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55th Issue 01/15/11

The lying liberal NY Times wants to portray the mentally-ill murderer, Loughner as a pro-life conservative gone berserk. He worshiped a scull on an altar behind the house, terrified his classmates, hit drugs hard & at 22, had a dozen run-ins with the police but no record, perhaps because his mother worked for the Pima county Bd of Supervisors. A classmate in his poetry class tearfully read her poem about getting an abortion. Loughner laughingly said something about strapping a bomb to the fetus & making it a "baby-bomber," to his shocked classmates. The NY Times twisted that to, "Mr Loughner compared the young woman to 'a terrorist for killing the baby.'" That's how easily the same interview info goes from a (laughing at a dead fetus) sicko to a pro-life fanatic egged on by Palin & the Right. Do you read the Times? I'll bet all liberal sickos do - not that you have to be one to read one, like Paul Krugman. And not every Times writer is a dangerous liar. How many is too many? How far, is going too far? The same goes for NBC & MSNBC "News." They all immediately said, don't jump to conclusions when a lone Muslim gunman shot & killed a bunch of soldiers for Allah. Now, they hypocritically, immediately jumped to vicious liberal conclusions! I heard it said, if the liberal-left didn't have double-standards, they wouldn't have any standards at all. Like sheriff Dupnik denouncing "vitriolic rhetoric" with vitriolic rhetoric - just like the Times. Ask yourself why, knowing Loughner & his troubles well, & how volatile this "open to the public" meeting could be, Dupnik (30 yrs experience) had not one deputy there? Forget the distortions & lies about needed gun-control. They perpetuate the myth - that it lessens violence. Those liberal nuts & their media immediately came out of the woodwork. I tend to question more than an 8 round clip myself, but would never give this bunch one toe in the door to any of my rights. Fact, wherever gun control is imposed proves they lie - violence goes up! In every instance. Still, they attack our right to bear arms. John Green, father of murdered Christina said, "This shouldn't happen in this country or anywhere else, but in a free society, we're going to be subject to people like this. I prefer this to the alternative." I like President Reagan's, "We must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is responsible for his actions." People acted bravely after 20 people were shot down. The killer was tackled while trying to re-load. The only one rushing TO the scene was carrying a gun, to take out the killer before he could kill even more! He didn't need to use it since the madman was already subdued, but that's not the point. A good man was coming with an equalizer before 911 picked up the phone. Just exchanging fire until help arrives changes the whole scenario for the better. You don't have to be suicidal. In the 1980's conservatives tried to clean up TV vulgarity, violence & explicit sex, the left screamed "censorship." The right railed against pornography & music lyrics encouraging violence against women & police & racial epithets. The liberal left shouted, the 1st Amend said even offensive speech must be allowed, even burning our flag in protest. But if YOU say anything the left & its media disagrees with - they instantly demand that you be censored! As said, no standards at all. One of the victims shot said in the press he now despises the tea party, another now despises Palin. Why? Because they believe the crap whipped up by unscrupulous media. They can't see & think for themselves. Giffords (a moderate democrat) was liked by republicans & voted against Pelosi. It was clearly stated by Charles Krauthammer, regarding Krugman, NY Times, MSNBC, NBC & a host of other radical liberals in attacking, "a climate of hate" (they called it) - murder caused by Palin, Limbaugh, Beck, the Tea Party, Obamacare opponents, etc. etc.. Krauthammer said, "Among all his writings, postings, videos & other ravings - and in all the testimony from all the people who knew him - there is not a single reference to any of these supposed accessories to murder. Everyone uses warlike metaphors in politics. That's why we say such things as 'battleground states' or 'targeting' opponents. The very word for an electoral contest - 'campaign' - is from warfare." Blogs & sites that Loughner did watch (like liberal KOS) said, "they were putting a bulls eye on Giffords & other moderate democrats." Another posting was, "Giffords voted against Pelosi! And is now dead to me." - just days before Loughner posted, "Die Bitch!" & shot her. Skinhead Loughner hated Jewish Giffords since they met & he felt rebuffed back in 2007, (before Tea Party & Palin were known) where at a rally he asked her, "How do you know words mean anything?" Tell me how you would answer that weird question - right on the spot. If anyone influenced his madness, who would you bet it was? Sec'y of State Hillary (on terrorist foreign soil) effectively said, See, we have extremists of our own. That was dispicable - equating a berserk psychopath with Jihad terrorists! Don't ever let this gun-control, progressive/Marxist gain higher office.

Where does one start when trying to cut back on wasteful gov't spending? Politicians can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm picking one here that's easy to spot & dupes the taxpayers unbelievably. It is only one of many that follows an all too familiar blueprint of sticking it to a stupid gov't that throws money all over. For-profit colleges got wildly "profitable" a few years back. It mirrors the Fannie & Freddie fiasco that destroyed our economy under the watchful eye of Barney Frank, who kept saying "Everything's fine," while guaranteeing lofty mortgages for any unfortunate with a pulse. Now we're guaranteeing student loans & they are high-pressure "recruiting" in the ghettos, so to speak, to grab all that free & easy money! Sign these application papers, attend class 80% of the time with "C" grades (I'll bet that's easy) & we'll pay you $350 "assistance" bi-weekly for your trouble. That "incentive" money must be why tuition has jumped from $4,ooo to $15,700 in 3 short years. The gov't pays in advance so it's up to them to get the taxpayer's money back from the "students" when they drop out. Even if you believe they'll actually try, what are the chances? Gonna throw them in jail? Drake College of Business (for one) gets 87% of its revenue from financial-aiding taxpayers. 75% of the student body is homeless or on welfare. They recruit vigorously at the "shelters." The graduation rate isn't 25% of other colleges. I wouldn't hire one anyway. This ain't small potatoes. The Univ of Phoenix alone has 200 campuses & over 500,000 students. Try to imagine the magnitude of the scam on us dumb taxpayers. And Obama is pushing for millions more to attend college. Who's not for helping out the little guy? Federal "Aid" has gone from $4.6 Bil in 2000 to $26.5 Bil in 2009 & rising fast. Loans are handed out like leaflets, that everyone knows will never be paid, yet no one cares. And politicians can't find anywhere to cut back on funding & waste. I think I just found about $30 Bil! Give me the books & a week-end. I'll bet I could save us half a Trillion! Goldman Sachs (investment bankers) heavily represented in high gov't offices with their executives going to & from like revolving doors, and IN on legislation decisions or certainly with "inside info" just happens to be heavily invested in these sleazy school give aways. Do you think Goldman might have known this would be a scamming goldmine? Fleecing taxpayers of their money? They would know how stupid & inept gov't (that they're a part of) is. Could it be deliberately designed that way? Like, it's kind of embarrassing to explain - but it sure is profitable!

Liars & Jobs: Obama's EPA is shutting down Arch (WV coal mine & 250 jobs) by simply revoking their permit (many many more are coming). 98% of WV electric comes from their coal. In 25 other states, over half of their electric comes from coal. Shutdowns are a tax on the poor & fixed income! Obama's promise to "bankrupt" them & "skyrocket utilities" is one he's keeping. If he tells you he's going to stick it to you, believe it. If he tells you he's going to do something for you or it sounds good, you're an idiot to believe it. That much should be clear by now. Tell me again how much he cares about our lousy economy, the little people & all those out of work & miserable. He is deliberately driving up the prices of heat & lights, gasoline, food, all merchandise & transport of everything. Who is that 50% still thinking he is doing a good job? Is it those cheering, whistling, applauding students at his "somber memorial" address? It sounded more like a "pep rally" start of his re-election campaign. They even passed out T-shirts. Very few of those young foolish students have paid even a dime in real-life expense or yet looked for a real job. Maybe that 50% is from polling the back streets that are living off his handouts, where also very few look for jobs or paid a dollar in taxes that hasn't been returned to them - plus extra thousands. Maybe that adoring 50% came from the hundreds of thousands of his newly appointed or hired costly gov't workers. Or it could be the millions of ecstatic highly-rewarded union members that helped him shape economic policy in the W.H.. Who you ask could make a big difference in the response you get. Anyone ever ask you?

Over 100 organizations & corporations have already been exempted from ObamaCare. How many more in 2011? How is this going to get that magical funding accomplished? We know how sleazy & corrupt Illinois' politics are. Their last-day vote to stick it to their people for a 67% hike in taxes is typical. It was to secure those lavish state gov't pensions & health benefits a while longer. I think, they think their president will bail out his crooked homeland state, he has so much "family" there. There is no way out for states except to let go bankrupt. There's no other way to break the strangle hold of the public service unions on cities & states. Severe state cutbacks to cities & towns will soon put them under, & it will accelerate rapidly. No other spending cutbacks will amount to enough fast enough. It would take forever. Politicians have on guts in this regard. Let lavish spending & campaign promises take its well-deserved course. If you or I spent like these gov'ts have, WE would be already bankrupt or in their jail. There is absolutely NO Fed gov't fix to this other than sheer madness - meaning there is much to fear yet - knowing this cast of characters.

Another new Obama gift payoff to trial lawyers, that are already litigating us to death, driving the prices of everything higher is now in place.. I think half the ads on TV are calling people out to sue someone. The website, sounds fine (like always) but expands even more gov't overseeing jobs (votes) - more "nanny-state imposed protection" & regulation of industry. Another deadly drain on a sick economy. Besides all those technically not unemployed because they are working part time, & those they don't count because they're no longer even seeking jobs, we note that 55% of those that are getting back to work are being paid considerably less than before they lost their jobs. Some pay is better than none, but people are not happy.

Besides his EPA attack dogs "for environment" Obama uses the Food & Drug (FDA) & OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Act) among others to "regulate" you out of business (through "safety" compliance). It's really easy to wipe out small businesses (mom & pop, father/son, small local farmers). They can't afford lobbyist payoffs or asinine compliance. They're hard-working, honest & just getting by. No one in congress can possibly relate. As Safety Director of Bear Archery I had first-hand experience dealing with OSHA 40 years ago. They could come into your business & safety-regulate you right out of business in a blink. Those competitors coziest with regulators could be the last ones on their "to do" list - after the competition has gone under. Then, seeing the devastating effects, they might ease up toward the end, where their friends were. 20 yrs later I laughed at the hypocrisy when I worked for the US Post Office & witnessed all the many violations that they would have shut us down for. These regulatory thugs have been dusted-off & brought back to life (with new vigor) by Obama & his "boys." What Congress? For those thinking this one coal mine isn't important or doesn't matter, consider that just the Clean Water Act among many Acts enables the EPA to totally control who lives, who dies in business. Very bad news in ObamaWorld. This new regulatory shut-down threat means, at the wave of his mighty hand - soon gone is any stability coal & oil might have offered businessmen trying to determine costs of production & possible expansion. More uncertainties & heavy expenses, to go with health care & knowing he intends to hit you with more taxes, in some way at any time. You got away from him for 2 more years. That ticks him off. Can Congress do anything to keep him from destroying us? They haven't even shown interest. There are over 200,000 permits that he can revoke at the snap of his fingers, representing Trillions of dollars. Anything going on to the Supreme Court, has 2 new admirers of him and "social justice," waiting.

Obama has taken over the internet for all practical purposes & will control talk radio (by takeover) probably by year-end. Right now his henchmen are writing up the regulations before full implementation. He has totally by-passed Congress & killed free speech, by decree of Cass Sunstein & the FCC. He's getting his Cap & Trade without consent by shutting down coal, by decree of the EPA. He got ObamaCare without consent just by lying like hell & promising anything to anyone. When passed (& he was truly surprised) he just smiled & threw all the crap back in that he took out! And that made him bolder. He took control over our entire food supply just by LYING that we had food-safety concerns. A total crock of B.S.! Our dumba-s Congress voted to let him do it. This will explode prices by regulating all smaller farmers out of business, in favor of mega-farmer friends, like George Soros & Monsanto. Consider yourself dead if Soros ever controls our food supply! And Obama already took over the auto industry, 95% of all housing, 100% of college education needing any assistance, and all banks & investing. There's not much of our lives left! I am deliberately repeating myself from my last few issues because I have revealed unbelievable things to you (including my own website censorship) being done boldly in dictator-like fashion, & have heard hardly a peep - eerie quiet. Am I rambling like a loony to myself? Is everyone in denial? If the feeling is, it can't be - that's not really happening, I have to question my purpose here, or at least my effectiveness. If you are of a mind that this stuff can't happen in America, or that it can't happen just because it's never happened before, I don't even know what to say to you. I am on the brink of burnout & going to Florida 'till about the mid-March issue. Hopefully that will re-charge my batteries. Otherwise, what's the use? I'm supposed to be fishing. While gone, I intend to continue posting on my site & e-mailing to those that have requested it. Paper issues will still be available at Goodale's Bakery & Northern Litho Copy Shop on Peninsular St, but a bit late because I will have to mail a printable form to John at "Litho" to print. He said he would take a bunch over (each issue) to the racks in the lobby at Goodale's. Anyone wanting quantity can get them from John, free, as many as you need. But needless to say, I won't be delivering for a while. You can contact me, should you want: Wouldn't give a nickel for Florida in the summer but it sure looks good in February!

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54 th Issue 01/01/11

Don't you get tired of the Left & Right in Congress continually debating & shouting over each other about whether more taxation or less taxation is the answer to our nation getting out of debt? How about the lunacy of printing more "Monopoly" money? I do understand the politician's point of view, "If I cut any spending, I won't get votes from those in the habit of getting it." But trying to get votes from "new" spending (especially pork) must get proponents fired! That must be the message, loud & clear. Freeze all Gov't hiring, pay & benefits increases. Any new positions must be filled from within existing ranks or expansion of duties. Tell the liars with agendas to shut up, look & listen. Gov't meddling drove millions of our jobs overseas. People at the top know how & why it happened & know what needs to be done to reverse it, bring manufacturing jobs & prosperity back to America. We have easy to see examples before us in State prosperity. We also have Massachusetts, with a lousy health care program that politicians watched fail in record time, but forced the same (& worse) upon the Nation. For observation, 3 of the most prosperous states (So Dakota, Texas & Wyoming) have the lowest income & capital gains taxes (personal & corporate) & zero death (estate) taxes. That's why they prosper & why they attract businesses (job creators) & the wealthy that don't really want to leave the U.S. entirely. New arrivals are the masses leaving the 3 worst states (Calif, NY, & NJ) with the highest taxes on everything 9-10.5%, plus death taxes. An idiot can see higher taxes are NOT the answer to more jobs, lower taxes are. People with jobs are happy, feel prosperous & spend, which creates more jobs. Abolish income tax. Tax consumption instead, a national sales tax on everything but food/medicine. Rid us of thousands of pages of rigmarole, that only lawyers, CPA's & the rich know how to exploit. Abolish unemployment compensation without work, even if it's only community service or picking up litter. Just barely enough income to get by will motivate job-seeking. Flocking to a state with more generous handouts might lessen too. I think if you don't contribute into the system, you shouldn't have a say (vote) in how the system is run. Every one's right is to pursue happiness, not of guaranteed happiness. That is ridiculous & doomed to failure - as we now witness! Obama says he wants to create jobs (I know it's a lie & you should by now) but he also said his policies will, "necessarily skyrocket utility rates." That I believe, and it is one of the major expenses of producing anything - more discouragement, not encouragement! More expense to industry is more bashing of jobs.

An estate left to family is comprised of earned accumulation after taxes already imposed. Barney Frank says of the Estate or "Death" tax, which is now zero, but he & Obama want at 55% (& all just "compromised" at 35%), "The heirs haven't done this on their own. They haven't worked hard. That's a pure gift to someone who was lucky enough to be related to someone who earned the money." Barney thinks loved-ones don't deserve that money - he & the gov't does! You know the gov't will spend that theft wisely. Now, they "allow you" $5 mil to divvy-up amongst the family. But what's to stop gov't from dropping that (foot-in-the-door) "allowance" to $1 mil, or even less? Not one damned thing - if left up to a socialist gov'ts generosity & willingness to "share" everything you've worked hard all your life for.

A friend of mine, Fenner Goldsborough of Gaylord, MI has written a book, "Super Scam," contesting the withholding & forcible paying of income taxes. His considerable research maintains that there is no law & no place in the IRS Code that mandates it, or anyone you work for is an employer, per IRC Title 26. Wouldn't it be something if we could some day de-fund this runaway, wasteful, tyrannical beast? Just weeks ago, Joe Bannister, a converted former IRS agent was acquitted by unanimous jury decision on all charges in Sacramento, CA. The charges were: 1) Conspiracy to defraud the United States. 2) Aiding & abetting in the preparation of false & fraudulent returns. Bannister, as a CPA prepared amended tax returns for 3 yrs as a calculated protest. Perhaps a powerful court precedent (foot-in-the-door for us, for once) has been established. Fenner's book says the Constitution forbids taxation on earnings of citizens, and a whole lot more. I invite you to check out his Super Scam website at: To get details of Bannister's trial: Conspiracy Planet - Bannister.

Our Homeland Security Sec'y, Napolitano also says Barney-like dumb things. She thinks our Mexican border is just fine, better than it used to be. You just know all those murders & beheadings will stay on that side of the line. When the crotch-bomber failed (detonation fizzled & the passengers jumped on him) she said, "The system worked." Probably why she just said we must be on alert 364 days a year." She, of Homeland Security also just said, "One of the most important things we're working on is global warming!" That lack of focus is typical of this whole administration's laxness & rhetoric that's "preparing us" for bombings in the near future. Like, don't blame us, it's the "new normal." Also like (in spite of an under 8% promise of unemployment) the "new normal" is every thing's good now if it stays under 10%, & since we can alter what "officially" constitutes unemployment (like we did in no cost of living increases necessary for seniors). We're confidant the "good times" will continue, if you just lower your expectations periodically. There will be no aggressive terrorist-profiling or attack on joblessness from this crowd. Get used to it. They have to clean up the planet, & there is wealth to distribute. And how about that Gitmo terrorist they insisted on giving a "civil trial" - instead of a military tribunal? On 200 charges he was found guilty of only one! He is now appealing his lone conviction. And how many millions do taxpayers pay for each circus act? The loonies are running the asylum - & using our expense account for extra humiliation. We The People, have no say in anything anymore! Our forefathers wrote those first 3 words in huge print for deliberate emphasis, that The People rule - dictate to the gov't - NOT the damned gov't dictates to The People! But look around. We are fast running out of time when a change in course will even be possible. When our US Dollar soon becomes worthless (through endless printings) - that's a "new normal" I guarantee you will NOT like. That will be when China, Russia, India & the OPEC nations unilaterally stop accepting payment (especially for our OIL dependency) with US Dollars. Then, we're done. It's over! They've all met somewhat secretly already. China is, & has been steadily exchanging (dumping) Dollars for other currencies. Not too fast, that would start an unloading panic worldwide, costing them hundreds of billions. But what do you suppose they know? Ever since The Marshall Plan at WW II's end, the US Dollar has been the world standard. No more. Brace for the plummet when the Saudis say, "No more payments for oil in dollars." That IS coming. You didn't really think they were our friends, did you? Dollars are not accepted in a lot of places around the world right now. That once was unheard of.

Obama rushed START (Nuke Reduction with Russia) through - before year-end to use votes by those fired, before they vacate. Of course, this too was stupidly not read before hurriedly voted on. It passed, & now waits for weeks before any ratification by Russia. Their odd-ball "democracy" requires 3 readings before a vote can be taken. We don't waste all that time. Obama proudly proclaimed, "It's fair to say that this has been the most productive post-election period we've had in decades. It comes on the heels of the most productive 2 yrs we've had in generations." THAT is how rapidly you can ram crap down the people's throats if you don't waste time reading 10,000 pages of regulations, rules, restrictions & ramifications even once. ObamaCare would not have passed if gov't-paid-for abortions, single-payer or gov't option & "death panels" ("pulling the plug on granny") had not been stricken from the first proposal. The fact no one read it was deplorable, but these 3 known specific items were so offensive to the masses that Obama, Pelosi & Reid removed them to get it passed. I told you if it passed those liars would just stick them back in later. Later is now. About half the states already have gov't- paid-for abortions. Reid has said single-payer gov't option is almost in place. Now "death panels" are going to pay doctors to councel older clients annually, following the scripted plan. Our loose-spending progressive gov't will have tight purse strings for aging Americans, to speed up the dying process for those with memories & sure to vote. They just go around Congress & thumb their noses at the people. If they can disregard these matters of such importance so easily, they can re-write any so-called law to suit their needs. A Federal court struck down ObamaCare, saying the gov't cannot force citizens to buy insurance. Obama just brushed that aside. The W.H. said, "Implementation of the act will proceed. The ruling will not materially impede our work." If you are a potential job-creator, you're in limbo-land again. If you are the people, hopeful the courts will keep him in check, you're dismayed again. The courts told him twice he could not shut down gulf oil. He did it anyway.

I saw recently where Don Berwick (Obama's medicare Czar) & Zeke Emanuel (Rahm's brother & Obama's health care advisor) were likened to, "The Grim-reaper & Dr Death" - funny, unless they're deciding your fate. Dr Death said, "Individuals aged between 15 & 40 yrs get the most substantial chance (of receiving care) whereas the youngest & oldest get chances that are attenuated." Grim-reaper Berwick concurs, saying the gov't should ration "the number of Centers engaging in cardiac surgery & cancer care for the older (over 40?) & neonatal intensive care" for babies. Welcome to the ObamaCare Pelosi excitedly got passed, "So you can see what's in it." This will be typical of their cost-cutting of gov't "waste." Far less care given requires fewer Centers. Why waste revenue on the middle-aged to elderly, or the weak, needy & imperfect, coming into the world? Medicare is now going to let you have free cancer check-ups annually & yet close cancer clinics. Tested at 65 or older, they can tell you what you have that you're not going to get treatment for. You will now be going down a different path. I've learned how to interpret their announcements. Cynicism helps a lot, "to see what's in it." Let's ponder what no one seems to think or talk about. It takes quite a few years (high expense & dedication) to become a physician, even more to be a specialist. Then (under ObamaCare) you must follow the instructions of D.C. bureaucrats to the letter or be punished. There will not be even 10% of the usual numbers pursuing medical careers. Future doctors will be almost non-existent, creating miserable working conditions for those that will then soon quit. Remember, up to 32 million more will be added to medicare/medicaid that doctors already hate because they pay so poorly. 74% of doctors polled said they would be restricting services over the next 3 yrs. Nearly half said they will suddenly "retire" when ObamaCare kicks in (2013). Now, with no one even wanting to become a doctor anymore, how horrible will even simple medical care soon get? Also, 2011 is the first of the wave of "baby-boomers" to go on medicare. Just more unintended consequences caused by gov't idiots taking over, regulating & dictating (meddling in private enterprise - capitalism). When this insanity becomes obvious to even the gov't idiots, it will take 10 yrs after "their awakening" to incentivize & train new doctors. When you continually lie and change your mind & direction all the time (like Obama) they may not want to commit their lives to medicine anyway. What then? If medical care isn't there at all, is that "rationing?" Do Death Panels become moot? The only problems we really had with those supposedly evil & greedy insurance companies was from gov't meddling. Costs always go down when companies compete for your dollar. Gov't prevents insurance companies from crossing state lines - stifling competition. Gov't favors malpractice suits, doesn't limit or cap them - much higher costs. Why they would do these things are damned-good questions. Who is paying them to interfere & screw-up the natural order? They know the detrimental effects their actions cause, just as well as you & I. But you & I get screwed. They get paid-off & live high. They don't care! All those living off the gov't via wages & superior health care - or handouts & medicaid, don't care either. They're doing fine. We are the only ones not doing fine, yet care.

All I will say about Don't Ask Don't Tell (DADT) is that I am sick of politicians forcing their will upon the people (the majority). Especially so, by a "lame duck" bunch thrown out for malfeasance, but getting in more parting shots before they go. If they've been fired - they should have no vote! DADT did not say gays & lesbians could not serve in our armed forces. In essence, they said to keep it to yourself. Do not be a distraction or destructive to the task at hand. Why are the heads of combat forces & the combat troops against openly gay or homosexuals in the foxholes beside them? It's their lives in grave danger. Frankly, it is no body's business (politician's, yours or mine), only the people with lives on the line. Their heads must be absolutely clear in combat. No doubts or hesitancy whatsoever. The most personal of relationships can have no place in a foxhole under fire, where many lives may be jeopardized. A pretty petite 98# woman can be a pilot, but not my buddy watching my back in hand-to-hand combat, or putting me in harm's way by being overly protective. You cannot mandate contradictions to natural human behavior. Everything doesn't change at the stroke of a pen or because bureaucrats order it so. Those that bothered to ask for input from combat troops found 58% were against repealing. It is their lives, and a majority - but none of their business!? Incredible! Rammed down their throats anyway. What's new?

Look how easily injustice can be done by gov't today: Brian Aitken's mother (a social worker) called 911, concerned Brian might hurt himself. She changed her mind & hung up before anyone answered. They traced the call. Brian was then traveling to Hoboken, NJ (moving). The police called him to return. Then they thoroughly searched his car. Police found 2 unloaded & locked handguns in a duffle bag in his car trunk. Aitken had passed a FBI background check to buy them in Colorado when he lived there. He wanted to move closer to his year old son in NJ, contacted NJ State Police for proper procedure to transport his guns. He was now moving from his mother's to stay with a friend in Hoboken. There were even dishes & clothing in his car when arrested. His mother said he was moving out, his friend said he was moving in. A NJ state exemption statute says you can legally transport guns "while moving." How else would you do it? The jury asked liberal judge James Morley for the statute to read several times, but were not permitted to see it or have it read. Aitken was idiotically convicted, despite a squeaky-clean record. He was sentenced to the Max of 7 yrs in prison! In an American courtroom! While everywhere you look, repeat offenders are beating another rap or getting leniency! A spotless record means nothing? No extra look, or consideration? No seeking some reason for compassion, understanding - clemency? We have a prosecutor & a judge pushing for conviction so hard as to deny a good American a fair defense - when 2 more good people testify he was moving, & further evidence to that effect is denied & ignored. That "our system" is so shoddy it allows a dictatorial, incompetent judge, a ruthless prosecutor & an ignorant jury to convict a clean citizen on super-fine points of an unconstitutionally restrictive state gun law, is abominable. It makes me want to throw up. That they could also just "throw the book at him" for 7 yrs in prison, is beyond detestable. In our Obama-world, it should scare the hell out of you. It is obvious, that Brian could easily have been you or me giving up 7 yrs of our life! Gov Christy got Aitkens out of prison after serving 4 months & let Morley go at his term's end. Hallelujah! But not nearly enough. That judge must be disbarred & spend at least a year in a real prison, or there is no justice.

The Direct of Nat Intel (DNI) James Clapper looked like an uninformed boob when asked by ABC's Diane Sawyer about the 12 London terrorists, arrested earlier in the day. I never waste my time watching ABC or the others, but watched an internet clip after hearing how awful the 3 stooges were (Napolitano, Brennan & Clapper) Home Secur Chief, Counter Intel & DNI respectively - certainly not respectfully. If ever "Intelligence" was a misnomer & bad joke, these 3 dimwits are it. An embarrassment to America. Even Sawyer, whom I no longer respect, could hardly believe their responses for a sit-down interview. Brennan continued on his ski vacation last year, hardly caring about the crotch-bomber's failed attempt. That's when Napolitano said, "The system worked." Sawyer said to Clapper, "But it was all over the news." Then Brennan said (next day) that he was glad Clapper, "doesn't watch TV 24 hrs a day to catch the news, he has more important things to do." I say, like what? Napolitano later said (also trying to defend? him), "Those in Homeland Security who needed to know, we knew." She & Brennan work FOR (& under) Clapper. I think she said, he didn't need to know. What awful sputtering dummies we have in critical positions. I just saw Napolitano visiting our troops in Afghanistan. I thought her job was HOME-land security, where she just said one of her priorities was global-warming??

I trust you know that "global warming" is NOT man-made. The myth of it (and resultant guilt-trip) to make certain people wealthy & redistribute wealth globally are absolutely man-made. The last 10 yrs have "inconveniently" cooled, almost precisely as cycles have, for thousands of years. But why not exploit ignorance & throw away hundreds of Billions even Trillions staving off imaginary & made-up science & facts. We humans greatly exaggerate our importance. Earth went through many violent changes before man even made a footprint, let alone a carbon footprint. Our sun goes through cycles of solar activity & flare-ups, causing spread-out warming & cooling trends. Volcanic activity from within & runaway forest fires contribute as well at times, creating far more changes to the environment than our little antics. That's not to say we shouldn't be attentive & mindful of finite natural resources, but constantly feeding paranoia is foolish, playing into the hands of unscrupulous cruds with only selfish money motives. We, & our brilliant minds can't even agree on whether our weather is warming or cooling. How could we possibly agree on what to do about it? We should at least agree, that to spend possibly Trillions on, we know not what (when we are penniless) is as stupid as it gets. But we don't, do we?

Obama's unelected EPA told Congress, You pass Cap & Trade or WE will mandate it! They just did, 2 days before Christmas. He confiscated millions of acres of heavy oil land for "National Monuments" designation to bar any oil drilling & jobs there, forever. I told you they would do both last summer. Congress continues to do nothing but watch or scoot home for their Holidays. We can all now watch as gasoline goes over $4 a gallon, heat & electric skyrocket, food growing expense & transport of it, and everything else takes off. Obama has the dollar shrinking fast & is driving up the cost of everything even faster. I ask you, "Are you better off now than you were 3.2 Trillion dollars ago?" I'll ask again in a year, if I have electricity. In one short year coal-fired plants (45% of our electric) and all the mining jobs will be wiped out! The next time Obama lies (like the last 3 yrs) about focusing on jobs, the one closest to him should slap him silly. And feel free to slap anyone who's still buying what he's selling. So Hundreds of Billions or even Trillions in costs to us (for warming & carbon crap) isn't even up to us? Or our elected boneheads? WE have no say? When people finally stir from their deep-sleep (soon I hope) I think it will be one of those "cold day in hell" moments. I just don't think there will be much left to salvage. Is all of Congress so naive, stupid & inept that they don't realize they've been rendered irrelevant? Obama just "appoints" people that answer only & directly to him, & he controls or forms agencies that dictate National policy. Of course the media has nothing to say. If they did, it would be a supporting lie. When your doctor must follow the dictates of Wash DC bureaucrats (while caring for you) or face prison, as renowned Dr Janda was recently told before the House, & no politician, & no media is publicly outraged, demanding action, investigation or immediate repeal, what more can be said? How much like Nazi Germany will we become? Did you know that he has unarmed (I assume) drones flying over Miami & Houston spying through windows? To keep you safe, of course, like the traffic spy-cameras being installed all over I told you about, that will get you arrested if you're smoking in a car with kids in it, or on a cell phone. They told Wal-mart employees to watch each other & the masses, report anyone suspicious. Soon everyone will be watching everyone - kids "turning in" parents!

I feel the need to reiterate some points I've made that are of such great importance & yet seem to be all too easily accepted. The brainwashing of our kids that we routinely drop off to school is frightening. Curriculum such as US History, civics & gov't, our Constitution & founding fathers is being dropped (as unnecessary & unimportant) by our progressive teachers & Union school administrators. In their stead is recommended reading such as Saul Alinsky books touting radicals & revolutionaries, & anything putting down capitalism or American exceptionalism. That is unbelievable & unacceptable in American classrooms, trashing our country, our way of life & our heritage. But you had better believe it's happening & you had better soon get very involved in your local schools & peruse the propaganda, or jerk your kids out & away from them. Less vulgarity, violence, drugs & inferior teaching might be seen as beneficial too. But our kids are taught to look up to (even revere, as their teachers do) butchers like Che, Castro & China's Mao. How can you tolerate the teaching of these lies? These animals are documented on film or recorded boasting of personally shooting kneeling victims by the hundreds & thousands in the back of their heads, gunning-down masses including many pregnant women. Castro machine-gunned women & children trying to flee on rafts. Mao starved & persecuted to suicide, up to 70 Million Chinese in peacetime. These vermin are all respected & revered by this administration (Barack, Hillary & their hand-picked staffs). And they are eager to teach this garbage to our youth. You see kids everywhere sporting tee shirts, banners & other paraphernalia - heralding these scum - like heroes, thinking they're "cool." We know what they are teaching your kids. Are you teaching them anything at all?

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my site. Phil Faustman