Thursday, September 17, 2009

Issue #20


It was gratifying to see ACORN exposed for the dirty corrupt organization I knew it to be. They are vulnerable all over the country to scrutiny and investigation by anyone interested in making the simplest effort. They ain’t smart, just allowed to run free. The national Media and Congress couldn’t care less how crooked ACORN is. Why is that? The only news (other than FOX) about the ACORN scandal was speculation by CNN of possible entrapment or infringement of ACORN’s “rights” by the young investigators - Unbelievable!

Van Jones exposed himself readily as an anti-America, racist and communist radical - no one in D.C. (again) cared. He finally did something so indefensibly stupid (and signed it) he had to sneak off into the night, saying he was “smeared.” Still no news, other than FOX. If you didn’t watch FOX News you wouldn’t even know these things HAPPENED. In America! You would think it would be embarrassing to Obama - these events. But since it’s not even reported news, and he’s not even questioned he can just ignore it, and it magically goes away. Do you think Bush would have been treated so sensitively?

We get conflicting reports of how many tea party or 9/12ers marched on Washington, depending on which “news” is reporting it of course. But from aerial shots it was more than tens of thousands, as those lesser TV stations said - much more -try well over A MILLION! Impressive! All across the country there were really BIG turnouts. A strong message delivered. Ignore it at your peril!

The Apollo Alliance (like ACORN and the SEIU) is in thick with Obama in the White House. Apollo too, is very bad. I want to write about the ways that Apollo is already affecting ALL of our lives. There are so many truly scummy people entwined in it. There are those who founded it, like the ex-”green jobs” czar, Van Jones. I’ve already told you tons about how BAD he is. And he founded STORM and other anti-America groups BEFORE Apollo. Jeff Jones is also a founder of and leader within, Apollo. He was also the OTHER founder of the Weather Underground with Bill Ayers - bombing government buildings. The same Bill Ayers Obama only knew “casually” while working for ACORN. Apollo had already designed the Stimulus Bill for Obama before he made his revealing announcement, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” God help us, because he damned well IS transforming us, into something no true American would ever have suspected or believed COULD happen IN America. By “designing” the Stimulus Bill (for which Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader thanked them profusely) they were able to funnel $8.5 Billion to various ACORN entities, and much, much more taxpayer money will be shoveled out to environmental groups and Unions (like SEIU). These three powerful elements are getting stronger by the day (funded by US) and will soon have a stranglehold on America’s throat. ALL under the noses of a do-nothing Congress and Media. Are they ALL that stupid? Or are they just all that DIRTY in this selling-out of America? Apollo has a long list of highly questionable characters in their structure and their past. Too many to list, with any detail given to their deviant pasts, and knowing the amount of space and time I have in this newsletter. You have seen two big entities Apollo is into, in the news regularly - ACORN and Big Unions (SEIU, UAW, AFL, etc.). Trust me. It is an organization that has its own agenda for Power, is well-organized, and NOW well-FUNDED, thanks to self-help Government financing. And, oh yes they have Obama at the top to help them, help HIM in “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” - INTO WHAT?

S.T.O.R.M. was founded by Van Jones and others. It was a bad outfit. They fought each other and STORM is now defunct. Since Van Jones is now gone and STORM disbanded, I will move on. But Van Jones will reappear somewhere, in some capacity for Obama. Obama's not going to let FOX News "smear" HIS friend and get away with it. Jones will most certainly be "advising" the president and frequenting the White House. America (our United States) is known throughout the world as the epitome of Freedom, and a freedom-loving People. We have repeatedly shown the world that we not only fought for freedom for ourselves, but we will lay down our lives for strangers (without hesitation) if they are oppressed and cry for help. We spend enormous sums of money waging war on tyrannous bullies, knowing that we will never see that money again. We do these marvelous things without a second thought. No other nation has ever shown so much generosity - in the history of the world! Not to only "put your money where your mouth is," but have a people (some would say, self-centered and materialistic) willing to give up their cherished youth in battle for others, is rare indeed. And what about all those brave young Americans leaving home in tearful farewells, eager to do what is right, apprehensive about death of course, but wanting to go. It is one thing to defend one’s own soil from invasion, quite another to leave your Homeland, Hearth and Family to fight and die where they don’t even speak your language. Isn’t all this heartfelt genuineness special? Isn’t this a great Nation with a special unique people? Apologize NO MORE for us, Obama! And you left-wing crazies can pack up your bags and get the hell out of town. We will pile up those “new” poisonous school History Books and burn them. THAT IS NOT what is meant by Free Speech. You extremists, communists and socialists had better get back to the rocks you crawled out from under. We “The People” are coming back to clean house (White House and House of Representatives). What you’ve come to represent is an abomination TO the Nation! We’ll throw in the Senate too - no charge. We will definitely begin at the Polls in 2010. Incumbents, probably need not apply. I know I will NEVER stop fighting all these America-haters, and would-be destroyers of the Constitution.

This administration has declared war on probably the two dearest Amendments of them all: Freedom of Speech and the Right to Bear Arms. They are slipping in, people of power all over the place (32 Czars), to go with “special advisors to the president.” Call them what you will, I call them Scum! They have OPENLY expressed in speeches and books written, their outlandish positions and views. STILL they are permitted to hold high office. Who in hell is looking after America? I KNOW what Obama is doing, but is EVERYBODY ELSE looking the other way? Is that POSSIBLE? Nobody with half a brain can believe nothing BAD will come of this, unless they get their “news” from the NBC family of Presidential Propaganda, or the New York Times. Those unfortunates will believe whatever they’re told. If you’re not watching FOX News you can't possibly know the DANGER our Country and our basic rights are in, and shame on you. My God, Wake Up! If it wasn’t for FOX our Republic would already be gone! Glenn Beck has been asking many questions of our president, demanding answers. Despite his nightly pleas the White House remains silent - because Beck speaks the truth! There are no snappy comebacks, when called out publicly and confronted with glaring facts, dishonesty and truth! Obama says he likes a good fight. He, for some reason, takes pride in how they fight where he comes from, saying with a smile, “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun!” So, Obama has been called out in the street to fight. Doesn’t his silence speak volumes? All he has to do is answer simple direct questions. Big bullies are notorious for not showing up when someone stands up to them and calls them out. Obama WILL fight Glenn Beck - Chicago style - DIRTY. He has every intention of shutting down ALL of FOX News and all Conservative and Christian Radio broadcasts, too - just like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela did after his revolution. Rush Limbaugh and Hannity are on his hate list (or hit list) too. Mark Lloyd (Obama’s Diversity Czar) loves Chavez - and what that extremist did to silence HIS country’s media. Lloyd said so, with emphasis. Lloyd is NOW IN CHARGE of regulating ALL Broadcasting in our United States! That is why Obama won’t fight or speak now. He is biding his time. He knows he will lose any fair fight with facts and truth. He knows he is in the wrong, but fully intends to WIN by stacking the deck, cheating (Chicago Style). He will just pull out his gun (Mark Lloyd) and “eliminate” the opposing view, any and all opposing views -just like Chevez and Venezuela! In Obama’s “transformed” America, MSNBC is good, and “in;” FOX News is bad, and “out!” That, and the ability to shut down the Internet along with Television and Radio just about completes the abolishment of our First Amendment. Cass Sunstein is the new “Regulatory Czar.” He ALSO wants total control of the Internet, T.V. and Radio. What do you think Obama wants? Since our insufferable Senate has already blessed this latest extremist’s appointment (and his intentions are known and clear) we must presume they just don’t give a damn. Find out how YOUR senator voted. If he’s guilty of this treason make certain he NEVER gets back in office again! Dedicate yourself to that end. Don’t just vote AGAINST him or her. Campaign against them! WE MUST DO what our GUTLESS representatives won’t! THROW THEM ALL OUT the first chance you get! Don’t ever let them touch Our Country again. They took a SWORN OATH and totally DISGRACED themselves, and SHAMED our system of Government.

It’s time to throw out the garbage and rid ourselves of the stench of treachery. And we have wall-to-wall garbage! Now let’s explore the rest of what the Senate doesn’t care about. Sunstein wants to take our GUNS, to the extreme of even abolishing hunting! He believes pets should be able to SUE their owners. He is a nut-case by even P.E.T.A.’s standards. But there is nothing “funny” about Sunstein. He is now in a position of unreal power. He joins Obama’s Supreme Court appointee Sotomayor who wants gun control, and Harold Koh, who Obama appointed as the State Department’s legal advisor. Koh wants to get rid of all guns and was affirmed by an uncaring Senate in June. Koh has a LOW opinion of the United States (like all of Obama’s hired help) and has said, “America belongs with Iraq and North Korea in an Axis of Disobedience.” That’s O.K. with our Senate though, and Koh says International Law OVERRULES United States Law. Oops, there goes our Sovereignty, too. See how quickly you can LOSE everything? The stinking useless United Nations will tell US what we can or cannot do if Sunstein (and Obama?) gets his way. He also believes in Government-forced abortions to limit family size. He’s for lacing public drinking water with drugs to induce sterilization, again presumably to contain population growth. He believes animals have more value than people, and we should all be vegetarians - a little off-the-wall?

The government wants to “fix” everything. We bailed out Big Banks because they were “too big to fail.” We then allowed smaller banks to fail. The big “bailed out” banks picked up the failed bank’s business - becoming bigger! Do we bail them out AGAIN using the same reasoning? Just wondering. Anyway, that’s how the Government fixes things, and will “fix” healthcare if you give them a chance.

Now (finally) Congress is expressing concern about Obama’s 32 czars and how they MIGHT circumvent our elected representatives by answering directly to the president. NOW, they say, “HUH?” Go back to sleep! Now they want them screened for approval by the Senate. What a laugh. If the Senate approved Sunstein and Koh, they’ll approve a rabid dog.

There are 1100 pages of deliberate gobbledygook in the healthcare bill and NOT ONE WORD about “capping” asinine Malpractice lawsuits by filthy rich trial lawyers, who pay in huge sums to the democratic party, to “prime the pump” to keep the flow of easy money coming in. These suits are the biggest single cause (above waste and fraud) in High healthcare costs. You can see them in action every day on T.V. ads, yourself. This is why people are so mad. There is no truth being told and NO honest attempt to “Reform.” IF Obama can “PAY” for his plan by cleaning up Waste and Fraud like he says he can (I don’t believe it) then do it NOW - PROVE IT! Do something presidential for once. And cut off the trial lawyers - be brave, and EARN our trust, or we might just shout out, “YOU LIE!” Because you do. You and Pelosi don’t care one whit about “the people’s” healthcare or the enormous cost and debt. If you did you would clean it up NOW! Not AFTER you get your way. That’s what good leaders would do, so naturally neither of you have a clue.

It’s been PROVEN in States (where malpractice liability is capped) that premiums drop by 40% or more! ANYONE CARE? With Obama, when does the lying get to the point that you have to be an absolute idiot to listen to another word? He insults us again when he says adamantly, “I will NOT SIGN a healthcare bill that adds one single dime to the federal deficit! Period!” We’re not kids anymore and we’re not dummies. WE don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy and we sure as hell no longer believe in you! Almost half the country never did! The only way in the world Obama’s preposterous statement could possibly happen, while adding in 40+ Million more people is to slash the existing coverage so severely you would have riots in the streets! Yet, he spouts his unbelievable crap just to get it passed. I believe AFTER it is passed he WON’T CARE if you call him a LIAR. He’ll just smile and probably say, “That’s the way we do it in Chicago. Gotcha! You were FOOLS to believe I, or ANYBODY could do that. But now gov't takeover is IN, and YOU LOSE!” By now (after 1-1/2 Million marched in D.C.) HE KNOWS he won’t be re-elected. Maybe he’s thinking of Martyrdom. The “Cause” (Transforming America) being greater than the individual. I do believe HE THINKS America is bad. THAT is BAD for AMERICA!!

One American’s View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my website. Phil Faustman

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