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53rd Issue 12/15/10

The Dream Act is actually an amnesty plan & will cost taxpayers $6.2 Bil to educate illegal aliens, then make them & their families citizens against our wishes. When taxpayers are struggling to pay their mortgages & can't send their own kids to college it becomes astoundingly stupid & another "in your face" to the people. Courting the Hispanic vote is more important in this month before "changeover" than jobs (now 9.8% unemploy they admit to) & the taxation stability would-be employers need. Who creates jobs? Rich people. Only rich people - & entrepreneurs becoming so. Meddling gov't can destroy a conducive environment or cultivate one. To greedily tax & regulate only drives job creators overseas or kills their will. Wise governing gives a free rein & encourages with tax breaks & supportive financing. Then, gov't can tax lightly ALL who benefit & prosper. Taking a little from a lot is always better than a lot from a little, unless gov't has ulterior motives, of course! To vilify & punish the rich is beyond ignorant. It is counter-productive. They're rich. They don't have to create jobs. They don't even have to live here & take abuse or pay excessive taxes. Job seekers don't resent the rich. Poor people don't hire anyone. Only ingrates, NOT seeking jobs (just a higher standard of handouts) resent the rich. People long to come here from all over, just for the opportunity to become rich (pursuit of happiness)! Annals are chock full of success stories. Foreigners (minorities) all alone, that can't even speak our language, take on 2 or 3 menial jobs, save like crazy & start their own business. Do they resent the rich? Gov't only creates waste, much in the form of gov't jobs that drain & kill an economy. Obama has created over 400,000 of those in just 2 yrs to create dependency on the gov't. He keeps expanding social programs & unemployment pay. In my day (as parents) if your kids didn't grow up & leave home in a timely fashion, you booted them out of the nest - tough love. It didn't mean you loved them any less. You knew they had to try their wings, get out there, experience life & responsibility - build a nest of their own. It worked well for many generations. Now, when we cast them out, our progressive gov't catches them, clips their wings & tells them, "You don't need to fly. Just vote for us & we'll carry you everywhere. And, we'll bill your uncaring, taxpaying parents. You're better than they are & know more than those old fogies. Join our new world order."

There are too many Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) in Congress. They must be singled out (culled out) for the good of the herd (that's us). Rather than hurriedly accept this "compromise" tax bill with a "Lame Duck" bunch bent on ramming more crap through at the last minute, I would let it expire (on principal), jack up every one's taxes & jolt them into reality of the times - ramifications of haphazard gov't. Last year on the last day of session before Christmas (while everyone was distracted & congress wanted to run home) they slipped through an unlimited or endless cap on Fannie & Freddie, to guarantee terrible, lousy mortgages forever. Hardly a word was said. They now don't even have to periodically raise the cap & catch hell publicly. So, no financial reform crackdown is on the gov'ts Fan Mae & Fred Mac. Liar's loans & super-low down payments are still accepted from all gamblers & derelicts. Private finance got regulated! This deliberate F & F quiet omission will cost us Trillions & apparently no one cares. After the stupid lame-duck year ends (2 weeks) I say to make the first order of business, a statement. Repeal the tax hike (without the pork now attached) to a cheering throng. Make the unemployed wait awhile (shake up their comfort level) until Obama coughs up the $59 Bil cost from his "stash" (unused TARP or Stimulus funds) or (Heaven forbid) allows cuts in asinine spending elsewhere. Let it be known, any future unemp benefit payments will NOT be borrowed or printed. It will be from cutbacks, or ended! In the interim, notify all & put a plan in place of Public Work for future unemp payments. I don't care if it's 40 hours of litter pick-up or tiddly-winks, it paints a picture, & prevents those from collecting while working for cash on the side. I am all for a helping hand, but have witnessed far too much waste & abuse. If you can't reasonably "police" or account for where all gov't dollars are going (what specific good they are doing) end it on the spot, or start over. It has gotten too big & too free & easy with taxpayer's money. If that also means an overhaul of the medicare & social security systems, to rid them of horrendous waste & fraud, so be it! It cannot go on. It will crash anyway. Try something. Learn something. And scrap all Ethanol Subsidies, period! Corn for gas is as stupid as Gore's global-warming fixes. This tax bill has a rider to continue placating Iowa & other corn states. Over 40% of all corn production went for an inefficient, polluting & even destructive, substitute for gasoline. It was Gore-like lies told to make some very rich (off taxpayers) & to garner votes. Anyone with a modicum of farming & scientific knowledge knows this was a farce from day one. But the unconcerned ripple-effect it would have on food prices had to be seen by the dumbest politician. We now will pay heavily (the little people far below congressional wages) for food. Starving third-world countries hate us for burning up food & I'm sure terrorists fan those flames for recruiting. And it's all based on lies & fabrications. Still, we WILL NOT DRILL for oil, & convert cars, trucks & buses to our huge reserves of natural gas, and the benefit of all those would-be JOBS! Instead, a bankrupt gov't mandates that we use 12.6 Bill gallons next year at a cost of $7 Bil in subsidy waste. Al Gore confessed that he pushed those subsidies in corn states for votes, even though it requires 29% more fossil energy to create than it contains. That "inconvenient truth" of his, matches his well-lit mansion purchase, on oceanfront property that he said will soon be under water. Republicans had better be changing these scenarios posthaste or these RINOs will be as endangered as the 4-legged Rhinos. Tea Party pressure had better be demanding & relentless. I am not hopeful after seeing our new "speaker" Boehner appoint Hal Rogers as "Pork Watchdog." Rogers has gotten 135 earmarks (costing $246 Mil) over the last 3 yrs for his Kentucky district. Repub Sen Cochran of Miss has been one for 36 yrs. He has been Chair of the Appropriations Committee & Agriculture Comm. A powerful influence, he is called the King of Pork, & pushes stupid subsidies like paying farmers or wealthy owners of dormant farmland NOT to farm. He got 240 projects costing us $490 Mil. Dem Dan Inoeye of little Hawaii got 151 projects costing us $388 Mil. Naturally, they get re-elected over & over. The "Citizens Against Gov't Waste" started tracking Pork-spending waste in l991. Do you think it has doubled or tripled in 19 yrs? I'm sure it was prevalent then. It has worsened by 15 times!
Pigs at the trough.

Congress has the lowest approval rating in history at 13%! That poll was taken before the irresponsible pork-laden Omnibus Bill they are now trying to ram through. They know the people hate it (those that know of it) but they arrogantly just don't care. It should be called a disapproval rate of probably 90% & such an outrage that voters must throw 90% of these leeches out on the street! Just check their voting records. I told you Sen Murkowski of Alaska got heavy funds & support from outside Alaska. She is a RINO republican that continually votes to support Obama's left agenda. Smell a skunk? It smells just like Sen Al Franken of Minn. Two senators that lost, then came back at the wire to "win" by the narrowest of margins to keep the Senate in the hands of Democrats & pretend Republicans. Soros & the machine working quietly?

Ever the word-player, Obama likes to call it "tax cuts" for the wealthy - not no tax increases on anybody. If the schoolyard bully only takes half your lunch money this time, can he rightfully say he gave you half? It is OUR money, Barry. Not yours or your buddies. $1 or $100, if you take it against our will, it is still theft! To then waste it, or give it away to the undeserving, or whomever you choose, just adds insult to the assault. Then you publicly vilify that 10% that pays the 70% that makes it possible for you, Pelosi & Reid to ingratiate yourselves with those handouts & payoffs! This treacherous Congress loves to throw unbelievable unread garbage and Pork in, right at the end of each year - when you're thinking Christmas & they're thinking Deceit. You have bitter departees, plus all those looking for votes from pork recipients back home. They get from 10-20 cents, on the dollar. That seems to be the going rate (like tipping). Bring home a $500,000 earmark and those backers will donate $50,000 -$100,000 to your campaign. Pigs do stink, don't they? The Omnibus bill they are trying to rush through with the Tax bill (as I go to press) has, I hear, one billion dollars for Obama's health care, with over 1,900 unread pages & 7,000 stinking earmarks, costing $8 Bil to the Tooth Fairy in it. And you know how ridiculous 99% of those earmarks are. I'm beginning to think pitchforks, and those guns "we cling to" are the only things they will ever really hear. The $59 Bill they will "borrow" for unemploy comp & endless pork should bring our (interest only) payments up to ONE TRILLION per year! Does any other country pay that much for their whole national budget? Just curious. My Michigan Gov, Jennifer Granholm is peanuts comparatively, but she has her "fuzzy math" too as she wrote in the Huffington Post. Obama loves Huff's Post & Soros contributes financially to its perpetual distortion of truth). It is just another bullhorn for liberal bull----. Granholm said, "Best of all, the new (Livonia lithium-battery) facility has already created over 300 new Mich jobs, and "A123 Systems" production plans project another 3,000 clean technology jobs to follow." But that 3,300 jobs figure far exceeds the truth - & fiscal common sense. State taxpayers pay "A123" $133.9 Mil in subsidies & Fed taxpayers $249 Mil, for a commitment of only 844 total jobs (about 540 more over the next 5 yrs) that pay only about $29,000/yr. That is 844 - not the 3300 stated. State Rep Tom McMillan says the company only has to create 300 ($29,000) jobs over 6 yrs to get most of the state's $134 Mil in aid & all of the Feds $249 Mil ! Only 350 jobs gets even a $4 Mil loan forgiven - that's $11,428/job for starters. This lunacy means Mich pays $300,000/job and the Feds pay $700,000/job - $1 Mil for each $29,000 job! You could GIVE each worker $29,000 per yr for 34 yrs! They just can't be that stupid, but that's what the people & numbers say.

Forbes magazine (12/7/10) said, "Billionaire investor & philanthropist, George Soros warned tonight in New York that the combination of FOX News, Glenn Beck, the Tea Party and the ability of Americans to fantasize unrealistically about their political system might lead 'this open society to be on the verge of some dictatorial democracy.'" So Soros is saying, Beck, FOX & Tea Partys are the evil ones. Wow! And getting national press to trumpet it. He was being "honored" at a International Crisis Center dinner. Bill Clinton (lead trumpeter) & others spoke eloquently about Soros' contributions to global order. Not, apparently about his raping & pillaging of foreign economies for profit. Forbes said Beck has been trying to stir up public hatred of Soros (falsely vilifying him), suggesting Soros is trying to take over the U.S. for his own purposes. Now, Soros says it's Beck who wants to take over - make us a "dictatorial democracy." Beck had an excellent response on his show, which I copy here:

"The people you're up against have buried themselves in our gov't & they've been wearing masks for a long time, but they're about to take those masks off, and understand, they want control of every aspect of your life because the world is about to change. They want to make society more just, but from their perspective. I told you last night that if I were going to take over the world, because that's what 'Forbes' said Soros said of me - I was going to start some dictatorship because you're too stupid. If I were going to take over the U.S., what would I need? What would I need to do? Well, you would have to control the financial sector. They did it with a financial bill. You'd have to control health care, who lives who dies. You'd have to control industry. That could be done through the financial sector, through taxes, bailouts, just taking them like GM. You would need to control military. This is tough - they defend the Constitution. Now, they can bleed them dry, tire them out. Yesterday, they just passed the spending budget. We have tons of money for regulation, but we just gave the military the smallest raise in 50 years. That's how they're going to do it. Stress, push & stretch them. In history it's been done before, other countries, by just not paying them. Then you have to grow dependence, people dependent upon the gov't. Then you control the media & food prices. They've just done all these things, just passed the food bill, for your safety. Everything is done for your safety. Now, the media. (There is much FCC debate currently on net neutrality - WikiLeaks) Robert McChesney is the founder of the group pushing for net neutrality, wildly powerful now in Washington. Listen to his words, 'No one thinks any longer that media reform is an issue to solve after the revolution. After the revolution, everyone understands that without media reform, there will be no revolution. In that sense, it is similar to the labor movement where the demand for free trade unions, hardly revolutionary in its own right, is a necessary precondition to building a viable organized left that can contest for power. Even if you do not get the revolution in the U.S., media reform, much like organized labor, can make a nation a more just & humane place for its own inhabitants & the peoples of the world.' So, they'll take it even if they don't get the revolution, but revolution is what they're shooting for."

Later on the show is a clip of Van Jones, deposed Green Jobs czar (for saying we bombed our twin towers). Still highly active for Obama, this army-booted revolutionary racist says we have to grab the whip and run the plantation. This time they will take the media seriously - that can only mean Fox TV, Christian & conservative talk radio. They have all the rest. Jones calls it the next frontier - the media & the racists in the media. Take the power from the mean, dumb racists. McChesney says, "You can't have a revolution without controlling the media." Obama's Diversity czar, Mark Lloyd admiringly said of Chavez (Venezuela), "He had an incredible revolution - a democratic revolution. It wouldn't have happened if he wouldn't have seized the media." Remember at the start of Obama's presidency, that "chance" meeting with Chavez where he gave Obama a copy of his book? It was anti-American, about us colonists oppressing everyone. All these self-avowed revolutionaries are actively taking us over, one item at a time, like a checklist. They all work for Obama & are friends of Soros, who says outright that Beck is the danger to beware. Does that make a lick of sense to anyone with half a brain? McChesney said, "It's time to take the media, just like the Unions." (FOX News & Beck?) Do they have to shout it from the rooftops to get your attention? Is there any doubt that the Union "heads" at least are way into this & sinister? The gov't union, Amer Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is now joining Obama's boycott team to get Beck, Limbaugh & Stossel (all those Constitution preachers) off the air. That Union wants gov't bailouts, Trillions for their lavish pensions nationwide, for which they have no money (like the others)! Without FOX & the others it would be done quickly & quietly. Michelle said, "Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices." (after they impose economic destruction) "We are going to have to change our conversation." (by way of controlled media) "We are going to have to change our traditions & history." (no Christmas or God & re-written events) "We are going to have to move to a different place." (just another nation in a new world order - they in charge) Their goal is obvious, re-write & teach, K - College. And reinforce through TV, print & radio, until everyone thinks as one. As we elders (with experience, wisdom & memories) die-off with rationed help, it gets easier to take our kids to "a different place." This president stands out alone. He has not & will not reach out to older Americans. To him we are insignificant in his plans, only an impediment.

One American's view. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my site. Phil Faustman
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12/01/10 52nd Issue

Only the president of the United States could have the power & authority to scan all the computers using the internet in America, monitor everything that is said or typed, and ultimately decide what you will be allowed to copy from your own composition or e-mail to others. When some of my black print turned to yellow (for those just now hearing of this) on my last Newsletter & just before I posted it to my site, I found out that any print "they" turned to yellow could not be reproduced or sent out of my home to even family & friends. Consider how evil and intolerable that is to our God-given Constitutional rights. Think about it. If you can find any excuse or justification for this to be done, you are a lousy American & in Obama's camp - waiting to do his bidding. He is the most despicable, power-mad president conceivable, if he can do this to little ole me, and seize this control over all of us. Since I refuse to believe that I know something in Northern Michigan of this magnitude that Pelosi & Reid aren't aware of, I must assume the Heads of Congress are also in on it! Get scared, people! Get damned scared! And get mad as hell. I'll be damned if they're taking over my country without a fight. If you've had no concerns about Obama's evil intentions get your head out... and fast! This is no game that politicians play. This is an obvious takeover & shut down of American FREE SPEECH - already in place, awaiting command. Why they tipped it off on my little blurb about evil George Soros I can only imagine, but it makes it no less real, threatening or repulsive. Since the censored part came right after reference to Glenn Beck & FOX News I am sure it was Glenn they were after & anyone passing his information on. If anyone knows how to get FOX's or Glenn's attention or to whom else I should make aware of this I would appreciate your contacting me. pfffour@yahoo.com 989-348-4771

The Glenn Beck that Howard Dean & Obama wants shut down reveals that Pfc Bradley Manning (Intelligence Analyst) provided Julian Assange of WikiLeaks with most all the info that's causing the uproar in the news. Who is supporting Manning, called a traitor & hated by nearly everyone? Number one is "Code Pink" who I speak of often as terrorist supporters (and supporters of Obama & Calif Gov Jerry Brown). SDS (violent student group in the 60's) has an older group MDS, both support Manning. ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) and Veteran's For Peace support him. They are funded by Tides Foundation & OSI (Open Society Institute, both funded by George Soros. The guy who founded violent SDS also heads OSI for Soros. Pfc Manning calls world-wide anarchy, "Beautiful & Horrifying," precisely as his supporters do. The WikiLeaks crud (in hiding where only media knows his location) has an attorney, Mark Stevens, who also works for Soros. When WikiLeaks was founded, Soros helped fund that too, through OSI. Do you think all this is Soros instigated for a sinister purpose? He is everywhere, in the shadows, & major media (only "major" because too many still watch & believe it) obediently doesn't say a word. A while back Wiki wrote an award-winning piece, "The Cry of Blood." It was "awarded" by the Kenya National Commission of Human Rights, another Soros (nice sounding) propaganda organization. Wiki once listed a Soros-connected Chinese Human Rights (oxymoron?) leader, as one of its advisers. Once, is because it was "scrubbed" from the website, but not before copies were made by some. This coupled with European bailouts, violence & turmoil creates the global chaos they all want - those that would bring us down. Distrust of the gov't, upset airline traveling masses, weariness & economic drag of unemployment, depressing higher prices of essentials & poor medical/health care have them biding their time (poised) until discontent borders on rage. Then, something (like bombings) triggers Obama's lock-down & total takeover - for the overall good, & our security. Remember, "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste." and, "A crisis allows you to do things you could not otherwise do." are two favorite sayings of this admin & right out of their "Rules for Radicals" handbook. Many are acting in unison, not necessarily together, to destroy America. Some want their own special changes, having no evil intent. Some favor Socialism, to be like rioting Europe. Some want to go all the way to Communism. But each plays into the hands & helps an absolute evil-doer, seeking power & fortune, like George Soros. He is the master-manipulator, & you ignore the man in the shadows at your own peril.

WikiLeaks did reveal that the vice-pres of Afghanistan carried $52 Mil in cash when visiting the United Arab Emirates last year. We spend $100 Bil/yr on this country to keep this regime in place. That was either drug money or ours he carried! Wiki also said the Saudis (that charge us way too much for oil) are heavy financiers of al Qaeda to kill us. Those same jerks urge us to bomb Iran to take out the nuclear threat to them.

Now we are told we have a food safety crisis (non-existent - lie) that requires immediate steps to correct. It will give Obama total control of our food supply, to regulate, run small local farmers out of business. It means more gov't jobs & more payoffs to friends. Just like doctors must get bureaucrat approval to treat their patients, so will farmers - acquiesce or be punished! The FDA will dictate how fruits & vegetables will be grown, with rules on soil, water, hygiene, packing & temperatures. What animals may roam which fields and when, plus increased inspections & the taxation to do it. Huge Monsanto will really benefit. The FDA's Deputy Commissioner for Foods used to work for Monsanto and surely will again (hugely compensated). The 2nd largest stockholder of Monsanto is Soros, Obama's buddy. His admin laughs & mocks accusations of intrusions in our daily lives. Their takeovers of GM & Chrysler & control of all student loans, & 95% of all home mortgages, & health care reform that the Unions are getting rich on, plus financial reform, control of banks & Wall St, brings us now to protecting us from our food (Food Safety Modern Act S.510). They shut down lemonade stands & pumpkin sales by kids - soon it will be local farms & roadside stands with sweet corn, honey & maple syrup! They told California McDonalds no toy in "happy meals" unless it's lower in fat! These policing idiots destroyed $100 Mil of tomatoes, then found out they were not the problem! Food prices will soon sky-rocket. Half the Republicans in the Senate voted for this latest unbelievable intrusion. Get them the hell out of office! The Cong Budget Off says it will cost $1.4 Bil & require 17,000 more gov't jobs (future Dem voters). The FDA duplicates inspections at 1,451 facilities with the USDA. They are just the biggest 2 of 15 agencies

Democrats want to increase taxes on those making over $250,000. Republicans say keep the tax cuts for everyone in this recessionary time, the richer create the jobs so sorely needed. Both sides argue incessantly on what segment creates those jobs. The IRS knows exactly what tax bracket range does it. End the stupid gridlock. Compromise by ensuring NO new taxes on that important segment, permanently so they can plan future business costs. Then increase taxes on ALL above, that are not in business. It's that simple - if you're trying. When rationalizing his zeal, increasing taxes on those he determines to be rich, Obama said, "At some point, you've made enough money." Spoken like a true Dictator! Obama is now suddenly worth millions, & just getting started. I say to the hypocrite, "At some point you've seized enough power & forced your will upon the people enough!"

There are 67,000 TSA agents in a 2010 budget of $7.8 Bil that have caught zero terrorists. It seems our agents are terrorizing our airline travelers, groping them in public like sexual assaults called "pat-downs," & taking nude detailed pictures of them through their clothing. TSA said all nude photos would be destroyed, but admitted thousands have been saved. For what? After the shoe-bomber failed, they made little old ladies & toddlers take off their shoes. After the Christmas crotch-bomber failed, they began to thoroughly feel every one's crotches. Where do we draw the line on this lunacy? It only takes a minute amount the size of a sweetener packet to blow up a plane, & we know mid-east terrorists will stuff explosives up their rectum in their willingness to die & blow us up! End the humiliation. Profile & interrogate as they do in safe Israel airports! An intriguing solution presented itself on the internet that makes a lot of sense, & I rather enjoy. It calls for everyone to enter an explosion-proof booth where you can detonate any known explosives or components. After word got out, I dare say only 1 out every 6 (like a revolver) needs the expense of being real. Even in these times we need to smile a little to keep sane. Like Dirty Harry would say, "Well, do you feel lucky, Punk?" If there is a loud "Boom" the PA announcer can say, "A seat has become available for stand-by passengers." and, "We need maintenance with a Shop-Vac at booth #23." Terrorists are destroying our economy as was & is their intent. They don't need to have the bomb go off. If it does, that's gravy. We over-react so predictably, they know that for every $100 they spend for even baggage bombs we will spend $100 Million or more. We "protect" 24/7 - they occasionally send someone over, "Death by 1,000 cuts!" They laugh as we humiliate ourselves, stress & financially self-destruct. Oh yes, we furnish their $100 too, through oil dependency. Now let's hit on the opportunism & corruption this also provides to some. Former Homeland Security Sec'y, Michael Chertoff pushed for implementation of TSA's full-body scanners. Once out of "public service" Chertoff's consulting (lobbying) company took on Rapiscan (makes the scanners) as a client. He gave dozens of media interviews touting the need for more scanners, got a no-bid contract (illegal) from Stimulus funds, for 150 scanners at $167,000 each ($25 Mil). Chertoff has made a bundle that is still growing. George Soros also owned 11,300 shares of OSI (Rapiscan's owner) until recently. The head of OSI was invited to join Obama's group trip to India. OSI & Soros have contributed to organizations trying to boycott Glenn Beck's show. See how everyone walks hand-in-hand? Also note that the AFL/CIO union has now run to defend TSA's beleaguered agents, who Obama just gave the right to unionize (67,000 more Dem votes in the bag). The Union will get tens of millions more in new dues in this payoff. Still, zero terrorists caught!

Get to know Don Berwick (Obama's Medicare/Medicaid Czar). He is, "a huge fan of NHS," Britain's system of Nat Healthcare rationing, to hold costs down. Dr Berwick said, "I am a romantic about the NHS; I love it. The NHS is not just a national treasure, it is a global treasure. The decision is not whether or not we will ration health care - the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open. The Social Budget is limited." Does that open your eyes? Britain's understaffed NHS forced hospital patients (those lucky enough to be in one) to drink water from flower vases. The staff said they could not leave water out overnight due to "health & safety. That sounds like Pelosi talking already. Apparently even a nurse's aide to supply water is beyond the budget they have planned for us. "This admin scoffed at "rationed" care accusations when they wanted our approval, didn't get it & rammed it down our throats anyway. A beaming Pelosi gushed, "We have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it." Now, we must ram it down their throats. Every member of Congress (and every gov't employee) will get the exact same "health plan" as The People, within that "Social Budget!" This, plus term limits and NO pensions at all for Congress. All gov't employees' pay will be frozen until on a par with private industry. I will not rest until all these asinine disparities have ended & they become Public Servants again! I consider myself a Tea Party Revolutionist and will even goad the Tea Parties if I feel their pressure is lessening. There is far too much at stake for us all until we get back to sanity & our Constitution. Call it," The Dreams of My Founding Father's." That seems appropriate.

Ann Coulter says we must repeal the 26th Amend that allows 18 yr olds to vote. I agree. The rationale was that they could drink & fight for their country at 18, let them vote. We soon realized letting them drink at 18 was stupid and repealed that. Fighting for country is much different, they are responsible, mature, a different mentality, let them vote. Is it coincidental that military votes massively republican? Aren't republicans supposedly rich, selfish people? But those 18- 29 (1/5 of all voters) voted for Obama 66-31%. Of course they don't pay for tuition, rent or food, health insurance, property taxes or utilities - yet. And they don't know that oil = gasoline that runs their cars, but their time is definitely coming. So they gleefully made a united juvenile statement, "Let's vote for Obama. He's cool. Every body's doing it!" and here we are. Impulse-buying can be costly indeed, youngsters.

I have no use for the ACLU (Amer Civil Lib Union). I rarely see them represent true Americans or Liberty, just wild, wacky extremists to challenge & defy the Constitution & Founder's clear intent - and Christianity. Peter Lewis is a card-carrying member of the ACLU. The billionaire is head of Progressive Auto Insurance. The name says it all & he advertises a lot on FOX News, ironically. Good business since FOX is thriving. He has contributed many millions to ACLU, like George Soros. ACT (Amer Coming Together) a far-left political action group also gets tens of millions from these two. ACT was founded by Lewis, Soros & labor unions (SEIU & AFL/CIO). Huge sums of money enable the ACLU to attack our American values at every turn. Why FOX allows his sponsorship is a bit perplexing, since they certainly know his nefarious ways.

How would you have liked Al Gore as President? He has shown a sleazy side, a nasty side & milked a hoax with falsified "facts" & numbers for hundreds of millions like a con man. Evil billionaire, George Soros was enraged when "his man" didn't win. He immediately founded the SOS (Sec'y Of State) project, recognizing this as a sure way to "win" & control elections, state by state. You put "your" man or woman in power to "oversee" each state's voting process with minimal loose "requirements" favoring & targeting illegals, homeless, prisoners, the poor, uneducated & now blacks (pointing out the need to support their black president). These people typically do not vote. They are mostly disgruntled, dissatisfied or angry with "the system." They are impressionable. Now the Unions come in with organized force, lots of dues money to bribe & buses to haul large numbers to the polls. They know the psychology of organizing, persuasion & fanning the flames of any discontent. Community organizers, like Obama's fraudulent ACORN assist the Unions in getting these masses to the polls & even voting more than once. This gets ever easier as Soros inserts "his people" throughout the 50 states. Immediate successful results can be seen on all borderline states. Heavily Hispanic Calif & Nevada voted against Gov Brown's & Sen Reid's opponents. Union voters were practically ordered to vote (in masses) for Brown & Reid in these examples. It is their standard procedure to concentrate their time & money & corrupt organized tactics where it will best accomplish their & Soros' agenda - all the Senators, Representatives & Governor's they can steal in borderline states. Even close "recounts" will be controlled by Soros' bought & paid for SOS's. These smaller state Sec'y "elections" are really easy for this master briber & manipulator with billions, his own propagandist media & a nasty mean streak. He can make you or break you, your choice. Soros also backs & puts Justices in the lower courts that will support his agendas on extreme left issues. He knows that many decisions establish the precedence he wants for other coming determinations that fall short of the US Supreme Ct. All these different fronts in a number of states (as he relentlessly attacks America from everywhere) makes it most difficult to follow & get people to even believe, without any interest or concern from the national press.

Another Bill you know little about (they count on that) that is a subterfuge with a dreamy name, is The Dream Act. The 44 ousted "Lame Duck" democrats (all for amnesty) want it in before they're out. It's Obama's Amnesty bill in disguise, & Harry Reid's gem that got Hispanics to elect him. This bill would give citizenship rights to 3-20 million illegal aliens - "Millions of displaced & replaced American students, workers & voters." Not just students & military service qualify, but all their siblings & parents too.

Our thinking needs some critical self-analysis sometimes. I am against more than 99 weeks of unemploy benefits. Republicans are being vilified for cutting them off their freebies when it is known that they won't work (other than for cash) at menial jobs paying less than unemp checks. The repubs would extend benefits (against my wishes) if the funds came from left-over TARP or Stimulus funds or cuts in spending elsewhere. The dems want to PRINT the money to pay for it. But the media will spin it that repubs hate the "poor" people. "Poor" in the USA is ridiculous compared to anywhere else in the world. Here, 97% of the poor have TV's (25% big screen), 89% have micro-waves, 80% air conditioning, 73% have a car. 64% washer, 57% dryer. In other countries poor people DIE! Our poor when I was a kid would have had none of these type things. I was not poor. A lot of that is in your mind. Just like the reasoning that everyone owes you a living because you haven't been offered the job of your dreams, or it's unfair that you weren't born wealthy. I was raised to be frugal. Clean your plate & be glad you don't have to go hungry. I had friends that I knew who ate potatoes almost exclusively. One became a diabetic in his youth because of it. I found out later that he looked forward to occasions when he could drain some canned vegetable juice on them for a taste change. They didn't even have oleo, but they had pride. All of my clothes other than shoes & underwear my mother got at rummage sales. I was not poor, but there were mouths to feed. Choices were made and no one I knew would ever accept charity or gov't help. We never went hungry, but wasted nothing & threw practically nothing away. Family took in family down on their luck. We grew up stronger & self-reliant, knowing how to make do - America as it should be. It's the pampered youth of today that are the losers. We lived life proudly.

Portland OR (left-leaning like anti-US military San Francisco) openly refused to help the FBI investigating local Muslims (under G. Bush). Their recent Christmas tree lighting ceremony (that a terrorist tried to bomb) has caused them to reconsider their animosity toward the FBI that saved them. Is that a thank you? Howard Dean, once seriously (sadly) considered for the presidency said, "FOX News just makes things up." He wants them "regulated." He said, "Americans don't know what's going on & therefore the media can have their way with them intellectually." I think we've been called stupid again. FOX could not stay on the air if they made things up. Firmly entrenched (acting together) far-left media serving the gov't would like the gov't to regulate FOX News - so they could mess with your intellect. But they're impeded by the truth & light of FOX.

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my site. Phil Faustman
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

51st Issue Nov 15th

I must alert everyone to what I find absolutely alarming. I just experienced "Big Brother" first hand! I was going to give details next issue, but it's too important to not tell all that will listen, right now. I had to get sneaky, re-write & get it in fast to e-mail before I was censored again. Apparently Glenn Beck and/or FOX News references are being monitored & controlled by someone very powerful! I could not use the words "evil ways" in my last paragraph (Soros' evil ways.) It was in yellow letters & would not allow me to copy it & send it in any form after somebody or something detected it. If I took out Glenn Beck & FOX News it was accepted. Yes, somebody is after Beck beyond Obama's boycotting dogs. Some day even I will be stopped. Tell me this is not EVIL at the very top! More later. Now, my letter...

Dr. David Janda (a distinguished Mich orthopedic surgeon) disclosed much on a video about things no one reads - therefore knows & can share. Obama's health care Bill comes actually in 2 parts. The first was hidden about 600 pages deep in the Stimulus Bill, where a Coordinating Council decided that there would be a 15 member "rationing board" appointed by the President. Within 3 days of the Stimulus passing Obama appointed all 15. They don't call it rationing. They call it comparative effectiveness (the cost of the treatment divided by the number of years the patient will benefit from the treatment). That ratio will determine whether you get that treatment or not. That is rationing! In the 2nd part of health care (the actual Bill) another board (National Coordinator Office) will determine the treatment, time & place. When the doctor sees a patient he must immediately type the diagnosis into a computer to Washington. Patient & doctor will wait for treatment instructions. It is explained that, "Physicians & hospitals that are not meaningful users of the system over time will face penalties." Dr Janda was asked to address over a hundred members of the House. He asked, "What does this mean? What are the penalties? Are you telling me that as of Jan 1, 2013, if you tell me to do A, B & C and I know A & B won't work after doing this 30 years, I'm going to do what's right for the patient & do 'C'. For that I'll be punished & penalized?" They said "Yes." So I said, "Are you telling me that I'll get paid $20 to see that patient & you're going to fine me 100 bucks?" They told me, "No, that's not going to make you hurt enough. Try 100 grand for the first offense!" I laughed - they didn't. I told them, well you know me. I'm going to do what's right for the patient, not the way federal bureaucrats want it. What happens the 2nd time? That will probably be the next patient. Are you telling me I'll get fined 100 grand again? They looked at me and said, "No, Dave. You're going to jail!" Surveys taken show that 46% of all physicians are leaving when ObamaCare kicks in. They're adding 32 million more people to care for, with 46% fewer doctors. How do you NOT ration care? ObamaCare is $1.5 Trill. They are going to cut Medicare by $500 Bill to help fund it. In 10 years 30% more people will be entering Medicare that is already missing half a Trillion dollars. Dr Janda says he too is gone Jan 1, 2013. I say, besides lousy care, long lines & long waits for surgeries & treatments, we will be dying off a lot faster, since routine heart surgeries that we do now (as one example) will no longer even be allowed after age 60, like in England (the plan they intend to mimic) where they have babies (& die) in the hallways. They have stated their position clearly, it is time for the older people to accept the rigors of growing old. They will simply medicate for pain & introduce you to hospice volunteers through the dying process. Remember, all Gov't employees are exempt from this "care!" It is meant just for us! As Sarah Palin called it, elite Death Panels will decide what is too expensive for commoners! These are your grandparents or parents - one day - you! It's hush-hush now. It kicks in (purposely) after you supposedly have re-elected Obama & his minions! How do you like them now?

I knew Harry Reid's powerful Senate position, especially knowing the "House" would be lost (plus all the pork he brought to Nevada) would be strong motivators for Unions. They spent like crazy & stormed the polls to keep him there 6 more years. But an awful 15% unemployment rate & 80% of mortgages underwater should have wanted change. A survey of those exiting the polls showed that 2/3 of all voters were union members (they weren't out of work). His son, Rory is County Commissioner of huge Clark County (where 3/4 of all Nevadans live). Complainants said the new voting machines were really "touch sensitive" - a vote for Harry Reid pops up at first touch. The machine technicians are Union members of SEIU (almost indistinguishable from voter-fraud ACORN). The SEIU just spent $44 Mill of members' money on Harry & democrats. It must be great to oversee the machines & tabulate the voting for those you fund & root for. Reid sure came from behind at the last minute, didn't he? Just like sleazy Al Franken of Minn, who tipped the power in the Senate decidedly to the left. Reid's opponent said she wanted to tighten up on illegal immigration (like 70% of all Americans & Arizona). While Reid conversely proposed "The Dream Act" to make illegals citizens - just before voting began. Hispanics voted 90% for him. Reid said to his heavily Hispanic population, "I don't see how any Hispanic could vote Republican." Then Obama said to them, Vote, "Punish your enemies & reward your friends!" Murkowski was beaten in the Primary by fellow republican Miller in Alaska. Stunned, she decided to run as a write-in against him. She now took him seriously & came out with smear-guns blazing with attack ads funded by donations (over 80%) from outside Alaska. She seems to have won by a narrow margin. A video tape showed a gov't employee on gov't (taxpayer) time & property telling other gov't union employees to vote for incumbent Murkowski because she is on an influential committee & can bring home more pork & ensure their job security. This is absolutely illegal & forbidden. An audio tape at a Miller rally overheard media (local CBS) covering it laughing & saying, find & film some child molester or something to smear Miller. They were fired, since they were publicly caught, but do you really think they acted on their own? This is how disgusting & rigged far-left media has become in this nation. Franken also financially overwhelmed his opponent (bought the seat) with far-left outside (Hollywood) funds - plus lots of help from George Soros & ACORN. Our Founders said each State Legislature would elect 2 Senators, making them beholden only to their State & People (taxpayers). Later, slicksters cunningly changed that wisdom (17th Amend). Now they can sell-out to the highest bidders supporting them (Soros & Hollywood types). That's mainly how the wealthy radical-fringe minority took over the common-sense majority & seized power. They now award the non-doers (for their votes to keep power) from heavy taxation of the doers, destroying the economy in the process. The greater the disparity (more takers created) the greater & more secure, is the grateful voting, thus power. It's a wonderful lazy ride for many - until the horses die - or leave America.

Tidbits: AARP (the Seniors "friend") sold them out to support ObamaCare because Obama promised them he would kill popular Medicare Advantage & drive seniors to more expensive plans, like their's. Now, AARP announces it is increasing its insurance rates. The Gulf shrimp fishermen (shrimp are clean & plentiful) are not fishing. They are sitting & collecting BP damages. Ahh, human nature. Like the unemployed seeking work right AFTER the freebies run out - one year, 2 yrs, whatever you're dumb enough to offer! These elections were not a Republican win - they're on probation. It was the biggest rejection of a President - ever! It's good to now see Obama at half-full rallies, with hecklers. They're catching on & his ego is taking a big hit. Federal workers making over $150,000 have doubled since Obama. Hard times only for some. On Jon Stewart's comedy show (Oct 28) Obama had a transparent moment & said, "We've passed historic health care reform, historic financial reform, we've done some stuff that folks don't even know about." That's the "stuff" media won't divulge & should worry you to death. Obama endorsed Stewart's & Colbert's "Rally to Restore Sanity" in D.C.. Media said attendance beat Glenn Beck's rally. Aerial photos proved it wasn't even close to half, but lying is their game, not accurate news. It was free admission to radical guest entertainers like Ozzie Ozborn, Sheryl Crow & Cat Stephens that were the draw to this classy side-show. Cat Stephens converted to Islam in the 70's (Yusuf Islam) & publicly supported murdering Salman Rushdie in 1989 for publishing a book, "Satanic Verses." Cat said, "He must be killed, the Koran makes it clear." His interview & intent was clear & extensive. Host, Jon Stewart also associates with Hamzi Yousef, writer of "Jihad is the Only Way." Really, all these radical pieces of crud will "restore sanity?" More insanity is our gov't buying its own debt (the latest is $600 Bil) with dollars hot off the presses! Remember this when bread is $30 & gasoline is impossible!

Al-Qaeda has been crossing into the U.S. since at least April, 2005 when it was found out from a captive that they had established training camps along the Mexican border. Drug cartels have adopted terrorist tactics like kidnappings & beheadings. Why wasn't this known "news" back then reported to the public? Maybe the Feds wouldn't be so quick to sue Arizona if the public knew the truth. FBI Director, Robert Mueller said then, that terrorists are coming into Mexico, learning Spanish, changing to Hispanic names with false ID, pretending to be immigrants & disappearing into the U.S.. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela (so admired by this admin) is a bit higher, training, teaching Spanish & providing false ID to Iranian agents & members of terrorist Hezbollah - to enter the U.S. through Mexico. This is the same Chavez that has assured his new playmate, Iran that he will supply them with all the gasoline they need if the U.S. boycotts them. I remind you too of "Code Pink" who contributed to & assisted both Jerry Brown (now Calif Gov) & Obama. Pink is friends of both, invited to the W.H. & heavy supporters of Hezbollah, Hamas & other terrorist "freedom fighters." Quite a contradiction to our "supposed" terrorist concerns! N.C. Rep, Sue Myrick says Mexican drug gangs are teaming up with Hezbollah, known for tunnel-digging skills & bomb-making - all paid for with drug-running money. We, providing the drug money for their terror training & tunnels, is like our ($85/barrel) oil payments to the Arabs finances their war & terror against us. Yet Obama deliberately creates even more dependence on foreign oil & doesn't give a damn about our loose border & violence. I guarantee an absolute border lock-down AFTER truck bombs start blowing us up, and thousands are already inside. What unbelievable (after disaster) leadership. And growing numbers of prison gang members (especially southwest) are brandishing tattoos common to Iran & Hezbollah. Is that a tip-off or improper profiling? 75 tunnels by cartels have been found in just the last 4 yrs. The latest was 1800 feet long, with lights, rails & ventilation. Over 20 tons of pot were confiscated in warehouses here & Mexico. But the tunnel-expert terrorists can zip right through too - hauling explosives, or whatever they can concoct in test tubes to kill thousands of us!

More tidbits: Ford Motors took no gov't handouts, played by capitalist rules. GM should have gone bankrupt & Ford's market share would have burgeoned. Instead GM is run by the Union & backed by the U S Gov't. Even a GM Volt purchase gets a special $7,500 credit from taxpayers. Remember when media announced GM was paying back their "loans" early? It was payed with more loaned gov't funds! Now, Obama gives them a $45 Bill tax break (no need to pay this to taxpayers either). They want to tax the heck out of private corporations, but not gov't corps competing with private. This Gov't Motors is building a $500 Mil plant IN Mexico, with U.S. taxpayer money, to hire Mexicans at $26/day ($3.25/hr). U.S. Union auto workers (with benefits) get about $55/hr (which should be cut in half to hire twice as many, in my opinion). In fairness, Ford also employs Mexican workers over there. But it is private & must compete on the open market, without taxpayer funds. The plight of a 45 yr old mother of 5 (Asia Bibi) in Pakistan exposes Muslims, Islam & the Sharia law they would like over here. Bibi was working in the fields with other women & was asked to fetch water. Some of the Muslim women refused to drink the water. It was "unclean" since it was brought by a Christian. A few days later she was mobbed. Police took her away "for her safety." She's been locked-up for 18 months. Now, she has been sentenced to death for blasphemy. Don't bring water to thirsty Muslim women!

Notable people are now proudly & publicly declaring their allegiance to the American Communist Party while saying, "Yes, and I sing in the church choir." Like, I'm just like you. I'm not scary. They are getting bolder at national rallies like Jon Stewart's, where they know they're welcome alongside fellow Socialists & big Unions. Remember, this admin really likes Hugo Chavez, who is taking over by force private industries everywhere in Venezuela. Right now it is Owens-Corning he wants his gov't to run. Chavez is a charmer too. But he can be a more aggressive Socialist, ahead of Obama with his military might. America requires a more patient tact. Chavez is a proud Democratic Socialist, like MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell just proclaimed to be, on the air. So is Cornel West, another personal friend & advisor to Obama. He is a race-relations instructor (whatever that is) at Princeton. He addressed the Young Democratic Socialists at their "Real Change for a Change" meeting. Sound familiar? He said, "We are at a very crucial historical moment. My dear friend, Barack Obama, he needs help. He needs deep help. He needs pressure. Organized, mobilized pressure." Obama said West is a personal friend & appointed him to a couple of positions in his campaign run. West is also an advisor to radical, Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam). West introduced Obama at a Harlem fundraiser after railing against the "racist criminal justice system of the American Empire." West said he admired "the sincere black militancy of Malcolm X, the defiant rage of the Black Panther Party & the livid black (Liberation) of James Cone." Cone's theology spawned Rev Jeremiah Wright, Obama's fiery anti-white America pastor of 20 yrs. Cone is extremely anti-white. Do these tangled connections help explain the bizarre actions of Obama's & Holder's Dept of "Social" Justice, where Black Panthers, ACORN & SEIU thugs can do no wrong? Close chosen relationships speak louder than any words, especially if you & your press have shown great propensity to lie. The more we casually (in the news or on the street) talk about or debate the pros & cons of Socialism or even Communism the less outrageous & dangerous to America these 2 concepts can seem. The preposterous absurdity lessens over time (as they know well & count on). Just like constant gore & violence on video games desensitize, making it more acceptable (or less shocking) to our youth over time, this media ploy will affect our voting society, particularly our young new voters that are getting a lot of anti-capitalist & other "teachings." It starts with "The Story of Stuff" video indoctrination (financed by evil George Soros) in over 4,000 elementary schools so far, & continues on through high school & college. Great-Grandparents & some Grandparents know well the evil lurking. They've seen it, but are they warning, teaching & passing it on? Our many socialist teachers are - vigorously! Soros-funded propaganda media machines are pumping it out to the masses 24 hrs, 7 days a week!

I've been saying for well over a year now how evil George Soros is. Glenn Beck of FOX News has spent nearly a week exposing this multi-billionaire's evil ways. Soros has an insatiable appetite for power & total dominance. He has spoken openly many times, boasting of terrible things he has done to individuals & to nations' wrecked economies. To him, spending hundreds of millions to mold & manipulate the masses is merely an "investing expense" to gain Billions - and the power he craves. He destroys countless thousands of lives making those billions through deliberate destruction, pain & suffering. He says he loves it! He gets to play God, and get insanely rich. His sick joy comes from seeing them crawl while he crushes them. I liken him to a serial killer in the financial world - restless until the next tortured "kill." He's Evil! An animal. He spends many millions through over a hundred propaganda outlets deceiving - portraying himself as a generous philanthropist & kindly man when he is contemptible. His "charities" are bad organizations doing very bad things with good-sounding names. Smiling, he dupes the ignorant & gullible, if you'll buy into it. If not (you're a problem) he'll destroy you with his fortune & his press - not unlike Obama. Is Obama learning from the old master - or following instructions? Not much surprises me anymore. Soros has brought 4 nations to their knees & intends to bring America down - his ultimate coup! The saddest part is, he has multitudes eager to help, starting at the top with Barack & Hillary. They all want a flat-out Socialist America - just one piece of many in a World Order governed by them. Soros states, "There is a very important flaw in the current world order. That is, only Americans have a vote in Congress, and yet it is the United States that basically determines policy for the World." If you feel that way too, that this is a flaw - not us (Good) against Evil, then God help us all! America is doomed. Soros, Hillary & Obama types will rule & get filthy rich in our fall. I'll have more to expose next issue.

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Phil Faustman
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Friday, October 29, 2010

50th Issue 11/01/10

Up to $1 Bill of U.S. aid to Afghanistan goes to the Taliban coffers that kill our troops. Graft is so bad that only about 10% of budgeted aid actually reaches the people in need. A corruption in culture, plus sub-contracting practices of companies doing business there, pay out up to 40% of Taliban aid to "protection rackets," reminiscent of our Al Capone/Gangsters era. In Bob Woodward's book "Obama's Wars" he says, "All the contractors for development projects pay the Taliban for protection & use of the roads." Recently, a Pakistani border crossing (a key military supply route) was closed supposedly (media) because a U.S. drone strike killed 4 Pakistani soldiers. "In reality it was a re-negotiation of the protection rates. The closing & filmed burning of supply trucks allowed drivers, contractors, & everyone in the chain of corruption to up their rates because of the 'new' hazards." One consequence of it being so prevalent & widespread is that peaceful areas have now picked up arms (to cause trouble) because restive areas get "paid-off" to be peaceful. (Human nature, like our welfare & unemployment system. Why work if it's free?). We've given more than $50 Bill in "aid" there, so far. How long can we afford this goofy war? It will be instantly Taliban, al-Qaeda & Iran-owned the moment we leave, where they'll plot & train together, & destroy or divvy-up everything we leave behind.

Hundreds of Sunnis who helped turn the war in Iraq by leaving al-Qaeda to join us (paid to) are now going back to help al-Qaeda. Add this to a president who made his General wait for months before giving him 30,000 more troops (when he said he needed 40,000 urgently). Obama didn't even converse with his General for months, while telling the public Afghanistan was the good & necessary war. And the same day he reluctantly announced the troops he also gave the deadline, when he would withdraw the troops. He said, "I can't lose the whole democratic party," according to good sources. While appeasing his anti-war far-left he essentially encouraged the Taliban & told them to ease off & be patient. Why engage all those (expensive) extra troops when they're all going to leave anyway. What a dip-stick way to run a war! What a Commander-in Chief.

Points to ponder: When drilling in the Gulf is mentioned at all, they talk of deep-water drilling being curtailed. But regular shallow-water drilling permits have been reduced from 84 to just 4! Many more jobs gone, not warranting even mention in the press. The Gov't now gives welfare recipients free cell phones & air-time! It's so ridiculous I'm sure big-screen TVs & cable are next. V-P Biden said, "Every single great idea that has marked the 21st, 20th & 19th century has required Gov't vision & Gov't incentive." Gee, just when you think this buffoon can't say anything dumber, he tops his last idiotic statement. He's had children - so the gene pool goes on. Where's that media that doubted Sarah? No comments?

You know well the arrogance of Pelosi, like when she said, "We have to pass the Bill so you can find out what's in it," while it controls 1/6 of our economy. Or, "Unemployment checks are a great stimulus to the economy!" But her many condescending gaffes have to take a back seat to Harry Reid's recent beauty, "But for me, we'd be in a worldwide depression." That can't be received well with Obama's ego & Messiah complex. Harry beat him in saving the world? And I would think Pelosi's unemployment comp checks sent to almost 15% of Senator Reid's Nevada would be stimulating the heck out of Nevada's economy. It's such a small piece of the whole world. Can you believe that these two feel superior to us - talk down to us? We can replace these two with a bucket of bricks & a bag of hammers.

Here is more on Al Gore's worldwide lies & scam - Global Warming. It is an absolute hoax (duping & using the ignorance of well-meaning environmentalists) to redistribute wealth throughout the world & make Gore, Progressives & Fabian Socialists filthy-rich in the process. Think Millions & Billions because this is crime in the Trillions! All that people know is what they are told by "experts" or scientists, in this case. They are told "news" by media with 90% complicity in this farce. The whole story is based upon "knowledge" or scientific "facts" & measurements. But if all these are skewed or fabricated, dictums from scientists that are dictated to, by those in power over them (grants & paychecks) it becomes a hideous unbelievably expensive bad joke to the rest of us! Scientists are funded by Gov'ts & vulnerable to pressure. They also (like us) cannot speak up & be heard if big media doesn't care, or worse, is supporting those lying & in power. This is the evil perpetuating the myth! Frank Beckmann of WJR Radio exposed much in the Detroit News (October 15). Of course, he will be viciously attacked & discredited for speaking out by the "other" super-majority press in cahoots with the powerful. At some point YOU are going to have to exercise your own brain, search the internet or library (while the info is still there) & find out the truth! Don't just believe me or Glenn Beck. Believe the mountains of facts, & always, "follow the money." Or be one in the herd of sheep & listen to your shepherds. They will protect & provide for you & do all your thinking for you. You can just go back to work or golf, or fishing & hunting - where I would truly like to be! Let them sort everything out that hurts the brain. You can say your opinion won't matter anyway so why bother to fight or do anything but grumble. I get no money! I write because I know, I've looked - extensively. It scares me. But I am alone with what I've learned unless you too learn, get scared and help me (& others) eradicate all this evil our kids (& their kids) will otherwise endure. I can be a shortcut if you trust, read & share with those that will listen. I don't lie. This costs me lots of money, time & effort. I do it for you, & all of "my kids." Read Beckmann's article. I've used up much space ranting. James Hansen of NASA doctored-up temperature data. 75% of the world's reporting stations were eliminated, especially the traditionally coldest. Headlines said the Himalayan glaciers were melting. Even the United Nations later said this was false. The Calif Air Resources Bd admitted (3 weeks ago) that they over estimated diesel pollution by 340% in 2007 - costing $10 Billion in compliance costs. This was not accidental either. But the wheel of gloom & doom has been set in motion, as we chase benign gases like carbon dioxide (exhale). Our "powers" are out to crush coal production (& jobs) & "skyrocket" utility costs. Meanwhile China builds a coal-fired power plant every week of every year & has the worst pollution standards in the world. We inhale their pollutants every day & it will get much worse, as we crack the whip over here like idiots & go broke.

Cincinnati Public Schools let 18 yr old students leave school & board buses with ballots - for democrats only (republicans not an option). Do you think they're taught about the evils of conservatism? The bus drivers have ACORN affiliations (with all their voting fraud baggage) & they buy them ice cream after. The derelicts & homeless picked up to vote probably get smokes & wine. Felons vote - soldiers don"t! The U.S. Dept of Justice (DOJ) has contacted all states, advising them to help felons fully exploit any state laws which would restore their rights to vote. Ask yourself why the DOJ spends taxpayer time & money meddling in states' affairs? In Obama's Illinois they take ballots directly to every prisoner (without being requested) and pick them up for timely delivery. They have no interest in helping our soldiers in foreign lands to vote (who bleed & die for that right). Democrats ignore them & stall, causing ballots returned too late to be counted. Why? Soldiers vote largely republican & the dregs of society vote over 90% democratic! Whether you're valiant, vagrant or criminal is irrelevant to Obama, Pelosi & Reid. Only if you can get me in, or keep me in power are you of value & worth my time. Democrats will bed with the Devil to get his vote, or bus & bribe bums to vote several times - "ends justify the means." I was a democrat most all of my life. So were my parents & grandparents - and my wife's. This is not the democrat party! This is some frightening mutation. Progressives, Union thugs & radical extremists have taken it over. We are beyond even a "nanny state" - caring for undeserving "lazies" from cradle to grave. We are fast becoming a "police state!" When your gov't does the "providing" they also make "the rules" on what you may or may not have, or do. If you're even half paying attention you can see most everything is already in place. If you think everything is fine, go back to sleep. You are of absolutely no help to anyone that cares anyway. As they say, "There are those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those that wonder, what happened?"

I think it is a shameful embarrassment that someone as vile as Alexi Giannoulias can make an election for US Senator (Illinois) even close. He was a banker for mobsters, lending them millions for things as crude & crooked as "street loans." As chief loan officer he (in so doing) bankrupted his parents' bank & cost taxpayers $390 Mil. Now out of work, his sleazy criminal bank dealing experience (and Obama's support) got him the Illinois State Treasurer's job! Alexi then pledged support & $100,000 to Obama for US Senate. The very seat Obama vacated (for president) & now tries to put Alexi in. They played basketball together. Otherwise neither had a lick of experience, qualifications, integrity or scruples - just two smooth talkers with a powerful, dirty (ballot box stuffing) political machine paving the way for "their kind" to gain power - then prepare a place at the table for them too. A table laden with endless piles of taxpayer money! Mobsters are not only out of hiding, but becoming fashionable it seems - media doesn't care. This paragraph is my opinion based on all I've dug out of the garbage & come to know. I still am entitled to that, so far. I say shame on all media for ignoring the criminal element pervading our system. Jerry Brown, going for Gov of Calif & a career politician is another crook with a vile past, going to the highest bidder. He's in bed with "Code Pink," (big supporters of numerous terrorism groups) plus any other slugs that will finance him. He wouldn't prosecute a cut & dried easy case against despicable ACORN, probably because he wanted them "grateful" & helpful in his own election advancements. Calif deserves his kind if they vote him in, but he should be fired as Atty Gen, not hired as Governor!

Obama just can't resist getting down in the mud to smear (if only innuendo). I think he relishes that Chicago-style dirty politics & destroying the opposition. There are those like that - he & George Soros are two - "Chicago & Nazi tough" (as Soros has acclaimed). They love it. Defeating your opponent is necessary to win, but to cause, then revel in their pain & suffering is sadistic. Not many can do that - but some delight in it. It's inhuman. Humans empathize. We inexplicably choke-up when watching a tender or painful movie scene - even though we know it's not real. Soros gets off on it, gets that "thrill up his leg," especially if he caused it, & it is real. I think Obama does too, & why he invites Soros to the WH. In no way is that a leader, or anyone you want at the top, in charge. Think about it.

Obama uses his press just before people vote as he tells the young (at colleges) that he "might be" rethinking his position on same-sex marriage, to get gay-rights voters. He says the US Chamber of Commerce (COC) is using foreign funds for ads to help & promote private business people. That is their job, which would also create private USA private jobs - not Obama's goal. But he makes it all seem secretive, like it's dirty (be suspicious) don't vote republican. The USCOC has a total budget of $200 Mil. Among 300,000 US member affiliations it also has 115 foreign members in 108 countries, that pay less than $100,000 total in dues. The COC insists that small amount is fastidiously segregated from any possible political use. If it was used it wouldn't amount to a nickel of a one hundred dollar bill. But you get the shock & smear press effect just before voting. Some will now think the COC is dirty & therefore the republicans - vote democrat. Plant that seed & they won't question you getting hundreds of millions from Unions & their foreign subsidiaries. The Dems have $856 Mil to spend on midterm elections to the Repub's $677 Mil - so who's really buying these seats?

In just the Tucson AZ sector, one out of every five illegals coming into America are (OTM) Other Than Mexican. Last year in just this sector, 2,960 (apprehended) were from "special interest & terrorist sponsoring" countries. The Border Patrol caught 556,000 illegals in 2009 (1500/day) & estimate that only one in five gets caught. Extrapolating, that means about 556,000 illegals from oversea terrorist countries got into the U.S. in 2009 alone. How many of these growing numbers are sent over to Mexico to cross over? Over a half million every year roaming around at will - a great many up to no good. This is a certain recipe for disaster, as Obama has half of America thinking we want to hassle pickers of fruit. Wake up! Those sleeper Cells wont be sleeping much longer. Suicide bombers from over there will be strapping on explosives over here. They don't have to recruit & train ours. They can just walk across the damned border & buy what they need! This nation will panic & become unrecognizable because we are vulnerable everywhere. We have never been regularly, randomly attacked. They will bomb our school children for instance, for maximum shock. Rage will be hard to contain. It will get ugly!

Evil billionaire, George Soros & crooked cheating ACORN got Al Franken elected as Minn US Senator on a recount of very dubious "found" absentee votes in car trunks - & all voted alike? Absentee voting fraud is huge right now all over the country, you're just not hearing about it. But Franken now calls for an "investigation" of the US Chamber (COC) after Obama's accusations. Moveon.org & Media Matters (Soros bought & paid for pawns) are milking an obliging press just prior to voting. And Obama says republicans, "can come for the for the ride, but gotta sit in the back" of the bus. Knowing everything he says (except gaffes away from the 'prompter) is measured carefully the inference is republicans are rich whites, while he simultaneously prods blacks to get angry & get to the polls. He told Hispanics in the Latino press to get out & vote, "Punish your enemies & reward your friends," as he spurs on racial unrest. What other president has ever talked like that? Enemy voters? Obama campaigned as the "Unifier." He said it over & over, we are not black, brown & white Americans - we are all Americans, as he wooed, mesmerized & cajoled the white voters - saying all the right things to get elected. More B.S.! Yes, he was quite the "Unifier" until he got in. I think he will set racial relations back a generation or two before he's done. I think it's calculated to agitate, right from his teachings by Cloward & Piven, & Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals. When I started writing I tried to see it his way. I disagreed but never did I see evil. Now I've seen too much. I find it unbelievable that about 1/3 of the country says they aren't sure which way they'll vote. I say, "What planet are you living on?" If you are living off & dependant upon Gov't & big Unions I can't blame you for voting for your bread & butter. It's lousy for America, but I understand - but you certainly know how you'll vote. So that still leaves 1/3 brain-dead in my book. This man & everyone that supports him is poison for America & an abomination - threatening our Freedom & Rights, Constitution & Founders' principles!

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my site. Phil Faustman
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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

49th Issue 10/15/10

A frightening fact: Every single dime of taxes paid in by those that work (plus extra off the presses because it's still not enough) is given to those not working or paying taxes. That is beyond ridiculous and each year this disparity grows, as more people get into the wagon that taxpayers push & pull. Of course this idiotic nonsense will end. All parasites eventually kill their hosts & die themselves. Or they move on to another host, but I don't think they'll do well in Mexico. America has enormous expenses besides social security, medicare & medicaid, defense & education - pork & waste. Right now Obama wants to slap down another printed $50 Bill for infrastructure (Union) jobs. At twice the price, it hires & benefits half the people it should (as always) but union dues grease democrat palms. Touching on pork & waste, $886,000 - Texas frisbee course, $4.5 Mil - Florida eco-park, $1.8 Mil - Virginia tennis courts, $500,000 - dog park in bankrupt Calif. That's where they give "charge cards" to welfare recipients so they aren't embarrassed when checking out. But it showed $69 Mil was charged-up in Hawaii & Florida, for cruises & at Vegas casinos. WE should live so well. And Calif wants us all to bail their stupidity out! Isn't that clearly, "Taxation Without Representation" imposed on the more responsible states? NY City union bus drivers get 15 sick days & retire at age 50! Their transit system is losing nearly a Billion dollars. They call getting spat on "assault," for which 51 drivers took an average of 65 paid-days off - (over 2 months) for emotional suffering! I'd pay someone to spit, as I'm sure they did.

I want to quote some wisdom that I saw on FOX News. I find these words so appropriate with the elections immediately before us: "Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak, is to speak. Not to act, is to act." We can debate on how great the evil is we are now facing, but each of us in our gut, knows this nation is being rushed down a road very few of us want to travel. America, as we've been raised to know her, is on the brink of extinction. Some will insist that is absurd. It cannot happen in America - or to America. If you still believe that, you are a fool. I will not waste my time & energy persuading you. You are the problem. I am beseeching (begging) all others to vote. To not vote is to vote for the status quo (that is killing us) and I say "shame on you." If you have never voted before, register now, and vote at least twice in your life - 2 weeks from now & 2 yrs from now. You can exert at least that much effort to save this great nation of ours. One gigantic message must be sent, to all those incumbents that have sold us down the river! Our rage must be carried to the polls. Some will holler, retort or jest about their guns & how they'll fight to the end. I say, "Grow up! I have mine too." But they are the tools of a pathetic, desperate bunch, much like Custer's last stand. Declaring you're willing to die might be noble - & it might be bluster & easy talk. Maybe you're the one bitching about how your vote has never counted, or won't change anything, or doesn't matter because, "They're all the same." Horse manure! Take an hour out of your precious life, gather your friends & family & go vote. Vote for your children & grandchildren who are too young to vote. It is their lives we are supposed to look after. It is their lives that WE have permitted to be so screwed-up through ignorance & negligence! If our kids knew what all was coming for them, I guarantee you they would be at the polls, en masse! I know you would die for your kids, I'm begging you to go vote for them. Give them & America one last chance. They, & she deserve at least that! One lousy hour is all I ask. This time you could honestly, truly say, "I tried my best, kids. I voted to throw those bums out. I didn't just rant & complain." No excuses of too busy, I forgot - but I meant to. You should be so ticked-off you're counting the days! And if you're worth a damn as an American, you are.

You see unemployment figures each month at about 9.6%. It seems to stay unchanged, like our situation is not worsening. That is false, because after 99 weeks of drawing unemploy comp, those unfortunates are no longer even counted as unemployed! Real unemploy figures are at 10.4%! Those off the roles have NO money to spend. Their plight is even worse. Unemploy, plus under-employ (less hours than wanted) plus long-term discouraged (no longer even seeking) has reached 20%! As they say, "Figures don't lie - but liars figure." Or paint a prettier picture. Like they just announced our recession is over. Isn't that great? It ended officially 16 months ago according to the news, which also mentioned 41 million on food stamps. And for the first time in Social Security history, 59 million seniors will not earn a cost of living increase for 2 yrs in a row. That's how good things are. Higher food, gasoline, electricity & heating prices are a figment of your imagination. Statisticians (that I tend more to believe) say it will be another 10 yrs before we return to the "prosperity" of 3 yrs ago. Our homes have lost about 1/3 of their value in 2 yrs. Cheap food (canned meats, fruits & veggies, pasta & rice) is costing 50% more than 2 yrs ago. These are the best investments you can make for whatever money you may have. It keeps for years. You will pay at least 50% more 2 yrs from now. Gold wont keep pace with that. Buy it on sale & stockpile. This is no joke. You can eat it later - cheaper. I wrote on this over a year ago & was right on. More printed dollars will continue to buy less & less, and the idiots are even increasing the corn in gas tanks, which drives up all grains (bread/cereal) & "meats" that eat them.

As Glenn Beck pointed out, when does a nudge become a shove from environmental fanatics? They post quite freely, giving some clues to their intent. One said, "At what point do we jail or execute global-warming deniers?" In 2006 eco-magazine "Grist" called for Nuremberg-style trials for skeptics. In 2008 James Hansen (a NASA official) called for the trials of climate skeptics, for high crimes against humanity. Also 2008, Canadian environmentalist, David Suzuki called for Gov't leaders skeptical of global-warming to be thrown into jail. In 2007 Robert F Kennedy Jr said of skeptics, "This is treason. We need to start treating them as traitors." Another environmentalist said, soon another generation will come & strangle you in your beds. Weird people that we must pray never get real power, if we presume they do not already have it. They have a God-complex - the world will be destroyed unless they step in to stop it. As George Soros (Obama's friend) said, "It is sort of a disease, when you consider yourself some kind of God, the creator of everything. But I feel comfortable about it now, since I began to live it out." His self-adulation rivals (The Messiah) Obama's. There is so much "love" in the room when they're together.

The Times Square bomber told the judge, "We are only Muslims... But if you call us terrorists, we are proud terrorists, and we will keep on terrorizing you - the defeat of the U.S. is imminent." ABC news inexplicably held a town hall meeting: "Should Americans fear Islam?" Their Muslim "expert" cleric Anjem Choudary (leader of the British outlawed extremist group, Islam4UK) said, "We do believe as Muslims the East & West will be governed by the Sharia. Indeed we believe that one day the flag of Islam will fly over the White House!" Where was the rest of the media that attacks the Tea Party at every turn? This outlandish brash statement on a sister TV network was stifled, not a word by CNN, NBC, CBS, CNBC or MSNBC. Only 2 of the larger newspapers even mentioned it - nothing from the biggest (NY Times & Wash Post). "News" is what the powers that be decide is newsworthy - not actual facts & happenings. They will tell us what they want us to know, or supports their bedfellows. Their mission is to deliberately uninform & misinform the voting public. Occasionally a sister paper or network strays or has a twinge of conscience. But they are quickly reined back in, privately scolded or ostracized. Their thinking is clear. If we are united, consult each other to agree on desired results from our "news" information - what can they do? Only a few will bother to seek out the true facts, and how much "informing" can they do? WE are the power of the press! (As long as we stick together.) Yes, Islam & Sharia law scares me. Our lying press scares me more! They, and this administration are the biggest threats to our freedom!

Knowing how scary "Progressives" were to the American people about a hundred years ago, my eyes opened wide when Hillary claimed to be "a proud new Progressive." She still intends to run this country. Progressives here (and they are abundant in both parties) are the same as Marxists overseas, and also synonymous with "Fabian Socialism" in Australia, England & Europe. They are very radical (like Alinsky's book) in their thinking about human value, the environment & "climate-change" as they now call it. Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" is the handbook that Obama & Hillary worship. Alinsky dedicated his evil book (now recommended student reading), "to the very first radical... who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom - Lucifer." Whom, but sadists would even read a book openly dedicated to the Devil, let alone learn it & live by it. And how could such ungodly perverted thinking gain as much power as Obama & Hillary have today? It is totally "The ends justify the means." to all of them, and they will be ruthless if necessary. To them, we are in the way of progress & their perfect world order - & we are stupid. Glenn Beck has revealed much about these devious & secretive cults. Tony Blair, England's former Prime Minister is a proud Fabian Socialist, (like Hillary). Their logo is a shield with a wolf in sheep's clothing, for crying out loud! Their doctrine is: "Inevitability of Gradualism." It's like an open admission that they will lie, cheat & steal, and wear you down, methodically & relentlessly. They intend to control & rule us by any means necessary! Don't take that lightly, because we just don't matter (no human value). We are the stupid sheep that they must shepherd. That thinking is obvious in several recent shocking TV clips. In a BBC interview, Virginia Ironside (columnist & author) said, "If I were the mother of a deeply suffering child, I would be the first to put a pillow over its face." (The host was aghast.) "And I think the difference is that my feeling of horror, suffering is much greater than my feeling of getting rid of a couple of cells because suffering can go on for years." An infant's life (if judged to be suffering) is just a "couple of cells" to Ironside. This is just pragmatic, sensible behavior to these calculating people, like sterilization through drinking water or euthanasia for the aged, suffering or no longer useful, as famous George Bernard Shaw contended. A Fabian Socialist, Shaw also believed (like Hitler) in a Super race through eugenics. He won a Nobel Prize & an Oscar. As a journalist, playwright & public speaker he was (and still is) highly thought of. But he said horrifying stuff like this on a video clip: "Just put them there & say Sir or Madam, now will you be kind enough to justify your existence? If you cannot justify your existence, if you're not pulling your weight in the social boat, if you're not producing as much as you consume or perhaps a little more, then clearly we cannot use the organization of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive, because your life does not benefit us. And it cannot be of very much use to yourself." Our brainwashed kids have never seen a bad word about this monster who was an advocate of the gas chamber. He said, "A great many people will have to be put out of existence, simply because it wastes other people's time to look after them." This is how they omit or re-write history right before your eyes. Facts and truth are an encumbrance if impeding the story they want. As Obama says, "Too much information is not helpful." Our history (to them) is whatever they decide to teach us, and think our kids should know - whatever furthers their cause. I do know I wouldn't want Shaw, Obama or Hillary deciding whether I am (at my age) worthy of treatment or the expense under Obamacare. I remember when they scoffed at Sarah Palin's "Death Panel" accusations. Another TV clip was an environment/global-warming ad where a schoolgirl tells her teacher, "We're thinking of using our car less. I'm going to cycle to school." The teacher says, "That's fantastic. How many others think that you might do this?" All but Philip & Tracy raise their hands. Teacher says, "That's fine. Your own choice. OK class. Thank you. I'll see you all tomorrow. Oh, before you go, I just need to press this little button here." A loud explosion blows up Philip & Tracy, scattering blood & pieces of flesh all over the other students. Teacher calmly says, "Now, everybody, please read chapters 5 & 6 on Volcanoes & Glaciation." This too, was not shocking to them. They justified it by saying we only have 4 years left to act. We had to wake people up. Technically, I suppose they're not "evil" since they feel that what they're doing is for the common good. Obama, Hillary and the like, have not yet said the brazen outrageous things that Shaw said, in his time & on video. But what if they did? We already know about all the media serving them, and all the "new" history books and teachers "teaching" today's youth with fervor - what Progressives, Marxists and Fabian Socialists want them to know. We routinely send our kids to that indoctrination! That environment is undeniably evil! Shaw was evil, but how many "common" people knew of what lurked and actually transpired (on undeniable film) before right now? Tens of millions know nothing like this about Shaw - within America! Many hundreds of millions (in the world) know nothing about the horrors of the Holocaust & extermination of millions of Jews, despite the fact that it was a World War and heavily publicized worldwide only 65 years ago. Those people's leaders (and their media) said it just didn't happen, or was greatly exaggerated. What will American history read like 65 years from today? I shudder to think! If you don't vote these vermin out it will be on your hands.

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Phil Faustman
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

48th Issue 10/01/10

I told you this administration likes to sneak riders, inserts or attachments inside necessary or good-sounding Bills, totally unrelated to the purpose of the Bill. It is an all too common practice. Harry Reid has attached his "Dream Act" to the Defense Bill, routine & necessary to fund the wars. He desperately wants to grab up Hispanic votes to stay in office. Besides, how could anything called "Dream Act" be perceived as bad? That's how they do it. The "Act" allows up to 700,000 illegals to gain citizenship (amnesty) by going on to college or joining the military. It'll seem noble to some - productive people & stark contrast to all those just coming to drain the social services, but it's really that "foot in the door." Like when I said if Obama health care passed they would somehow put gov't option & abortions in later. That's now being done. We are either a nation of laws as our founders declared, or we are not. Strict, clear, but fair laws that apply to all citizens. No exceptions. All progressive admins (Repub & Dem) seem to forget that the moment they gain power. And the "social" justice meted out (usually a 5-4 coin-flip) by this flimsy favoritism Supreme Court they have stacked, will rule & embarrass the people for 30 yrs or more. As soon as "good" changes are inserted (that "foot") it's that trickle eroding the dam. Obama, Pelosi & Reid know that & abuse it freely to dupe us, selling it through their propaganda press - bombard, brainwash & bamboozle the citizenry. Always keep in mind, they think we're stupid. That's why they keep explaining or telling us what's best for us. We sometimes force them to devious tactics in our stubbornness - just succumb to those more knowledgeable.

Do you remember when James Carville (prominent democrat) publicly chastised Obama to, "Get down here & take control!" on the oil spill? Obama went down just days later. Ex-pres, Clinton & Gen Powell (staunch supporters) said publicly that Obama needs to re-connect with the people. Immediately he has a "town-hall" type meeting on national TV - with a hand-picked crowd. It was amusing. He was chewed-out somewhat by a lady asking pertinent questions he wasn't prepared for, and he didn't answer. He just smiled broadly, but you can bet somebody paid for letting her in. He suddenly felt the urge to go to church too (across the street) right after a publicized poll said 20% thought he was Muslim. This guy's scripted responses after any public taint to his self-image is laughably predictable - choreographed by his damage-control team. I could really laugh at his bumbling, tardy, knee-jerk reactions if he wasn't so dangerous, and I could feel the public wasn't buying into his constant drivel. But he's a menace & the gullible public has bought so much, they make me uneasy.

Facts to ponder. Our total national debt is a staggering $130 Trillion. Only half that growing debt ($65 Tril) is more than all the money that exists in the whole world! The balance sheet of Greece (when disclosed, the stock market plummeted) is better than half of our 50 states. 90 yr old reporter, Helen Thomas retired in June after exclaiming that Israeli Jews "should get the hell out of Palestine.'' Terrorist Hezbollah praised her for telling the "truth" about those Jewish "murderous thugs." Now CAIR (Council on Amer Islamic Relations) is giving her a "lifetime achievement award." Our own Dept of Justice has said CAIR is a U.S. representative of terrorist Hamas & its atrocities. We know this! And that CAIR embraces Hamas & Hezbollah! CAIR was founded in 1994 by leaders Ahmed & Awad off IAP (Islamic Assoc for Palestine) and wants to see America as an Islamic country under Sharia law! The Transportation Security Admin (TSA) created after 9-11 (who makes little old ladies take off shoes in airports) works with CAIR unbelievably, to take Islamic "sensitivity training" to protect Islamic religious & civil rights. Taxpayers pay for this. CAIR also meets with Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs & Border (CBP) to ensure Islamic civil liberties are met. CAIR is suing the Nat Secur Agen (NSA) for monitoring al-Qaeda communications in & out of the U.S.. Clinton appointed CAIR founder, Awad to a "civil rights advisory panel" in 1997. It was on "Aviation Safety & Security!" What sick irony! One more. Rep Alan Grayson of Florida who once said, the republicans' health plan was, "Don't get sick, and if you do, die quickly "has now taken dirty rotten liar to an all-time low. His campaign ad calls his opponent "Taliban Dan" Webster, and it repeatedly quotes these 3 words, "submit to me" (referring to women & his wife). Webster actually said, "Don't say submit to me." This is deliberate distortion to defame & slander! NOT just out of context - far beyond mud-slinging. Grayson should be thrown out of office & sued. He is the embodiment of putrid politicians we must rid this congress of.

Obama has twice recently spoken of our Constitutionally endowed inalienable rights. Both times he has omitted "by our Creator." If you think this is just a slip, you're crazy and missing most everything I'm working so hard to alert you to. He measures every word written on that teleprompter. If your rights come from man - man can take them from you (or Pelosi). If they come from God as our founders purposely declared, man (President, Congress, Courts) is powerless - cannot usurp! How did they get that foot in? For Congress to call health care an inalienable right - I'd call that blasphemy! When Obama, Congress or even FDR says you have "a right" to anything they are practicing Marxism. Man (society) cannot "give" anything to anyone without "taking" it from someone else! You can only "give" what comes from your own pocket - not the pocket of others. As they say, "The problem with socialism is, eventually you run out of other peoples' money."

Not only do we pay gov't workers twice what private-sector counterparts get, in our bloated system, but there are twice as many "managers" to do the same work, or they're doing half the "work" for twice the pay. The Fed Reserve alone has 18,000 employees. Do they print the money to pay the rest? 30,000 work as support for Congress. That averages to about 55 per congressman! The EPA has 18,000. The Fed gov't is just 15% of all gov't spending. State & local gov'ts are just as rife with waste & redundancy. Buffalo NY just paid the health insurance on 2 million dead city employees. Everywhere, we could easily cut gov't employees 25%. Now cut the pay & benefits of those left by 50% to make what common folks do. Then put them to work. It wouldn't cut services one bit. 17,800 new gov't Obama jobs (with fat benefits) were added in D.C. in August alone. Why are trash collectors, for instance, Fed employees? Why is this one easy example not out-sourced to private companies at half the expense or less? If I was spending MY money it surely would be. And there is a ton of "examples." It is amazing how much simple asinine waste is overlooked. Simple fixes totally ignored all throughout gov't. Asinine spending by uncaring as-es!

Obama's latest deceptive spiel warned The People that, "Special interests are planning & running millions of dollars of attack ads against democratic candidates. None of them will disclose who's paying for these ads. You don't know if it's a Wall St banker, a big oil company, an insurance company." A WH official says the president plans to talk "a lot" about "corporate takeover of our elections." His media pals will help him sell this lie. He gets heavy coverage accusing others of foul play when facts are, his Union buddies spend more than all these entities put together: oil & gas, Wall St, defense contractors, HMOs, mining, telecom & lobbyists! And HE casts aspersions on others? The brass of this impudent liar. He thinks we're stupid. Deliberately uninformed & misinformed yes, that's how he got elected, but we're catching on now. Unions represent 7.5% of the private force & 40% of public employees. What is more special interest than Unions? And they are 99% democrats, running attack ads on republican candidates. Will his media disclose this? A Bill just zipped through the House calling for stricter campaign financing laws. Sounds good, maybe necessary, right? Obama complains that republican leaders are blocking this vote in the Senate - bad republicans. But typically, Dem Rep Brady (a big union backer) inserted an amendment that would exempt Unions from those requirements, while tying corporate hands. Again, no mention of this by Obama or press - just (party of "No") bad republicans. Just like Unions' Cadillac health plans being spared many taxes that hit individuals & small businesses. Michigan's Dem Governor rewarded her supporting UAW Union by forcing 40,000 Mich day-care providers to join & pay "auto-workers" dues of 1.15% of their state subsidies. Of course it is unconstitutional. Neither the taxpayers or day-care workers had a vote or say, and the state is near bankruptcy. Now consider if (down the road) the UAW helps day-care get a raise. Self-defeating for the state? It certainly is for the taxpayers paying the subsidies!

When one tries to discover truths regarding mysterious behavior or what motivates a mysterious person to incongruous, peculiar behavior, while also mindful that the media majority will not only be unhelpful, but complicit in cover-up, one must carefully scrutinize & re-examine the few clues that might get those puzzle pieces to fit. Such is the mystery of Obama. What drives this secretive man with so much power to do so many inexplicable things? Why does he not care what The People think? He does what he wants every time. Dinesh D'Souza points out in "The Roots of Obama's Rage" that Obama's book "Dreams From My Father" does not say "Dreams OF My Father." These are Obama's dreams, gotten from his father. So what do we know about his father & his dreams that media has divulged? First, he was an African Luo tribesman that became a Harvard economist. He was also a drunkard, polygamist (4 wives) and a wife-beater, according to one son. In one drunken accident he killed a man & lost his legs. In another he hit a tree & killed himself. Senior was an enraged anti-colonialist, a doctrine that says rich countries got rich by invading, occupying & looting poor countries of Asia, Africa & So America. Note that this doesn't even apply to the U.S.. We have looted no one, yet they throw us into this mix that they feel owe redistributive wealth back to the poor of the world. Senior contended in 1965 that nothing can stop gov't from taxing 100% of income, if those people are given benefits commensurate with all that taxed. Senior's Dream of gov't confiscation of the worker's money to give to the non-worker is now our president's Dream - and he is fervidly implementing it. It is to supposedly rectify (reparations?) the wrongs of colonialism. His step-grandmother, Sarah Obama said, "The son is realizing everything the father wanted." Their Dream is creating our nightmare! Remember when Obama returned a bust of Winston Churchill to England? His father & grandfather hated (colonialism) Great Britain.

Wayne A. Root wrote this, June 6th, 2010: "Barack Obama is no fool. He is not incompetent. To the contrary, he is brilliant. He knows exactly what he's doing. He is purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy to create systemic failure, economic crisis and social chaos - thereby destroying capitalism and our country from within. He was my college classmate (Columbia U., class of '83). As Glenn Beck correctly predicted from day one, Obama is following the plan of Cloward & Piven, two professors at Columbia U. They outlined a plan to socialize America by overwhelming the system with gov't spending & entitlement demands. Add up the clues below. Taken individually they are alarming. Taken as a whole, it is a brilliant, Machiavellian game plan to turn the U.S. into a socialist/Marxist state with a permanent majority that desperately needs gov't for survival... and can be counted on to always vote for bigger gov't. Why not? They have no responsibility to pay for it. Universal health care - the health care bill had very little to do with health care. It had everything to do with unionizing millions of hospital & health care workers, as well as adding 15,000 to 20,000 new IRS agents (who will join gov't employee unions). Obama doesn't care that giving free health care to 30 million Americans will add trillions to the national debt. What he does care about is that it cements the dependence of those 30 million voters to Democrats & big gov't. Who but a socialist revolutionary would pass this reckless spending bill in the middle of a depression? Cap & Trade. Like health care legislation having nothing to do with health care, cap & trade has nothing to do with global warming. It has everything to do with redistribution of income, gov't control of the economy & a criminal payoff to Obama's biggest contributors. Those powerful & wealthy unions & contributors (like GE, which owns NBC, MSNBC & CNBC) can then be counted on to support everything Obama wants. They will kick-back hundreds of millions of dollars in contributions to Obama & the Democratic Party to keep them in power. The bonus is that all the new taxes on Americans with bigger cars, bigger homes & businesses helps Obama "spread the wealth around." Make Puerto Rico a state. Why? Who's asking for a 51st state? Who's asking for millions of new welfare recipients & gov't entitlement addicts in the middle of a depression? Certainly not American taxpayers. But this has been Obama's plan all along. His goal is to add 2 new Democrat senators, five Dem congressmen & a million loyal Dem voters who are dependent on big gov't. Legalize 12 million illegal immigrants. Just giving these 12 million potential new citizens free health care alone could overwhelm the system & bankrupt America. But it adds 12 million reliable new Dem voters who can be counted on to support big gov't. Add another few trillion dollars in welfare, aid to dependent children, food stamps, free medical, education, tax credits for the poor, & eventually Social Security. Stimulus & bailouts. Where did all that money go? It went to Democrat contributors, organizations (ACORN) & unions - including billions of dollars to save or create jobs of gov't employees across the country. It went to save GM & Chrysler so that their employees could keep paying union dues. It went to AIG so that Goldman Sachs could be bailed out (after giving Obama almost $1 million in contributions). A staggering $125 billion went to teachers (thereby protecting their union dues. All those public employees will vote loyally Democrat to protect their bloated salaries & pensions that are bankrupting America. The country goes broke, future generations face a bleak future, but Obama, the Democrat Party, gov't, & the unions grow more powerful. The ends justify the means. Raise taxes on small business owners, high-income earners, & job creators. Put the entire burden on only the top 20% of taxpayers, redistribute the income, punish success, & reward those who did nothing to deserve it (except vote for Obama). Reagan wanted to dramatically cut taxes in order to starve the gov't. Obama wants to dramatically raise taxes to starve his political opposition. With the acts outlined above, Obama & his regime have created a vast & rapidly expanding constituency of voters dependent on big gov't; and a gov't dedicated to destroying capitalism & installing themselves as socialist rulers by overwhelming the system. Add it up & you've got the perfect Marxist scheme - all devised by my Columbia U. college classmate Barack Obama using the Cloward & Piven Plan." End.

I quote E J McMahon of the Washington Examiner to support what I've previously told you. "In his January, 2009 inaugural address, Pres Obama pointedly praised 'the selflessness of workers who would rather cut their hours than see a friend lose their job' as an example of what 'sees us through our darkest hours.' But Obama never expected unionized public-sector workers to imitate their private-sector counterparts. Instead, he devoted his first few weeks in the WH to fighting for an economic 'stimulus' Bill that included $145 Bill to state & local gov'ts. In early 2010, the president warned that, 'If additional action is not taken, hundreds of thousands of add'l (gov't) jobs could be lost.' The upshot: congressional democrats last month approved another $26 Bill in special aid to states & local gov'ts. 'We can't stand by & do nothing while pink slips are given to men & women who educate our children or keep our communities safe.' Obama declared in signing the Bill. The president's rhetoric implied that the nation's schools, firehouses & police stations were on the verge of being staffed by skeleton crews. In fact, even after a recent decline, state & local gov'ts employ nearly 1.7 million more people than they did in 2000 - a gain of 9% during a decade when private employment decreased by a net of 3%. Obama's infusion of Fed aid to states & localities didn't just 'save' jobs. It also pumped up the paychecks of heavily Unionized public employees who already earn more on average, than the people who pay their salaries. While private-sector jobs were dropping along with employment in 2009, the ave annual wage for state gov't employees was UP in 45 states, including fiscal basket-cases such as Illinois, Mich, NY & NJ. The ave local gov't wage rose at least slightly in every state, even crises-wracked Calif. The stimulus helped make it all possible. Pension & retirement health care insur coverage for state & local gov't workers across the country represent unfunded liabilities that could exceed $2 Trill, and may reach $4.7 Trill. Even in the Obama era, that's real money." End. Note that $4.7 Trill doesn't include the biggest abusers of them all - Fed gov't employees. And Obama's elegant BS rhetoric seems always contrary to what's actually happening.

When Russia & Communism fell, Putin took off his uniform & gun, transforming Russia into a "Democratic Socialist" state. Remember that term & take note of the many notorious groups & attendees that Obama is urging to come join the rally, "One nation" in D.C.. These are real low-life types he urges on his own website, Organizing For America. This rally is to counter Glenn Beck's 08/28/10 huge gathering. All of Obama's Socialist, Marxist & Communist friends will be there. You could see in one massive showing, all of the evil, revolutionary, anti-America, highly dangerous creeps & thugs that do his bidding. But he's a nice guy, well-liked. He denied ever knowing most of them to get elected, but they are all getting bolder & more open now. Just look at the disgusting array that will be there in organized force. There is Green For All, Color Of Change, and STORM (Communist & Truther, Van Jones' groups). Jim Wallace, Marxist preacher for Obama with his Sojourners group, plus SEIU & Andy Stern & other big-shots of big Unions. The Nat Council of Laraza (The Race) Hispanic "Haters" that Justice Sotomayor sympathizes with will be there, with America-hating/Terrorist supporters, "Code Pink" & Bill Ayers & his terrorist wife. They all admire terrorist Hamas & Hezbollah. Planned Parenthood (founded by racist Margaret Sanger) will be there. Sanger wanted to create a super race through eugenics, like Hitler. There will be numerous Progressive groups & many different Democratic Socialist groups attending. Remember, those are communists without visible uniforms & guns. As Beck says, there are all these hand-in-hand very close associations but, it is absolutely inconceivable that a reporter ask if Obama is Socialist. He is beyond Socialist. Communist Party USA will be at the rally & is endorsed on Obama's own web site. The Peace & Freedom Party will be there. Their presidential candidate of 2004 is in prison for murdering 2 FBI agents. International Answer supports terror groups like Hamas & Hezbollah. They will be there, along with Campaign for America, Campaign for American Progress & MoveOn.Org, all of George Soros' funding. The Black Panthers just had a meeting with Iran's Ahmadinejad. I wonder what they talked about? The Gray Panthers (older & duller fangs) will be there. Their slogan is "People over Profits." The Ya Ya Network is coming at Obama's request. They are anti-military & into social justice. They advertise for & recruit 15-19 yr olds, actually asking for "trouble-makers" to hire. "Solidarity" is connected to Van Jones & Obama's anti-Jew & white- America Pastor, Jeremiah Wright. They'll be there with the Humanist Party that wants voting rights for illegals, & SLAP (Student Labor Action Project) seeking jobs for social economic justice. "Wishadoo" wants to do away with profit-only corporations - wants a mutual benefit cooperation system. This is the new direction that big union heads, like the AFL/CIO & SEIU are taking their members, and they'll be at the rally. The ISO logo is a clenched fist (Int'l Socialist Organ). They say, "Socialism is not only possible but worth fighting for. The ISO stands in the tradition of Marx, Lenin & Trotsky in the belief that workers themselves, the vast majority of the population are the only force that can lead the fight to win a socialist society. Socialism can't be brought about from above, but has to be won by workers themselves." All these evil scum-types (so unbelievably un-American) are the ones Obama calls out to, to put on a good show on 10/02/10. The show, One Nation Working Together is a LIE! Just another lie among many, but gargantuan & thoroughly evil. All these organized Marxists, Communist revolutionaries are gathering together at Obama's behest. His allies & supporters! As Glenn Beck says, "All Marxism & Communism have ever produced is mass graves." I despise everyone in every group listed here. They are unquestionably enemies of the United States and they are my president's chosen friends. At least they are somewhat open & honest (without pretence) in their twisted beliefs. Obama is a deliberate, deceitful liar, constantly conning the people that believed in him! Remember that catchy "Yes We Can" repeated chant that he orchestrated? Was that coincidence? It was right out of the Communist Party USA handbook! And the "People Before Profits" (Gray Panther slogan) was too. There are no more coincidences with Obama. And these Marxists & Communists are going all-out after our kids because they have never really seen these as the evil their grandparents know them to be. If they can by-pass us & "sell" our ignorant youth on guilt (excessivism, environmentalism, warming, fossil fuels, etc.) while omitting & re-writing history, we are all done. This is where they spend most all of their time & efforts - brainwashing our kids. Terrorist Bill Ayers teaches them in college & writes storyline coloring books for the very young. Evil George Soros financed the film "Story of Stuff" depicting America as a greedy bad nation. It's shown freely in over 4,000 of our schools so far. When the kids catch on - it will be too late!

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