Thursday, November 11, 2010

51st Issue Nov 15th

I must alert everyone to what I find absolutely alarming. I just experienced "Big Brother" first hand! I was going to give details next issue, but it's too important to not tell all that will listen, right now. I had to get sneaky, re-write & get it in fast to e-mail before I was censored again. Apparently Glenn Beck and/or FOX News references are being monitored & controlled by someone very powerful! I could not use the words "evil ways" in my last paragraph (Soros' evil ways.) It was in yellow letters & would not allow me to copy it & send it in any form after somebody or something detected it. If I took out Glenn Beck & FOX News it was accepted. Yes, somebody is after Beck beyond Obama's boycotting dogs. Some day even I will be stopped. Tell me this is not EVIL at the very top! More later. Now, my letter...

Dr. David Janda (a distinguished Mich orthopedic surgeon) disclosed much on a video about things no one reads - therefore knows & can share. Obama's health care Bill comes actually in 2 parts. The first was hidden about 600 pages deep in the Stimulus Bill, where a Coordinating Council decided that there would be a 15 member "rationing board" appointed by the President. Within 3 days of the Stimulus passing Obama appointed all 15. They don't call it rationing. They call it comparative effectiveness (the cost of the treatment divided by the number of years the patient will benefit from the treatment). That ratio will determine whether you get that treatment or not. That is rationing! In the 2nd part of health care (the actual Bill) another board (National Coordinator Office) will determine the treatment, time & place. When the doctor sees a patient he must immediately type the diagnosis into a computer to Washington. Patient & doctor will wait for treatment instructions. It is explained that, "Physicians & hospitals that are not meaningful users of the system over time will face penalties." Dr Janda was asked to address over a hundred members of the House. He asked, "What does this mean? What are the penalties? Are you telling me that as of Jan 1, 2013, if you tell me to do A, B & C and I know A & B won't work after doing this 30 years, I'm going to do what's right for the patient & do 'C'. For that I'll be punished & penalized?" They said "Yes." So I said, "Are you telling me that I'll get paid $20 to see that patient & you're going to fine me 100 bucks?" They told me, "No, that's not going to make you hurt enough. Try 100 grand for the first offense!" I laughed - they didn't. I told them, well you know me. I'm going to do what's right for the patient, not the way federal bureaucrats want it. What happens the 2nd time? That will probably be the next patient. Are you telling me I'll get fined 100 grand again? They looked at me and said, "No, Dave. You're going to jail!" Surveys taken show that 46% of all physicians are leaving when ObamaCare kicks in. They're adding 32 million more people to care for, with 46% fewer doctors. How do you NOT ration care? ObamaCare is $1.5 Trill. They are going to cut Medicare by $500 Bill to help fund it. In 10 years 30% more people will be entering Medicare that is already missing half a Trillion dollars. Dr Janda says he too is gone Jan 1, 2013. I say, besides lousy care, long lines & long waits for surgeries & treatments, we will be dying off a lot faster, since routine heart surgeries that we do now (as one example) will no longer even be allowed after age 60, like in England (the plan they intend to mimic) where they have babies (& die) in the hallways. They have stated their position clearly, it is time for the older people to accept the rigors of growing old. They will simply medicate for pain & introduce you to hospice volunteers through the dying process. Remember, all Gov't employees are exempt from this "care!" It is meant just for us! As Sarah Palin called it, elite Death Panels will decide what is too expensive for commoners! These are your grandparents or parents - one day - you! It's hush-hush now. It kicks in (purposely) after you supposedly have re-elected Obama & his minions! How do you like them now?

I knew Harry Reid's powerful Senate position, especially knowing the "House" would be lost (plus all the pork he brought to Nevada) would be strong motivators for Unions. They spent like crazy & stormed the polls to keep him there 6 more years. But an awful 15% unemployment rate & 80% of mortgages underwater should have wanted change. A survey of those exiting the polls showed that 2/3 of all voters were union members (they weren't out of work). His son, Rory is County Commissioner of huge Clark County (where 3/4 of all Nevadans live). Complainants said the new voting machines were really "touch sensitive" - a vote for Harry Reid pops up at first touch. The machine technicians are Union members of SEIU (almost indistinguishable from voter-fraud ACORN). The SEIU just spent $44 Mill of members' money on Harry & democrats. It must be great to oversee the machines & tabulate the voting for those you fund & root for. Reid sure came from behind at the last minute, didn't he? Just like sleazy Al Franken of Minn, who tipped the power in the Senate decidedly to the left. Reid's opponent said she wanted to tighten up on illegal immigration (like 70% of all Americans & Arizona). While Reid conversely proposed "The Dream Act" to make illegals citizens - just before voting began. Hispanics voted 90% for him. Reid said to his heavily Hispanic population, "I don't see how any Hispanic could vote Republican." Then Obama said to them, Vote, "Punish your enemies & reward your friends!" Murkowski was beaten in the Primary by fellow republican Miller in Alaska. Stunned, she decided to run as a write-in against him. She now took him seriously & came out with smear-guns blazing with attack ads funded by donations (over 80%) from outside Alaska. She seems to have won by a narrow margin. A video tape showed a gov't employee on gov't (taxpayer) time & property telling other gov't union employees to vote for incumbent Murkowski because she is on an influential committee & can bring home more pork & ensure their job security. This is absolutely illegal & forbidden. An audio tape at a Miller rally overheard media (local CBS) covering it laughing & saying, find & film some child molester or something to smear Miller. They were fired, since they were publicly caught, but do you really think they acted on their own? This is how disgusting & rigged far-left media has become in this nation. Franken also financially overwhelmed his opponent (bought the seat) with far-left outside (Hollywood) funds - plus lots of help from George Soros & ACORN. Our Founders said each State Legislature would elect 2 Senators, making them beholden only to their State & People (taxpayers). Later, slicksters cunningly changed that wisdom (17th Amend). Now they can sell-out to the highest bidders supporting them (Soros & Hollywood types). That's mainly how the wealthy radical-fringe minority took over the common-sense majority & seized power. They now award the non-doers (for their votes to keep power) from heavy taxation of the doers, destroying the economy in the process. The greater the disparity (more takers created) the greater & more secure, is the grateful voting, thus power. It's a wonderful lazy ride for many - until the horses die - or leave America.

Tidbits: AARP (the Seniors "friend") sold them out to support ObamaCare because Obama promised them he would kill popular Medicare Advantage & drive seniors to more expensive plans, like their's. Now, AARP announces it is increasing its insurance rates. The Gulf shrimp fishermen (shrimp are clean & plentiful) are not fishing. They are sitting & collecting BP damages. Ahh, human nature. Like the unemployed seeking work right AFTER the freebies run out - one year, 2 yrs, whatever you're dumb enough to offer! These elections were not a Republican win - they're on probation. It was the biggest rejection of a President - ever! It's good to now see Obama at half-full rallies, with hecklers. They're catching on & his ego is taking a big hit. Federal workers making over $150,000 have doubled since Obama. Hard times only for some. On Jon Stewart's comedy show (Oct 28) Obama had a transparent moment & said, "We've passed historic health care reform, historic financial reform, we've done some stuff that folks don't even know about." That's the "stuff" media won't divulge & should worry you to death. Obama endorsed Stewart's & Colbert's "Rally to Restore Sanity" in D.C.. Media said attendance beat Glenn Beck's rally. Aerial photos proved it wasn't even close to half, but lying is their game, not accurate news. It was free admission to radical guest entertainers like Ozzie Ozborn, Sheryl Crow & Cat Stephens that were the draw to this classy side-show. Cat Stephens converted to Islam in the 70's (Yusuf Islam) & publicly supported murdering Salman Rushdie in 1989 for publishing a book, "Satanic Verses." Cat said, "He must be killed, the Koran makes it clear." His interview & intent was clear & extensive. Host, Jon Stewart also associates with Hamzi Yousef, writer of "Jihad is the Only Way." Really, all these radical pieces of crud will "restore sanity?" More insanity is our gov't buying its own debt (the latest is $600 Bil) with dollars hot off the presses! Remember this when bread is $30 & gasoline is impossible!

Al-Qaeda has been crossing into the U.S. since at least April, 2005 when it was found out from a captive that they had established training camps along the Mexican border. Drug cartels have adopted terrorist tactics like kidnappings & beheadings. Why wasn't this known "news" back then reported to the public? Maybe the Feds wouldn't be so quick to sue Arizona if the public knew the truth. FBI Director, Robert Mueller said then, that terrorists are coming into Mexico, learning Spanish, changing to Hispanic names with false ID, pretending to be immigrants & disappearing into the U.S.. Hugo Chavez of Venezuela (so admired by this admin) is a bit higher, training, teaching Spanish & providing false ID to Iranian agents & members of terrorist Hezbollah - to enter the U.S. through Mexico. This is the same Chavez that has assured his new playmate, Iran that he will supply them with all the gasoline they need if the U.S. boycotts them. I remind you too of "Code Pink" who contributed to & assisted both Jerry Brown (now Calif Gov) & Obama. Pink is friends of both, invited to the W.H. & heavy supporters of Hezbollah, Hamas & other terrorist "freedom fighters." Quite a contradiction to our "supposed" terrorist concerns! N.C. Rep, Sue Myrick says Mexican drug gangs are teaming up with Hezbollah, known for tunnel-digging skills & bomb-making - all paid for with drug-running money. We, providing the drug money for their terror training & tunnels, is like our ($85/barrel) oil payments to the Arabs finances their war & terror against us. Yet Obama deliberately creates even more dependence on foreign oil & doesn't give a damn about our loose border & violence. I guarantee an absolute border lock-down AFTER truck bombs start blowing us up, and thousands are already inside. What unbelievable (after disaster) leadership. And growing numbers of prison gang members (especially southwest) are brandishing tattoos common to Iran & Hezbollah. Is that a tip-off or improper profiling? 75 tunnels by cartels have been found in just the last 4 yrs. The latest was 1800 feet long, with lights, rails & ventilation. Over 20 tons of pot were confiscated in warehouses here & Mexico. But the tunnel-expert terrorists can zip right through too - hauling explosives, or whatever they can concoct in test tubes to kill thousands of us!

More tidbits: Ford Motors took no gov't handouts, played by capitalist rules. GM should have gone bankrupt & Ford's market share would have burgeoned. Instead GM is run by the Union & backed by the U S Gov't. Even a GM Volt purchase gets a special $7,500 credit from taxpayers. Remember when media announced GM was paying back their "loans" early? It was payed with more loaned gov't funds! Now, Obama gives them a $45 Bill tax break (no need to pay this to taxpayers either). They want to tax the heck out of private corporations, but not gov't corps competing with private. This Gov't Motors is building a $500 Mil plant IN Mexico, with U.S. taxpayer money, to hire Mexicans at $26/day ($3.25/hr). U.S. Union auto workers (with benefits) get about $55/hr (which should be cut in half to hire twice as many, in my opinion). In fairness, Ford also employs Mexican workers over there. But it is private & must compete on the open market, without taxpayer funds. The plight of a 45 yr old mother of 5 (Asia Bibi) in Pakistan exposes Muslims, Islam & the Sharia law they would like over here. Bibi was working in the fields with other women & was asked to fetch water. Some of the Muslim women refused to drink the water. It was "unclean" since it was brought by a Christian. A few days later she was mobbed. Police took her away "for her safety." She's been locked-up for 18 months. Now, she has been sentenced to death for blasphemy. Don't bring water to thirsty Muslim women!

Notable people are now proudly & publicly declaring their allegiance to the American Communist Party while saying, "Yes, and I sing in the church choir." Like, I'm just like you. I'm not scary. They are getting bolder at national rallies like Jon Stewart's, where they know they're welcome alongside fellow Socialists & big Unions. Remember, this admin really likes Hugo Chavez, who is taking over by force private industries everywhere in Venezuela. Right now it is Owens-Corning he wants his gov't to run. Chavez is a charmer too. But he can be a more aggressive Socialist, ahead of Obama with his military might. America requires a more patient tact. Chavez is a proud Democratic Socialist, like MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell just proclaimed to be, on the air. So is Cornel West, another personal friend & advisor to Obama. He is a race-relations instructor (whatever that is) at Princeton. He addressed the Young Democratic Socialists at their "Real Change for a Change" meeting. Sound familiar? He said, "We are at a very crucial historical moment. My dear friend, Barack Obama, he needs help. He needs deep help. He needs pressure. Organized, mobilized pressure." Obama said West is a personal friend & appointed him to a couple of positions in his campaign run. West is also an advisor to radical, Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam). West introduced Obama at a Harlem fundraiser after railing against the "racist criminal justice system of the American Empire." West said he admired "the sincere black militancy of Malcolm X, the defiant rage of the Black Panther Party & the livid black (Liberation) of James Cone." Cone's theology spawned Rev Jeremiah Wright, Obama's fiery anti-white America pastor of 20 yrs. Cone is extremely anti-white. Do these tangled connections help explain the bizarre actions of Obama's & Holder's Dept of "Social" Justice, where Black Panthers, ACORN & SEIU thugs can do no wrong? Close chosen relationships speak louder than any words, especially if you & your press have shown great propensity to lie. The more we casually (in the news or on the street) talk about or debate the pros & cons of Socialism or even Communism the less outrageous & dangerous to America these 2 concepts can seem. The preposterous absurdity lessens over time (as they know well & count on). Just like constant gore & violence on video games desensitize, making it more acceptable (or less shocking) to our youth over time, this media ploy will affect our voting society, particularly our young new voters that are getting a lot of anti-capitalist & other "teachings." It starts with "The Story of Stuff" video indoctrination (financed by evil George Soros) in over 4,000 elementary schools so far, & continues on through high school & college. Great-Grandparents & some Grandparents know well the evil lurking. They've seen it, but are they warning, teaching & passing it on? Our many socialist teachers are - vigorously! Soros-funded propaganda media machines are pumping it out to the masses 24 hrs, 7 days a week!

I've been saying for well over a year now how evil George Soros is. Glenn Beck of FOX News has spent nearly a week exposing this multi-billionaire's evil ways. Soros has an insatiable appetite for power & total dominance. He has spoken openly many times, boasting of terrible things he has done to individuals & to nations' wrecked economies. To him, spending hundreds of millions to mold & manipulate the masses is merely an "investing expense" to gain Billions - and the power he craves. He destroys countless thousands of lives making those billions through deliberate destruction, pain & suffering. He says he loves it! He gets to play God, and get insanely rich. His sick joy comes from seeing them crawl while he crushes them. I liken him to a serial killer in the financial world - restless until the next tortured "kill." He's Evil! An animal. He spends many millions through over a hundred propaganda outlets deceiving - portraying himself as a generous philanthropist & kindly man when he is contemptible. His "charities" are bad organizations doing very bad things with good-sounding names. Smiling, he dupes the ignorant & gullible, if you'll buy into it. If not (you're a problem) he'll destroy you with his fortune & his press - not unlike Obama. Is Obama learning from the old master - or following instructions? Not much surprises me anymore. Soros has brought 4 nations to their knees & intends to bring America down - his ultimate coup! The saddest part is, he has multitudes eager to help, starting at the top with Barack & Hillary. They all want a flat-out Socialist America - just one piece of many in a World Order governed by them. Soros states, "There is a very important flaw in the current world order. That is, only Americans have a vote in Congress, and yet it is the United States that basically determines policy for the World." If you feel that way too, that this is a flaw - not us (Good) against Evil, then God help us all! America is doomed. Soros, Hillary & Obama types will rule & get filthy rich in our fall. I'll have more to expose next issue.

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Phil Faustman
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