Saturday, September 3, 2011

64th Issue 09/01/11

U.S. firms added no jobs in August, for the first time since 1945! Another Obama record - 66 yrs! And there were more people with jobs in June than in July, yet unemployment dropped from 9.2% to 9.1%. Really? Or is it just fuzzy math when you really need a happy face somewhere? It was the worst report in 11 months. Unemployment figures for June & July were revised (once again) downward by over 50,000 each month & still it's 9.1%. In the month of July alone, Obama created over 600 new regulations against businesses & corporations, costing them over $10 Bil! There is his real (truthful) plan for jobs creation - not the one he announced he's about to reveal. This will be the 4th time I believe, in 3 yrs that he has said, "Jobs are our number one priority." Do you still believe it? Obama is the worst president imaginable with Reid & Pelosi already entrenched, for gov't regulations, licensing & control. Throw in Hillary on the side & you can't get more anti-capitalism (anti-American) to stifle jobs & entrepreneurship. But some have to see examples for the absurdity to sink in. They're there at all levels of gov't for anyone really looking or caring. Freedom & Liberty are fast disappearing. I offer this evidence from FOX's John Stossel's TV show, "Good Intentions" & his guest, renowned economist, Dr Walter Williams. Williams (black) wrote, "The State Against Blacks" & has critically reported how horribly wasted & detrimental that Trillion plus dollars the gov't allocated way back in the 60's to fight the War on Poverty turned out to be. That's back when a Trillion was real money & heavy commitment. Williams reported in the 1980's that the plight of the blacks was "worse than it was 20 yrs ago," the beginning of the "war." It is ridiculously worse these last 30 yrs, yet hardly reported on. Anytime glaring truths & facts of failure don't fit progressive & liberal agendas they just get ignored - unreported. So no one knows other than those like me that dig for the information. Liberals just continue using & abusing the poor for elections (dumping cash on them) under the guise of "helping" them. But if you rob Peter to pay Paul, you'll have Paul's support. Anytime YOU don't go along with even more money poured hopelessly into terribly failed handouts & programs creating dependency, you are a no good racist & hate the poor. Here is when liberal media, en masse, comes to life & fans those old tired, stupid flames of Race & Class warfare. But it still works it seems if you're loud & relentless, liberal & black & your media has their megaphones ready. But there can be no other possible solution to liberals other than more money to hand out to more recipients (voters). Liberals scream it from the pulpits & pound their fists. Boisterous congresswomen, Maxine Waters, of "The Tea Party can go straight to hell." fame & Sheila Jackson-Lee must both yell "Racist!" as soon as their feet hit each morning's floor just to keep their bigoted edge.

I don't know where you stand on social or entitlement issues since an amazing number of good, intelligent, well-intentioned & compassionate people have it all wrong. Only media (progressive Obama, Hillary & Gore media) can perpetuate myths, lies & untruths like social welfare, minimum wage & global warming for Cap & Trade redistribution of wealth. Facts are facts. Everywhere you look, when gov't operates for the "public good" it is a lie or a documented miserable failure. Still, if you canvass the people on the street 80% parrot the same ignorant replies. Once again, don't believe our lying media & "educators" with their extreme harmful agendas of socialistic welfare. Believe your eyes. Look about you. Look at history. Think, & most importantly speak out - make anyone & everyone present facts, any facts whatsoever (not in idealistic generalities) to support their stance on minimum wage, or endless unemp benefits, free food & health care, or a house for everyone that wants one. Make them show how any of this is beneficial to society or the individual. It is all crazy & impossible to support, except very short term in occasional emergencies. And it is contradictory to human nature - nature itself. Build a substantial bait pile for deer in the woods. More & more deer will coItalicme to the easy bait pile. The higher the pile, the more (from greater distances) will come. Stop feeding them & they will hang around & die, waiting for more easy handouts. People are no different, even worse. They can clamor & whine for even more - demand it, vote for it. We have built monstrous bait piles everywhere, sold as "compassionate safety nets," discouraging pride & self sufficiency. We penalize those that do well to give to those that do nothing, so more are are encouraged to do nothing, & more are discouraged from doing well, knowing it will be confiscated. If you have no pride in today's "give me" world you'll never have to work a day in your life! And if you're OK with this mindset your head is deep in sand. Your brain has been washed by progressive, liberal media, teachers & politicians. They are clean shaved with haircuts now, & in business suits, but they are still the "Hippies" ("Make love - not war, Flower-Children") from the 60's & 70's! You've been had, they're now in power & training your kids & grandkids. If you think this spending insanity won't self-destruct in very ugly form, just because we lack the guts to address this impending calamity, then you too are crazy. Cut the lifelines to the undeserving immediately or go under with them. Hippie politicians won't cut anything & be voted out of their power & fortune. One third of the nation is too busy to see or care, one third is supportive of handouts to all, & one third is presently happy, milking the easy system. I strongly suggest you stock up on all the food you can!

Everyone that is asked it seems, believes in minimum wage laws so employers can't exploit workers, or "You must get a living wage." No! Some jobs don't set you up for life. You must work 2 or more, or get a better one. That's life. Statistics prove that minimum wage laws discriminate against low-skilled workers. How does that help lift anyone? If you must pay more you will always hire the even marginally better employee. Under a black president, black teenagers (16-19) are 70% unemployed (whites 30%). In the 1940's it was less than whites. Businessmen (those doing the hiring) say they would hire more if they didn't have to (by law) pay more than they can justify. That money has to come from profits - no profits, nobody works. Businessmen can't just print money like the gov't giving them orders. When politicians order a "compassionate" popular 10% increase in min wage, 10% are necessarily laid off. That is just a fact of business, unpopular with those laid off & not in the news. And all those other "compassionate" handouts that kids are being raised under, until they become adults & life-long members with kids of their own, are really just politician bait piles to attract voters. They know none of this really works, or ever will. It just serves their purpose & half the ignorant population will even tell them they did a good thing.

Dr Williams says, "83% of those polled believe minimum wage is an anti-poverty tool, but it doesn't even pass the smell test. Because if it could eliminate poverty you could just go to Bangladesh, Ethiopia, or Haiti & say, raise the minimum wage there & you'll get rid of poverty. People are poor because they have low skills." And why a $7.25 minimum? Wouldn't $10 or $20 make a better life? Who decides what number is "good" & what is downright stupid? Based on what facts, proof or truth? 90% of all economists polled (the closest thing to experts we have) say minimum wage creates unemployment. Do they all have agendas, or is it politicians with scads of easy money? Williams calls it "A great tool of racism." He wrote another book, "South Africa's War Against Capitalism." In it he wrote, "White racist unions, who would never allow a black to be a member, were big supporters of min wage laws for blacks, with their stated purpose to protect white workers from having to compete with low-skilled low-waged black workers." Williams said of gov't handouts, & I'm sure he's aware that we have a supposedly brilliant black president, "Their gov't is like a giant drug pusher, luring them into a dependency that will maintain them in permanent poverty. In every respect welfare has backfired. The welfare state has done to black Americans what slavery could not have done, the harshest Jim Crow laws & racism could not have done, break up the black family. Today, just 30% of black kids live in 2 parent families. Historically, from the 1870's through the 1940's, 75-90% of black kids had 2 parent families. Illegitimacy today is 70%. It's not just racial. Sweden, the mother of all welfare states, has illegitimacy of 54%." He says, "Anything you subsidize, you'll get more of. Anything you tax, you'll get less of. If you don't get welfare, you'll live more responsibly, get a job, get married before having children. Gov't says to young women, 'I am the father,' so men become dispensable. Black illegitimacy was 19% in 1940 - 72.5% in 2008. That is one heck of a start in life - who or where is your father?" And I say, Who & where is Obama, & why is he doing what he's obviously doing?

Stossel says on his show, people tend to like "licensing" but it's just more regulation & control to stifle & control businesses by gov't, which is politicians, who are swayed by lobbyists of big business to pressure & crowd out the individual or little business. There are over 10,000 taxis & drivers in NY City. People think they should be licensed to be sure those cabs are safe & driver is competent. They are licensed to death. You can't just buy a cab & drive. You have to buy a license from another licenced cab company that costs $603,000. Williams says there aren't many black cab drivers in NYC - too expensive. In DC most taxis are owned by blacks because it only takes $200 to get a license in DC. "Licensing" lets incumbents keep outsiders (competitors) out. They then drive up prices, pay off politicians & monopolize by unfairly punishing those wanting a chance, a job (especially blacks) using gov't to kill American capitalism, right in front of everyone. It is commonly done everywhere you care to look, in all occupations & everyone pays unnecessary higher prices for services & goods. Taxpayers unwittingly pay the politicians that then drive up the prices of those goods & services taxpayers buy. Then our socialist hippie politicians say capitalism doesn't work & point out how it oppresses the poor & blacks. THEY are doing the oppressing, but with their lying media counterpart's help, have convinced half of a sleeping America & all the poor that they are the good guys - capitalism is bad. Unbelievable! Have you been sold & believe it? I'll bet many of your friends, family & neighbors do. Wake them up if you care about your country.

Jessica Clayton came from Africa to Utah 10 yrs ago & opened a hair-braiding business. After 4 yrs supporting her 2 kids & working successfully in her home Utah gov't shut her down because she didn't have an expensive & useless Cosmetology License, requiring a minimum of 2000 hours (40 hrs/wk for a yr) & not one hour teaches hair-braiding. Could it get any dumber or obviously rotten & maleficent? Cosmetologists in Utah lobbied (paid off) politicians to pass a law requiring a license. The Cosmetology Board (made up of all cosmetologists) make the rules & have their paid-off gov't goons shut down competitors. It matters not that it is unfair bullying & makes not a lick of sense. Ten other states are similar to Utah. You can bet big that this insidiousness will continue to grow & is in many fields of endeavor, & most certainly pervasive throughout the Fed gov't, like the old gangster "protection racket." But who do you think will tell you? Occupational licensing laws are rapidly becoming more prevalent & are the most harmful to minorities, the poor & the elderly who are just trying to do something to help themselves, something different or start over. Any entity or person with the power to kill dreams & ambition in America must be eradicated.

Detroit (in the news) is investigating fraud in "welfare" but Detroit is not alone. Fraud is prevalent, widespread throughout the country & the more loosely money is thrown out to the masses (like credit cards instead of food stamps) the worse the raping of the taxpayers becomes. Detroit's Human Svcs Dept reports "card purchases" of washers & dryers, refrig & freezers & Wi-Fi games. These items are purchased even by "dead" people & delivered to affluent neighborhoods & condos. It comes as no surprise to you & me. Why are public servants & officials always (on camera) aghast, surprised or shocked? Many are in on it, sending "stuff" to their friends & families. Gov't openly now gives out free cell phones & 250 monthly minutes. The more ridiculous the allowable handouts become, the more they breed expectations & demands, justifications to stretch & abuse, opportunity (all the way up to the "givers") for fraud & abuse. No one, no politician demands that every damned dollar be accounted for. This country is insanely "spending" hundreds of billions annually on known fraud & abuse & no one cares. No one is policing any of these taxpayer outlays, yet we all know people always behave better just in the presence of police, cameras or scrutiny. Everyone knows there are hundreds of billions in welfare fraud, medicare fraud, medicaid & soc security fraud being ignored while we jabber endlessly about where to make "cuts," how much to cut, & who will be affected. Why not affect the damned crooks for starters?! Put them all behind bars at taxpayer expense, starting at the top with gov't overseers.

Why is our economy such a train wreck? 74% of those polled think the economy is getting worse - 3 months ago it was 45%. Obama speaks of how we all "must take a haircut," it will be "shared sacrifice." Does he & Michelle ever cut down on lavish WH dinners & parties, fundraising travel & dinners all over the country & vacations all over the world - with huge entourages? Recently they flew their dog on a separate jet to join them some place. Then Michelle flew off to join Barack just 40 minutes after he took off. Enough of "shared sacrifice" hypocrisy BS. Their "carbon footprint" which they preach is taboo in America is as enormous as the bill to taxpayers for their lavish lifestyle. Their spending would shame any King & Queen, while they lecture us. Virtually all of the gov't elite are hypocrites, if not crooks. One county in bankrupt California just dumped the funds set aside for housing assistance into funding their own personal gov't employee union pensions. That should be prison time! Bankrupt Calif is also about to pass the Dream Act in their state to bring many thousands of illegals into the fold for free money. They've okayed $500,000 for a dog park, too. Then there is $886,000 for a frisbee course in Texas & $4.5 Mil for an eco-park in Florida & $1.8 Mil for tennis courts in Virginia. The common people are out of work, living from hand to mouth & losing their homes. Why are they bitter? Even the 2 special fortified buses Obama just used on his gov't funded early 2012 campaign tour were purchased from Canada.

It's funny how we learn nothing from the well publicized multiple failings in Europe, especially their gov't union socialist led riots in the streets, & their dismal failures in green energy jobs. Solyndra, a solar panel producer became the 3rd major producer to go bankrupt this year, laying off all 1,100 of its employees. Obama pumped it up big time 15 months ago saying at Solyndra, "The promise of green energy isn't just an article of faith. It's happening right now. The future is here." Ahh, ever the salesman. When he was spouting that malarkey he already knew a gov't audit openly doubted its survival. But Obama gave them $535 Mil in guaranteed loans from us taxpayers, or borrowed it from communist China who just ran them all out of the solar business, however you prefer to look at over half a Billion we just kissed goodbye. And that doesn't count whatever was lost on the other two. Secy of Energy, Chu & Governor Arnie used a gold shovel to dig that first Solyndra hole. Supply your own punchline. The chief investor in Solyndra was George Kaiser, now being investigated & a major Obama fundraiser. WE lost $535 Mil on this particular venture. How much did George & Barry lose? Oh yes, Obama blames Europe for reneging on promised subsidized purchases from these 3 (so far) gone under. The stinking state of our economy you surely remember (a month or so ago) he blamed on Japan's Tsunami, earthquakes, uncertainty in Europe, the Arab Spring & ironically, high mid-east oil prices. At least Bush is finally getting a break. Just don't blame the policies of good old, "The buck stops here." Obama. How many BS millions of alternative green energy jobs did he guarantee us?

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