Tuesday, August 31, 2010

46th Issue 09/01/10

Nancy Pelosi is one of the richest in Congress. How she made her fortune is not clear, but she clearly likes to spend taxpayer money. Her office rent alone is $225,000/year. She is powerful and manipulative, recently making a threatening statement about investigating the financing of those opposing the building of the ground-zero mosque, not those funding the mosque, saying it is merely a NY City zoning issue. She was angry because her thunder was being stolen on her announcing her latest triumph, prying Treasure Island (550 acres in San Fran Bay) from the Navy. She even got it decontaminated at taxpayer expense before the turnover. Under the guise of job creation and housing for 6000 families it is really a land grab for her Mayor cousin, Gavin Newsom's wealthy supporters, already with no-bid contractors to build condominiums. It is of the wealthy, by the wealthy and for the wealthy. Nancy's in the front, her son (and Newsom's cousin) in the middle (zoning) and her nephew at the end with developers. It is quite an incestuous relationship, too entangled to bore you with. Recently she raised $100,000 for the democrats at a dinner in Palm Beach. Her security, comprised of 12 capitol police, 4 Palm Beach cops, 2 sheriff's deputies and 2 police boats outnumbered the 18 guests. How much did WE pay to get her that money for democrat friends? Obama does the same, frequently flies all over, heavy security, sticking us with the tab to generate a comparatively few bucks for the party. Hard times for whom?

Pelosi doesn't care who is funding the mosque, even knowing Imam Rauf is cozy with terrorists and against America. Rauf wants this mosque ready for the 10th anniversary of the 9-11 mass murders. Who would NOT have punched this Imam in the nose if he had announced his plans on the 1st anniversary instead of the 9th? Have you really forgiven and forgotten those poor souls leaping to their deaths already? Let's explore more of Rauf, our emissary for Muslim goodwill & traveling the mid-east at taxpayer expense. He also owns taxpayer-subsidized apartment buildings. They are infested with rats, roaches & bedbugs, no heat or hot water, with urine-soaked hallways. NY City's defiant mayor says Rauf is a symbol of religious freedom & just had him & his wife for dinner at the mansion to honor Islam's Ramadan. Rauf just settled a fraud lawsuit and his developers owe hundreds of thousands in back taxes. And something is fishy about a man waiting tables a few years ago putting down nearly $5 Mil in cash to buy that building. Now financially distressed NY City is considering a grant of $70 Mil to build this monsterous symbol of Muslim victory & conquest. This is their historic custom, so I must suppose Rauf & his backers commiserate with bin-Laden and al-Qaeda. Can you hear the laughter of bin-Laden & all those Muslims in Iran, Syria, Libya, etc.? What gullible fools & idiots those pansy Americans are! Obama has just halted the prosecution of al-Qaeda terrorist al-Nashiri, planner of the USS Cole bombing killing 17 sailors. Our "Justice" Dept says, "No charges are either pending or contemplated in the near future." One military official said, "It's politics at this point." It always is with this patty-cake bunch. That's why they taunt us. Obama doesn't care. He could have kept that scummy Pan Am bomber who murdered 270 (mostly Americans) al-Megrahi from being released from that Scottish prison to a cheering hero's welcome in Libya - but he didn't. Again we were duped and treated like soft-in-the-head fools by Islamic Muslims on the world stage for their recruiting and amusement. Why did Obama recently apologize again to the lousy UN? All Muslims are not terrorists but I'll bet over 80% hate us, and that includes those over here.

The "Taj Mahal" of schools (most expensive in history) is now opening in bankrupt LA California costing taxpayers $578 Mil or $137,000/student. Elegant trimmings for a 50% dropout rate and 3000 laid-off teachers the last 2 yrs. Red velvet seats will surely boost those dismal graduation rates. This one surpasses 2 other schools totalling over $500 Mil just built. They have state of the art swimming pools and orchestra-pit auditoriums. Nothing's too good for our poor illegal kids and their pathetic educators. This is just 3 of 131 new schools being built to alleviate overcrowding, caused mostly by overrun Mexican borders. If 131 are truly needed and you're begging for Fed handouts, shouldn't you be trying to show a tiny bit of fiscal restraint? Not over a Billion dollars for just 3 schools! Is everyone nuts?! Add this lunacy to the $1.5 Mil salary of Bell, CA town manager and $1.6 Mil to town admin of nearby Vernon (100 residents). Trust me, far more will be unearthed if anyone bothers to dig. Outraged taxpayers must demand open books showing salaries, pensions and benefits of everyone at every level of gov't. Many are criminals and belong in prison - not just fired! Lonnie Franklin, "Grim Sleeper" serial killer was just arrested. He was a "permanently disabled" trash collector in L.A.. While collecting city wages plus disability (milking the system for 19 yrs) he murdered 10 women and hauled their bodies around with his "bad" shoulder. He will be paid over $1 Mil even while in prison. The very day he was "awarded" pay for life, he was arrested for grand theft auto. L.A. city employee pensions will shoot up over $800 Mil over the next 5 yrs. Non-workers, retiring early and living long lives. Add in health care and it goes from $1.4 Bil to $2.2 Bil in 2015, & on & on as many more board the gravy train. 80 cents out of every CA gov't dollar already goes to gov't employment wages & benefits. They can retire at 55 with a guaranteed $1 Mil in retirement savings, boosted each yr for inflation. Double that gravy if husband & wife are both "public servants!" California (one stupid state) has over a half-trillion (and growing) indebtedness to non-working retired employees. Being bankrupt also doesn't keep them from "borrowing" $360-500 Mil to refurbish "death row" facilities at San Quentin, at the same time laying off guards for lack of funds! Give these dummies not one more nickel !

Is Obama Muslim/Islamic or Christian? Much is being made of 20% in polls believing he is Muslim. Instinct? Mainstream news blasts FOX News and Glenn Beck for poisoning minds - creating doubt. First, he had zero presidency chance as a Muslim! He says he is Christian and has 20 yrs of racist anti-America, anti-Israel affiliation with radical Rev Jeremiah Wright and the Trinity Church to show us. Trinity is sort of Christian but readily accepts Muslims that are also anti-America, anti-Jew. Good cloak to wear. Obama readily shows aversion for Christmas
events & displays, privately shows no religious church practice (says he doesn't want to tie-up traffic {security} but publicly parties - a lot) and he ordered all military to cancel countless Christian & patriotic observances honored by all presidents before him! Christian? Get real! What Obama says and what he does are totally different once again. This steady diet of public contradictions he feeds us is not the manner of a forthright, honest man. Chicanery in a president who lauds "transparency" and has a lap-dog media as a propaganda machine that wont tell on him, should chill you. I know not for an absolute fact, what he is or who he is. As my president & leader of the free world that is frightening. Now, what I do know. His official website (11-12-07) says, "Obama has never been a Muslim, and is a committed Christian." His father's total family was devout Muslim, as were his mother & step-father. He never was? He rebelled? Bull! Barack was until Michelle & ambition dictated another course. His grooming began in earnest. Many past friends witnessed him many times in sarongs reciting the Quran in school - fully studying & worshipping Islam. His 3rd grade teacher said his essay titled "My Dream" said, "I want to be a president." In 1971 he was enrolled as Barry Soetoro, Muslim, in Besuki Primary School, Indonesia. He later studied "mengaji." This is like advanced Quran. The school taught Islam! Obama is adored by the Muslim Indonesian people & press - as one of their own. They downplay his so-called conversion using the term "mengaku" meaning "claimed." He "claims" to be Christian. They see him as a crusader for the cause of Islam. Quite frankly, so do I. You can "believe" like Obama - whatever works for you. Indonesians can easily see this lying, charming chameleon for what he is. Why can't so very many Americans? Because the press that should be revealing all this works only for him. The internet still exposes facts and sources. That's why Obama is so bent on shutting it down!

I speak often of Obama's friend and heavy contributor, multi-billionaire (evil) George Soros - probably the dirtiest abhorrent capitalist in the world. I thought Barack was against capitalism. Soros said, "The main obstacle to a just world order is the U.S." Hungarian Jew, Gyorgy Schwartz became George Soros, as his father tried to hide from the Nazis. George killed & robbed his own people, pointing them out to Nazis in 1944, which Soros said was, "the best year of my life." Almost half a million Hungarian Jews were exterminated in 1944. Soros said he "enjoyed the absolute power." Ruthless and amoral, he learned quickly on Wall St about currency speculation & power manipulation. In 1992 he made his first billion shorting the British pound with billions in leveraged bets. He became known as the man who broke the Bank of England. British citizens were nearly destroyed overnight. He has since preyed upon (destroying) smaller, weaker country's economies where he is despised as a "planetary parasite." Soros: "World financial crisis is stimulating, in a way, the culmination of my life's work." Obama's blood-sucking & murderous friend! And huge financial backer. He owns (or has financially obligated to him) over 520 influence-peddling media & propaganda entities to "influence" public opinion & most probably, "public servants." It serves him and Obama well. When our economy is on the ropes & Obama fights our off-shore drilling here he mysteriously "loans" $10 Bil to Petrobras (Brazilian Oil) for their drilling - shortly after Soros invests heavily in Petrobras. Is that a bold & open incongruous payback that screams "vulgar corruption" between our president and an international vicious slimeball crook? And without a media murmur? Just before it happened (2008) Soros was quoted as saying, "I think we need a large stimulus package." He said about $600 Bil would be about right. Was he a prophet, or an advisor? He met with Obama frequently, even though a scoundrel and an odious damnation in a dozen countries.

Glenn Beck had about half a million peaceful & serene demonstrators show up on a very hot august day in D.C.. They were not political or rowdy - boring to a hostile media. They left no litter or burning cars behind, yet were still an enigma to the mainstream press. Some attacked them anyway. Some ignored that mass of humanity since they couldn't really find something objectionable, even though they hate Beck. Howard Dean, once head of the Democrat Nat Conven and presidential candidate was nearly apoplectic but Obama was blase, hardly noticing all those people or giving significance to this "happening" in his own back yard.

Two Muslim flyers obviously on a "bombing dry-run" flight from Chicago to Amsterdam were arrested in Holland. They had a box-cutter (like used on 9-11) a knife and cell phone taped to a Pepto-Bismal bottle in their baggage, also a bunch of watches taped together & $7,000 cash. But they got on with no problem. They were detected later only because they raised flags by changing their flight to Holland. When the bomb is real, those following them will know to not do that. Lucky again! Feel secure? When they are successful will Muslims build a mosque where the biggest piece of plane & carnage falls to earth? Isn't the far-left's sudden vociferous outcry for religious freedom comical? Islam, yes. Christianity? Not as long as we have the ACLU representing those Civil Liberties.

Unintended consequences abound in everything Obama's gov't gets its fingers into. The more gov't regulates or manages, the more costs get passed on, on top of the extra costs in "the managing." The Cash for Clunkers program was to "help" people afford a car. Those perfectly good used cars were destroyed. Now used cars are scarce and it costs those needing "cheap" transportation 30% more than before our gov't "helped." Health insurance costs are now soaring. The new "rules" say you can wait and buy the insurance when you get sick. When you're well you can cancel payments until you or your kids are sick again. Duh! Of course those costs will now jump up as insurance companies try to make sense of such idiotic regulations and remain solvent. Gov't & politicians may well be stupid & not read Bills but not the users & providers. Gov't regulates Finance, fees go up & new charges appear to customers. Crack down on Credit Card companies - interest rates shoot up (highest in 10 yrs) for those newly accepted & with lower limits allowed. Things get worse every time gov't "helps" or regulates anything. Politicians just see "worse" as a need for tougher regulations!

Do you get tired of B.I.O.B (blame it on Bush)? Bush certainly left much to be desired (fiscally too) but nearly 2 years later it gets old. It seems to be, "Bush screwed things up so badly, even Obama can't fix it!" Or, our economic woes are all because of the huge deficit inherited from Bush - if you believe Obama and his personal press. Budgets come from Congress, folks! Civics 101. All the President can do is veto it. That brings us to the Democratic party, Pelosi & Reid - ever since Jan 2007. They controlled the pursestrings of fiscal yrs 2008-2011. The last deficit "inherited" was 2007 (lowest in 5 yrs & 4th straight decline). It was less than $200 Bil. In 2008 Democrats more than doubled that to over $400 Bil. Obama voted for this and the asinine out of control $1.85 Trill for 2009! This yr & next promise to be really special too. Pelosi (not Bush) deserves the credit- all of you in the media, and Obama vetoes no spending!

Cuba is now bringing in China & Russia (our good buddies) to drill for oil 60 miles off Key West. Will they give us a discount on our oil? Shipping costs should be cheap. Obama says we can't drill. I am sure they must have tougher anti-spill, polution standards than we do. I hope so because I know which way the Gulf Stream flows. Can Miami & the East Coast sue for oil slicks?

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  1. Excellent piece Dad, as always. The Liberal elite all have to go and as soon as possible. This country is on the edge of a real revolution if we don't get control back this November I fear.