Saturday, October 29, 2011

66th Issue 11/01/11

Occupy Wall St (OWS) started out as a bunch of camping, partying college kids, dressed as zombies out to mostly get their student-loans forgiven. It was quickly taken over by radicals, activists for everything imaginable, George Soros groups & a very many Unions, trying to replicate & expand the Wisconsin State Capitol takeover. Obama's ACORN even paid homeless ones $10/hr to go down & squat for show. Obama made comparisons of OWS to hundreds of Tea Party demonstrations that peacefully waved thousands of American flags, sang God Bless America & picked up all litter - with zero arrests. OWS has had many hundreds of arrests, marches on homes & families, is mob-like shouting vulgarities & religious epithets, vandalizing, raping, defecating on police cars (British TV) & living in squalor - quite a comparison. Which do you identify with? American Nazi & Communist groups have now joined in, even Bill Dukes of the Klan (KKK). A lawyer that represents terrorist groups like Hamas, The Muslim Brotherhood & CAIR organized the Occupy Orlando event. The U.S. is represented by the Swiss Embassy in Iran, where even they are demonstrating support for OWS, chanting anti-America/Israel & burning flags. As all this spreads & gets more violent, Obama & Pelosi may well regret (politically anyway) their admiration & support of these protesters. This is the "Summer Rage" (postponed until Fall) I told you about last May. Stephen Lerner (Obama's SEIUnion pal) was taped announcing this was in the works! Now all his brother Unions (solidarity) have come in to help fan the flames - to emulate the "Arab Spring" Obama was so enthralled with, & European (Union-organized) riots. "Arab Spring" is now burning churches & murdering Christians all over the Mid-East. And Europe is where Andy Stern is now (SEIU head going for World power).

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  1. Does anyone know what happened to Phil? I last saw his newsletter over a year ago