Friday, October 2, 2009

Issue #22


America became a strong and powerful nation in an incredibly short time by historical World standards. Two big reasons for this were the uniqueness of its people, AND Capitalism. People chose to come to a raw new land, start off as equals, pioneer, work hard and compete - “Let the best man win.” No restrictions, no government limits on what the common man could achieve, earn or obtain. The people that came here were free-thinkers, fed up with servitude to the wealthy classes and the Crown. What made this Country rich and powerful was, and is, CAPITALISM! Nowhere else in the world, nobody else, has done it better. Canada and Australia, our good friends, recognized this, and were founded trying to emulate us. We were all branded as castoffs and renegades (mongrels) by the aristocracy of the Old World. “Good riddance,” they said as we left. And yes we did, in a relatively short time, “Form a more perfect Union.” Capitalism by special breeds (“just give me a chance”), and a mixture (many diverse countries) blended into the perfect mongrel - America! Extra-ambitious, extra-adventurous, thinkers, a “can do” attitude or, “Why NOT me?” America, the Land of Opportunity! NOT the land of “give me,” handouts, and welfare. Anti-capitalism IS socialism. Both are ANTI- American! Today 50% of the population pays NO income taxes, yet receives some form of government handout from the “rich and enterprising” taxpayers - and complains about it NOT being enough. Again, America is about OPPORTUNITY! Had we all gotten off the boats with 50% relying on the other 50% for survival, the Indians would have ruled. There now are many among us, trying to pull us back to what we broke away from, or worse! This is craziness, working so hard and actually PROVING it works to the World - then throwing it all away - destroying it! That is insanity!

The far-left again (or call them liberals or progressives) are front and center openly attacking America, more so than ever before in our history. By controlling the educational process from kindergarten on, all the way through college, they indoctrinate our children to anti-American, anti-capitalism views. When nearly 90% of the “TEACHERS” think and vote only one way there is a huge problem. Add to that, a Media blitzkrieg of newspapers, magazines and television, with predominantly leftist ownership (unabashedly pushing Socialism) awaiting our kids’ maturation to adulthood, to continue their “guidance,” and you have a prefect recipe for EVIL! The great plans of ACORN, Wade Rathke, APOLLO, The Tides Foundation (rich conniving George Soros types) to take over America, do not even concern themselves with you and me anymore. We are insignificant to them. We have already provided them with the “tools” necessary to accomplish their mission - the BABIES to train properly, and parental APATHY. As we in time, with that “old school” thinking die off, so dies “old school” America! Her greatness will (not long off) become a distant memory. In one, or maybe two more generations America will evolve or “morph” into the mediocrity of sameness (Socialism, Marxism, Communism) - pick one. Who cares THEN, what we become? The shining light of "America the Beautiful" will be snuffed out forevermore! But it will have happened on OUR watch! Am I sounding melodramatic, or like a Steven King novel? Don’t let this seem too absurd to be true, or possible. It is imperative that we act quickly, do all that we can. NOW! Run for your school board. As parents, READ those “new” history books demeaning America. SIT IN on classes and blow the whistle on any improper teaching or materials. We can’t sing Christmas Carols, but we can sing praises to the “Savior” president? It is ironic having the principal of that school teaching kids that song and inserting Obama’s name in place of the Lord, in “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” He has little regard for our God, or our Republic. How about that 20 minute video, Internet “watchdogs” told FOX News about? That hit the schools in Bush’s term, 2 years ago, “The Story of Stuff.” It trashes America as a capitalist bully, using facts and numbers that are fabrications and deliberate distortions, to shock the unknowing - like children. In it, they liken our government to an army tank and stress that it is the government's JOB to take care of us. I am sick of the term capitalist or capitalism being perceived as a dirty word. This great Country was founded upon it. It is envied. That is the reason it is put down by others. It is simply free enterprise without government control or hindrance, no impeding people of ambition and vision. But those wanting to shape the up and coming generation’s thinking have ordered this tape (this chicanery) to the tune of 600 thousand educators, at taxpaying parents' expense, and is IN 7,000 schools so far! ACORN, APOLLO, SEIU and The Tides Foundation all have intertwining parts (common board members) and are in tight with Obama. The same Tides Foundation that gave the Rathke’s $850,000 to cover embezzled ACORN funds, MADE the tape that teachers are procuring in great numbers to teach our kids with. And WHY did the TEACHER'S Union donate 1-1/2 Million dollars to scandalous ACORN? Don’t all these weird incongruous connections all the way to the White House SCARE YOU with their sinister implications? They scare me!

Najibullah Zazi, the 24-year old Denver/New York terrorist is just the tip of the iceberg in home-grown terrorism plots IN our country. The numbers are building. They are getting bolder. With each failure they will get smarter and harder to detect. Profiling mid-eastern Muslims helps for now, but there will be U.S. born, twisted sympathizers (black and white) and nearly impossible to spot early enough, to prevent ALL the disasters coming. In the past 2 weeks alone, there have been 5 terrorism probes in 5 states, In Texas, Hosam Smadi, a 19 year old from Jordan, in the U.S. ILLEGALLY, tried to set off explosives to a Dallas skyscraper. In Illinois Michael Finton, AKA Talib Islam (29) drove a truck he thought contained a ton of explosives to a Federal building and courthouse, and tried remote detonation. In North Carolina Daniel Patrick Boyd and 7 others were charged with conspiracy to support terrorists, and to murder, kidnap, maim and injure people. Betim Kaziu (21) wanted to go to Somali and, “take up arms against enemies of Islam.” This soft, wimpy administration WILL bring the snakes out of the grass.

Obama is giving $2-1/2 Million to Gadhafi ’s oil rich Libya, and $400,000 to HIS KIDS’ endowments - of taxpayer’s money (or money we borrowed from China) however you prefer. The same tyrant that just trashed us at the U.N., and gave a hero’s welcome to that released murderer of 189 Americans! Obama, you stink! You shame us once again!

Did you ever see a more disgusting display of wasted money than the 5 BILLION dollars the U.S. Taxpayers throw away on the United Nations? Crackpots and despots come from the nethermost parts of the world to take turns with the microphone, insulting and deriding America, IN America. There is no excuse for hosting such derision from clowns like Larry, Moe and Curly (the 3 stooges), Ahmidinejad, Gadhafi and Chavez. Ahmidinejad again said the 6 Million Jews, Hitler and his Nazis hideously exterminated, in the vilest manner and only 65 years ago, NEVER happened! But he has a goodly portion of the ignorant third world population believing HIM, not actual historical events. WE give that sick lying tyrant credibility by allowing him to spew such garbage on American soil, with the whole world watching. A prestigious U.S. university once invited Ahmidinejad to speak to its young students, to show their tolerance for ALL to be heard in America, the land of “free speech.” - at least until Obama, Lloyd and Sunstein shut it down (like Chavez, their Idol). That same university’s students shouted down and ran off-stage, conservative dignitaries explaining a viewpoint the students and faculty took exception with. And Ahmidinejad states openly, Iran wants to annihilate ALL remaining living Jews. HE, this animal gets to speak! And there was no refutation by our stupendous orator, Obama in retaliation. No outrage from America’s “leader” after thousands upon thousands of America’s soldiers DIED in protest of such bestiality, just 65 years ago. Then, for an hour and a half we got to hear Gadhafi ’s lunatic ramblings about everything under the sun. His translator was even exhausted and quit. But he got in his gibes about America, too, as well as Hugo Chavez! Raze that U.N. building and put up a Lemonade Stand! Force these despicable nuts overseas for their rantings and America-bashing tirades. Fund them no more, and don’t bother to attend. We allow them to make fools of us. They wouldn’t put up with this crap in their crappy countries for one minute! Is there no vestige of American pride left? The only thing more pathetic than those 3 stooges, are the buffoons in Congress witnessing Obama's ever-timidness without reproach.

I must say though, I was impressed by Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. I thought he spoke powerfully, with eloquence, presenting his country’s views and frustrations extremely well. He outwardly asked those who sat through Ahmidinejad’s denial of the Holocaust, and other absurdities, without a murmur of protest, “Have you no shame? Have you no decency?” It’s too bad he can’t run for presidency of the United States - a decent man, and a good leader in this screwed-up world, and WE are surely starved for one!

Names like “Buffy” Wicks and Valerie Jarrett don’t sound sinister or threatening do they? With hundreds of Billions of “Stimulus” dollars, Obama and company CAN (and DO) bribe a great many influential people and entities. The carmakers were told, in effect, “If you want government funds you WILL support government-run health care. Obama promised the N.E.A. (National Endowment for the Arts) huge government grants IF they promoted the president in any of four ways, two of which I remember as health care and the environment. I can visualize pictures, huge posters, banners and busts, everywhere (like past Russian and Chinese leaders) when I hear this. THEY were idolized - or else! We, of course are not supposed TO KNOW of these things. That darned internet and many “watchdog” groups, the administration intends to shut down (along with FOX News) overheard, and taped the incriminating “passing on” of the message, from the White House to the “Arts.” Since then that NEA spokesman has been reassigned, and directives have gone out on how to do things more discreetly, or secretly - “loose lips sink ships” you know. Obama hates sloppy messengers. Valerie Jarrett is like a sister, and a powerful advisor to Obama. She heads up these dirt-bag deals for money (OUR money). And “Buffy, the Capitalist Slayer” is getting the word out all across America to community groups, numerous associations, and nonprofit organizations that there is MUCH MONEY available, to “cooperative and supportive” organizations. Your National “Community Organizers” at work. Your “Stimulus” dollars are stimulating the “Image” of your president, much like the sing-song chants praising Him in public schools, don’t you think? Buffy’s previous associations were with ACORN and Unions. What a surprise. Everyone in the White House has ACORN’s playbook, it seems! Back to Valerie Jarrett. Rumor has it that she was basically a “slum-lord” in Chicago area real estate. She is apt to make lots of money if Obama’s whirlwind trip to Denmark secures the Summer Olympic Games for their hometown, Chicago. The people of Chicago are against hosting the Games but the City Council voted almost unanimously FOR it. Our “Commander in Chief,” who can zoom off to Denmark has spoken to his Field General in Afghanistan ONCE in-the 2-1/2 months of his appointment. Priorities? We are LOSING the war! Commander-in-Chief? Ha!
The Media described the masses in D.C. on 9-12 as, “a sea of protesters, angry and profane!” Yet, hundreds of thousands had no arrests and even left no litter on the ground. The recent G-20 in Pittsburgh had 7000 of the other type protesters. They had 190 people arrested, threw rocks at the police, and vandalized over $50,000 in damages. It took riot gear and tear gas to gain control. The N.Y. Times BIASED coverage of both incidents from “their” point of view was pathetically comical if you saw both videos! Glenn Beck attended a rally in Seattle at Safeco Field stadium. The Seattle press (quite a bit left) described the turnout as 40 people assembled. There were, OUTSIDE. There were 7,000 INSIDE! Any NEWS is only IF, and what, New York and Seattle “say” it is! Gotta love it!

Our allies are fast becoming aware of what we already know in the United States. Obama is a naive, conceited egotist - definitely not a leader. His diplomatic ignorance, with arrogance, alienates others and endangers world peace. His (and our) enemies see him as weak - especially Iran. The U.S. must put up a naval blockade to stop the flow of gasoline (at least) to Iran immediately. It should have been done when they began blowing up our soldiers. This regime has to be overthrown from within. Iran has much internal unrest they are already dealing with. Fan the flames! Act decisively and fast, or Israel WILL! I would like to see Israel kick Iran’s butt, but realistically, their underground bunkers will continue to expand their nuclear capabilities. Help OVERTHROW their government. NOW!
One American’s View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my website. Phil Faustman

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