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34th Issue 03/01/10

Obama, Pelosi and Reid constantly scream about the rising costs of health care, yet won't even discuss the lousy lawyers that pay them all off (to continue the good times) then sue everyone everywhere for outrageous settlements! More each year. Does anyone with a tiny bit of common sense NOT see how that drives up the costs massively of everyday health care - for no good reason? Of course these huge sums awarded MUST come from somewhere! Someone MUST pay it! If the Doctor or Hospital pay off the lawsuits out of their own pockets even a fool knows they must charge their patients more to make up for it or go out of business. That is bad for everyone. Instead, they buy extremely expensive malpractice insurance to protect themselves. That cost results in the same thing, patients pay more. Plus, the Doctor does costly testing and surgeries because of this suing threat always being there. The ridiculous increase in paperwork this causes adds even more. If the patient's Insurance company pays the Doctor for now higher cost care, the Insurance company MUST then charge higher premiums or THEY go out of business. The point is, don't be naive. The Tooth Fairy isn't paying these asinine payouts for "suffering." We ALL are. Lawyers and judgments MUST be severely restrained by common sense CAPS. But Congress won't do it! Why? What does that say? THEY have great health care. Their TALK of containing OUR cost of care is just that - BS! They want their hands on the power and control of our lives this 1/6th of our economy provides. Trial Lawyers heavily pay both Parties in Congress to keep raping the system. None of them care what it's doing to America or fellow Americans. They are worse than crooks - they are maggots on both sides. Look at what these scummy lawyers are doing in, and to New York City - taking total advantage of the massive confusion, grief and outpouring of sympathy during and after the collapse of the twin towers! It is beyond disgusting but Congress does nothing - and the Media reports nothing. Congress set up the "September 11th Compensation Fund" in 2001 and Lawyers flew in from all over, like flies on rot (maggot like?). They've feasted ever since - to the tune of over $7 Billion so far. They have found thousands of ready "volunteers" - equally scummy claimants that weren't hurt, or even there, but criminally milking a vulnerable public in mourning and overwhelmed court system. Masses of cases to be heard. No one checking facts. Judges rushing cases throught the turnstiles and either don't care or don't have time. Besides, they are just lawyers in robes. There are countless cases of absurd fraud or embellishment. Even those real victims with legitimate claims get taken by the shyster lawyers. These are slam dunk cases when no one holding the taxpayer purse strings really cares how much is being divvyed up. But still, for a minute bit of lawyer "representation" or "work" the victions get only HALF the settlement. The other half goes to "the process." Of course, half of a huge pile of free money, especially if it was all fabricated ain't too bad - for just being a criminal Liar and Thief. It puts you right up there with big-time Lawyers and Congress members. How do you like the view - once you're used to the stench? Anyway, amidst all this feeding frenzy, economically hard-pressed NY City has spent over $200 Million defending itself for various perceived infractions like oxygen masks that didn't fit responders well enough. If there is hardship of any kind, anytime, anywhere, it is opportunity for blame and financial gain - someone must pay! All any trial lawyer asks for is a chance to perform, twist and contort facts and events in front of a gullible, compassionate jury. History shows they fare VERY well in these sick scenarios. They have no shame. No scruples. No restraints from their friends in Congress. Not even Media criticism. Tort Reform? I say they belong behind bars!

Obama wants Civil trials of terrorists, saying they are just doing what Bush did, citing The Shoe Bomber and many others were all Civil trials. What is not disclosed is that Bush tried, right after 9-11, to set up for Military Tribunals by Presidential Order. His authority was immediately challenged by Congress, blocked and litigated for years. The O.K. for tribunals out of the courts was not given until late 2006! That is why those previously were all Civil cases - there was no other choice until almost 2007! But you don't hear about THAT from the Media do you? Another LIE by omission. If the left-wing media portrays it as Bush CHOSE Civil over Military, and says it vigorously and repeatedly it becomes "fact" over time. It's still a damned lie but most of the country has bought into it. This is how they decieve, even change history to suit their needs. It is unreal, and why they must be watched constantly. Obama says if Bush can do it so can we. Bush didn't want to! And, our Attorney General, Eric Holder who wants Civil trials on all these detainees has a bunch of lawyers from his old law firm representing many of these jerks. I don't know who or what has gained here but he is awfully defensive about divulging their names. That lack of transparency usually hides something smelly.

When you sully your name I guess it is only natural to want to change it. Bernie Madoff, made off with $50 Billion of other people's money. HE is in prison now but common sense says he couldn't possibly have done all he did, alone. Several family members have now changed their names to Morgan, due to death threats and shame. ACORN, unlike the Madoffs, does the issuing of threats, and has no shame. However, a couple of months back I said ACORN, under many State investigations for election fraud and racketeering, would change their many names and fronts to disguise themselves and confuse those trying to keep an eye on them. They are dirty. They are bullies, and Obama's good "community organizer" friends. The New York ACORN chapter is now, New York Communities for Change. In California they are now ACCE (Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment). In Massachusetts they're renamed, New England United for Justice. The addresses and people running them are much the same, as well as their dirty deeds, but by rebranding in many directions they confuse concerned people following the money trails - (donations and grants) all the way to the Democrat Congress and White House, who will now funnel goodly sums to these "new" organizations. Yes, keep them strong to promote only democrats, at taxpayer's (mostly republicans) expense. That's clever.

Now some tidbits to ponder. The Census cost $5 Billion 10 years ago. This time it will cost at least $15 Billion. That's a lot of money for a Gov't headcount and a huge increase that can't be justified by inflation or growth. It is unforgivable in the midst of a deep recession.

Scott Brown just made a big splash as a Republican taking over Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. Not known for much more than nude poses and his truck, he was considered a front-runner for the presidency in 2012 by a good many looking for a fresh new face. He quickly voted FOR Obama's Jobs Bill farce..... sigh...Same old, same old.

A recent National Poll said 6% of the Country believe Obama is doing a very good job - 7% believe Elvis is still alive.... Same people?

Another lie Obama told is how there would be NO "No-bid contracts" in his Presidency! In January I know he awarded a $25 Million Federal contract for work in Afghanistan to Checchi & Company Consulting. Coincidentally, a Democrat campaign contributor. No big deal? It is still a lie, and he made quite an issue of it (like NO Lobbyists) while campaigning to GET in office.

Remember when Harry Reid (Senate Majority) said his outrageous bit about those against his health care proposal? He said that those saying, slow down, stop, let's not go so fast - that's what they said when they resisted setting the Slaves free. Quite a stupid and inflamatory analogy. Now Harry is pushing urgency to get his Jobs Bill passed. He says unemployed men tend to beat their wives. If you exercise caution on health care - you're FOR Slavery. Reluctance on his Jobs Bill is condoning wife beatings! Way to go Harry. You sure know how to motivate voters.

That self-confessed Communist/Marxist Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones "dissappeared" in a hurry when his signature "appeared" on a document saying our Gov't was IN ON the 9-11 terrorism attacks. Former presidential candidate and Democratic National Committee Chairman, Howard Dean said Jones' resignation was "a loss for the Country." That says volumes about our "almost president," too. Obama's good friend, Jones said (on video tapes) that Bush was a "crack head" and Republicans were "a--holes." Now, in the news again he says, "We need more civility in politics." And, oh yes, the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) just gave him one of their "image awards" and called him "A National Treasure." I beg to differ. He's just a damned loud outspoken communist racist like the Obama family's pastor of 20 years, Jeremiah Wright. Both extremely close to the White House. I must smile, knowing how the militant Van Jones likely feels about that old "Colored People" reference.

Details are now available on Canadian Premier, Danny Williams' trip to the U.S. for heart surgery. It's important to have a Canadian's perspective whose life is at risk. Williams said, "It was my heart, my choice and my health. I did not sign away my right to get the best possible health care when I entered politics." The 60 year old said a heart murmur was detected last spring due to heart valve leakage. Canadian Doctors said his problem was moderate, come back in 6 months for a check up. After 8 months he was told it was severe and needed immediate surgery or risk heart failure. He had 2 options in Canada, a full or partial stemotomy, both requiring breaking bones. And others would have accused him of jumping the line waiting list. The surgeon in Miami entered under his arm - no broken bones and he'll miss only 3 or 4 weeks work. Obama wants US to have Canada's or England's health care. At age 60 (Williams' age) they won't even allow you heart surgery in England. Of course those in, or retired from our Congress will get the best of everything while telling us to wait in line as our Cancer or condition worsens. It makes me want to slap that smug Pelosi's face! At least in Canada , even Premiers are supposed to get in line. If Congress had our health care, Social Security and Medicare I'll bet they would be humming a different tune - and get things fixed!

When Congress scurried home on Christmas Eve they pulled off another gem, again while everyone was distracted with the holidays. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac had their $400 Billion Bailout cap quietly lifted to Unlimited, and to Infinity. Since their mortgage guarantees run into the Trillions of dollars it would seem a not so trivial sleight of hand. Needless to say, Obama now has huge control over half of all the housing market too, more of the power he craves, and by another deal done in the dark of night. Just a few years ago Franklin Raines, CEO of Fannie said, "It is private capital that is at risk, not the taxpayers... We do not recieve a nickel of federal money." Raines reign over Fannie Mae lasted about 5 years (1999-2004). He "retired" while being investigated for shifting losses in order to get huge bonuses. He absconded with $90 Million through overstated earnings in that short time, $20 Million in just 2003. Before CEO of Fannie he served Bill Clinton as Director of the U.S. Office of Management and Budget - it's all one big fraternity. And did you know that the many hundreds of Billions of debt and liability of Fannie and Freddie are not figured in as part of the deficit? They must have figured it would be too depressing for us - or too truthful for them.

Warren Meyer of Recreation Resource Management proves again Gov't failure to do anything efficiently. He runs (profitably) over 150 Parks nationwide. As a case in point in Arizona 15 State Parks are closing down by June (peak season), only 9 will remain open. Some are doubling fees from $10 to $20 to get by. Meyer offers to keep them open, same quality upkeep, amenities and rates charged, and will pay the State rent as well. If you're a tourist how would you like to find over half the Parks closed when you finally get to "Wally World?" He's not going to retain those high-paid State union workers but they are going to get laid-off anyway, and he is not hiring illegal aliens. If contracted States are happy and park visitors are happy - what's not to like? He's hiring people where obvious job losses are occuring and not disappointing tourists arriving at a closed Park - in decay. Keeping Parks open must be a big problem in nearly all the States in these times, pointing out Gov't inefficiency and fat payrolls compared to enterprising private business. But Congress could do it better, right? States must renegotiate labor contracts to a break-even point at least or shut Parks down to re-open under new management - privatized. Letting them sit idle and decay, unused would be stupid, wouldn't it? My bet's on stupid.

Now, I must apprise you once again, because it is so sinister and because of the general Media's complicity and progressive views. They won't tell you. It has to do with the indoctrination of our children and grandkids at very impressionable ages. First I must give you the connections. Multi-billionaire, George Soros wants to play a big role in the Socialism of America, where he and his political higher-ups can be all-powerful. I just told you how he does all he can to "influence" elections nationwide. He is closely connected to ACORN's conniving and thuggery through contributions from his "Tides Foundation." Soros also (through Tides) funded the video "The Story of Stuff" which depicts the United States as an army tank (un-nice), a capitalist bully and polluter. Over 600,000 copies are shown in classrooms all over the Nation. Surely you've seen all the videos on FOX News of sing-a-longs and chants in praise of Obama in grade schools. There is a good one of teenage boys in Khaki uniforms, military style, marching and chanting his name. These are deeply disturbing when you know all of it, and I think, deliberate brainwashing of our youth. But I must warn you of a transformation name change (again) of "Obama for America," while he was striving to become president. Once there, he immediately changed it to "Organizing for America," still (OFA) but it is purely perpetual permanent promotion of President Obama. The Messiah! He has a monstrous ego, is full of self-adulation and has a cold calculating well-organized machine aimed at elementary school, high school and college youths - wherever he has a captive audience and progressive "teachers" to simultaneously Hail Obama and change America's thinking on this whole Constitution thing. Obama's team (just like Al Gore) tells teenagers (at that rebellious stage and already suspect of their parent's intellect) that they know more, and must teach their parents what is new and learned in school. Al Gore was caught on tape saying as much. Now Juniors and Seniors in High School are being recruited (with forms to fill out) to join Obama's growing youth army and "change" America. Revealing questions are asked to separate the Prospects (progressives) from the Discards (conservatives, or Constitution lovers). Join, and you submit to 9 weeks of training (I call it more indoctrination). Obama provides a propaganda-spewing website for "believers" and those seeking more advanced training or higher positions. Volunteers are instructed how to overwhelm phone lines of politicians and push locally, support for democrats at the City, County and State levels. They now have Directors in all 50 States. At the National level they will push and pressure support for democrat congressional campaigns (just like ACORN) and push current Bills like health care - whatever their leader wants done. These Obama-Nation kids will have no compunction or feelings for old-folks' programs like Social Security or Medicare either - raid the funds and ration or deny care. They will be clones of the Master, subservient to his cause, which is (if you forgot) "the transforming of America." I ask you to consider this. If all of what I am telling you doesn't show a distinct pattern for deep concern or perceived by you as clear and present danger to our kids and our whole way of life I probably won't ever reach you. I am not an extremist, I am a realist who has seen. I started two years ago, saw some things that didn't gel, got inquisitive, then mistified why the general media seemed missing in action. I relied on the internet. I was even suspicious of FOX News then. The more information I found out and corroborated the more it expanded. I started out just wondering who this mystery man, Obama was. I had no ill feelings toward him. It just didn't feel right. The more connections I found out that he had with some very bad people the more I needed to know and the scarier it got. I felt an obligation to learn even more (all I could) and find a way to inform everyone to the best of my ability. If you know something is wrong, possibly a danger to others and do nothing, what does that make you? Yes, perhaps I'm paranoid but I would rather be percieved an extremist (I say, err on the side of caution) than just witness my Country's demise, without even an outcry of protest.

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my site, Phil Faustman

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  1. They don't want to fix anything. They want to "transform" it.