Monday, July 27, 2009

Issue #10


The Supreme Court is the highest court in the land. What does that mean to you? With only 9 Justices deciding and ending all debate, in any dispute in America, it is tremendously important that each and every Justice be appointed with the utmost care. Monumental decisions that dictate our every day lives are regularly determined by 5 to 4 votes. Little more than 50/50. Decided forever just about as simply as a coin flip. Sound silly? Now, think hard about the importance of that 9th Justice. Think about the control of power, if you could control that coin flip! What if YOU (as President) could select not only that 9th Supreme Court Justice, but also the 7th and 8th. You wouldn't even need that coin anymore. Every American life is now affected by a non-elected panel for possibly 30 years or more. Obama will appoint 2 (maybe 3) Justices! I know I spoke of this before, but it bears repeating. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! Appointee, Sotomayor (outspokenly opposed to our "right to bear arms") ruled against the New Haven Firefighters. They appealed to the Supreme Court, who just ruled in their favor, 5 to 4. How "coin flip" lucky for them that their 5-1/2 year case (affecting their lives) wasn't delayed for another 4 months, when Sotomayor will be seated on the bench. Then what do you think their "coin flip" chances would be?! This irony dramatically makes my previous point, I think. Don't you think the prospects are scary?

California has the 8th largest economy in the world. It is larger than Spain, Canada or even our nemesis Russia. California's $24 Billion in the red is causing them to issue I.O.U.’s for State Government payments. There, but for the grace of "printing money", goes our Federal Government! Obama recently applauded California's environmental protection program. There must be some dark humor intended there (that I am missing) as he prepares to send the whole country down that same financial road to ruin - in the name of protecting the environment. I humbly suggest, the endangered species we should try to save, is the "American Taxpayer."

When the Whitehouse selects specific members of the press to meet behind closed doors, it should be of great concern to everyone When the president verbally jousts with individuals, such as when Obama retorted back to Rush Limbaugh a while back, it diminishes the office. So does singling out one dissenting news network as being always critical of him. "Always" isn't even true, which makes the public accusation seem childish, when you consider it's the highest office in the land. I myself, tend to think of Fox News as the lone beacon in the night. The other stations MAY be telling you the truth, or it is PARTLY true, or it is the truth AS THEY see it, or they might just decide it's not newsworthy at all and OMIT IT. So it came as no surprise, to hear all these "Town Hall" meetings our president is continually having, are rigged. The supposition is that they are "open to everyone." Come and ask your President about whatever is bothering you. Well, the people in front of the cameras actually have been invited, permitted to get close to the "Big Guy" for heavily campaigning, or donating, or something. Whatever press is present submits questions in advance and the president calls on the person who's question HE WANTS to answer. There is more realism in watching wrestling on T.V. But if you are an obsessed narcissistic, control personality, it makes for a smooth (no surprises) press release, to sell whatever it is you're promoting at the time. Another infomercial, teleprompters probably not necessary, hugs (with cameras flashing) for a staunch supporter (that happens to have Cancer) while you're selling "Healthcare", is pure genius. Right up there with the Veg-O-Matic.

Do you remember the government-forced, purchase of Merrill Lynch by Bank of America, the first of the year? Merrill Lynch had incurred losses in the 4th quarter alone of over 15 Billion, yet got 3.2 Billion IN BONUSES for its officers, above their lofty salaries of course. Ben Bernanke, Fed Chairman, flatly denied applying any pressure at all to Bank of America to buy out Merrill Lynch with B.O.A.'s bailout funds of 45 billion. B.O.A paid about 17 Billion MORE than Merrill was worth, PLUS those bonus awards – all taxpayer money. What I found intriguing was that when Ken Lewis (head of B.O.A.) balked at the buyout, he said he was TOLD to do it, OR he and the Board would be REPLACED! So here you have, the Federal Reserve Board Chairman and the head of Bank of America each, in essence, calling the other a LIAR! Obviously, one of them MUST be a liar! Why does my gut tell me it is our very, very powerful Federal Reserve Chairman. It is insane, the power they are now bestowing on the Fed over private industry - and even a hint of abuse, or character flaw is ominous indeed.

I said recently that the only true measuring stick of our economy is JOBS. Well, the news isn't pretty no matter how they try to paint this picture. It is said that unemployment is at 9.5%. It is really over 10% if they were at all realistic and forthright. There are a lot of numbers that don't show up because they are still on severance pay, like auto workers. There are many no longer getting benefits (off the roles) and discouraged from even looking in this climate. No one is getting pay raises - just happy to be employed. Many have much reduced hours and are now short of medical benefits requiring 35 hours or so. And some are just working part-time. And don't bother with the B.S. about jobs SAVED. We're not that stupid. Incidentally, our local economy (Grayling) is far worse than the national average, and our downtown streets are torn up this summer by outside contractors. We are a 2 hour drive from Canada and I find it a bit unsettling that a goodly bunch of those workers are constantly hollering back and forth to each other in Spanish. Hey, maybe it's all legit, but I have to wonder about this on a national scale.

We have to have more Czars. I think it is hilarious that Obama is considering a "Fine Print CZAR" to police mortgage contracts and credit cards. I would like to relate somehow when he rants, "Those ridiculous contracts with pages of fine print that no one can figure out – those things will be a thing of the past. And enforcement will be the rule, not the exception." Yeah, I would like to relate, except the B.S. and hypocrisy is overwhelming. There is the I.R.S. income tax code that jumps out at me and employs tens of thousands of tax lawyers, and an absolute joke of a congress that won't even bother to "PRETEND" to read the Large Print, before voting on something of monumental importance to us all. Cut up the damne credit cards and wait till you can pay cash. And throw those bums out of Washington that continually, shamefully denigrate our legislative process - TOO LAZY TO READ OR REPRESENT!

Here is how you're going to get that "bitter pill" (National Health Insurance) rammed down your throat. Obama says if you like your present health plan, keep it. Of course, if your coverage is too good, we'll have to tax you on the "excessive" part. Much like you are taxed on an employer provided car or phone. The government is going to insure those "unfortunates" who have no insurance, and "fine" employers that provide no insurance, (so much per head) to throw into the government "pool". No one can "fault the government" for providing a little "friendly competition" in a capitalist, free-market system. And you're free to keep your present doctor and insurance anyway, for as long as you want. Of course, the government has two little advantages. One is they can (should they want to) subsidize any medical costs they choose or dictate how much they will pay. Eventually, they will show you your insurance company is charging (you and your employer) far more premium than that government program does, that you COULD have for identical coverage and treatment. The 2nd advantage is, they can print all the money they need, for as long as it takes to bring you over. Little by little everyone will drop their private carrier and change to the cheaper government provider. With all the insurance companies finally out of existence, and the government in total control (as was intended all along) now comes the dictating. Not only will there be mediocre coverage and long waiting periods for care, older people will not get knee or hip replacement surgery and doctors will work "salary jobs" determined by the same panel that decides who lives and who dies. If you are TOO OLD, or your cancer is too far along, it is not practical or cost effective to spend any more on expensive prosthetics, treatments or drugs - take these pills for pain. Life expectancy statistic comparisons of Britain, Canada and the U.S. (for an array of afflictions) dramatically point this out. Costly drugs with great promise are just too expensive for British and Canadian patients.

Now they are talking of expanding Medicaid to encircle those poorer Americans. Of this, you can be certain. They (Democratic Congress and Obama) WILL get their way (control and more future votes) by whatever means necessary, including creative financing. It matters not that Medicaid itself is on life support.

Medicare too, is on the ropes. I've mentioned all the ads by lawyers, encouraging viewers to sue anybody and everybody. I am now watching the rapidly growing numbers of ads that highly encourage everyone to grab onto all those "freebies" in Medicare, there for the taking. Listen to the tone of those ads (they are getting more aggressive) and they also offer free gifts, do all the paperwork, send you notices when it's time to re-order and pay for shipping, too. If they "pre-qualify" you (on those many) very expensive motorized wheelchair company ads, and Medicare doesn't cover you, THEY will "give you one FREE!" How many of those do you think they've paid for out of their own pocket? I thought it was a "license to steal" when I saw the very first ad a while back. It was for "Hoverround" with the catchy tune. I told my wife, "That sounds fishy to me - and a great way to get rich!" Just copy-cat that same type "scooter", have it built cheaply in China, shipped here, mark it up substantially, and "stick it" to Medicare." Look how many copy-cats there are NOW! I don't know exactly what changes were slipped by (those that are supposed to watchdog or oversee Medicare), but I know SOMEONE made a LOT of money to get it done, and the thieves and cheats are alive and thriving in D.C.! The proliferation of these "scooters” has expanded to include catheters, and diabetic and incontinence supplies, so far. All paperwork done for you, delivered to your door, free shipping, NO COST TO YOU, just raise your hand. But at WHAT COST to Medicare and the taxpayer? Even the cost of those relentless ads are added on.

Those watchdogs were just like the ones for the Security Exchange Commission that ignored up to 8 complaints on Bernie Madoff, by one person alone! He ran that scam right under the S.E.C.'s noses for around 20 YEARS, bilking people out of many BILLIONS while claiming continuous, illogical profits (in full view) of all those "great minds" on Wall Street. He was supposedly "doing great" - when NO ONE else could. Think of the egos of those people, the dog-eat-dog, take no prisoners, attitude. No one questioned, or doubted the legality of an adversary that was rubbing all their noses in it? For over 20 years? Sounds too hard to believe. But those S.E.C. overseers, why aren't they in jail? Why do they still have jobs, any jobs in Government? Is ANYBODY even watching them NOW? Don't tell ME Bernie did this ALL BY HIMSELF, all that while, without a good many others culpable. But where is the cry on Capitol Hill? Where are the criminal investigations? Where in Hell is the inquisitive press? Oh yes, Mrs. Madoff (who kept the books but knew nothing) will not be prosecuted, and will have to get by on a paltry 2.5 MILLION Dollars still left to her.

Do you know who Harold Koh is? You should ge to know. On June 25th he became the State Department's "Legal Advisor". He is a left-wing Activist and has written much, favoring International Law OVER American Law, and he (like Justice Nominee Sotomayor) wants to GET RID OF ALL GUNS!! If he has his way, the damned, corrupt, useless United Nations will supersede our Justice System, and we will have NO GUNS either! How did he get affirmed so quickly and so quietly – like in the stealth of night? How could our Senate be so unconcerned, or downright stupidly inept? In October of 2002, Koh wrote in the Hartford Courant that the United States belonged WITH Iraq and North Korea in an "Axis of Disobedience." Did they waive the OATH requirement to "Solemnly swear to SUPPORT and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States against ALL ENEMIES, foreign and DOMESTIC and to bear full faith and allegiance to same." EVERY SENATOR there VIOLATED that SAME OATH! Why not just say, "Welcome to the Club." Give 'em a "High Five" and get quickly back to whatever you were doing before the "interruption", for cripes sake.

For 41 YEARS a "God & Country" Rally has had a military fly-over at their July 4th event. Every year in Nampa , Idaho they honor the spiritual foundations of our country, just as our founding fathers did. The rally especially honors the men and women of the Armed Forces, past and present. All 5 Branches were represented and over 60 recruits were sworn in at the event. The Rally director (who's husband is an Army Colonel in Iraq) said they were denied a fly-over by the Pentagon because of the "Christian" nature of the event. The only thing DIFFERENT in 42 years, is our "Commander In Chief", OBAMA! He is NOW ATTACKING the predominate Religion and foundation of this great Land! To me, it is obvious. I think we will soon see attacks on "Christmas" and "In God We Trust" on our currency. I feel, it is in his heart, based on this AND things he has said publicly. And don't pretend that this is based on a show of sudden fiscal restraint. That Broadway Show that he took his wife to cost taxpayers hundred of thousands. This whole thing stinks! It disgusts me. I know it is a harbinger of much more to come. TRANSPARENCY, MY REAR END!!

How much do we have to see, to march in the streets? What does it take to get you mad enough to stand up and say NO MORE! It stops here and now!! Bit by bit, here and there - It's LOST! NOBODY reads anything, NO ONE questions anything and we sit back, mumble perhaps in protest, and CURSE OUR LUCK. Oh well, "What CAN I DO about it?" Not a damn thing with THAT response, and you (WE) will deserve exactly what we are about to get. In the overall scheme of things, the TAKEOVER of our COUNTRY makes healthcare, energy, and the global (is it or is it not) warming nonsense, just that. Moot, (suddenly secondary) NONSENSE! Sadly, it's...One American's View. Thanks for listening, Phil Faustman

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