Tuesday, October 4, 2011

65th Issue 10/03/11

The White House just announced, it plans to "expand" a program to secure & destroy Libya's huge stockpile of portable surface-to-air missiles - now that it's been revealed, thousands (maybe 20,000!) have already been stolen from unguarded warehouses! This is Obama's personally declared war that was supposed to last a few days of bombardment - 6 months ago. He arrogantly & dictatorially didn't tell our Congress, but did inform some Muslim nations before attacking. Congress read about it in the papers like the rest of us. What tactical "genius" doesn't consider the "what if" scenario of terrorists (thousands in the vicinity) getting their hands on portable missiles that can easily shoot down commercial airliners? Stupid unforeseen consequences from some hot-shot "brilliant" know-it-all, acting entirely on his own, without our U.S. military in control is unforgivable! They consider such things. And it's amazing how quiet & uncritical his national press is. This is not another daily verbal gaffe or lie, by Biden or our Idiot-in-Chief. This has put Israel, Europe & America in unbelievable peril! Al Qaida is all over Libya & reporters say "people" are constantly carting missiles off in pick-up trucks. These Russian-made missiles are shoulder-fired (only 55# with launcher) & deadly for 2 miles. When Palestinians & Hamas in Gaza get them, no airliner can fly in or out of Israel without being shot down. Imagine the paranoia & panic (fear of flying anywhere) when planes & hundreds of passengers start going down in flames. Israel first, then Europe, then us (back-packed through Mexico). They hate Protestants & Catholics too, you know. Many Korans have been found along our border. Do you think those are all "good" Muslims sneaking across?

On this theme of "gloom & doom" consider our latest home-grown terrorist in the news, poor little rich kid, Ahmed Ferdaus, 23 yr old U.S. citizen & self-radicalized (over the internet) Jihadist. A college-educated physicist, he intended to fly 2 remote-controlled planes into the Pentagon ("head & heart of the snake") & U.S. Capitol building. He also bought cell phones to use as detonators for bombs he was going to send over, addressed to soldiers. So much for the poor, disadvantaged & oppressed theory, loved by the liberals. This highly questionable "religion" worships a rapist, murderous pedophile, & we allow that following within our borders. They gang-up (no assimilation or Americanizing) like little Muslim countries, protected by our Constitution. Are they grateful for freedom, or do they harbor & hide their evil ones, teach hatred in their Mosques & schools, & revile our American way of life? Their hypocrisy is striking & undeniable. They loudly condemn our Western "immoral" decadent ways & dress - yet every "revered terrorist leader" we capture or kill is involved with prostitutes & have huge stashes of pornography! And it seems there is contradiction - for all those wanting to become "martyrs" & proclaiming how wonderful the afterlife will be - they surely do try hard to stay alive. I have no interest in even trying to "understand" a so-called religion, intolerant of others, believing that we are unfit, unclean & evil, & wanting to die (killing us) to get to the "good" life. I, personally, don't want them living next door to me (in our heavily Christian-founded ) United States, judging me & my family. Not when nearly 25% of U.S. Muslim youths openly say suicide-bombings are OK with them. Study who Muhammad was - how he raped, murdered, pillaged & bedded with little girls. How did he get in the hearts & minds of a billion people? What kind of people are we trying to understand & reason with? I want our gov't knowing what they're teaching in every Mosque & school. We deserve that much at least. Live here, behave & we'll tolerate your suspect views - but we're watching.

Obama's buddy, Stephen Lerner is the SEIU Union snake that last March was recorded deliberately laying out a plan to "destabilize" the country. It was to destroy banking through organized attacks on JP Morgan, weaken Wall St & crash the stock market - recreate another financial collapse to finish us off economically. Lerner, like Andy Stern (Obama's other SEIU friend, now creating labor havoc in Europe) wants organized chaos, but for it not to be attributed to Unions. That might incense the public, or at least wake them up. It must be seen, he says, as done through "community organizations," like where Obama came from. I wrote about this about 5 months back. There is absolute evil afoot, folks. Lerner's plans for JP Morgan in May we're thwarted because JP was given a copy of his tape. Lerner was also taped early last month rallying his troops & community organizers (Obama's roots) & college students. He called on them to, "Get rowdy, escalate protests, break laws, occupy abandoned houses & spread the crisis all over the country!" Michael Moore, the lying liberal movie-maker who has hypocritically made Millions condemning capitalism was taped in front of a group saying, "America is cruel... sh-tting & p-ssing on its own." At Jimmy Hoffa Jr's Teamster's rally Hoffa said, "President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march." He said (of the Constitutional Tea Party, "They've got a war with us. Let's take these son of a bitches out!" Poor grammar, but his hostile intent is clear. Right after, at the same rally Obama declares he is "proud" of Hoffa. His intent is also clear. Did Obama coach Hoffa to say it? He's theatrical, loves scripts & dirty Chicago-style politics. Obama is as low-life as the snakes & bullies he befriends & hangs-out with. Don't forget Marxist Union head Trumka, either who smiles when he talks about his frequent trips & calls to the WH. Never, have Americans witnessed (those caring to look) such a snake-pit of unsavory characters openly chummy with the president. For them (& Obama) it's Union jobs for every body, or NO jobs for any body! And, as they like to say, "We know where you live."

The "House Gov't Oversight & Reform Comm" states the Obama admin has (on private business) "imposed 75 new major regulations costing them more than $380 Bil over 10 yrs." & there are 219 (& increasing rapidly) more "economically significant regulations" in the works for another $21 Bil. These are the facts, so forget it when he BS proclaims once again that he is working hard to create jobs. Yes, he thinks we're that stupid, & he is that smooth. He keeps hollering, "Pass my jobs bill!" saying republicans are holding it back. Democrat Harry Reid, head of the democrat-controlled Senate, won't put it up for voting because he knows even many democrats are against it - it won't pass. Rep Darrell Issa says, "The Obama Admin has created a regulatory environment that is suffocating America's entrepreneurs' ability to create jobs & grow business. The result has been a regulatory tsunami that has stifled productivity, wages, job creation & economic growth." All these increases after Obama's loudly publicized executive order #13563 in January that was to "weed out rules that stifle job creation & make our economy less competitive." Once again, the liar announces one thing to the public yet does the opposite on the side in the shadows. More proof that he has no intentions other than to destroy private jobs & our economy, & he'll maneuver using the press, to blame republicans for no progress.

Sept 14th, Obama told a Hispanic group in DC on immigration, "As I mentioned when I was at la Raza a few weeks back, I wish I had a magic wand & could make this all happen on my own. There are times where - until Nancy Pelosi is Speaker again - I'd like to work my way around Congress." He conceded, "We've got laws on the books that have to be upheld." But there are different ways to uphold laws on the books. "You know as well as anyone that... how we enforce those laws is also important." At la Raza in July he said, "Some people want me to bypass Congress & change the laws on my own." A prospect he said he found "very tempting." Then for the record he said, "That's not how our system works." I guess that would be that damned Constitution "system" in his way. In case you've forgotten, la Raza (The Race) is an anti-white, America-hating bunch that says all southwest border states still belong to Mexico. They live here but fly our American flag upside down & beneath their beloved Mexican flag. They also burn ours in protests & spit on it (video-taped). These, Obama wants to fund, support & give amnesty to. He basically apologizes for his slow progress. His Supreme Court appointee, Sotomayor once was a legal defense lawyer and big shot within la Raza. She & his other appointee, Kagan are just waiting to support any (social justice) amnesty - or gun control rulings. They only need 3 of the other 7 justices to rule over us on anything! Since Obama made Cecilia Munoz (la Raza's senior vice-pres & lobbyist) Director of Inter-Gov't Affairs in 2009, la Raza's gov't funding has sky-rocketed. Fed funding for this extremist group has more than doubled in just one yr to $11 Mil.

US Rep, Maxine Waters, who said, "All Tea Partiers can go straight to hell!" was offended when Obama chastised the Black Caucus for "whining" (like 16% unemp blacks) & to, "Put on your marching shoes." to get him re-elected. Obama said on Black Entertain TV (BET) that he's trying to make the economy, "work for every single person." He's living in la-la land if he actually believes that's possible. The economy works fine if the gov't butts out, & you have skills, education or are willing to work your hind-end off! Same as it's always been, & must be. You don't jack-up welfare handout levels & unemp comp. You create opportunity - to really give people a "chance" - educate! College-educated unemp is 4.5%, not 9.1% or 16%. What you don't do, is add to more teacher's union pay & allow the lousiest & laziest to stay forever. Give vouchers for charter schools, like the parents & kids are begging for. A "chance" means creating an environment of de-regulation & lower corporate taxation - not the highest in the whole damned world. Stimulate private job creation, not infrastructure Union jobs & tax-draining gov't Union jobs. Obama deliberately strangles all private non-union jobs through endless regulation, paper work & compliance demands. He jacks-up all energy costs by shutting down coal mining & their utilities, murders all oil & gas production & exploration at every turn, which creates high fuel expense for transportation of all goods (raw materials, parts & products) - even food for the masses - & gas cost to get to any meager existing job. He can't be this stupid, meaning well but getting everything exactly wrong, creating economic chaos & despair. If you tell me, that he "is a good man - trying hard." I will tell you, he "is a bad man - dangerous & cunning." We've just "spent" $5.4 Trillion in 4 yrs (mostly just enormous payoffs for Obama/Demo supporters, green-job boondoggles, fraud & waste). Where are those promised jobs? Now he wants another half-trillion for - "jobs." The head of Coca-Cola just said, "The U.S. is less business-friendly than China." That's Communist China! 7% of Coke's profits come from China. If Coke bottles it here & sells it there they pay taxes here & there. So, they're investing $4 Bil over there creating Chinese jobs! Can you blame them? We're the stupid ones - who elected our "leader."

Seemingly, no one can find waste & costs to cut. Since 2005 we have minted "dead president" dollar coins that no one uses or wants. They each cost 32 cents to produce & are rolled into storage, so much so that $650,000 must be spent for a new vault to hold them (for what? or when?) & it will cost $3 Mil to ship them there. Add those to stupid costs. Over a billion coins have (so far) rolled off the production lines that will stamp a billion more (to store) over the next 5 yrs before this gov't idiocy ends on its own. No Congressional idiot (535 watchdogs) can see the stupidity or apparently cares to stop it. My point is, we have a mistake made that is obvious even to a fool, certainly in a yr or 2 but just goes on wastefully for 10 or 11 damned yrs, all the time politicians of both sides mumble, "We need to find waste & cut spending where we can." What kind of idiots are in charge of our money? And they want us, expect us to entrust them with even more - Billions more! What hope have we when we know this is just one example of certainly hundreds more. In a similar vein, consider the Calif bridge that is having steel spans shipped from China to assemble here.

US Rep Allen West said last April that Obama exhibited, "third-world dictator-like arrogance" in his budget speech & is sick & tired of his "Marxist demagogic rhetoric." "I don't think it's very presidential when he refers to my colleague (House Budget Comm Chair) Paul Ryan, as a simple little accountant. So I think that when you look at what a Community Organizer (Obama) is turning out to be, it does seem to be like a low-level Socialist agitator." I like Allen West! He is very smart, proud of America, & speaks the truth from his heart without preparation or teleprompters. I think he will one day be president. I went to a Tea Party in northern Michigan last year & listened to guest speaker, Herman Cain. I was extremely impressed by this man, & he said he was going to run for US President. I loved his enthusiasm, warmth, quick wit & patriotism, but realistically, with no political experience I thought his chances were remote at best. Now, I see him being "discovered" by the masses, & I am truly excited. They see what I saw & I think he is going to be our next president! HE is what this country so desperately needs - in so many different ways. The more people see of this man & hear him speak, when he finally gets equal time in these debates, the more they will flock to his support. The liberal-left media can no longer stifle him & he can always select a Vice-Pres with the wisdom, savvy & experience in foreign affairs & diplomacy. He will learn very fast, & easily be superior to the 2-man (no-experience & bad-experience) Gong-Show we've got going now. Cain has a fierce & passionate love of Constitution, Country & American exceptionalism. He is a superb problem-solver & came up from nothing, through the business ranks. Like he says, "Romney is Wall Street. I am Main Street!" I will insert here, Obama is a "dead-end" street. Cain's 9-9-9 solution will simply & immediately abolish our nightmarish Progressive Income Tax monster, with all its lawyer-feeding loop-holes. I urge you all to tune in to this visionary & godsend & listen to what he says. Tell everyone you know & can reach to watch & listen. He finally has scratched & clawed his way into the limelight & must now be reckoned with by media & other adversaries. HE is "The Man!" Cain will shake up half the country & wake up the other half. I just know it. Here is someone the Tea Party, from all over, can wrap their arms around & embrace. And I'm sure that he needs financial support. Honest & principled people always do in political elections. All the others (politicians) promise "change" - routinely & pretty much vague & generic, or with wild promises that are more like lies. Haven't we had enough of that? Herman Cain tells you exactly how he will affect that change. For once you have someone before you with integrity, knows what he is talking about & has plans - to restore America & thereby even righting the world. Grab him, for the sake of your Country & your Grandchildren.

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