Wednesday, June 1, 2011

61 st Issue 06/01/11

Welcome to Obama's new US Supreme Court. As I told you, his 2 new leftist appointed Justices, Sotomayor & Kagan would soon be creating new rulings & "regulations" on all American citizens, and dictating to all the States. The older Justices are rightly upset about all these new leftist leanings by Obama's youngsters. Over time they will just get bolder, attacking our Rights & our Constitution, delivering Obama's "Social" Justice. As I said, they'll rule our lives on 5-4 (coin-flip) decisions for at least 30 more yrs. Thank your useless (Reid-overseeing) Senate for allowing these 2 disgusting extremists in. We will all rue these days of spineless Congressional apathy & betrayal of trust! The SCOTUS narrowly allowed Arizona the right to punish employers that hire illegal aliens. It should not have been close. Then the SCOTUS ordered Calif (5-4) to release 46,000 prison inmates, citing crowding was "needless suffering... cruel & unusual punishment." Never mind the suffering & rights of innocent citizens - future victims. A dismayed Justice Scalia pointed to, "the inevitable murders, robberies & rapes to be committed by released inmates." He called his Court's decision, "Staggering, absurd, perhaps the most radical injunction issued by a court in our nation's history." Gee, they've only been united together a matter of months & Obama's Babes are already making history. "Welcome," I say again, to Obama's new "Transformation of America" - Supreme Court-style. They will live on & rule us even long after he is gone. The Wall St Journal stated, "Justice Scalia notes that the Justices are now decreeing how the political branches of Gov't must be run, disregarding the Constitution's core Article III checks on judicial authority. Chief Justice Roberts & Justice Alito wrote, "The Constitution does not give Federal judges the authority to run State penal systems." But I guess it does now. Yes, they'll get bolder, criminals & illegals will love them, so will all gun-control freaks. On the 30th anniversary of Reagan's assassination attempt, Obama told a crippled Jim Brady's wife, Sarah, "Gun control was very much on his agenda." Obama told her, "I just want you to know that we are working on it. We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar." That people, is evil! This slinking rat campaigned on "transparency" while lying every damned time he opened his mouth - on anything & everything. Now our country is in terrible trouble. His incessant lies & deliberate destruction of jobs & our economy are obvious as hell, yet he still has followers & believers. Is half this country blind & deaf - or ignorant beyond help? His smiley-face is really a sneer - scorn for all those simple people & their Constitution! And if you accept him because he's paying you in some way, shame, shame on you!

Union heads nationwide lied to their members about Obama's stance on gun control & essentially said they were racists if they voted against him. Trumka (AFL) deliberately lied to his members when he said Obama was not for gun control. Obama's (& Hillary's) record has always been against guns. Trumka showed his evilness, but he got his evil counterpart elected, once again playing the "race card." Now they both seek World power, hand in hand. Our rotten Liar-in Chief on the campaign trail 6/08, "I have always believed that the 2nd Amend protects the right to bear arms." We don't need this miserable dipstick to tell us what we already know. HE doesn't believe in, nor will he protect OUR right to bear arms. The Constitution he hates, does! Always listen carefully to every scripted word he says, especially campaign BS! He refers to the right, not "we" or our right. He & Hillary & Sunstein are conniving right now to deny us that very right - right before the eyes of our pathetic, gutless Congress.

I'm sure you've seen the democrat TV ad where "granny" in a wheelchair is being dumped off a cliff by "Paul Ryan" to ridicule Ryan's budget-cuts proposal. In short, democrats will never cut anything, only tax more, & Obama wants the economy destroyed - so they will ride these stumbling horses (Medicare/Medicaid) until they're dead. The majority of seniors can handle the truth. They see the writing on the wall. They've been watching these idiots (dems & repubs) in action for far too many years. Seniors are the last vestige of smaller, less meddlesome gov't & fiscal common sense. That's why Obama & progressive socialists can't wait for them to die. But their financial drain on health care is useful, & their political threat diminishes annually. Obama & Co has pretty much brainwashed, bamboozled or bought those in the middle through media, gov't jobs & handouts. And they have tight control on the upcoming youth through proper Marxist "schooling." They're just biding their time - almost there. Now, just make the dollar worth a penny & seize the guns to complete "the transformation of America" that he promised. Medicare (1966 inception) was to cost $3 Bil annually & projected to cost $12 Bil in 1990, adjusted for inflation. In 1990 (23 yrs) it actually cost $107 Bil - 800% over "guesstimates" of brilliant financial minds in DC., not adjusting for fraud & abuse of everything gov't. In 2009 (19 yrs more) it was $484 Bil! The CBO predicts (2018/7 yrs) $885 Bil! Good people would shoot that horse & put it out of its misery. Obama & Co, will dig in their spurs. Ryan's plan doesn't touch anyone at all now or within 10 yrs of drawing, from this otherwise bankrupt entitlement. Ryan just sensibly directs the younger set into a viable market-oriented plan. ObamaCare will have 15 cost-cutting bureaucrats deciding how much "care" seniors will get - aptly called "death panels." Obama's czar has clearly stated senior care will be "rationed," dictated by cost. O-Care is better? The CBO estimates (to all those that have paid in) this Medicare Ponzi scheme owes $24.5 - 32 Trillion! That fiscal craziness might prompt a motorized granny to drive herself off a cliff.

As I'm writing this a TV ad states, "If you have diabetes & are on Medicare you qualify for these 3 free books, plus this meal-planning guide." There is your formula for success in today's "Give me, Give me" America. Stick-it to Medicare, the gov't, job-making corporations & insurance companies. Grab all the handouts & sue everyone else! Write some diabetic recipes, charge a boatload to Medicare, plus free shipping & advertising costs rolled in & you cleverly become a millionaire at taxpayer expense. It's the little man's offshoot version of those expensive motorized wheelchairs that virtually anyone can have "free," just for the asking on TV. As they say emphatically, "At no cost to me, absolutely no cost to me!" Even if you can walk, this might be handy - & it's free, & we'll do all that pesky paperwork for you, just sign here. Wish taxpayers luck on abolishing this Medicare insanity. It's everywhere & growing fast. Who slipped these irresponsible "benefits" in?

Tidbits: In another splendid display of arrogance, King Barry (or Dictator) personally declared war on Libya & fired 112 Cruise missiles. Declaring war is Congress' job. Obama consulted with his new friends at the United Nations & even the Arab League - but not Congress. The rancor this man has for anything Constitutional is amazing. I told you, the only reason he & Cass Sunstein studied Constitutional Law was to beat it or ignore it at every turn. Democrats got The Patriot Act extended to June, 2015 at the last minute. This is the Act they, media & Obama vehemently attacked in the Bush era - suddenly it's beautiful & necessary under Obama. And the Left's anti-war rallies then, regularly had thousands (tens of thousands even) protesting Iraq & Afghanistan. Obama is still in both places & added Libya all on his own, yet the protesters & press are amazingly quiet - perhaps insincere. The Cong Budget Off now says the $787 Bil Stimulus actually cost $830 Bil - just a little extra $43 Bil (Gov't sloppage, I guess). $24 Bil of that Stimulus went to 3,700 gov't contractors & non-profits, 6% of those with gov't contracts are tax-delinquents, owing $757 Mil in back-taxes. Must that be paid with their newly found funds or are those separate issues? Do they get more contracts? Does anyone care? Rush Limbaugh said 80% of all the Stimulus awarded to Wisconsin went to state-gov't Union employees. Does that seem fair or job producing? How about the other 49 states we don't hear about? It was all just an enormous taxpayer-funded Obama "Slush Fund" to buy & reward Democrat supporters & voters. The new Repub Gov of Wisc (where all that Union volatility & vandalism is) Scott Walker just signed into law (finally) an end to gov't-union "collective bargaining" (where both sides just stick-it to Wisc taxpayers). This "progress" was then struck down by Judge Maryann Sumi on some obscure procedure-violation "technicality." Aren't judges supposed to be non-political? Sumi's son was a former field-manager for both Marxist Trumka's AFL/CIO and Andy Stern's SEIU - a Union (in-bed) tri-fecta of Trumka, Stern & Obama - 3 buddy peas in a pod! Is Sumi one of the many judges bought by their other buddy, evil billionaire George Soros? Buying, brings me to my last tidbit, Obama buying the endorsement of AARP (Amer Assoc of Retired Persons) to pass his ObamaCare. He promised to oust their #1 competitor, Medicare Advantage. He did, & it produced 1/2 Billion in AARP profits last year. Once conservative, AARP is now just a deceitful left-wing pawn, even getting a waiver from the O-Care they publicly endorsed. Now (no competition) they can boost policy charges for old & new members alike, for even greater profits. Are you a member? If so, why? They sold their members down the river, & were expensive before their monopoly. There are better mature-options that will truly represent you. Dump these turncoats. If O-Care is so great to AARP, & all those Unions that clamored for it, & to Nancy Pelosi ("We must pass it, so you can see what's in it.") why are they all getting waivers from it? Why did the biggest "pusher" of O-Care, Pelosi, get for her district (by far) the most waivers? Why don't they all feel "dirty?"

Anyone entering college not already a full-blown socialist, has little chance holding up against anti-capitalism & anti-Americanism, when their administrators, teachers & upper-classmen are all so adamant & vociferous. They browbeat & shout-down outside speakers & freshmen - anyone with a "different" view. That is Marxism in the making. But their video-taped responses were priceless when confronted. They believed it was socially "right" to take money earned from ambitious people & give it to less fortunate, less ambitious people. When suggested that those with 4.0 "A" grade averages should give up some of their "earned" good grades to those "less fortunate" & otherwise failing, they all cried "foul" - hypocrisy or juvenocracy? They said grades are different - it's not fair! Really - will this prevailing waiting-in-the-wings mentality lead America back to prosperity - or to Communism?

In Egypt (after Mubarak's ouster) The Muslim Brotherhood is rapidly taking over. This so-called "democracy" has heavy links to a re-surging Nazi Party dedicated to the annihilation, once again, of all Jews. They teach their small children, from toddlers on, using puppet shows & cartoons, to despise all Jews, calling them "filth" or worse - that to die for Allah is wonderful, so go (little kid) blow up the Jews, or get shot down by Israelis on film, to shock & turn the world against those "monster" Jews. The last Flotilla to ram the Jewish blockade of Gaza was manned by a suicide squad of Muslims, deliberately screaming insults & attacking the Jewish soldiers with iron pipes, to purposely get shot on TV. It was all staged (like all these coordinated riots) to "shock" the world, showing Jews shooting down poor "unarmed" Muslims. What absolute horse-manure! U.S. media has become so vile in their ignoring or complicity with sworn enemies of this country, they are making me ill. Obama & Hillary know, & so do their press-pawns what unbelievable evil is going on right under their noses - all lies, all deliberately staged & they won't report or expose a damned thing. They must want Israel to fall to Islam extremists. There can be no other reasons for this ungodly silence. If adults or kids with bombs were overrunning our borders, screaming, "Death to Americans!" we would shoot them too. We might feel awful, sorry for their ignorant plight, but we would still shoot them. If all this sounds absurd or melodramatic, just watch what goes on this short hot summer, as the whole Muslim world ("Arab Spring") joins in what is "Hatred of Israel." And no more hooey about these millions just being a minority of extremists. This is an organized, orchestrated huge Muslim movement, "Muslim Brotherhood" in the lead, to take over the whole world of non-Muslims - enslaving or murdering all - Sharia law mandatory for everyone. Whatever peaceful Muslims there are, are absolutely terrified of them! They'll not lift a finger or murmur a word of dissent. They know the horrors they're capable of. Watch how the UN stupidly soon sides with them. Watch Obama & Hillary do nothing. Worst of all, watch U.S. & world media report & say nothing critical, or even acknowledge that these deliberate scripted atrocities - made for Arab Spring TV propaganda, are even taking place. It is all designed to incite & recruit more Muslims into action, & garner more ignorant "acceptance" from Westerners, for when they will inevitably attack Israel. Openly preparing, practically babies, for eager & willing death is so barbaric, I recoil at the prospect of our own "journalists" being accepting of this common sick practice. If Glenn Beck can get all kinds of video-tapes of these sick, documented, twisted people & practices, (God bless him, by the way) so can Obama, Hillary & our "News" people. That's what sickens me the most. I don't even know, those I thought were just misguided Americans at one time. Now they thoroughly disgust me! There is no way on Earth they do not know what is happening. But if you think this is just a Jewish or Israel problem, you are incredibly naive. The fall of "Little Satan" will just be the domino start. Europe will be an easy conquest just by invasion in numbers, on their checklist, marching for Sharia law. America, "The Great Satan" has oceanic protection. They will have to be content with just "terrorizing" us (coming easily from Mexico) for a while, but they are coming. When do we wake up & address undeniable evil? Do we ever? What's happening over there is being ignored over here, as Sunstein, Hillary & Obama also plot to take our guns.

We vowed just 60 short yrs ago that we, "would never forget" the unthinkable horrors of Nazi Jewish hatred. "Never again!" we swore. Today, few of our teenagers even know who Bin Laden was. What could they know of 6 million Jews dying horribly in "Death Camps" only 68 yrs ago? A great damned job, teachers! The shame probably spills over on all "forgetful" parents too, but our leftist schools & press are abominable! The Muslim Brotherhood has been (hiding for years) & is the despicable reborn Nazi Party. They are just now openly & boldly unveiling themselves. Why do our deplorable "leaders" & press accept (if not embrace) the "Brotherhood?" Why are you not questioning more, a lot more outraged & "ticked-off" than you are? I know those reading this are much more informed & concerned than the average American, but if you & I don't boil-over onto those ignorant others & wake them up we are doomed along with them. I consider most everyone in national political office (democrat or republican) as outright traitors to America - nearly traitors, if they are doing nothing, because they know. No one achieving office this high is ignorant of what our "leader's" intentions are, or what the press is deliberately allowing as "news"- or covering up. Anyone that stupid is not fit for office anyway. We will have one last chance to make one hell of a statement at the polls in 2012. If you're not there, dragging others along, then shut up, sit down & quit bitching. Take your seat beside all those you didn't convince, America is as good as dead! To honestly say, "I did my best," knowing your Country, Freedom & Liberties are all on the line will require much from you. Like Paul Revere, get on your horse, ride & yell, all the way to D.C. (apparently they don't know), "The Extremists are coming!" America needs you now, every bit as much as in Revolutionary days!

Did you know (thank you Glenn Beck) that the original Seal of the U.S. was a picture of Moses leading the Israelites across the Red Sea with a pillar of fire keeping the pharaoh at bay? It said, "Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God." Why was it changed? I get really angry every time I see one person of a hundred or thousand, preventing prayer or view of a cross (using lousy ACLU lawyer intimidation) claiming "Separation of Church & State" as the reason. The clear intent of our Founders was to keep Gov't from interfering with our right to worship God. Most were deeply religious. What sick entity twisted that completely around to use against us? More evil, causing all our anti-Christian/Christmas turmoil today.

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others of my site. Phil Faustman

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