Friday, October 23, 2009

Issue 25


Government control or power comes in many forms. It is not always insidious and dark. Sometimes it is just stupid and ineffectual. Take the “no-tolerance” of knives and other weapons on many school properties. Any law that is enforced without common sense, compassion and some understanding, yet has possible criminal interpretations, and can besmirch a perfectly good person’s reputation or a good citizen’s “record” is stupid, AND injurious. Did you see the 6 year-old excited new Cub Scout on TV? He took a camp-out eating utensil to school to eat lunch with - a knife, fork and spoon “all in one” contraption. He was kicked out of school and became national news, where everyone saw what a non-violent sweet little boy he was. How was that not snuffed out right there at the school as too ridiculous to enforce? Then there was the 17 year-old Eagle Scout, the highest achievement that a scout can attain, in a wonderful organization, expelled for one week. The Boy (and Girl) Scouts exemplify goodness and the finest qualities in our young people - sorely needed and in scarce supply today. It takes a lot of dedication to become an Eagle Scout and this young man wanted also, to go to West Point Military Academy. Concerned about hurting his chances, he appealed and got 2 more weeks of punishment added on! His crime? Having a 2-inch knife locked up in the trunk of his car! Not even a 2 inch blade, it had a blade of less than 1 inch in length with a little handle, again, a scout utensil about as threatening as a nail file. This is obviously a decent young man, with morons judging him, in a system too stupid for words. It is “one size fits all” justice and shows the potential abuse in the wrong hands, “Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts, absolutely!”

Now, consider the “fat tax” they are enacting. Diabetes is a bad disease and getting more prevalent. It is directly related to obesity, which is related to fats and sugars. Here comes the Gov’t to the rescue. Tax “Big Macs” and soda pop! Tax people into thinness - brilliant. Taxing alcohol and tobacco sure worked wonders in eradicating those scourges, didn’t it? Of course, if what the Government is really trying to do is get their hands on lots of available money (ripe for the picking) under the guise of “helping” and wiping out obesity, then it is “mission accomplished.” That is our Gov’t and a politician’s nature, certainly with easy money involved. What they SAY they are doing, and WHAT they are doing are two different things, especially in Obama World. I see it as a TAX (like “sky-rocketing” utilities) on the poorer half that Obama swears he’s for. Rich people on an evening out are served, (in restaurants) well-marbled steaks, butter-sauteed mushrooms and fine liquor or wine (made with heavy sugars) to get their fat and sugar fix. Less moneyed people eating-out, are more in line with their budget eating burgers, fries and soft drinks. Who does a “fat tax” hurt the most? Both income levels are obese.

Our Defense budget was hit for $6.8 Billion by Senators for earmarks and pet projects. The Pentagon’s Operations & Maintenance is largely for training and supplying troops fighting in the field. THEY will do with less, even cut back on training in time of war, because Senators want to maintain their image to back-home voters. They insist on building things the military does NOT want OR need, plus build an Institute to pay tribute to the late Sen. Edward Kennedy from those funds - like a $1.7 Billion Destroyer the Navy doesn’t want and 10 Boeing C-17 cargo planes, at $2.5 Billion the military says it doesn’t need! Kind of reeks of lobbyists again, doesn’t it? Or someone is going to work for Boeing after their “Civic Duty” to their Country is complet. All while Air Force and Navy combat pilots training to deploy, are getting about half the flying hours they need, due to budget constraints! Horrible, even IF we had the money!

Obama blasted Bush about failing the people of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and rightly so. FEMA did a miserable job and there are thousands of empty mobile homes that just went to rot, plus much other waste testified to the Fed’s failure. But it was a terrible failure of Louisiana’s Governor and New Orleans’ Mayor too, and it was THEIR people. But Obama made much political hay on his campaign trail blaming Bush. When Obama was recently asked why, 4 years later the City still did not have a full service hospital he said, "I wish I could just write you a check.” When asked, `Why not?’ He said, “Well there’s this thing” called the Constitution and Congress.” HE is never responsible or at fault, you must know that by now. He openly disregards our Constitution and has a democrat Congress in his pocket, and THEY love to spend money wherever they can take a bow or gain a vote. Obama writes checks to everyone, if only for paybacks or bribes for his programs. Obama, just pretend you need their votes, or it’s Goldman Sachs or J.P. Morgan. Anyway, it was just a quick stopover for a few hours on his $34,000 per couple dinner engagement in San Francisco, people he really relates to, in a limelight he relishes - fellow entertainers in a pep-rally atmosphere where he can whip them into a frenzy.

Pelosi said this Congress would be the hardest working Congress ever, honest and transparent, since she became “Speaker" and both House and Senate now held a democrat majority. I have pointed out “tons” of graft, earmarks and self-indulgent extravagance the House votes in for themselves and “Her Highness.” She said they would work 4-5 days, 6 if necessary per week to get all the things done that were so necessary, and here-to-for, neglected. Congress flies in to D.C. on Mondays (part-day worked) votes on Tuesdays and flies back to their respective homes by Wednesday night. That is 2-1/2 days a week! Thursdays and Fridays, D.C. must resemble a ghost town. The only voting done on a Friday this year is when they voted in their raises.

I know times are hard for many, but take heart in knowing that Goldman Sachs, that huge investment bank we gave Billions in aid to and helped get through harrowing times just a year ago, is snapping back in fine fashion. They just earned $3.19 Billion in this 3rd quarter - a new record in their 140-year history. Now they have to figure out how to “divvy up” the $5.35 Billion earmarked for their annual bonus pool. I’ll bet they have great Christmas Parties and New Year’s celebrations at Goldman. Be sure to drink a toast to their success in these hard times, wherever you are these holidays. J.P. Morgan Chase (another investment bank we bailed out) reported even more, $3.6 Billion in their 3rd quarter. I have already told you about the rampant corruption and collusion throughout our Gov’t with Goldman, and high positions everywhere in Gov’t, held by ex-CEO’s of Goldman Sachs. It has gone on since Clinton’s reign. It is so scandalous and “inside” dirty it is hard to believe, but it is real! And the scandalous Gov’t dealings with AIG, Bank of America, our FDIC and Merrill Lynch I told you about in previous issues. It is still there and it is still happening, as I chase down other Gov’t scandals and sleazy relationships (like czars and advisors), but it’s news again - like they’re rubbing our noses in it.

We taxpayers bailed out AIG, the huge worldwide insurance conglomerate with 173 Billion dollars in just the last 6 months. That is serious money! They are now awarding their big shots with millions in bonuses. The bonuses are needed AIG says, to retain the brainy ones that lead them into near bankruptcy. I found that a laughable statement when it was revealed that bonuses trickled down to even stock clerks and cook’s assistants, getting about $7,500 each. I don’t know what they get paid, and I don’t begrudge them their agreed upon paycheck, but $7,500 bonuses? When was the last time you got that large a bonus, and from a bankrupt company - but for the grace of U. S. taxpayers? AIG is pretty loose, spending OUR money. They say if they don’t, those cooks, clerks and CEOs will skip out and work for someone else. Darn! Can’t let that happen.

The Gov’t has limits on how much “pain and suffering” you can be compensated for in Workman’s Compensation for an on-the-job injury - no juries- no outlandish payments to be made by the Gov’t. If you are injured by a hospital or doctor earnestly trying to HELP your “pain and suffering” you can make their lives a living hell, and become a millionaire, with the help of already wealthy trial lawyers that pay Congress to look the other way. Everyone knows that trial lawyers are raping the system and driving the cost of medical care unnecessarily higher, way higher. Everyone knows, and yet Congress totally ignores this as they exhort to us how WE MUST control medical costs! These twofaced lying crooks (taking in trial lawyers’ money) have more lawyers write up a health care Bill of over 1,300 pages that (deliberately) only other lawyers can read and understand. And IN that complex Bill there is deliberately again, NOT ONE WORD about tort reform (limiting malpractice awards). In the few States that have realistic malpractice limits, which means doctors don’t have to pay exorbitant insurance premiums, and pass that cost on to patients, the medical care costs drop 40% immediately - to everybody. Why is this evidence NOT big news? It screams that IT is the biggest single asinine expense (and quickest easiest fix) - and there for ALL to see. It PROVES that capping or limiting malpractice amounts works, and hurts no one but trial lawyers, who take a mere cut in pay. But still with this so obvious we all pay (tens of millions of us) excessive medical costs because a few hundred slimy crooked politicians get a few lousy bucks from trial lawyers. For that, Pelosi, Reid and Obama say we can all go to hell, and they will happily pave the road for our departure. Don’t forget that they in Congress pay just $42 a month ($500 per year) for THEIR health care! They have the finest physicians and clinics taking care of their every whim, around the clock, as they dictate to us, what WE will have and settle for! They will throw everything we now have and understand at least, into the garbage can and start us all over, in their grand experiment. No one knows or can even calculate how much it will cost, but it STARTS at an acknowledged (so far) 3 Trillion dollars! This is lunacy, catastrophic blundering, and will drive us into certain National Bankruptcy. We cannot change our minds once this is set into motion folks, and the Bill is passed. You DO know that, don’t you? There is no “do over.” It cannot be corrected or reversed even if we throw all the bums out in the next elections - and we will. But it will be too late, and we will be well down that road to Socialism. It is also weird and ironic that as this administration is in hot pursuit of socialized medical care, they are trying to change from their proven failed socialized systems in a number of European countries to privatization (or what we have now). What in hell is going on in America? Yeah, Obama, (and the 14 or so czars and advisors you picked that are against our having guns), come take MY guns! That just might take you the better part of the afternoon! You crooks are making a laughingstock of our legislative process and our Constitution, but beware of all those true grass roots people that (as you say) “cling to their Guns and Bibles.” I know that’s funny to you, your Hollywood friends and all those anti-America organizations that moved into the White House with you. But, you have our attention now, and we don’t find you, and yours, and what you’re doing, one damned bit amusing. And I despise all the “alphabet” media doing your bidding like lap dogs, and covering up all the dirty things you’re doing to us - America. You USE them ironically, as you line up your troops to rid yourself of any and all criticism from FOX News, talk radio and that pesky internet, all while you would ravage OUR right to free speech, and whom we choose to listen to.

We are about to experience perhaps the most dastardly threat to this Nation EVER in its history. I know I seem to hit you with this kind of talk on a regular basis with this administration, but I don’t know what else I can do, except keep you informed to the best of my abilities. Obama is about to surrender our Country to the dictates of the rest of the world, the sleazy dictators of 3rd world countries, the less than useless (dangerous) United Nations, and every other country that has had it in for us all these years. It will come under the guise of cleaning up all the worldwide pollution at America’s expense. It is considered JUST and necessary, because Obama and a great many Countries (that will heap great financial rewards in retribution) are in agreement that WE caused it all. Obama is begging the world’s forgiveness, and will throw our Nation onto the mercy of the world court (scummy United Nations) pledging all the money we have and all we can borrow, to try to undo all the contamination to the environment America has caused. I will try to explain more fully next week how unbelievably devastating this will be to each and every one of us. Obama will soon return to Copenhagen - this time to drive the final nail in our economy’s coffin, and destroy America as we know it. That has been his intention from the start.

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