Friday, September 11, 2009

Issue #19

What a speech and tribute to Unions and Union Labor this Labor Day. Obama’s teleprompter at its best. Remember last year about this time when the Big 3 Auto companies were on the verge of bankruptcy? Well, taxpayers (by Decree from the Administration) had to shell out $25 Billion (last September) just to postpone the inevitable. In November they said $50 Billion would do it. Just see them through the 1st Quarter (when their CEOs would produce a plan for solvency). Obama (the Savior) would be in charge then. The taxpayers wanted to let them go bankrupt, as Capitalism dictates. They could (then) start over fresh, without Union-Scale wages and “Legacy” – early retirements with fantastic health benefits and other compensation. Taxpayers knew we would still need cars and still have jobs making them (albeit at reduced wage) - but the “sick puppy” would be well again and rid of Union fleas. Capitalism, as it should be. But no. Enter, heavy Union Obama Campaign Contributions! End of 1st Quarter, Obama fires G.M.’s CEOs and essentially GIVES General Motors to the Union to run. Payoff to the Union was just getting started by Obama. His “Cash for Clunkers” cost taxpayers $3 Billion more, and mostly helped the Japanese. But now some of the fine print (surprise!) in the thousand plus page Healthcare Bill, will funnel $10 Billion MORE to “Bail Out” Union Healthcare commitments to retirees (age 55-64 – before Medicare). This age group (enjoying an excellent early retirement) is the most expensive of all healthcare. It is no wonder the Unions committed $15 Million to “bus in” protesters to drown out those opposed to the government public option. Yes, Unions will get $10 Billion to “tide them over,” until Obama can get EVERYONE under the government blanket, then absolving the Unions of future encumbrance. Taxpayers get NO say in it unless they “Kill the Bill.” I asked last week, “Who writes these lengthy deliberately complex Bills?” It is NOT the President or Congress. They can’t even read or untangle them. I think they are just assured (with a lawyer's wink) that whatever they want, or want to do, “It’s in there!” You can bet the Union lawyers wrote this part. The SEIU (Service Employees International Union) “purple shirt Thugs” worked out the healthcare cumbersome details with Obama behind closed White House doors. The SEIU asked (or told - who knows anymore?) Obama to tell “Arnie” (in California) to give back the pay CUTS to SEIU government employees. The “Governator” tried to cut state government expenses. Obama said reinstate the SEIU pay OR NO BILLIONS in bailout. Hell, Arnie would have given them all raises. The SEIU could have held out for a better deal. Yes, the SEIU is all FOR government healthcare. With Single Payer coming down the road (healthcare workers, unionized SEIU) it becomes a piece of cake for Union bosses. Recruiting is simple. Government employees will always want more pay and benefits – and less work. Employees (through Unions) will “stick it” to the government (taxpayers)! 78% of Canadian Nurses (Nationalized Healthcare) are Union while only 18% of American Nurses are. 61% of all Canada Healthcare Workers are Union Members – 11% in the U.S. If those percentages Unionized in Canada are transposed to the U.S. it would be a 1.8 BILLION dollar increase in dues for the SEIU! They would be willing to kick and beat up a whole bunch more opposers to that Government Option Healthcare Bill for that kind of bonanza. And let Obama give unions “card check” too, so they know who DOESN’T want their Union in! Unions do NOT want taxation on those excessive healthcare packages though (Cadillac plans). When the Senate hinted that was one way to help pay for those with NO insurance, a Coalition of 30 major Unions immediately sent letters to the Senate strongly protesting. THEIR health plans are Cadillac plans. They PROFESS CONCERN for the unfortunates but aren’t about to kick in a nickel FROM THEIR coffers.

So Van Jones, the “Green Jobs Czar” resigned from his position. He signed a paper saying Bush essentially let them “bomb” the towers so he could go to war! Too radical and too stupid for even Obama to accept, I guess. Since we are now RID of an extreme radical in the government does it make everybody breath easier? It had better not! Howard Dean said his departure is “A loss to America.” How sick is this guy? And Dean was just one Primal Scream away from running the White House if you recall! The Van Jones appointment EXPOSED Obama’s true intentions. Obama can no longer get away with that Shyster smooth-talking charm. His well-rehearsed and polished technique that bamboozled voters and got him INTO the Oval Offi ce is now working against him. I believe mostly all the Independents and frustrated Republicans that elected him, are now vociferously AGAINST him – with a fury that comes from deep embarrassment. They now know they were duped, deceived and lied to – and they fell for it. America has awakened! The people (FOR the Constitution – and the only ones that matter, in my book) are now cynical of everything he says, and leery of his every move – and rightly so. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on ME!” Thank goodness for the contemptuous boldness and “in your face” arrogance of the “real” Obama. His appointment and open embrace of Van Jones was stupid! I feared a cold, calculating PATIENT administration. But I fear no more. They rushed this too. I am still VERY CONCERNED about all the other Czars with freakish and sinister backgrounds that are now in place. But Obama’s duplicity and TRUE AGENDAS have been exposed by FOX News - and a few scattered journalists. FOX News has a vigorously growing viewing audience for one big reason – people are finally catching on. Obama ISN’T REMOTELY who he said he was! He flat-out deliberately lied to get in, and almost all the media KNEW IT, but still supported him, making them accomplices. Obama couldn’t have sold all that B.S., or hidden his suspect past without a rotten collusive Media! That’s the dirty little secret in America that NEEDS LIGHT and A LOT of AIR! Don’t forget the Media’s allowance of Pelosi, Barney Frank and all their arrogant cronies to pull off all their wild antics and make the “House” their own little “Kingdom.”

I will further expose Apollo and various (poisonous for America) Obama Czars next week. Van Jones’ sudden departure defused some of the urgency. Let’s see how that plays out in this week’s Media. I want to address some current news events and get some stuff off my chest.

How does Nancy Pelosi retain her position as Speaker of the House? Her approval rating is abysmal and to put it simply, she does a lousy job. Barney Frank does a lousy job, as does Harry Reid. And so many are stinking tax cheats - just to varying degrees. Charles Rangel is an outright crook. They just get bolder and bolder. But this is not pilfering. This is major crime, deserving serious jail time. He will probably not even get fines or interest charges, like Geithner and others. They’ve been investigating Rangel for more than a year! He is so bad, and it is so obvious (overwhelming) that it is an embarrassment to our whole system to not immediately suspend him from Chairmen of the Ways and Means Committee, if not throw him in prison! He WRITES the the tax laws that don't apply to him! Fire him! Throw him in jail! Then find out the details to how bad he is. He’s too stupid to hold office if he thought he could hide all he’s done. Or they are all so dirty around him he thought he could get away with it anyway. They say; bad as he is, they fear the person in line for his job is worse! That reasoning is as stupid a response as John Conyers, “What good is it to read the “BILL, nobody can understand it,” gaffe. And Conyers is a crook, and his wife, too. But if Rangel is kept in office because a crappy replacement is waiting in the wings, doesn’t that indict the whole rancid system? This Country is starved for leadership and searching vainly for integrity and all we get is the Circus’ “Keystone Cops!” – half are laughingstocks and half belong in jail! Utterly disgusting!

Obama has gone out of his way to separate himself from any show of Christian faith. When he speaks he is very careful of any background that might show up on T.V. coverage. That by itself, may not be a really big deal, but is when you look at all the other things he does. He has acknowledged NO church since his Rev. Wright’s cult-like anti-America racist church. “He prays in his own way,” we are told. He denied a fly-over for troops on the 4th of July, done 42 years straight, because it “is TOO Christian.” Hogwash! He covers up a Cross behind him, or any reference to God before T.V. shots. He blows-off our National Day of Prayer but gives special acknowledgement to the Muslims’ “Ramadan.” In that same time frame he invites Gay Activists to a White House celebration. How much hooey do you have to see to know he is totally out of touch with our Country’s religious roots? That doesn’t make him a bad person, but when he forces HIS personal NON-religious beliefs onto others that is unacceptable, like that fly-over. When he goes OUT OF HIS WAY to MAKE AN ISSUE out of his “background” shot being “clean” of Crosses or any reference to God, THAT IS INSULTING! This Nation was founded by very religious, wise and great men. Perfect? No. Some even had slaves. But there was turmoil and debate (even then) about its wrongness. And it was in a world and time where slavery was commonplace. Many whites booked passage to come to America as “Indentured Servants,” to work-off their debt after arrival. We constantly evolve, and WE determine if that is good or bad. I am not a devoutly religious man. I have a great many friends who are, and I see them (good moral people - high values) living contented and fulfilled lives. I guess I’ve always had a problem in that I think more people, all though history, have been killed IN THE NAME OF RELIGION than for any other reason. WHEREAS, I believe that if everyone lived their lives by the “Golden Rule” the world would be a better place, “Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you.” So I have questions - certainly. But the other day while “The Lords Prayer” was being said before a meal was served (in a government building) I overheard a conservation that went something like this from another room, “How come they’re praying in a government building? I thought it was supposed to be ‘separation of church and state.’” Someone there said, “It is voluntary. You don’t have to if you don’t want to, but nearly everyone wants to.” Instantly, my hackles were up and I exclaimed, “This country would be A WHOLE LOT BETTER OFF if there was a lot MORE CHURCH and a lot LESS STATE!” It peeves me no end, the prevalent ignorance (deliberately distorted by purposeful fiends) of such a simple statement by our Founding Fathers. They came to America to escape religious persecution and certainly the “Church of England!” They came here to worship as their own hearts dictated, not how England “the State” dictated. That is why (then) they proclaimed there would be “separation of church and state.” I think it’s extremely clear if you put yourself in their shoes, in their time. They were deeply religious, prayed before all sessions, and had references to God all over, and most certainly in and on GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS! There is nothing for interpretation. It is very clear! I am sick and tired of the lousy few (ACORN and its disciples or look-alikes) relentlessly trying to destroy America. But their tactics work. This person questioning “church and state” is not a bad person, just duped into “parroting” the “phrase of the day” coined by liberals, leftists, progressives, whatever. And the conservative republican side is hardly better! But the crazy radical Czars, ACORN, APOLLO and SEIU inside the White House present a whole new threat! They ALL “know better” than those Wise Men that wrote the Constitution.” And they certainly know a whole lot better than us - what’s best for us! BULLCRAP! In my first issue of my fledgling journalism career I wrote about the systematic indoctrination of our children in school (all the way through college) because the vast majority of teachers are LIBERAL - TO EXTREMELY liberal. That is not good! There is no way that fairness and objectivity (presenting the “other” side) is going to even out. Professionalism is going to lose out to temptation - to introduce all these young impressionable minds, to your point of view. A few might adhere to proper teaching (and keep their political views to themselves) but with those overwhelming NUMBERS HAVING LEFT, TO FAR-LEFT viewpoints - COMMON SENSE SHOUTS OUT that this is wrong and has the tremendous evil potential - in the extreme - of brain-washing! Now throw in the facts that the vast majority of newspapers and television station owners (and even movie studios) are owned by liberals (or progressives). Surely you can see the continuation of biased news and even biased entertainment, being force-fed to us all! The movie STARS are predominately liberal (politically active - some extreme) and always pressuring for movies and roles to express their views - thereby skewing our perceptions of actual events, truth and reality. But now, back to school. I saw where the University of Oregon’s Faculty “VOTES” at a fourteen liberal to one conservative ratio! If they “teach” the same ratio…? In recent news (on FOX of course) grade school students stated that they were being told doctors keep people sick to make money, and, “Why should we follow the Constitution that was written by Rich, Old White men?” Text books NOW PORTRAY American History as more to be ashamed of, than to be proud of. For what purpose? For whose agenda? Who in hell is writing these textbooks, no one screens for content? The Internment of Japanese American citizens during World War II was shameful, yes. But it gets as much space or attention in our “new,” History books as all THE GOOD WE DID in liberating Europe! All those many thousands of brave American lives lost freeing millions from evil and tyranny! Teaching apologetic history and having an apologetic president should scare you. The pattern is there! It is deliberate distortion with evil intentions! Are we again, ASLEEP, OR TOO DAMNED BUSY to get actively involved scrutinizing the propaganda bombarding our kids! When they are away from home, what are they "LEARNING?" The day is gone (perhaps forever) when we can believe in our politicians or maybe even our teachers to do the right “American” thing. We sadly, must be suspicious of their every move. More so than ever before in this Nation’s history! I implore you to get active, demand answers, and raise Hell! As a good American it is your duty - your responsibility to slam the door on ALL evil - doers! I know you would pick up your rifle and lay down your LIFE for your Country, to protect HER from Invasion. IT IS THE SAME! Invasion from within. As I’ve said, “America can only be defeated from within! “America is special and like no other nation on earth! And THAT, damn it, is worth saving whatever it takes. It starts with YOU, ME and OURS! WE teach them! It starts Today. IT MUST!
One American’s View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my website. Phil Faustman

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