Wednesday, October 13, 2010

49th Issue 10/15/10

A frightening fact: Every single dime of taxes paid in by those that work (plus extra off the presses because it's still not enough) is given to those not working or paying taxes. That is beyond ridiculous and each year this disparity grows, as more people get into the wagon that taxpayers push & pull. Of course this idiotic nonsense will end. All parasites eventually kill their hosts & die themselves. Or they move on to another host, but I don't think they'll do well in Mexico. America has enormous expenses besides social security, medicare & medicaid, defense & education - pork & waste. Right now Obama wants to slap down another printed $50 Bill for infrastructure (Union) jobs. At twice the price, it hires & benefits half the people it should (as always) but union dues grease democrat palms. Touching on pork & waste, $886,000 - Texas frisbee course, $4.5 Mil - Florida eco-park, $1.8 Mil - Virginia tennis courts, $500,000 - dog park in bankrupt Calif. That's where they give "charge cards" to welfare recipients so they aren't embarrassed when checking out. But it showed $69 Mil was charged-up in Hawaii & Florida, for cruises & at Vegas casinos. WE should live so well. And Calif wants us all to bail their stupidity out! Isn't that clearly, "Taxation Without Representation" imposed on the more responsible states? NY City union bus drivers get 15 sick days & retire at age 50! Their transit system is losing nearly a Billion dollars. They call getting spat on "assault," for which 51 drivers took an average of 65 paid-days off - (over 2 months) for emotional suffering! I'd pay someone to spit, as I'm sure they did.

I want to quote some wisdom that I saw on FOX News. I find these words so appropriate with the elections immediately before us: "Silence in the face of evil is itself evil. God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak, is to speak. Not to act, is to act." We can debate on how great the evil is we are now facing, but each of us in our gut, knows this nation is being rushed down a road very few of us want to travel. America, as we've been raised to know her, is on the brink of extinction. Some will insist that is absurd. It cannot happen in America - or to America. If you still believe that, you are a fool. I will not waste my time & energy persuading you. You are the problem. I am beseeching (begging) all others to vote. To not vote is to vote for the status quo (that is killing us) and I say "shame on you." If you have never voted before, register now, and vote at least twice in your life - 2 weeks from now & 2 yrs from now. You can exert at least that much effort to save this great nation of ours. One gigantic message must be sent, to all those incumbents that have sold us down the river! Our rage must be carried to the polls. Some will holler, retort or jest about their guns & how they'll fight to the end. I say, "Grow up! I have mine too." But they are the tools of a pathetic, desperate bunch, much like Custer's last stand. Declaring you're willing to die might be noble - & it might be bluster & easy talk. Maybe you're the one bitching about how your vote has never counted, or won't change anything, or doesn't matter because, "They're all the same." Horse manure! Take an hour out of your precious life, gather your friends & family & go vote. Vote for your children & grandchildren who are too young to vote. It is their lives we are supposed to look after. It is their lives that WE have permitted to be so screwed-up through ignorance & negligence! If our kids knew what all was coming for them, I guarantee you they would be at the polls, en masse! I know you would die for your kids, I'm begging you to go vote for them. Give them & America one last chance. They, & she deserve at least that! One lousy hour is all I ask. This time you could honestly, truly say, "I tried my best, kids. I voted to throw those bums out. I didn't just rant & complain." No excuses of too busy, I forgot - but I meant to. You should be so ticked-off you're counting the days! And if you're worth a damn as an American, you are.

You see unemployment figures each month at about 9.6%. It seems to stay unchanged, like our situation is not worsening. That is false, because after 99 weeks of drawing unemploy comp, those unfortunates are no longer even counted as unemployed! Real unemploy figures are at 10.4%! Those off the roles have NO money to spend. Their plight is even worse. Unemploy, plus under-employ (less hours than wanted) plus long-term discouraged (no longer even seeking) has reached 20%! As they say, "Figures don't lie - but liars figure." Or paint a prettier picture. Like they just announced our recession is over. Isn't that great? It ended officially 16 months ago according to the news, which also mentioned 41 million on food stamps. And for the first time in Social Security history, 59 million seniors will not earn a cost of living increase for 2 yrs in a row. That's how good things are. Higher food, gasoline, electricity & heating prices are a figment of your imagination. Statisticians (that I tend more to believe) say it will be another 10 yrs before we return to the "prosperity" of 3 yrs ago. Our homes have lost about 1/3 of their value in 2 yrs. Cheap food (canned meats, fruits & veggies, pasta & rice) is costing 50% more than 2 yrs ago. These are the best investments you can make for whatever money you may have. It keeps for years. You will pay at least 50% more 2 yrs from now. Gold wont keep pace with that. Buy it on sale & stockpile. This is no joke. You can eat it later - cheaper. I wrote on this over a year ago & was right on. More printed dollars will continue to buy less & less, and the idiots are even increasing the corn in gas tanks, which drives up all grains (bread/cereal) & "meats" that eat them.

As Glenn Beck pointed out, when does a nudge become a shove from environmental fanatics? They post quite freely, giving some clues to their intent. One said, "At what point do we jail or execute global-warming deniers?" In 2006 eco-magazine "Grist" called for Nuremberg-style trials for skeptics. In 2008 James Hansen (a NASA official) called for the trials of climate skeptics, for high crimes against humanity. Also 2008, Canadian environmentalist, David Suzuki called for Gov't leaders skeptical of global-warming to be thrown into jail. In 2007 Robert F Kennedy Jr said of skeptics, "This is treason. We need to start treating them as traitors." Another environmentalist said, soon another generation will come & strangle you in your beds. Weird people that we must pray never get real power, if we presume they do not already have it. They have a God-complex - the world will be destroyed unless they step in to stop it. As George Soros (Obama's friend) said, "It is sort of a disease, when you consider yourself some kind of God, the creator of everything. But I feel comfortable about it now, since I began to live it out." His self-adulation rivals (The Messiah) Obama's. There is so much "love" in the room when they're together.

The Times Square bomber told the judge, "We are only Muslims... But if you call us terrorists, we are proud terrorists, and we will keep on terrorizing you - the defeat of the U.S. is imminent." ABC news inexplicably held a town hall meeting: "Should Americans fear Islam?" Their Muslim "expert" cleric Anjem Choudary (leader of the British outlawed extremist group, Islam4UK) said, "We do believe as Muslims the East & West will be governed by the Sharia. Indeed we believe that one day the flag of Islam will fly over the White House!" Where was the rest of the media that attacks the Tea Party at every turn? This outlandish brash statement on a sister TV network was stifled, not a word by CNN, NBC, CBS, CNBC or MSNBC. Only 2 of the larger newspapers even mentioned it - nothing from the biggest (NY Times & Wash Post). "News" is what the powers that be decide is newsworthy - not actual facts & happenings. They will tell us what they want us to know, or supports their bedfellows. Their mission is to deliberately uninform & misinform the voting public. Occasionally a sister paper or network strays or has a twinge of conscience. But they are quickly reined back in, privately scolded or ostracized. Their thinking is clear. If we are united, consult each other to agree on desired results from our "news" information - what can they do? Only a few will bother to seek out the true facts, and how much "informing" can they do? WE are the power of the press! (As long as we stick together.) Yes, Islam & Sharia law scares me. Our lying press scares me more! They, and this administration are the biggest threats to our freedom!

Knowing how scary "Progressives" were to the American people about a hundred years ago, my eyes opened wide when Hillary claimed to be "a proud new Progressive." She still intends to run this country. Progressives here (and they are abundant in both parties) are the same as Marxists overseas, and also synonymous with "Fabian Socialism" in Australia, England & Europe. They are very radical (like Alinsky's book) in their thinking about human value, the environment & "climate-change" as they now call it. Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" is the handbook that Obama & Hillary worship. Alinsky dedicated his evil book (now recommended student reading), "to the very first radical... who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom - Lucifer." Whom, but sadists would even read a book openly dedicated to the Devil, let alone learn it & live by it. And how could such ungodly perverted thinking gain as much power as Obama & Hillary have today? It is totally "The ends justify the means." to all of them, and they will be ruthless if necessary. To them, we are in the way of progress & their perfect world order - & we are stupid. Glenn Beck has revealed much about these devious & secretive cults. Tony Blair, England's former Prime Minister is a proud Fabian Socialist, (like Hillary). Their logo is a shield with a wolf in sheep's clothing, for crying out loud! Their doctrine is: "Inevitability of Gradualism." It's like an open admission that they will lie, cheat & steal, and wear you down, methodically & relentlessly. They intend to control & rule us by any means necessary! Don't take that lightly, because we just don't matter (no human value). We are the stupid sheep that they must shepherd. That thinking is obvious in several recent shocking TV clips. In a BBC interview, Virginia Ironside (columnist & author) said, "If I were the mother of a deeply suffering child, I would be the first to put a pillow over its face." (The host was aghast.) "And I think the difference is that my feeling of horror, suffering is much greater than my feeling of getting rid of a couple of cells because suffering can go on for years." An infant's life (if judged to be suffering) is just a "couple of cells" to Ironside. This is just pragmatic, sensible behavior to these calculating people, like sterilization through drinking water or euthanasia for the aged, suffering or no longer useful, as famous George Bernard Shaw contended. A Fabian Socialist, Shaw also believed (like Hitler) in a Super race through eugenics. He won a Nobel Prize & an Oscar. As a journalist, playwright & public speaker he was (and still is) highly thought of. But he said horrifying stuff like this on a video clip: "Just put them there & say Sir or Madam, now will you be kind enough to justify your existence? If you cannot justify your existence, if you're not pulling your weight in the social boat, if you're not producing as much as you consume or perhaps a little more, then clearly we cannot use the organization of our society for the purpose of keeping you alive, because your life does not benefit us. And it cannot be of very much use to yourself." Our brainwashed kids have never seen a bad word about this monster who was an advocate of the gas chamber. He said, "A great many people will have to be put out of existence, simply because it wastes other people's time to look after them." This is how they omit or re-write history right before your eyes. Facts and truth are an encumbrance if impeding the story they want. As Obama says, "Too much information is not helpful." Our history (to them) is whatever they decide to teach us, and think our kids should know - whatever furthers their cause. I do know I wouldn't want Shaw, Obama or Hillary deciding whether I am (at my age) worthy of treatment or the expense under Obamacare. I remember when they scoffed at Sarah Palin's "Death Panel" accusations. Another TV clip was an environment/global-warming ad where a schoolgirl tells her teacher, "We're thinking of using our car less. I'm going to cycle to school." The teacher says, "That's fantastic. How many others think that you might do this?" All but Philip & Tracy raise their hands. Teacher says, "That's fine. Your own choice. OK class. Thank you. I'll see you all tomorrow. Oh, before you go, I just need to press this little button here." A loud explosion blows up Philip & Tracy, scattering blood & pieces of flesh all over the other students. Teacher calmly says, "Now, everybody, please read chapters 5 & 6 on Volcanoes & Glaciation." This too, was not shocking to them. They justified it by saying we only have 4 years left to act. We had to wake people up. Technically, I suppose they're not "evil" since they feel that what they're doing is for the common good. Obama, Hillary and the like, have not yet said the brazen outrageous things that Shaw said, in his time & on video. But what if they did? We already know about all the media serving them, and all the "new" history books and teachers "teaching" today's youth with fervor - what Progressives, Marxists and Fabian Socialists want them to know. We routinely send our kids to that indoctrination! That environment is undeniably evil! Shaw was evil, but how many "common" people knew of what lurked and actually transpired (on undeniable film) before right now? Tens of millions know nothing like this about Shaw - within America! Many hundreds of millions (in the world) know nothing about the horrors of the Holocaust & extermination of millions of Jews, despite the fact that it was a World War and heavily publicized worldwide only 65 years ago. Those people's leaders (and their media) said it just didn't happen, or was greatly exaggerated. What will American history read like 65 years from today? I shudder to think! If you don't vote these vermin out it will be on your hands.

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Phil Faustman
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