Thursday, October 15, 2009

Issue #24


What can you say about the absurdity of Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize? What a farce! Can any prize they hand out ever be taken seriously again? The Committee members have made absolute fools of themselves. Obama has done NOTHING at all. Nothing! I wish they would disclose all those passed over, to give it to a do-nothing, so THEY could voice their displeasure. He was nominated in only two weeks of his presidency, and was barely a U.S. Senator, and won out over 170 others! What a “prize” to cherish. A 1.4 Million dollar prize based on “potential.” Geez. Just what his ego needed to get him all puffed up again on that World Stage. And just what WE needed, to soften up even more, a wimpy indecisive U.S. President in the eyes of our enemies. He loves adoration and will now try all the harder to live up to being the WORLD’S leader and “Savior.” America’s image and its people will suffer all the more, and the snickering will build to laughter amongst those that know, and want to see America taken down. Obama will revel in self-adulation and play into their hands. Iran, Russia and China will stroke his ego while they maneuver into positions of global power, taking advantage of his ignorance and naivety - and huge ego.

Last week I read about more fraud and abuse of Food Stamps (this time) in Detroit. It was Jefferson’s Liquor Palace in this particular scenario. They ripped us off for over $130,000 to buy booze, porn and Viagra - the staples of life, and our tax dollars at work. It is just one infraction of countless examples of runaway abuse nationwide. I find it deeply disturbing that there is so much obvious fraud in our giveaway programs and so little policing. If nothing else, the policing necessary, would create lots of jobs, but no one in Congress cares. Why is that? We can disagree on whether or not we should even be helping, when we see generation after generation on the same programs, but NO ONE should tolerate ABUSE of those programs. There is no excuse whatever in not strictly overseeing those funds now being squandered - and jailing abusers. You’re paying for their existence either way. And that is why I have said those jailed or on welfare can pick the fruit, or do whatever jobs illegal immigrants are being paid to do. We are already paying them. Pay them more if necessary. And why is there no taxpayer money spent in studies of why families on welfare raise their kids to be welfare recipients? Why do we give them enough to get by, with no work or service required whatsoever. There is no reason once they get past the pride issue to get a job. No pride - no problem. When I was a child there were none of these programs, I am happy to say. Everyone had a job or lived a very meager lifestyle, or freeloaded off relatives and were then pressured and treated with scorn. What was wrong with that? So wrong that we (who exactly?) decided that we (taxpayers) would support strangers (not family obligations) to the point that (if they have no pride) they can have unlimited children and never work a day in their lives, if THEY so choose?! WE (that work and have pride) are growing smaller in numbers (with less incentive to do right) and those freeloading are growing larger in numbers. Trust me, it will correct itself in time, when there is no more money, or people willing to be so used - that silent majority getting “uppity” again. But what an idiotic stance we are supporting, apparently to the end - to bankruptcy! As children, we in my time, walked past the “Poor Farm or Poor House” with trepidation, not knowing what it was like on the inside, but knowing full well it was not a place we ever wanted to be. Family took in family in those days so that it could never be said that “one of ours” had to be taken care of by the government. Pity us today for losing touch with true humanity and family. WE (today) are the losers. I hope what we had then, is not lost forever. Families that took in family back then saw to it that those taken in, pulled their own weight while there and it was made clear, it was only until they could get a job or get back on their feet. OR they silently took in their shame and kept it IN the family. The rest of the family had pride, even if one didn’t. But the freeloading stopped right there, it didn’t expand and expand like our useless and degrading system of today. We do those on welfare today no favors. We rob them of dignity, pride and self-respect, and at great expense to ourselves. There is NO GOOD in this endeavor, for either side. Powerful words by great men speaking truth stand the test of time. People, and basic responses (human nature) do not really change much. Ben Franklin, nearly 300 years ago observed, “I am for doing good to the poor, but I differ in opinion of the means. I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. In my youth I traveled much, and I observed in different countries, that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves and became richer." I’ve used this quote before but it is as true today as it was then. Who among us knows better?

Have you heard about the ASPIRE Act (America Saving for Personal Investment, Retirement and Education)? It would give $500 in a savings account to each child born in America. That savings and what it accrues to through high school presumably, can go toward further education, a first home, or retirement. It is one more Bill planned for by year’s end, to give you a heads up. It is another one of those “feel good” projects - like minimum wage increases that seem so right - at first glance, and tend to get politicians re-elected. Upon closer evaluation you will most always find flaws in the thinking - or true motives of devious minds. Proponents say having assets (even $500) has the potential to change the way people think and plan their lives. Recipients will feel more confident about their future and that they have more control over their lives. They may even get into civic (ACORN?) involvement. Wow! We could do all that with a paltry $500? What’s not to like? Well, isn’t it just another handout (something for nothing but being born?) based on a theorized “return on taxpayer investment” because each individual will become a more productive citizen? This is theory. It MIGHT happen (if you buy into this hooey at all). Facts are real, and REALLY happen. How does a broke, bankrupt system (congress) continually entertain foolish spending, printing or borrowing money we DON’T have, for NEW hair-brained programs we don’t NEED!? Never, to my mind, but certainly NOT when you’re in the financial hole! If you or I acted so fiscally berserk they would cart us off to jail for writing bad checks. ASPIRE would start out costing $3.25 Billion the first year. Those that would benefit most (I would guess) are those that would have the most babies. Now, whom might that be? Just thought I would comment on how our Congress JUST DOESN’T GET IT! We are BROKE! We can’t sustain or SURVIVE “Business as usual!” But onward the ignorant asses go (democrat donkeys) of course. The republicans say, “they’ve seen the error of their spending ways.”

If the President of the United States invited you to the White House, would you go? Think of the novelty of it. Even if you didn’t like his policies the attraction would be great. Just to be there and see things few have seen. So when 150 invited Doctors show up in white coats for a photo-op it shouldn’t be a surprise. White coats were supplied if you couldn’t follow simple instructions. Of course those invited, donated to and voted for Obama. That part isn’t news coverage though. Just like the hundreds of Doctors that marched on Washington (just before) to PROTEST Obama’s healthcare uninvited, on their own initiative, time and expense. Still Obama said Doctors supported his plan, citing the American Medical Association’s approval. But only one Doctor in five is even in the AMA. He used the same namedropping ploy in saying that the AARP was behind his plan, when seniors all across America are vehemently opposed to it. Seniors are the biggest group certain to vote in the country, which will bite him the next chance they get, but that may be too late. AARP’s membership took a serious blow at the mere suggestion. But these are the ways of Obama. He vilifies Doctors saying they amputate feet to make money, then asks for their support - whatever it takes in Obama-world. I said Doctors polled around the country revealed that 90% are against Obama’s healthcare plan and 45% will retire or quit if government option or single payer gets in. Those are facts, and would affect ALL of our health care immediately and extremely! Now, back to those turncoat whitecoats. Every profession has its extremists or renegades. Doctoring is no exception. On a nationwide scale, finding 150 is no real problem (out of a million) especially if THEY belong to a special club like “Doctors For America” (DFA) unveiled just this past spring. It’s almost like they were psychic and knew they might be useful later in the year. DFA branched off “Organizing For America” (Obama’s campaign group). DFA’s vice-president, Dr. Alice Chen is a staunch supporter of Obama and his OFA. It is tangled (what isn’t with Obama and ACORN?) but Doctors For America produced the whitecoats for the hungry news reporters and flashing bulbs on the White House lawn. You should know that the DFA is sponsored by the leftist “Center for American Progress” which is underwritten by far-left, underhanded and dirty-dealing billionaire, George Soros. And a good many of the “Doctors” on display are tied closely with SEIU, the Union, IN the White House and talking with Obama every week. See how it all ties together when you lift the covers and let in a little light? Everything Obama does, says, or doesn’t do or say, has a deliberate purpose. He is “calibrating,” always. But Obama always seems to untangle BACK to ACORN and sinister people in The Tides Foundation (George Soros) or SEIU, APOLLO, AmeriCorp, etc. etc.

Joe Biden, our Vice-President said the Stimulus program has worked out, “beyond his wildest dreams!” What in hell was he dreaming? Or smoking? When they rushed us in panic and ran off with about $800 Billion, they were supposed to stimulate the economy and create jobs. Bridge and road construction and repairs were “shovel ready” and waiting for the funds. There hasn’t been “Jack” in jobs created throughout all the 50 States. Those few realized were made to pay union scale wages, which amounted to about half of the out-of-work families actually benefiting that could have. But Obama’s Unions made out well. The heaviest spending and most visible benefits from that largesse will take place just before the next presidential election, for Obama’s benefit. Don’t you feel just a little bit used and abused? They are holding on to that unused money, even as they suggest the possible need for another Stimulus package! Their scorn for our intelligence knows no bounds, as they treat us like idiots.

I’ve written quite a bit about indoctrination of our kids in school. We send them there to learn basic necessary skills. Everyone is pretty much in agreement that reading, writing and spelling well is important. Simple math (add, subtract, multiply and divide - fractions and decimals) plus maybe some business type applications are necessary to everyone. Some basic physical science is useful, and everyone should have at least a rudimentary knowledge of history (American and world) and some Geography. NO ONE should be released from school, regardless of age, except in the most extreme of cases, without these basic abilities. I don’t think it’s fair to them or society, for them to be so handicapped starting out. Algebra, geometry, physics and chemistry are great, and rather necessary if you’re going on to college, but not practical for everyone if you don’t have the basics nailed down. The majority does NOT go on to college, or even a trade school. That is fact, so teach accordingly. It is better to spend twice as much time digesting and learning what you MUST know, to compete (with dignity) than to have many subjects available that you would like to know perhaps but will seldom, if ever use. Nothing should dilute or water down subjects one NEEDS to know, just to give students a touch of everything. Those could be wonderful electives AFTER you have mastered the basics. THAT, I believe is what education (High School) started out as, and basic education as I just described it, WAS an 8th grade education. Fortunate ones went ON to “High” School" - which was also College or Trade preparatory. The graduation rate of the youth in America is deplorable, and half of those so-called graduates, I venture to say, are near illiterate compared to the stringent standards of 50 - 70 years ago. What is even more shameful is the indoctrination that I have been raving about. The invasion of agendas by teachers, or political ideologies USING teachers. We don’t send our kids to school to learn political correctness or all about gays, gay marriages, transsexuals, and what a lousy country America has become. Some things kids are supposed to learn from their parents, their faith, or on their own, and it’s none of the government’s or teacher’s business. Our children are learning far too little about reading and writing and the "basics" because those formative first 8 or 9 years of schooling are spent "social programming." "A" and "B" grades are "too judgmental" of others. Competition is not good, because nobody is a "loser." Nobody gets a failing grade. Soon it will be like Denmark, where they have sports but nobody keeps score, because somebody might feel inferior or get their feelings hurt. Sociology class as I knew it has today become Socialism 101. We are all equal. No one is better than anyone else. Hogwash! That kind of schooling doesn't prepare you to be strong, proud and go out into the real world, maybe become a leader and leave your mark. I say, make certain no child, no matter what it takes to "teach" them, or how LONG it takes, gets released from our care and sent into the big bad world out there, without society genuinely making every effort to give them a SOLID 8th grade education, on a national standard. That is MY definition of "no child left behind." No illusions, frills, political correctness or hidden agendas - just do right by ALL of our youth (black, white, hispanic) - let them have an equal chance, minimally, regardless of background.

One American’s View. Thanks for listening, please tell others about my website. Phil Faustman

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