Sunday, July 26, 2009

Issue #5


It really bothered me when President Obama toured Europe and APOLOGIZED for America's behavior, a short while back. This is the GREATEST, KINDEST, MOST GENEROUS NATION in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD!! Now a few days ago, a Russian newspaper, "Pravda," ridiculed America and laughed at the, "Fall of Capitalism," all our bailouts, foolish spending and government takeover of private industries. At the same time, our Treasury Secretary, Geithner was in China asking them to buy up more of our debt. He was speaking at some university. When he tried to assure them that the U.S. was financially sound, the students laughed! My, how our AMERICA has FALLEN in the world's eyes!

I don't know about you, but I cringe every time I see a bunch of "brilliant" minds on T.V. analyze a problem. They all agree that it's a terrible problem, but no two can agree on what caused it, or how to correct it. It stands to (my) reason, if you don't know how it got that way you're quite possibly NOT QUALIFIED to fix it. Does anyone really believe that our American automobile industry is now on the road to recovery? I advocate the k.i.s.s. principle (keep it simple stupid). There were many reasons given as to why our auto companies were going bankrupt; while our foreign competitors were doing well, building their cars on American soil.

I won't bore you with all the reasons, because there's only ONE that really matters. They build them CHEAPER! A logical question follows: How? What are they doing differently? Only one thing, really. They are not burdened with a high UNION wage package, and ridiculous retirement "legacy" program!- REMOVE the Union and you have a level playing field. We would sell AT LEAST as many cars as they do, at a greatly reduced price, and at a profit.

The government COULD have helped enormously here, by taking brief control of this impasse, and overseeing a speedy bankruptcy (it was gonna happen anyway). The auto company could then legally and contractually START OVER, fresh, without a union and cumbersome obligations. Again, bankruptcy would have happened ANYWAY, without gov't interference. Then, the gov't could have said, "You will start out with MATCHING wages and benefits of your competition. Go get 'em!" The whole process could have been done in two weeks or so with minimal disruption. Calm leadership could have done wonders. So much for could have. Instead, the gov't threw away Billions while only delaying the inevitable. My way, the gov't could have assured dealerships, and people needing auto servicing, and auto-manufacturing suppliers, everything would be all right, SHORTLY.

What the taxpayers got was billions thrown away needlessly (again), dealers and new car owners with anxiety disorders, and a dysfunctional auto industry ruin (not a typo) jointly by the Gov't and the damned UNION that was mostly RESPONSIBLE for this crisis. In the process, they even forcibly closed down (by what right) some profitable, long-time family dealerships, awarding their clientele to some dealer down the street or in the next town. What kind of B.S. leadership is this (a rhetorical question)? None! Totally useless! It all is just a poorly disguised payback for the Hundreds of Millions the UNION stuffed into Obama's overflowing campaign fund! Another shameful AWARD to the UNIONS is that farce called, "FREE Choice," where there is no more secret ballot, when voting for or against, joining a UNION. You are "FREE" to be BULLIED when they KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

I have another example of Government-run INCOMPETENCE and waste - over 10,000 stimulus checks @ $250 each sent out to Social Security (DECEASED) recipients. Some have been "DEAD" OVER 30 years! Some didn't even participate, or pay into the S.S. program. From WHERE DID THEY GET those Social Security numbers? A LIST SOME MEXICAN DISCARDED? What buffoon sent them out? And who was the IDIOT OVERSEEING him or her? Where's that "transparency," Sir? Some of us would like to know. To whom should we give credit? As usual, it didn't make much of a splash in the media. It was just a piddling two and a half million, or so. Chump change. Who cares?

I said last week, I was going to expose General Electric. I will do so next week. I feel I must address our (about to be) new Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor. I would like to preface my comments with a quote from a Founding Father, Samuel Adams: "It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." Look, people. Those fires are all around you - in many forms. I have a couple of old goodies I like also, "Show me your friends and I'll show you your future." Or, "Birds of a feather, flock together." I also believe THE PEOPLE you "hang with" pretty much define WHO YOU ARE. In this Justice appointment, there will be a lot of, "He said, she said" baloney for weeks to come. Insipid jabbering that just muddies the water when you're trying to see clearly. You now know I like the k.i.s.s. method of analysis. Unlike politicians and talk shows, I say, "Here are the facts. Let's connect the dots, one at a time.

The Princeton graduating class of 1905, Norman Thomas -- Princeton class of 1976, Sonia Sotomayor --- Sotomayor's Yearbook quoted Norman Thomas (certainly suggesting SOME reverence for the MAN, or his CAUSE). Norman Thomas ran SIX times for the Presidency on the "SOCIALIST Party of America" ticket. I think Socialism = BAD for America. I guess Americans, THEN, did too. He lost. Thomas had many quotes. Try this one: "The American people will NEVER KNOWINGLY adopt Socialism. But under the name of 'LIBERALISM' they will adopt EVERY FRAGMENT of the Socialism Program, until one day AMERICA WILL BECOME A SOCIALIST NATION, without ever knowing HOW it happened." Scary, and very REVEALING to me! I don't need to endure weeks of politicians, blogs and news commentators shouting and jerking my mind around. As an older voter, I KNOW irrefutable facts are about to be refuted - to a nauseous state. The funniest part sadly is, I don't get TO VOTE for someone that could adversely affect the Law and my America for perhaps THE NEXT 30 years. Justices leave when they tire - OR CAN NO LONGER DRESS THEMSELVES! Our VERY LIBERAL President will appoint one or two more Liberal-leaning Justices before he leaves. That is AT LEAST 3 out of 9 that will be making "SUREME" decisions probably long after I'm dead! You have seen some of their inane decisions (and over-rulings) on 5 to 4 votes! I find that ominous and foreboding. The New Haven, CT Fire Department controversy caught my eye a while back, but (at the time) seemed a bit small with all the heavier stuff going on. My opinion now follows, since Sotomayor presided and dismissed that lawsuit of discrimination. First points are, we have a fire dept, with a mix of blacks, latinos, and whites. They have good, well-paid jobs. Opportunity for advancement comes. I assume that means more pay. Everyone wanting to advance must take an exam to determine the most qualified. How do you prepare for an exam? When I went to college, you studied. The harder you "worked" the better you scored. Pretty simple, certainly fair and proper. But, up jumps,” Affirmative Action,” which apparently will be there forever. Another good idea, abused and gone bad, a lot like ACORN.

So, as I recall, about 20 whites and 1 latino scored well, but the black fire fighters didn't. So the higher-ups decided that the outcome didn't fit the demographics (percentage of blacks in the dept). It would be awkward to pass over so many obviously better qualified "non-blacks," so NOBODY gets promoted! All these people weren't uneducated dummies, or they couldn't have become fire fighters. I think it all comes down to how badly you want it, how hard you try - work ethic. If you know it can be GIVEN to YOU for "half an effort," it debases you - and kills the drive to succeed, in others at the same time.

I've raised I think, a number of fair questions about Sotomayor's qualifications, but it matters not. If you question her at all, you will be viciously and relentlessly attacked by the MEDIA as racist! (That’ll shut 'em up.) Shrewd move, Obama. If the republicans prevent her from attaining the bench (not likely), the latinos will hate them and be democrats for life. Even if they exert too much pressure it will be seen as racism. Either way, more democrat future votes get locked in. But I have more on Judge Sotomayor that absolutely cinches it for me.

In your travels have you ever run across one of those "Dry" Counties, where you are not allowed to drink beer, or such? There are actually a lot of them. We tend to smile, or are a little irritated at the inconvenience, if we enjoy a drink. But that same "right" of those do-gooders, to impose their personal beliefs onto you, may now have far-reaching implications. Judge Sotomayor, while at Princeton wrote a thesis entitled, "Deadly Obsession: American Gun Culture." In it she says, "The 2nd Amendment DOES NOT give individual citizens 'the right to bear arms', ONLY THE MILITARY." Then, in 2004 (U.S. vs Sanchez-Villar), Sotomayor and two other judges ruled, " The right to POSSESS a gun is CLEARLY NOT A FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT." It is her contention that State or Local Governments CAN DISREGARD our 2nd Amendment if they wish, and BAN ALL GUNS! Damn! I don't need to know anything more! Sotomayor, you don't belong here! Don't talk to me about "empathy." I want EVERY Supreme Court Justice to uphold the U.S. Constitution and its Amendments TO THE LETTER! Blind justice and equal for all! I don't want your personal interpretation or empathy. I don't care about your struggles or compelling life's story. Lady, YOU SCARE THE HELL OUT OF ME! There are other jobs out there. Find something you're suitable for. Your position is clear! You are DANGEROUS. Obama says HE isn't against guns, but look at his first appointee. More deception and LIES! And NO ONE in Congress or the Media cares enough to expose her? DAMN IT. WHO IS WORSE?!

So, to recap, I say strike one is Sotomayor's clear SOCIALIST background. Strike two is her possible racism (reverse discrimination) ruling on the firemen. Strike three is her obvious stance on our "RIGHT to bear arms." You're Out!" I don't care to hear one word from you, or anyone that would defend you. Your background and actions don't lie. If you and yours, would keep your mouths shut, you wouldn't lie either. But, that aint gonna happen, is it? You all are gonna talk us to death and tell us about all the "good" you do. Bullcrap! You are UNFIT! If you folks want to contact your two Senators to oppose the appointment of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, there is a pre-written e-mail message that you can sign and send, nice and easy:

To be safe (and I know it sounds corny) YOU CANNOT TRUST, AND MUST NOT BELIEVE, ANYTHING that any politician, any news analyst, any newspaper or T.V. news station has to say! The vast majority of them are professional liars, and their main agenda is to win you over. If the vast majority is lying, what are the odds AGAINST you making a good decision, based on truth? I say, believe only what YOU actually see with your eyes, look hard at their history or track record, and find out who they "hung out" with. Get on the "net" quickly, before they cover their tracks. They are devious, fast and slippery. They are professionals. Remember, if it looks phony, IT IS. If your gut tells you it's wrong, IT IS. Trust your instincts; not those fast-talking, lying S.O.B.s who will talk endlessly. When you have learned how to filter through the B.S., and see more clearly, you may find a voice or two out there, you can half-way trust or identify with. But ALWAYS retain your skepticism. Trust, but VERIFY! If a hundred million of us CAN EVER GET TOGETHER, we can maybe take back our beloved Country. That is my dream. That is why I write. It's only ONE DROP in the Ocean maybe, but it's MY drop, and One American's View.
Thanks for listening, Phil Faustman

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