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45th Issue 08/15/10

I would like to re-visit the righteous Shirley Sherrod firing by the White House, through the USDA. Dept of Agriculture Dir, Tom Vilsack and Shirley have an untold little secret before he suddenly fired her. No one in the media but Tom Blumer of the Washington Examiner has looked into her past and their relationship. I started digging, feeling something was fishy in this suddenness by all. Why no curiosity in the national media (even FOX News) in this matter other than Blumer over a month ago? Sherrod quickly blamed FOX and the Tea Party for her firing. How asinine is that? She is axed by the WH but does them a favor by blaming the Tea Party. What a ridiculous stretch of credulity. She calls them both racists! That "race card" is getting damned tiresome - like "crying wolf" all the time. I expect Maxine Waters and Charles Rangel (ethically challenged) are next. A whole lot of "whites" put Obama in power. Now wanting a "do-over," did they suddenly become racists? Blumer's article showed Sherrod was hired by Sec'y of Agr, Tom Vilsack on July 25, 2009 (Obama's reign) as Georgia Director for Rural Dev't. Only days earlier she and her husband, through a group they founded (New Communities) won a $13 mill minority-farmers' lawsuit - Pigford vs Vilsack! So those were her "qualifications" - part of the settlement. Now she is deciding if she wants to accept her new promotion - a pain & suffering apology, I suppose. The $13 mill was divided equally among the plaintiffs but Sherrod and her husband each got an extra $150,000, and the nifty new job of course, a few days later. If Vilsack had to hire her, it might explain that very quick firing. The Pigford case (I'm sure you've never heard of) has already cost taxpayers over $1 Bill in settling to almost 16,000 black farmers for racial discrimination by the USDA. Another $1.15 Bill in awards is before Congress for approval right now. Another 80,000 claimants are now showing up to claim "racial discrimination" by the USDA. There were only 26,785 black farmers operating back in 1997 when this suit began. It was figured maybe 3,000 would qualify. One source said many appear to have been solicited in an attempt to "game" the Pigford system. Really? Stuff happens when trial lawyers get wind of big easy money. Nowhere is it easier than plucking "Big Bird" - the American gov't Eagle. Shirley Sherrod is not an innocent victim. She's made out very well, even as a media-darling in a racial ploy by Obama and his press to discredit FOX News and Tea Partys. Her story is, "she saw the light" - then immediately screamed "racism!"

On his 49th birthday, Obama partied with Oprah and Chicago mobster old buddies at fund-raising dinners, one at $30,000 a plate where no press was allowed - "transparency" indeed. John Kass of the Chicago Tribune points out that Alexi Giannoulias (basketball buddy of Obama's) and also on the fast-track (like Obama - no experience) is running for Obama's old Senate seat. Alexi could use the campaign cash and is thick with Tony Rezko (who gave Obama a sweetheart deal on their palatial home and adjoining property. Rezko couldn't make the party. He's awaiting sentencing for political influence peddling plus other pending trials. One is bouncing $450,000 in checks against Broadway Bank - now bankrupt and costing taxpayers $390 Mill. Broadway was owned by the Giannoulias' family. They also loaned a Rezko business $22 Mill. You need to know Obama's roots, old friends & family, from whence he emanated and likes to bring into the fold whenever he can. That "family" bank also loaned $27.7 Mill to felons for "street loans" called hard-money lending, no paperwork involved! This while Alexi was chief loan officer. The felon-loan beneficiaries were mobsters Michael "Jaws" Giorango and Demitri Stavropoulos. Giorango was convicted for bookmaking twice and a nationwide prostitution ring. Stavropoulos was convicted of an illegal sports betting operation. Paroled, he is now a "consultant" at PoleKatz Gentleman's Club (strip joint) in Bridgeview, where he makes $260,000 a year part-time to "advise." Advice you can't refuse? How deep and dark is this cesspool that keeps regurgitating more putrid relationships? This banking "experience" got Alexi his present job, State Treasurer, kind of like tax-evader Timmy of the US Treasury. Obama was State Senator then, vouched for and supported mob-banker Alexi for State Treas. I'm sure ACORN, Unions and the Mob itself pitched in. Once in, Alexi pledged $100,000 to, and supported Obama in HIS run for US Senate. Now Obama is in, all the way to President, and reaches back to help Alexi get his old Senate seat! Mobsters have now come out of the closet.

How many times do the people of America have to be slapped in the face (State by State) by this left-controlled administration? Louisiana is devastated by an oil spill but begs Obama to NOT suspend drilling, killing even more jobs. Obama does it anyway. A judge rules against his 6 mon moratorium, he ignores the judgment as well as the people. Arizona lives in fear and wants federal enforcement of immigration laws - nothing. A big majority then supports State enforcement. Obama, the Dept of Justice and Mexico say Arizonans have no right to protect themselves by enforcing written laws. All U.S. citizens have to produce I.D. You have instant problems if you can't. If you're a speeding Mexican (maybe can't even speak English or read highway safety signs) you don't have to produce I.D.? If no I.D. or Mexican I.D., an officer can't even question them? Can they detain them without being sued, or hold them for ICE (immigration) who doesn't want them? Writing them a ticket is a waste of time, paper & ink. What idiot is in charge? Now, gay marriage in California was voted down by 7 million people. They were told basically to "shut up," overturned by one leftist gay judge. One rare time "the people" get to vote on something and they are insulted, reminded of their insignificance by those in power! In April, Congressman Phil Hare said he didn't care about the Constitution when it came to health care. Pete Stark of Calif also showed his arrogance and scorn for our Constitution saying matter-of-factly, "The Fed Gov't can do most anything in this country." He didn't even know what E-Verify is (when asked) in a state with millions of illegals. It's simply a 99% accurate verification of citizenship for employers to use, eliminating the "I didn't know" excuse. But arrogance with ignorance, from the same mouths (in power) is scary indeed.

Here is where a goodly sum of Stimulus money is going - license-plate recognition technology. The Gov of Maryland is spending $2 Mill Fed grant money (from all of us taxpayers) to double the amount of roadside & mobile spy cameras he presently has. The data is collected at a "fusion center" accessible to gov't bureaucrats. Big brother is watching your every move by car. Speed cameras and red-light cameras matched to your license plate snapshots are within seconds cross-referenced to "wanted" lists, time, date and GPS coordinates. They can store this info for years. They say this will deter crime, target the bad guys, but they'll soon do as in England - ticket you for seat-belt or cell-phone use violations, for fast & easy local revenue, kind of a bonus benefit. Already local gov'ts use Google overhead maps to snoop and find out who put in a swimming pool or added on without permits. This is just starting. Our nanny-state mentality is sold as "doing good" to force it upon us but will have no limits. We know too much sun is not good. Sunscreen is hard to see and enforce, but will we be fined (taxed) if we don't wear a hat? Spy cameras will show no hat, or if you're smoking. I know very soon half the states will have outlawed smoking in cars, with kids present. Michigan just outlawed smoking in all public places. The smoking section became "outdoors," even in winter. Now, bars with fenced-in open-sky property cannot allow you to smoke even outdoors if you're drinking beer! I haven't smoked in over 30 years but can see "power-by-stupid" is out of control! Spy cameras are something Obama and his control-freak cronies can really sink their teeth into. He will get this nationwide using our own tax dollars against us. Add this to the fact the FBI under Obama is getting looser with the law and our rights, and bolder. They don't need to bother with the inconvenience of court-ordered search warrants if they decide it's in the nation's security interests, and that definition gets looser by the day. Recently (it will be changed) they had a life-sentenced major D.C. drug dealer's conviction thrown out because they used a tracking device on his jeep without a warrant. The ACLU jumped on this "technicality." For laughs, do you think the ACLU would be there for you or me? Only if our fate outraged drug dealers, and had their clout. Today's Patriot Act allows the FBI to write their own search warrant, serve it to you and arrest you if you so much as tell anyone about it, even your own spouse in the other room, or a lawyer! You will be entirely alone and at the mercy of the gov't! My point is, those in power ignore our Constitution, bypass Congress when not agreeable, and are cunningly inserting binding restrictions/controls on our personal behavior in numerous (seemingly innocuous) Bills and legislation no one reads. All this is lying in wait, as surveillance technology to monitor our every move is being put in place. Do YOU feel comfortable with these people in charge having these capabilities? Why are they persisting and pursuing this authority over us? And why is our media in quiet acceptance? You should be scared to death! The noose is tightening. History has shown repeatedly, latent power only lies in wait for the ideal time and tyrant. Believe me, both are very near!

For those uncertain of how this financial collapse came about I offer this quick synopsis. The Fed gov't (Clinton era) set out to give home ownership to low-income people. Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac expedited this by buying up (guaranteeing) these mortgages from original lenders. Lenders made rapid reckless loans (no money down) and no proof of income required ("liars loans") because they could dump them immediately on Fan & Fred. Hot shots also jumped in, speculating on ever-rising housing prices by only needing to make monthly payments. The bubble burst when ridiculous house prices fell hard. Naturally, people stopped making payments on houses worth much less than when they "purchased" them. They had no "skin" in the game. The buyer (guilty of avarice) didn't lose. The lender (accomplice to fraud) didn't lose. Fan & Fred (guilty of stupid stewardship by Barney Frank & Chris Dodd) didn't lose. Innocent taxpayers (as always) lost! Huge! Forced to bail out F&F. Frank & Dodd kept saying everything's fine and encouraged more lending. They still promote no money down loans. F&F just lost $5.9 Bill in the 2nd qtr. They're not regulated now, so they can continue the same bad practices (risky loans to the poor) with limitless bailouts.

So, Imam Rauf who calls his mega-Mosque "Cordoba Initiative" on ground zero, is traveling to the mid-east with a group, all expenses paid by taxpayers. Cordoba, Spain watched a victorious Muslim army build a mosque on the ruins of their church. This is victorious tradition! Obama now welcomes this mosque and has said Islam's call to worship is the most beautiful sound he's heard. Thousands of murdered souls will hear it often. This Imam is for Sharia law that stones, abuses and kills their women, says America brought the 9-11 attacks upon themselves, wants restrictions on freedom of speech, refuses to denounce terrorist Hamas and is involved with the group that helped the Jihad flotilla against Israel. But so is Bill Ayers & his wife and Rashid Khalidi (Obama's friend) tied to that same group. Khalidi sympathizes with Palestinian terrorists & Hamas and has asked for Muslim funds for another flotilla to ram the Israeli blockade of Hamas & Gaza. The name of the new ship is "Audacity of Hope" - the title of Obama's book! What does that say? Israel is blocking shipped arms & munitions to Gaza, nothing else. Gaza is NOT starving. It has a large new robust shopping mall with well-stocked shelves and bustling activity. Hamas uses media to serve them, just as Obama does. Why wouldn't we want to pay for Raul to tour and speak for us?

Christobal Silverio came illegally from Mexico in 1997, bringing his wife, Felipa and 3 children (19, 12, 8). Felipa gave birth to a premature "anchor baby" named Flor, who spent 3 months in an incubator, costing taxpayers over $300,000. Meanwhile, their 19 year old daughter & her illegal husband produced her own "anchor baby." Grandma Felipa created another "anchor baby," Christian. He gets $400/mon welfare & Flor gets $600 (asthma). That is $12,000/yr tax free to go with $18,000 (too little to tax) from picking fruit. Add in earned income tax credit of at least $5,000 and you have tax-free income of over $35,000 plus whatever other assistance and free medical care. That is how simply it is worked. Of 2300 babies born (2003) in Stockton, Calif, 70% were anchor babies. Any wonder Stockton is $23 Mill in the hole? Harry (groveling) Reid just said, "I don't know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a republican." And I add, why would they live in Mexico?

The whole city-employee complex of Bell, Calif (37,000) belongs in prison for giving themselves outrageous salaries. That they're all democrats may be coincidental. Example, City Manager's $787,637 salary plus benefits totaling $1.5 Mill! Vacation & sick leave = 7 mon/yr! Lifelong pension $600,000/yr! It is portrayed in the media as an anomaly. It is not. It is the iceberg tip of entitlement and greed running rampant through this society, especially at all levels of gov't! Someone (Bell) is always at the front in extremism. But, all over in cities and counties this cancer is spreading like wildfire - loose taxpayer money, no one watching or caring, no punishment if (or when) caught and the rationalization, "everyone's doing it!" extreme Calif first perhaps, but not alone. The more you dig in a political dung-heap, the more you uncover and the worse it smells. That's why politicians don't cast stones and wont even touch shovels.. With an uncaring media the taxpayers are always the last to know. Look at what Barney Frank & Chris Dodd did, hiding their disgraceful "overseeing" of Fannie & Freddie. These jerks are the major cause of our unholy mess today. I could forgive their stupidity, not their criminal cover-up! Congress disgraced itself with this Finance Regulatory Bill and STILL no controls on F & F - who started it all. Plus, they ran home on Christmas Eve after slipping F&F a limitless cap that will cost us Trillions! These "public servants" serve only themselves. They get twice the wages and perks of those they "serve" at even the lowest level jobs. All of those people in Bell, Calif (Council, Police & Fire) are not evil. The present, perverse, pervading atmosphere (unchecked) IS evil! Unwieldy Fed gov't spending (like a drunkard) sets the loose standards others will follow. The Fed gov't sent $200 Bill Stimulus to the States. No jobs were created. The States now have their hands out again, as I said they would. Obama will dole it out periodically and strategically just before people vote & donate. It is $26 Bill right now to "save" teacher, firemen, and police jobs if you believe the media. It is to pay their Unions. WE are paying for their masses of lavish pensions & early retirements. A study by the Pew Center (aptly named) said that as of 2 yrs ago the States are SHORT One Trillion dollars (others say up to $3 Trill) of what is "promised" in Union retirees' pensions & health care, and the ability of the States to pay! Until this gaffe is acknowledged by gov't Unions and their retirees (and they all suck it up) there can be no REAL recovery. And there will be no more "smoke & mirrors." WE (the public) finally know about you - no thanks to the damned media! The "Golden Goose" is dead! You cooked your own, but you cooked ours too, you greedy fools!

One can be sadly entertained by reading the posted lists of stupid spending in the ridiculous name of stimulus or job creations. There is neither promise nor pretence of changing their spending ways or accountability anymore. It is just "in your face" defiance - throwing it away frivolously, whenever I want, to whomever I want, it seems. GM (Gov't Motors) is investing $500 Mill to produce a new vehicle and engines IN Mexico. Tax dollars to employ all Mexicans. At least it keeps them over there, right? Why is the Teacher's Union in Wisconsin fighting for taxpayer-funded Viagra when hundreds of their teachers are being laid-off? Has any president and family in history had more vacation and "fun" time than the Obama's? One ostentatious display after another as the nation suffers. WE tighten our belts. No one in Congress does, and the presidency lives extra high. Where is even the appearance of empathy? Polling says the people thinking the economy is getting better is 21% - worse 52% (2.5 : 1)! I'll bet that misguided "1" is gov't-paid from our taxed funds. In the midst of this loose, spending-frenzy it is important to differentiate between those that cannot help themselves, and those that just will not help themselves. The latter is the crux of the problem.

Maxine Waters got (by special request) $12 Mill in TARP funds for failing One United Bank. She and her husband were heavily invested in its stock. He was on the Board. One United invested poorly, compensated top dogs lavishly & was going under. $12 Mill rescued them long enough to maybe cash-in revitalized stocks. They did contribute well to her campaign. Ethics?

We have recommended Education Budget Cuts for "niche programs" being considered. They want to restrict the teachings of: American History, Civics (rights & duties of citizens), U.S. Constitution/Bill of rights, and Economics! To keep them ignorant is to keep them obedient. The NEA (Teacher's Union) at the same time has on its list of student-recommended reading, several of Saul Alinsky's books, like "Rules for Radicals" - Barack's & Hillary's personal favorite. Our future looks great! We're in good hands.

One American's View. Thanks for listening. Please tell others about my site. Phil Faustman

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