Saturday, October 31, 2009

Issue 26


About 30 years ago (as I matured) I became disturbed at a pattern in the election process. It seemed I was always voting for the lesser of two evils - not FOR someone but AGAINST the other poorer choice. That’s not right, when it is seemingly every time. When Obama ran for president my first reaction was “great” because I intended to vote republican anyway. But I was truly happy to see how far this Country had progressed from the disgraceful days I saw in the late `50s and `60s of racial discrimination in America. I was proud of how well he was received - until I looked deeper and saw his poisonous past. I was tired and weary of eight years of Bush and his wild (democratic-like) spending. And with eight years of Clinton before him I didn’t want Hillary and her “progressive views” in there for another eight. McCain was bland and I really didn’t like his views on illegal aliens and the border and buying into Global Warming to the degree that he was reluctant to drill here, drill now and get us off that damned dependence on Arab and Mid-East oil! Then along came an electric Sarah Palin - anxious to drill, and I saw immediate vitality and energy, and a genuinely proud American candidate - not seen (by me) since John F. Kennedy! I saw a real person unsoiled by dirty politics and tactics, with passion and a vision for a resurgence of America. I didn’t give a damn if she didn’t have experience. The experience Obama, Hillary and even McCain had were negatives to my thinking. I’ve grown to despise that kind of experience - how to play the “game” in politics and Washington. Ronald Reagan didn’t know “squat” about being president, but HE KNEW that. He surrounded himself with a cabinet of very wise and experienced people to advise him, and he was wise enough to follow their advice - hence, he BECAME an excellent president, and (like Palin) no one questioned his passion for America! Today, you BUY your way into office with enormous sums of money from evil billionaires and Hollywood and corporate lobbyists - money used to publicly smear and disgrace your opponent. There is no real debating of issues anymore. You align yourself with masters of deceit and clever liars to teach you. They are “hired guns,” professional diggers of dirt and slinging mud. It can be selected individuals or (if you’re democrat) an ACORN-SEIU army of bullies, corruption and crooks that will deliberately cheat and even break laws to get their candidate IN! Once you’re in, all those scummy people will have their hands out, to be rewarded for a job well done. To actually vote FOR someone vibrant, alive, with passion for our Constitution and love of Country, my God, wouldn’t that be something? If someone stood up and said, “We can’t spend what we don’t have. America will be dependent upon no one, if I am elected!” Wouldn’t that be special? Do you think it will happen in our lifetime?

When Medicare was first conceived they said it would cost $9 Billion - it became more than 10 times that. They said Medicaid would cost $1 Billion - look at it now, and our bloated Social Security! All Gov’t run and near bankrupt! NOW they want control of THE REST of health care. Why? They say to cover the 47 million uninsured -their plight is terrible. For a little over a Trillion dollars (1.2 Trillion) we can get it done. This they said a couple of months ago. Part of their financing plan is to force the younger taxpayers, who are well and feeling indestructible, to buy insurance or pay a $1,000 fine (tax). They now admit that about 20million “unfortunates” will STILL not be covered after this horrendous expense, so it’ll only get about HALF done. What about the half NOT done? They aren't even talking now about them! Doctors are vociferously against having the Gov’t getting between them and their patients AND taking a big cut in pay through dictated pricing, while still nothing’s being done to curtail their huge expense for trial lawyers, or malpractice insurance. Taxpayers are screaming about the enormous total expense. Seniors are hollering about the rationing of care about to come their way through proposed cuts of $500 Billion in Medicare financing. Now comes the “figures don’t lie, but liars figure” part. Seniors will get $250 checks in the mail to help placate them. Pelosi has “cut” the projected expense down to only $900 Billion. Remember, Gov’t projections of cost are about 10% of reality. But how did Pelosi whittle it down to under a Trillion? She (or they) created another Bill considered to be “the doctor fix.” That Bill pulls $247 Billion OUT of the original Bill. Over a trillion is too offensive, under a trillion sounds better but changes nothing in their shell game! Her shuffle of funds sounds like a cut only if you have mush for brains, which she thinks we have. It is just a separate pile of money to show and assure Doctors they won’t have to take a cut in pay - at least to start. Their cuts in pay will come later when the cash pile (or bait pile) runs out, but Pelosi’s Bill will already be in place - for Gov’t control. No one has pointed out that many hospitals that will take a dictated hit on what they can charge will also go bankrupt. They barely get by now. Doctors will get out when that “pile” is gone and no new ones will study to get in, but hospitals are stuck. Anyway it’s just Pelosi playing with numbers - “skinning the cat another way,” to get that Gov’t foot in the door, like her wanting to change the term of Gov’t option or Public Option to “Consumer Option” - people don’t like those other terms. She thinks we are simpleminded. Terms, “Opt-out” and “Trigger” you'll also hear. ALL = foot in door!

Lord Christopher Monckton is a climate change expert, and has great objection with many “facts” and figures of Al Gore’s global con job and huge personal money-maker. Monckton says he has read the Global Warming Treaty that Obama is going to Copenhagen Denmark to eagerly sign in December. It is 200 pages centered around “Climate Debt.” The United States and other western developed countries are considered "responsible" (not India’s or China’s smokestacks) for global warming, even though we’ve documented that the planet has been cooling for the last 8 years straight. But the Treaty’s first purpose is to create a New World Government - a Communist Gov’t. (We seem to have a few czars or advisors warm to Marxism and Communism don’t we?) The second purpose is a transfer of wealth from western countries to poor third-world nations (that transfer or redistribution sounds familiar too, doesn’t it)? Monckton said nowhere in those 200 pages were the terms: election, democracy, vote or ballot. All the 3rd world countries will sign the treaty because they think they will get a bunch of money in reparations. The western left-wing regimes will rubber-stamp it. Russia and China will sign it just to laugh and watch us squirm. The third purpose of the Treaty is enforcement. The U.S.A. will be the biggest payer and will not be allowed out, once signed in. Obama will sign. He was just awarded a ridiculous Nobel Peace Prize out of Copenhagen. Now you know why, and doesn’t it all tie in neatly? He will sign away our sovereignty with a big smile, our freedom, democracy, and prosperity - forever - in the blink of an eye! IF anyone over here is inclined to stop him, there probably isn’t even time. You don’t hear much about this in the news, do you? And I know it sounds too ridiculous to be true!

There are between 8 and 9 million people in New York State. Only 44,000 people pay HALF the taxes generated! 1.1 million of the richest people have left the state.. What do these things tell you? And how long before those 44,000 are gone? Then what?

Who was that gal on the news (supposedly knowledgeable) and speaking for the Gov’t that said, “The stimulus package has done all it can do?” 24% is all that has been spent. Just thought that simple statement was newsworthy, like Speaker Pelosi’s, “It’s not a tax increase. It’s elimination of a tax decrease.” ???

Alan Grayson (Florida Democrat) said the Republicans’ health care program is, “Get Sick and Die!” He also said Bernanke’s Aide was, “a K-street whore” and FOX News was, “The Enemy.” After these recent quips, Obama said Grayson was a “great” representative.

In some schools in the Northeast they are serving “Meatless Monday” meals to “teach” responsible eating to preserve the planet. The raising of beef causes greenhouse gasses, they say. I say they are indoctrinating our kids. I hunt and eat deer. They are nearly fat-free and don’t contain herbicides or pesticides. They are ruminants, too. Do we eliminate all wild animals along with the cows? Will Obama’s nutty czars declare a National Emergency and make us all vegetarians? He has people in place that have said some crazy things. I now take him seriously! Even the crackpots.

The famous New York Times newspaper has been “in the tank” for Obama (starting with his campaign) almost as shamefully as MSNBC. The Times has even covered up unfavorable revelations to get him elected. The Times is nearly bankrupt. Tom Freidman, one of their most notable reporters GOLFS with Obama. Trust me, Obama WILL bail them out - and they will be ever grateful - and useful perhaps, don’t you think?

ACORN is vile and corrupt. ACORN will do anything to get Democrats elected. Obama, the Senate and the House are all Democrat controlled. Notice the silence in D.C. now, on de-funding ACORN? It ain’t gonna happen, folks. It’s just, “ease off `till this blows over,” and then it’s, “corrupt business as usual” - shovel money to them to continue heavyhanded, crooked support. 40% of ACORN’s funds come from Gov’t to support just Democrats!

$638,000 per year Stimulus funds keep a National Park maintained that is not even accessible by road. $700,000 was spent to put beepers on busses when they make a turn. Waste plus noise pollution. Millions are spent to buy up all the empty seats on planes that only have 1 or 2 passengers daily (sometimes none). All over, City and State and Union employees (already working) are getting RAISES with Stimulus funds. For some, times aren’t so bad! News just out says “Cash for Clunkers” actually cost taxpayers $24,000 per car sold! We were told buyers would get $4,000 as incentive to buy. Many of the (rich?) Congressmen that passed the Bill bought cars using that “free Gov’t cash!” Does any of this make sense? Gov’t run anything will be raped and pillaged! Just some tidbits for thought.

I started writing my weekly newsletters 6 months ago. I saw something very wrong in this Obama administration that moved me to do all I could to warn people of the danger. The more I looked, the more I found and it became even more sinister than I could have imagined. So I dedicated myself to 4 or more days a week to thoroughly research for accuracy and write my paper, do my patriotic bit in my own small way for my Country and its people. You can’t do something like this without getting emotionally involved, and in time it takes its toll. You can go quite a while on adrenaline and passion for your cause. The passion will never run out but the adrenaline is running low, folks. I love to fish and hunt and have reached that stage in life where I can (if I want) do it 7 days a week. I saw the summer go by with practically NO fishing getting done. Well, as much as I like fishing, I am a real hunting nut, especially deer hunting in the fall. I MUST go hunting and tune in to my other passion. I will begin now to write my newsletter twice monthly (the 1st and 15th) instead of weekly. That will also help me contain the personal expense of it. I had hopes that my web site would be “discovered” by someone “out there” nationally. My web site is better quality and has more information than my paper letter. When you have a Wednesday deadline and a typist and “hurry up” proofreading toward the end, “stuff’ happens, or must be left out. I invite you all to visit my site, which also has related links for your perusal. Those without computers can use the Library’s. They also have my printed newsletters beside the fireplace. The Frederic Library also has my letters.

I reasoned that if a few hundred people in a town of a few thousand really found my viewpoints interesting why wouldn’t hundreds of thousands of similarly sized towns across America read my paper? The same amount of time and energy goes into the project whether 300 or 300,000 or 30 million pairs of eyes see it. They just don’t know that I, or my “letter” exists. So, the Internet is great for “potential” and what “could be,” but exasperating when after 6 months, STILL virtually no one knows you’re alive. I don’t know what it takes to be discovered on the Net, and I don’t know anyone else that does either. I write. I am told people like my writing. Some thank me for taking the effort and believe as I do - we are afraid for our America. If “One American’s View” was growing across the nation (even a little) I would happily put it out weekly (even forsake my hunting). Lord knows what is going wrong in this world and needs to be addressed, can easily fill a paper every week. But, for now I’ll have to try to cram in the highlights twice monthly. Maybe some day FOX News or some individual with clout will “zap” out to the populace (e-mail, twitter, I don’t even know what most of this stuff is), “Hey, you ought to check out Phil’s Site.” I know in my mind that is all it would take. When I someday see a hundred thousand hits I know, from there, word of mouth will take it the rest of the way, and it will hit my “refresh” key! If I was reaching lots of people I could and would, go non-stop. Thanks for your following, folks and your patience in my lengthy explanation.

One American’s View, Thanks for listening, and please tell others about my website.
Phil Faustman

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