predominate Religion and foundation of this great Land! To me, it is obvious. I think we will soon see attacks on "Christmas" and "In God We Trust" on our currency. I feel, it is in his heart, based on this AND things he has said publicly. And don't pretend that this is based on a show of sudden fiscal restraint. That Broadway Show that he took his wife to cost taxpayers hundred of thousands. This whole thing stinks! It disgusts me. I know it is a harbinger of much more to come. TRANSPARENCY, MY REAR END!!

How much do we have to see, to march in the streets? What does it take to get you mad enough to stand up and say NO MORE! It stops here and now!! Bit by bit, here and there - It's LOST! NOBODY reads anything, NO ONE questions anything and we sit back, mumble perhaps in protest, and CURSE OUR LUCK. Oh well, "What CAN I DO about it?" Not a damn thing with THAT response, and you (WE) will deserve exactly what we are about to get. In the overall scheme of things, the TAKEOVER of our COUNTRY makes healthcare, energy, and the global (is it or is it not) warming nonsense, just that. Moot, (suddenly secondary) NONSENSE! Sadly, it's...One American's View. Thanks for listening, Phil Faustman

Issue #9


Folks, I finally have my own web site started. I've stumbled and fumbled, pretty much like my first letters. All my previous issues have been re-typed there, with maybe more typing errors than my originals. I'm trying to get those cleaned up. I am sitting in my recliner, with pen in hand, trying to determine what the meat of this newsletter should be about. The scenario is not unusual for me, but I'm in extra turmoil this time. It's after three in the morning. (Saturday) and I am trying to elaborate more on the huge Healthcare issue before this Nation. This is being SHAMEFULLY RUSHED THROUGH by an incompetent Congress that is too damned busy (or lazy) to READ anything before voting on it. Despite the fact that their rushed, stupid vote WILL AFFECT ALL OF US, and our American WAY OF LIFE for many YEARS TO COME. I can't concentrate because I'm so angry I could scream, awaiting the outcome of the latest "crisis" before us, by way of the idiots in D.C. (cap and tax). Another 1500 pages of congressional B.S. is finalized the day before the vote is to be cast. It's like hurry up, vote on it before the people wake up, wise up, or catch their breath. Get that speed reader back here that read that other 900 pages before the last vote (that was good for a few laughs). Then, technically, the people can't say we didn't even know what we voted for, as we commit another 2 or 3 trillion dollars. Does this insanity stop short of this Country (that I don't even recognize anymore) having riots in the streets? I am beginning to wonder if throwing them all out of office is enough. They are treating us like we are morons, we are just in their way, asking some bothersome questions about things of which we know nothing. Folks, if you are buying into this global warming, gloom and doom, that is O.K. I too, believe we can do better pollution wise, but NOT IMMEDIATELY. Not when we are financially destitute. And not without the world's worst offenders (like China) working at it just as hard. Morally, yes we need to clean up the burning of coal the best we can, but we have an abundance of coal, and it lessens our need for foreign oil. It should be generating electricity all over the country for electric cars, or whatever. Coal mining creates JOBS! Here, and RIGHT NOW! Don't tax it or drive the cost up in any way, to the poor consumer, and small businesses. Over the last 8 years, records show the Earth is cooling, Mr. Gore! An inconvenient truth that didn't get any press because it contradicts the "sales job."

This congress should be called, "The crisis of the month club!" As I've said before, I can't write fast enough to keep up with these lunatics. They're too fast, and too slippery - actually, slimy is more accurate. As I've said, they're professional liars and do this for a living, whereas, we must work for a living and try to fight them, part-time. We are already tired, trying to support them in the manner to which they have become accustomed. So, my ranting and raving will cause the postponing of my global warming analysis to next week. Congress feels we are at "critical mass” right now. Like we must pass this immediately, or the world is doomed. The vote was designed for late Friday to let folks cool off over the weekend, then (news wise) they got lucky. The demise of Michael Jackson dominated the press and talk shows for 3 days. Timing is everything, when you're trying to slip something smelly by the people.

Did you notice when the Iranians first began demonstrating en masse in the streets, our President said nothing supporting the dissidents, for whatever his reasons were. The media rationalized and speculated on such nonsense, such as, siding with them might endanger them (if you're not prepared militarily to go in and rescue them) should the Ayatollah turn the guns on the crowds. Then there was, well, Obama probably doesn't want to jeopardize proposed "talks" with the leaders of Iran by ticking them off, in siding with the demonstrators. The media said it was Obama's terrific speech in Cairo, Egypt that probably inspired the demonstrators. Let's see, Obama gets credit for inspiring the noble cause, then credit for not saying too much and endangering, then after Germany and France denounce the Iranian government he finally speaks out (10 days later) against Iran - and he gets credit for that complete reversal too. I'm telling you, the man can do no wrong - in the eyes of the adoring media. MY president would have IMMEDIATELY DECLARED SUPPORT for anyone, anywhere, demonstrating for their rights and freedom. There would be no question where America stands. Does standing up sometimes get people killed? Of course, look at all the blood lost, and lives lost, just so we Americans can celebrate the 4th of July! Look at all the Americans that have died for freedom all over the world. We readily die for other peoples' freedom. Tell me who else but America , and our closest Allies do that? Obama showed NO leadership again. Let us not call it wisdom and caution, when it's clearly uncertainty and timidness. Obama wants to first, WAIT AND SEE what popular opinion is, on the WORLD STAGE. He CRAVES ADORATION. To him, WHAT'S IMPORTANT IS NOT how the world feels ABOUT AMERICA, it's about how the WORLD FEELS ABOUT HIM! Two quick side notes. Many of those signs held up were written in English FOR US to witness, don't you think? Yes, they were peaceful. Iranian citizens can't own guns. DON'T let our leaders take ours! Obama's Supreme Court Justice Nominee, Sotomayor leans heavily that way.

Wade Rathke, the founder of corrupt ACORN was finally fired (about 8 years after his cover-up of his brother's embezzlement of over $900,000). Neither went to jail. Wade has new employment oversea for ACORN International, while his wife and two adult children are getting ACORN paychecks here. ACORN sure is a close, loyal family group. No wonder Obama likes them.

If you have not seen Bob Basso's video of our founding father, Thomas Paine (author of "Common Sense") I urge you to do so. Just log on to Google, type in (Thomas Paine video) and there are several. Start-with "The Second American Revolution" made in July of '08. If you have kids in the house sit them down for 7 minutes. Please. He also writes a letter to the president dated June 16, 2009. Scroll to find it.

Takotna, Alaska has a population of 46 people, and has an existing airfield. Why are they getting 21 million in federal funds (taxpayer dollars) to build another one? They say the current one, built by the state is substandard. Can't we (or the state) improve what exists, for a hundred thousand or so? 46 residents! That's almost a HALF MILLION DOLLARS PER PERSON! When times are tough! How is that for taxation without representation? I lived in Alaska. I flew in to moose hunt with bush pilots. They take off and land on dried-up riverbeds and stony beaches. Trust me, they can cope! But maybe it's not as stupid and irresponsible as the 3.5 million to build a "turtle tunnel" in Florida, or the 10 million to renovate "an abandoned train station that hasn't been used in 30 years. Hey, we want to create jobs, right? We can give 46 people (the population of Takotna) baskets, to walk the shoulders of the roads in Florida, scooping up turtles and escorting them safely across the road. 46 people making $25,000/year for 3 years = 3.5 million!
By then maybe we'll be out of this mess.

Inspectors General are supposed to be WATCHDOGS FOR US (the taxpayers) against waste, fraud and abuse within federal agencies, NOT LAP DOGS of the administration. I said that when I.G. Walpin was abruptly fired 2 weeks ago by Obama, for "messing with his (guilty) friend," Kevin Johnson. Walpin was given 45 minutes to quit or be fired. A couple of weeks ago, about that same time, two other Inspectors General, were being "relieved of their command." I.G. Judith Gwynn, for the International Trade Commission was notified she was done. She said, "documents were removed forcibly from her possession" by a commission staffer.

I.G., Fred Wiederhold Jr., investigating AMTRAK, "retired" without notice or explanation June 18th. It seems his "difficulties" centered around AMTRAK Vice-President, General Counsel and paid lobbyist Eleanor Acheson (Hillary Clinton's roommate at Wellesley College). Acheson joined AMTRAK in January 2006 and brought in (as her deputy) Jonathon Meyer, who spent 6 years as a top senate aide to JOE BIDEN. Biden proclaims himself as AMTRAK's #1 advocate in Washington. I.G. Wiederhold retired, rather than continue with all the interference, he wasn't supposed to get. Joe Biden, in March, announced that the heavily subsidized rail service (which has NEVER made profit) would receive 1.3 BILLION in "Stimulus." And Joe's SON Hunter Biden, by the way, IS ON the AMTRAK Board of Directors.

Neil Barofsky is "SIGTARP" (Special Inspector General for Troubled Assets Relief Program). TARP is of course, the 3 TRILLION FINANCIAL BAILOUT rushed through congress last October. Treasury Secretary Geithner WON'T GIVE SIGTARP AUDITORS certain treasury documents, claiming "attorney/client privilege." SMELL anything? Remember those extra funds thrown in for A.I.G. huge corporate bonuses? There is a lot more going on, people, than will ever be EXPOSED by all the media bedded down with the president. This administration is determined to CONTROL EVERY FACET OF OUR LIVES. You must look deeply into the facade of health care and of global warming nonsense. Those are smoke screens. It's all about POWER and CONTROL. Don't watch the hand that's moving. It's the other one that is ripping our LIBERTIES from us, and will ultimately destroy America. Well, now I've said it. I'm sure I have now officially attained "crackpot" status, to many. But I have no problem with that, if I have caused some to possibly "re-think" their positions, get mad as hell, and get active with me and others in reclaiming America!

Do you want health care to "be there for everybody?" Sure sounds beautiful (Utopian) at first glance. But something costing TRILLIONS (supposing we even had the money) demands a whole lot closer look. The rosy picture depicted by the administration is so ridiculous, with so much misleading B.S., it is tough for me to know where to start, but I'll try. One BIG misconception is that most Americans are unhappy with their health care. Not true. OVER 80% of Americans ARE HAPPY with their health coverage. THAT'S A CRISES? Now factor in all those young, working (healthy) adults that commonly feel they are indestructible, and DON'T WANT TO PAY for it, and the 12-20 million (depending on who you believe) illegal aliens, who just walk into any emergency room and get care, right now, for FREE. I think those numbers, and needs are greatly distorted.

If you BELIEVE there are 45 million in dire need, then consider the ramifications of them suddenly thrust upon the existing hospital space, and present shortage of doctors and nurses. You don't just pull those types off of the unemployment rolls, or put cots in the hallways. Oops. I believe they do in Europe and Canada . They WAIT FOR MONTHS for that cot in the hall. Don't listen to the government or media (fast becoming the same dis-information). ASK a British or Canadian FRIEND WHO HAS THE COVERAGE we are BEING RUSHED to get. Better yet, ask some American that traveled there and had to experience even one of their emergency rooms. They tend to say, "NEVER AGAIN." Well, never is just around the corner for us, I fear. We are going to rush headlong into this disaster without anyone ever saying, "How can we just radically CUT COSTS in our existing program?"

"How do we BREAK the strangle-hold of huge drug companies, making it FAIR for their RESEARCH, and FAIR for the PATIENTS?" And let's immediately REPEAL that stupid wasteful prescription DRUG BILL that Bush ushered in. The faces change, but.... Now look at all the Doctors in America from the Mid-East and India. India FORMULATES drugs, too. COMPETITION! We should be able to choose from ANY Health Insurance Company in America (across state lines). We should have walk-in clinics for preventive and first-aid type care ACROSS THE STREET from all emergency rooms, manned by relatively cheap, easily trained personnel (lots of jobs! If anyone cares.) I was a "MEDIC" in the Army. I had 3 months of training. Ask a soldier on the battlefield how he feels about "The Doc." Certified Public Accountant Firms have rooms filled with "Bookkeepers" at half the wage, and for tax season they hire "Preparers" for less than that. C.P.A.'s "oversee", and sign the paperwork, and charge C.P.A. rates! But who does 90% of the work? Do it in Medicine, but pay (fairly) the 90% doing the necessary menial work. LOTS OF JOBS! Think over the changes I've just proposed and try to visualize how much better, and MORE AFFORDABLE our present system would be. And ABOLISH those excessive malpractice suits, NOW! "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" The present system may be "badly bent". But IT AINT BROKE! It's TOO SIMPLE for even Congress to not see, and too important and expensive TO NOT TRY, before committing TRILLIONS of dollars WE DON'T HAVE; unless there is something sinister going down. That is what worries me.
It's One American's View Thanks for listening, Phil Faustman