Monday, August 1, 2011

63 rd Issue 08/01/11

Interest rates cannot be kept artificially low much longer. They are now at historically low & totally unrealistic levels. This is the untold story in our staggering National Debt that neither Geithner (Treas), Bernanke (Fed), Obama or our sorry lap-dog media will tell you about. When the inflation & inevitable exploding rates finally do hit the fan, our interest expense (even a modest increase to 3-4%) may easily (overnight) cost us an extra half-trillion dollars a year in new debt - from which we will receive absolutely no goodies (or political payoffs in Obama's case). If rates go up to where they could easily go, make it a Trillion more dollars a year than what we're now paying - all for nothing but existing Obama, Pelosi & Reid interest debt - to which they are eager to add on even more. The price you pay when your credit rating drops (before you're cut off completely) is a much higher interest rate. All credit card holders & loan seekers know this. Why is it, no body's talking about this? It is automatic. Think of the unbelievable damage that comes when America's AAA rating gets down-graded. Think of what just doubling the interest payments means on Trillions of dollars of debt! And the idiots are still borrowing - first to pay just the interest, as you must! Then building idiotic things, like $60 Bil for Obama's pet projects, high-speed Bullet-trains! Or is this all just a scare-tactic "crisis opportunity" created by Obama, Geithner, & Wall St? They are all buddies, you know. But know also that 43 cents of every dollar the Fed Gov't spends is borrowed. Lenders are looking at us with disgust. When countries are reluctant or don't lend to us (buy our treasury notes) we just print whatever we "need." Do you really think this can go on forever? The seeming acceptance or apathy of the public is amazing. I know why the lying politicians lie, & why their supporting media cover it all up, but I am in shock at the lack of outrage from the people. If you're saving it for the elections in 2012 you had better be pushing a dozen & pulling a dozen voters along with you. I just hope we have that much time.

The biggest problem with once again allowing the Debt Limit ceiling to be raised is that the new funds will be immediately available for Obama & Democrats to grease the palms of all their supporters (with all taxpayer's money) to buy their way into more terms of office. The promised cuts in spending are always "down the road." A politician's promise is next to worthless. Promises in cuts made farther down the road, that other politicians would have to keep are absolutely worthless. Obama is in full campaign mode. He has been for months & can't be bothered with anything "presidential" like being a leader, presenting an itemized plan to avoid this so-called Default disaster. He would love another "crisis" if he could pin it on repubs or the the Tea party. He has not & will not lift one finger to settle this issue. He just blames others. Listen to dizzy ex-Speaker Pelosi, "What we're trying to do is save the world from the Republican's Budget. We're trying to save life on this planet as we know it today." Obama has no interest in saving the planet, if its demise gets Dizzy & him re-elected. Obama wants two things. One is lots & lots of money to spend recklessly buying votes, & two, nothing controversial happening, requiring leadership or decision-making to expose him, until after his re-election. Then this pathological narcissist can drop the crowd-pleasing rhetoric, sickening smile & get back to his destruction of America, knowing it's his last term - unless, of course, he gets that little "term-limits" thingy past Congress & around the Constitution.

When campaigning, Obama was heralded as the great "unifier." He said, "We are not white Americans, black Americans or Hispanic Americans, we are all Americans." to many cheers. There has never been an American president so openly hostile to American ideals, our Constitution & the citizenry. Obama is obviously out to divide us & pit us one against the other, & not just politically. Obama, despite being black & elected by a white majority is such a racist he (with his new-found power) has set racial relations back at least 50 years, with the help of his equally racist Atty Gen, Holder. Obama tries at every turn to fan the flames of class warfare, constantly reminding the so-called poor in America of how poor they are and, "Let's get those rich 'fat-cats' with their private jets." America has the richest "poor people" the rest of the world has ever seen. So much so, our "poor" kids grow up with hands out, copying the pattern set before them. So, in what has become a land of freebies & handouts & sue everyone you can, it's easy to incite righteous self-pity into "Give me even more." Obama's only interest in the poor is to garner all their votes - use them. He knows they are extra-easy "believers," especially blacks, who are worse off now than before they placed him on the throne.

NASA satellite data for 2000-2011 (Forbes 7/27/11) shows that the Earth's atmosphere is allowing more heat to be released into space than "Warming" alarmist's (U. Nations) computer models have predicted. Deliberate garbage into computer models = garbage out = perceived "crisis" - that no politician, much less Obama, wants to see go to waste. That is, as they say, "opportunity" to do what you otherwise couldn't do - attack coal, oil, & nat gas. Don't let facts & scientific observations get in the way of a good global-warming & int'l redistribution of wealth fabrication. NASA says it shows carbon dioxide is not the villain Obama & Gore purports it to be - but you & I know it's needed to help Obama & the U.N. stick it to the American people.

Tidbits: Louis Farrakhan, the racist American Muslim preacher of hatred of whites, Jews & America is actively preaching his views to prisoners. Apparently the time is now right. A terrorist in the news just plea-bargained to save his life. He will now get life in prison to teach Islam, hatred & Jihad to all those going back into the America they already resent. Immelt, CEO of GE & appointed head of Obama's Jobs Council, just publicly chastised other corporations for not creating jobs for the good of the country. GE made billions yet paid no taxes last year. It was all funneled overseas, where he is now sending thousands of GE jobs that he is closing down here. He, therefore Obama, is a disgrace, but the hypocrisy is unbelievable! Van Jones, former Green Jobs Czar & self-proclaimed Marxist, who went into hiding, now openly says, "The Tea Party is against Granny, Medicare, Medicaid, & Soc Security and holding a gun to the heads of 310 million people." HE "fights the good fight" against them, as others hold up "American Dream" signs. He has exchanged his militant uniform & jack boots for suit & tie. His slick lying words, charisma & smile are eerily like Obama's - mesmerizing & evil in their threat to us all. And yes, Obama's evil friend, Soros is largely funding nice-sounding "American Dream" & all the other supporting cast of characters at the rally. Now that we're seeing terminology everywhere for Constitution-loving & small government Tea Party Americans like "guns to the heads," (even V-P Biden called them "Terrorists") "blowing the country up," I ask, where is that "easing up" on violent rhetoric Obama demanded? That was meant only for republicans, of course. People who won't even call terrorists, "terrorists" call Tea Party Americans "terrorists!"

Speaker Boehner's Bill will go to the Senate, where Reid has already boldly stated (no matter what it is) it will be DOA (Dead on Arrival). Repubs & Boehner can't win. If they send no Bill, already knowing anything at all will be DOA in the Democrat Senate, they will be pronounced "guilty" of doing nothing (as carefully calculated by Reid) to prevent default. You have to buy into the ridiculous notion that the U.S. would ever default on its debt, of course, which Obama & his press sell endlessly, along with no Soc Security checks for seniors. They will even blame the downgrade from AAA on Repubs instead of Obama's insane spending & printing of money. But when the repub House does send a Bill to Reid's Senate he will insert a bunch of "stuff" that Obama & he want in it, intolerable to the House. Reid will then send it back to the House as Reid's Bill & dare them to not pass it (killing the Bill) & becoming the "bad guys" to the media-sold gullible public. If Boehner's House votes to accept it, with all the added garbage, his fellow repubs & Tea party will seethe. Reid & Obama, who caused all the furor & promised an end to the world in fear mongering & never submitted one single proposal or offer to compromise, are proclaimed "victorious" & will continue insane, as usual spending & debt.

Boehner told the repub freshmen to, "Get your as--s in line." to support this stupid Bill just so he didn't give the appearance of doing nothing, instead of steadfastly holding to principles. Like Rush Limbaugh said, he did the same thing, leading his party to passing the asinine & useless financial wastelands of TARP & Stimulus saying, "It's crucial, you can't let ideological purity stand in the way of doing the right thing. We've got to do this now." The big problem in this wishy-washy eagerness to "compromise" is that by the time repubs take over the WH & Senate in 2012 (hopefully) we may be looking at $17 Trillion in unbelievable debt! At some damned point in time folks, you can't row a rapidly leaking boat to shore, no matter how (finally) firm your resolve is. You waited too damned long to get started. Like Rush says, "If Boehner's Bill was simply a freeze, not one dime spent next year, more than is spent this year - we don't increase spending a dime - the CBO (Cong Budget Off) would come out & claim that Boehner is cutting spending $9.5 Tril, when he's not. There's no cut in a freeze!" More fiscal hooey! Stop everything newly proposed immediately! Then cut.

Boehner's House (which controls the purse strings) should have proclaimed to the World Press (to hell with ours) that America will never default or miss an interest payment on any debt! Guaranteed! Then they should have kicked that tired proverbial "can" down the road & extended this budget fiasco into one more "extension" to be addressed just before elections in 2012 - then see how Obama & Democrats fare with a seriously ticked-off electorate!

Obama loves to use Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" as his handbook for power. Rule #13 says, "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, & polarize it." This he uses continually. Currently he has been hammering the "greedy rich." How they can give more, they're just selfish takers. They don't pay their fair share & choose to not create jobs. He harped incessantly about their tax loopholes on corporate jets when all it really amounts to is another $300 mil a year in revenue source. The public doesn't know what a ridiculously paltry sum that is in the overall scheme of things, but Obama gets his endless press, sneers & ridicules the rich. That $300 mil wouldn't last him 30 days on his campaign trail in Air Force 1, at taxpayer expense. Rule #5 says, "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon." He's great at ridiculing & sneering. Add that to rule #6, "A good tactic is one that your people enjoy." Boy, does he know how to lie to the people in front of him, feel them out & play his audience. Feed their fears, rule #9, "The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself." We saw a lot of that in his threats (all lies by the way) to many people waiting on gov't checks in the debt deadline. But his absolute favorite pastime is insulting (ridiculing) the rich. 80% of the people have little sympathy for the likes of Paris Hilton or Donald Trump. 50% probably are jealous & only a small percentage actually hate the rich, & that's mostly ignorance by the needy who are, in truth, dependent upon them. But they are easy targets & Obama gleefully abuses them center-stage, with his applauding media taking notes. He says everyone must support him in taxing more, those selfish arrogant "Billionaires & Millionaires." As everyone cheers him on, to "Go get those fat-cat billionaires," they don't know that he is getting most of that coming tax revenue from those earning $200,000 on up. Cheer at your peril. The joke's on you. This is him at his best - lies & deception. These people are a long way from being rich, & create the vast majority of the jobs the cheering crowds will never see on Obama's watch. Just like he wants it. Watch the evil master work Rule #13 to perfection many times, many places, "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, & polarize it." Alinsky's son said, "Obama has learned my father's lessons very well." The people fall for it every time - at least so far.

Well, I delayed this printing a bit to get some results from our debt deadline. Here it is: We get $2 Tril in cuts spread over 10 years (they promise) for an immediate $2.4 Tril in Obama's hand to spend & add to the $14.3 Tril existing debt! That takes Obama past the 2012 elections just like he "prayed" for. Praying reminds me, this Christian president didn't have a proclamation for last Easter's observance but always has one for the Muslim's Ramadan. He will probably have one for next Easter - an election year. What you must always fear when conniving politicians get their heads together and concoct legislation or Bills with much press & fanfare is - what else did they insert, they hope you won't notice? They just made what's left of our Congress pretty much irrelevant. We now have a 12 member "Super Congress" made up of 6 of each party & 6 from the House & 6 from the Senate. Believe it or not, these SOB's have thumbed their noses at our Founders & even more boldly overridden the Constitution's legislative process. The Super Congress of 12 will decide on which "cuts" & how much will be cut (and probably whether or not you can have guns & such) and the Little Congress (of 535 less 12) can only vote up or down, without amendments or filibuster. I guarantee you, this has extremely sinister & bad potential for America! I will know a lot more & report it, next issue.

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my site. Phil Faustman

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