Wednesday, May 12, 2010

39th Issue 05/15/10

Periodically I remind my readers that I have strong opinions and passionate convictions. I take much time and great pains researching to be accurate and factual. I tell the truth as I have come to know it, without apology. If I can't verify or prove it I will pass, not judging or reporting it. I have no agenda but to "save" our Country (in my own small way) from those I see trying to tear us away from our founding roots and wonderful Constitution. Never before, in the history of the world were there amassed so many brilliant minds in one place and time, 235 yrs ago. And they were there to jointly design the closest thing to perfect Gov't ever seen. No offense, but there is no leader in the last 25 yrs (and few in 200) worthy of shining their shoes. They commonly prayed and believed strongly in "Divine Guidance," which is being made a mockery of today. Those church and family virtues are now sorely needed and missing - and time is running out. I do not know it all and I am not infallible, but I have lived and now have time many of you don't, to dig beyond what huge, biased media tells you is the truth. After a year, I hope I have earned your trust. Nothing is more important to me. I do apologize for occassional strong language. Sometimes things are so outrageous, sinister or repetetive I find it hard to be civil. That too, is who I am.

On April 15th, 1987, over 7 million American children "disappeared." That is when children had to have a SS# to be claimed as dependents on tax forms. Most everyone in Congress cheats on their taxes too, it seems. Maybe it's because we see how loosely they throw around what taxes they do collect. Non-Americans (illegals) milked the IRS for $10 Billion way back in 2002. What would you guess that amount would be today? Dr Steven Camarota, Director of the Research Center for Immigration Studies has studied the drain on Social Services of illegal immigrants vs what they pay in taxes. For every dollar in they get over 2 back, or $2,700/household. If given amnesty, extra benefits would triple that. Plus, Dr Camarota says the IRS gives out tax I.D. numbers like candy, so illegals can use bogus SS#s for one purpose, then use bogus W-2s to attach (with I.D.#) to a tax form for generous refunds. Unless the IRS checks the legitimacy of the W-2 info there is no way to dispute the refund claimed. The IRS does not have direct access to the SS# data base, nor the resources to investigate millions of W-2s, and reconciling them with SS#s to determine accuracy. Did you know this? You can bet this archaic procedure gets around pretty fast among those with nothing to lose. And they each get back thousands from claimed kids through Earned Income Tax Credit, although they may pay no income tax. One out of every 10 babies born in the U.S. is by illegals, AND we pay for their births. If just 5 million illegal parents file for EIC it costs taxpayers over $25 Billion! A side note, did you know over 500,000 SS#s have all zeros?

There are more NY City transit cops than Border Patrol agents. Let's quit dancing around the issue of whether they're illegal aliens or immigrants coming across. This is all out invasion - deliberate exploiting of our loose and generous welfare system. I can't blame them if we don't care about our own border security, drug dealers and gang violence. Our lax attitude is idiotic. Even the Koran (muslim Bibles) have been found in the countless miles of border debris. But the worst Mexico has to offer, and the poorest are coming in droves, over that line in the sand we call a border, and it's not to pick fruit & veggies. 45 years ago Lyndon Johnson and Ted Kennedy (1965 Immig Reform Act) saw them as a huge democrat voting block. Since, they have become slave laborers (a little cash under the table and our dirty secret) with employers placing orders for "employees" with coyotes or runners on the other side. No taxes paid by them OR employers. With tax evasion money employers contribute to campaigns, then pay lobbyists to grease those same palms after they're in. Both parties are disgusting and have no shame. All should be in jail for screwing the taxpayers, in so many ways. They lie about the 12 million. That isn't even half if you consider those already here and "made" legal, plus, 350,000 per yr anchor baby "citizens." Anchor babies of the 14th Amend in 1868 was meant to protect newly freed slaves from being shipped back to Africa or such. Another law for "good" - ridiculously interpreted for BAD (to serve some crook's interests) 100 years later. We'll have nearly 30 million prolific settlers to care for - until the NEXT wave. Destroy our country for stinking votes!

Brilliant? Articulate? Off the teleprompter Obama is just as dumb as good ole George. On Arizona enforcing the Fed law that the Feds refuse to, "His Brilliance" says, "If you are a Hispanic American in Arizona, suddenly if you don't have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you're going to be harassed." Put that stupid "shooting from the lip" statement right up there with the Cambridge police "acting stupidly" and doctors cutting out tonsils or cutting off feet for profit and it's hard to see superior intelligence. I easily see superior attitude that slips up a lot, like when he just said (off prompter), "I do think at a certain point you've made enough money." Who in hell is HE to decide that? But he absolutely intends to take what HE determines is excessive. Then his tough-guy side, "If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun!" And as Gibbs, his spokesman says, "We'll keep our boot on the throat of BP." I don't like his tough-guy cliches. It shows meanness from a very powerful office. He regularly shoots his mouth off without facts, or makes them up as he goes, knowing the media won't criticize. Well, everybody ain't buyin what you're selling, Barack! Still, the media puts out 37 news reports against Arizona's position and just 3 FOR. Public polls are 61-70% for AZ too, but the press doesn't care, just like health care. We know nothing. They (and their buddy) know best! In this vein you've got to love Sen Diane Feinstein's statement, "I've gotten 90,000 e-mails and faxes on the health care Bill and over 85,000 of them are against it. After all the debate we've had, I can't believe so many people still don't get it." Do you think she, Obama, Pelosi & Reid feel a little superior to us? Should we dummies vote 'em all out?

Obama beds with the Unions (SEIU, AFL-CIO) and recently appointed SEIU's Craig Becker (extreme Pro-Union) to the NLRB (Nat'l Labor Relations Bd). Already they are undoing a procedure of 75 years that will soon say Union organizing meetings need only a majority vote of those that show up at the meeting to force it upon all! Unions are masters at these types of maneuvers (to kick doors open) just like Obama. They are out to "paint the nation purple" (SEIU's color) like HE said they would. Their aim is to now unionize the airways & railways (that should drive up fares or gov't subsidies) and get "card check" all over, so they can bully those daring to vote NO.

When you know that a president of our U.S. wants to shut down any and all opposing views and you also know he is charismatic and a smooth talker, be wary and listen well anytime he publicly speaks of such matters. No other president in history has ever said, too much information can be a distraction - not useful. When said at a time he is openly trying to shut down Glenn Beck of FOX News by pressuring for boycotts of advertisers it is sinister. Coupled with his maneuvers to declare the Internet a "public utility" so he can stifle and control it through the FCC - it and HE becomes an absolute tyrannical assault on our freedom of speech and information! Without question, this man abuses power. Did you vote for Obama change? Are you vocal and active NOW to change it back? Or are you just watching and griping? How much do you have to see? If you're watching NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN - you'll never see! They are his - and so are you.

The Cap & Trade already passed through the House (and Obama will soon try to ram through the Senate) dictates that you will have to register your home like you do your car or boat. Your home will be inspected by DOE (Dept of Energy) agents to get an "inspection label." You must be in compliance with all new standards of energy regulated furnaces, A/C, water heaters and appliances, right down to small electric motors and light bulbs. If not, you will be forbidden to sell your house until you trash everything NOT up to code and replace it all with NEW, at your own expense. How wasteful can you get? Can you now see how we will be dictated to, and get a glimmer of how much this damned Cap & Trade will cost all of us? You aint seen nuthin yet! And it's going to be far worse than just a bumpy ride. We have been bamboozled big-time! CEO Jeff Immelt of GE is on Obama's Advisory Board and owns NBC, CNBC, and MSNBC. Think he might have inside info, and make out all right for all his broadcasting of Obama's propaganda?

NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN, have tried to empathize with that lousy Times Square bomber and "understand" his anger against us. He was losing his home and such - boo hoo. The "American Dream" wasn't working out for this privileged and educated Islamic terrorist piece of garbage. But this media garbage in this country is worse than he is! He made 13 trips to Pakistan to train and still he screwed it up. Those 13 airline trips and lost work-time to learn how to murder us, cost money - should we pass the hat for him, left-wing media? And we got by again on dumb stupid luck! The bomb fizzled again, providing a VIN number traced to him. The FBI tracked him off this, then lost him somehow and found him again seconds before he taxied down the runway. If the bomb had gone off - how many dead? No VIN number - clean getaway. Boy, are we good! That dizzy NY City mayor, Bloomberg first speculated the Times Square bomber was a home grown "wacko" mad at health care or something. When told it was a Pakistani terrorist, he exhorted, HE and New York, "will not tolerate any bias or backlash against Pakistani or Muslim New Yorkers." What a pompous, you know what. Like, we Americans tore NY apart after the 9-11 towers fell.

The stock market crashed a thousand points on May 6th in a matter of minutes because many computer trading systems are programmed to automatically trade (mathematically driven) in nano-seconds. Far faster than the human mind can comprehend. In short, the robots (computers) were, and are in charge. Financial Armageddon is just a virus or hacker or short-circuit away, unless man can reign in this Frankenstein. It causes my quizzical mind to ask, "Have we become a nation of idiot reactionaries?" Is anyone at ANY wheel of Gov't overseeing capable of seeing ANY possible or probable scenarios of catastrophe, BEFORE it actually happens? We pay them unbelievably well - is everyone watching porn? Did we learn anything from the 9-11 disaster (after Billions spent) that Homeland Security successfully applied to the Hurricane Katrina disaster? No! We were as haphazard as any neophyte. What did we learn from the Valdez Exxon oil spill calamity 21 yrs ago? How to sop up oil on the beaches and study oily ecological changes? We are no better prepared or proficient at anything for all our experiences that I know of - just always Billions poorer. We have over 4000 offshore oil rigs and one serious mishap, so don't shut everything down, Obama. Learn and be ready, damn it! Design, build and distribute methods and machinery and speedy plans of action. The Boy Scouts motto is, "Be Prepared." Put THEM on your advisory board.

Again, that Gov't "foot in the door" appears - that always precedes "forcible Gov't entry" or "Big Brother." Alexandria, VA residents will now pay for recycling bins with tracking chips to record who is NOT recycling. They will "start out" NOT fining them (they say) but just to know to whom to send the "educational" materials. How could you NOT be for a "Greening" of America? Anti-Pollution? First a gentle nudge - then a "boot on the throat?" Obama wants to be like Europe. Recycling started this way in England and evolved into "inspecting" your trash to see what you're throwing away. In San Francisco is a "Composting Law." Using garbage cans too much and compost/recycling bins too little results in fines - so far. Tomorrow, who knows?

GM just bragged on TV about paying off $8.1 Billion in loans 5 yrs early. With what? They lost money! It was "payed off" with other borrowed money! Greece just got a Trillion dollar loan to pay off "loans" that will cost U.S. taxpayers $54 Billion for our part. And this will only postpone their inevitable collapse. Wall St bankers (like Goldman Sachs) are betting on that collapse through investment plays like credit default swaps, very similar to their play and profiting on those mortage failures that they knew were coming off the Fannie & Freddie collapse. Will Europe soon help US bail out California, the 7th largest economy in the world? And why is the U.S. Gov't buying tanking Euro dollars?

Who is to blame for the Gulf oil rig explosion and pollution? It's BP's oil, but Transoceans' rig. And it took Obama 9 days to make a statement, let alone do anything about obvious rapid pollution. It should have been encircled as much and soon as possible and torched, to burn off all that could be before hitting beaches. Any simpleton knows that. The ocean was calm for days as we looked for "fire boom" rigs that were supposed to be on-hand since 1994. One was eventually found in inland Illinois. I can't believe someone could not have dropped a flare or napalm or thrown a Bic lighter into pooled oil and gotten similar results. It doesn't expload like gasoline. But blame we're good at. Obama's mouthpiece (WH spokesman Gibbs) said, "We'll keep our boot on the throat of BP." What an elegant presidential statement - Chicago hood style. Overlooked is the overseeing role of our Gov'ts MMS (Minerals Mgn't Svc) - another richly-paid useless watchdog group. Last year MMS exempted BP's offshore operations from environmental impact scrutiny, saying a massive spill was unlikely. MMS, just a year and a half ago was literally "sleeping with the enemy" in a sex and fun scandal investigation. Again, no one (or their superior) is going to jail - not even fired from a cushy job? Tear this OutHouse of Representatives down AND the Senate and at least half of all our hideously over-paid Fed employees and start over - brick by brick! What IDIOTS want MORE Gov't? Besides Obama & Company, of course. Public servants - my a-s! Note that BP paid $15.9 mill on lobbying last yr and Obama received more from BP than any other politician. But there are over 4000 oil rigs in the Gulf with one incident (with no preparedness) and if we don't drill, China or Russia will - off Cuba. Will they care which way the wind blows?

Obama's "appointed" Sonia Sotomayor is now on the Supreme Court. Over 60% of her rulings before, were reversed by the Supreme Court -testimony to her prowess. She is FOR gun control. She had? strong ties to "La Raza" (SCLR) for years and SHE shaped many policies of this racist latino extremist group! La Raza means The Race. La Raza believes in totally open borders and that 7 of our states are STILL Mexico. They want ethnic cleansing - all whites, blacks & asians OUT of THEIR country. They hate Jews also and call Osama bin Laden the "Poncho Villa" of Islam. La Raza receives tens of millions of our dollars for charter schools, where they fly the Mexican flag, but NOT ours! What do suppose they teach? How do you like Obama's (and our gutless Senate's) first choice? How do you think she'll judge on border or Hispanic issues and Arizona's stance, besides GUNS? Elena Kagan (his latest justice appointee) is absolutely a socialist, tried to keep military recruiters off-campus while Dean of Harvard and supported Constitutional Rights for foreign terrorists. She is 50 (like Sotomayor) and could "rule" for forty years. Obama wants to re-do Miranda rights and "hold" CITIZENS indefinitely if under "suspicion" under certain circumstances. What happened to "Innocent until proven guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt?" They're already eavesdroping, reading our e-mail and triangulating where we are and go by cell phone. What's happening to America? Be very afraid, folks. This man is dangerous. Will his new grateful Justices support him?

Pro-abortion Pelosi is telling the Catholic Church to "instruct" their people to support democrat border policy and amnesty. Of course, Mexicans are predominently Catholic, but where is that separation of church and state she likes to preach about?

Did Obama's home state of Illinois support him in taking a stand against Arizona? They wont let a girl's HS basketball team (who hasn't gone in 25 yrs) compete for a championship in AZ, out of concern for safety and principles. They sent students to Red China though, without too much concern.

It's amazing how everyone (according to the media) is worried about Arizona suddenly becoming a gestapo state and the poor plight of the oppressed Hispanics. No one cares at all it seems, that a clear majority of AZ residents and citizens are FOR a crackdown of sorts, because they live in fear and are being overrun by a violent growing mass. If you LIVE there, it's a different world than where those finger-wagging critics abide. Unless you really have some FACTS, shut up - unless you have an agenda (like the media) of course. L.A. is boycotting, forbidding its people (more Gov't dictating) to buy from or go to AZ, but California is overrun too and influenced by the highest Hispanic population of all states. One gang has over 22,000 members.

The CBO (Cong Budget Off) now say they under guesstimated the health care cost by $115 Bill. Did this supposedly neutral unbiased bunch help Obama get it passed, or did he just get lucky again?

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  1. It's good to see another Michigander with a strong opinion.Keep it up brother.

  2. The only thing wrong with Christian principles is that most Christians have stopped believing in them.
    Oh, they want the ten commandments to be displayed prominently and prayer in school and Bible verses on our building and the word "In God we trust" on our coins. But they have long since abandoned the actual teachings of Christ.
    How many "Christians" are for kicking out some hard working illegal immigrant who is living in a shack trying to earn money to feed his poor family back home?
    Many Christains say "tough luck" when people who are sick and can't afford healthcare can't afford to see a doctor.
    How many Christians accuse the poor of just being welfare lazy to work?

    Christ said that the second greatest commandment was "Love your neighbor as yourself."
    And "For I was hungry and you gave me nothing to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink, I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.' They also will answer, 'Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or needing clothes or sick or in prison, and did not help you?' He will reply, 'I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least among you, you did not do for me.'"

    So it really doesn't do any good to call this country a Christian nation founded by Christian principles if we are not going to follow Christ's teachings.

    Christ expects a lot more from us than to to put some words on a coin or mention God's name in the pledge of allegiance or put the ten commandments in a public place. Those are just actions to make many people think they are following Christ's teachings.

    Deeds not words. Actions not talk