Sunday, November 22, 2009

Issue 27


I talked to you recently about buying offices in Gov't, and its gross unfairness, for one candidate to be able to outspend the other by huge amounts, for ads or propaganda, or to smear the other just because of outlandish contributions from evil billionaires or entities. That is so unfair, and un-American. Speaking of evil billionaires, George Soros (it has been revealed) has visited the White House 4 times so far - that coziness is scary, but not surprising. And look at Bloomberg (worth over $17 Billion) in New York, who threw in $22 million of his own money to buy an office paying a paltry one or two hundred thousand as Governor - above the table, of course. His sense of civic duty is remarkable, but this system still must be abolished. And I've talked about corruption, lots of it (especially ACORN for Democrats) and most especially in very close races, like Senator Al Franken of Minnesota. Franken got tons of money from Hollywood Stars that couldn't find Minnesota on the map, and help from the ACORN crooked army and only "won" by 200 votes. NOW he helps Obama! Disgusting, and you know it's smelly and wrong. One by one we pay the consequences as they vote on National Health Care, or later on, Cap and Trade. The House just passed a sorry Healthcare Bill by just a few votes and sent it on to the Senate. Every vote for a candidate is important. A few candidates just barely get elected (unfair and crooked) then they just barely get terrible Bills passed! New Jersey, second only to Illinois in corrupt reputation and dirty politics, has a loosely run and overseen absentee ballot procedure. More and more people are supposedly voting this way, and I told you of all the pending lawsuits on ACORN shenanigans in voting fraud. They disclosed recently that over 3,000 (that were known) absentee voters signatures did not match their respective registered signatures, and many registered voters were told that they had already voted! Corruption supreme, but no (Democrat-supporting, Obama-loving) media outrage, just FOX News making it known. We protest the corrupt procedures in Afghanistan's election (and Iran's) but are we so different? We used to be - without question! People are rightly disgusted. Take the Republican woman in the news, running for U.S. Representative in the 23rd district in New York or Jersey. She was farther "left" than her Democrat opponent, so far left that ACORN supported both of them - that is really sad. So an angry frustrated accountant with no experience and no money (and at the last moment) decided to run as a Conservative Independent against BOTH of them. The Republican gal pulled out at the last minute (seeing his surge) but still got 5% of the vote, and our accountant just barely lost to the Democrat that Obama personally campaigned for (at taxpayer time and expense), and he had tons of money and a big head start, and ACORN conniving for him. What if it had been a fair and level playing field? But the Democrat was just barely able to buy his seat in Pelosi's Arena. He was quickly put to work voting FOR the Health Bill the House sent to the Senate (which barely had enough votes to pass). The Accountant would have voted AGAINST it! The other part of this political game of Obama's I now bring to light. Many of you may already know, the reason this special election was needed was because Obama appointed the sitting Republican U.S. Rep of the 23rd to a "higher" office. It was with media fan-fare, and called a show of Obama's willingness to reach out to Republicans and show bi-partisan leadership in that appointment! Obama likes a good show, especially a media show. It just so happens that he gets RID of a Republican opponent, replacing him with a Democrat supporter - just when Obama needs all that support in Congress. A crafty Obama, a bit of luck, and a stupid Local Republican Party screwed the peoples' wishes again! Also, that Republican gal apologized to that Local Party for withdrawing. The very next day she publicly announced her support for, and urged all those that would have voted for her to NOW vote for the Democrat opponent! Was this "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned?" Or was she offered some juicy job or cash award, to help secure a Democrat success? Only Obama knows - and his media won't tell. Sorry, but I grow more cynical by the week - as I keep on waiting for "Right" to triumph over "Wrong."

Did you hear about this website for Obama's health care plan that had a means for you to tell what you liked best about it through various selections. There was no provision for dissenting views - kind of like 3rd world nations, where you can vote (or not) but there is only one candidate. It also asked for a lot of personal information and how to contact you. Not good! They've taken it down now, like other sites, as soon as publicly contested. But they keep trying!

And did you know that, in all this talk about the big bad insurance companies, Medicare turns down twice as many procedures as private insurance? And the privates operate on a 2.5% profit margin? That is low by most industry standards. The simplest answer to bring down insurance costs (after getting trial lawyers and lawsuits under control) is to allow ALL insurance companies to compete in ALL States - competition or capitalism! Don't wait. Do it NOW!

Insurance companies are like Reno Casinos figuring the odds. In Life insurance it's you betting on living - them betting on dying (smokers pay more)! Some will take on a little more risk to get you to play. But if you get silly in taking on too much risk you go out of business - and everybody loses. That is if all the Casinos or Insurance companies go "belly up." But that open competition brings prices down in a logical understandable way. On the other hand, if Gov't forces all Insurance companies to take on high-risk (clients) patients for the same dollar (mandating how much they can charge) against their will (and good business sense) you create a monster! The insurer will drive unwanted high-riskers away (to their competition), by deliberately providing lousy care. It gains them an edge on competors, or keeps them in business. The competitors will do the same (in reaction) of course, creating competition for lousy care and very unhappy clients. Why can't the D.C. "brains" see the obvious? Ironically, Obama is going to force those wage earners 18-24 yrs old to buy insurance or pay a stiff fine. Those are the young voters that turned out in record numbers to vote for "Obama Change"- change to Socialism and Gov't control! Did you know also that this Bill now before the Senate has provisions to throw you in jail if you DON'T buy health insurance? Welcome to the new America and "Obama Change."

Jeremiah Wright, Obama's preacher for 20 plus years, but with whom he had a falling out when his campaign was in jeopardy, has resurfaced and in the news again. Wright is an anti-America, racist and everyone but the Obama family knows it. We are to believe that none of that has rubbed off on our president. Now Wright openly embraces SOCIALISM in a prepared speech for the "Monthly Review", Sept 17th. I thought I should mention it since Obama and all his Marxist appointees seem hell-bent on making America a Socialist State. Wright has visited the White House 4 times, so I guess they kissed and made up. The Obamas have had no preacher since.

How about that $8,000 first-time Home Buyer's Credit to stimulate that aspect of our economy? It was just extended to next spring, it is working out so well. Over 500 people under the age of 18 have taken advantage of it so far - some are 4 and 5 year olds. Obviously they aren't buying homes. Is it possible to "rape" the system that easily? Of those a mite older, it seems 50 turned out to be I.R.S. agents - probably jealous of how well their Congress people made out on the "Cash for Clunkers" deal. People are getting quicker on "not missing out", maybe thinking these "offerings" may soon end. Those video interviews of people in long lines in Detroit, awaiting rumored new stimulus checks were certainly revealing. They chattered away on camera (FOX News only, of course) about how they loved Obama, but didn't know where the money came from ("maybe his stash, ha-ha") and how wonderful it was that he was taking care of them, and why they voted for him. Why are these perceptions of EASY money running free?

Oregon proudly reported that they spent one billion dollars of stimulus, creating or saving 4,000 jobs. Closer scrutiny disclosed that 3,000 of those were Gov't jobs and 1,000 were retaining teachers. Not one private job was "stimulated" or created. Gov't jobs are temporary and gone when the money runs out! One Billion divided by 4,000 = $250,000 per (whatever you call it). You can GIVE 4,000 people $30,000 a year for 8 years for LESS than a billion - IDIOTS - or 16,000 people $30,000 for 2 years to spend in the economy right now!

Obama insulted another of our European Allies, the German Chancellor. She invited him to the Anniversary celebration of the tearing down of the Berlin Wall - a truly momentous occasion, special to Germans, Berliners, and American presidents, thanks to President Reagan. He actually turned her down - saying he was too busy. Busy campaigning with fund-raising dinners coast to coast, off to Copenhagen for Chicago Olympics, golfing and basketball. He is a constant embarrassment to us all, as he is now off to Asia. Tens of thousands more Iranians demonstrate in the streets, being beaten, killed and imprisoned, ignored by our administration and media. Obama says he doesn't want to "interfere with Iran's internal affairs." That would include their Atomic weaponry too, I would surmise. What if Major Hasan had nuclear capability? Would he have used it on his fellow Americans in a suitcase bomb? Wait until Iran gets it and delivers it across our porous Mexican border to those we allow to teach/preach hate in schools/Mosques!

Major Hasan is a homegrown terrorist like I told you we were growing and would soon emerge. In lieu of explosives strapped to his body he used rapid-fire handguns to commit his suicide, while murdering all he could. Unfortunately, the S.O.B. didn't die and will now cost us tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in his healthcare, treatments, defense attorneys, trial/appeal, incarceration and lawsuits from victims, plus funded studies to determine if HE was a victim of society or WHY he did what he did, and was he sane? He did it because he is a damned Muslim Terrorist! And there are lots more here being taught in their Mosques and schools that we will hear from. 85% of the media coverage does not even call it "terrorism" or him a "terrorist" or even mention the fact that he is Muslim. That is how asininely far we carry this political correctness crap. He guns down 40, murders 13 and still we don't want to offend any Muslims. It's another poppycock "man-made" disaster! When Obama was supposed to say some solemn words about Hasan's victims and families he used the podium first for a wave and shout-out to some, and did an oratory on the plight of the American Indians - okay, but not now! He can't do the simplest appropriate things right. Everything is a photo-op and opportunity to advance an agenda. But some quotables and notables about Major Hasan: The Gov't knew for some time that he had contacted a radical Imam and frequently spoke out about many queer and suspicious things. He was on an F.B.I, "watch list" but was able to purchase an automatic pistol legally and openly last August, while little old ladies have to take off their shoes to board a plane. Why? How safe do you feel with that loose of a system? Hasan had business cards with "SoA" on them - code for "Soldier of Allah." He said he was, Muslim first - American second. He spoke of "beheadings, and pouring hot oil down their throats." He said, "We love death more than you love life!" Sounds like your everyday damned Muslim Jihad terrorist to me - not a U.S. Army Major that was given a college degree in psychiatry! He was definitely not American!

Now the farce and circus of a U.S. trial for 5 of the Gitmo terrorists gets started in New York. The mastermind of the 9-11 attacks who laughed and mocked the murdered victims and their sobbing families can now mock our judicial system at our expense, using our lawyers to find some twisted way or technicality to set them free. Our slick lawyers will say all evidence or testimony after "torture water-boarding" is inadmissible. Our military intelligence techniques will now be exposed to our enemies for future use, and IF convicted they will be imprisoned in the U.S. to teach Jihad to bitter prisoners already with an attitude for the "system," before their release and brandishing their new Muslim names.

ACORN is a nefarious bully, rich and corrupt with its specialty in organizing, bussing and rallying Democrat voters for ulterior purposes. You saw their eagerness to illegally bilk and milk the system that heavily funds them videotaped by the 2 twenty year old investigative reporters posing as pimp and prostitute. The Attorney General of California was caught on audio tape assuring ACORN officials that there would be "No Problem" for their concerns on an upcoming investigation by him. Everything will turn out fine. Does that sound clean and honest, or outrageous as hell? Oh yes, the Atty Gen plans to run for Governor to replace Arnie. Do you think a "grateful" (for shoveling the dirt under the carpet) ACORN might be helpful in his campaign?! Makes me want to bathe - after I vomit. Will he prosecute the courageous duo?

The House of Representatives just sent that Healthcare Bill (barely passed - needing 60 votes) to the Senate. It only passed because it excluded Gov't funded abortions and contained NO public option provisions. That is the only way even Bluedog Democrats would vote for it. Pelosi knows that is the only possible way also that it will be accepted by the senate and returned. That devious and lying Pelosi also knows (but few U.S. citizens do) that the House can still alter the Bill afterwards (putting that Gov't Option and abortion back in, and this time needing only 50 votes for final approval - quite a little quirk in our system. There aren't enough conservative Bluedog Democrats to stop it this second time. Will she do it and commit political suicide? I believe it - the same as I believe Obama will settle for his one term if he can destroy America's economy and turn it Socialist - he would rather become a Martyr for a cause he seriously believes in and go down in World history! Anyway, that's the way I feel from what I've see!

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my website. Phil Faustman


  1. Great blog. I have a political blog you might like. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Chris. I am new to all this site business. I'm just doing what I feel I must in my own small way and my son helps me try to reach out to the many I feel are out there just as frustrated as I. We love our Country and cannot believe that others (in power) don't! I send this, unsure if it goes through. I am ignorant in this stuff.