Sunday, January 17, 2010

31st Issue 01/15/10

The definition of stupid is to be dull of mind, pretty much incapable of learning. Ignorance is defined as being untaught - unaware, capable but uninformed or misinformed. I must confess, I have been ignorant much of my adult life. When you become aware of irrefutable facts or undeniable lies before you but you choose to disregard or ignore them I think you become less than stupid. You have no excuse. In the presence of serious wrongdoing you have a duty, a responsibility to get involved. You must do what is right. If you saw a woman being mugged (or worse) on the street and did nothing, what sort of person would you be? It bothers me greatly, that we are witnessing daily outrageous behavior behind closed doors - lies, deceit and bribery by our Representatives, Senators and President - with cover-up by the press. That so many meekly follow or rationalize such sickening practices is deeply disturbing. Where is the outrage this demands? I see glimmers of hope but not nearly enough open disgust. Terrorists don’t bother me as much as those corrupt “progressive” politicians that fully intend to destroy the Country that I know and love. We can profile terrorists easily. Progressives that want, and insist upon redesigning our Constitution to suit their wishes are what terrorize me the most. They look just like you and me and say all the right things (how could you possibly be against this and this?). They prey on and cultivate your ignorance, play your emotions and work your guilt feelings of affluence and great national power - no matter that they are used for good. They utilize our schools (K-college) to indoctrinate us. They teach our teachers to teach our children what they want learned. Take that Wisconsin Governor that told all school teachers they must teach our children (in his State) about organized Union Labor’s history (they contributed heavily to his campaign). Now Politicians can dictate what is taught?! These kids know nothing about our Constitution. THAT should be required teaching. This is not new. They taught me - way back when. But it’s now Loud and Clear, like crashing cymbals in 2009! In my youth I liked American History, but I never delved into it like I wish I would have. Had I, it would have changed my life. I would have seen the truth and fought for it. But I accepted blindly what I was fed in school history books like everyone else, oblivious, trusting, as my parents were. Now 40-50 years later I know my grandchildren are being fed even greater lies and distortions than I soaked up! Yes, study of our Bill of Rights, our roots should be mandatory learning to all. We were wrong on Slavery and abuse of Indians (plus some other things) but admission and corrections are also a special part of our history. This Nation evolves like no other, and that should be shouted out, not ignored, diminished or lied about. Those that teach such should be castigated and/or fired. But every parent out there should be scrutinizing their school, every teacher, every textbook, demanding truth and excellence in the classrooms. This is one important malodorous item that we can stop ourselves, immediately. Organize other parents. Get active! Learn together where our children’s education is lacking and get in the faces of teachers and administrators that don’t toe the mark. Take turns sitting in on classes if necessary. We don’t need the President, Congress or Supreme Court to handle this. They are OUR kids and everyone had better damned-well back off. Carry that attitude into the classrooms and PTA or Board meetings and you will see change! And vote - everywhere - President to local school board! Take your Country back!

Progressives believe the Constitution was written by a bunch of rich old white men. To them it doesn’t apply to a changing world and their belief of redistribution of wealth and entitlement - that Gov’t should provide everything to everyone. Your only responsibility for your personal well-being is to be born here, or sneak in - how motivating. Doesn’t the very sound of those words, that attitude, come off as absolutely ridiculous’? You have the right to “pursue happiness” unrestricted by Gov’t - Gov’t doesn’t provide it! At least it’s not supposed to, and the simplest of reasoning screams out that it can’t possibly work. Over time, more and more grab the handouts, and those providing them tire of being used and doing all the work. Those wise old men knew the world may change, but human nature never does. Progressives don’t really believe their garbage either, but it sells well to the have-nots, that serves their purpose. They promise them more freebies for doing nothing but voting them in, which gives them the power to tax more those that do work and excel. Those taxes pay for the freebies and pay the huge contracts that they award to huge corporations that in turn provide them with riches and security for life. Those corporations are the ones contributing heavily to campaign funds. They don’t know who might win out so they contribute to everyone, knowing that democrat or republican, they are all progressives, eager to do business soon. Progressives want super wealth and power. Most are rich already but thirst for even more - and power! With boundless wealth (billionaire George Soros types) all that is left in life’s quest is Power - and even more money - begetting more power. These are the measuring sticks of the so-called elite. It is just a game at their level - like Super Monopoly - to be the envy of their peers. We “the people” are just pawns, being manipulated for their amusement as they try to impress each other.

Grassroots America is that segment Progressive elites love to ridicule in private gatherings but secretly fear - as Obama once revealed. Remember when he was campaigning in Pennsylvania and soliciting the “common folk” then went out to California right after for a big fund-raising dinner with Hollywood elitists (his kind of folks)? There, he put down (in joking style) the good people of the heartland by saying that, “when they’re frightened they cling to their guns and Bibles.” That single incident plainly tells how he truly feels about “those people” (you and me) versus “his people.” All words and rhetoric before or after mean nothing if you are at all free-thinking - seeking truth “you can believe in,” witnessing “change” to be scared of. I say that grassroots America is MY America, OUR America. I want to be near to, alongside those simple proud Americans - especially when times are tough. Those Americans that cling to their guns and Bibles - and cling to their Constitution are the America once revered throughout the world. You know where your gun and Bible is, but when was the last time you read your Constitution, particularly your Bill of Rights currently under attack all over! What do you really know about those wise men who conceived it? It’s okay to be embarrassed through ignorance. Ignorance is curable. To do nothing is stupid. If you take a little time to connect, or re-connect it will change your life and make clear the present danger - better than I can. My space and ability is limited. I implore you to go to the Library (those without computers) read, then inform your kids and neighbors. America needs you and is under attack, just as seriously as 235 years ago. Your “call to arms” is a call to read, be informed and (like Paul Revere) inform others. Think of it proudly as your civic duty. You won’t be sorry.

Do you know why Sarah Palin electrified the people and the political scene so suddenly - why she draws huge crowds wherever she goes or speaks? She was (and is) a breath of fresh air. She speaks freely from the heart, without teleprompters, obviously loves her Country and the Constitution, hates our dependency on Arab oil, big Gov’t, loose borders, and so on. For God’s sake, she is one of us! We are so starved, never presented with a real voice, no voice for us. It has too long been only a choice of, do you want a democrat or republican progressive to represent you? Neither represents YOU, but what do you do with your vote? That is why the Media and other powers that be hate her guts and rush to smear and discredit her. They fear her - she might rally the heartland and bring on more and bigger Tea parties. America has (almost accidentally) had a tantalizing taste of truth and goodness and is hungry (starved) for more. It might not ultimately even be Sarah, but it had better be a clone-like replica of most everything she stands for. This, a progressive John McCain unwittingly gave us. I thank him profusely for catching so many with their pants down. Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, along with FOX News have truly burst onto the scene in 2008 and 2009, to resuscitate America. Obama (with all his lies about change/transparency) and his cronies got IN, made a hard left turn and scared the hell out of us - but woke up a huge, hungry, angry throng who have now seen Sarah (like a dangling carrot) and heard Glenn Beck. There will indeed be change - in 2010 and 2012! I know it! Be sure all your family, friends and neighbors vote! Ask no more, “What can I do about it?” That is no longer accepted ignorance. Doing nothing is stupidity, playing into the hands of the enemy.

Progressives in office enacted a Progressive Income Tax in 1913. That is when they really got their foot in the door. The majority of the population was not rich. They were not poor either, but every American could potentially become rich with sharp mind (enterprise) or hard work (pursuit of happiness). They could certainly become much better off, with effort. But the un-rich outnumbered the rich and each person got but one vote (before ACORN) so it was decreed by vote, everyone shall pay income tax for national defense, etc. (et cetera really grew in time). Those asking more, paid more (the minority). It started (in its infancy) fair and small, of course, so as not to offend the senses and Constitutional law. But boy has it “progressed” since then. Now, half the Nation hardly works, and many choose not to work at all - and raise their kids to do the same! Progressives continue to expand benefits to the have -nots and where term limits apply, like the presidency, pass the baton to the progressive successor.

Remember the cartoonist from Amsterdam that poked fun at Muslims in a drawing 4 years ago? He was openly threatened with death immediately. Not allowed to have guns over there he built an impenetrable “panic room” inside his home, which he and his family just used. A Muslim broke in with an axe and knife to kill them. What did we learn - besides the guns? Muslims can’t take a joke and never forget? Religion of peace - my a-s!

17 sailors were killed when the USS Cole was attacked by terrorists in the Yemeni port of Aden in 2000. Since then over 1000 “Diversity Visas” have been awarded at random to encourage Yemenis to immigrate to America. We give out 50,000 of these lottery picks per year. Over 4,200 were given to other terrorist countries like Iran and Syria!

Former senator Tom Daschle (another tax cheat) declined Obama’s offer as Sec’y of Health & Human Services. Thanks Tom. He was quoted as saying, “Health-care reform will not be pain free. Seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them.” And Obama wants health care like England’s, where those over age 59 don’t get heart repair or bypass surgeries, or even stints - too expensive! Over 59? Over and out! When the Obama reign ends in 2012 (and it will I pray) we will have had 20 years in a row, fresh in our minds of very active progressives taking us down the road to Socialism, and picking up speed - starting with Bill Clinton and George Bush and finishing with the very worst, most brazen and boldest - Obama. But think of the “near misses” (all progressives) that were almost President. Think of the lousy choices we always have to choose from and shudder. There was John Kerry and of course, progressive Al Gore (by a few votes), ain’t he a dandy? Howard Dean was just one primal scream away from the prime office. Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis on Saul Alinsky, she was so enamored of him (more progressive than Bill?). Even John McCain (respected war hero) agreed with Obama on practically every progressive issue. He would have been little improvement on Obama, and we would have plodded on, getting no wake-up America call. The shock of Obama Marxism and hope of Palin might save us. Vote and Pray.

Pat Gray, affiliated with Glenn Beck’s radio show stated something I agree with 100%. You know how I feel. I’ll let you read someone else’s words: “What will it take for the people who blindly follow Barack Obama to see who he is? I mean, how do you see all these campaign lies, the promises broken right before your eyes. How do you see the lack of accountability? How do you see his background and not, as an American citizen, wake up? I don’t. It’s hard to. The guy was mentored by a communist growing up. That’s not my theory. Those are not my words. That’s from his book. Frank Marshall Davis, an avowed communist was his mentor. It’s fact. He preferred, again, from his own mouth, the company of Marxist professors in college. He was married by, and attended, the church of an anti -American Marxist professor for 20 years. Once he becomes President, he appoints an avowed communist to oversee the Green Jobs program. He appoints a socialist for his Energy Czar. He’s got anti-capitalist, Ron Brown, for manufacturing Czar. Anti-capitalist, Mark Lloyd is the FCC Diversity Czar. His Communications Director, Anita Dunn, was a Mao fan, from her own mouth. There’s no concern about the pattern we see here? None? What? I mean, how do you look at all that and say, no, that doesn’t mean anything. It’s conspiracy theories? I mean, it’s all right here. It’s all fact. Come on! Then the campaign, no lobbyists in the White House lie? That went out the first stinking day of his administration. It was so bad after about a month with the lobby thing that they quietly got rid of the rule they put in place. You don’t hear them talking about no lobbyists anymore. Why? Because lobbyists are everywhere in the administration, in this White House. And they oversee things they lobbied for when they were lobbyists, something else he said would never happen. I mean, the transparency lies, the televised debate lies, the continual lies right to our faces. When do you look at it all and say, wow, this guy’s not who I thought he was. I mean, he should have known in the first place but, okay now you see all the evidence. It’s presented there. It’s absolute fact. I’m not making any of this up. You see it. It’s in the news. All you have to do is put the stories together and you see a serious pattern of real trouble from an American President right in front of you. How do you look at that and dismiss it? It’s really amazing. Even John McCain is apparently starting to get it.”

I spent a lot of time talking about progressives today but I believe there are many that don’t see what they must if America is to survive as we know it. They use cute cuddly Polar Bear cubs, and "the planet is doomed" and play on guilt and emotions. In short, don’t be fooled. Dig out the facts. They will hide them. Their agenda is scary!

One American’s View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others of my website. Phil Faustman


  1. Why do you say Frank Marshall Davis was an "avowed communist"? According to AIM, Davis was a closet communist. What evidence do you have that Obama even knew of Davis's communist connection?

  2. What a great day for conservatives. I hope the Progressives don't get violent like they usually do. They have already called Mass. voters all racist.

  3. "They have already called Mass. voters all racist"? Really? Please provide evidence to support your statement.