Saturday, February 20, 2010

33rd Issue 02/15/10

President Obama says he has to repeat himself a lot in D.C. because some seemingly just don't hear. Since his presidency he has given over 160 interviews plus 420 speeches and comments. Pres - you speak ad nauseam - we hear you - we don't like what we're hearing! It is YOU that doesn't hear or listen to the upset, irate majority. And, more word games he plays. He never talks about "Democrats" anymore. He talks about Republicans, but it's like there are no more Democrats or Liberals anymore. They are now "Progressive" friends. Hillary calls herself a proud "New Progressive" - admirer of Saul Alinsky. It's like, Liberal is out, Progressive is in - everybody re-adjust. Progressives had a powerful surge from 1900 - 1920 towards Socializing America, but they became so brash and bold they woke up, and scared the people - a lot like today (I pray). Progressives then went into hiding behind a new name - Liberals. They retreated, licked their wounds, regrouped and assail America again, today. They have now sullied the term Liberals so it's time to go back to their preferred "Progressives." Adults with harsh memories of that era are dead now so Progressives can be re-born. Nothing has changed but word game names - to throw us off their trail. Listen to our "leaders" with a "D" beside their names speak now of progressivism, not liberalism - trying to soften their image or seem less threatening, before voting in November, but the threat is still real.

Al Gore worshipers say all this snowfall is proof of Global Warming. Of course, if there was NO snow that would also be proof, wouldn't it? How can you lose if it's always. "Heads I win. tails you lose, the argument?" I can see and touch 5 feet of drifting snow or 8 straight years of recorded global cooling, but still Al says, "The debate is over!" I'm a simple man, Al - but not a simpleton. Are you going to make lots of money from this sales job, as you jet all over, speaking - away from your well-lit mansion? Is Obama really going to commit us all to hundreds of Billions more borrowed debt on this nonsense? Only an idiot, or a liar with a plan would say the debate is over in the face of just this evidence. And it was a lot warmer in the days of King Arthur than it is now, and then it got a lot colder, and warmer and colder since. It is at least, debatable, and cause for pause. During this "Great Recession" this spending would be insane! The debate could go on 100 years and never prove a thing. The People that will PAY for it are 85% opposed to Cap & Trade. That is all that matters! Quit telling us to shut up - you know best.

I despise crooked and manipulative swindlers on Wall Street. Even worse are elected representatives "on the take" in collusion with and profiting from the corruption on Wall Street. I believe the SEC (Security Exchange Commission) is rife with dirt-bags and needs a total fumigation (much like all incumbents in Congress). Bemie Madoff and friends bilked people out of $50 Billion for 20-30 years before he was "caught." To stand out as the one lone individual with astounding "so-called" profits year after year without scrutiny by the SEC is too much to ignore. Now you have financier R.A. Stanford (and friends) and his off-shore bank in Antigua charged with swindling about $8 Billion from people in HIS Ponzi scheme, and even laundering drug money. But the SEC got into it only after a couple of bilked clients filed lawsuits against him. He operated with abandon for well over 10 years and gave over $7 Million to campaigns and lobbyists. Idle curiosity by the SEC or complaints from peers (not doing nearly so well and envious) would suggest someone would have looked into Madoff's methods in 20+ years. I contend they did, and were probably paid well to look the other way. The only other possibilities are unbelievable laziness and stupidity, overseeing all this at taxpayer expense. I for one, don't buy into that theory. These thieves heading up Ponzi schemes pay the "police" just like dope-peddlers on the street. You can always "follow the money" and this is huge sums of money on the world's biggest "street." How many more Ponzis are going on right now under the "watchful" noses of our SEC? Congress won't clean out the rats in the SEC because many rats in Congress are in on it - feasting on the same cheese. A thorough cleaning house must be done. No Congressional investigation - that would be ludicrous! It would have to be an Inspector General (I.G.) with totally free-rein, but that won't happen any more than an investigation of ACORN. They aren't seriously going to allow investigation of themselves. There are those who would say this casts aspersions on Capitalism. That is not true. This is simply crooks being crooks. For this, no one should be admonished, suspended or fired. They should be tried and imprisoned! Anything less is a joke, and will accomplish nothing. But consider the recent revelations by an I.G. investigating the SEC. The I.G. was investigating the use of Gov't computers hitting on pornographic sites during "working hours." He found a lot of that. They had 1700 hits in 14 days by just one offender - over 100 hits per day. It would be hard for the SEC to find Ponzi schemes with that effort. It seems we might have too many agents with lofty salaries and too much time on their hands. That I.G. wouldn't even divulge their names. He said it would publicly embarrass them. Darn. I suppose introducing them to the 8 Million out-of-work pool is out?

Obama was against "The Surge" - which turned the Iraq War around . He and Biden said it wouldn't work. They repeatedly spoke and fought against it, then blasted Bush for doing it anyway. Now Joe says Iraq will go down as "one of the great achievements of THIS administration." Bush did it - they were totally against it. Now, they take all the credit - re-writing history that's less than 3 years old! Super-egos must be stroked constantly. In this vein, Charles Rangel said (about Bush) in 2007, "This nation must come to grips with the repercussions of recent fiscal irresponsibility." Harry Reid said (again about Bush) in 2006, "When it comes to deficits, this president owns all the records. The three largest deficits in our nation's history have all come under this administration's watch." Nancy Pelosi (2007), "After years of historical deficits, this 110th Congress will commit itself to a higher standard: Pay-as-you-go, no new deficit spending. Our new America will provide unlimited opportunity for future generations, no burdening them with mountains of debt." And she said with democrats in charge she, "would return Washington to fiscal responsibility and cut earmark spending in half." Wow, what's not to like? As "Speaker" she jumped that bad deficit of $161 Billion in '07 to $459 Billion in '08 - then to $1.8 Trillion in '09! Gosh, that's not what she promised (to much applause). How much is $1.8 Trillion in terms we can relate to? Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers makes $40 Million a year. He plays basketball for 45 thousand years to match it!

In 1964 there was "The War on Poverty." In 1968, 13% of the population was below the poverty level. It was also 13% in 1980 - after spending over 400% more over those 12 years to eradicate poverty. What did we learn?

Not only do 40% of all American households pay absolutely NO income tax TO the Gov't they get paid cash from the Gov't, and get full use of benefits in all that Gov't provides - police, fire, parks, national defense, etc. I read somewhere that, "A system that robs Peter to pay Paul, can always count on Paul's support. But if Peter ever gets sick of being robbed and leaves, the whole scam falls apart." At least that works on a State level - ask California and New Jersey why Texas is getting bigger. Obama likes to quote Abe Lincoln as a democrat. Lincoln was a republican. Why not quote this? Lincoln said, "You cannot help the Poor by destroying the Rich. You cannot strengthen the Weak by weakening the Strong. You cannot bring about Prosperity by discouraging Thrift. You cannot lift the wage Earner up by pulling the wage Payer down." A very wise man!

China poisons our kids with lead in toys, and our pets with pet food. They constantly spy and try to steal our technology or crash our computers. They side with Iran, veto sanctions. They are not our friends! We are in debt to them, big time They are already threatening us, to do this or that, or they will call in our IOUs. Shame on us.

The Social Security retiring rate jumped 20% last year. A Bill is now being considered that will allow anyone in the workforce to retire at age 60 instead of 62. There will be a 6 month open window for voluntary retirement into S.S.. Given the plight of the economy and S.S., I don't know if that is a window you climb into, or jump out of. Their "reasoning" is that it will "create" a million job openings as everyone moves up a notch to fill the new vacancies. What fine minds we have in D.C.. They say it will cost just $15 Billion of the returned TARP funds to do this. It isn't done yet, but there is so much flawed "reasoning" in this I don't know where to start.

Michelle Obama, on an ABC interview was asked if she was aware that some might consider it wrong for Gov't to dictate what kids must be fed in schools. She smiled and said, oh yes, they have every right to be concerned, they should be concerned, it is natural. She also went right on saying, in effect, they would first send information to all the parents explaining what the Gov't was going to do and why it is so necessary for overall good health. Do you see it coming? Just like her husband. Smile, nod, acknowledge the fear or concern, soothe and assure that everything is going to be fine - Big Gov't is here to take care of you, and yours. You have enough to worry about, making a living, paying taxes, etc.. Of course, they don't have to explain to, or soothe the 50% already dependent upon Gov't. They'll just do what they're told. We will join that group later - according to plan.

Deputy National Security Advisor, John Brennan, said that a 20% recidivism rate of released Gitmo prisoners fighting us again, "isn't that bad" when compared to American prisons. So, I guess that 1 out of 5 returning to kill our soldiers is O.K. with him. If we are going to play odds and percentages maybe we should shoot 4 out of every 5 prisoners taken and better the odds on the one released NOT returning to bomb or shoot our young and bravest. Look at it from a soldier's viewpoint who has already dodged the bullets once - necessarily. This time, your own people (probably never shot at) are doing you in, and saying "20% returning to the battlefield isn't that bad." Is 30% or 40%) acceptable? And, Brennan said critics of this administration are aiding Al Oaeda! Since a great majority of Americans are critical of closing Gitmo and his softness on terrorism, that must mean us.

I hate the attitude of big fat Banks that deal on Wall Street speculation. They know they can wheel and deal with our cash and their D.C. connections. It's totally, if I win it's mine - if I lose, taxpayers pay! I'm too big to fail. Let me illustrate Gov't Cronyism, Corruption and Theft in a nutshell. The FDIC closed California's Indymac Bank in July, 2008. Their assets were sold to Investors and it was re-named One West Bank in March, 2009. One owner of One West Bank is Steven Mnuchin, a 17 year vice-pres of Goldman Sachs (huge Wall Street Bank). Goldman has historically placed dozens of CEOs throughout the Gov't - Fed. Reserve, FDIC, US Treasury, advisors and key positions - everywhere. The other owners are billionaires John Paulson and Michael Dell (computers) and dirty multi-billionaire George Soros - frequent White House visitor and Obama's good friend. Are these united billionaires with connections, making money? You betcha. All of Indymac's lst Mortgages were sold to West One at 70% of value. To enhance the sale the FDIC agreed to cover 8O-95% of losses due to short sales or foreclosures. All "loss" calculations are based on the original loan balance, not the 70% value West One paid. Example: A $478,000 Mtg X 70% = $334.600. If One West quickly short-sells that mtg to a buyer for $241.000 (probably a good friend) you take the original mtg of $470,000 + $7000 (missed payments) = $485,000, minus $241,000 = $244,000 (paper loss). The sweet deal to One West is, the FDIC writes them a check (from taxpayers) for 80% of the "loss" or $195.200. Add this to the $241.000 sale and One West just made $436,200 on a mtg they just bought for $334,600 and dumped at 50%! They net $101,600 (over 30% profit) screwing the taxpayers on just one quick-sale mtg at a terrible loss - ours! How many mtgs are in their 33 branches? How many millions do they gain and we lose? Last December, just before Christmas, the same group bought First Federal Bank (with 39 branches) on the same sweet deal from the FDIC. So yes, you know these billionaires are making seriously good money, raping taxpayers and little people, with not one ounce of conscience, and with the Gov't's full cooperation. People say they can't get mortgage modifications. Now you know why. Neither the FDIC, Obama or certainly George Soros cares about the common man and modifying mortgages in hard nines to save their homes. That's just lies - lip service. there is much big money to be made, and favors to reward! The sooner you throw in the towel, the sooner they can dump your home for Gov't cash. It's like, "Shut up, deadbeat, and move on." But this is not Capitalism. Honest Capitalism is the answer - what will eventually get America straightened out. These scum are nothing but common Liars, Thieves and Crooks - in elected offices, deserving long prison terms. Get mad as hell, even if your home is secure! Get mad for others being wronged. Vote! Drag or goad others to the polls. Make one hell of a statement! Throw everyone OUT that is in - as soon as possible! Curse the Media for not exposing any ot this! Un-subscribe from any inane propaganda (media) that you are actually supporting - how dumb is that? Maybe they'll wake up and someday speak for us!

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my website, Phil Faustman


  1. The way he looks at Americans as dumb is pissing me off. He is the dumbass if he can't make a bill without 2,000 pages of BS in it.

  2. I stumbled across your site by accident but I am happy that I did. Your words are powerful. I am deeply concerned the direction this country is taking under Obama. God help us all.