Sunday, July 26, 2009

Issue #4


Before I get into my main thoughts this issue I must address a few things briefly. First, I often ask people outright, what they think of my newsletter because I want feedback. I don't mind constructive criticism. I invite it. I don't profess to know the best possible way to get across my thoughts and ideas. Do I come on strongly? YES. I AM PASSIONATE IN MY BELIEFS and meticulously pursue truth and facts. I ABHOR corruption and and crooks in Government! So should you! Some might consider my writing to be controversial. I prefer "thought provoking". My intent is to get you stirred up, to really think about what I present each week. If you're already with me; wonderful. Unlike the media norm, I will tell you all the facts so that you can make informed decisions, agreeing or not. One person (after prodding) said I came off as "angry and too political" to be posted in the employees' break room. "Political" suggests to me, that I am therefore a democrat or republican; perhaps with an axe to grind. Bullcrap! I dislike both parties, intensely. I AM AN AMERICAN; first, last and always, looking for any hint of leadership to get this country back on track, regardless of party affiliation. I am disgusted with those (that were and are) in office, and a system that repeats the same old crap every 4 years. We must choose the LESSER OF TWO EVILS. I adamantly deny being "political." I readily admit to being "angry," very angry, to the point of passion IN CARING about my Country. That is what motivates me to write; to try to make a difference. I am seeking those that think the same as I, to shake their hands. Maybe we can assure each other that all is not lost, that there is still hope. And, I am trying to influence those that sense something is wrong, but don't know exactly what it is, or whom they can trust. Everyone's shouting! Who's telling the truth? And, sadly, there are many unreachable. They don't care and will throw this away. I don't care about those that don't care. They are the problem! At least a lot of it.

Secondly, I am finding it difficult to say all that I need to in a two-page newsletter. Last week, at the end, I said I would have suggestions for urgent action. I thought then, that I would list all of our district congressional "leaders" with phone numbers, E-mails, etc. But you can find that info yourselves. I NEED THIS PRECIOUS SPACE to try to keep you informed of all that is being "changed," at reckless speed. I'm afraid I can only show you the biggest and most offensive; there are so many changes. But I do strongly urge you all to contact those Senators and such. Leave an indelible impression of YOUR OUTRAGE, and their jobs being in jeopardy! And think about attending one of those "tea parties." They are about American pride and our Constitution; what I espouse here.

If you want an ugly preview of what the U.S. economy will look like in the (not too distant) future, take a hard look at the bad joke, and circus clown act of California! They are 20 billion in the hole with lunatic spending, sky-high taxation, weirdo’s galore, ungodly court decisions and a sanctuary state with an open floodgate to Mexico, and Hollywood, of course. What's not to like? I kind of got off on a rant there, sorry. Look at their enormous debt, entitlement programs, runaway spending for all sorts of freaky causes, and huge government payrolls (including recent raises and unreal retirement packages). And their state taxation rate is off the charts. All of ours will soon be, too. It is a sneak preview of the United States' demise, tomorrow, or very soon. Oh yes, we are going to bail them out (with printed money) under the familiar ruse of "they are too big to fail." Obama and Pelosi have too many friends, living and voting there. Then we are going to bail out New York state and New Jersey (enormous entitlements, debt way in the hole, and sky-high taxation rates). See a pattern here? The businesses and people ARE LEAVING SKID MARKS in their haste to get out of these states - that is, those that PAY taxes.

No one from the remaining states that are struggling, but getting by because they tightened their belts, are getting ANY VOTE or say in this at all. Folks, that is blatant TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION !! Obama and Pelosi (and the rest of the D.C. clowns) actually think it is within their authority and power. What UNGODLY ARROGANCE! They haven't given the Constitution or the People a second thought. Apparently, we aren't even a "speed bump" to them anymore, in their rush (and mission) to have everything Government run, Government owned, and everyone dependent upon the Government for their very existence; aka "Welfare State." Never mind that everything government run is a disaster. Is this the America you want? We fought a very big WAR over this very same issue! Now we throw our Independence in the garbage? The never-ending stupidity, of LEARNING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from all the examples gone bad - is mind-boggling! It's right in front of your government noses - so high in the air! We, over and over, reward bad behavior! "Take from the Rich and give to the Poor" would be more truthful if it said, "Take from the Good (and hardworking) and give to the Bad (with no intention of working)." The good people that work hard and pay their mortgage and bills on time see the derelicts benefiting, and shake their heads. I am sure that bailing out California (then the other states) along with a needed good scolding, will get them back on their feet. They will repay the "loan," see the error of their ways, and not need further assistance in the future. And everyone lives happily ever after. You believe in fairy tales if you think the United States isn't going down the same dead-end street that California has. I would like to elaborate more on Arnie's state, and his statements. There are many storylines, some humorous, others outrageous, but I need to get at least started on another very dark and scary topic.

In last week's issue I spoke of politicians getting dirty themselves while trying to find dirt on others. This week I need to expose a (not dirty) FILTHY, corrupt organization that has been allowed to grow like Cancer (or worse) because of its close association with BAD people, and government ties; and deep roots. I know you've heard of A.C.O.R.N. You can look up what the letters stand for. To me it stands for rotten to the core! Someone else said it’s, Another Corrupt. Organization Ruining a Nation. Rather mild when you realize the possible implications and dig deeper. I am going to start with the latest revelation first on ACORN, and work backward somewhat to reveal it at its insidious worst. There is an ex-funeral home in New Orleans, Louisiana that is headquarters for ACORN and 270 branching-affiliates sprouting off from it. The boards of directors of these 270 entities, I hear, look like carbon copies of each other. That's 270 business fronts, disguised as separate legitimate charities or businesses in quite a small building. This aint just SMOKE, people, it is one hellish FIRE, and eventually it's going to BURN many. Unless of course, the media is even worse than I think. The head of all this in Louisiana is, C.C.I. (Citizens Consulting, Inc.), which keeps the books and handles all finances of ACORN - "follow the money!" The head of C.C.I., and the founder of ACORN is Wade RATHKE, the head of the snake. Wade's brother embezzled about a million dollars nine years ago. Someone inside hollered. They were both removed from their positions, and a hushed agreement of repayment at $30,000 per year, would keep a brother out of prison. They were reassigned to another branch, probably without a cut in pay. Note that it would take over 30 years to pay it back. A disgruntled employee was going to blow the whistle, opening up a can of worms (little snakes?), so a "friend" from another branch, paid off the remaining $800,000 plus. We should all have such a friend.Every dime of the millions in donations, grant money, stimulus money (whatever from whomever) coming in to ANY of the 270 goes directly to C.C.I., and they disperse whatever percentage they deem appropriate, I guess. Because no one is allowed to see the books from within ACORN, and no one with any authority has ever demanded to, from without. Barney Frank was recently asked to, but, well you know Barney. Those conscientious few from within, inquiring too much get terminated. Continue and you might get ex-terminated. These people are THUGS, and big-time crooks, like the gangsters and mafia of old! They have gotten away with so much, for so long, they feel invincible. They radiate an ARROGANCE that only comes from knowing they have FRIENDS in high places. It makes me nauseous! If I told you all that I've learned it would depress you; or you just wouldn't believe me. BE WARY and cynical of anyone associated with ACORN, or anything ACORN touches. This should not be happening in America! It is not the program it started as. It, once upon a time, had merit.

FAR LEFT, Million and Billionaires, with their plans of changing and running this country are DEEPLY involved. ACORN is not bi-partisan. It is totally for democrats (by hook or crook), as attested by never having backed any republican. They are totally for, "tax the rich" and "more entitlements for the poor," which garners more democrat VOTES. Incidentally, this is where most Mexicans (legal & illegal) will gravitate, ensuring POWER for many YEARS TO COME. The more DEPENDENT you are on BIG government, the more YOU WILL KEEP politicians creating it, IN OFFICE, and they know that! The 10 year Census has always been taken by the Dept. of Commerce until this year. Obama's White House has TAKEN CONTROL of it this time, and is using ACORN's people. Isn't that SCARY - or worse? If the count is not honest, our ELECTIONS among other ramifications, could be TERRIBLY affected for a LONG TIME! Year after year (and presently ongoing in 13 states) ACORN is investigated for voter registration FRAUD. Our President doesn't doubt their integrity, but I sure as hell do! Our U.S. Attorney General should be kicking down that door in New Orleans, but that aint gonna happen in THIS administration! And the tons of Media can't see any problem or conflict of interest either. That would be physically impossible. Their eyes are in their heads; and their heads are in their a__s! I know it was just a little blip in the news (barely mentioned) but I remember it well. I told you Obama had about 10 times as much money donated to his campaign fund as inept McCain did. Well, out of it Obama reported he gave $832,000 to "C.C.I." for "Staging, Sound, Lighting." A knowledgeable Pittsburgh reporter said, "WHAT?" Then, it was CHANGED to "ACORN" for "Get-Out-The-Vote efforts." It is nice to have 270 "Options." I am sure the money GOT to where it was INTENDED!

I am running out of space again. I could write many pages about the darkness enveloping ACORN and those lurking in the shadows, but I will move on. Next week I want to shine a little light into the DARK corners of that huge conglomerate, General Electric, and see what goes scurrying.
It's One American's View. Thanks for listening, Phil Faustman

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