Sunday, September 12, 2010

47th Issue 09/15/10

Think of how rapidly the last 10 years of your life flew by. Now consider that in 10 fast years every single tax dollar will be spent on just these things: Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the interest only on our debt! Think of all the many other things we must spend money on (Defense, Education, etc), then things we really want to spend money on. Now think of all that money we thoughtlessly just hand out and throw around on asinine Congressional pork and otherwise frivolous spending. We need a radical overhaul and jolt back to reality! Immediately - or there is NO tomorrow! The same dumba--es that take only months to destroy a nation - not even reading cataclysmic Bills costing hundreds of Billions that we don't even have, continue on without a hitch in their almighty arrogance. They were stupid and duped into passing so much crap on us, so fast it has doomed our future - all of us! Picture yourself and your family (as our nation now is) with no money and no credit. You would not, and could not keep spending. Printing dollars for even food & shelter (not frivolous) would put you & me in jail! But even a moron would stop buying candy & toys. Not Congress. They are childishly pretending this idiocy can go on. Grown-ups should know better. Most of Congress is just stupid, lazy, corrupt, inept and arrogant - not evil. But evil leads them around by their haughty noses easily because of all the aforementioned. Evil openly gushes from the writings & works of Richard Cloward & Frances Piven, & Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals." Obama, Hillary, and all of their czars, staffs & friends like George Soros, Bill Ayers, Jeff Jones & Van Jones follow these teachings religiously & implement them everywhere to purposely collapse our U.S. economy & capitalism! That is their dastardly desire & intent, and the main media is with them. All that is Evil! Get that in your head, and the haste with many thousands of unread pages in Bills passed anyway, make some sort of sense. Throw in nationwide huge organization & power intimidation by corrupt ACORN & big Unions & it becomes even clearer yet. ACORN cajoles & dupes the illegal & poorest masses to invoke their voting power. Big Unions solicit the illegal workers & intimidate the non-union working class. Their democrat campaign payouts get them massive pension & health care gov't bailouts which wreak even more havoc on our economy. Gratitude engenders even more votes for power, plus organized attacks on opposition (or protests) with their media always in tow for maximum, visual propaganda effect. The "average Joe" American (not group-organized) cannot compete or even be heard in this environment. That is why neighborhood, community and state-wide Tea parties are of paramount importance! Our rage must remain at fever pitch to the day we vote. We must save this magnificent country from deliberate ruin!

It is comical that (of hundreds) all but about 30 democrats in the House voted for the vaunted Health Care Bill. If it was so great for the people why does not even one advocate seeking re-election declare proudly that they voted for it in their campaign ads? Five of those few democrats voting against it have proclaimed their "No" vote loudly & proudly. I remind you before you vote, of some facts that must periodically be reiterated, with the constant onslaught of deliberate distortions by Obama & his press. Like, when they say republicans are the party of "No" because they don't support some "Jobs" Bill or such presented. First, know that the only jobs Obama has intentions of increasing or "bettering" is taxpayer-funded gov't jobs - economy destroyers that also garner grateful votes - or powerful, persuasive Union jobs. Paybacks for bailouts of their lavish pensions & health care packages (compliments of upset taxpayers). These also beget huge blocks of votes. Dues stuff coffers for campaigns and they professionally organize & bus protesters or demonstrators to counter & intimidate. Disgruntled unorganized Americans strongly wanting to express displeasure with the direction their country is headed are outmatched - with a hostile media to boot. I'm talking about big industrial & service unions, teachers unions & gov't employee unions. The main lap-dog media supports all of this & bombards us with fabrications of facts & figures, or deliberate omissions. Secondly, the president (for instance) doesn't tell you about all the devious riders, pork & attachments that are tacked on or in every Bill that "sounds" good or has a good name on it. It is "sold" by Obama, Pelosi & Reid (and their press) to the gullible public as, no good sane person could be against this - which is noble in appearance only. Republicans that would vote "No" are publicly castigated. We must all remain resolute, steadfast and throw all these incumbent bums out - and I certainly mean every republican too, that took part in flipping us off. Just see how they voted. Nothing they say now matters. And confront every would-be prospect. Ask tough questions & demand straight answers. It is the one time they truly will listen. If you vote for a career politician because they have "experience" or know how the game is played, you are throwing your vote away, asking for business as usual. You must be sick of that! If they are not screaming out change to you - Constitution, small gov't, drastic spending cuts & balanced budget, avoid them like the plague. If you have to dig it out of them, they are chameleons (Obama Change) to whatever you want - until I get in. I've seen enough of lizards & snakes in D.C.! And when you do vote (like I say) you push someone & pull someone - meet & car pool. Don't blow it this time! Don't just "talk" a good game. Remain angry to the polls or this nation is lost. It is that damned serious! Wake up all your family & friends. Sound the alarm! Get them mad too. That's your job. This is mine. Help me to help you and others.

A March 2004 CNBC poll asked, "Should the words 'Under God' be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance?" 85%/15% said NO! A 2005 MSNBC poll asked, "Should the motto 'In God We Trust' be removed from U.S currency?" Over 18 million have responded, with 89% again "approving God!" In the immortal words of Al Gore, "The debate is over!" Unless, of course Obama sides with the 11% - and I'm certain he does.

A large part of Social Security's financial woes is due to the tripling of disability claims over the past 30 years. It jumped rediculously, up 21% in 2009 from 2008! New rules have people criminally milking the easy system. I see a lot of easy fixes that start with fumigation.

Our teaching cost per student in the U.S. averages about $17,000/yr/student, with a ridiculous high of $27,000 in New Jersey. They have 600 school districts with 600 Superintendents making at least $200,000/yr. North Carolina is much larger in size with the same number of students but has just 100 districts & high-paid Supers. Each Super has a $50,000 Sec'y that has a sec'y. My point is "teaching" is not the expense. Administrative (Union) costs suck up all the money we keep throwing at abysmal test scores. Our kids remain just as dumb graduating, and dropping out even dumber! Germany pays their teachers more than we and their kids are smarter on far less expense per kid. China & India's kids are really kicking our butts on smarts & spend a small fraction of what we do. Our system needs a major overhaul. It is full of Union Administrative waste that any idiot can see, if you could get the unconcerned idiots to look! They just bitch & argue, then give them more of our money, that the Unions eagerly hog up.

"Code Pink' co-founded by Jodie Evans & communist revolutionary Susan 'Medea' Benjamin is a terrorism supporter against America, and leading democratic activist group. More friends Obama plays with that you should know. Evans is a close friend of "Hanoi Jane" Fonda of Vietnam fame. Fonda was rightly despised by soldiers back in the late '60's for outrageous statements & numerous photo-ops with big-shots of the butchering enemy. Evans was also a top fund-raiser for Obama, and other radical leftists. Code Pink told Debbie Lee (mother of deceased Navy Seal Hero & Silver Star recipient) that her son, "deserved to die in Iraq if he was stupid enough to go over there." This is one of the disgusting things they do. Last December terrorist Hamas "guaranteed" their safety in Gaza for an anti-Israel march. Code Pink claims to have donated tens of thousands in "Aid" to them. Obama's other Weather Underground terrorist friends, Bill Ayers & Bernardine Dohrn joined them. Evans visited the White house a couple of times in June 2009 and delivered a letter to Obama from Hamas. Do you remember how hotly denied (when campaigning) any association with Bill Ayers was? The media cover-up? They were and still are, (with many common friends) practically brothers, as the close terrorist ties, and anti-Jew family keeps growing & growing. Code Pink is running banner advertising on the English version of the official web site of (terrorist sympathizers) "Muslim Brotherhood." They invite the Muslim Brotherhood to "Join us in cleansing our country." Another is titled, "Arrest the War Criminals" calling for the arrest of George W. Bush, even calling for the kidnapping of Bush & his wife, Laura. Code Pink is Obama's friend & ally. Muhammad Akef, prominent leader of the Brotherhood says the U.S. is "Satan" and, "I have complete faith that Islam will invade Europe and America, because Islam has logic and a mission." Does that sound like a simple religion that just wants to "get along" to you? Or is it a disguised sinister prolific takeover mission? That ground zero Mosque is to trumpet their victory & dominance over America! Thinking otherwise is beyond naive. The architect of 9-11 was a Brotherhood member. Abdullah Azzam, mentor to Osama bin Laden was too. Anyway, California Att'y Gen, Jerry Brown (running for Governor & won't prosecute ACORN) readily accepted Code Pink's campaign blood money. He & Evans are long-time friends, and ACORN will now soon stuff his ballot box, as they did Obama's. Code Pink has a history of cozy relationships with bad people. They have been guests of Castro of Cuba, Chevez of Venezuela & that really slimy, Ahmadinejad of Iran. Code Pink sent over $600,000 to Fallujah terrorists, calling them "Freedom Fighting Heroes." Americans financing (in any way) those that are killing our soldiers should be tried & hung as traitors! Not friends of our politicians & president & guests at the WH. What's wrong with this country? How dense can my fellow Americans be? Has the press no shame at all?

I refresh a topic not written about since the Iraq war & their internal politics. All Muslims are "intolerant" of all non-Muslims. I refrained from saying "hate." Islam teaches (commands) this from the Koran (Qur'an). But they strongly "dislike" each other too. Shiite Muslims hate Sunni Muslims - sort of like sibling rivalries only with swords & heads chopped off. Iran is mostly Shiites - the Taliban is mostly Sunnis. They side like feuding brothers when either is threatened by an "outsider." Iran pays the Taliban a $1,000 Bounty for every U.S. soldier killed! One said, "The money we get is not dirty. It is for Jihad." I must interject my opinion here since we seem to always naively try to "understand and learn," why do they hate us? They just do, damn it! Why, matters not. They are fed this from elders and Koran from birth. They abhor Jews, from about the beginning of time - and Americans ever since we sympathized with the Jews' near extermination. But it is their intention to eventually wipe out any & all non-Muslims. When Muslims conquer a country there are 3 choices given to its inhabitants. You can convert to Islam, or you can accept slavery (submit & pay for protection) or you die! Maybe that's 2 real choices. There is no such thing as "moderate" Islam or Muslims. When push comes to shove they will pick Islam over any & every other choice. To disavow Islam (once you're in) is the death penalty! That will get you to believe, if only quietly. There are 1.5 Billion Muslims. If only one in a thousand wants to do us harm, it leaves 1.5 Million to be very wary of. They have been & are crossing over our loose borders. They pervade Europe with rapidly growing numbers. Ohmar Ahmed, founder of CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) said publicly, "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant - the only accepted religion on Earth." Islam is a religion that incites violence around the world. What other religion has its clerics, Imams or whatever leaders call for beheading of anyone (and their families) who so much as criticize their faith? They do it commonly, knowing they have many nut-case zealots eager to do their bidding - to gain favor and their blessing. They demean & oppress their women & commonly rape unbeliever's "whores" in Europe - if Islam men feel it is "deserved." Their preferred "Sharia" believes in bedding down with little girls and multiple wives through "legal" marriage. How will that go over with American law and mores? Do all Muslims of Islamic faith believe & act out this way? No, but a great many do, even while acclimating to Western ways. History shows they do it systematically & forcefully when they get to majority numbers. Multiple wives with lots & lots of children in cultures where little more than one child is the norm - it's just simple math & time. A great many on welfare can collapse you economically. Think of all this as we strike up that brass band for that opulent mosque on ground zero, where thousands of Americans were slaughtered. Don't you remember all those televised cheering throngs all over the mid-east, wildly celebrating our loved ones leaping to their deaths? The Hartford Conn City Council apparently doesn't. It has invited local Imams to open their Sept Council meetings with Muslim prayers. They never open their meetings with Christian prayers but wanted to show, "Solidarity for our Muslim brothers and sisters." I don't forget so easily.

Imam Rauf's close friend & associate, Faiz Khan is a 9-11 "Truther," like Van Jones, once Obama's Green Jobs Czar. Truthers claim the 9-11 horror was an "inside job," our gov't did it, not Al-Qaeda Muslims. Khan has preached at Rauf's GZ makeshift Mosque several times. This story that will not end gets ever darker the more we peer into it. The English version of Rauf's book differs greatly from that circulating the middle-east, which calls for (example) the spread of Islam from the "rubble" of the World Trade Center. How quickly (in translation) our thousands of innocent murdered citizens become "rubble." Mayor Bloomberg is a disgrace in his unwavering support of this farce. The prime minister of Turkey (our NATO ally and supposed "moderate" Muslim nation) Recep Erdogan describes Mosques this way, "The Mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the believers our army." Ah yes, religion of peace. He also denies the term moderate. He calls it, "very ugly, offensive and an insult to our religion." Yet Imam Rauf claims to be "moderate." Rauf & Kahn helped found ASMA (Amer Soc for Muslim Advance). Its NY office is on the same floor, adjacent to the CAIR suite. CAIR is very anti-America. It is a U.S. representative of terrorist Hamas, according to our U.S. Dept of Justice. But that was before Obama's Eric Holder headed-up the DOJ. Quite possibly that has changed. But it's no wonder Rauf wont denounce his very close neighbor, Hamas!

What do al-Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban, Black Panthers & New Black Panthers all have in common? All want to kill Americans & Jews (some want to kill just white Americans) and all are Muslims, following the Koran & Islam teachings. I am especially sensitive every September. This "religion of peace" as they deceptively call Islam lies as loosely as Obama. That crackpot pastor in Florida that was going to burn Korans on 9-11 in protest (or whatever) to get attention did NOT burn them. Incidentally, turn it around (we are always supposed to do the "understanding"). They make a huge show of burning our Flags. They would cheer themselves hoarse & burn our Bibles by the ton if they could find any. They would film it, shout epithets and defy us to do something about it! That one nutty so-called pastor who just (free speech) "talked" got an immediate 10,000 enraged (televised) mob-scene over there screaming "Kill all Americans." Was this 10,000 instantly rounded-up terrorists, or just "peaceful" (10,000)local Islamics instantly enraged to kill us all? I opine, they are mostly all latent terrorists in Islam clothing - with a hair trigger. Now Imam Rauf says if he is forced to move his ground zero Mosque, that will incite outrage & violence all through the mid-east - seen as an attack on Islam. See a pattern here? Everything, even Danish humor is a perceived attack on the religion of peace, Islam! Any joke or cartoon, much less criticism, about anything Islam could cost you your head. So you see it virtually nowhere - worldwide. That's how intimidating they are. Think about it. Should we be concerned, or consider what is risked as we watch Muslim communities worldwide grow larger & larger? Why do they not assimilate in Europe or here? Why do they prefer to keep their own language & customs, & form little Muslim countries within the country of their supposed choice? Aren't new immigrants supposed to embrace their new land and opportunity for a fresh new start? Otherwise, why did they leave their homeland? That "why?" is unsettling indeed! If they scattered, became real neighbors and openly condemned terrorism like true Americans do, I would not be asking these questions.

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my site. Phil Faustman

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