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12/01/10 52nd Issue

Only the president of the United States could have the power & authority to scan all the computers using the internet in America, monitor everything that is said or typed, and ultimately decide what you will be allowed to copy from your own composition or e-mail to others. When some of my black print turned to yellow (for those just now hearing of this) on my last Newsletter & just before I posted it to my site, I found out that any print "they" turned to yellow could not be reproduced or sent out of my home to even family & friends. Consider how evil and intolerable that is to our God-given Constitutional rights. Think about it. If you can find any excuse or justification for this to be done, you are a lousy American & in Obama's camp - waiting to do his bidding. He is the most despicable, power-mad president conceivable, if he can do this to little ole me, and seize this control over all of us. Since I refuse to believe that I know something in Northern Michigan of this magnitude that Pelosi & Reid aren't aware of, I must assume the Heads of Congress are also in on it! Get scared, people! Get damned scared! And get mad as hell. I'll be damned if they're taking over my country without a fight. If you've had no concerns about Obama's evil intentions get your head out... and fast! This is no game that politicians play. This is an obvious takeover & shut down of American FREE SPEECH - already in place, awaiting command. Why they tipped it off on my little blurb about evil George Soros I can only imagine, but it makes it no less real, threatening or repulsive. Since the censored part came right after reference to Glenn Beck & FOX News I am sure it was Glenn they were after & anyone passing his information on. If anyone knows how to get FOX's or Glenn's attention or to whom else I should make aware of this I would appreciate your contacting me. 989-348-4771

The Glenn Beck that Howard Dean & Obama wants shut down reveals that Pfc Bradley Manning (Intelligence Analyst) provided Julian Assange of WikiLeaks with most all the info that's causing the uproar in the news. Who is supporting Manning, called a traitor & hated by nearly everyone? Number one is "Code Pink" who I speak of often as terrorist supporters (and supporters of Obama & Calif Gov Jerry Brown). SDS (violent student group in the 60's) has an older group MDS, both support Manning. ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) and Veteran's For Peace support him. They are funded by Tides Foundation & OSI (Open Society Institute, both funded by George Soros. The guy who founded violent SDS also heads OSI for Soros. Pfc Manning calls world-wide anarchy, "Beautiful & Horrifying," precisely as his supporters do. The WikiLeaks crud (in hiding where only media knows his location) has an attorney, Mark Stevens, who also works for Soros. When WikiLeaks was founded, Soros helped fund that too, through OSI. Do you think all this is Soros instigated for a sinister purpose? He is everywhere, in the shadows, & major media (only "major" because too many still watch & believe it) obediently doesn't say a word. A while back Wiki wrote an award-winning piece, "The Cry of Blood." It was "awarded" by the Kenya National Commission of Human Rights, another Soros (nice sounding) propaganda organization. Wiki once listed a Soros-connected Chinese Human Rights (oxymoron?) leader, as one of its advisers. Once, is because it was "scrubbed" from the website, but not before copies were made by some. This coupled with European bailouts, violence & turmoil creates the global chaos they all want - those that would bring us down. Distrust of the gov't, upset airline traveling masses, weariness & economic drag of unemployment, depressing higher prices of essentials & poor medical/health care have them biding their time (poised) until discontent borders on rage. Then, something (like bombings) triggers Obama's lock-down & total takeover - for the overall good, & our security. Remember, "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste." and, "A crisis allows you to do things you could not otherwise do." are two favorite sayings of this admin & right out of their "Rules for Radicals" handbook. Many are acting in unison, not necessarily together, to destroy America. Some want their own special changes, having no evil intent. Some favor Socialism, to be like rioting Europe. Some want to go all the way to Communism. But each plays into the hands & helps an absolute evil-doer, seeking power & fortune, like George Soros. He is the master-manipulator, & you ignore the man in the shadows at your own peril.

WikiLeaks did reveal that the vice-pres of Afghanistan carried $52 Mil in cash when visiting the United Arab Emirates last year. We spend $100 Bil/yr on this country to keep this regime in place. That was either drug money or ours he carried! Wiki also said the Saudis (that charge us way too much for oil) are heavy financiers of al Qaeda to kill us. Those same jerks urge us to bomb Iran to take out the nuclear threat to them.

Now we are told we have a food safety crisis (non-existent - lie) that requires immediate steps to correct. It will give Obama total control of our food supply, to regulate, run small local farmers out of business. It means more gov't jobs & more payoffs to friends. Just like doctors must get bureaucrat approval to treat their patients, so will farmers - acquiesce or be punished! The FDA will dictate how fruits & vegetables will be grown, with rules on soil, water, hygiene, packing & temperatures. What animals may roam which fields and when, plus increased inspections & the taxation to do it. Huge Monsanto will really benefit. The FDA's Deputy Commissioner for Foods used to work for Monsanto and surely will again (hugely compensated). The 2nd largest stockholder of Monsanto is Soros, Obama's buddy. His admin laughs & mocks accusations of intrusions in our daily lives. Their takeovers of GM & Chrysler & control of all student loans, & 95% of all home mortgages, & health care reform that the Unions are getting rich on, plus financial reform, control of banks & Wall St, brings us now to protecting us from our food (Food Safety Modern Act S.510). They shut down lemonade stands & pumpkin sales by kids - soon it will be local farms & roadside stands with sweet corn, honey & maple syrup! They told California McDonalds no toy in "happy meals" unless it's lower in fat! These policing idiots destroyed $100 Mil of tomatoes, then found out they were not the problem! Food prices will soon sky-rocket. Half the Republicans in the Senate voted for this latest unbelievable intrusion. Get them the hell out of office! The Cong Budget Off says it will cost $1.4 Bil & require 17,000 more gov't jobs (future Dem voters). The FDA duplicates inspections at 1,451 facilities with the USDA. They are just the biggest 2 of 15 agencies

Democrats want to increase taxes on those making over $250,000. Republicans say keep the tax cuts for everyone in this recessionary time, the richer create the jobs so sorely needed. Both sides argue incessantly on what segment creates those jobs. The IRS knows exactly what tax bracket range does it. End the stupid gridlock. Compromise by ensuring NO new taxes on that important segment, permanently so they can plan future business costs. Then increase taxes on ALL above, that are not in business. It's that simple - if you're trying. When rationalizing his zeal, increasing taxes on those he determines to be rich, Obama said, "At some point, you've made enough money." Spoken like a true Dictator! Obama is now suddenly worth millions, & just getting started. I say to the hypocrite, "At some point you've seized enough power & forced your will upon the people enough!"

There are 67,000 TSA agents in a 2010 budget of $7.8 Bil that have caught zero terrorists. It seems our agents are terrorizing our airline travelers, groping them in public like sexual assaults called "pat-downs," & taking nude detailed pictures of them through their clothing. TSA said all nude photos would be destroyed, but admitted thousands have been saved. For what? After the shoe-bomber failed, they made little old ladies & toddlers take off their shoes. After the Christmas crotch-bomber failed, they began to thoroughly feel every one's crotches. Where do we draw the line on this lunacy? It only takes a minute amount the size of a sweetener packet to blow up a plane, & we know mid-east terrorists will stuff explosives up their rectum in their willingness to die & blow us up! End the humiliation. Profile & interrogate as they do in safe Israel airports! An intriguing solution presented itself on the internet that makes a lot of sense, & I rather enjoy. It calls for everyone to enter an explosion-proof booth where you can detonate any known explosives or components. After word got out, I dare say only 1 out every 6 (like a revolver) needs the expense of being real. Even in these times we need to smile a little to keep sane. Like Dirty Harry would say, "Well, do you feel lucky, Punk?" If there is a loud "Boom" the PA announcer can say, "A seat has become available for stand-by passengers." and, "We need maintenance with a Shop-Vac at booth #23." Terrorists are destroying our economy as was & is their intent. They don't need to have the bomb go off. If it does, that's gravy. We over-react so predictably, they know that for every $100 they spend for even baggage bombs we will spend $100 Million or more. We "protect" 24/7 - they occasionally send someone over, "Death by 1,000 cuts!" They laugh as we humiliate ourselves, stress & financially self-destruct. Oh yes, we furnish their $100 too, through oil dependency. Now let's hit on the opportunism & corruption this also provides to some. Former Homeland Security Sec'y, Michael Chertoff pushed for implementation of TSA's full-body scanners. Once out of "public service" Chertoff's consulting (lobbying) company took on Rapiscan (makes the scanners) as a client. He gave dozens of media interviews touting the need for more scanners, got a no-bid contract (illegal) from Stimulus funds, for 150 scanners at $167,000 each ($25 Mil). Chertoff has made a bundle that is still growing. George Soros also owned 11,300 shares of OSI (Rapiscan's owner) until recently. The head of OSI was invited to join Obama's group trip to India. OSI & Soros have contributed to organizations trying to boycott Glenn Beck's show. See how everyone walks hand-in-hand? Also note that the AFL/CIO union has now run to defend TSA's beleaguered agents, who Obama just gave the right to unionize (67,000 more Dem votes in the bag). The Union will get tens of millions more in new dues in this payoff. Still, zero terrorists caught!

Get to know Don Berwick (Obama's Medicare/Medicaid Czar). He is, "a huge fan of NHS," Britain's system of Nat Healthcare rationing, to hold costs down. Dr Berwick said, "I am a romantic about the NHS; I love it. The NHS is not just a national treasure, it is a global treasure. The decision is not whether or not we will ration health care - the decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open. The Social Budget is limited." Does that open your eyes? Britain's understaffed NHS forced hospital patients (those lucky enough to be in one) to drink water from flower vases. The staff said they could not leave water out overnight due to "health & safety. That sounds like Pelosi talking already. Apparently even a nurse's aide to supply water is beyond the budget they have planned for us. "This admin scoffed at "rationed" care accusations when they wanted our approval, didn't get it & rammed it down our throats anyway. A beaming Pelosi gushed, "We have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it." Now, we must ram it down their throats. Every member of Congress (and every gov't employee) will get the exact same "health plan" as The People, within that "Social Budget!" This, plus term limits and NO pensions at all for Congress. All gov't employees' pay will be frozen until on a par with private industry. I will not rest until all these asinine disparities have ended & they become Public Servants again! I consider myself a Tea Party Revolutionist and will even goad the Tea Parties if I feel their pressure is lessening. There is far too much at stake for us all until we get back to sanity & our Constitution. Call it," The Dreams of My Founding Father's." That seems appropriate.

Ann Coulter says we must repeal the 26th Amend that allows 18 yr olds to vote. I agree. The rationale was that they could drink & fight for their country at 18, let them vote. We soon realized letting them drink at 18 was stupid and repealed that. Fighting for country is much different, they are responsible, mature, a different mentality, let them vote. Is it coincidental that military votes massively republican? Aren't republicans supposedly rich, selfish people? But those 18- 29 (1/5 of all voters) voted for Obama 66-31%. Of course they don't pay for tuition, rent or food, health insurance, property taxes or utilities - yet. And they don't know that oil = gasoline that runs their cars, but their time is definitely coming. So they gleefully made a united juvenile statement, "Let's vote for Obama. He's cool. Every body's doing it!" and here we are. Impulse-buying can be costly indeed, youngsters.

I have no use for the ACLU (Amer Civil Lib Union). I rarely see them represent true Americans or Liberty, just wild, wacky extremists to challenge & defy the Constitution & Founder's clear intent - and Christianity. Peter Lewis is a card-carrying member of the ACLU. The billionaire is head of Progressive Auto Insurance. The name says it all & he advertises a lot on FOX News, ironically. Good business since FOX is thriving. He has contributed many millions to ACLU, like George Soros. ACT (Amer Coming Together) a far-left political action group also gets tens of millions from these two. ACT was founded by Lewis, Soros & labor unions (SEIU & AFL/CIO). Huge sums of money enable the ACLU to attack our American values at every turn. Why FOX allows his sponsorship is a bit perplexing, since they certainly know his nefarious ways.

How would you have liked Al Gore as President? He has shown a sleazy side, a nasty side & milked a hoax with falsified "facts" & numbers for hundreds of millions like a con man. Evil billionaire, George Soros was enraged when "his man" didn't win. He immediately founded the SOS (Sec'y Of State) project, recognizing this as a sure way to "win" & control elections, state by state. You put "your" man or woman in power to "oversee" each state's voting process with minimal loose "requirements" favoring & targeting illegals, homeless, prisoners, the poor, uneducated & now blacks (pointing out the need to support their black president). These people typically do not vote. They are mostly disgruntled, dissatisfied or angry with "the system." They are impressionable. Now the Unions come in with organized force, lots of dues money to bribe & buses to haul large numbers to the polls. They know the psychology of organizing, persuasion & fanning the flames of any discontent. Community organizers, like Obama's fraudulent ACORN assist the Unions in getting these masses to the polls & even voting more than once. This gets ever easier as Soros inserts "his people" throughout the 50 states. Immediate successful results can be seen on all borderline states. Heavily Hispanic Calif & Nevada voted against Gov Brown's & Sen Reid's opponents. Union voters were practically ordered to vote (in masses) for Brown & Reid in these examples. It is their standard procedure to concentrate their time & money & corrupt organized tactics where it will best accomplish their & Soros' agenda - all the Senators, Representatives & Governor's they can steal in borderline states. Even close "recounts" will be controlled by Soros' bought & paid for SOS's. These smaller state Sec'y "elections" are really easy for this master briber & manipulator with billions, his own propagandist media & a nasty mean streak. He can make you or break you, your choice. Soros also backs & puts Justices in the lower courts that will support his agendas on extreme left issues. He knows that many decisions establish the precedence he wants for other coming determinations that fall short of the US Supreme Ct. All these different fronts in a number of states (as he relentlessly attacks America from everywhere) makes it most difficult to follow & get people to even believe, without any interest or concern from the national press.

Another Bill you know little about (they count on that) that is a subterfuge with a dreamy name, is The Dream Act. The 44 ousted "Lame Duck" democrats (all for amnesty) want it in before they're out. It's Obama's Amnesty bill in disguise, & Harry Reid's gem that got Hispanics to elect him. This bill would give citizenship rights to 3-20 million illegal aliens - "Millions of displaced & replaced American students, workers & voters." Not just students & military service qualify, but all their siblings & parents too.

Our thinking needs some critical self-analysis sometimes. I am against more than 99 weeks of unemploy benefits. Republicans are being vilified for cutting them off their freebies when it is known that they won't work (other than for cash) at menial jobs paying less than unemp checks. The repubs would extend benefits (against my wishes) if the funds came from left-over TARP or Stimulus funds or cuts in spending elsewhere. The dems want to PRINT the money to pay for it. But the media will spin it that repubs hate the "poor" people. "Poor" in the USA is ridiculous compared to anywhere else in the world. Here, 97% of the poor have TV's (25% big screen), 89% have micro-waves, 80% air conditioning, 73% have a car. 64% washer, 57% dryer. In other countries poor people DIE! Our poor when I was a kid would have had none of these type things. I was not poor. A lot of that is in your mind. Just like the reasoning that everyone owes you a living because you haven't been offered the job of your dreams, or it's unfair that you weren't born wealthy. I was raised to be frugal. Clean your plate & be glad you don't have to go hungry. I had friends that I knew who ate potatoes almost exclusively. One became a diabetic in his youth because of it. I found out later that he looked forward to occasions when he could drain some canned vegetable juice on them for a taste change. They didn't even have oleo, but they had pride. All of my clothes other than shoes & underwear my mother got at rummage sales. I was not poor, but there were mouths to feed. Choices were made and no one I knew would ever accept charity or gov't help. We never went hungry, but wasted nothing & threw practically nothing away. Family took in family down on their luck. We grew up stronger & self-reliant, knowing how to make do - America as it should be. It's the pampered youth of today that are the losers. We lived life proudly.

Portland OR (left-leaning like anti-US military San Francisco) openly refused to help the FBI investigating local Muslims (under G. Bush). Their recent Christmas tree lighting ceremony (that a terrorist tried to bomb) has caused them to reconsider their animosity toward the FBI that saved them. Is that a thank you? Howard Dean, once seriously (sadly) considered for the presidency said, "FOX News just makes things up." He wants them "regulated." He said, "Americans don't know what's going on & therefore the media can have their way with them intellectually." I think we've been called stupid again. FOX could not stay on the air if they made things up. Firmly entrenched (acting together) far-left media serving the gov't would like the gov't to regulate FOX News - so they could mess with your intellect. But they're impeded by the truth & light of FOX.

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my site. Phil Faustman

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