Thursday, March 17, 2011

58th Issue 03/21/11

When our country was formed it was intended to be each state governing entirely on its own - each a small separate country, if you will, operating under the strength & protective umbrella of all the states militarily united against hostility & invasion by another country. To fight one was to fight all! That was about the only deliberately intended purpose of federal gov't. What the hell happened to make the monstrosity we have today? Or when did progressives/liberals seize control? Progressive income tax pretty much says it all. When part of the population found out it could make the other "better-off" part pay them for doing nothing things got progressively bad - to worse - to today! Until then, free enterprise capitalism made us the most prosperous & powerful nation ever known to man. Fed gov't was expanded to create greater ease of efficiency in interstate trade & commerce. That foot-in-the-door (politicians being what they are) got totally out of control. As separate entities (today being 50) ruling themselves, we could easily study & learn (as was originally intended by our founders) what other states were doing right or wrong in how they dealt with similar problems or concerns - copy success, avoid proven failures. All dealt with education, job creation, taxation, economics, & a myriad of other issues. All had theories or ideas for solutions. There is, no one size fits all. It produced learning if nothing else & common sense copied whatever worked. And if in the process, people were taxed too much for inefficiency or graft in gov't they moved to another state. That self-cleaning process is no more, & we (the good people) suffer greatly for standing by, doing nothing but watch that huge federal nanny-state dictating gov't grow & grow! We're just One Big State now screwing up even the simplest of things. No one but ourselves to blame. We must now throw out masses of politicians of both sides or we don't have a chance to get America back on track. The evil side, though far less in numbers is tremendously entrenched, union organized & with media 90% on their side. Please, talk to everybody continuously. Drag them to the polls. Join the 9-12ers, Tea Parties, or any other Patriotic group, to become a force. Start your own if no one's close. Force your will on all politicians in office. Prove to them we are no fluke or flash in the pan - to ignore us is political suicide! The tail wagging the dog days are done! Otherwise put your tail between your legs & let your masters continue on to our ruin. It is time to get really ticked-off, join up, or get the hell out of the way. We want you & need you, but will wait for you no longer. America will be reborn! These reprobates will be defeated, one way or another! So,be part of the solution, or you're a big part of the problem.

It's nice to know that our Sec'y of State & presidential candidate, Hillary is such a supporter of radical Jew & America-hating news station, al-Jazeera. It is only the Mid-East's mouthpiece for Osama bin-Laden, radical Islam & other world terrorists! So nice to see that American pride, Hill. You & Obama, are one fantastic pair of apologists. She said, "In fact, viewership of al-jazeera is going up in the U.S. because it's real news. You may not agree with it, but you feel you're getting real news around the clock instead of a million commercials & arguments between talking heads & the kind of stuff that we do on our news which, you know, is not particularly informative." Yup, they don't need commercials 'cause gov't pays for all time to read that "real news" propaganda from scripts they provide around the clock - mostly preaching hate. They may be even worse than our MSNBC. Yes Hill, there are no arguments between talking heads over there - arguing talking heads tend to be removed from dissenting bodies. As Ahmadinajad boasted, "We have no homosexuals in Iran!" I have no doubts at all. But just how insanely helpful to a dismembering enemy, can this administration get? The Sec'y of State of the USA publicly states, you can't get real news in America - listen to al-Jazeera! Are you nuts? Is their rising viewership here, to feed our fast-growing Muslim-takeover cities - to keep hatred fresh in their minds from the motherland? My wife just now showed me that channel 375, on the cable TV that WE PAY FOR is the damned al Jazeera news, direct from my enemy! Who in hell forced this into our home? And don't tell me I don't have to look at this foot-in-the-door garbage! I, & millions of American Christians are paying for this hot propaganda assault, for US Muslim entertainment & recruitment of homegrown terrorist wannabees. This is sicker than all those Mexican TV channels I pay for, showing US movies in Spanish without even the courtesy of English subtitles. And it all started with "Dial 1 for English," without an outpouring of, "Are you out of your minds?" YOU come to learn OUR language or stay the hell out until you do! Obama slips things in. If you don't go ballistic, he slips in more & more. Get it?

I present you with a web post by "Bud" Day, a Vietnam POW Medal of Honor winner: "I got shot down over Vietnam in 1967, a Sqdn. Commander. After I returned in 1973, I published 2 books that dealt a lot with "real torture" in Hanoi. Our make-believe president is branding our country as a bunch of torturers when he has no idea what torture is. As for me, I was put thru a mock execution because I would not respond, pistol whipped on the head, same event. Couple of days later, hung by my feet all day. I escaped and a couple of weeks later I got shot and recaptured. Shot was OK, what happened afterwards was not. They marched me to Vinh, put me in the rope trick, trick almost pulled my arms out of the sockets. Beat me on the head with a little wooden rod until my eyes were swelled shut, and my unshot, unbroken hand a pulp. Next day hung me up bt the arms.. rebroke my right wrist.. wiped out the nerves in my arms that control the hands.. rolled my fingers up into a ball. Only left the slightest movement of my L forefinger. So I started answering with some incredible lies. Sent me to Hanoi strapped on a barrel of gas in the back of a truck. Hanoi.. on my knees.. rope trick again. Beaten by a big fool. Into leg irons on a bed in Heartbreak Hotel. Much kneeling - hands up at Zoo. Really bad beating for refusing to condemn Lyndon Johnson. Several more kneeling events. I could see my knee bone thru kneeling holes. There was an escape from the annex to the Zoo. I was the Senior Officer of a large building because of escape.. they started a mass torture of all commanders. I think it was July 7, 1969.. they started beating me with a car fanbelt. In first 2 day I took over 300 strokes.. then stopped counting because I never thought I would live thru it. They continued day-night torture to get me to confess to a non-existent part in the escape. This went on for at least 3 days. On my knees.. fan belting.. cut open my scrotum with fan belt stroke. Opened up both knee holes again. My fanny looked like hamburger.. I could not lie on my back. They tortured me into admitting that I was in on the escape and that my 2 room-mates knew about it. The next day I denied the lie. They commenced torturing me again with 3, 6, or 9 strokes of the fan belt every day from about July 11 or 12th to 14 October 1969. I continued to refuse to lie about my roommates again. Now, the point of this is that our make-believe president has declared to the world that we (U.S.) are a bunch of torturers.. thus it will be OK to torture us next time when they catch us.. because that is what the U.S. does. Our make-believe president is a know nothing fool who thinks that pouring a little water on some one's face, or hanging a pair of women's pants over an Arab's head is TORTURE.. He is a meathead. I just talked to M.O.Honor holder Leo Thorsness, who was also in my squadron, in jail.. as was John McCain.. and we agree that McCain does not speak for the POW group when he claims that Al Gharib was torture.. or that "water boarding" is torture. Our president and those fools around him who keep bad mouthing our great country are a disgrace to the United States. Please pass this info on to Sean Hannity. He is free to use it to point out the Stupidity of the claims that water boarding.. which has no after Effect.. is torture. If it got the Arab to cough up the story about how he planned the attack on the twin towers in NYC.. Hurrah for the guy who poured the water." George Everett "Bud" Day is often cited as the most decorated US Service member since Gen Douglas MacArthur. I hope you read this hero's ordeal at least twice, out of respect.

Obama's Dept of "Social" Justice (racist Att'y Gen Eric Holder) is now dictating to the City of Dayton, Ohio. He has ordered the city to dummy-down qualifying test scores for fire-fighters & police officers. Not enough blacks & Hispanics were passing to suit Holder & Obama. It is somewhat amusing since a local head of the now racist NAACP was first to squawk, that he didn't want "unqualified" people coming to his rescue in life or death situations. He was quickly chastised by the National head of NAACP who also just wants more blacks on these jobs. So now, failing indecisive applicants (grading D & F) will carry guns & EMTs won't know what to do or how to operate machines, in emergency medical situations. Why not just award these high-skilled jobs by lottery pick? Why not Air Traffic Controllers? Are black or Hispanic failing doctors going to perform surgery next - courtesy of Dictators Obama & Holder?

The Nat Council of La Raza (The Race) is a radical organization for open borders, bi-lingual educ, health care, housing, job & wage guarantees, & amnesty for all illegal aliens. In 2006-2008 gov't grants to La Raza totaled $12 Mil. As Senator, Obama favored La Raza & initiated extra funding for them. The US gov't pays La Raza to lobby the US gov't for money. Former Rep Tom Tancredo (R-Colo) called La Raza a leftist radical group " A Latino KKK without the hoods or the nooses." Obama's appointed Supr Ct Justice, Sotomayor (60% of her decisions were overturned) was a La Raza member with strong ties for 6 yrs. She said, "I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion as a judge than a white male who hasn't lived that life." That is clearly prejudicial & screams "social" justice - not equal justice! Her radical group of 6 yrs is clearly racist (especially anti-Jews & whites) & openly supports radical Islam. They want back the 6 states they say still belong to Mexico, vowing to overrun & drive out all non-Mexicans. LA already has more Mexicans than any other city but Mexico City. Obama's other jewel, Justice Kagan was his defense attorney in a number of cases, just before her "reward." You know they've both "got his back." They haven't done anything wrong - yet. But it all stinks to high Heaven & their stage is set for 30 yrs or more. Many horrendous for America, 5-4 decisions dictating our lives & nullifying our precious rights are coming. Most disgusting is our worthless Senate who could have easily blocked these 2 outrageous appointments but just waved them through - criminal dereliction of their meaningless vows!

On 3/20/06 (Nat debt $8.3 Tril) Obama said, "The fact that we are here today to debate raising America's debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US gov't can't pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial assistance from foreign countries to finance our gov'ts reckless fiscal policies. Increasing America's debt weakens us domestically & internationally. Leadership means that 'The buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children & grandchildren. America has a debt problem & a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better." Then Obama & all democrats voted against increasing the Nat debt. At least on that he took a stand, though he now practices totally the opposite. As senator he voted an aggressive "present" on 129 issues! That's a man! Hiding. That $8.3 Tril debt he was so worried about by year end 2011 (now under his stewardship) will surpass $15 Tril! Now Obama says lift that debt limit sky high - his reckless fiscal policies are the proper path to prosperity, & the Promised Land for our children & grandchildren. Which of his lying 2 faces will you buy?

Like Nero & Rome, our aloof president fiddles while the world burns. For a man who loves to talk into a microphone it is amazing how he disappears whenever something out of the norm somewhere in the world makes the news. He's so afraid to take a stand that he might later be held accountable for - it becomes "paralysis by analysis" - one very long way from leadership. He jauntily retorted to a campaigning McCain zooming back to DC & the TORT crisis, "I can multi-task, do more than one thing at a time." His constant long waits without a word, media calls wise & cautious. Bull. He's just scared. His youngest mesmerized followers think he's athletic, sporty, macho & cool (like them) - & like them he has never had a real job or accountability. That childish adoration will wear off fast when they grow up, need a job & have to pay for their own gas, groceries & utilities - too late smart, kids.

Obama also says some weird, if not nonsensical things, as we watch oil jump over $100/barrel & gas pushing $4/gal. Peculiarly he said, "Our oil production reached its highest level in 7 years. Oil production from Fed waters in the Gulf of Mexico reached an all-time high... For the first time in more than a decade, imports accounted for less than half of what we consumed." The increase was because of efforts of those before him. In 2 yrs his "efforts" will give devastating numbers that he & media will never mention, but he can never resist taking a bow now, for any reason. "Efforts" like defying 2 Fed judges & shutting the Gulf down. And if Obama drives gasoline prices up to $10/gal he can take another bow for decreased consumption. But he never stops distorting facts to suit his purposes. He just repeats the skewed numbers through his media over & over until they're accepted as "fact," just like Saul Alinsky told him to. This while he pulls permits, shuts down Gulf oil rigs, declares millions of acres to be Nat Monuments (permanently shutting down all mineral prospecting & jobs), doing everything he can think of to DENY us oil. He said, "We're adapting. We're producing more oil, & we're importing less. Now the hard truth is, that as long as our economy depends on foreign oil, we'll always be subject to price spikes." Isn't that open admission that he knows our lousy economy, with millions of our people miserable & out of work could have that "recovery" greatly enhanced if he would but wave that mighty hand, & unleash us? Turn us loose & let American capitalism do what it does best - kick butt! He pretends he's trying to put people to work & ignite the economy. He's a liar, & just gave you proof. He said, "We can't escape the fact that we control only 2% of the world's oil." That's a lie, because he knows that's not true. Not even close. But if he can get enough "believers" on his side in support - he wins. The ends justify the lying means to him, always. Those "facts" of his deliberately ignore 10 bil barrels in Alaska's ANWAR, which is nothing but barren land in the tiny area they would drill in - nothing like the beautiful animal-filled photos Obama & environmental media repeatedly show the folks back home - another lie, freely told & sold to the gullible masses. His "2%" doesn't include 86 bil barrels offshore (outer continental shelf). He knows they are there because he put an executive drilling ban on them. And his lying "facts" don't count 800 bil barrels of shale oil under Wyo, Utah & Colo. Shale alone triples the reserves of the Saudis! To vilify big oil he says, "Industry holds leases on tens of millions of acres where they aren't producing a thing." Obama says (sounds sensible) he wants to, "encourage companies to produce on the leases they hold." He talks like all they have to do is drill & they will hit oil. He plays on your ignorance & figures you will bash "big oil" with him. He won't tell you he won't give them the needed permits & they would require years of red tape anyway. Even a mediocre president would say, "Drill here - drill now!" And he'd tell the Arabs where to stick theirs, while he encouraged total vehicle conversions to natural gas & built 2 coal electric power plants a week, just like China! Well, that's my dream world - common sense, practicality.

This less than mediocre president just got a new opportunity nuclear "crisis" in Japan that he can't let go to waste. Like the rare Gulf oil spill, he will use one mishap out of 444 world nuclear power sites over 40 yrs to hype & scare & hammer us even more into submission. The extreme environment (nuke-nuts) will pressure to shut them all down, not just those on shaky ground - 20% of our electric to go with the 45% (coal) Obama vows to destroy. How darned many pretty, bird-killing, noisy windmills will China have to make us to power just NY City? How do you wipe out 65% of our energy with no "green fixes" ready to go & not knock us back into the Stone Age? Simple solutions. Build 2 coal-powered plants a week (jobs) just like China does & replace the 20-30% now using oil-fired electric with plentiful coal. Free up that oil for gasoline! How many millions of needed barrels of oil did that find annually, to do what oil does best? Faster, easier & cheaper than prospecting & drilling for it. Wasting it on electric is stupid. Replace existing Nuclear plants with coal, one at a time if & when necessary. Mix in natural gas anywhere here also, to get us 100% into cheap practical electric supply. Whenever you can find any competitive unsubsidized green alternatives, plug them in to replace coal. No one has a problem with that - when it is time. Dependency on greedy disagreeable Arabs & terrorists, in a prolonged recession with millions hard-up & out of work - is not the time! Offer huge financial incentives for energy discoveries. But in the world that is, with a president who fully intends to cripple us, Obama will just (Chicago-style) flip me & all this, the bird.

The CBO (Cong Budget Off) says taxpayers pay $1.78 for every gal of corn ethanol. This yr will produce about 13.8 bil gal that has the energy equivalent of only 9.4 bil gal of gas, so it's horribly inefficient, plus expensive. Liberals are screaming about gov't subsidizing big oil & gas. Corn gets at least 4 times as much in subsidies (yet no bitching) and is destructive to your engine at that 10% pump mix. To better reward voting corn states & environmentalists, Obama intends to mandate 50% more (a 15% mix) guaranteeing destroyed engines. I consider that to be another high cost or tax to the lower & middle classes, just like food prices. Corn is about the most environmentally destructive crop you can grow, so I wonder about that missing conflict of interest with enviro-nuts. Corn uses tons of water and oil-based fertilizers that you never hear about. World opinion, as we put 40% of our corn in gas tanks should be a deterrent too - consider starving countries where they make $2/day & have food riots. Big Corn Iowa, where Presidential elections start, will pit this ridiculous waste up against conservatives that rightly hate it, but want a good start at a presidency. I'll bet they cave. Politicians are disgustingly, so much alike. The republicans that swore they would make huge cuts, & $500 Bil would be easy, are now looking like turncoat pansies.

Under Obama, domestic oil production has been forcibly shut down to half (5 mil barrels/dy) from 10. He deliberately makes gasoline & oil prices shoot up & puts thousands out of work. He's a lousy, lying president. He campaign-lied (2004-2008) spouting, his "Christian" belief was that marriage is one man - one woman. In 1996 he told The Windy City Times, "I favor legalizing same-sex marriages, & would fight efforts to prohibit such marriages." In 2004 he alluded to a gay publication that his "opposition" was purely strategic - just like he & Hillary lie about gun control. Neither had a remote chance to get elected if for gay marriage & anti-guns. Even congress won't pass a gun ban, so Obama (with Cass Sunstein's help) intends to ignore our Constitutional Rights again, by-pass a cowardly congress & BAN our guns by "presidential order!" He could also ban the making of ammunition, minimizing our gun's effectiveness.

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others of my site. Phil Faustman

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