Thursday, December 3, 2009

Issue 28


Larry Summers is Obama’s Chief Economic Advisor. That might explain a lot about our Country’s horrendous (and rapidly getting worse) economic picture. Obama recently announced that we are probably going to experience a double-dip recession (like a W). That was to prepare you for another downfall, belying the rising stock market. That is also ill-founded optimism. He knows what he is doing isn’t working, but if he can forecast the gloomy future, he appears knowledgeable - and he can still (or IS still) laying all the blame on Bush for the mess he was handed. No doubt, Bush’s spending created serious problems, but Obama’s continuation (and extreme acceleration) of asinine spending has exacerbated the problem to irretrievable levels. Folks, we are going down. There is no doubt. There is no change in his or Pelosi’s spending attitude so we have no chance. Just print more money. Raise taxes. Jack up utility rates to bring on green energy. Punish mining of coal for energy. Stifle oil and gas production. Just wait like an idiot that learned nothing, for the next crippling explosion of prices in oil and gasoline. All the while waiting on the inevitable crushing surge in interest rates and inflation that are certain and yet to come. Larry Summers was in charge of Harvard University’s endowment fund. He invested it heavily in the stock market speculating in hedge funds and such. He was told by many not to, but having the final say he did it HIS way and lost $1.8 Billion in Harvard’s Fund. That is a serious blow to a university. Don’t expect HIM to lead us out of this quagmire. I strongly suggest that you stock up on canned goods, and filling food staples like brown rice and whole grain pastas. Seriously! That is the best place of all to invest your rapidly declining U.S. dollars. Have you noticed the doubling or more of canned vegetable prices in just a short time? Buy canned tuna or meats, extra whenever on sale. You won’t regret it. If I’m wrong, at worst you eat it later, but I’m not, and you will not get a better return on your money!

On this vein I want to point out that private industry or business (that dreaded capitalism) and entrepreneurism is what will eventually pull this nation out of the depths of despair- nothing else. But only after Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their “advisors”have trashed our economy totally. Every president for over the past 100 years has appointed at least 30% of their Cabinet advisors from private industry. Those with the lower percentages incidentally, also had lackluster economies in their tenure. Obama has less than 10% from the private sector in HIS cabinet! That does not bode well for our chances! Obama himself has never run any business at all. Now he runs auto industries and huge banks with no knowledge and no knowledgeable advisors. One adult in 8, and one child in 4 are now receiving food stamps in America, over 36 million in all so far. 10.2% of the population is acknowledged as unemployed and we all know it is worse than that, and those numbers are steadily growing. Many are into their second year of Gov’t unemployment benefits. Tens of millions of Americans are under-employed with part-time jobs or reduced hours. No one but Gov’t jobs or Gov’t favored Union jobs are getting raises. These worsening numbers (by the day) are in spite of lavishly spending over $400 Billion In “Stimulus” money! It is obvious to an imbecile that our leaders have no clue. Or, as I maintain, it is a deliberate plan to make everyone dependent upon the Gov’t (by job or handout) for their very existence, all the while blaming others and extolling how hard they’re trying.

Didn’t I tell you ACORN would get re-funded by Obama’s generous federal funds? And I said that they would likely change their name (probably all 230 of them). This was divulged by notes extricated from their trash, since no one will openly investigate them - Media or Gov’t. Disreputable people or businesses do use an alias or disguise themselves after notoriety, and to again hide the money trail. This is a slimy, sleazy direct connection to the White House and Obama, no explanation apparently necessary. But the Media wants complete explanations and details from Tiger Woods and the White House party crashers. That’s about all the news that was covered for the better part of a week. The world’s economy is going to hell. Iran is going nuclear and telling US to go to hell. Israel is on the brink of bombing Iran (to just exist) which will send oil and gasoline prices through the roof and cause economic collapse, and the 2 wars are going very badly. We have criminal tax cheats and crooks throughout Congress and in the highest offices and positions, corruption all through our Gov’t. Lobbyists throwing money everywhere it will stick, Corporations cooking the books and raping their stockholders through astronomical bonuses, and even more corruption with collusion between the Gov’t and corporate CEOs. There is concern of the people about 2 thug-type organizations (SEIU and ACORN) being exceptionally close to the president, along with all those radical Marxist/ Socialist appointees and Czars that surround him. There is runaway spending, of hundreds of billions, in so many directions, and now the need to bail out California (as I said we would). Yet our news is Tabloid-type for a week - about a celebrity party in the White House, and a young billionaire golfer’s domestic problems. God help us - and our Media’s sense of importance and responsibility!

The world is at a very fragile stage right now. Almost anything could set off a catastrophic chain of events that will affect you and your family’s lives for a long time. The near collapse of Dubai is a major signal. This middle-east supposedly wealthy metropolis in the desert has indoor snow skiing with the cheapest motel room at $1600 a night, to give you some perspective. Dubai is where the United States went when our banks were in trouble not long ago. Now their excessiveness and extravagances have caught up to them. Middle-east oil money will bail them out this time - our money given to the Arabs for oil, ironically. But the stock market plunged at the very hint of trouble in Dubai. California is just about as extravagant ($130 Billion in debt - writing I.O.U.s) and 24 times as big. It is the 8th largest economy in the world (larger than a great many countries) and on the verge of collapse. They have changed their spending ways hardly a lick but you know the ingrates still remaining there expect to be bailed out (without sacrificing) just because “they are too big to fail.” We, as a nation don’t dare let them start the domino effect in our total collapse. So Californians will get the next $130 Billion as we attempt to stave off the inevitable just a little longer. Of Course New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Michigan will get in line for theirs, until the final nail is in the coffin. Maybe Israel bombs Iran and skyrocketing oil prices do us in first. We’re going to tax the people for 3 years before the new health care plan pays out benefits. That will be the foundation to fund it we are told. With the country near economic collapse (and politicians having money set aside for anything) do you really think that funding will still be there? Get real. You don’t know politicians. And, about that health care about to pass and politicians. It is fun to watch Obama buying out those last few votes and being played. That “Louisiana Purchase” of Senator Mary Landrieu’s 60th necessary democrat vote was an offer of an extra $100 Million for her State from Obama. She held out until he upped it to $300 Million - doing right, and the will of the people, be damned! The majority of the people are dead against the Bill anyway, but it’s not about the People or doing the right thing, it’s about THEM and power. There is money to be had now and this will bring much more greed to the surface before this is over - by those who feel they caved to pressure too easily the first time around.

Obama, Pelosi and Reid say their proposed Health Care Bill will cost a trillion dollars. I find that admitted cost extremely offensive for a bankrupt economy such as ours. More offensive is that old, "figures don't lie, but liars figure" I like. The respected CATO Institute said that $1 Trillion is taxes upfront and undeniable, but $3.5 Trillion more will be "mandated" (buy insurance or go to jail) to be paid directly by the People to the "insurers" so that particular extra $3.5 Trillion is technically not a tax. CATO says the total cost will be all of $6 Trillion to the People - call it what you will! It is insanity! And, where in hell does the Federal Gov't get off mandating ANYTHING over the States or the People without a vote OF the People?! This total disregard and trampling of our Constitution is an act of WAR against the People - plain and simple. And I don't give a damn if the addle-minded Supreme Court consurs 5-4 with the President and Congress. It is time The People take back their beloved (once proud) Country. These arrogant asses "in charge" are outnumbered 10,000 to 1, and so far, we still have our guns. What else can you do when no one anywhere will listen? Well, I'm exasperated and by the time we can throw all these bums out I fear it will be too late. Too much damage will have already been done.

And our justice system stinks too. Maurice Clemmons had a violent out of control personality even as a teenager with numerous felonies getting him sentenced to 60 years in 1990 at age 18. He served only 11 years. Right after his release on parole, he was accused of aggravated robbery and theft. He left Arkansas for Washington state where he amassed at least 8 felony charges and was constantly released from custody. The last was posting $15,000 bail for raping a 12 year old. While out this time he shot and killed 4 police officers. Now their families suffer. Luckily, he was shot and killed going for his gun at a chance traffic violation pullover. Thank God he didn’t get back into our miserable justice system. This wasn’t “slipping, through the cracks.” This was a pathetic disgrace! Especially in this DNA and computerized age! State offices, get together!

A friend and fellow watchdog informed me recently about an outrageous plan and an even more outrageous retaliatory comment made by Obama about our courageous military - especially all those hideously maimed by war. It happened last March 15th (a month before I started my newsletters) but it is so typical of the two-faced president I have come to know. At a meeting with the American Legion Commander, Obama, in an effort to save the Gov’t $540 million wanted injured soldiers to pay for their treatments with their own private insurance! Think about that! It was met with so much disgust and incredulous outrage that he quickly dropped the whole idea. But Obama can’t stand any questioning of his “brilliance” so he had to fire a parting shot that I will quote verbatim because it tells you clearly who this man REALLY is. Obama said, “Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they WHINE about bearing the costs of their choice? It doesn’t compute. I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their Country. I wasn’t asking for blood, just money. With the Country facing the worst financial crisis in its history, I’d have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to help the Nation’s deficit. I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans.” Is this as despicable a piece of verbal garbage to you - as it is to me? This miserable timid pipsqueak calls our battle-injured soldiers selfish, and questions their patriotism? This, from the mouth of their Commander in Chief and our stinking President! I’ll want to throw, up every time he addresses the military and gets any cheers or applause. HE expects maimed soldiers to help reduce the Nation’s deficit while he, Pelosi and Congress spend out of their minds on all kinds of personal extravagance, earmarks or pork-barrel projects while ignoring unbelievable rampant fraud and abuse of Billions everywhere. Obama has the insolence of a rude spoiled child, but unfortunately it’s coupled with position and power. He gives us glimpses and flashes of his temper and vindictiveness regularly. A little sneer, a knowing smile (like he knows who’ll get the last laugh and if you cross him, you’ll pay) bet on it. The Chicago thugs he appoints everywhere, plus heavy-handed ACORN and SEIU bullies, and especially union head, Andy Stern (24 visits to the White House) are always taking notes. As Andy exhorts loudly. “We took names. We know how they voted. We know where they live!” Yeah, now take away their secret ballot, card check. Another cute one of his is, “We’re gonna use the Power of Persuasion. and if it doesn’t work we’ll use the Persuasion of Power!” That’s what they used when they kicked, beat and hospitalized that black man, Gladney (on film) who was handing out little flags at that “tea party” 3 1/2 months ago. Amazingly, Obama’s SEIU thug friends haven’t even been charged for that filmed assault, and his Media buddies don’t care in the least. You would think the ACLU lawyers would want to defend a publicly beaten, small diabetic black man by 3 bullies twice his size. They even shouted racial epithets at him and spit on him. That makes it a hate crime and a felony - on film for all to see - no outrage! They would be there immediately to sue the Boy Scouts or some Christmas Carolers. But, back to the SEIU and Andy Stern who says, “Workers of the world unite (globally). It’s not just a slogan anymore.” This “slogan” was that of the Soviet Revolution - “Workers of the world unite!” Ominous? Stern says that America needs to share the wealth, rebalance the power - and the Unions and the Gov’t know best how to do it! Obama told The Plumber, “I think when you spread the wealth around - it’s good for everybody.” George Soros (evil billionaire and regular visitor to the White House says, “The system we now have is broken down, only we haven’t quite recognized it. And so you need to create a new one and this is the time to do it.” Add now, all the Marxist/Socialist Czars and advisors Obama has surrounded himself with and tell me that we don’t have “The Perfect Storm” for the hijacking or takeover of America, or as Obama says, “Fundamentally transforming America!” Obama proclaims (with an exuberance not often seen), “I’ve spent my entire adult life working with SEIU! I’m not a newcomer to this. I didn’t just suddenly discover SEIU. Before debating health care I talked to Andy Stern and SEIU members.” SEIU has 2.2 million members and gave over $60 Million to Obama’s campaign fund to rent a room at the White House. Obama vows, “to build more and more power for SEIU at an SEIU rally saying, “We’re going to paint the Nation purple. Let’s together change the Country!” That’s why they can hospitalize a man without fear of reprisal. What kind of president says and allows all this? Even Jesse Jackson said, “You can’t he a black man and vote against health care!” That’s Bullcrap! More racial B.S.!

Four Navy Seals (some of the bravest and finest fighting men we have) captured the terrorist, Ahmed Hashim Abed in Fallujah in 2004. Abed was the mastermind in the murder and mutilization of 4 Blackwater USA security guards. The guards were shot, then burned and dragged through the city to cheering crowds, on film, then hanged from a bridge for the world press to photograph. That animal, Abed said he was punched by his captors and had the bloody lip to prove it (so did I when I was a kid after school). Now, 3 of those Seals have to go on trial in New York City and on the world stage. Picture yourself in a war-time setting. Consider the bestiality you have seen or know about (like the 4 guards, or beheadings). You catch a bad one that maybe even "smarted off " and punch him. How can any comparison be made? And they deny the Seals a military trial. There must be a World Show to boost recruitment of more terrorists, and further worldwide ridicule of America, with this bunch. Do you think the translation of the trials back to Muslim countries will be at all accurate or favorable to the U.S.? Do you think they will be impressed with our sense of "fair play" or judicial system? They think we are weak and are fools - and we are - now. 95% of them deny that Hitler slaughtered 6 million Jews just because Iran's Ahmadinejad said it didn't happen! This, along with the N.Y. City trials of the Gitmo prisoners shame us - again. Thank you Obama, Pelosi and Attorney General Holder. You all stink! You don't care about America, or its image, whatsoever!

One American’s View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my website. Phil Faustman

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