Sunday, July 26, 2009

Issue #3


After two "pretty heavy" issues I thought my third, should kind of introduce me, to you, and explain why I felt the need to start a newsletter of my very own. First of all, most of the national T.V. media and most major newspapers are an outright disgrace to journalism. Their personal agendas are all they care about. It seems there are no investigative reporters anymore, like "60 Minutes" and "20/20" used to be. If they dig at all, it is not to dig up facts. It is to dig up dirt; witch hunts to discredit or smear someone; any someone having the audacity to question, or say something politically incorrect, or not mainstream. You disagree? Making trouble? We will squash you, and disgrace you; and we have the power.

I've seen this daily. I know many of you have. I am absolutely sick of it. How dare they print the news that they deem fit. I am an American. I will interpret the facts and decide what it means to me. Your job, your only job, is to present me with those facts. You're just a reporter. Report accurately, and without prejudice, or get the hell out of America. At least get a job you might be fit for.

Locally, I occasionally expressed an opinion in our own "Avalanche." At first I was told I was a bit too political and must stick to local issues only. I complied. I wrote on a number of things over time and received complements from people pretty regularly. Hey, everyone appreciates recognition for effort; or for just plain caring. I am no exception. I work for appreciation - not money. I was encouraged to partake more, but my letters were not being printed, so I would then get discouraged. When you take the time to write a well thought out bit on local issues or community concerns and nothing is printed, it is frustrating. After two or three weeks, you call and ask why? You are only then told that your letters are too long, or you write too many, or we want to give others a turn. I said to them, "If there are so many issues and so many concerned citizens that have taken the time to write, why don't you devote a whole page to 'letters to the editor' instead of just two or three?" No answer. I mean, it is a local newspaper, serving the public, isn't it? Does it cost that much for a sheet of paper and ink? To me, it is another indicator of what is wrong in America, in miniature. If s doubly upsetting in that you can't write a letter complaining about the paper, because they surely won't print that. So little ole Grayling , MI(Podunk, U.S.A.) has its own press, deciding who gets heard, and what is newsworthy, in Crawford County.

My dear wife put up with my ranting and raving nearly every nightly newscast, and knew of my frustration with even the local paper. She said, "Why don't you just start up your own paper?" So here I am, offering you my two cents worth - though it won't cost you nearly that much.

I promise you, everything I write about I thoroughly research. I will speak only the truth as I know it. I will distort nothing knowingly and jump to no conclusions. I am studious, objective and have lived long enough to have seen better times. By that I mean, a time when most people were self-reliant; a person's word really meant something. And when there was far more personal pride and integrity. Then, politicians were pretty much harmless windbags, not shameless liars, thieves and tax cheats; as far too many are today.

I don't expect you to agree with all my views and opinions. That would make the world a dull and boring place. But I want to assure you that I LOVE MY COUNTRY and am proud of her role in two World Wars; and Her compassion and unending generosity in aiding any and all in need. If you spit on our Flag or Constitution, I had better not be anywhere near! I am not unique or alone in that feeling. There are many of us. But I am appalled, at the growing numbers of citizens that view America with disdain or contempt; and I despise them! Leave. Get out! Ignorance is no excuse to me. Criticism is fine. Heck, it's the American way. I have lots of criticism I intend to unload; but with intentions to return her to her roots and ideals, not to shame and destroy her. Those so-called Americans have had their way long enough. I say, "Not on my watch!" I wish I could speak to many, but thankfully I can speak to you. Can we make a difference?

I knew I had found "my calling," as they say, when I received my first hate mail only 48 hours after my first issue hit the streets. I was berated and portrayed as a sore-loser republican propagandist, in cahoots with FOX News, and probably buying into the Jews and Holocaust, too. Signed, Anonymous. He did put his name and address on the envelope though. But, the Holocaust? Wow! If you read that first issue, it was a lot about tomatoes.

Now I would like to speak about the biggest news of the past week. I find it amusing, as the country can't decide on two running debates. Is waterboarding torture? Is Nancy Pelosi lying? It is simple, really. No! and Yes! Respectively. The truth is, three terrorists were all that were waterboarded, and that was in 2002. Not suspected terrorists. Terrorists! And right after thousands of Americans were murdered on 9-11-2001. On 9-12-2001 there was NOT ONE AMERICAN IN A THOUSAND THAT CARED whether waterboarding was TORTURE or enhanced interrogation. So isn't the question as silly TODAY as it was then? ANY OF US would have waterboarded them (or worse) to find out what other attacks were coming. They weren't killed or injured! No fingernails ripped off! They weren't beheaded! And EVERY OTHER NATION in the WORLD would have done AT LEAST AS MUCH! So get off the righteous indignation soapbox. It happened (in America!) WITH PHYSICIANS STANDING BY, for cripes sake! If your stance is STILL that we are a civilized nation and cannot waterboard I will make my point this way. (Think about it). If we captured the ANIMAL that has YOUR LITTLE GIRL chained up somewhere and she is having UNSPEAKABLE THINGS done to her every day; would it be O.K. with you to waterboard him (with physicians standing by) to get her location? If you can STILL SAY NO, you are indeed a person of high principles. But, I WOULD NOT WANT YOU FOR A MOMMY OR DADDY! Now, back to reality. I also say, "put and keep a wrap on the old pictures of it all." Why must you AGAIN, drag America through the muck, FOR THE WORLD'S AMUSEMENT; and for something happening SEVEN YEARS AGO? And you call yourselves Americans. Shame on you! I think it is Bush bashing, and YOU DON'T CARE A LICK about our Country's image.

Next, did you see Pelosi (Speaker of the House) on May 14 with your own eyes, answering whether she knew about waterboarding back then? Her stammering and fidgeting (looking for her notes) and body language was as revealing and obvious as (a U.S. President) Obama's BOWING to that Arab - which is still being debated, I guess. Pelosi is a liar! The same as Chris Dodd a short while ago and Barney Frank most all the time. Different faces. Different sex even. But the same dazed look, and the same line of work. Old joke, "How can you tell if a congressman is lying? Simple, his lips are moving." Too true, far too often.

The routine is now familiar. First, there is outright denial, followed by righteous indignation, then befuddlement just before, blaming someone else. This time, "The C.I.A. is lying. They do it all the time." It sounds like a little kid, not Speaker of the House. And, Nancy, the C.I.A.? Not too smart! Maybe bye-bye.

To me, the saddest part of it all is in the news coverage. The shame is in the NON-coverage. It wasn't headlines. It wasn't even front page; because it was another "oops" by the favored party (AND the hungry media) while in hot pursuit of old mud to sling at that other party. MUD, would have been headlines. I'll bet we have finally (after the C.I.A. bit) seen the last of this nonsense. The witch hunt to prosecute the past administration for war crimes of torture isn't the fun it used to be. We have established that it WASN'T EVEN TORTURE ANYWAY, haven't we? Well, I think it's fun to see anyone digging for dirt, finding it all over THEMSELVES, when they look in the mirror.

Whoa, just as I'm wrapping this up I hear on the news, things that should absolutely scare us all to action! I'll have suggestions next week. We have a president that just cut Chrysler's advertising budget in half! A short while ago he fired the CEO of General Motors! He said he didn't want to run the banks, insurance and auto companies. He had more important things to do. Bull! Change by Obama is USING POWER that Kings and Queens used to have. Dictators do these things, or so-called Presidents of third-world nations. And Barney Frank is saying we must BAIL OUT California beyond the billions we have already given them. When the rest of us must bail out a state TOO STUPID to get their act together - that is clearly TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION! Space won't permit me to elaborate now. But THINK AGAIN, please, if you think this man is good for our Country! In four months he has us on the fast track to financial ruin, firing executives, dictating to banks and private industries and telling them how much they can personally earn, or spend conducting business! I have many things I want to reveal to you (like the ACORN corruption and media cover-up) but Obama is moving faster, with his sidekicks Nancy and Barney, than I can type. We all have GREAT REASON to be afraid! Anyway, time is up.
Its One American's View. Thanks for listening, Phil Faustman

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