Thursday, September 3, 2009

Issue #18


Can you please help me understand where this nation’s priorities lie? Obama DISMISSED the CONVICTIONS of those militant “Black Panthers”, but wants to PROSECUTE THE CIA for “perhaps” being overzealous in their interrogations of KNOWN terrorists. This was RIGHT AFTER they butchered thousands of innocent Americans, and they knew of plots to kill even more. Keep in mind that these ungrateful, forgetful, vindictive prosecutors call “sleep deprivation” and “blowing cigar smoke” into a terrorist’s face TORTURE! The same animals that chop off people’s heads for pleasure, and for doing nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time, when they feel like making a statement and a VIDEO. Say what you want, and think what you will. You can even be indignant and self-righteous SEVEN years later (in a terror free America). But the CIA DID ITS JOB, and the CIA PROTECTED US all, and that was their only concern- KEEPING US SAFE - doing their duty. But Obama wants to make THEM the bad guys! Why do I feel that if those Black Panthers had beaten them half to death the charges would be dismissed? And let’s drag America through the muck AGAIN for the world’s amusement, YOU DOLTS!

Jeffery Immelt (CEO of General Electric) is BAD! Immelt was rated 100th on a list of the “100 worst CEOS” but is good enough to be on Obama’s advisory board. He helped shape the healthcare plan, and is now on the Board of the New York Federal Reserve! He owns NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC and sells all kinds of Obama paraphernalia in the NBC Store. You can buy (29 items) dolls, mugs, dishes and even shirts with HIS photo and “Yes We Did” emblazoned on them. “We” undoubtedly means Immelt, G.E. and 3 news broadcast stations, working day and night. There are no other politician knickknacks, not even a Sarah Palin “voodoo doll” to stick pins in, just Obama. Wake up America! G.E. (Immelt) stands to gain many BILLIONS in government contracts for “services rendered”, and now, appointed to the N.Y. FED, has his hand in a new “cookie jar”. As Jeff must say, “It’s not HOW MUCH you know, but WHO you know.” And he is living proof, if ever there was.

I will continue from last week but space (with all else going on) won’t allow me to elaborate much. Imad Fadlallah, a Muslim High School Principal “canned” a Michigan Hall of Fame Wrestling Coach, Gerald Marsazalek and his Christian assistant coach, because a Muslim student converted. Fadlallah ranted and raved publicly and punched the student, calling him a disgrace. This was at Fordson High in Dearborn, MI. Christian teachers are being systematically “weeded” out. Muslims are rapidly taking over in Europe (and will here) by proliferation. They commonly have VERY LARGE families and congregate into tight-knit communities. By doing so they take over the schools to teach “their ways” and they become the ruling majority in local politics, injecting their views into law, and then enforcing their law. For most it was never their intent to BECOME American - just to LIVE in America. That’s the way I see it, and apparently it’s A-OK with the government!

Rifqa Bary, the 17 year old Muslim girl that converted to Christianity and fears her parents will kill her, says the Mosque that they attend is connected to Terrorists. The Mosque serves 10,000 Muslims. This “Terrorist News” comes to us accidentally while in pursuit of another story - “accidental” journalism - be proud MEDIA! As I said last week, no one is looking into these Mosques and Schools that are teaching HATRED of us, Jews and all non-Muslims. And they “pass the hat” to finance the killing of our American Soldiers! Damn it! We are just waiting for them to strike first - and they WILL strike! They grow bolder under this wimpy administration. BUSH ALLOWED THIS AS WELL, and Clinton before him. But if Standish’s prison gets those Gitmo prisoners - watch out!

The bad news for Friday’s release (so taxpayers could cool off) was a 30% increase (already, and more coming) in calculated cost of the Federal Budget deficit for the next 10 years. It has jumped from $7 to $9 trillion, Obama finally admitting the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) was right when they projected $9.1 trillion back in June. That’s still a 2000 Billion dollar “OOPS!”

What did you think of those 1700 stimulus checks just sent out to prison inmates? Remember the 10,000 Social Security checks mailed to the “deceased”, and “Cash For Clunkers” fiasco? “Hail To The Chief!” Let him run healthcare too. He’s fun to watch!

How about U.S. Representative Diane Watson gushing all over Fidel Castro (to applause) at her Town Hall? How many America-hating Nuts does she have in her district to keep her in office term after term? She is DESPICABLE!

I am going to spend time (next week) getting specific about how BAD organizations like STORM and APOLLO are. Space won’t permit me to address it all today. I will present to you (then) detailed facts on what evil (Anti-American) goals they have. The same goes for the unsavory characters that founded them or believe (wholeheartedly) in each’s Mission. In America (it makes me shudder) I suppose they have a “right’ to believe in OVERTHROWING our Republic and trampling our Constitution, but I will fight them as long as I have breath! I need to believe that you too, feel strongly about returning to our Roots – our Wise Founding Fathers’ CONSTITUTION! Today I’m taking the gloves off – telling it like it is. If you hear me out, I don’t see how you can come to any other conclusion than something very much like mine. I say again, I don’t care one lick about your party affiliation. I am asking you as a fellow American, what do you believe in? What do you care enough about to make a stand? It MUST be stone cold obvious to you by now that our “elected” officials (Democrats and Republicans alike) DO NOT represent us (any of us) and DO NOT CARE about what we think, what our opinion is, or what we feel. We can SCREAM IT – nobody’s listening! If you are not in agreement with me on this, I don’t know WHAT to say to stir you. STORM and APOLLO, and everyone in them (plus ACORN), the SEIU, the Tides Foundation and AmeriCorp) vary only in degree – from objectionable people, to Evil – IF you believe in OUR CONSTITUTION, and that America is a GOOD and JUST Nation. As I’ve said, space dictates I give you full details later. I hope (by now) that my truthfulness has earned your trust. If I say they are bad – they are BAD!

These types of organizations are always out there, but what makes them now so sinister and of such great concern is that our President Barack Obama has SURROUNDED himself (everywhere you look) with Activists, Radicals, Communists, Revolutionaries, Marxists, ex-cons and just generally tough guys. He called them “czars” before we got too critical. Whatever, he uses them to circumvent our elected (lazy useless) Representatives and answer DIRECTLY to him (the President). Most of them could never get through a rudimentary background check. They are not only his eyes and ears, they ADVISE him and DESIGN programs like “Stimulus” and “Healthcare” (behind closed doors) in the White House. THIS IS EVIL! You MUST see that this is evil! You do, don’t you? I know that healthcare is getting lots of press, and our silly inconsequential representatives (they’ve made themselves that) are taking a lot of heat, but what does it really matter if our whole system, and America as we know it, is being trashed by a Gang of Anti-Americans (now IN POWER) bent on regime change?! “Don’t watch the hand that’s moving,” REMEMBER? Oh, yes, Obama also pals with (and gets advise from) huge conglomerates like G.E. and Jeff Immelt, but that’s mostly because he gets to then BROADCAST PROPAGANDA (to the populace) over G.E.’s 3 NBC Stations! Propaganda like MSNBC saying right wing extremists would like to see Obama, a black President “SHOT.” They alluded this to FOX News and then in a film clip showed a big man in a white suit with a gun slung over his back at a Town Hall meeting. The MSNBC commentary said, “Obama is a man of color and there are white people with guns.” The film clip part they DIDN’T show on MSNBC was that it was a big BLACK MAN in a WHITE suit! Did you see it? It’s not ALL government controlled news – YET! But if Obama’s “Diversity” czar gets his way they will “shut down” or SHUT UP people like Rush Limbaugh, FOX News and especially Glenn Beck. They are the dissenting voices that are a constant thorn in HIS side. Did you know there is a Bill being introduced (right now) that will give the President the power to instantly SHUT DOWN THE INTERNET? Free Speech is under full scale ATTACK by our White House - AMONG so many other things! You do know they are putting people in place that want to TAKE OUR GUNS, don’t you? Gee, why would they want to SHUT US UP, TAKE OUR WEAPONS and FORCE FEED US their PROPAGANDA? It sounds more like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela to me. Why this assault on two of the most basic tenets of our Constitution? And, if taking our guns is all right with you because it you think it would DECREASE violent crime, take note that England banned guns in 1998 and gun violence is up 340%! The bad guys don’t play by the rules. They laugh, rob and kill, knowing YOU can’t defend yourself, dummy. It is another example of miserable (government sticking it’s nose in) failure, that some of us want America to emulate – like that British Healthcare disaster. I've said, “Those you hang out with, define you.” This (not MY) President scares the hell out of me! You can’t lay down with that many mangy dogs and not get up infested with fleas! If you’re a Democrat, I don’t blame you for wanting CHANGE from 8 ignorant free-spending years of Bush. And Clinton was 8 BAD YEARS before him. But 20 years of “stupid” is enough! And don’t forget our corrupt, complicit, totally tuned-out Congress. Throw ALL the bums out! Scream out, “NO!” To ANY and ALL of their proposals. Believe it. ANYTHING THEY WANT IS BAD for true Americans. ANYTHING! Ask Obama WHY he has surrounded himself with self-avowed radical, activist, communist thug revolutionaries!? HE gives them tons of money and puts them in Powerful Positions. WHY? We have 550 despicably shameful members of Congress that don’t even care. WHY? If even a FEW of them asked and demanded answers, to a FEW PROBING QUESTIONS I might not be so dismayed at the prospects, but to re-use that corny phrase, “Their silence is deafening!” Don’t even bother asking the Media anything. Their deliberate ignoring of wrongdoing and takeover by extremists is aiding and abetting. I view their frequent transgressions, omissions and distortions as TREACHEROUS in the least, and TREASONOUS in the extreme.

I quote a campaigning Obama, “Well, if you want to really know what my policies are, “LOOK TO THE PEOPLE AROUND ME.” Another time he says, “Look at how I make decisions. LOOK WHO I SURROUND MYSELF WITH.” Well, let’s TAKE A LOOK. Let’s stroll down Memory Lane first. Remember his 20 YEAR ASSOCIATION with his highly racist Anti-America Pastor Jeremiah Wright and his inflammatory sermons? Wright married Barack and Michelle and Baptized their children. Forget the B.S. so-called disassociation because it jeopardized the campaign. Wright has profoundly affected both of the Obamas and his views are largely theirs, and that ain’t good. Don’t be duped again, if you fell for it the first time. The same is true if you believe Obama’s association with the Weather Underground’s “Bomber” Bill Ayers was only casual. He laughed it off. They were just neighbors. Don’t be naive. Ayers was ONE of the TWO founders of this dastardly group that BOMBED U.S. GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS. The other was JEFF JONES, who is a LEADER NOW of the Apollo Alliance, which had a LOT TO DO with WRITING the STIMULUS BILL. Obama associating with BOTH FOUNDERS of a militant radical group – what are the odds? Unless you are a lot ALIKE! Van Jones our Green Jobs Czar is a Marxist Revolutionary, a self-described Communist an ex-convict, anti-Capitalist and founded S.T.O.R.M. (Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement). He idolized the likes of Mao Tse-Tung and the African Guerrilla leader Amilcar Cabral (whom he named his
son after). Jones founded “Color of Change” who view the United States as a profound Racist country. It is an African American Political Advocacy group. Jones attended Yale Law School toting a Black Panther book bag and dressed in combat boots. He interned with Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights (L.C.C.R.) which views the United States as a hopeless racist nation. I say all this to give some insight into his past, attitude and a developing theme. He said he was a “Rowdy Black Nationalist and Communist, trying to be a Revolutionary.” He became a committed Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, viewing police officers as arch-enemies of black people. And he loathes Capitalism – so “Right” for America, don’t you think?. He should fit right in with someone saying cops acted “stupidly.” Perhaps I should interject here. Yes, I too think Obama is racist. Apply the dictionary definition AND REVERSE the players. Have a White Conservative say the things Obama says freely and see how it is interpreted, and attacked by the Media. He is not as bad as his Pastor, Wright but don’t try to tell ME he doesn’t have BIAS, and a chip on his shoulder! Just like his hand-selected felon Green Jobs Czar, who is RACIST AND COMMUNIST, and is NOW with money and Power in AMERICAN government. He loves his new position as a “Community Organizer” (just like ACORN and Obama) on a NATIONAL level, or as he puts it, “Inside the Fed family.” (Makes me feel warm and fuzzy). He said in a July “Newsweek” interview he could not explain exactly what a “Green Job” is. But he has $60 BILLION burning a hole in his pocket, (if he ever figures it out). If you’re white - you probably need not apply.

I must tell you alarming things about the other radical extremist of what I consider to be the “Big Two.” Many of Obama’s ANTIAMERICAN czars, chiefs, officers (who cares?) have liberty-threatening backgrounds - DARK SINISTER pasts. DO YOU CARE about YOUR COUNTRY and YOUR FREEDOM - YOUR RIGHT TO SPEAK and DEFEND YOURSELF - TO CHOOSE whom you will WATCH AND LISTEN TO when you want to be informed? My God, GET ANGRY! How much must you SEE? It will happen SO FAST you will be in “Shock and Awe!” And the results will be devastating to life as we know it! Obama isn’t “brilliant”, but those who ran his campaign and groomed him for office are. We are up against an ORGANIZED, METHODICAL TAKEOVER of America! Many will think I’m a nut. So be it. I can live with it. But, WHAT IF I’M RIGHT? Look people. LOOK HARD! And LISTEN with a CRITICAL ear. This is no damned joke, although Hugo Chavez of Venezuela is laughing. The Communist President said, “Hey, Obama has just Nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or WE are going to end up TO HIS RIGHT!"

Enter #2, Mark Lloyd, “Chief Diversity Officer” and great ADMIRER OF HUGO CHAVEZ, and his “incredible revolution” which Lloyd calls “Democratic” (he doesn’t even see Democracy as we do). Lloyd says, “In Venezuela, with Chavez is really an incredible revolution, to begin to put in place things that are going to have an impact on the people of Venezuela. The property owners and the folks who then controlled (owned) the media in Venezuela rebelled – worked, frankly, with folks here in the U.S. government – worked to oust him. But he came back with another revolution and then Chavez began to take very seriously the media in his country. And we’ve had complaints about this ever since.”

Private media told the people and property owners about Chavez seizing private property – nationalizing private industry (like here maybe). The media exposed him – ousted him. (Like it’s SUPPOSED TO WORK HERE). When he came back a second time (2006) he systematically revoked the licenses of 200 Radio Stations and imposed tough new regulations on cable T.V., to stifle criticism and resistance. Here, practically no media criticizes or resists already, but they are ardently going after those few that do – especially Conservative and Christian radio. Obama, through Lloyd, will regulate them all OUT, in time – learning from Chavez. I wonder now what that book was that Chavez gave Obama? Lloyd is another Saul Alinsky disciple, and a racist. His “diversity” is not diverse OPINIONS – it is SKIN COLOR. In his book, “Prologue to a Farce” he calls for an all-out “Confrontational Movement” by leftist-activists, AGAINST PRIVATE MEDIA. NOW HE’S IN CHARGE! Feel safe? Also in his book (about the 1st Amendment), “It should be clear by now that my focus here is NOT freedom of speech or the press. This freedom is all too often an exaggeration. At the very least, blind references to freedom of speech is warped to protect global corporations and block rules that would promote Democratic Governance.” Remember, HE thinks CHAVEZ is “Democratic.” And yes, he is also ANTI-CAPITALIST. How about Obama? HE put these two in power!

I hope I’ve finally scared you enough to get you ACTIVE. Ask why, why, WHY of your elected officials! And DEMAND ANSWERS! Folks, if you like my newsletters, PLEASE HELP ME get my website (GOOGLE - in front of small towns, Big Shots, Organizations, whatever, all across America! Please email, tweet, blog, phone or write - family, friends, tea parties etc. Help me spread the word, will you? And I will not be delivering my newsletters on an all day Wednesday door-to-door route much longer. It takes 3 full days to research accurately and write, plus one day of delivering. I would like to have 6 or 8 places in or around town that have counter space or room for a wall display case (I would provide). Please call 348-4771. Besides all my letters, my son has added other interesting links. He has a site of his own, also. Thanks so much...
One American’s View - Thanks for listening - Phil Faustman

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  1. Please take a moment to check out my documentary film BLACK HAIR

    It is free at youtube. 6 parts including an update from London, England.

    It explores the Korean Take-over of the Black Beauty Supply and Hair biz..

    The current situation makes it hard to believe that Madame C.J. Walker once ran the whole thing.

    I am not a hater, I am a motivator.

    Plus I am a White guy who stumbled upon this, and felt it was so wrong I had to make a film about it.

    self-funded film, made from the heart.

    Can it be taken back?