Tuesday, December 14, 2010

53rd Issue 12/15/10

The Dream Act is actually an amnesty plan & will cost taxpayers $6.2 Bil to educate illegal aliens, then make them & their families citizens against our wishes. When taxpayers are struggling to pay their mortgages & can't send their own kids to college it becomes astoundingly stupid & another "in your face" to the people. Courting the Hispanic vote is more important in this month before "changeover" than jobs (now 9.8% unemploy they admit to) & the taxation stability would-be employers need. Who creates jobs? Rich people. Only rich people - & entrepreneurs becoming so. Meddling gov't can destroy a conducive environment or cultivate one. To greedily tax & regulate only drives job creators overseas or kills their will. Wise governing gives a free rein & encourages with tax breaks & supportive financing. Then, gov't can tax lightly ALL who benefit & prosper. Taking a little from a lot is always better than a lot from a little, unless gov't has ulterior motives, of course! To vilify & punish the rich is beyond ignorant. It is counter-productive. They're rich. They don't have to create jobs. They don't even have to live here & take abuse or pay excessive taxes. Job seekers don't resent the rich. Poor people don't hire anyone. Only ingrates, NOT seeking jobs (just a higher standard of handouts) resent the rich. People long to come here from all over, just for the opportunity to become rich (pursuit of happiness)! Annals are chock full of success stories. Foreigners (minorities) all alone, that can't even speak our language, take on 2 or 3 menial jobs, save like crazy & start their own business. Do they resent the rich? Gov't only creates waste, much in the form of gov't jobs that drain & kill an economy. Obama has created over 400,000 of those in just 2 yrs to create dependency on the gov't. He keeps expanding social programs & unemployment pay. In my day (as parents) if your kids didn't grow up & leave home in a timely fashion, you booted them out of the nest - tough love. It didn't mean you loved them any less. You knew they had to try their wings, get out there, experience life & responsibility - build a nest of their own. It worked well for many generations. Now, when we cast them out, our progressive gov't catches them, clips their wings & tells them, "You don't need to fly. Just vote for us & we'll carry you everywhere. And, we'll bill your uncaring, taxpaying parents. You're better than they are & know more than those old fogies. Join our new world order."

There are too many Republicans In Name Only (RINOs) in Congress. They must be singled out (culled out) for the good of the herd (that's us). Rather than hurriedly accept this "compromise" tax bill with a "Lame Duck" bunch bent on ramming more crap through at the last minute, I would let it expire (on principal), jack up every one's taxes & jolt them into reality of the times - ramifications of haphazard gov't. Last year on the last day of session before Christmas (while everyone was distracted & congress wanted to run home) they slipped through an unlimited or endless cap on Fannie & Freddie, to guarantee terrible, lousy mortgages forever. Hardly a word was said. They now don't even have to periodically raise the cap & catch hell publicly. So, no financial reform crackdown is on the gov'ts Fan Mae & Fred Mac. Liar's loans & super-low down payments are still accepted from all gamblers & derelicts. Private finance got regulated! This deliberate F & F quiet omission will cost us Trillions & apparently no one cares. After the stupid lame-duck year ends (2 weeks) I say to make the first order of business, a statement. Repeal the tax hike (without the pork now attached) to a cheering throng. Make the unemployed wait awhile (shake up their comfort level) until Obama coughs up the $59 Bil cost from his "stash" (unused TARP or Stimulus funds) or (Heaven forbid) allows cuts in asinine spending elsewhere. Let it be known, any future unemp benefit payments will NOT be borrowed or printed. It will be from cutbacks, or ended! In the interim, notify all & put a plan in place of Public Work for future unemp payments. I don't care if it's 40 hours of litter pick-up or tiddly-winks, it paints a picture, & prevents those from collecting while working for cash on the side. I am all for a helping hand, but have witnessed far too much waste & abuse. If you can't reasonably "police" or account for where all gov't dollars are going (what specific good they are doing) end it on the spot, or start over. It has gotten too big & too free & easy with taxpayer's money. If that also means an overhaul of the medicare & social security systems, to rid them of horrendous waste & fraud, so be it! It cannot go on. It will crash anyway. Try something. Learn something. And scrap all Ethanol Subsidies, period! Corn for gas is as stupid as Gore's global-warming fixes. This tax bill has a rider to continue placating Iowa & other corn states. Over 40% of all corn production went for an inefficient, polluting & even destructive, substitute for gasoline. It was Gore-like lies told to make some very rich (off taxpayers) & to garner votes. Anyone with a modicum of farming & scientific knowledge knows this was a farce from day one. But the unconcerned ripple-effect it would have on food prices had to be seen by the dumbest politician. We now will pay heavily (the little people far below congressional wages) for food. Starving third-world countries hate us for burning up food & I'm sure terrorists fan those flames for recruiting. And it's all based on lies & fabrications. Still, we WILL NOT DRILL for oil, & convert cars, trucks & buses to our huge reserves of natural gas, and the benefit of all those would-be JOBS! Instead, a bankrupt gov't mandates that we use 12.6 Bill gallons next year at a cost of $7 Bil in subsidy waste. Al Gore confessed that he pushed those subsidies in corn states for votes, even though it requires 29% more fossil energy to create than it contains. That "inconvenient truth" of his, matches his well-lit mansion purchase, on oceanfront property that he said will soon be under water. Republicans had better be changing these scenarios posthaste or these RINOs will be as endangered as the 4-legged Rhinos. Tea Party pressure had better be demanding & relentless. I am not hopeful after seeing our new "speaker" Boehner appoint Hal Rogers as "Pork Watchdog." Rogers has gotten 135 earmarks (costing $246 Mil) over the last 3 yrs for his Kentucky district. Repub Sen Cochran of Miss has been one for 36 yrs. He has been Chair of the Appropriations Committee & Agriculture Comm. A powerful influence, he is called the King of Pork, & pushes stupid subsidies like paying farmers or wealthy owners of dormant farmland NOT to farm. He got 240 projects costing us $490 Mil. Dem Dan Inoeye of little Hawaii got 151 projects costing us $388 Mil. Naturally, they get re-elected over & over. The "Citizens Against Gov't Waste" started tracking Pork-spending waste in l991. Do you think it has doubled or tripled in 19 yrs? I'm sure it was prevalent then. It has worsened by 15 times!
Pigs at the trough.

Congress has the lowest approval rating in history at 13%! That poll was taken before the irresponsible pork-laden Omnibus Bill they are now trying to ram through. They know the people hate it (those that know of it) but they arrogantly just don't care. It should be called a disapproval rate of probably 90% & such an outrage that voters must throw 90% of these leeches out on the street! Just check their voting records. I told you Sen Murkowski of Alaska got heavy funds & support from outside Alaska. She is a RINO republican that continually votes to support Obama's left agenda. Smell a skunk? It smells just like Sen Al Franken of Minn. Two senators that lost, then came back at the wire to "win" by the narrowest of margins to keep the Senate in the hands of Democrats & pretend Republicans. Soros & the machine working quietly?

Ever the word-player, Obama likes to call it "tax cuts" for the wealthy - not no tax increases on anybody. If the schoolyard bully only takes half your lunch money this time, can he rightfully say he gave you half? It is OUR money, Barry. Not yours or your buddies. $1 or $100, if you take it against our will, it is still theft! To then waste it, or give it away to the undeserving, or whomever you choose, just adds insult to the assault. Then you publicly vilify that 10% that pays the 70% that makes it possible for you, Pelosi & Reid to ingratiate yourselves with those handouts & payoffs! This treacherous Congress loves to throw unbelievable unread garbage and Pork in, right at the end of each year - when you're thinking Christmas & they're thinking Deceit. You have bitter departees, plus all those looking for votes from pork recipients back home. They get from 10-20 cents, on the dollar. That seems to be the going rate (like tipping). Bring home a $500,000 earmark and those backers will donate $50,000 -$100,000 to your campaign. Pigs do stink, don't they? The Omnibus bill they are trying to rush through with the Tax bill (as I go to press) has, I hear, one billion dollars for Obama's health care, with over 1,900 unread pages & 7,000 stinking earmarks, costing $8 Bil to the Tooth Fairy in it. And you know how ridiculous 99% of those earmarks are. I'm beginning to think pitchforks, and those guns "we cling to" are the only things they will ever really hear. The $59 Bill they will "borrow" for unemploy comp & endless pork should bring our (interest only) payments up to ONE TRILLION per year! Does any other country pay that much for their whole national budget? Just curious. My Michigan Gov, Jennifer Granholm is peanuts comparatively, but she has her "fuzzy math" too as she wrote in the Huffington Post. Obama loves Huff's Post & Soros contributes financially to its perpetual distortion of truth). It is just another bullhorn for liberal bull----. Granholm said, "Best of all, the new (Livonia lithium-battery) facility has already created over 300 new Mich jobs, and "A123 Systems" production plans project another 3,000 clean technology jobs to follow." But that 3,300 jobs figure far exceeds the truth - & fiscal common sense. State taxpayers pay "A123" $133.9 Mil in subsidies & Fed taxpayers $249 Mil, for a commitment of only 844 total jobs (about 540 more over the next 5 yrs) that pay only about $29,000/yr. That is 844 - not the 3300 stated. State Rep Tom McMillan says the company only has to create 300 ($29,000) jobs over 6 yrs to get most of the state's $134 Mil in aid & all of the Feds $249 Mil ! Only 350 jobs gets even a $4 Mil loan forgiven - that's $11,428/job for starters. This lunacy means Mich pays $300,000/job and the Feds pay $700,000/job - $1 Mil for each $29,000 job! You could GIVE each worker $29,000 per yr for 34 yrs! They just can't be that stupid, but that's what the people & numbers say.

Forbes magazine (12/7/10) said, "Billionaire investor & philanthropist, George Soros warned tonight in New York that the combination of FOX News, Glenn Beck, the Tea Party and the ability of Americans to fantasize unrealistically about their political system might lead 'this open society to be on the verge of some dictatorial democracy.'" So Soros is saying, Beck, FOX & Tea Partys are the evil ones. Wow! And getting national press to trumpet it. He was being "honored" at a International Crisis Center dinner. Bill Clinton (lead trumpeter) & others spoke eloquently about Soros' contributions to global order. Not, apparently about his raping & pillaging of foreign economies for profit. Forbes said Beck has been trying to stir up public hatred of Soros (falsely vilifying him), suggesting Soros is trying to take over the U.S. for his own purposes. Now, Soros says it's Beck who wants to take over - make us a "dictatorial democracy." Beck had an excellent response on his show, which I copy here:

"The people you're up against have buried themselves in our gov't & they've been wearing masks for a long time, but they're about to take those masks off, and understand, they want control of every aspect of your life because the world is about to change. They want to make society more just, but from their perspective. I told you last night that if I were going to take over the world, because that's what 'Forbes' said Soros said of me - I was going to start some dictatorship because you're too stupid. If I were going to take over the U.S., what would I need? What would I need to do? Well, you would have to control the financial sector. They did it with a financial bill. You'd have to control health care, who lives who dies. You'd have to control industry. That could be done through the financial sector, through taxes, bailouts, just taking them like GM. You would need to control military. This is tough - they defend the Constitution. Now, they can bleed them dry, tire them out. Yesterday, they just passed the spending budget. We have tons of money for regulation, but we just gave the military the smallest raise in 50 years. That's how they're going to do it. Stress, push & stretch them. In history it's been done before, other countries, by just not paying them. Then you have to grow dependence, people dependent upon the gov't. Then you control the media & food prices. They've just done all these things, just passed the food bill, for your safety. Everything is done for your safety. Now, the media. (There is much FCC debate currently on net neutrality - WikiLeaks) Robert McChesney is the founder of the group pushing for net neutrality, wildly powerful now in Washington. Listen to his words, 'No one thinks any longer that media reform is an issue to solve after the revolution. After the revolution, everyone understands that without media reform, there will be no revolution. In that sense, it is similar to the labor movement where the demand for free trade unions, hardly revolutionary in its own right, is a necessary precondition to building a viable organized left that can contest for power. Even if you do not get the revolution in the U.S., media reform, much like organized labor, can make a nation a more just & humane place for its own inhabitants & the peoples of the world.' So, they'll take it even if they don't get the revolution, but revolution is what they're shooting for."

Later on the show is a clip of Van Jones, deposed Green Jobs czar (for saying we bombed our twin towers). Still highly active for Obama, this army-booted revolutionary racist says we have to grab the whip and run the plantation. This time they will take the media seriously - that can only mean Fox TV, Christian & conservative talk radio. They have all the rest. Jones calls it the next frontier - the media & the racists in the media. Take the power from the mean, dumb racists. McChesney says, "You can't have a revolution without controlling the media." Obama's Diversity czar, Mark Lloyd admiringly said of Chavez (Venezuela), "He had an incredible revolution - a democratic revolution. It wouldn't have happened if he wouldn't have seized the media." Remember at the start of Obama's presidency, that "chance" meeting with Chavez where he gave Obama a copy of his book? It was anti-American, about us colonists oppressing everyone. All these self-avowed revolutionaries are actively taking us over, one item at a time, like a checklist. They all work for Obama & are friends of Soros, who says outright that Beck is the danger to beware. Does that make a lick of sense to anyone with half a brain? McChesney said, "It's time to take the media, just like the Unions." (FOX News & Beck?) Do they have to shout it from the rooftops to get your attention? Is there any doubt that the Union "heads" at least are way into this & sinister? The gov't union, Amer Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is now joining Obama's boycott team to get Beck, Limbaugh & Stossel (all those Constitution preachers) off the air. That Union wants gov't bailouts, Trillions for their lavish pensions nationwide, for which they have no money (like the others)! Without FOX & the others it would be done quickly & quietly. Michelle said, "Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices." (after they impose economic destruction) "We are going to have to change our conversation." (by way of controlled media) "We are going to have to change our traditions & history." (no Christmas or God & re-written events) "We are going to have to move to a different place." (just another nation in a new world order - they in charge) Their goal is obvious, re-write & teach, K - College. And reinforce through TV, print & radio, until everyone thinks as one. As we elders (with experience, wisdom & memories) die-off with rationed help, it gets easier to take our kids to "a different place." This president stands out alone. He has not & will not reach out to older Americans. To him we are insignificant in his plans, only an impediment.

One American's view. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my site. Phil Faustman
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