Saturday, October 10, 2009

Issue #23


Obama finally HAD to say something nice about America. He had no choice! He zoomed to Copenhagen to cajole the I.O.C. (Int’l Olympic Committee) into bringing the 2016 Summer Games to his adopted hometown, Chicago. His wife and Oprah Winfrey preceded him in anticipation of a triumphant return. It was basically between Chicago and Rio De-Janeiro, they said. He reversed his personality once again, and even had to brush away a tear, in his magnanimous B.S. presentation to the IOC. The U.S. went out in the lst round of their elimination process - a humiliation to America, and a serious blow to Obama’s enormous ego! I loved the media’s rationale: George Bush was so hated throughout the world he made it impossible for even Obama to save us! What crap!

If you think ACORN (after all the scandalous revelations seen by so many on FOX News - and on FOX only) is going to finally get their comeuppance by this administration, for their sudden admonitions, I can only say, “I hope so,” but I have very serious doubts. Obama’s ROOTS are well established IN ACORN. Obama alluded, in his successful election that ACORN would be instrumental in his Transformation of America, and closely involved with his decision making IN the White House! Have you seen anything in 9 months to refute such a position? Only FOX News will pressure Congress to any point of action or real investigation. If EVER investigated, MUCH dirty laundry will be revealed with the simplest effort. But mostly politicians will exhort, posture and bluster, like little “Banty” roosters. It’s their way of appeasing the angry masses - soothe the savage beast. That is us of course, until we settle down, and it all blows over. Then it’s back to “business as usual.” Let time heal. Then ACORN and its missions of redistributing wealth, and Socialism, will reappear under another name, picking up where they left off. This president and his staff owe their success to Wade Rathke and ACORN, and they know it. My opinion is, Wade Rathke pulls the strings that Obama jumps to, based upon so much I have seen. I don’t expect any serious investigation of an Obama mainstay by any media but FOX. Wade Rathke founded ACORN 39 years ago. He left, or was removed, in June 2008. He “ran” ACORN for 38 of those years. ACORN IS what Rathke intended it to be! ACORN has hundreds of faces, and churns many millions of donated dollars from Billionaire Activists, dues and Gov’t grants. These funds are deliberately mixed, split up and re-channeled, some tax-exempt, some not, to confuse anyone trying to untangle the money trail. No honest orgination with any integrity would do this, but Obama loves them anyway! Obama personally gave ACORN $830,000 of his campaign money in gratitude. When confronted with the OK of the recent 13 year old girls, and pimp/prostitute tapes in ACORN Housing offices, Obama expressed mild concern and surprise, mostly that ACORN was receiving very much money from the Gov’t. He didn't KNOW he is sending them tons of money? ACORN is IN the White House with Obama and Apollo Alliance, who designed the Stimulus bill and sent possibly $8.5 Billion ACORN’S way. And Obama also proudly acknowledged a long relationship of “fighting alongside ACORN throughout his whole career.” This man and his selective memory are unreal, and of course, unbelievable! ACORN all but assured Obama’s election. success. Not only as a huge organized army, bussing people who have never otherwise voted in their lives, but in every crooked way they could conceive. Wade Rathke (ACORN) knew they now had “the perfect storm” (forming for decades). Finally, all the pieces were in place. ACORN membership, over 70% black would work tirelessly to get all the blacks to vote for a black president. Obama had been groomed for this role for years, indoctrinated, suave, articulate - self-assured. It is interesting to note that Rathke, and all those powerful supporters in the shadows, that espouse to the doctrine of ACORN, and the billionaires that donate huge sums to their “cause” are very “white.” Forgive me for being cynical of my white brethren’s benevolence. I tend to ask “why” when I see this incongruous show of compassion for the downtrodden, poor illegal immigrants and blacks, by extremely rich and powerful WHITE people. Hey, it’s not impossible, but it is certainly implausible. The powerful white people, like Drummond Pike and George Soros and others throughout ACORN’S build up, to this point are bent on overthrowing, or taking over America - I’m not sure which, but their backgrounds are power driven, not charitable. The playbook they all follow religiously is to bring America down economically, by milking every possible Gov’t handout or benefit available to the public (while creating even more, and including illegals). They pound on doors and educate the masses of “their rights” to even more "freebies" to crush America’s economy - bring her to her knees. Does this sound like a noble cause? Good people? President Clinton decided it was every American’s right to own a home. That is when we deviated from the 20% down payment standard - some buyer “skin in the game”. Make your payments or lose your 20%. Simple. No money down made no sense, especially to bankers. But the seed to our present recession was sown. How bad it becomes is yet to be known. A little sad poetry there, what with the unemployment rate and serious decline in the dollar. The bankers wouldn’t make stupid loans, so along comes ACORN to harass and threaten bank presidents at their homes, as well as work. Afraid for their families, they relent - but resist as much as possible. ACORN continues pressure, complains to the Gov’t. Bankers complain about high-risk loans on their books to the Gov’t. In steps Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (Barney Frank and Chris Dodd) to buy up all these high risk mortgages. The floodgates now open. Anyone can get these high-risk mortgage loans. Speculators (wheeler-dealers) jump in to just make monthly payments and let the house value increase (as it always has) for profit. Fannie and Freddie buy up scads of them and then the housing bubble bursts. House values go DOWN severely, but after those mortgages were bundled up (fraudulently) into AAA securities and sold to wheeler-dealers on Wall Street, or something to that effect. Anyway, the people making heavy monthly payments on a house now worth far less than when they bought it (especially if they aren’t living in it) stop paying because they have no “skin” to lose - go ahead and repossess it. Who cares? You can thank Clinton, ACORN, Fannie (Frank) and Freddie (Dodd) for the fix we’re in. Others helped, but they, plus GREED all around basically put us here.

On the rare occasion when some member of Congress shows a spark of initiative and fiscal responsibility and actually gets a bill all the way through the rigmarole - finally presented for ratification - it gets “slapped down” because of special-interest lobbyists, and our crooked “on the take” so-called representatives. Until we clean up our crooked system of gov’t we simply don’t have a chance of righting this stinking, sinking ship of state! Lobbyists and lobbying HAVE to be abolished, or their activities severely curtailed! Dope dealers make crooks out of well-intentioned cops on the street with fists full of cash. Cops see those they busted back on the street before their paperwork is done. They throw up their hands in despair, “What’s the use?” and start taking the money. I can understand that - not condone it, but understand. Lobbyists are like dope dealers, except they start out with many, all too willing participants. THAT, I don’t understand. Most of our “representatives” are eager to do the business of selling out America, for profit and personal gain. Those CROOKS totally disgust me! They should be imprisoned. Instead, IF we catch them (and who is looking - others just like them?) we slap their hands maybe. We don’t even remove them from office! The few that try to represent their people (like good cops) see all this and in time, throw up their hands in despair. In D.C., a hand up, or out is quickly filled with cash. A Bill presented to Congress by republicans in Bush’s administration, to help clean up some of the gouging of Medicare and Medicaid, by equipment suppliers to the gov’t was roundly defeated. It was simply to allow gov’t purchases from ALL manufacturers - not just 1 or 2 high priced ones. Remember the $200 or $400 hammers the gov’t was purchasing with much notoriety some years ago? Medical equipment suppliers rape the taxpayers for 2, 3, 4 times the going rate, sometimes far worse than that. Lobbyists for the health care industry spend over TWO MILLION dollars a DAY just to maintain things as they are. What does that tell you? If they readily SPEND that much daily - how damned much do they STEAL from us taxpayers PER DAY? This reminds me of when I became the new Safety Director for Bear Archery. We needed to order lots of safety supplies to comply with O.S.H.A. (Occupational Safety and Health Act). I looked at expensive purchases made in the past and compared those same exact products (and brand names) offered in brochures by other catalog suppliers, for far less money. I submitted orders to be approved, for a lot of necessary equipment at huge total savings, by being conscientious, selective and ordering from a variety of companies. I expected some appreciation, if not a resounding, “Atta boy!” for my efforts. Instead, I was rebuffed. I was told by “higher ups”, despite the thousands in savings, that we would be doing business with our “usual” suppliers. That was an eye-opener for me - innocence lost. You might say lobbyists on a minuscule scale permeated Bear Archery. Executives weren’t concerned about, or loyal to the company’s bottom line -just their perks and personal gain, in that time maybe boxes of fine cigars or fifths of the best scotch or bourbon. Who knows or really cares? But my image of virtuousness, working hard for, and loyalty to, the one that pays you, was forever altered. I resigned, not long after. I didn’t like the view - at the top. Congressmen (and women) somehow become millionaires off salaried “jobs” of $175,000, Charles Rangel as a case in point. But there are many others. The more terms they secure, the deeper in bed with lobbyists they get. They probably take solace in rationalizing, “Everyone’s doing it. Why not get mine? There is so much money. It is squandered everywhere. What I’m getting is infinitesimal!” That mentality and rationale is ripe for the picking, and scummy pickers (lobbyists) abound! America will never truly heal until we rid ourselves of the parasites in D.C.! How I long for that day.

Obama said Cap and Trade would generate $366 Billion in revenue by 2015. HE said that. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) divided Obama’s numbers by all the households in the U.S. and came up with an “energy tax” of $3,100 per family as a result. That is rich family and POOR family - simple undeniable math using admitted numbers, now subject to changes or lies of course, if needed to get it passed. That number may be high, but what if it isn’t? Whatever low number THEY admit to you (lying to sell it) will be a whole lot higher (in the end) than even they think it will be. Every gov’t cost estimate runs way over budget. Politicians do, but history doesn’t - lie! But anything near MIT’s projection will devastate small businesses (job creators), and lower-income families, two vital areas he is supposed to HELP. He SAYS he cares. Just his latest “con” job. Remember, on the campaign trail Obama said, “electricity rates would necessarily SKY ROCKET.” Again, HE said it. WHEN are we going to learn to listen and believe what he says outright or admits to? Energy “taxes” for us all is just one of the many asinine parts of this multi-faceted equation that needs lots of deep thought and scrutiny. No one seems to address some very obvious contradictions to common sense. We are supposed to “live with” high energy costs to, “save the planet - bite the bullet” so to speak and green energy will also create jobs. It will also ELIMINATE at least as many jobs already in so-called “dirty” energy. Our coal burning is A LOT CLEANER than China and India’s is. They have NO standards and little concern. They can hardly see the Sun. Remember how they shut down virtually all factories for 5 days before the Olympics’ opening to let the clouds of pollution dissipate and blow out? So tourists wouldn’t see how bad it was or have to wear masks? THAT cloud blows over to America and the rest of the world all the time. OUR environmentalists will fine and tax our energy sky high, without one iota of concern if it bankrupts us, and it won’t make one damned bit of difference in worldwide pollution. If anything it will make it much worse! It will shut down OUR (fast disappearing) factory jobs that put minimal coal burning pollutants into the atmosphere, and send them overseas where they pump out enormous amounts of pollutants! That is one awfully stupid piece of logic! That is the crap they expect us to buy into! WE will bankrupt ourselves and lose millions of jobs for a bunch of brainless crackpots! Obama is FOR IT, because he and his people are out to destroy our economy! I see and know that! It’s just hard for me to believe that not enough people in Congress care about what is obviously happening. It wouldn’t take all that many, asking a few probing pertinent questions, digging both feet in and saying, “NO! It’s gone on long enough!” But energy intensive industries and jobs WILL be going overseas, in droves if this passes! Jobs in glass, plastics, rubber and fabricated metal, to name a specific few. And that big dark cloud of pollution will also come over and dump on us. I wish it would give just the environmentalist nuts lung cancer, but it won’t. This is bullcrap propaganda on a massive scale, and boggles the mind. We KNOW what we HAVE, just like our health care. We, in both cases, as a Nation (while in dire economic straits) are supposed to trust and believe, with what little we have LEFT, that these clowns Obama and Pelosi, know a better way? Everything they do and say defies logic and common sense.

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Phil Faustman

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