Sunday, August 23, 2009

Issue #16


Senator John McCain ran a terrible campaign against Obama last year. Obama had a well organized team and program and a massive unscrupulous Army of Rabble-Rousers in ACORN. The government of two parties funds this scurrilous group that works for only ONE party. That’s a really unfair advantage in man hours and undisclosed financial support. Add the fact that Obama had twice the donated funds that McCain got, to flood the T.V. stations and print media with propaganda, and you could say he pretty much bought the Presidency. It certainly was NOT a fair or level playing field. That is why we need a law that limits how much total money can be spent, and both candidates get the same amount. Any excess goes into reducing the National Debt, or some noble cause. You’ll still get lots more “favorable” articles or T.V. coverage (gratis) by the left-leaning media, but I guess there’s only so much you can clean things up.

I bring up all this “old news” to point out how lots and lots of money, and an unconscionable media working together, will trample truth and right every time, if it wants to. Just bombard the populace (day and night) on the Boob Tube, and all but the most steadfast, will become worn down, or somewhat doubtful of their previous position, through time and persistence. It is a ploy commonly used right out of ACORN’s handbook. They are professional persuaders. They train for this. We do not. In fact we trust the media that is now shamelessly working for just one side. Our “transparent” President has cut another deal behind closed doors that maybe Pelosi hasn’t even been apprised of. That would be a blow to her ego! It seems that Obama and the big drug industry have “come to an agreement” where PhRMA will spend $150 Million this fall for T.V. ads to “sell” Obama’s health care over and over, and run the “Mobs” out of town. At least that’s the plan. One way or another he has endless money to back him, the media in his pocket, and an array of players that intimidate, and are very clever. Trained to be clever, untrained (rightly concerned) Americans that know right from wrong, and know that something is seriously wrong, and right now, are overmatched by many “clever” people. But our numbers are great. So is our cause!

Obama’s Town Hall meeting in New Hampshire had 11 year old, Julia Hall ask the President about the signs outside, saying mean things “about his healthcare proposal. How do kids know what is true, and why do people want a new system that can – that help more of us?” That opened the door for Obama and he said, “I don’t want people saying I just have a bunch of plants in here.” Of course they were “randomly” selected and Julia’s mother just happened to have campaigned heavily for Obama, and donated thousands to him. So did her law firm. Just random common folk getting a chance to be on T.V. And wasn’t Obama’s T.H. meeting nice and orderly? Tickets were distributed by the White House in advance, questions submitted in advance and Obama selected questioners he wanted – but no plants? This was another Obama infomercial, that got a standing ovation at the end. Protesters outside waited 5-6 hours (in the rain) before Obama demonstrators arrived (on busses) when he went to Montana. There it was “first come, first served” seating and a huge throng of democrats arrived way early. Organized? Montana is a big “guns” state. A man stood up and said he was a proud member of the N.R.A. (National Rifle Association) and about 4 people (out of the hundreds there) clapped. It might have been a stacked deck. The ones that would have clapped were outside in the rain – no room. Another slick professional move. Slick professionals that we have to constantly watch and be fearful of are not right for America. There is a bill now to repeal term limits being introduced. Boughten votes then could give us 30 years of Obama. Is that prospect scary enough?

Remember Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee’s Town Hall when she took a phone call while a question was asked? Her next Town Hall had her gushing over a “Doctor” Roxana Mayer supporting Obama’s plan. Mayer is NOT a doctor. She is studying at the University of Houston for a degree in Social Work – where Rep. Lee’s husband Elwyn Lee is Vice-Pres. For Student Affairs. Gee, do you think she was a plant? A LYING plant, selling fertilizer? Mayer was also a staunch Obama supporter last Fall. She said she was invited by Maria Isabel who is an admirer of Che Guevara who was a Cuban Communist Rebel murdered in 1967. Isabel is an even stauncher supporter of Obama – and Communist Revolutionaries! I like to analyze who people “hang out” with. Isabel and Mayer, just “happened” to be seated together in the front row, convenient for “hugs” in front of the cameras, with Congresswoman Jackson-Lee. Don’t we see a lot of strange connections, with people of very questionable pasts, and very active, powerful, questionable “today’s”, entwined with our President, his programs, and his “staff?”

Good Ole Nancy Pelosi. She called Americans who drowned out opposing views because they’d heard enough, and wanted to be heard themselves, at those Town Hall meetings, UN-American.” In 2006, in front of a frenzied crowd (taking her side of course) she encouraged them shouting, “I’m a fan of disrupters!” She said she drew great inspiration from Franklin Roosevelt – A Disrupter – people with courage – who make change. ”I understand your anger.” Didn’t you love all those old film clips that prove what shifty liars most of our Congress people are? They flat-out deny everything right up to the exposé, then say it was out of context or something equally stupid. If he wasn’t so destructive, Barney Frank’s antics and reversals would be an absolute scream. It’s unbelievable that they put him in charge of anything. If he was Republican, the media would follow him around like vultures, and eat him for lunch.

Congress has decided (after public outrage maybe?) to pare their $550 Million order of 8 Luxury jet planes down to 3. That is hardly re-assuring, because that “Luxury Jet Mentality” or entitlement is deeply ingrained with this bunch. It will just resurface shortly in many other forms. They can’t help themselves. Sometimes they just “reach” for too much, too fast, and get their hands slapped. It is hard (with their greed) to pace themselves, and spread it out.

It seems easily forgotten that our founders drew up the Constitution and its Amendments for the purpose of restricting government, NOT the people! Someone needs to inform the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). I swear, every time they’re in the news, it is ANTI-American. They should be the AACLU. They sure do have a problem with God, public schools and the Boy Scouts, while showing great affinity for Terrorists’ rights and Illegal Aliens. They are a lot like ACORN, in as much as American taxpayers are paying them to be a pain in their a__! Two school officials are under ACLU attack for “saying Grace” before a meal in a Florida Public School, after hours, all adults in attendance. Those two people are potentially facing 6 months in prison, $5,000 fines and loss of pensions of 30 and 40 years of service. Is this country going insane? I think our Fore Fathers would have shot the ACLU “dead” in the streets! We have Muslim schools here in America. They seemingly pray all the time and we know it’s not all pro-American. Don’t tell me they don’t pray in their schools. Where is the ACLU? Afraid they might get their heads handed to them? It’s a lot like PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) when they go to asinine extremes on fish or insects. Most everyone loves dogs. Many Koreans love “to eat” dogs. But I don’t think there are any vocal PETA Chapters in North Korea. When one wants to speak out loudly, with indignation or outrage, choose your countries well. I remember when Ahmadinejad, (President of Iran) exhorted, “There are no Homosexuals in Iran!” Now, that COULD be true….

The government wants you to e-mail them IF you see something “fishy” (out there) regarding possible “misinformation” about Obama’s healthcare plan. They want to “correct” any possibly misunderstood parts or misconceptions, or clarify their intentions. Forgive me, but I’ll stay focused on what I know. I know that all those I’m nervously watching came from “back alley, anything goes” politics of Chicago and Illinois. I know that if you turn in someone you judge to be possibly “fishy”, the D.C./Chicago crowd will have two e-mail identification lists. One is of those “helpful”, and two is, those problematic, to “the cause”. This one, or future causes. Maybe I’m too suspicious. But if I found myself (heaven forbid) in a back alley in Chicago, I wouldn’t anticipate a “fair” fight. People (hundreds) have recently been contacted by e-mail from the White House, promoting the Healthcare plan. From where did D.C. obtain these addresses? The people didn’t contact the White House previously. Is this a Big Brother alarm indicator of how much they already have on file? Will there be D.C. “spam” and propaganda coming? Do they monitor our computer activities? Can they? Why did only Fox News find this newsworthy? If Bush had done it, would the media have cared then?

Aren’t Stimulus Funds supposed to “create” jobs for those out of work? $360 Million of stimulus funds were given as nice pay raises to 35,000 N.Y City Union Transit workers last week. Shouldn’t state and local governments be paying their existing force from within their own budget? How is it you and I give 35,000 pay increases to bus drivers in New York City? $10,000 each! N.Y. State is deep in red ink doing stupid things, like paying a school Superintendent $316,000 per year in pensions. I wonder how Obama’s Unions are faring across the nation, in general. Are they getting fat raises? I know City and State governments have to pay union scale for any construction jobs. Nice for Unions, but only half as many Families (supposedly important) benefit from. Those funds we give. It was supposed to be jobs, jobs, jobs. Not raises! Not bonuses!

Obama and Pelosi want us to entrust them with hundreds and hundreds of billions of dollars for government run healthcare. Their cash for clunkers was a perfect disastrous example of their expertise. They started with one billion dollars. It is said they spent only 2% of that on clunkers. Where did the rest go? Now they have 2 billion more but car dealers are screaming because of paperwork, snags and no payments. Healthcare? Get real!!

A USA Today Gallup Poll just out, found 57% say the stimulus package is having no impact on the economy, or making it worse. 60% doubt it will help in the years ahead. Only 18% say it has helped improve their own situation. It gets you all pumped up about their talk of a second one, doesn’t it? What the majority thinks or what the majority wants doesn’t matter in Obamaworld.

I quote Obama in 2008, “I’m telling you. We’re going to get there, over time, slowly, but we’ll move away from reliance on employer-based health insurance as we should, but we’ll do it in a way that we’re not going to frighten people into thinking that they’re going to lose their private insurance. We’re going to give them a choice of Public and Private Insurance when they’re in the pool, and we’re going to let them keep their private employment-based insurance, if their employer continues to provide it.” While running for the Senate in 2003 he said, “I happen to be a proponent of a single-payer healthcare program.” Adding, “But I don’t think we’re going to be able to eliminate employer coverage immediately.” His message is clear. He will (eventually) get his government controlled single-payer plan. Employers are business people. When the private insurance they provide becomes more expensive than that which is available through the government they will drop you into the government net. Obama knows this and he can legislate fines, penalties (discourage), or give incentives, enticements (encourage) business people to do his will. It looks like a sudden backing off of the “government option” to compete with the private insurers is emanating out of D.C. They are now talking about a (more benign) Co-op Plan, since these Town Hall meetings met with so much protest. Don’t fool yourself though. Obama is just regrouping to “skin the cat” another way. The “cat” is you and me, and the private insurers. Like I’ve said, don’t watch the hand that’s moving. It’s the other one that’ll get you, or complete the trick. And that’s what he is all about – deception. They just removed the infamous “Death Panel” with much fan fare. The same one they ridiculed Sarah Palin for, and denied even existed. But it is just “words” and maneuvers. They can “ration” (and WILL) so severely that it accomplishes the same thing. When they say they will do something, BELIEVE IT! The exact route to it may meander, as they feel their way, but they will get you there unless you stay ever vigilant. They are on a mission, and they are tireless. So must we be!

One American’s View, Thanks for listening, Phil Faustman

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  1. Do you believe the Constitution is the rule of law? Do you believe in the original intent of our founding fathers? Do you want to reform Congress? If your answer is yes, we have to work together to make this happen.