Tuesday, June 29, 2010

42nd Issue 07/01/10

In the Stimulus beginning, hundreds of billions of dollars were sent to the States (announced with much fanfare) to kick-start unemployment with "shovel-ready" jobs. But the States used all that taxpayer money to bail out their red ink deficits - created by loose, sloppy spending habits, like lavish pensions for State and Union employees. They fattened Union paychecks of the already employed - unemployed, be damned! All that money just delayed the inevitible. It was thrown away. No serious spending cuts have been made or even considered. The stupid give-away was the politician's dream (State politicians this time), money from Heaven. Now they can postpone unpleasant decisions for a bit longer, pretending there is no crisis coming - like children. When the "Godsend" funds run out (and their idiotic spending as usual runs rampant) they will (again) thrust out their hands. State Gov'ts are becoming as dependent as half the population. That's human nature - like deer coming to a bait-pile.

14,000 people got bogus Homebuyer Tax Credits of nearly $2,000 each ($26 Mil). 1,295 were prison inmates and 24 were "lifers!" The IRS brags that they, "moved aggressively and successfully blocked or denied nearly 400,000 questionable claims and opened more than 150 criminal investigations - saving taxpayers more than $1 Billion." They are investigating 150, yet admit over 10,000 individuals used the same addresses to claim the same credit - 67 people claimed the same home and received the credit! Why aren't a lot of people going to jail - to join those already in jail with checks? Are they illegals? Scolding isn't much of a deterrent to obvious criminals. The IRS admits they can't police it and no one knows how many millions or Billions were lost on just this one program. They issue the checks first, then try to retrieve them - when or IF they discover the error. Read that idiotic statement again. Are we on the "Honor System" with taxpayer funds? This rinky-dink Gov't overseeing is going to regulate and run Health Care, and whatever zillion other things Obama seizes? How can you ADMIT that you hand out money that you can't police or verify at all? Dump it on the damned streets and say, "Those who think they need it - help yourselves!" Even Socialism isn't this loose and stupid, is it? How much do we pay these idiots? They maintain the program was a SUCCESS because it stimulated housing sales! Idiots!

Nearly the whole world it seems, chides our country's military for interfering, bullying or policing where we are not wanted. They like to say we invaded Iraq to grab its oil production, not to liberate its people and put down a mad tyrant (with 2 looney beastly sons). Hussein was bent on getting weapons of mass destruction (if not already possessing them). He had the money and strong desire to get them. Do you seriously think he wouldn't have - and share any fiendish weaponry concocted with any group wanting to bring it to us through our porous Mexican border? He readily financed suicide bombers. Many (leftist-media induced) seem to forget or ignore those obvious facts of that time, in their eagerness to demonize Bush, and America's thirst for oil. I believe Iraq owes us, big time, for our brave young's shed blood and our enormous financial expense to deliver them from evil. They should be giving us lots of low-priced oil (for a long time) in attempting to pay us back or say "thank you," but they're not. We are even now using our money and military to build schools, roads, water purification and electric power plants - generally rebuilding their country. We are now leaving with less than 10% of their oil going to America and we own none of their wells! What a monstrous, oppressive country we are! Invading empires typically loot, pillage, enslave and rule - not feed and nurture its people. Yet ask any captured Jihadist over there (adolescents on up) and we are looters and rapists - the Devil himself! We will never defeat these ignorant, simple-minded, brainwashed people in Afghanistan! All they have ever known, generation to generation is fierce religious obedience, or violent consequences. They are taught from birth, Death is a better world. Not for those at the top, and their kids - just you and yours. So what is there to live for? Here is a gun or explosives. There are the evil ones. Blow yourself up in their midst. Go to Allah and the 72 virgins and we will give your family $25,000 - maybe. How can we reason with or successfully fight that feeble mentality? We can't. They are still on horseback beheading each other.

The Supreme Court barely squeaked out another monumental decision (5-4) on one of our God-given Rights - to bear arms and defend ourselves. Note that Obama's Sotomayor was one of the 4 against us, and his other anti-gun socialist appointee, Kagan (who was a dear friend of his in college and gushes over him) would also be against us, the vast majority, like always. They know - we know nothing! Our wishes and rights don't matter. We still almost allowed individual cities and states to decide IF we can (as a nation) own a gun and defend ourselves. All those that think there would be less violence or crime if guns were banned are choosing to totally ignore evidence that proves the contrary. England confiscated all guns (from the law-abiding) and violent crime soared. Wash D.C. has experienced the same. Here is one country and one large city proving what I already knew and the media wont tell you about. I don't care to analyze it to death. It is apparent that criminals are bolder when they know they wont be shot at. It's that simple. They know they can beat the law and our easy system, but might not survive a sudden bullet! Any person (anywhere) has the basic Right to protect herself (and loved ones) from harm! A gun in the hand of a 90# woman helps equalize a confrontation with a 250# man. Just brandishing a gun can quiet a bad situation immediately. Most importantly, NO person or entity on earth can deny any other human being the right to defend - by ANY means necessary! If you can't see that - God help you. There WILL be consequences in America. Maybe not elsewhere but, "Don't Tread on Me" is once again rattling here. Take note, you Marxist cruds, if someday that 5-4 vote goes the other way!

Remember, to get the real news, to know what's really happening (or where we are being directed) you must read between the lines to see ahead - where Obama is steering us. His appointed CIA Director, Leon Panetta said the next "Pearl Harbor" will be "cyber terrorism." Also remember that Obama has tried different tactics to control the Internet saying, "Too much information is not helpful." At the same time he has had several of his comrades pressuring advertising boycotts of the Glenn Beck show. Cut him off one way - he tries another - and another. He wants authority bestowed upon him to (in a National Emergency) shut down the Internet. Sounds plausible, sell it as patriotic necessity - but get it seized. HE will decide IF or WHEN it is an "emergency," and he is good at creating a crisis, or perceived crisis (emergency). Beware! They point out that China controls their internet. I point out that China is Communist and Oppressive!

It has come to light that BP (oil spill notoriety) had more safety violations than all other oil companies combined - times 10! BP only got away with it because our highly-payed Gov't overseers got cozy and looked the other way. Were they paid to? Corporations know it's just good business (investing) to give Gov't "individuals of influence" Millions, in order to get favors or contracts that bring in Billions from that Gov't. The days of slipping the right person a box of cigars or fifth of whiskey to look the other way has expanded (the bigger - the badder) exponentially with the Gov't dumping hundreds of millions everywhere (without accountability) like the program I just spoke of. Politicians get the BIG bucks but it all trickles down through the Gov't employee gravy train that is corrupt BIG Gov't! And certainly to on-site inspectors. They make out at even City levels, but HUGE - hides lots of hands in the till! Unrelated, I want to say that BP gas station ownerships are local (mom & pop). Vandals and idiots striking back at BP service stations are as dumb as the rocks they throw!

Our Sec'y of Labor, Hilda Salis has placed ads all across the country and "created" 250 more Gov't jobs (taxpayer expense) to ensure that undocumented (illegal) workers know their right to being paid fairly. (Put those 250 Gov't people on the damned border, Hilda!) She gives an 800# to call that speaks to you in Spanish, of course. Go after those EMPLOYERS Hilda, if you really care - which you don't! Fine them heavily, jail them - make them pay a wage that will employ an American off the unemployed rolls. If that bumps up the cost of the product, so be it. Competitors having to do the same have no advantage. Folks, add the Fed Gov't to those boycotting AZ. The Dept of Education and the Border Patrol (of all people) have relocated their conferences to other states. Our dummy Homeland Securty head, Napolitano says, "The border is as secure now as it has ever been!" If ignorance is bliss, that's the happiest woman in the world. Her Deputy Sec'y, John Morton says he may refuse to process any illegal aliens sent to him by AZ. Obama's ICE (Immig & Customs Enforce) has eliminated 50 Detention Centers and wants to "soften" the whole image. They now have "hanging plants," e-mail access, free internet phone svc, bingo sessions, arts & crafts classes, dance, cooking & computer classes and movie nights, plus fresh fruits & vegetables and Continental breakfasts - all at taxpayer expense! Seniors in retirement homes don't have all these amenities. A sheriff arrested 14 illegals at a construction site in Farmington, MO, where unemployment is at 11.1%. ICE ordered the sheriff to turn them loose. Does it cost too much to "house" them now, with all the amenities?

Harold Hurtt, new ICE Chief was Chief of Police in Phoenix and Houston, 2 "sanctuary cities." His sympathies are with illegals. What a fine "enforcer" he will be. His asinine appointment makes clear Obama's position is, NO secure border and NO concern for rapidly rising drug trafficking and violence toward U.S. citizens. He supports this invasion which has rapidly increasing numbers from known terrorist countries! This is suicidal as a Nation. Is this all for votes? Obama's actions (not his lying words) are what you must always focus on. His long wait and "do nothing" response to the oil spill can only be unbelievable incompetence or deliberate "calibration" to create a crisis - to promote his agenda of Cap & Trade - another huge financial burden on an already bankrupt nation. And he seized control of another huge private corporation, that isn't even U.S. owned - BP. Obama is drunk with power, but we will get the hangover - or violently ill. His in-bed mutual love with Unions is sending us down their Marxist/Communist road as he keeps appointing radicals to key positions supporting his views. Don't forget his heavily pro-union appointment to the NLRB (Nat Labor Relations Bd) to tilt this "fair" labor board totally into Union power. Not much news - but huge ramifications laying in wait. Just as heavily biased Sotomayor is waiting to support him at the Supreme Court level, along with his (waiting) next Socialist justice appointee, Kagan. That makes two of his own choosing to tilt 5-4 votes in his favor, and they are young enough to interpret and dictate the law of the land to us (The People) for over 30 years! All these individual pieces add up to one big chunk of dominance over us. Every single appointment, action, or inaction must be viewed with utmost suspicion. Especially since all of them, along with the U.N. (and their "World Governance" utopia) want to take away our guns!

Obama met with Senator Kyl of Arizona behind closed Oval-office doors. Kyl said later at a town hall meeting that Obama said, "If we secure the border, then you all wont have any reason to support Comprehensive Immigration Reform." The W.H. spokesman, Bill Burton said, "The president didn't say that. Senator Kyl knows the president didn't say that." That is calling Kyl a liar. Knowing Kyl's decent background and Obama's indecent background and penchant for deceit, trickery and hard-ball ways, I think you and I know who the liar is. Obama is more concerned about a person of Mexican descent being hassled by police when getting his kid an ice cream cone, than American citizens living in fear of violence and drug dealers. Could Obama's priorities be any more clear? Why is he, Pelosi and Reid seemingly always FOR what 80% of polled Americans are against?

There are about 3500 acres in a National Wildlife Refuge in Arizona declared "too dangerous" for Americans to enter. It is the domain of violent Mexican drug cartels. Must we be afraid to move about in outdoor America? Big cities after dark I can see. Why doesn't our president want to, "kick some a-s?" He says he just wants to know whose to kick. Start here, prez. Show some Americanism. I'll give some simple advice on how to do it. Encircle all those bad people in that 3500 acres with well-armed paratroopers, then walk toward each other. I believe, at some point you might encounter and eradicate the problem. Assume that everyone you encounter is armed and dangerous and shoot to kill. We don't want to incarcerate them at taxpayer expense. Is that too difficult to understand? We put out forest fires bigger than that with smokejumpers, don't we? Now "banditos" are dictating to and threatening us! Where in hell is our leader? These murderous Cartels are getting ever bolder (like terrorists) in Obama's vacuous weak posturing. Mexico's Security Minister was just ambushed and nearly killed as numerous rounds pierced her armored SUV. Over 2700 casings were found after her rescue. She can't trust her own police since they've been infiltrated by the competing cartels. Mexican border towns are becoming ghost towns, residents seeking asylum on our side, entering our schools, etc. Cartels are shooting up Mexican drug re-hab centers, killing many and recruiting smugglers and hit-men - "Do it or die!" They behead women and childred and throw heads into the streets to set examples! This is happening on their side (so far) - 27,000 dead since their 4 year war on drugs. The police Chief of Nogales, AZ was told that off-duty officers had better "look the other way" if chancing upon smugglers or face sniper fire. They are now advised to carry guns and use body armor while off duty! It is said the bad guys have sophisticated equipment and know where our Border Patrol is at all times. Are you saying THEY are better than US? BULL! They just want it more than we do! We (Obama) are content with being predictable, lazy and insignificant. Phoenix is the 2nd worst city in the world for kidnappings. Mexico City is first. But OUR Federal Gov't (Obama) and Mexico's Gov't is suing Arizona for trying to defend its borders and people! How unbelievable and unconscionable is that? The MAIN job of the Fed Gov't (Constitutionally) is to defend all State borders! Of course Obama thumbs his nose at (or wipes it on) our Constitution. He refuses to help while Americans are under obvious attack (and he even sues) just to garner those would-be votes by illegals! He is despicable! Worse than useless. He is dangerous - traitorous in his sick quest for more votes and power. If the Media would acknowledge even half of what is going on, Obama would never have to demean himself so completely, groveling for those Mexican votes. If the people knew half - there would be 60 to 70 million hell-raising Americans voting to THROW him out! AND every one in the Senate and House even glancing his way! The more I dig through his garbage - the more I long for that day. And to those naysayers I say, "For God's sake, open your eyes or nostrils to the shoveled manure." Read about our TRUE History (before they re-do it completely) our Constitution and our Founders. Look at the no response (and worse) to violence in Arizona, and the oil-spill disaster (agenda utilized) that will cause even higher unemployment, much higher gasoline prices (think $4-5/gallon) and utilities, plus a bigger protracted recession. That loss of a Million barrels a day from his 6 month moratorium declaration will have far-reaching effects on this country, and he knows it. AND our basic "Rights" are hanging by their fingernails on 5-4 court decisions, while Obama, Pelosi & Reid openly defy the wishes of clear majority opinion (Of The People) at every turn. When do we say, "ENOUGH! Back off, sit down, and shut up!"

One American's view. Thanks for listening and please tell others about my site. Phil Faustman

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