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59th Issue 04/14/11

Obama's Dept of Justice pawn, Eric Holder made quite an issue of Bernard von NotHaus being sentenced to 15 years for "domestic economic terrorism." He said it was "conspiracy against the United States." NotHaus made fake Liberty Dollars & had 7 million in circulation. Holder said, "Attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of domestic terrorism... while these forms of anti-gov't activities do not involve violence, they're every bit as insidious and represent a clear & present danger to the economic stability of this country..." What a statement. I guess every counterfeiter is now an economic terrorist when just trying to make an illegal buck, short of robbing banks. Is this bozo a more serious threat to collapse our monetary system than Obama & his fake money? Glenn Beck had a series of informative shows recently and much of this is from him. At Pace University in NYC was held the largest annual conference of left-wing activists, progressives & organizers in the country. It was heavily Union attended. Frances Fox Piven, architect of the "overwhelm the system" was there to speak. They did not know they were being recorded. Their theme was to cause "ungovernability" to overturn stability because they are against capitalism & Israel. Former head of banking & finance at SEIU, Stephen Lerner was a regular visitor to the WH & in on his Wall St Reform. Lerner said, "Unions are almost dead. We cannot survive doing what we do. But the simple fact of the matter is community organizers are almost dead also & so I think, if you think about what we need to do, it may give us some direction, which is essentially what the folks that are in charge - you know the big banks & everything - what they want is stability. There are actually extraordinary things we could do right now to start to destabilize the folks that are in power & start to rebuild a movement." This isn't considered as eco-terror? He continued, "For example, 10% of homeowners going back to where you started, a quarter of the people who own a home are underwater. They are paying more for it than it's worth. 10% of those people are in strategic default, meaning they are refusing to pay but they are staying in their home. That's totally spontaneous, right? They figured out it takes a year to kick me out of my home because foreclosure is backed up. I'm going to say I won't pay. It's a good business decision.. If you could double that number you could put banks at the edge of insolvency again. What would happen if we could organize homeowner's en-masse to do a mortgage strike? Just say if we got half a million people to agree. We'll agree we won't pay our mortgage. It would literally cause a new financial crisis for the banks, not for us. We would be doing quite well because we wouldn't be paying." Lerner also goes into non-payments of Student Loans. THIS is Union-headed preached & planned Economic Terrorism to take us all back to the brink - TARP all over again - $800 Billion just thrown away! Then he said, "The folks that control this country care about one thing - how the stock market does, how the bond market does & what their bonus is. So I think we need to have a very simple strategy. How do we bring down the stock market? How do we bring down their bonuses? How do we interfere with their ability to be rich & that means we have to politically isolate them. Economically isolate them & disrupt them. A bunch of us around the country think about who would be a really good company to hate? We decided that would be JP Morgan Chase, based here in New York. And so we're going to roll out over the next couple of months. So what we're looking at is in the first week of May." This despicable human has very close ties in the WH and Obama is a blood brother to Andy Stern, Lerner & every big-shot in the SEIU! Obama has proclaimed his loyalty & love (practically shouted it) into a microphone many times. Obama & the SEIU thugs you've seen in action on TV many times are as close & tight as hand in glove. I copied Lerner's lengthy word for word recorded statement so you would know exactly his intentions - and Obama's! This is not conjecture or out of context, as liars like to say. It is fact! How big is Obama's role in this ruthless conspiracy to collapse the U.S. economy? Let me say this. You can't possibly believe Obama isn't aware of all this & in on it. How scary is the prospect of a US president deliberately collapsing the Stock Market & life savings of millions of innocent hard-working people, & bankrupting the banking system? I told you, no more coincidences or "it's just circumstantial evidence." Again, no more benefit of the doubt. This man is too wily, distrusting & suspicious. He is conniving & demands to know everything going on around him all the time. He hand-picked his entire staff (just like him) to watch his back & he trusts no one. There is no way he doesn't know, yet he has ordered no arrests. He has not even told his Att'y Gen Holder to tell the SEIU & Lerner to "Knock it off." His do-nothing silence is his condemnation in my book. He is either an accomplice to "Economic Terrorism" or its shadowy ringleader. Obama & Holder aren't making fake silver dollars. Both should be imprisoned for more than 15 years! What's going on over there in Libya & Egypt & Israel? Why are Egypt, NATO Turkey & others getting so cozy with evil Iran? Samantha Power wrote a book that Obama read & liked. It was very anti-Israel. He convinced her to leave Harvard & become his foreign policy advisor. She (as advisor) spoke publicly about stopping "investing" in Israel & begin "investing" in Palestine, suggesting they need a mammoth protection force to protect them from Israel. Note that "investing" has become Obama's new buzz word. His speeches of late constantly replace the word "spending" (not now popular) with "investing," following Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" to the letter (the flock or herd is too stupid to notice). Power convinced Obama to follow France & England (who are in it to ensure continued oil flow) & attack Gadhafi. The UN (Useless Nations) also very anti-Israel supports putting down Gadhafi - which should really give us reason to pause. The policy that Obama says he is following is from the UN. The UN's policy was formed by the OSI (Open Society Institute) which is a pet of & funded by, evil & filthy rich George Soros (who also read & liked Power's book). Obama's Cass Sunstein (into everything evil over here) just happens to be Power's husband. It all reads like the twisted plot of a who-done-it novel. The people of the U.S., through our manipulative media think we're bombing Gadhafi to protect his people from his fury. The parties involved couldn't care less. Libya & its rebels (who are just terrorists themselves & were recently killing our soldiers) mean nothing. This is all about establishing a precedent, to justify to Americans an upcoming attack on Israel, friend and ally for so long. Now that Mubarak of Egypt (the only peaceful border Israel had) is ousted, Egypt's new top dogs will join all the other Muslim nations that hate Israel, ironically using the Egyptian military that WE basically trained with our weapons, & financed. Now enter Richard Faulk of the UN. He hates Israel beyond reason - compares them with Nazis! He also believes (911 truther like Obama's Van Jones) that we bombed our own towers. Faulk, Power, the UN, Obama, Soros & Sunstein are waving, for all the world to see (the product of Power's book & the OSI) this new UN proclamation of duty - "Responsibility to Protect Act." This UN Act (and it's all just an act by two-bit players) "Protects against four evils: Genocide, War crimes, Ethnic cleansing, Crimes against humanity." Faulk has proclaimed Israel is "Guilty of two of these" (ethnic cleansing & crimes against humanity) against Palestinians. THAT is where this all is going, despite Obama & media BS! Israel is now being bombarded by Gaza, with newly supplied rockets to Gaza, that no one is hearing about. Another Flotilla (supported by Obama's friends: Unions, terrorists Bill Ayers & his wife & Code Pink) is about to ram Israel's blockade of Gaza. If you were Israel would you allow free shipment of munitions to Gaza - to be shot over your border onto citizens? Israel has big trouble looming on the horizon, soon, & Obama plans to be an onlooker - if not an instigator. Obama spent 20 years in a very close friendship with his radical/racist Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who spent about 20 yrs in a very close relationship with radical/racist/Islamist, Louis Farrakhan. Both openly hate the Jews & called Gadhafi a good friend. Farrakhan is one lousy American citizen, but amassed about 100,000 in DC to hear & cheer his racial, anti-Jew & "white demons" hate speech. A few weeks ago he had 19,000 in Chicago, as he blasted America & even Obama, & praised the insane butcher, Gadhafi like he was a Saint. How far all these "friendly" inter-relationships go is any one's guess, but Obama is definitely anti-Israel, as the others openly are. It disturbed me deeply to hear of that Israeli family with little kids & an infant, stabbed, throats cut, by butchering barbarians, then witness mass celebrations & dancing in the streets. It was reminiscent of mobs of Muslims celebrating after our twin towers fell, & the Libyan Pan Am Airline bomber who murdered so many & was cheered as a hero. They hate our guts - want us all butchered in the same way! Tell me why we are over there spending a fortune that we really don't have & offering our young & brave to be killed & maimed? Oil is incidental. This is about a change in World Power & Wealth. Big Unions are siding for that, with the Muslim Brotherhood & Islamic extremists, against Israel & America - stupidly thinking those extremists are helpful. They are, but the Islamic extremists just want to take over the whole world, using any help stupidly offered, to murder us all - submit or die! A week after we leave any land over there, they will destroy everything we built & all revert back to their ways of a thousand years - feuding tribe's be-heading each other. The only thing they all agree & will unite on is their absolute hatred of outsiders. They laugh & bury their differences long enough to behead & bury us - then they're back to killing each other. There are billions of them. Their minds are made up. Let them do it. Let's come home, drill for oil, build coal-fired power plants & convert to natural gas. They'll never miss us. Strafe & bomb terrorist training camps as they show up on satellite film. Close the damned Mexican border & use the oceans as an impediment. Check & see how Europe is doing from time to time. Personally, I feel if, "I wanna die for Allah," nut jobs insist on getting a Nuclear bomb, give them one of ours, right in the aggressor's living room. If a whole bunch of people are going to die, why not them? Other big-mouthed nuts will shut up & crawl back into their holes. What are they going to do, hate us more? That's not possible. I think human history periodically needs reminders. As awful as some events are, billions don't seem to remember a damned thing more than 2 weeks. The "Committee Against Utility Shutoffs" (no kidding) protested in Detroit. They are a branch of the "Socialist Equality Party" & shouting that utilities are now a social right. Really, can big-screen TVs be far behind? With oil well over $100/barrel, Hillary (not Barry yet) is questioning the safety of nuclear power & Germany is announcing plans to get totally out of nuclear (which is 14% of the world's electric). Gasoline will quickly jump over $4/gal & maybe $5 by summer. This of course, drives up the price of food & transport of all goods. And, as Obama promised (with his clampdown of U.S. coal & oil producing) the price of utilities will "necessarily skyrocket." Our free-loading American Socialists want the working rich to pay for their utilities - it's their "right"! Note on this Japan disaster a few things besides how oil prices will shoot up. The Japanese behave very calmly. Over here there would be pandemonium, blame everywhere, lawyers running all over, demanding accountability & lining up lawsuits on everyone, hoping some of it would stick. We have 30 lawyers for every 1 in Japan. Japan's economic woes could crash the U.S. dollar. Japan has bought up huge amounts of our debt & may soon have to cash it in. Their economy was one of the 5 world's worst before all the countless Billions lost in destruction, & their recovery will suffer as no one will want radioactive goods. Not much is being said yet, but this is no Greece or Ireland-sized economy. This is a very serious threat to us in particular & the world. We cannot have jobs & drill for oil in our Gulf of Mexico, Obama has decreed. You democrat & liberal Obama adorers can supply your own version of why that is. Obama said it was "enviro-safety." But explain the insanity of striking up a deal with Brazil to come into our Gulf to do exactly what this mystifying, arrogant a_s won't allow us to do? Obama "loans" them taxpayer dollars ($2 Bill plus promise of more) to drill offshore there and invites them here to drill in sight of our beaches! Now Brazil will get the jobs (apologize for any mishaps) sell us our oil & gain a tidy profit! Is Obama an obtuse idiot or just dictating as dictators do, knowing they don't have to explain wild eccentric behavior when they control the media? He is now adding into our energy & economic destruction equation his EPA (Cass Sunstein) crackdown on "toxic air & mercury" levels. This will shut down our coal & oil-fired power plants & no one, including Congress apparently cares! These, plus nuclear are 65% of all of our power. Knowing of all that is brewing at home, most all the oily Mid-East being in turmoil, & distaste for nuclear now rampant, Wall St oil speculators are having a ball. And Obama's Union brothers, seeking World power, are furiously fanning flames of unrest (both here & there) trying to get oil workers over there to strike - to drive our prices even higher. Now news of a different nature, but news you must know about. I must tell you about the dirty little secret tie-in of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), ethanol, rampant obesity, diabetes & cancer, gov't corruption & sky-high health care costs. Folks, the powers that be don't care a whit about the people, in their quest for even more power & fortune. They don't care one iota about pain & suffering, doing the right thing for once in their selfish lives, or if the country & taxpayers go broke satisfying their endless greed. It's difficult determining where to start since it all began (I think innocently) about 30 years ago, seeking an alternative fuel for our autos. But gov't corrupt, crooked politicians, plodding bureaucratic impotence, shyster lobbyists for corporations (now needing a dumping ground for rapidly accumulating corn waste) & gov't sugar subsidies created opportunity for huge profits in HFCS! In the light of day, when the cockroaches all scatter, it is as it always is, "follow the money." There are new billions to be shared by those in the inner circle. They are who is getting paid to let a foot get in the door to a gigantic "captive" food industry. Since Monsanto is the world's biggest food producer & evil George Soros is the biggest stockholder of Monsanto, I tend to see a sinister side to such profitable dealings. Who is getting paid to look the other way & suppress negative scientific or medical research findings? Such as corn ethanol destroys engines - HFCS destroys human health & bodies. Who cares? We'll all be rich & gone before anyone even notices. Even then the findings will be contested & fought for years, blame will be deliberately obscured & in the end no one will be punished anyway, as usual. Meanwhile the money keeps piling up. Obama says, let's mandate heavily-subsidized ethanol usage up another 50% (15% at the pumps) to destroy even more engines faster. That's bad enough, but to knowingly allow the destruction of our health as a nation & creating suffering is evil. It creates more gov't dependency, drives up medical costs & insurance premiums, kills jobs, weakens taxpayers, redistributes wealth & collapses the economy. It sounds like an Obama plan but in truth, it started when he was in his teens. That he exacerbates it all to aid his agenda, I have no doubts however. But it's like, who cares if people get obese, sick & die? Who cares if they're depressed, losing their homes & out of work? More chaos, depression & gov't dependency is needed. "The ends justifies the means." I got on a roll there, sorry. There are "scientists" out there, lots of them (like those that denied smoking was bad for your health long ago) that say chemically, in the lab, "sugar is sugar is sugar." Bull manure is still, you know what. A test tube is not your body. Test tubes do not metabolize. Aug 2010, Reuters reported that the journal "Cancer Research" found that pancreatic cancer (the deadliest) tumor cells use fructose to divide & proliferate. Tumor cells fed both glucose & fructose, used the two sugars in two different ways. That was 8 months ago. That report alone was reason enough to scream, "Stop the presses! Hold everything!" Did you even hear about it? Was such a revelation worthy of news? There are other studies also out there linking cancers to HFCS, which has masses of unsuspecting Americans gorging themselves on it & getting sicker by the day. Plus they are heavier & diabetic (I would bet anything) because studies say HFCS use creates appetite & hunger for more - sugar doesn't. We don't know squat about how HFCS is metabolized other than it turns to fat faster than any other "sugar," and attacks the liver - more good news. Something peculiar about it creates longer shelf life & less freezer burn - food companies (like Soros' Monsanto) love that, & love that it's lots cheaper than sugar, too. Do you think food companies, their lobbyists or the Congressmen in their back pockets, care about you & me? Or escalating national health care costs, medical treatment costs, or rising insurance costs, for that matter - how about human suffering? A far healthier populace would greatly reduce Medicare & Medicaid financial burdens too, if anybody really cared. HFCS is now in most everything & growing like the cancers it feeds - especially soda pop, consumed in astronomical amounts. Virtually all the "diet" pop has the deadly "aspartame" in it. Read labels if you never have before. But with so many getting rich & re-elected off our ill-health don't expect any announcements or changes in their lifestyles anytime soon. Reuters says, "Politicians, regulators, health experts & the industry have debated whether High Fructose Corn Syrup & other ingredients have been helping make Americans fatter & less healthy." Really? Many hands in the till inspire lengthy "debates. How does gov't answer when they have anything to say at all? Calif, NY & some other states want to TAX the consumers of HFCS soft drinks, "to defray the cost of treating obesity-related diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes & cancer." They acknowledge they know the cause but attack the poor consumer. The American Beverage Assoc (CocaCola, Kraft, etc.) has strongly & successfully opposed soda tax, saying, "Sugar is sugar." See how these "debates" & lawyers will work it? Sugar is NOT sugar when one is rapidly growing cancer cells & creating hunger/obesity/disease! Dr Anthony Heaney of UCLA's Jonsson Cancer Center says, "I think this paper has a lot of public health implications. Hopefully, at the Federal level there will be some effort to step back on the amount of High Fructose Corn Syrup in our diets." I love the guy's optimism but he's an idiot. This is paid-off politicians & Obama's regulators & agenda at work. The Doctor thinks eating somewhat less, of something destructive & deadly is probably advisable - hopes the gov't will consider it. Duh! We know there is awareness because, get this, they are hoping to develop a drug that might stop tumor cells from making use of fructose! Don't eliminate the damned corn syrup in the ingredients - TAX the soda or create a DRUG. Is everybody nuts? U.S. consumption of HFCS (1970-1990/2004 report) went up 1000%. We can only imagine, as we get sicker, suffer & die-off how much more is now eaten, plus its compounding effects over all this time. Now I alert you to another ignored horrendous health hazard that's bound to contribute to our worsening old & brand new diseases- GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms). These are unknown to millions of Americans and untested, right out of the laboratories of Monsanto & the like. GMOs are put on the food crops or in the seeds to produce superior yields or pest & weed resistant crops. Needless to say, for much greater profitability to the creator. Common sense & health be damned! Consider the unknown consequences (side effects) of GMOs. Then those GMOs (pollen & bees) intermingling with each other can mutate & produce toxins & poisons never even conceived by man. As pests & weeds develop immunity (as they always do) it necessitates progressively stronger doses. Consider that dairy cows are freely injected with Gen Mod hormone rbGH & eat Gen Mod grains & pasture, all of which are already detected & passed on to us in our butter, milk, cheese, etc. Then they sweeten chocolate milk with HFCS. Soy & Corn are our most heavily Genetically Modified - 91% & 85%, respectively. At least 75% of the food in our grocery stores today is Gen Modified. They want every tiniest ingredient listed, but don't have to tell you if it was Genetically altered! They're idiots! Dangerous ones. The FDA has NO safety testing requirements. They stupidly rely solely on the lab research of companies like profit-motivated Monsanto (huge food agri-business - George Soros biggest stockholder). That too is scary! The US Treasury & gov't is loaded with banker Goldman Sachs ex-executives as "advisors." The FDA is just as cozy with Monsanto. The first Bush (HW) appointed a former Monsanto attorney to develop FDA policy on GMOs. He later went back to Monsanto as a new V-Pres. The FDA stated they were not aware of any info showing that Gen Mod crops were different in any meaningful or uniform way, from non-GMO crops & therefore didn't require testing. But the FDA does have some scientists & their overwhelming consensus was that Gen Mod foods were quite different & could lead to unpredictable & hard-to-detect allergens, toxins, new diseases & nutritional problems. Since they were ignored, & Monsanto developed the FDA policy it made the following even weirder. Phil Angell, Monsanto official (Oct 25, 1998) told the NY Times that the corporation should not have to vouch for or take responsibility for the safety of Biotech food. "Our interest is in selling as much of it as possible. Assuring its safety is the FDA's job." Does that sound like a ringing endorsement of our safety to you? Or does is sound more like they know lawsuits will eventually be coming? What do they know that you & I don't? One thing is clear, when catastrophe hits, neither of the vermin here will assume any blame or responsibility. Think of how extra-dangerous HFCS now with GMOs in it must be! The British had a respected scientist give his gov't a scathing report on the researched horrors of GMOs. Although he had over 20 years of service he & his staff of about 20 were abruptly fired. They eventually had their day in court & got to testify publicly about GMOs. The outcry of the British people got any & all forms of GMOs banned in England. But we'll be OK, right? I apologize to my readers for an error of mine in my 57th Issue. In it I quoted a statement I thought was made by Obama. I knew he intended to have wounded servicemen pay for their combat injuries & treatment with their own insurance. He caught so much hell for suggesting something so absurd that he dropped it, but the quote I attributed to him was by a satirist. I told you I worked extra hard at all times to be absolutely accurate with all facts & figures. I messed up & missed this one, somehow. I am sorry & will double my efforts in the future. One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my site, Phil Faustman (Google)

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  1. Yes, I was going to post on NotHaus but decided not to. I'm glad to see that this is very accurate. I'm surprised though because it happened a while back. May is going to be a bad month this year. I just hope that Stephen Lerner's plan doesn't work. Yet, that is only hope, not a fact. I fear for JP Morgan Chase.

    But not only is Stephen Lerner close to Obama and the WH, but he has connections with congress also. Overall, wonderful post. I look forward to the next one.