Friday, August 28, 2009

Issue #17


There is all this talk about government healthcare in the Obama news and how great everything will be when we finally give him (and Pelosi) the reins to run with it. They know best, what to do, how to do it. They can’t tell us HOW they’re going to throw 47 million more people smoothly into the mix, or HOW we’ll pay for it. No one has read the thousand-plus pages of DELIBERATE legalese double-talk because it makes no sense to anyone that TRIES to read it. Obama/Pelosi can’t explain it because they don’t know WHAT they are going to do! THEY HAVE NO PLAN! It’s just “trust us - we’ll figure it out as we go.” You just “believe” and commit to us many hundreds of billions of dollars. The little WE DO KNOW, or could glean from this gobbledygook, stinks to high heaven! The deliberate gibberish hides government paid for abortions and medical insurance for illegals without “saying” it. Obama looked absolutely foolish when that college guy asked him directly, “Will your public government plan drive out private insurance companies?” Without a script or a teleprompter Obama is exposed to slow, plodding responses. He can’t think on his own - he smiles and usually says, “That’s an excellent question,” and stalls and tries to recall stated (teleprompter) responses from before. He’s reduced to cliches and politician double speak. It is almost painful to watch. Then out comes some asinine statement (on the world stage) like his comparison of the Post Office, Fed-Ex and UPS. The hugely supportive audience was deathly quiet after his feeble, inane response, and anything but an adoring media would have ripped him to shreds. His example of Fed-Ex and UPS competing very well with the U.S. Post Office I’m not even going to elaborate on, because I know YOU KNOW the government-run Post Office is a perpetual failure. But there is NO WAY that a “brilliant” mind blurts out a statement like that. And I keep hearing how “brilliant” he is - “incredibly smart” - based on what? He is a charming eloquent orator or speaker - that is all. This was just his latest gaffe in recent weeks. But this was such an OBVIOUS question to have been prepared for (with all the furor at these Town Halls, before his) that it stands out as “extra” ridiculous. But (again) it shows that this man cannot think on his feet - no spontaneity, and his grasp (how doctors “make their money”) is revealing and amusing. In his attempts to vilify “greedy” doctors he shows unbelievable ignorance. Like, if a doctor is treating repeated sore throats, Obama says the doctor says “You know what, I make a lot more money if I take this kids tonsils out.” Therefore they opt to put the patient under the knife. He said it - so it must be so. What a nasty (and stupid) thing for a President to say. Well, he’s not stupid so there must have been a REASON to say something so mean and outrageous. The Doctor that treats sore throats makes his/her money TREATING sore throats. If that Doctor refers the patient to a surgeon to remove the tonsils - the surgeon makes the money. If tonsils were the problem the first doctor (of sore throats) has now “lost” a money-maker. How STUPID, if you’re in it FOR THE MONEY. But why the vicious insinuation by Obama to direct your anger toward that “throat” Doctor? Ignorance or brilliance? Or just a deliberate lie, not well-thought out, to turn you against the program that “is,”and “to sellhis. Then he blunders further when he attacks doctors again, with this gem about obesity causing Diabetes. Not much money can be made in preventative care like weight loss, monitoring their diet and medications, and such. “For these, Family Care Physicians get reimbursed a pittance. So these people end up getting their foot amputated, that’s $30,000, $40,000, $50,000. IMMEDIATELY the Surgeon is reimbursed.” So now, these monsters are chopping off feet for instant financial reward! Where in hell is the media to expose such idiotic accusations? The Doctor TREATING the diabetic is NOT THE SURGEON that amputates! The Surgeon “makes” $700-$1200 for surgery (and 90 days care). But don’t let truth and facts get in the way of a good story! And by the way, the government, Mr. President, sets the fees for reimbursement in Medicare and Medicaid to all doctors.

I didn’t want to use this much space on healthcare but it’s so debated and important I want to outline what I think would “clean up” the EXISTING way we are doing things for the 80+% that are at least somewhat happy. To get the government into the mix as an insurer is absolutely OUT! FIRST you FIX WHAT YOU HAVE - what people like and want, to the best of your ability. Government can “oversee” 1300 private insurers (as a whole) only to be sure they have and maintain WIDEOPEN COMPETITION THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY (no state lines), and none become “too big” to fail. Government should select many of the finest minds (to meet together) from Medicine, Nutrition, and Healthcare, and “pick the brains” of the efficiently run Mayo and Cleveland Clinics, and (any and all) successfully run programs and hospitals. START right there! Get all those “that know” TOGETHER (no politicians allowed) to put a PLAN together, that addresses ALL the problems, and NEEDS from everyone’s point of view, and is fair (financially) to all, starting with the People and Taxpayers. Everyone in that room will know where the snags are, who is making out and who’s being “screwed.” Lock them up like a sequestered jury to battle it out, until they come up with a short-term plan (quick fix) and a long-term plan, with goals and preventative care to include EDUCATION IN NUTRITION. Do it for the GOOD OF THE COUNTRY and make OUR Healthcare the ENVY OF THE WORLD!

Now for MY common sense “fixes” that Congress and Obama have NO INTEREST in (unless you’re wealthy lobbyists). First and second (in no particular order) is to REPEAL Bush’s asinine drug bill (that big pharma loves) AND put serious caps on MALPRACTICE SUITS that trial lawyers love! Now take a deep breath - that just SAVED A MASSIVE amount of money, and COULD be done with just a stroke of the pen. 2 strokes. IF they cared! Since they DON’T and they WON’T, because these huge expenses “sell” their government option and “takeover” plans. But for what it’s worth I’ll continue with my third common sense fix. That is our highly expensive MISUSE of emergency rooms by millions of Illegal Aliens. (our poor “citizens” have Medicaid). Almost all of these E.R. needs are of a nature that a much simpler (far less expensive) Medical Service could serve JUST as well (across the street) from EVERY E.R. in high population centers. I’ll bet 90% could be done simply by those with basic training skills that I learned (in 3 months) as a Medic in the Army. And, as I’ve said it would create tons of jobs - which is also important. Plus, it has to be good to know that there are hundreds of thousands more people (amongst us) knowledgeable in basic emergency and healthcare in today’s world. One last observation that I want to mention. I am not enamored with our private insurers either but after seeing government takeovers in so much of what used to be “private industries” I cringe when I see (again) our government (through Congressman Henry Waxman) demanding to know where, and how they spend all their “ill-gotten” gains. It’s none of the government’s damned business! You might like to decide WHAT is right and wrong, or WHO is right and WHO is wrong, but WHO GAVE “YOU” THE RIGHT to be the decision maker? And who draws the lines as to how far you can go? That is why you don’t even open the door. Most CERTAINLY NOT the government! The lines may be somewhat blurred IF they accepted taxpayer’s money, but no way does the government have any say otherwise. Besides, THIS government just wants the POWER. It doesn’t care about the taxpayer’s money! Keep that in mind, come the next elections! This time, be there IN FORCE. Show ACORN what REAL organization is, and what happens when good people get mad!

How about the “Hero’s Welcome” that Libyan (piece of scum) Terrorist got when he debarked the plane in Libya? That cowardly animal was RELEASED by the Scottish Government on “COMPASSIONATE Grounds” for cripes sake. He TORE APART 270 families with his (just before Christmas) bomb and his 8 years in prison amounted to about ELEVEN DAYS served for each slaughtered innocent sole! 189 were Americans. Show HIM compassion? I would say to cross Scotland off your list of places to visit for anyone considering it. But where was our wishy-washy President? Certainly NOT being Presidential. The American People are outraged - but not their “leader.” He embarrasses America for being wimpy (in the Mid-East’s eye) once again. If he had told Scotland, “If you let him go and show us up, you will regret it”, I would feel differently. But that isn’t who he is. He called it, “a mistake.” WOW! No kidding? Obama apologizes to the world, and shames us repeatedly.

Billions to Brazil to drill for offshore oil and create Brazilian jobs. Now THERE is “change you can believe in.” That’s our President! No Billions to drill offshore here or in Alaska to cut Arab dependency and create jobs for Americans. Hell no! It’s one more payback. This time it is for extreme environmentalists getting him elected, along with ACORN, the Unions, trial lawyers, etc. If America goes down the tube, so be it. You MUST take care of your “friends.” Any regrets America? But something else rears its ugly head here in this strange disclosure. The very profitable oil company in Brazil is “Petrobras.” George Soros (far-left Billionaire and strong supporter of Obama) with connections also to ACORN and the (bad) Tides Foundation, has a large financial position in Petrobras, that he repositioned, just a FEW DAYS BEFORE Obama’s announcement (to get paid dividends). Another payback possibly? Or am I just too cynical? For the administration of this country to ignore OUR need to drill for oil and natural gas, in our destitute economic state, and our people in desperate need of jobs, is incomprehensible AND
indefensible. We NEED the RESOURCES. We NEED the JOBS. We NEED to reduce dependency on people who HATE us! Where is the Outrage? Where is the media? Are they a BAD joke, or what?

David Axelrod is “Senior Advisor” to the president. He gave up (sold) his position as president and sole shareholder of “AKPD Message and Media” (an Ad Agency) to do so. The agency owes Axelrod $2 million. His son still works at AKPD. Another Ad Agency “GMMB Campaign Group”, (with AKPD) got $343 million (that’s a bunch) for advertising last year on bama’s campaign. This year the two agencies have received $12 million (so far) to sell Obama’s healthcare, most of which has come from “PhARM”, the Big Drug rep. that Obama just made his secret agreement with. The one where (for concessions) PhARM would spend $150 million on advertising to promote Obama’s healthcare plan. So, hello AKPD, and it would seem they will have no problem paying Axelrod the $2 million they owe him. And his son Michael would seem to be secure in HIS job at AKPD, since many millions more are surely headed their way. Hey, it’s probably nothing but my paranoia acting up again. They say there is nothing improper going on here, so it must be me. But I thought I would pass this info on to you for your perusal, like the Brazilian oil, George Soros tidbit. Enjoy the commercials.

I saw Howard Dean and Bill Frist on Larry King Saturday night. At the very end Larry asked them what they thought about the “Cash for Clunkers.” Frist said he hated to part with his old “91 (whatever it was) but couldn’t turn down $6,000 of free government cash so he bought a Prius. Dean chided him and said he used HIS free money to buy “American.” It got me wondering about how many Congress people bought cars with that “free” giveaway that THEY voted for? And since it was $4,500, but Frist got $6,000 - was that another “special” for special people? Just wondering, for all of us that just financed it.

What do you think about the Prison in little Standish Michigan (just over an hour from Grayling) maybe housing those 229 Muslim Terrorists from Guantanamo Bay? Obama wants to improve Michigan’s awful unemployment rate - thanks a lot. Why don’t we drill for our known oil and natural gas reserves? Instead we get to house the Scum of the Earth. I shudder to think of an organized attack on that prison by Muslim Terrorists to release their brethren. They could then (all of them) run around America in pursuit of their “72 virgins.” It just so happens that Michigan has the largest concentration of Muslims in the U.S. (which has over 8 million). The Detroit area (mostly Dearborn and Hamtramck) has the 2nd largest Muslim population (Paris is
#1) outside of Muslim-run countries. Paris has violence nightly in those communities. Talal Chahinne (owner of 15 restaurants) fled to Lebanon to evade Federal charges (in 2006) of evading taxation and giving $20 million to Terrorist Hezbollah. You can bet more sympathizers are active. Muslims rule the City Council of Hamtramck. Dearborn’s population is predominantly
Muslim. Their Al Mabarat “charitable organization” has also been named in funding Hezbollah. 3,500 Muslims in July 2006 marched in SUPPORT of Terrorist Hezbollah shouting, “Jews are diseased!” al-Qaeda and Hamas and other Terrorist groups are also supported. All this is stewing and growing and 2 hours from Standish! Ask yourself why there is virtually no media
coverage? I THINK this should be of utmost concern! It’s deplorable that our Attorney General is digging up those old Bush interrogation techniques again and oblivious to something as threatening and obvious as this. Again, it’s not a question IF - but when! There was an incident in 2007 in Dearborn when Houssein Zorkot, a resident Muslim was arrested in Hemlock Park, carrying an AK-47 assault rifle, and dressed in black clothing, with camouflage paint covering his face. We, as a Nation, as a State should be VERY attentive. I KNOW something bad is coming. More next week.

One American’s View, Thanks for listening, Phil Faustman

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