Thursday, February 4, 2010

32nd Issue 02/01/10

I told you last issue that Obama had lots of lobbyists in his administration. There are at least 12 in top spots - some overseeing areas they lobbied for, in spite of the fact he swore in his campaign he would have none - but those were lies to get elected. In front of the world (State of the Union address) he lied outright that HE doesn’t appoint lobbyists. Has anyone ever had more? How blatant does a lie and a liar have to be, to be acknowledged by the press as at least disingenuous (they like that word)? How “in your face” or how many videos does it take to be called a stinking lie? If Bush had done one particle of the same, he would have been shot dead in the Media. Obama now talks about drilling offshore in the same breath he talks (in total contradiction) about Cap & Trade! I mean, we’re going to let them drill, and then penalize them for pumping? What asinine reasoning is that? Or, how stupid does he really think we all are? He said, “for the first time in history” his administration posts white house visitors online (his transparency B.S.). He omits that he was forced to by the Freedom of Information Act. But, his unbelievable arrogance and condescension come from his belief that he can just smile, give a good speech loaded with lies and ambiguities and all the dummies will soak it up like a sponge. With never criticism from the Press, he has grown fearless - I think dangerous. The complicit lap-dog media is treacherous - if not treasonous - in their malfeasance. Of course a lot of us don’t buy into his malarkey, but far too many do, and it is them to whom he smiles and speaks.

You know how Obama loves plays on words, or word games. Great persuaders will change a word or phrase, if now deemed offensive or with negative connotations - especially if they made it so. They will disguise it or soften it but it changes nothing in their intent. As I have said,“Just skinning the cat (you and me) another way.” “Stimulus II” leaves a bad taste because “Stimulus I” was such a dismal failure in creating jobs. They're thinking, people really want jobs and we want them to think we do too (a year later) so let’s call it a “Jobs Bill.” It will still be just round 2 of shoveling it out to the States (who haven’t really cut back on spending) to “save” those Gov’t & Union jobs, still with their hands out, and give them decent raises like last year. They will still have their hands out next year. What will we call it then?

Ah yes, Stimulus. "Serious Materials" was a small unknown window-making company in California until last year. President Obama and V.P. Biden began praising and promoting it as the “poster child” for green jobs and economic recovery. Their windows are hardly better at energy savings than their competitors but they certainly have two high- profile pitchmen. Assistant Secretary of Energy, Cathy Zoi, is overseer of billions in weatherization stimulus funds ($1500 tax credits) for efficient windows. She is also married to Robin Roy, a top executive of Serious Materials. The two have 120,000 stock options in this company that now can’t keep up with Gov’t demand in an otherwise languid industry. Obama himself gave a 22 minute press release in advertising before assigning Serious Materials nice fat contracts. Like in banking, this Gov’t picks winners and losers - can make you or break you - and will, at the wave of a mighty hand. You and I should have stock in Serious Materials since it has jumped from small and unknown to opening a new plant in Pittsburgh and another (just bankrupted) in Obama’s own Chicago. All this happening in a matter of months. Gotta love Obama’s form of capitalism - coupled with nepotism and huge Gov’t contracts. Even when he creates a few jobs it smells to high-heaven! And I wonder where these suddenly successful small businessmen are getting all that venture capital for rapid expansion since banks aren’t lending it out? Maybe a special bank exception. Maybe personal private lenders, pretty certain of guaranteed success and high profits.

Isn’t it revolting to see all these T-shirts and songs honoring some of the worst murderous animals the world has come to know? How is it that black rap singers don’t know Cuba’s Che Guevara and the Castro brothers were and are racists. Che said, “The Blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have conserved their racial purity by a lack of affinity with washing, have seen their patch invaded by a different kind of slave: The Portuguese.... The Black is indolent (lazy) and fanciful, he spends his money on frivolity and drink.” Go ahead and put that to music rappers! Che put 14,000 Cubans before his firing squads. He enjoyed it so much he smiled and eagerly participated in them they say. That butcher, Mao Tse Tung murdered at least 70 million of his people, yet the Obama’s White House Christmas (or was it a holiday tree?) had a decorative ball on it of Mao’s face. How revealing, and totally nauseating!

The nation’s Unions negotiated big tax-exempt “Cadillac” health care plans for their members. Unions contributed hugely to Obama’s campaign on his promise to do two things. One, not tax them with a 40% excise tax on excess over a national average “Chevy-type” plan. These luxurious tax-evasive plans, enjoyed for so long by members and retirees were about to bankrupt the Unions. The 2nd thing wanted was for Gov’t to eventually take over all of their health care at taxpayer expense (Public option or Single-payer). Obama, Pelosi and Reid are now paying off Andy Stern’s SEIU and other Unions the best they can for now, with a 5 year tax exemption on their Cadillac plans Non-Union plans will pay that 40% excise tax right now! And if you think unions will pay it after 5 years you are naive. That statement was just to make it less repugnant and easier to sell to us. It will quietly be forgotten before 5 yrs - or taxpayers (Gov’t) will be paying it all. It is sinister and sickening, all the back-room deals, bribery and exemptions for a certain few to get a stinking outrageous Bill rammed down our throats! Oh, the contempt this progressive bunch has for the electorate, those audacious stupid people who would question them - the elite, and their grand plans. You can really see it on Pelosi’s taut face. She says, if the gate is closed she will pole-vault over or parachute in. Gotta smile at that picture.

In all this absurdity, to retain sanity you must keep your sense of humor. We give out hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to organizations to help them. Many of them use those grants or donations to hire lobbyists to solicit even more money from Congress. In this twisted world of irony, greed and illogic, it becomes so ridiculous you simply must smile and shake your head. But there are 35,000 Lobbyists ingratiating themselves with legislators, better than a 60:1 ratio! With all that partying and good times, how do they get any sleep?

What did you think of the actor, Danny Glover's inane comments on the earthquake in Haiti being caused by Global Warming, and America's bad-guy role in it? A fine actor - not a bit of brain in his little head. Another Hollywood progressisive with a microphone and blind fan base!

Our richest 1% pay over 40% of all income tax taken in to run the Country. The next 9% pay about 35%. The next 40% pay 22%. That brings us to 50% of the Nation's earners paying over 97% of all the taxes collected! The other 50% pay only 3% and mostly bitch about the rich!

I thing it is outrageous that our Commander-in-Chief gave another photographed "crotch salute" at Fort Hood as the Color Guard for those dead soldiers went by. Everyone again, either saluting or hand over heart except him. Once again he has both hands over his genitals. Remember when he said injured and amputated soldiers should do the patriotic thing and pay for their injuries themselves in order to save the Gov't the expense in these hard times? It was so loathsome and revealing I will quote him again, "Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice? It doesn't compute. I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their Country. I wasn't asking for blood, just money. With the Country facing the worst financial crisis in its history, I'd have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to help the Nations's deficit. I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans." I ask you, how sick is that? Especially with all the "pork" HE, Pelosi and Reid dish out! And how much blood has HE given?

From April `08 to April `09 the private sector (those that pay income taxes - maybe) lost 5.4 Million jobs, while new Gov’t jobs that are paid entirely from taxes rose by 162,000. So from that, 5.4 million are being paid unemployment comp by Gov’t for not working, and an additional 162,000 now are well-paid by Gov’t for working. Where does the money come from? The 162,000 Gov’t jobs? Don’t think so. Tell me again how we will get this Gov’t spending out of the red other than by first putting people back to work and contributing to the tax base instead of drawing money from the taxation of “others.” When I say others, whom might that be? Remember, nearly 50% of all Americans already live entirely off the Gov’t or are not being taxed one cent. Income taxes taken out of a paycheck but given back as a refund later does not count as being part of the solution. In all honesty, that person is part of the problem. So let’s get back to all those now without jobs but still having the pride to go to work IF they could find jobs. The solution starts right here, jobs in the private sector - no more Gov’t jobs! The vast majority of these jobs come from semi-rich small-business people. Never forget the axiom, “Wealth must be created - before it can be shared.” That should be required reading 10 times a day for all progressives. And everyone can’t get IN the wagon - somebody has to pull or push. What can Gov’t possibly do to stimulate or encourage small-business people to expand and hire? Simple. Nothing! Create stability and get the hell out of the way. Uncertainty of what Gov’t is going to do and its ramifications is what prevents aggressive growth. Are you going to risk all you have, put it on the line if Gov’t is going to take half, or force you to pay exorbitant wages or benefits you can’t afford? That must be between you and your employees. Gov’t in today’s mess, however, could encourage banks to lend working capital by guaranteeing or co-signing small-business notes. A payroll tax moratorium for six months at the same time (super leaving them alone) could be an added shot in the arm. Those two would create jobs overnight. Then, wages will buy goods, which brings others back to work to restock the shelves with goods. People going back to work can now pay taxes. It is ridiculously simple and just common sense when naturally assuming Gov’t wants to create private sector jobs. Bad assumption! Obama and his cohorts want Gov’t dependency! Once you see that - it becomes pathetically comical watching all the talk-show pundits (hosts and guests) argue back and forth on what the various participants in Gov’t should do - the proper course of action to right the ship of State, let’s say. If that is the premise for debate, all discussions or arguments become moot and irrelevant, when it is realized that the real intent is to sink the ship! That’s why nothing makes sense to true Americans!

When you study the Bill of Rights (first 10 Amendments) of our Constitution I want you to read deeply into the intent. Consider the deliberate word selections or language, the times. There isn’t going to be any quiz on which right was which number, or can you recite them in order? Know well, all those of greatest importance to you or presently under attack in the news. WE must now carry on in the absence of our Founders - carry the torch, if you will. We must resolutely fight anyone in (or faction of) the Federal Gov’t trying to usurp any Citizen’s rights or force any State to capitulate through bribery or blackmail. When you give money or promises (enticements) to politicians or States to acquiesce, that is bribery. When you threaten to withhold that which other politicians or States obtain, unless concessions or demands are met, that is blackmail. Bribery and blackmail in Gov’t, by Gov’t, used to coerce, is tyranny! We the People must more quickly see these threats to our rights coming, meet them at the door and stomp heavily, every foot they think they have gotten in! We have been derelict in our duty to preserve and protect Our Rights for too long. Apathy gives power-seeking people the perception that no one cares, or not enough to prevent them from seizing all they can until their hands are slapped. The more we will permit - the more we will endure.

This recession has consequences not foreseen in a normal economy. With now, over 8 million jobs lost comes lost income taxes for the general fund, but also no social security withholding, meaning in 2009 there was $675 billion spent, but only $655 billion coming in, or a $20 billion shortfall. We are in the hole 10 years ahead of a dismal schedule and “baby boomers” are ceasing to put in - retiring - now taking out. Think of this scenario with 10 more years of retirees. No one is discussing this accelerating disaster. And these are the intended “victims” of health care cuts and rationing by Obama’s panels. But this is also the most knowledgeable and actively voting segment of society! Things will get interesting in November.

The KSM (9-11 mastermind) trial was idiotically planned for Manhattan. They’ve now seen the stupidity of trying to secure and snarl most of New York City for 4 or 5 years but not the stupidity of not using a tribunal at Gitmo. Only in America can we take a confessed terrorist butcher of thousands, who wants to die a martyr, and spend a Billion dollars defending him - as we make asses of ourselves in a circus trial, expose classified techniques to our enemy and fan the flames of radical nuts! Now we have a line forming of cities who want the trial, publicity - and $200 million allocated per year. Unbelievable!

Osama Bin Laden purportedly (in world opinion) is at war with the U.S. but 98.5% of all those he and his Muslim fanatics kill, are fellow Muslims. Why aren’t we hammering this point in the media worldwide? Scream in Muslim ears over there this fact, and pit one against the other! We could oversee and assist - and bring some people home.

You know how important each Senate seat is to keep progressives from barely passing horrible bills. Al Franken got in by 225 votes in Minnesota. He had a 49 vote advantage turn into 225 when 950 “absentee” votes were “found” on recount. Polls showed he only had a 34% approval rating but those “found” votes were overwhelmingly for him. And ACORN dug up 43,000 newly registered voters while, ironically, 2,800 deceased reportedly voted! How many were dead democrats, I wonder? Minnesota’s Secretary of State, Mark Ritchie, had skuzzy ACORN’S support in his own election 2 years earlier. Ritchie is also a favorite of dirty billionaire George Soros and his pet Secretary of State Project (SOS). The Project installs partisans in key State positions that can “influence” election outcomes. Does all this sound a bit suspect? Soros paid for Franken’s recount demand. Ritchie oversaw the recount. "Influenced?" Amazingly, Coleman lost a lead of 775 votes on election day. ACORN is being investigated in voter registration fraud in over a dozen states, but not in Minnesota. Does Soros have “influence” in other States not complaining? Ex-Governor Blagojevich of Illinois appointed democrat Roland Burris to replace Obama’s seat in a shady deal. Franken and Burris make a big voting difference in the Senate!
This is how scum like ACORN and Soros rig elections right before our eyes and an uncaring Media. This in turn, gets bad progressive Bills barely passed against The People's wishes.

Time Magazine is one of the worst offenders of printing what they consider is newsworthy. They will decide IF you read about something at all, and you will get only what they decide you need to know - and their version of it. Then they will charge you for the privilege. Joe Klein (of Time) thinks we (the people) are morons because over 70% think the stimulus money was wasted. Klein said, “On second thought they might be right: It’s been wasted on them.” He said $288 billion is tax relief for 95% of America.” Are you feeling stimulated? He said, $275 billion went to States, “This is why your child’s teacher wasn’t laid off...and why the fire station has remained open, and why you’re not paying even higher state and local taxes.” He went on to say, “There have been very few documented cases of waste so far.” I know that you know, that’s ridiculous. And, Kline said, “This is yet further evidence that Americans are flagrantly ill-informed... and for those watching FOX News, misinformed.” Don’t you like being talked down to by the progressive elites? Time Magazine showed their annual 2009 Year in Pictures without one picture of a Tea Party, hundreds of thousands marching on D.C., or Town Hall meeting. Gee, they missed all that?

One American’s View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my website. Phil Faustman

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