Monday, May 9, 2011

60th Issue 05/07/11

Steven Chu, Obama's Energy Sec'y told the Wall St Journal, "Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe." He means $7/gal or more, and (with Obama) has it figured out. Harry Alford, president & CEO of the Nat Black Chamber of Commerce called the Obama Administration, "Marxists" & "fanatical." He said, I voted for him because he is black, "and that is a lesson I will take to my grave." He said Obama told the San Fran Chronicle that he wanted the price of gas to go to $6-7 dollars a gallon so we can reduce our carbon footprint & make alternative fuels more competitive. Today (lying like always to throw you off) he says he's forming a task force, wants those high $4 gas prices "investigated." He said, "We're going to make sure that nobody is taking advantage of American consumers." That is his job. He thinks we're still buying his lying, like the gullible ones that bought it all on Election Day. He blames everyone else, wags his finger, & says we've got to end $4 Bil in subsidies going to big oil. That's chump-change in Obama's money world & compared to the subsidies going to corn-for-fuel. He openly vilifies big oil, while doing everything he can to stop all drilling here, then practically in the same breath, the king of making things up says, "We're not going to be able to do it if we spend time vilifying each other. We're not going to be able to do it if we just make stuff up & pretend that facts are not facts. We're not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows & carnival barkers." That speech had to do with him finally (after 2 1/2 yrs) producing a birth certificate. That vilified all Americans that had every right to see an end to this mystery that HE created. At that same "sideshow" public address, criticizing "vilifying & making things up" he vilified Rep Paul Ryan's budget-cutting proposal with wall-to-wall lies - like made-up "facts" saying, "This is a vision that says up to 50 million Americans have to lose their health insurance in order for us to reduce the deficit. And who are those 50 million Americans? Many are some one's grandpa who wouldn't be able to afford nursing-home care without Medicaid. Many are poor children. Some are middle-class families who have children with autism or Down's syndrome. Some are kids with disabilities so severe that they require 24-hour care. These are the Americans we'd be telling to fend for themselves." Your lousy Liar-In-Chief at his scintillating best, since when he told the world that doctors would be pulling tonsils & cutting off feet because it would be more profitable. And all of his leftist press (then as now) lapped it up & spread every heart-wrenching word to all stupid enough to listen to this B.S. carnival barker's lying drivel. He even ended with, "We do not have time for this silliness. We've got big problems to solve." Then Obama immediately flew off to be on his buddy Oprah's TV show & then off to 3 fundraisers in NY City. Those, & his golf-swing are his "big problems to solve - no "silliness" for him!

So, Osama bin Laden finally got his just deserts, an American bullet in the head! Now it seems everyone is torn, should you release the pictures or not, and why, or why not? Show them! Just report all the damned news for once. Who cares if it incites terrorists who already hate us to the maximum. The conspiracy theorists will be even worse than those who still deny we ever landed on the moon - & that was with pictures. Besides, the 3,000 victims' loved ones and anyone who gave up an arm, leg, or chance for a normal life pursuing that animal deserve a look, for closure if they want. All those doing the deciding, don't have that right. The same ones allow far worse gore on video games for kids. And if you use fear of incitement as rationale, then you shouldn't have even shot him! You should have known that would tick-off a billion Muslims! Isn't it absolutely appalling that the most "Googled" bit on the internet by teenagers is, "Who is Osama bin Laden?" There is your testimony to our kids being brainwashed by our leftist school teachers, & politically-correct lying left media, & "never met a Muslim they didn't like" Obama/Hillary administration. What do you think of our chances with all this ignorance, in our Twin-Towers' history - not repeating itself? The W.H. said they were concerned about national security - the same lying hypocrites that loudly clamored for international exposure & even prosecution of the CIA and anything Bush. Who broadcasted endlessly about Abu Grahib prisoner "abuse," like keeping a light on them & playing obnoxious music 24 hrs a day, or putting women's panties over those poor male prisoner's heads, or that water-boarding thing - which proved to be the key in finding bin Laden's whereabouts - by patiently tracking tidbits & links (for 5 yrs) through his trusted courier? You can bet our teenagers don't know any of this either, & perhaps couldn't care less, sadly. Any decent Muslim (I'm constantly reminded they're out there - they just don't say much) must have been as revolted as I, that this radical Islamist butcher (who even killed Muslims) was given all that "respect" by a ready & waiting fancy Muslim burial. Did Obama also order for him a 21 gun salute? I'm sure our fighting forces were disgusted with the "show." Will those nut-jobs hate us even a little bit less for all that grand ceremony, or did Obama just grovel & make as--s of us again? I say he should have been wrapped in bacon, stuffed with pork & dumped like the butchering animal & garbage he was.

The Saudis don't like our "taking-out" Muslim leaders. They are now getting really cozy with Russia & China & want to dump the world-wide purchase of all oil & commodities in ever-weaker (Obama) US Dollars. Then, you can kiss whatever is left of your shrinking US money goodbye. And Europe (France & Germany leading) now really likes the Russians & their oil. For those that can remember history, those are not the good guys. Meanwhile, every Mid-East country but Israel is now (rather quickly don't you think?) buddy-buddy with Iran, who is soon to become nuclear, with Russia's & China's help. All these warring factions of Muslim nations are united by one common seething hatred of "Little Satan & Big Satan," Israel & the U.S.! I'll bet our teenagers don't know any of this "history" either - just like so many of their parents. The real question though is - do today's kids & parents even care? Are they even making an effort to learn what is going on, or how unbelievably devastating all this is going to be - very soon? Do you think things like one in every seven Americans being on food stamps is bad - or $5 gasoline? You ain't seen nothin yet. Keep asking for more gov't - more handouts & help. Obama, Reid & Hillary are ever so happy to "help." You can even throw in a pretty good bunch of helpful entrenched republicans. We voters have a huge fumigation of this House & Senate to do. You'd better get steaming, raving mad, teach those teenagers & go to the polls in heavy masses through at least 2016. Thereafter, those teens will maybe put down their "games" long enough to vote with you.

Bolivia is appealing to the United Nations (UN) for Mother Earth to have the same rights as humans - and of course, the UN is listening. This is one of those foot-in-the-door moments to be wary of. The UN is getting crazier in its obsession to "Rule the World," & force its will on every country, but aiming directly at the United States, & redistributing our "ill-gotten" wealth. The reason to fear this lunacy is because George Soros, Obama & Hillary want the very same things, and are edging us constantly closer. This is designed to ban all coal usage, for the good of the world - Mother Earth. Declaration of growing "endangered species" lists will block other mining & explorations of oil, gas & other minerals. The UN will declare guns anywhere, as unneeded & unlawful, knowing the US is the biggest owner of guns by far. They have already told us we have no right to stop Mexicans from entering our country. Give them more authority, Obama & Hillary. The truth is, the American people are the only obstacle in the UN's & Soros' way. But our "leadership" is in on it, cagey & wanting it & over half our people don't even know this. It is evidenced by all those thinking Hillary should be president! Don't just laugh them off as crackpots. They are devious & dangerous.

Our comical nut-case, Pelosi, 4/8/11 said, "I think president Obama is right for our country, but if you have a different view, try to make sure that the values we all share are reflected in the choice that you make. Another way that I would say it is to my republican friends, take back your party, so that it doesn't matter so much who wins the election because we have shared values." What she is saying is, it's us (democrats & republicans) against this darned Tea Party that wants to go back to the real Constitution and ruin the good thing, we democrat & republican progressives have going for us. She said, "The fact is, is that elections shouldn't matter as much as they do." Pelosi is just publicly confirming that those we always must choose between, is and nearly always has been, for 50 years, "Do you want a democrat or republican "progressive" to run your lives this 4 years?" Either way Constitution-hating progressives win - true unorganized Americans lose. Until now, we thought Pelosi had no "republican" friends. Good old entrenched republicans hate the Tea party as much as the democrats. It's all really just one GOP - "Grand Old Party" out to screw the American taxpayers through a "living document" Constitution charade. One party just gets "bragging rights" for a term, & calls the shots. It's the same point of view. It's a game! The other side grumbles & complains - pretends to protest. It's as staged as professional wrestling, with half the viewing public sadly, believing it all. Unorganized Americans allowed the likes of crooked Harry Reid & his crooked (but organized in numbers) Union friends to barely weasel in for another 6 destructive years of Union favors. Reid's electoral process was as much a criminal sham by Unions, ACORN (Obama's community organizers), & evil/crooked George Soros as Al Franken of Minnesota & RINO Murkowski of Alaska were. They gave Senate control to Obama & democrats to ram bogus bills down the throats of taxpayers, despite screams of protest. Until we clean up crooked elections, & stop billionaire Soros from buying State officials, & start getting droves of Tea party conservatives storming the polls with fierce determination & great numbers, to wrest these offices away from the evildoers - we are destined to endure more & more. Wake up & fight, people!

Obama is in full campaign mode for 2012 already. That and his love for always taking a bow (center stage) prompted his only visit to ground zero as president. George Bush declined invitation to the ego-massaging photo-op, as did Bill Clinton, who rarely meets a camera he doesn't like. They knew it would be another "look at me" side-show. His campaign media is pumping this as a "gutsy call." It was the only call. Any president who didn't order that kill , & word got out, would be dead in the polls! His victory speech (like so many others) was so filled with, I did this, & I did that, you would think he even led the heroic raid.

Liberal radio talk-show host, Mike Malloy said, "We must rip capitalism to shreds & flush it down the toilets." Then he said, "George Bush was responsible for a lot more innocent deaths than bin Laden. So when does Seal Unit 6, or whatever it's called, drop in on George Bush" Obama wants to shut down & silence FOX News & Rush Limbaugh types by any dirty means he can, but is quite okay with a liberal airway calling for ex-pres Bush to be shot!

With gasoline on its way to $5/gal & beyond & Obama hot on investigating any "possible gouging," it would all warrant big laughs at his ridiculous antics & incessant lies about caring. He just said to the people, "The one thing America can do is pursue safe & responsible production of oil at home." Then, practically "hours" later, (and after shutting down 7 offshore rigs in the Gulf) his dirty rotten EPA denies Shell Oil the necessary air permits to go after 27 billion barrels of oil off the Alaskan coast. The EPA determined the emissions from an ice-breaker might somehow compromise air quality for a village of 247 (Kaktovik), 70 miles away. The EPA appeals board has 4 appointed members, all democrats, one was an activist attorney for the Environmental Defense Fund. There wouldn't be any bias there, would there Barry? Shell just spent 5 yrs & nearly $4 bill to just get jerked around - like the taxpayers & fools listening to Obama's lies. Pelosi told CNN in 2008 that, "The price of gas is at the doorstep - $4 per gallon - attributed to two oilmen in the WH." Now, not a peep from her. A campaigning Obama said in 2007, "We've got an economy that is doing very well for some, but is leaving folks all across the country struggling to figure how do they fill up their gas tanks." While he cajoles & lies to the voting public, Obama digs the heal of his boot into the throats of all our domestic oil producers, to inhibit relief in any form. He prints more of, & devalues the US dollar, which the Arabs demand more of on their end, to buy the things to which they've become accustomed. Obama has his "sheeple" (us) over a barrel, but the Arabs have him (& us) over an oil barrel. We hate it but Obama doesn't. He just laughs behind closed doors, picks up a microphone & tells everybody how hard he's trying. "Give me another 4 yrs to fix Bush's doing." He is "investigating" others. What a laugh - on us.

On Sunday night, May 1st, Obama dramatically told the world that, "After a firefight, our brave men in uniform killed Osama bin Laden & took custody of his body." The next morning John Brennan, in a WH briefing said "bin Laden was engaged in a firefight with those that entered the area of the house he was in... and whether or not he got off any rounds, I quite frankly don't know. It was a firefight." The day after those vivid details, WH press sec'y Carney said bin Laden was not armed. It was reported bin Laden's wife died as he used her as a shield. Then it was said she did not die, just shot in the leg. This group of disorganized buffoons can take a terrific military coup & reduce it to a pathetic comedy of errors, quickly turning it into another American embarrassment for the world to laugh at.

So Egypt is now free of Mubarak, & in this "democratic uprising" CBS reporter Lara Logan was ripped away by a mob from her "60 Minutes" team & gang-raped. She thought she was going to die. This crazed animal attack on this young mother of 2 was hardly mentioned by any of the disgusting lamestream media, not even her own CBS. This is why I insist, America is not a democracy, like at least half of our population believes. We are a "Republic." Leave the proud formations of "Democracies" to Venezuela's Chavez, & his "fantastic democratic revolution" as Obama's proteges call it - or Iraq, or Egypt & as all would-be dictators refer to it. The Muslim Brotherhood is an absolute terrorist organization with special hate for Jews & Americans, yet are inexplicably welcome here. Why is that? They have a large following in the U.S. despite fostering every big name in terrorism, including the late bin Laden. Anyway, Egypt's new "democracy-in-the-making" was polled. 75% want "The Brotherhood" to take over (that's a sure bet). 62% want laws to "strictly" follow the Koran & 54% want to rip up the 30 yr old peace treaty with Israel. Big trouble is brewing.

American Muslims that would like to be thought of as moderates are afraid to speak out against al Qaeda & Jihad. One just tried that in Tulsa, OK when he wrote an op-ed in a Tulsa paper condemning an al Qaeda video tape calling for the killing of Jews & Christians. The very next day at his Tulsa Mosque he was physically assaulted by its members & leaders & now fears for his life - in America. Muslims come here but despise our Western "vulgar" culture - they band together against "outsiders," even more so since 9-11. There is no "fellow-American" feeling. It is "them" against the world of infidels. Most just reside here, resenting our vulgarity, intending eventual takeover by numbers. Those that are not into America's destruction, are OK with watching those in their communities that are. Polls show 18% of young American Muslims support suicide bombings. What will come from that as their numbers quickly grow?

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others of my site. Phil Faustman

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